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USA MOTORHOME HIRE SPECIALS: If you place your USA motorhome rental or camper van hire booking request with IdeaMerge online, our USA motor caravan hire software will apply any relevant discounts from the RV hire vendor as well as our own IdeaMerge QUANTUM online discount.

Price compare and book early to secure availability. Many clients book USA motorhome holidays months in advance. And our discount tends to be higher the earlier a motor caravan hire is booked.

Check out our USA RV Rental Customer Reviews Forum, where our average review is 4.5 stars out of 5, this based on 119 reviews. On that page you can read our USA RV rental reviews and eventually post your own — with no editing by us. That's how much we believe in what we sell and how we sell it.

Rent an RV in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, etc.

We are especially good at booking one way motorhome rental between Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, etc.

Here are some recommended one-way USA RV rental itineraries:

  • Orlando, Florida, to Las Vegas, Nevada: No better route to travel the Southern USA.
  • New York or Boston to Orlando, Florida: No better route to travel the Eastern USA.
  • Seattle, Washington, to Los Angeles, California: No better route to travel the Western USA.
  • New York or Boston to San Francisco, California: No better cross-country route to travel the USA.
  • New York or Boston to Seattle, Washington: Actually, this one might be the best cross-country route, if you have the time.
  • Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California: This is our Editor's Choice one-way USA motorhome hire itinerary. Whether all the way by the famed Route 66 or, better still, by Highway 61 south along the Mississippi River to New Orleans and then catching up with Route 66 westward, there is no better route(s) to travel by motorhome hire from the Heartland of the USA. The ideal: Start with a few nights in Chicago sans the RV rental, scalping some bleacher tickets to a Cubs day baseball game at Wrigley Field. Then pick-up the rental RV outside Chicago and drive Highway 20 west to Galena, Illinois. Pop up to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen in Wisconsin, then drive Highway 61 along the River to Mark Twain's Hannibal, Missouri. From there you have Saint Louis, Memphis and Elvis' Graceland, Faulkner's Mississippi, and finally New Orleans. Highway 61 was immortalized by Bob Dylan, but it and the Mississippi River it parallels are the chief cultural corridor of the United States of America, music and literature and architecture considered. From New Orleans make your way up to Route 66 and then drive west to California — deviating northward however to take in southwest Colorado and then Utah for perfect RVing territory. Don't miss the otherworldly Joshua Tree National Park adjacent to California's Coachella Valley in the desert east of LA. Maybe paying a visit to nearby Palm Springs, California, a living museum of mid-century architecture — and a golfer's paradise — before jogging north to Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park. Oh, man, what an RV trip!!!
  • IdeaMerge represents four high-quality USA motorhome rental holiday vendors: Road Bear RV Rental, El Monte RV Rentals, Apollo Motorhome Holidays, and Best Time RV. In other words, these are our choice motorhome hire suppliers, the RV rental companies themselves, the companies which actually own (or lease) the vehicles. We, in contrast, are a top booking agency.

    These suppliers offer the USA's youngest RV hire fleets. Most of their vehicles feature slide-outs, awnings and built-in generators, as well as TVs and DVD players — along with some of the North American industry's largest rear-, sofa- and dinette beds and largest fresh water tanks and outside-access storage.

    Apart from our IdeaMerge QUANTUM online discount, the prices and policies presented on the IdeaMerge website match the prices and policies of our suppliers. You aren't paying extra by going through IdeaMerge — in fact you're paying less, thanks to said discount applied by IdeaMerge.

    Compare and save!

    IdeaMerge moreover facilitates the whole RV rental booking process, presenting a single total cost that you can count on — and acting for you as an accessible resource and, if necessary, as a mediator.

    With a foot naturally in the vendor's camp, we carefully manage expectations so the entire experience is maximally enjoyable for all involved. Renting a motorhome in the USA has never been easier and more fun.

