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McRent and DRM SPECIALS: If you place your Germany motorhome rental booking request with IdeaMerge online, our software will apply any relevant specials from the RV hire vendor as well as our own IdeaMerge QUANTUM online discount.

Book early to secure availability. Many clients book Germany motorhome hire months in advance. Moreover, said discount tends to be higher the earlier an RV hire booking is made.

Check out our Germany RV Rental Customer Reviews Forum, where our average review is 4.6 stars out of 5, this based on 196 reviews. On that page you can read our Germany RV rental reviews and eventually post your own — with no editing by us. That's how much we believe in what we sell and how we sell it.

Motorhome and campervan rentals in Germany are considerably less expensive than RV rentals anywhere else in Europe. Indeed, you should strongly consider starting and ending your European RV travels in Germany — even if the bulk of your itinerary lies outside Germany.

Germany lends its outstanding motorhomes, its central location and its leading international airports at Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich to RV tours of the more extended parts of Europe, including Scandinavia (now much more accessible, via a bridge between Denmark and Sweden), Eastern Europe and Greece (where, yes, the included insurance is effective), as well as neighboring France, Switzerland, Austria, the Alps and Italy.

Our main Germany camper rental stations are at Berlin, Dusseldorf / Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Mannheim, Munich and Stuttgart, but motor home hire stations exist near secondary German cities as well (most notably in the south, near Bavaria's Munich and the adjacent countries Austria and Switzerland).

All Germany RV rentals booked through IdeaMerge can be taken (by ferry or the Channel Tunnel) to/from the United Kingdom and Ireland. The RV's steering wheel will of course be on the left side of these Germany-based motorhomes. Though you can indeed legally drive such RVs and VW campers on the other side of the road, as it were, in the British Isles, the driver will typically not be able to see around immediately preceding vehicles well enough to overtake these vehicles and will therefore in this respect have to rely on the eyes of a trusted passenger.

We represent two Germany motorhome hire vendors: DRM and McRent. The two companies offer slightly different motorhomes and sets of prices, seasons, depots, and accessories, as well as slightly different insurance and policies — which differences IdeaMerge carefully points out to you.

Our highly customized online Germany motorhome rental reservation software will compute a total, all-inclusive price for any RV rental parameters you select. Note that all the Germany camper rentals here represented include unlimited kilometers.

General DRM long-term motorhome rental discount: 5 percent if your effective rental duration exceeds 34 nights.

General McRent long-term motorhome hire discounts: 3 percent if your effective rental duration is 21–30 nights long, 5 percent if it exceeds 30 nights.

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Vendor: DRM

Reviewer: , from the USA
5/5 stars

"This is a totally unsolicited note of pure praise for IdeaMerge from a retired local judge who admires competence and doesn't suffer fools graciously. If someone can please this cynical old coot, they probably can please anyone. My wife and I, in our 70's, recently returned from a ten week RV trip through Europe. Our RV rental was arranged through IdeaMerge, and picked up in Germany. Prior to this experience we had no prior dealings with or knowledge of IdeaMerge. At our age we were apprehensive. We initially contacted IdeaMerge as we liked the comprehensive informative nature of their website which we found intuitively detailed and beneficial. What a great pick we made! Our journey was, in all respects, a wonderful, experience with much of the credit attributable to IdeaMerge and their knowledgeable, totally up front way of doing business. IdeaMerge and the person with whom we dealt, Eric, were, in our estimation, absolutely first class……reflective, integrity, caring, knowledgeable, follow-up…everything…. There's no question we would absolutely use them again in a heartbeat. Our experience with IdeaMerge was so positive and so very refreshing. I like competence and want others to know of our incredibly positive experience with Ideamerge."

Vendor: McRent Germany

Reviewer: , from Jakarta, Indonesia
5/5 stars

"It's not often that you write a rave review about a product you did not actually end up using, but I just felt I wanted to let others know what you can expect from IdeaMerge when your plans do not work the way you hoped.

