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We were very happy with the vehicle,only had one little problem but it was solved as soon as we called the customer service,so we highly recommend the company for everybody!:)

Spain, posted on 24 July 2017 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

No Problems

Hired RV via Ideamerge.They were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anybody.

United Kingdom, posted on 20 July 2017 , vendor was Best Time RV

Highly recommend

Excellent service, great RV options, ease of use, and congenial support as we planned our trip. Highly recommend this service and would absolutely use it again.

USA, posted on 9 July 2017 , vendor was Star RV

Colorado rental

I would not hesitate recommending this company for booking an RV in the US. Very clear articulation of what is and is not included in the quote, clear explanation of cancellation charges and extremely helpful staff. First class service.

Scotland, posted on 7 July 2017 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

First trip to California

The entire process was just as advertised--easy arrangements, good RV, and easy return. Most appreciated was the complementary shuttle to LAX. The RV was in excellent condition and performed quite well during our trip through the Sierra Nevadas, including King's Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite National Parks, Calaveras Big Trees, Montana de Oro, and Malibu State Parks, as well as Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco. It was a bucket-list trip for me and the RV made it more enjoyable. All of the arrangements from IdeaMerge through Road Bear worked very smoothly. We were treated very well by all concerned. I would highly recommend both organizations to anyone planning an RV trip.

Leesburg, FL, posted on 1 July 2017 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Great service!

The service of IdeaMerge was wonderful. They answered all our questions, that were a lot. Answers followed quickly. When we were a day delayed travelling to the USA they helped us arranging things with Road Bear. Next time we visit the USA we definitely hire a RV arranged by IdeaMerge!

The Netherlands, posted on 26 June 2017 , vendor was Road Bear RV

2 Months Trip

This was the 2nd time we have booked via IdeaMerge to rent from El Monte RV in Los Angeles. All in all an excellent experience, from the booking with IdeaMerge, to pickup and drop off at El Monte in Los Angeles. Other than a minor problem with a water leak which was fixed promptly after ringing the El Monte help line, the RV performed faultlessly over 11400 miles.

Australia, posted on 20 June 2017 , vendor was El Monte RV

Excellent experience

My wife Cindy and I have gone through idea merge to rent rv,s 5 times now. 4 of them in Germany and this last months trip out of Las Vegas. We spent 9 nights traveling mostly in central California including the big sur area. We picked up the camper at Best Time RV in Vegas. Those people are really great. They were extremely friendly and helpful. The trip was amazing and the group at ideamerge as usual are also exceptional to deal with. I would definitely recommend picking up a RV from Best Time in Vegas as it is so close to th airport being a $ 11.00 uber fare. We spent two nights in Vegas after turning in the camper before our flight home. Thanks again to both Best Time and IdeaMerge for another great trip.

Winter park, fla, posted on 4 June 2017 , vendor was Best Time RV

West Coast

Let me start by saying that Ideamerge were brilliant. Ours was a one way trip, and we were having problems finding a suitable RV, until I contacted Ideameage. We picked up our RV from Apollo in Seattle and drive 2600 miles down the west coast CPH 1 and the 101. We then drove to the Grand Canyon, stayed a few days then drove to Vegas where we handed the RV back.

The only gripe I have with Apollo is, I took out all the insurances that was offered and I was assured I was covered for any eventuality except damage to underneath the vehicle, or the roof. On day 2 I managed to damage the awning. This is something I had no intention of using, but you have to have. When we arrived in Vegas, guess what? No the awning is not covered!

Nice bill of around £1200!

I find this very unfair. I'm driving in a strange country, on the other side of the road, in heavy traffic, in a vehicle 25ft long and 8ft wide with an awning that sticks out even further and in the pouring rain!

I think it's a miracle that in 2600 miles more damage didn't occur. It takes at least a day to get used to the size.

As I said, my only problem really but and expensive one.

We spoke to someone else on our travels, an American who had done exactly the same, and was also assured they were covered for anything. You are not!