    Although IdeaMerge began in business by representing European motor travel products, we are based in the United States of America. Indeed we are intimately familiar with the mountains, forests, deserts and cities of the United States (and Canada as well). Incidentally the same is true of Road Bear RV Rental: it was founded by a Swiss family which had moved to California. And Apollo is headquartered in Australia! Thus, rather ironically, you get good old fashioned Swiss quality and/or Aussie travel savvy right here in North America.

    Add IdeaMerge to the mix and you're sure to get by far the best value. Indeed, we sell a lot of USA motorhome and camper van hire holidays to residents of Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Israel, Brasil, Australia, and New Zealand.

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    Vendor: Apollo Motorhome Hire

    Reviewer: , from the USA
    5/5 stars

    "My husband and I are retired and we've always wanted an RV but never could fit it into our budget. We just finished our 2nd RV rental through Ideamerge and I wouldn't start another trip without them. Everything about renting an RV is black and white, there are no financial surprises with this company, I've found prices that are better than going through the rental companies and they make it so easy. We didn't have any problems with either vehicle or rental office and I'm sure all of our good luck started with using Ideamerge, we've had 2 absolutely amazing vacations.

    Our First trip in 2012 was 4 adults in a 28' with Best Time RV, Las Vegas traveling to Lake Mead, South Rim Grand Canyon, Page AZ, North Rim Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion NP returning to Las Vegas to fly home.

    The last trip was 2 adults in a 25' through Apollo, Las Vegas to Zion NP, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Moab UT, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, North Rim Grand Canyon returning to Las Vegas to fly home again.

    We've rafted the Colorado, hiked slot canyons, ridden mules in two canyons, rented a Jeep in Moab and really got off the beaten path, rented jet skis to see Lake Powell and hiked uncountable miles through our beautiful national parks while traveling in a rented RV and then return it without all of the expenses and maintenance of owning one.

    As visible in every campground, RV rentals allow thousands of people like us to be able to enjoy these places. Using Ideamerge was the start of our spectacular vacations.

    -There are some "paid upon pick-up" items, so be prepared to pay for those the items as listed on your Ideamerge order'/voucher's line item cost breakdown when you pick up the RV. Read that line item cost breakdown, all the items are listed there.
    -Bring a cheap pair of flip flops for "house shoes", the floors are swept not necessarily washed
    -Make reservations for campsites up to 6 months in advance for the national parks, don't waste valuable time and mileage searching for last minute campsites that don't exist
    -Have fun"

    Vendor: Road Bear RV

    Reviewer: , from Australia
    5/5 stars

    "We were in the US for a 9.5 week holiday, 5 of which was in a 30 foot Road Bear RV, booked through Idea Merge. I was wary of booking through IdeaMerge at the start, because they had never come up in my Google searches, and I'd only stumbled upon them while reading a forum post. However, after the first initial contact, the customer service and very fast communication especially given the time zone difference, I was put at ease and so happy to have booked through them.

    We collected our RV from Las Vegas and the process was seamless. We travelled through Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada and Utah. The van was near new (we were the second rental), and we had no issues. We would have liked the lead to connect the cable TV when we were at RV parks with cable TV available, and we ended up just buying one. Also, at most RV parks, the water pressure was higher than what was recommended for the RV, so an adaptor/converter would be useful. Also, a dish drying rack would have made life easier...which we ended up buying from Walmart.

    Overall we loved our RV experience, and I look forward to booking another with Road Bear and Idea Merge again, hopefully not in the too distant future."

    Vendor: Road Bear RV

    Reviewer: , from Australia
    5/5 stars

    "We are a family of six, with four children aged 2-12. We recently hired a Roadbear RV via Idea Merge for 4 weeks. We travelled out of California, up through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and back down the coast of California. It was an amazing trip! and the best way to do it was in an RV. We were very happy with our RV and with the service at Ideamerge and Roadbear. The van was perfect for staying in the many national parks we stayed and also for stopping in to visit friends. Only thing we can think of is that it would be great to have a diesel option vehicle for more fuel efficiency, but we understand this is not common in the USA. We highly recommend this adventure and this company."

    Vendor: El Monte RV

    Reviewer: , from the UK
    4/5 stars

    "Idea Merge were great - all issues I had they sorted even if it was technically nothing to do with them!!

