Citroen short term car leases in Europe.

  Short Term Car Lease Europe: Renault & Citroen

Car Leasing Europe 2015. Renault Car Leasing in France 2015. Citroen Car Leasing in Europe 2015.

Search Renault and Citroen lease cars and minivans and order a 2015 short term car lease in Europe online using the form at right.

With Renault and Citroen short term French car leasing in Europe you get:

  • the exact car or minivan you reserve
  • straight from the factory — no dirt, no stains, no germs, and no smells (except the French new-car smell)
  • zero-deductible auto insurance
    good in some 40 countries
  • an inclusive yet low total price often much less than the total cost for a corresponding weekly or monthly car rental
  • no tax — it's truly a tax free deal
  • You also get unlimited kilometers and 24/7 breakdown cover.

    Such Renault or Citroen auto leases can be a great deals if you're spending three weeks to a month or more driving in France or in Europe — especially if you're planning a one-way car hire itinerary.

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