United Kingdom, posted on 3 April 2017 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Response from IdeaMerge:

Damage to the awning is typically excluded from a RV rental's included insurance coverage — and therefore also from any damage waiver associated with the rental — IF the damage can reasonably be considered consequent of or associated with a violation of the rental contract (e.g. negligence, such as improperly deploying the awning or leaving the awning deployed during windy conditions or striking a stationary object with the awning, deployed or not, while driving). This is an industry standard worldwide.

Best practice: Never leave the awning deployed and unattended.

If awning damage occurs when the awning is not deployed and the damage is due to a collision with another moving vehicle, the damage would typically would be covered unless some other term of the rental contract was violated on that occasion (e.g. driving under the influence of alcohol). The key in this respect is to understand that any damage fairly considered consequent of or associated with a violation of the rental contract will not be covered by either the included insurance nor by any associated collision damage or loss–damage waiver/reducer (CDW, CDR, LDW, LDR) and that this is essentially a universal principle in the vehicle rental industry.

road bear accross usa

everything was great only thing is they forgot and we forgot to check for chairs however we were refunded the hire charge at the other end it was a magic trip in a quality vechile

scotland, posted on 8 December 2016 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Fun Time In our Minnie Winnie

The RV was very nice and well organized. We totally enjoyed our first time RVing. It would have been nice to have the following : 1. A step stool or ladder for those of us vertically challenged who couldn't reach the upper cabinets. 2. The manual to the vehicle. (No phone service = No help without it). 3. How to work the TV on a separate sheet. There is so much info that you have to remember that it is hard to remember it all. 4. A clothes line of some sort to hang dish towels, bath towels and clothing when washers and dryers are unavailable. We had no problems with the vehicle and enjoyed the features that it had.

Dresher, PA, USA, posted on 15 November 2016 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

very good

Ideamerge where one of the first companies we found in our search for an RV (1 month from Seattle to LA), but we did check out other sites before we decided that they were our best choice. Ideamerge provide a complete overview of available vehicles from various vendors and huge amounts of very usefull information. We're Dutch so we did check prices, and Ideamerge where actuallly a bit cheaper compared to a direct rental from Apollo.

Before we booked, we had various conversations by both phone and email. Frederic was always very kind, helpfull and patient. We highly recommend Ideamerge for booking your RV.

Rotterdam, the netherlands, posted on 30 October 2016 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

great servoice all round!

Idea merge are great to deal with and we have booked throught them twice before and wont hesitate to use them again -everything is so easy and their communications are great -they get back to you quickly and help resolve any queries you may have. This time we chose a RoadBear pick up in Denver and everything went very smoothly apart from one tiny thing where we had already paid for an extra night in order to pick up early and had been expecting to get there at a reasonable time of 9 am but were told by Road Bear that it would have to be 7.15 as they deal with returns after 9 ! Other than that it was impeccable - friendly staff , efficient run through of the vehicle, stylish linens ( ie Navy Blue sheets , duvets ,towels etc rather than the dingy off white sheets some other companies use !) We had only booked a small 19 -22 ft RV so were very pleasantly surprised to see it had a slide out making the inside very spacious.It also had an outside awning which we have never had with previous rental companies even when we have had a bigger vehicle. This was very welcome in the searing heat of the Utah desert !! The vehicle was in excellent condition and clean inside and I noticed that when we returned the vehicle they made a note of any little things that didnt work properly or would need mending so they would be fixed before sending it out again. This is the 3rd different RV rental company we have used and we will always choose to use Road Bear again -everything about the company seems superior from the staff to the vehicle and the fixtures and fittings

Uk, posted on 12 October 2016 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Excellent service

The IdeaMerge team were super helpful in helping us rent an RV for Burning Man. Their service is excellent. Strongly recommended to book your next RV with these great guys!

