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Book early to secure availability. Many clients book their Norway RV hire months in advance. Moreover, said discount tends to be higher the earlier a camper rental booking is made.

Check out our Norway RV Rental Customer Reviews Forum, where our average review is 4.6 stars out of 5, this based on 18 reviews. On that page you can read our Norway RV rental reviews and eventually post your own — with no editing by us. That's how much we believe in what we sell and how we sell it.

Norway: Fjords, myriad lakes and streams, stave churches, antique yet modern cities, virgin forests stretching to flowered Lapland and its Sami culture, and oh those super-long summer days — with sunsets (if at all!) occuring around 11 pm (perfect for camping). Reindeer dapple the tundra. Bear and elk roam Europe's most vast wilderness. Pike, salmon and arctic char lurk in the crystal waters. And high above, nearly 200 nights a year, the Aurora Borealis perform their fascinating dance.

In these and further respects — including excellent and ubiquitous campgrounds — Norway lends itself to outstanding motorhome travel. And with your RV prudently parked, Scandinavia's famous "Everymans' Rights" (Allmansratten) allow you to freely roam rural areas, public and private alike, whether by foot or watercraft.

What's more, relative to the high prices at local hotels and restaurants, motorhome tours of Norway are great value. As for comfort, consider the fact that most campgrounds in Scandinavia feature saunas for (rather ritualized) relaxation and friendly social interaction.

The intra-Scandinavia one-way motorhome rentals we offer give you extreme flexibility in planning and executing an efficient tour of this amazing land. RV pick-up and return are typically offered at or near the main airport.

If you'd like to begin your Scandinavian motorhome rental adventure in Sweden or Finland, simply jump to our Sweden & Finland RV Rental page.


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Vendor: Solica

Reviewer: , from France
4/5 stars

"have booked from Ideamerge a camp-car for 4 people during 7 days with collection in Bergen and restitution in Klofta (Oslo)-Norway/July 2014.

Solica provided us a very new vehicule fulfilling all our needs. Explanations (from Timo) were perfectly clear and honest. Time taken for the check-in and check-out was ideal: we had all our time to ask all our questions, and to check the vehicule; but it was not too long. well, we faced no problem on the road.

The main improvement could be to have in the motorhome, a registered card for the tolls on the roads (otherwise to pay for the tolls, you have to use an application to declare your identity and the dates of the rental towards the registration number of the RV).

We had an urgent question about the place of collection and requested Ideamerge to bring us their support. We expected, and did have, a prompt answer about this issue: Doug replied very quickly, showing a great reliability, as in all the management of our dossier. Great professionalism.

Thus, I'll trust Ideamerge for a next booking. Thanks."

Vendor: Touring Cars

Reviewer: , from Israel
5/5 stars

"The Oslo representative met us at the airport and took us to the parking of the motorhomes. We were given a thorough briefing on the motorhome and all related equipment. Excellent! The motorhome was 1 year old. The motorhome was comfortable, reliable and we managed to drive over 2,500 km without any problem. All the equipment worked well. When we returned the motorhome, the final check was smooth and the local team took us to the airport.We would definitely rent from IdeaMerge again."

Vendor: Touring Cars

Reviewer: , from France
5/5 stars

"Thanks, we had a great holiday this summer in Norway. The booking through Idea Merge went smoothly — no frills, attention to detail, prompt and clear replies to queries. The camper van we picked up was in pristine condition and the reception staff at Touring Cars were multilingual, friendly, efficient, and informative. We have absolutely no complaints. Quite the opposite — we enjoyed the whole experience, felt that we received excellent service and good value for money. The camp sites we stayed on were all first class — clean (especially the sanitation blocks) and spacious. We're already planning a similar holiday next year!"

Vendor: Touring Cars

Reviewer: , from Spain
5/5 stars

"This has been our first experience in a motorhome. In our country, this kind of trips are not so common as in the north of Europe, so we had many doubts before making up our minds. IdeaMerge web page was really useful.

