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McRent and DRM SPECIALS: If you place your Germany motorhome rental booking request with IdeaMerge online, our software will apply any relevant specials from the RV hire vendor as well as our own IdeaMerge QUANTUM online discount.

Book early to secure availability. Many clients book Germany motorhome hire months in advance. Moreover, said discount tends to be higher the earlier an RV hire booking is made.

Check out our Germany Motorhome Hire Customer Review Forum, to read and post Germany RV rental reviews. Our customers post their motorhome rental reviews directly on that page, with no editing by us.

Motorhome and campervan rentals in Germany are considerably less expensive than RV rentals anywhere else in Europe. Indeed, you should strongly consider starting and ending your European RV travels in Germany — even if the bulk of your itinerary lies outside Germany.

Germany lends its outstanding motorhomes, its central location and its leading international airports at Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich to RV tours of the more extended parts of Europe, including Scandinavia (now much more accessible, via a bridge between Denmark and Sweden), Eastern Europe and Greece (where, yes, the included insurance is effective), as well as neighboring France, Switzerland, Austria, the Alps and Italy.

Our main Germany camper rental stations are at Berlin, Dusseldorf / Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Mannheim, Munich and Stuttgart, but motor home hire stations exist near secondary German cities as well (most notably in the south, near Bavaria's Munich and the adjacent countries Austria and Switzerland).

All Germany RV rentals booked through IdeaMerge can be taken (by ferry or the Channel Tunnel) to/from the United Kingdom and Ireland. The RV's steering wheel will of course be on the left side of these Germany-based motorhomes. Though you can indeed legally drive such RVs and VW campers on the other side of the road, as it were, in the British Isles, the driver will typically not be able to see around immediately preceding vehicles well enough to overtake these vehicles and will therefore in this respect have to rely on the eyes of a trusted passenger.

We represent two Germany motorhome hire vendors: DRM and McRent. The two companies offer slightly different motorhomes and sets of prices, seasons, depots, and accessories, as well as slightly different insurance and policies — which differences IdeaMerge carefully points out to you.

Our highly customized online Germany motorhome rental reservation software will compute a total, all-inclusive price for any RV rental parameters you select. Note that all the Germany camper rentals here represented include unlimited kilometers.

General DRM long-term motorhome rental discount: 5 percent if your effective rental duration exceeds 34 nights.

General McRent long-term motorhome hire discounts: 3 percent if your effective rental duration is 21–30 nights long, 5 percent if it exceeds 30 nights.

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