Australia, posted on 8 October 2016 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Great Experience

I did a lot of my own research regarding the RV options, vendors and pricing before finding Ideamerge. They definitely had the best pricing and service was great. Nothing hidden between the lines of the extensive paperwork and they were very patient with my frequent calls with questions. Only thing they were not knowledgeable about was getting additional insurance outside of that provided by the RV vendor, however they did try direct me to possible resources . Turns out our State Farm agent was able to get us a rider on our policy at very minimal cost. Our State Farm agent didn't even know that was possible so how could IdeaMerge. We rented a StarRv through Apollo in Vegas and would highly recommend them. Their staff was excellent to work with despite their challenge to handle to volume created by the Burning Man festival. It's great to get relatively new RV. I would use both Ideamerge and Apollo again.

PA, USA, posted on 30 September 2016 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Roadbear Denver ...beware !!

We booked through ideamerger who provided an excellent service throughout but just beware of Roadbear Denver ...they are not that great ! As a new couple to renting an RV (from England) we did our research and opted for a class c 23 foot , but despite booking 9 months before pick up we were forced (no other option) into driving away a much larger 28 foot vehicle as they had no others available ! I'm not sure how much time you have to book in advance to get the size you want ! Check in was ok but we were delayed whilst they took over 2 hours to fit a new toilet exit valve which was discovered to be leaking just as we were about to drive away. Not a great start....the vehicle had done 22000 miles and on first impression looked good but had a number a niggles and bits that didn't work or had broken and annoyingly it rattled loudly and endlessly through the trip ..but we continued to use our music to drown out the noise ! The larger vehicle proved to be fine when parked .....but very difficult and stressful to drive particularly in built up or busy areas plus the fuel bills mounted up as our journey continued. On return to the depot staff were not particularly friendly, and rather abrupt overall. To cap our Roadbear experience off when using their shuttle we were driven to the airport and back (taking over 75 mins) to reach our hotel which was only a few miles away from the depot ! I can't recommend Roadbear Denver , there must be better RV providers out there ?

England, posted on 29 September 2016 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Did all the leg work for me

Ideamerge did all the hard work comparing vendors. Got a better deal than if had gone direct myself. Apollo were geared up for the Burning Man influx and had drafted extra staff in. The crowd was managed efficiently and after a thorough walk through the RV and the contract we were in our way. Damage was noticed upon return that was not picked up in sign out procedure, but staff checked precious return inspection and confirmed damage was already there so I got my full bond back. Great experience and will definitely be back.

Australia., posted on 16 September 2016 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Great first experience of RV holidays

Ideamerge made all the paperwork easy, as there were so many add ons when I was trying to book directly with the companies. It ment we had no unexpected costs when we arrived to pick up the vehicle. Only complaint with StarRV, was the long 2 hour wait to go through the paperwork, even though the vehicle was ready. Everyone arrived at the same time, would have been better to give us time slots. Very happy with the RV, only 4 months old, and in good condition. Two small mechanical problems that we fixed ourselves, and had no problems being reimbursed for the cost by StarRV. Overall a great holiday round the National Parks, that we would love to do again with a slightly bigger RV, and more time!. I would definately use Ideamerge again.

Switzerland, posted on 21 August 2016 , vendor was Star RV

Met expectations


Pros: Competitive price Timely communication

Cons: Could not definitively answer questions on included insurance - required inquires to RoadBear

RoadBear RV:

Pros: Clean vehicle Provided additional items free of charge - dishes

Cons: Poor communication at Denver location Poor "free" shuttle service - better off using UBER to get to the depot instead We waited almost 2hrs for the "free" shuttle based on an agreed pickup time that was not honored. UBER saved the day. In the end we used UBER at the end of our trip also.

USA, posted on 24 July 2016 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Excellent service

Second time booking through Ideamerge, and it will not be the last ! They are very quick to answer any question. Do not hesitate to book through them ! Also, we had an excellent RV from Road Bear. We picked the RV at 8 am in the Vegas depot as our RV was ready. The person we dealt with was full of excellent information. Top service from both, Ideamerge and Road Bear.

France, posted on 19 July 2016 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Not a scam! Everything worked out perfectly and the rate was cheaper than going to the company direct.