We booked - and fully paid - for a long rental with IdeaMerge for a European adventure in July 2014. In June, for a variety of unfortunate reasons, we had to make the call that our trip could not go ahead as planned.

Normally, a customer cancelling a booking at late notice triggers a kind of unspoken permission for a company to be rude. It's inconvenient and potentially costly to them, so in my experience, if you change your plans, you can expect to be treated like pond scum for the remainder of your dealings with the company.

The absolute opposite was true in our dealings with IdeaMerge. From our very first interaction through to the very last, IdeaMerge could not have been more helpful, respectful, or professional. Doug Bredesen was our main contact and we cannot speak highly enough, or be more grateful, for his timely and consistently courteous responses.

Just like they say you can tell the true mettle of a man by the way he responds under stress, perhaps the same can be true for a company. IdeaMerge proved, through their trustworthy, efficient, personable dealings with us, even when they stood to gain nothing, that they are solid gold. We will not hesitate to use IdeaMerge for all my RV rental services in the future, and am especially looking forward to re-booking our European Adventure with them."

Vendors: McRent and DRM

Reviewer: , from South Africa
5/5 stars

"I have hired from both McRent and DRM directly in the past, and in April 2014 from McRent again, but through IdeaMerge. I have the highest regard for IdeaMerge and Doug Bredesen. Doug actually assisted me with a previous hire, even though I had dealt directly with the hire company for my booking and it was based on this, that I dealt through IdeaMerge for my most recent hire, and will continue to do so in future. Dealing with IdeaMerge also worked out cheaper than dealing directly with the rental companies. Both McRent and DRM are much of a muchness when it comes to service and vehicle quality. The major difference is that McRent seems cheaper on paper, but when one takes the transfer cost to their depot in Friedberg into account, the pricing is almost identical. The other difference is that one or the other may not have the specific vehicle/vehicle layout that one might be looking for. For South Africans, the flight from Jnb to Frankfurt is the most cost effective and the added bonus is that van hire is the cheapest available in Europe. The difference might come in if one was intending to tour say Portugal only, in which case it may be worthwhile to fly into another centre and hire a van there, even though more expensive, as this may be offset by time saving, fuel and toll costs. We have never hired a van with more than 2500km on the clock, and in two instances the vehicles had less than 100km on the clocks. Top tips ? - 1) Don't expect to get too far on the first day and expect to spend a minimum of two hours collecting the van 2)Take a GPS (preferably your own that you are used to) with up to date mapping and get a decent map book 3)Buy your own bedding/crockery/cutlery/camp chairs in the shop next to McRent or at Bergers (you can get decent stuff for 2 people for 250 Euro or less, which is what you will be paying the rental company to hire sub standard stuff) Note this may not be true for parties larger than 2 people. We donate the equipment purchased to the ladies who clean the vehicles on return. Top peeves ? 1) Vehicle and Equipment manuals not generally available in English 2) Apparent dissapointment each time the vehicle is returned undamaged ! 3) Lengthy waiting times when collecting vehicles. Lastly, a fantastic way to tour Europe."

Vendor: McRent Germany

Reviewer: , from the UK
5/5 stars

"We rented a motorhome through Ideamerge and i have to say that it was one of the most professional experiences I have had on a holiday booking. All the information prior to pickup was very comprehensive. The motorhome itself exceeded our expectations as it was brand new.

So all in all I thoroughly recommend using this company (and as others have said they were also the best value).

I agree with others comments about bedding and kitchen equipment but this was relatively minor and we were expecting it anyway from the reviews we had read."

Vendor: DRM

Reviewer: , from the USA
5/5 stars

"Value. Guidance. Follow-through! You cannot go wrong booking your rental through Ideamerge. I cannot emphasize this enough. Just read the founder, Eric Bredesen's, profile in the 'About Us' section of the site. He means it. He and his team went waaaay beyond my expectations to make sure my trip went over well.

