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SPECIALS: If you place your Iceland RV rental booking request with IdeaMerge online, our software will apply any relevant specials from the Iceland motorhome rental vendor as well as our own IdeaMerge QUANTUM online discount.

Compare and book your Iceland RV hire early to secure availability. Many clients book Iceland motorhome hire holidays months in advance. And our discount tends to be higher the earlier an Iceland autocaravan hire is booked.

Check out our IdeaMerge Iceland RV Rental Customer Reviews Forum, where our average review is 4.8 stars out of 5, this based on 25 reviews. On that page you can read our Iceland RV rental reviews and eventually post your own — with no editing by us. That's how much we believe in what we sell and how we sell it.

Iceland: Black sand beaches, myriad magnificent waterfalls, lagoon-like hotsprings, parti-colored volcanoes, mystical Tolkien-esque valleys, world-class trekking, and oh those super-long summer days — with sunsets (if at all!) occuring around 11 pm (perfect for camping).

Atlantic puffins stubble the basalt cliffs. Icelandic horses charge in unison across the viridescent fields. Sheep dot the mountainsides.

There's whale watching, sailing, fishing, golfing. And there's horseback riding on the charmingly antique, uniquely five-gaited Icelandic horse.

What's more, high above, nearly 200 nights a year, the Aurora Borealis perform their fascinating dance.

In these and further respects — including an abundance of holiday parks and caravan and camping sites that welcome motorhomes, camper vans and RVs — Iceland lends itself to outstanding RV travel.

Iceland, in a word, is otherworldly.

And relative to the high prices at local hotels and restaurants (especially in Reykjavik), motorhome or camper van rental tours of Iceland are great value.

You will pick-up and return your rental RV just minutes from Reykjavik's Keflavik airport. Aptly named Route 1 will take you around the whole of Iceland in just under 1400 kilometers, putting a high percentage of Iceland's myriad wonders right on your RV doorstep.

Please read the Guide to Safe Driving in Iceland and the vendor's Iceland driving guide.

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Vendor: Touring Cars

Reviewer: , from Australia
5/5 stars

"We used IdeaMerge and Touring Cars and the service was fantastic. Access to very cheap fill internet connectivity via their galaxy pad was a bonus!

Highly recommended and the ideal way to visit Iceland."

Vendor: McRent Iceland

Reviewer: , from Canada
5/5 stars

"IdeaMerge was great! They provided all the required information and reminded us of things to watch out for and pay close attention to. They were quick to respond to e-mails. They gave you comfort of mind after having spent such a large amount on a rental motor home which was still a couple of months away."

Vendor: McRent Iceland

Reviewer: , from the USA
5/5 stars

"Ideamerge was prompt and helpful in setting up a rental from McRent. McRent was very thorough and helpful in getting us on our way. The camper was easy to use. We were very satisfied with this combination and have recommended Ideamerge and McRent to our friends who are interested in touring Iceland."

Vendor: Touring Cars

Reviewer: , from Mexico
5/5 stars

"We are so glad we decided to rent a motorhome for our trip to Iceland!! We rented from Touring cars via Idea Merge and we recomend both. We had a wonderful time, and only regret not having been able to spend more days in that beautiful country."

Vendor: Touring Cars

Reviewer: , from Canada
5/5 stars

"The folks at IdeaMerge really do provide exceptional customer service, and I would certainly recommend booking here. The rental was from Touring Cars, and I was happy with the equipment and service we received there also. Thoroughly inspecting the vehicle and taking pictures is critical, as well as learning the vehicle, which makes the rental and return a bit tedious, but that's the reality of renting a motorhome. The RV allowed us so much freedom to explore Iceland, we couldn't have imagined doing things any differently."

Vendor: McRent Iceland

Reviewer: , from South Africa
5/5 stars

"We rented a motor home from McRent in Keflavik. They were extremely helpful and professional and went the extra mile many times during our 18 day visit to Iceland in May. Our son, who was meeting us at Keflavik from the UK, was able to collect the camper prior to our arrival as we were delayed in Amsterdam for 20 hours. We then completed all the paper work and checking of vehicle the next day and the guys from McRent answered all our questions and gave us plenty of info as well as a sim card for my phone.

There were also plenty of info pamphlets in the camper. We did unfortunately damage a rear wheel when crossing a very narrow bridge. We put on the spare wheel and McRent flew in another spare wheel the next morning, as we did not want to travel on the back roads of the Western Fjords without a spare wheel. They organised for a mechanic in a nearby village (on a Sunday) to check the vehicle. He found the damage done a bit more serious than we realized. McRent then advised us to take the ferry to Strykkisholmur where they met us with a replacement camper so that we could continue our trip. A few days later when we were near Reykjahlid, they phoned us to say our camper had been repaired and that we needed to swop vehicles again. They met us along the way so that we did not need to drive all the way back to Keflavik. So in short, our holiday did not go according to plan but McRent really did everything and much more to help us so that we still had a fantastic trip in Iceland. They didn't charge anything for the extra time and traveling involved in swopping vehicles, being only concerned that we be able to continue our trip safely. We did of course forfeit the deposit. Our holiday could so easily have turned out to be 1 week in Reykjavik without transport. They certainly do their utmost to help their clients and have such a positive attitude that nothing is a problem. They will always make a plan. Thank you most sincerely McRent Iceland. We certainly can recommend you."


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