I was so nervous that Ideamerge was a scam, it's very hard to know what you are booking online using a broker. However I am happy to report that through Ideamerge we booked a Star RV, got the RV we expected, got a better price than going directly through Star RV, when we got the pick up the RV we were aware of the on-the-ground charges so that went smoothly, we had an AMAZING adventure, dropped off the RV without hassles and returned to Australia very happy with the process. Communication with Ideamerge was easy and quick, they were happy to respond to any queries I had. Star RV were not as great on the communication side however there were no major issues and we were very happy with the brand new RV. I would recommend booking your RV trip through Ideamerge for the price and the ease of comparing RVs - this is a great function that the website has. Many thanks Ideamerge.

Sydney, Australia, posted on 14 July 2016 , vendor was Star RV

Great trip, poor support

We had a great 6 week trip visiting most of the National Parks in the Western USA. The whole holiday experience was great, with fantastic landscapes, friendly people and mostly good campsites. If only we could say the same about the Road Bear RV experience. [Road Bear RV is also known as "Star Drive", per the misleading marketing practices of another booking agency. Note that Star Drive is not Star RV.] We had never used a motorhome before, but the handover briefing was poor. The demonstrator didn't know how to check the oil or where the water pipe was, amongst other things. None of the audio equipment worked well, so we had no music on the move for six weeks. The step broke due to lack of maintenance. The Road Bear telephone support was not helpful - basically we were left to try to get these things mended by ourselves, which was not acceptable when we were in a different country on vacation. The bathroom door locked itself as the instruction book said it would, but we weren't provided with the "small screwdriver" required to open it. Road Bear surely couldn't expect people to provide their own tool kits! We would certainly do another RV trip, but not with Road Bear.

United Kingdom, posted on 14 July 2016 , vendor was Road Bear RV

West USA tour

Well... First of all sorry if my English is not perfect... I try to do my best :) We took our 26" RoadBear RV around California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming & Arizona for about 1 Month, drived a total of over 4600 miles ... OK... The RV (our "Big Boy") do the job very well, never had a mechanical problem, overcome every type of street, from the higways to short unpaved trails, with strenght and safety. All the amenities onboard do their job and none of them gave me problems, so finally we are satisfied with our tour... But... I cannot give "excellent" to this review because... The Coachmen Leprechaun RV is an outdated model for an European RV driver ! I mean... The RV itself was quite new, only 8800 miles on the counter... It's the model that is outdated ! For example : No central locking (?) Rooflights without blackout curtains (?) No antitheft alarms (?) No backview camera or radar, the fridge has only propane or 12V mode (no mains voltage), hot water again only with propane and no mains mode... and MANY other small utilities that we, european RV drivers, are used to having.

Italia, posted on 4 July 2016 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Well what a difference!!!!!

After my last review of El Monte (31/5/2015)in which I stated I would never use them again,what a difference, a nearly new unit,acceptable kits (no need to supply via Walmart!!!), Tom at the Denver depot could not have been more helpful or knowledgeable both on collection and return.Our early collection time of 10am. as we were the only ones that day was a real bonus, and Toms tip about camping at Chatfield State Park on our return which approx 5 miles from the El Monte depot worked a treat,hopefully all of El Monte depots are working to this high standard.The Ideamerge team were as good as ever please keep up the good work.Our trip around Colorado was fantastic, and was a really enjoyable experience.

Wilsden,Bradford, UK., posted on 25 June 2016 , vendor was El Monte RV

First RV trip

I used Ideamerge after being concerned about all the 'add ons' that RV companies seem to charge by booking direct and preferred the transparency of the costs with Ideamerge. I also liked the fact that they ensure that you are given rv's that are less than a year old. I was really pleased with the communication and have no reservation about recommending them from my own experience. The RV was great.......although having travelled from the sunshine of Las Vegas to Zion in late March no-one would have known that we would have found ourselves in 12 inches of snow the next morning!! Thank goodness for the heating system on the RV!!! It all added to the experience and we had a great first time RV adventure!! A great way to see the spectacular scenery available on the doorstep of Las Vegas!!