First (as you may have noticed) Ideamerge has access to an extensive network of companies across Europe.. they'll help you find a great price. I checked around pretty thoroughly.. and I couldn't beat the price they were able to find, and saved hundreds of dollars.

At every step Ideamerge coordinated closely with me, answering questions, offering tons of helpful information, and accommodating special requests. I was totally satisified by the time my vacation was complete and the camper was returned and paid for -- but it was then that Ideamerge completely blew me away.

Unfortunately I put a sizable dent in our practically new home-on- wheels. I paid the full deductible (a hefty 1200EUR), filed an accident report and was on my way. Since I had an accident, Ideamerge's standard follow-up also included a phone call with Eric. As we went over all that had happened, he noticed a detail regarding the optional insurance. Based on a mix-up that had happened, he said I might have been entitled to pay the lower (500EUR) deductible. He encouraged me to write an email describing the transaction as it occurred during the pickup -- he would forward it to the person at DRM capable of researching and making such exceptions. I dragged my feet, resigning myself to the fact that the matter still ultimately lay with DRM, and they weren't going to release the 700EUR difference easily. After a week or so, I wrote it up and sent it off with low expectations.

The next day Eric wrote an extensive email to his contact at DRM which included my description AND an unsolicited, generous offer on behalf of Ideamerge to contribute part of the funds to straighten out the issue. Incredible. Soon after, DRM conducted a review, approved the request, and refunded the balance in question to my Mastercard.

To DRM's credit, they too were incredibly fair and service oriented. They turned down Eric's offer to share the costs. When the estimate came for the repair came in (in my opinion) very high, I began to wonder if I was being bamboozeled. Given their actions, I believe they too conduct business with high integrity and service. Every person we encountered on their end was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

At the garage the staff are youngish, cool and resonable. On the way out, they go out of their way to counsel and prepare you for your journey. And, (dare I say it) (TIP) they may even offer for-pay items for-free. Upon returning the RV, they were lax about drop off rules and mainly interested in making your transition out of the country easy. Because we were flying the next day, (TIP) they even offered to let us stay in the vehicle our final night in Germany to defer the cost of a hotel. Keep in mind we rented in off season (mid-October to mid-November), when the lot was full of vehicles and all other supplies were abundant. You may have a different experience during the peak summer months when things turn around quickly for them.

As for other TIPS ... I have a few good ones.

Take your trip in the off-season as late in the spring or as early in the fall as possible. Rates on everything (most importantly your RV) are lower. Less crowds. Maximize daylight (important for this type of travel) by planning as close to the "peak" season as possible. Oh and less bugs too.

If your trip is a couple of weeks long or longer, you can buy a GPS unit for about the same as the cost to rent. And here's the real TIP. Consider doing it without the GPS. At the garage they have a big stash of stuff people leave upon returning from their RV tour. Extra foods, cleaning supplies, .. all kinds of helpful things -- including a huge library of tour guides, maps etc. At minimum the garage maintains several beautiful European road atlases, and a guide to all the RV campgrounds (in german with a limited english translation key in the back) these two books are pretty much all you need for getting around. Scoop up other local city maps to places you plan to visit, and when we you find yourself in a city to which you don't have a map -- signs are usually obvious directing you to city centers and tourist offices where free maps are available. Or just pop into a hotel and ask them for a free map. When traveling by RV, you are usually without addresses to feed into a GPS device. Also atlases offer a ton of useful info such as proximity to castles and lookouts and natural curiosities, capitals, destinations of particular interest, seasonal road closures, mountain pass gradients, chain requirements, tolls, scenic routes. We were able to plan and estimate travel time using an atlas, and we were generally well oriented and felt empowered by using one.