    All communication was effective and prompt.

    Everything they said would happen did and it was a very simple process to book our camper van.

    I would use them again for sure!!"

    Vendor: Road Bear RV

    Reviewer: , from South Africa
    5/5 stars

    "I have previously travelled for 6 months in the USA in 1989. We purchased the motorhome in New York, and then imported it back home to South Africa (where we live) when we left the USA.

    I was therefore rather wary about hiring an RV. I read so many reviews which just confused me even more, cause you will get a whole lot of good reviews and then a few really bad ones that seem to discard all the good ones.

    Eventually I decided to use Idea Merge and trust them that they used the best motorhome rental companies. We originally booked one motorhome. We then booked an additional RV in September and then booked another 3 RV's end of October.

    So in total we had 5 RV'S - all C class, 27-30 foot. We collected on the 23rd December in Orlando and 3 were dropped off in Orlando 30 December, the other 2 dropped off in Los Angeles on 23 January.

    We were travelling as a family of 13 adults and 3 children ages 2, 3 and 4 years old.

    Idea Merge were amazing in accommodating us and making sure that we got the extra RV's at such late notice. A big thank-you to Eric at Idea Merge for your endless help and patience with all my questions and E-mails.

    All I can say is that the service from both Idea Merge as well as RV Road Bear was exceptional and we have nothing to complain about. Only good memories. The Orlando office staff at RV BEAR, were amazing in every way - professional, friendly, helpful ... just truly wonderful. (Thank you Catherine especially.) It was such an amazing way to start our road trip and they inspired us and got us in the mood with their spectacular service. it was so exciting.

    The Los Angeles staff however, were totally disappointing compared to Orlando - impatient and acted like they just wanted to get rid of us. Glad we picked up in Orlando and dropped off in LA. Would have hated pick up in LA.

    We had an awesome time in our RV'S and awesome family time together. I would never use any other company except Idea Merge and Road Bear. Nothing, but absolutely nothing, went wrong and we travelled 3300 miles across the USA.

    P.S ...I am sure this doesn't usually happen, but we were fortunate enough to all got brand new RV'S......(All 5 of them.) They didn't even have number plates on them. What a bonus."

    Vendor: Best Time RV

    Reviewer: , from the UK
    5/5 stars

    "Hi Doug, We have now returned from our holiday and just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. The whole booking process through yourselves was remarkably easy and worry free for us. The pick went smoothly and the RV was perfect for our needs. We had the most amazing time and visited so many of your country's national parks and cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas. It has given us so many memories of the holiday of a lifetime.

    We would not hesitate to deal with you again for a future holiday.

    Many thanks. - June and Jonathan Bowen."

    Vendor: Best Time RV

    Reviewer: , from New Zealand
    4/5 stars

    "Second time using Idea Merge for us. Last year 5 weeks in Europe, this year 3 weeks in Maine and Canada. Same great system, same great service. Hard to fault the IdeaMerge guys, they are just the best option there is for hiring campervans.

    We had a Best Time RV RV out of NY, upgraded to a 31ft V31-S due to a booking clash. Great service from the Best Time RV folk, couple of very minor issues during the hire which they addressed upon our return to our complete satisfaction. The camper was starting to show some wear, but was still very comfortable and the big truck never missed a beat in 1,400 miles.

    Europe is a little more RV friendly for freebie overnight stops and dumping sites etc, but the State Parks in Maine are relatively cheap and well appointed. Be aware you can't drive into NYC(why would you want to!?), Montreal or Quebec.

    All in all, another great experience thanks guys."

    Vendor: Best Time RV

    Reviewer: , from New Zealand
    5/5 stars

    "This was our 5th RV trip booked through Ideamerge using Best Time RV and as with every other trip the whole process went without a problem. Thanks Ideamerge. Keep up the good work."

    Vendor: Best Time RV

    Reviewer: , from the UK
    5/5 stars

    "Having previously rented direct with Road Bear but this time round I discovered IdeaMerge and found the pricing for our intended rental was excellent.