UK, posted on 11 April 2016 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Vegas and Canyon (Zion Bryce-Grand) tour

Initial contact and booking with IdeaMerge was excellent We received a 1 year old Winnebago RV from Apollo named Mini-Winne (would have loved a better name:). Personal at Apollo were great, everything checked out I paid the deposit and setup fee and we were off in about an hour. Mini-winne worked flawless, and we returned it without any damages and was able t get my full deposit back.

I will use IDEAMERGE again.

Ontario, Canada, posted on 29 March 2016 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

USA road trip

it was the best every holiday we have ever had, just driving and stopping when we want. The RV was like home on wheels. very happy

australia, posted on 26 March 2016 , vendor was El Monte RV

Best Time RV - very pleased

This was our first RV holiday and we booked through IdeaMerge as they had good service and competitive prices.

We chose Best Time RV as they offer min one year old vehicles (ours was 5 months with 15k miles) and guaranteed size of vehicle (we didn't want a surprise upgrade to a bigger RV that happens with Road Bear and others). We were really pleased; the RV was in top condition, we had zero issues over 2 weeks and 1600 miles and received excellent customer service at the depots.

Price wise they are very competitive too, so thanks to Doug for helping us find the best deal with the best quality RV,

Turkey, posted on 15 December 2015 , vendor was Best Time RV

Great Customer Service from IdeaMerge

We intend to do quite a few more motorhome rentals in the future and IdeaMerge will definitely be the company we book with. We've always been very pleased with the thorough, efficient, accurate and price competitive rental process IdeaMerge offers. It is much better dealing with IdeaMerge than trying to compare and book directly with the many possible motorhome rental companies.

This particular rental ended up with Apollo, previous rentals had been with Camping World. The Apollo Sunrise Escape was the best vehicle we have rented, however Apollo does a worse job equipping it with basic supplies compared to Camping World. Things like only one towel per person, no dish cloths/towels, no cutting board, no flashlight, no coffee maker, meant we spent part of first day looking for things besides groceries.

The Apollo people at the San Leandro (San Francisco) depot were less pleasant and efficient compared to our Camping World experiences. We waited over two hours for pickup despite the vehicle sitting ready and us calling ahead to check if coming early was OK. On both pick-up and drop off, the staff at Camping World were pleasant, smiling and helpful, the Apollo people not as much.

Ontario, Canada, posted on 25 November 2015 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

thanks again

Ideamerge were friendly, efficient and fully transparent. Thanks again, this is the way you wish to be able your holiday from far away and with limited time. Will be glad to come back some time!

Zurich, Switzerland, posted on 25 November 2015 , vendor was El Monte RV

RV & American virgins

Did our very first RV rental along with our very first trip to the US so we qualified as genuine green-horns! I did all the preliminary booking with IdeaMerge in Australia, and they made it such a hassle free experience. From the pickup point in Chicago to the drop off point in San Francisco, all I had to contend with was the traffic. The whole process was streamlined and went without a hitch. A definite two thumbs up to the folks at IdeaMerge and El Monte.

Australia, posted on 30 October 2015 , vendor was El Monte RV

Well done again

This was our fifth RV rental through Doug & Eric at Ideamerge and once again everything went smoothly and professionally, thanks guys. We have now had vehicles from El Monte twice, Road Bear, McRent and Best Time and they were all good.Had no problems with the RVs at all. Great way to see America and all it has to offer. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks everybody, you do it well.

Queensland Australia, posted on 24 October 2015 , vendor was Best Time RV

This was the second RV rental for us (the first one was in 2009 in SFO again with IdeaMerge/Road Bear). This time we rented a 26 foot RV from Road Bear RV in Las Vegas. Excellent Service starting from the reservation through IdeaMerge down to all the people at Road Bear RV: on-time pick up, the vehicle was as expected, clean and in very good conditions (only the pans set and their condition should be improved, we ended up buying a new pan). We drove about 1000mi without the Minimum problem. We really had a great time. We definitiley do recommend IdeaMerge and Road Bear RV.