We rented the DRM Group B, Compact Cruiser for two. It's among the most common RVs rented. It's totally tricked out. The systems are very reliable, efficient, and advanced. You practically never need to stop at a campground. ... With one exception. The outlets do not work unless you're connected to electricity. If you need to charge laptops, cameras or phones. You may be caught doing it at dinner. So bring an inverter. They're not costly, and it will enable you to charge your devices from the cigarette lighter while your driving around.

If you can get by without a fully functioning bathroom and less space, you'll trade that for more access (via your shorter clearance) and flexibility (more places to park, ability to park in cities and attract less attention), especially on the heavily RV'd (and policed) costal areas, by renting a smaller vehicle -- such as VW Vanagon.

Buy the optional insurance. This is coming from someone who generally never buys supplemental insurance or warranties. Think about it. You're driving a large vehicle on unfamiliar, often small, roads. During our trip, we saw two other returns besides ourselves. Both of them (and us) had damages on the way in. And although they have pretty fair policies for accidents, repairs are generally VERY expensive, and the deductible is quite high. I'll leave it at that.

Finally.. there's a ton of information offered on the Ideamerge site. Read it. We poured through a bunch of material and, found the information on their site to usually be MORE helpful and thorough than other books we actually purchased which purport to cover RV'ing in Europe. It's just another wonderful service Ideamerge provides its clients, and all others who are interested in seeing Europe by road."

Vendor: McRent Germany

Reviewer: , from Perth, Western Australia
4/5 stars

"Thinking of using Ideamerge, don't hesitate. They are trustworthy, professional and honest. We rented a compact motorhome from McRent in Friedberg. Some tips you may find helpful:

Do take your own towels, sheets, pillows, tea towels etc if you can. I took a couple of old towels to use as mats, seat protectors etc and used them as rags to clean with at the end.

There is a bike hire place in Friedberg but it is closed on Mondays when we had pick up. Do consider having bikes as they would of been so convenient. We tried buying them but they were very expensive and we couldn't even find old 2nd hand ones anywhere (very unlike Australia). Had we pre-arranged with the bike hire I'm sure they would of delivered the bikes to McRent for us. I agree with other posts the watering can they gave us to top up the water was inadequate. As a minimum it needs a funnel as well but preferably a hose. On our last night we looked for a caravan park close to Friedberg to pack up our gear, clean the van, dump etc. There are none really close but we stayed at Mainkur campground a pretty little place on the river. They are used to people staying there on their last night and she rationed us out one garbage bag and you are only allowed to use her bags. It doesn't go far when you have a fridge to clear out and maps and tourist brochures from every place you have visited. So throw as you go or at least have a clean out before you get there.

Next tip: Some places take siesta time very seriously so be prepared for some closures in between 12-2 pm this includes Mainkur and other campgrounds and some tourist info services.

For non-German speaking people like us we found the smart phone app "World lens' invaluable for reading parking meter signs etc.

The kitchen kit McRent provided was very basic and did not included a kettle which i just could not believe. In the end i used the small saucepan provided and it did the job but had i known i would have packed our small hiking kettle.

There is an Aldi and another supermarket next door to each other only a few kms down the road to do your initial stock up. (Ask at pick up for directions) It only costs approx 7euros from the Friedberg train station to McRent by taxi and there were heaps of them queued up outside.

McRent actually have a grey water dumping facility and i think one to empty the toilet cassette at the end of your journey if required. Look out for Park & Ride places on the outskirts of old towns like Innsbruck, Salisburg etc. Parking is very difficult in the towns unless you are German and know the tricks. We found these park & rides great because for one fee(8-18euro) we could park and up to five people have unlimited travel by bus or train all day and if it was 24hr parking sometimes stay the night in the carpark as well. It was certainly less stressful than trying to find somewhere to park our motorhome (even a compact one) in a strange city. On the subject of parking - a roof shape over the P on a parking direction sign means a multi level carpark which most motorhomes don't fit in due to their height. Fairly obvious i know but it can be surprisingly hard to find single level parking in European cities hence our use of park & rides. We had a fantastic time and hope you do too."


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