From the very beginning we have felt we have made the right decision. Choosing IdeaMerge and Touring Cars was a great idea. Both the booking and the pick up/drop off process have been really easy. The girl who went to pick us up in the airport (Nina) was really nice and she gave us all the instructions to use the MH. We had no trouble at all. Furthermore, all the questions we had during the booking process were answered very quickly by e-mail.

We would like to repeat this experience in the future. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive so we have to save some money until we can repeat!!!

Thank you so much for this great experience!!"

Vendor: McRent Norway

Reviewer: , from France
5/5 stars

"Avons réservé un camping car pour un road trip en Norvège. Tout s'est très bien passé de la réservation au retour de caution du loueur local. Excellentes communication et prise en charge (peut on faire mieux ?) pour le prix le plus bas du marché.

Compagnie recommandée ! Si nous repartons en camping car, nous referons appel à IDEAMERGE !"

Vendor: McRent Norway

Reviewer: , from Switzerland
5/5 stars

"Die gesamte Abwicklung der Buchung verlief einwandfrei. Ebenso die Uebergabe des Fahrzeugs bei der Ankunft und Heimreise (in Oslo). Die Qualität und der Zustand des Fahrzeugs war ebenfalls einwandfrei und Übertraf unsere Erwartungen.

Fazit: Wir können IdeaMerge wärmstes empfehlen."

Vendor: Touring Cars

Reviewer: , from Taiwan
5/5 stars

"Thanks IdeaMerge give me a nice experiences. From pickup to dropoff, we received good services. Norway and Sweden are both beautiful and wonderful countries. The persons are all friendly. We always can communicate with them in English. That's why we choose these countries as our honeymoon places. The campervan is new and comfortable. Thanks the agents of IdeaMerge and Touring Cars. They always try their best to deal with the problems or questions that I asked as soon as possible. In summary, we have nice experiences in Scandinavia. THANK YOU IdeaMerge and Touring Cars."

Vendor: Touring Cars

Reviewer: , from UK
5/5 stars

"Ideamerge organised for us the rental of a motorhome from Touring Cars from 12-25 June 2010. Touring Cars collected us from Oslo airport and drove us to their depot where we had a full briefing on the use of the vehicle. The staff were very helpful and patient (this was our first experience of motorhome life) and gave us lots of useful information. We drove from Oslo to Tromso in June ... the vehicle was cosy and warm and we managed to eat well, despite the limited cooking facilities. We found that the vehicle was nimble enough to cope with city as well as highway driving and we explored several places en route. The return journey was in slightly better weather and by now we were more confident about "wild" camping away from campsites. This made us completely free to choose the time and place of our overnight stops - very liberating! We had a fantastic time in Norway and would certainly recommend what we did to friends. It is unlikely that we will rent again, however, as we are now sold on the idea of buying our own motorhome! What we would suggest to others includes: 1 Don't go for the minimum size. Extra space is great, especially if it means you don't have to assemble the bed every night! 2 Don't feel tied to campsites. Try side roads and lake sides (being careful not to cause damage or leave litter, of course!) 3 Eating out in Norway is hugely expensive. However, supermarket shopping is reasonable and there are are some wonderful things that are new to UK palates. We loved the smoked salmon and are so glad we happened on the cloudberry jam by accident - now addicted! The whale meat got one yes and one no in our family!! 4 We thought that the motorhome kitchen equipment was a bit basic and would have benefited from simple things that we have told Touring Cars about. 5 The road toll system in Norway takes some getting used to. We were led to believe we could pay at Post Offices, which turned out to be incorrect and so we lost the chance to pay. It should have been possible to register and pay up to 1 4 days after the first charge but for some technical reason this proved difficult. We suggest that overseas visitors register at - Visitors' Payment before travelling.

In summary, we had a great time and would recommend both Ideamerge and Touring Cars to anyone. Thanks to them both!"


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