Switzerland, posted on 17 October 2015 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Start Your RV experience with IdeaMerge

IdeaMerge is the very first place you should start when thinking about an RV vacation. They are excellent with regard to the booking process - fully explaining your options, pricing, vehicle choices and they certainly are the least expensive around, even cheaper than going to the vendor direct. We hired a 30 foot A class RV from RoadBear out of San Fransisco and the pick-up and drop-off occasions were seamless. RoadBear also provided a shuttle from their depot to the airport absolutely free!. The model was almost brand new and we had no issues whatsoever. Thank you Mr Bredesen and all the Ideamerge team for all your help and advice in making our holiday a wonderful experience.

Wirral United Kingdom, posted on 8 October 2015 , vendor was Road Bear RV

What an experience!

As first time RV'ers we didn't quite know what to expect even though we had done a whole load of research before heading off to America. We chose to rent through Road Bear as much as anything because we liked the look of their website and because they were a bit cheaper than El Monte, and we can have no complaints, even if there was a momentary panic when I called to arrange our pick-up from our Las Vegas hotel only to be told they couldn't find our reservation. They were just not looking at the right name though, so all was fine.

RV'ing is real experience, and one which everyone should do. It's nice having your own house at your back!

We were very pleased with the whole booking process through IdeaMerge, and would have no hesitation in using their services again. Quick responses to emails and easily readable documentation are very important when planning the sort of grand trip that we have just undertaken.

Go for it!!

Rye, UK, posted on 30 September 2015 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We were happy to rent an RV through Idea Merge for the second time (first time was with FraserWay in Canada). This time the renter was El Monte - all went very smoothly except picking up the RV in Las Vegas where we waited for over two hours to get our vehicle - staff were disorganized and unable to cope with summer rush. Seattle drop off point for El Monte is Bellingham - watch out they don't do shuttle transfers to (or from) Sea Tac, only from/to Vancouver, so you have to rent a car or shuttle to get back to the Sea Tac airport. Otherwise super trip.

posted on 12 August 2015 , vendor was El Monte RV

We just returned from our 5 day trip to Zion, Bryce, and the North Rim. We rented a 2016 TB from Best Time RV through Ideamerge. Excellent service from both companies. We totally recommend them. Martin from Best Time Rental was very nice and helpful.

posted on 9 August 2015 , vendor was Best Time RV

We had a great trip with our ROAD BEAR RV via IDEAMERGE out of Middleton, NJ - New York. Everything, all complimentary transfers, which were a booking-criteria for us, went very smooth and on time. The RV was perfect - very clean, very new. Great trip! We would do it again!

Austria, posted on 30 June 2015 , vendor was Road Bear RV

My husband and I are retired and we've always wanted an RV but never could fit it into our budget. We just finished our 2nd RV rental through Ideamerge and I wouldn't start another trip without them. Everything about renting an RV is black and white, there are no financial surprises with this company, I've found prices that are better than going through the rental companies and they make it so easy. We didn't have any problems with either vehicle or rental office and I'm sure all of our good luck started with using Ideamerge, we've had 2 absolutely amazing vacations.

Our First trip in 2012 was 4 adults in a 28' with Best Time RV, Las Vegas traveling to Lake Mead, South Rim Grand Canyon, Page AZ, North Rim Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion NP returning to Las Vegas to fly home.

The last trip was 2 adults in a 25' through Apollo, Las Vegas to Zion NP, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Moab UT, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, North Rim Grand Canyon returning to Las Vegas to fly home again.

We've rafted the Colorado, hiked slot canyons, ridden mules in two canyons, rented a Jeep in Moab and really got off the beaten path, rented jet skis to see Lake Powell and hiked uncountable miles through our beautiful national parks while traveling in a rented RV and then return it without all of the expenses and maintenance of owning one.

As visible in every campground, RV rentals allow thousands of people like us to be able to enjoy these places. Using Ideamerge was the start of our spectacular vacations.

