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Iceland: Black sand beaches, myriad magnificent waterfalls, lagoon-like hotsprings, parti-colored volcanoes, mystical Tolkien-esque valleys, world-class trekking, and oh those super-long summer days — with sunsets (if at all!) occuring around 11 pm (perfect for camping).

Atlantic puffins stubble the basalt cliffs. Icelandic horses charge in unison across the viridescent fields. Sheep dot the mountainsides.

And high above, nearly 200 nights a year, the Aurora Borealis perform their fascinating dance.

In these and further respects Iceland lends itself to outstanding RV travel.

What's more, relative to the high prices at local hotels and restaurants (especially in Reykjavik), motorhome or camper van tours of Iceland are great value.

See the Official Travel Guide to Iceland and these great photos of Iceland's beauty, as well as and

Please also read the Guide to Safe Driving in Iceland and the vendor's Iceland driving guide.

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