    We therefore booked our 2 week RV rental via IdeaMerge with Best Time RV (New York). Seven of us traveled and the saving made via IdeaMerge was quite substantial.

    I found the booking process with IdeaMerge to be a dream, I particularly like the level of information presented, there is nothing left to question during the booking as everything is laid out plain and clear. The team were very responsive via email and I felt comfortable during the whole process. A big thank you from the whole family.

    The Best Time RV service from the guys in the Tappan (NY) branch was just as good, everything was ready and waiting for us and they easily accommodated a few strange extra requests from us when we arrived. They picked us up from the Newark hotel on time as arranged and dropped us off again without a single issue. The RV was in excellent condition and the whole trip was a dream.

    We will definitely be using IdeaMerge for our next US RV trip."

    Vendor: Best Time RV

    Reviewer: , from the UK
    5/5 stars

    "Given the length our US road trip, LA to NY, and never having heard of Ideamerge it was with a little trepidation we left it with them but they came up trumps. We had tried to book direct with RV rental companies some were unwilling to book a one way trip, ie El Monte or Cruise America, or give us the configuration of RV we wanted, Ideamerge got us both. Standing outside an LA hotel at 7.30am and no sign of the pick up was the only dodgy moment, the RV from Best Time RV was clean, only 14,000 miles on the clock everything worked well throughout our 42 day trip, an e mail prior to our return date to confirm a return a day earlier than our rental booking (which was actually cheaper that way, pointed out by Ideamerge) was the icing on the cake. We had an incredible trip. highlight has to be the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. we have now booked again for our next trip with Ideamerge and would recommend them to anyone wishing to do this kind of holiday."

    Vendor: Road Bear RV

    Reviewer: , from Australia
    5/5 stars

    "We rented an RV from Road Bear through Doug and the team from Ideamerge in May 2013. Again for the second time we were extremely happy with the service from the Ideamerge team, no problems at all. Will do it again next year.

    The service and vehicle from Road Bear was also great. A special mention for Benny at the Las Vegas depot who did our handover on pick up. Great guy and great service, way to go Benny, you do a great job for the Company. The vehicle was less than a year old only done 3,000 miles, one hirer before us so new and clean.

    We did about 3,000 miles through six US states, had no problems with the RV at all. Great way to see America and all it has to offer.

    Would do it again in a heartbeat, funds permitting.

    Thanks everybody, you do it well."

    Vendors: El Monte RV & Road Bear RV

    Reviewer: , from Australia
    5/5 stars

    "My family of 6 spent 5 months in the USA in 2012. During this time, we rented an El Monte RV to go from San Francisco to New York City for 4 weeks, then later a Road Bear RV for 8 weeks to go from NYC back to Los Angeles. Both rentals were arranged though IdeaMerge.

    We had never before gone outside Australia as a family, never driven an RV, and never even hired a rental car locally before. Understandably, I was quite nervous heading into this!

    I have nothing but the highest complements for all three of the companies we were involved with.

    IdeaMerge were the perfect brokers - a large selection of rental options (even if the website was a little clunky and redundant to navigate around), and _excellent_ and friendly responses to the numerous questions a beginner like me had. Many thanks Eric, Doug, and Mark! Particularly noteworthy about the IdeaMerge site was that all expenses were clearly spelt out up front - there were no last minute "by the way you also need to take out this insurance/tax/levy" (which almost doubles the cost of the rental) surprises ... I'm looking at you car rental agencies!

    Similarly, ElMonte and RoadBear both ticked all the boxes. The RVs were clean, safe (with the exception of inadequate seatbelts or booster seat anchors for the kids), and mechanically problem-free. Service at the various RV depots was also fantastic.

    In short, we are ***extremely*** glad we decided to go with a "RV and RV-park" holiday rather than a "hire car and motel" holiday. The costs would probably be about the same, but the RVs felt like a ***home*** ... and we ate much better than we would have eating out every night. The highlights were even higher than we thought possible (all those isolated National Parks). The feared complications never eventuated.

