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SPECIALS: If you place your England or Scotland RV rental booking request with IdeaMerge online, our software will apply any relevant specials from the motorhome hire vendor as well as our own IdeaMerge QUANTUM online RV hire discount.

Book early to secure availability. Many clients book their UK RV hire months in advance. Moreover, said discount tends to be higher the earlier an England or Scotland motorhome or camper van rental booking is made.

Also, check out our Great Britain motorhome rental Customer Reviews page, where you can both read and post RV rental reviews.

Sure, England's famously narrow, hedged and sinuous country roads amount to a rather intimidating proposition, motorhome-wise. This not to mention one's prudent concern, perhaps, about driving a rental motorhome or camper van on the "wrong" side of the road there.

Yet this complexity is more inviting than prohibitive, attending, as it does, the very remarkable complexities of the land and the culture of England.

Add Scotland and Wales to the mix and you have a geographically diverse island — Great Britain — which truly and heartily lends itself to motorhome travel.

What's more, experienced European motorhomers tend to consider the campgrounds of the England, Scotland and Wales "outstanding" and the "best in Europe." Campgrounds are typically found on the outskirts of the towns and cities and within many villages. Even the most rural village will likely have somewhere to camp for the night. Some UK campgrounds are large and feature all the facilities you would wish for, but a majority are quaintly located on orchards and other farms specially prepared to accommodate RV campers.

Likewise the UK's The Caravan Club (see below) as well as its Camping and Caravanning Club are generally considered the most effective RV travel clubs in Europe.

A motorhome rental or camper van hire is a marvelous way to experience some of England's, Scotland's and Wales' less frequented regions. Yes, Great Britain is relatively small and densely populated, but there are still some areas — akin to the Massif Centrale of France, the north of Spain, Slovenia, Poland, and northern Scandinavia — that are really off the beaten path. These areas include Mid Wales and the Outer Hebrides. Other especially rural regions which naturally amplify the value your motorhome hire or camper van rental are Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, the Peak District, the Lake District, Cumberland, Northumberland, and of course the Highlands of Scotland.

All told, England, Scotland and Wales — and, we might as well include, Ireland — are a rather ideal ground for motorhome travel.

If you live outside the UK you can still get most of the benefits from the UK's The Caravan Club. Enjoy access to a great range of caravan sites in the UK and Europe, discounts on and assistance with ferry travel bookings, and other special offers. There are over 200 UK Club Sites and 2500 Certificated Locations, and over 200 overseas sites associated with The Club. Over half The Club's UK Sites are close to the National Cycle Network. Enjoy exclusive rates at Haven's twenty-three seaside holiday parks in England, Wales and Scotland, featuring dedicated touring and camping facilities and set in some of the most spectacular UK coastal locations. Members save GBP 10 a night on Club sites open to non-members. Moreover, when you join The Club you enjoy full access to Club Together: an online caravanning community. Thereon you can chat, interact, ask questions and review your favorite campsites. (Note that there are a few exclusions to standard member services that apply to members living outside Great Britain: Insurance, UK Breakdown and Recovery services, Legal Helpline, and Member's Club Credit Cards.) To join, or for more information on the suitable motorhome and camper van parks, campgrounds, and camping sites in Great Britain — i.e. England, Wakes, and Scotland — visit The Caravan Club website: There's no need to be a member to use the Club's online campground directory.

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