RV Rental Tips

Compare Apples To Apples

Apples to apples. That's how you want to compare RV rental offerings and that's what we allow you to do.

Where there are variations between RV rental company policies, prices, inclusions, options, reputations, or vehicle age, quality, or specifications, our More Info pages (click on the vehicle image during your Search), in combination with our online order software and our Customer Reviews, will make those clear to you.

Indeed great variations exist between RV rental companies in terms of inclusions and optional extras and specials. Our software smooths out those differences after you select your optional extras per RV. The process is a little time consuming, to be sure, but it's well worth the effort; and we continue to enhance our software — which leads the industry in this important respect — to make the process as easy and rewarding for you as possible.

But here's the key to using our site: Initially select one most suitable motorhome from each rental company we represent (by ticking box to left of vehicle image), then click "Next" at bottom of the page, attach to each vehicle the optional extras you want, and thus, after clicking the Next button again at bottom of the page, note the total price of each rental so you can determine which is the best value for you. You can then proceed to order that one.

If unlimited miles (kilometers) are not included in the base rates, our software asks you upon the optional extras selection step to enter your expected driving distance. The software then determines the optimal pre-purchase mileage package for you — including unlimited miles if the rental company offers them and if they are indeed the best deal for you. To force the software to select any available unlimited miles option, you can enter an especially high number for your expected driving distance. If a supplier does offer unlimited miles, that fact is noted in the text associated with the expected driving distance entry field.

Regarding specials, we keep it simple. As noted above, we just ask you to select the options you want, à la carte. Our software does the rest, selecting the combination of specials, inclusive packages, and miles/kilometers packages that represents the best value for you.

At any point during the online order process you can click on a RV image to see the particular More Info page consisting of the RV specs, the rental pricing details, basic inclusions, insurance details, booking policies, pick-up and return instructions, and lots of other relevant info. You can of course print that very comprehensive page if you like.

For a unique, customer-centric view onto the various RV rental companies, please see our Customer Reviews. Our customers post their reviews directly to our website, unedited by us. That makes our Customer Reviews unique in the RV rental industry, and it demonstrates how much confidence we have in the RV rentals we represent and how we represent them.