    If you are considering an RVing holiday in the USA - do it! My wife and I are already planning a post-retirement 12-month RVing vacation there. And when we do so, IdeaMerge will be the only RV booking site we visit!"

    Vendor: Best Time RV

    Reviewer: , from the USA
    4/5 stars

    "The guys from IDEAMERGE are the BEST on the RV rental business... Don't lose your time looking anywhere else! They have the best price and unbeatable service!"

    Vendor: El Monte RV

    Reviewer: , from the Netherlands
    5/5 stars

    "What really striked me in IdeaMerge's service is its incredible transparency around pricing, hidden cost factors and all sorts of things you wouldn't know if you (like us) never rented an RV before. The pricing was unmatched with ANY rv agency we checked out. And trust me, we checked tons of them on the internet.

    Guys, keep up the great work! Will recommend you guys any time."

    Vendor: Road Bear RV

    Reviewer: , from Australia
    5/5 stars

    "Wow! Just had a flick through some existing reviews - we aren't the only ones who are impressed!

    Both Ideamerge and Road Bear were great.

    We had to rearrange our trip from last September to May/June this year because of a family tragedy. Doug and Mark at Ideamerge were really sympathetic and Roadbear agreed to refund us all the money we had paid (barring a small admin fee). We were so impressed with this.

    Both organisations have done an excellent job, dealing with any queries right away.

    We have given Road Bear a note in their feedback form about a few small matters that would we think improve the customer experience;

    1. The double duvet provided was a bit too small for two people - also even with the extra thin duvet provided, we were a bit cold sometimes. We managed to borrow some bedding from friends, so we were ok for the trip.

    2. Cooking utensils - it would be good to provide a wooden spoon and/or a spatula. The corkscrew left the cork in the bottle - poor "screw".

    These points really are a bit "nit-picking" though!

    In summary, the whole experience was superb!!"

    Vendor: Road Bear RV

    Reviewer: , from Canada
    5/5 stars

    "What can I say about Idea Merge and Road Bear RV? Outstanding and outstanding. We are from Canada and had never rented a motorhome before; Doug at IdeaMerge took all the time needed to answer my many questions. From the pickup at the airport to the drop-off on our return, the staff at Road Bear RV in Las Vegas couldn't have been more courteous or helpful. They made pick-up and return of the RV a pleasure. The unit was spotlessly clean on our arrival. The true test came when the microwave didn't work. I called the assistance number and the problem was resolved the next morning, to my complete satisfaction. It was a new motorhome and things like this will happen, but the fact that they corrected the issue so quickly and with a minimum of inconvenience to us impressed me. The microwave was the only glitch on our 2,000 mile trip around the Grand Canyon. The vehicle performed flawlessly otherwise. I would highly recommend anyone rent using these two companies because of the excellent service I received. Thanks for making our trip a memory to cherish for a lifetime!"

    Vendor: Road Bear RV

    Reviewer: , from Argentina
    5/5 stars

    We are very very satisficed with Idea Merge and with Road Bear. The RV, the pickup and droppof, your asistance to us, everything was perfect, comfortable, and warmly. Think that we were in a strange country for us (we are Argentines), with another language (spanish), another customs... But you made us everything so easy that we are very thankful and pleased with you. Certainly, I will always recomend Idea Merge, because everything you had promise, you gave us.

    This was our first rental of an RV. It is more, it was our first time in the United States. So I had to drive with a great great vehicle in places that I never see before, with rules and customs that was no familiar to me. I drived by routes, highways, mountain roads, small roads to an RV as in Rodeo Drive in Bevery Hills. But I have no problem in any case, I enjoy it so much. The vehicle Road Bear gave us was alredy new, it had no problem at all, everything function well. Only one little thing I can tell you about the vehicle: When we start the oven, of course we put on the extractor of gas, but the alarm of gas began to sound and sound. It was funny, but is something you have to arrange.

    And about he trip, our experience through the States was very good. The landscapes, the people everywhere, the services, everything had been delightfull. You have a great Country, you have done things very good.


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