-There are some "paid upon pick-up" items, so be prepared to pay for those the items as listed on your Ideamerge order'/voucher's line item cost breakdown when you pick up the RV. Read that line item cost breakdown, all the items are listed there.
-Bring a cheap pair of flip flops for "house shoes", the floors are swept not necessarily washed
-Make reservations for campsites up to 6 months in advance for the national parks, don't waste valuable time and mileage searching for last minute campsites that don't exist
-Have fun

posted on 27 June 2015 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

We were in the US for a 9.5 week holiday, 5 of which was in a 30 foot Road Bear RV, booked through Idea Merge. I was wary of booking through IdeaMerge at the start, because they had never come up in my Google searches, and I'd only stumbled upon them while reading a forum post. However, after the first initial contact, the customer service and very fast communication especially given the time zone difference, I was put at ease and so happy to have booked through them.

We collected our RV from Las Vegas and the process was seamless. We travelled through Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada and Utah. The van was near new (we were the second rental), and we had no issues. We would have liked the lead to connect the cable TV when we were at RV parks with cable TV available, and we ended up just buying one. Also, at most RV parks, the water pressure was higher than what was recommended for the RV, so an adaptor/converter would be useful. Also, a dish drying rack would have made life easier...which we ended up buying from Walmart.

Overall we loved our RV experience, and I look forward to booking another with Road Bear and Idea Merge again, hopefully not in the too distant future.

posted on 6 June 2015 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Have just returned from another great trip to US booked via Ideamerge, once again all went well from their point of view and Doug as ever was very efficient. That was more than could be said for El Monte RV rentals in LA, the shuttle was late which was not a big deal, but why do we go to the trouble of booking in on line only to have to go through it all again at the depot? As it turned out this could have been a delaying tactic because the rv was not ready for collection after going through all the paperwork again we still had to wait over three quarters of an hour before it appeared. The home was over six years old with over a 100k on the clock, however it purred along and all equipment worked ok, but all the seating was worn out the drivers seat in particular was extremely uncomfortable no small thing when driving 2k miles. On one way trips as ours was do the depots try to fob off their end of the road vehicles to another depot? The delay on collection and our subsequent shopping afterwards meant night driving on the freeways which I have never had to do in several trips nor do I want to do again!!!! I find it unreasonable to have to wait for a vehicle for this length of time bearing in mind it was booked in July 2014!!!! I would not use El Monte RV again. We first went with them in 1982 and had a nightmare trip due to mechanical problems things do not seem to have improved much!!!

Wilsden, UK, posted on 31 May 2015 , vendor was El Monte RV

We are a family of six, with four children aged 2-12. We recently hired a Roadbear RV via Idea Merge for 4 weeks. We travelled out of California, up through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and back down the coast of California. It was an amazing trip! and the best way to do it was in an RV. We were very happy with our RV and with the service at Ideamerge and Roadbear. The van was perfect for staying in the many national parks we stayed and also for stopping in to visit friends. Only thing we can think of is that it would be great to have a diesel option vehicle for more fuel efficiency, but we understand this is not common in the USA. We highly recommend this adventure and this company.

posted on 15 May 2015 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Idea Merge were great - all issues I had they sorted even if it was technically nothing to do with them!!

All communication was effective and prompt.

Everything they said would happen did and it was a very simple process to book our camper van.

I would use them again for sure!!

posted on 22 April 2015 , vendor was El Monte RV

I have previously travelled for 6 months in the USA in 1989. We purchased the motorhome in New York, and then imported it back home to South Africa (where we live) when we left the USA.

I was therefore rather wary about hiring an RV. I read so many reviews which just confused me even more, cause you will get a whole lot of good reviews and then a few really bad ones that seem to discard all the good ones.

Eventually I decided to use Idea Merge and trust them that they used the best motorhome rental companies. We originally booked one motorhome. We then booked an additional RV in September and then booked another 3 RV's end of October.

So in total we had 5 RV'S - all C class, 27-30 foot. We collected on the 23rd December in Orlando and 3 were dropped off in Orlando 30 December, the other 2 dropped off in Los Angeles on 23 January.

We were travelling as a family of 13 adults and 3 children ages 2, 3 and 4 years old.

Idea Merge were amazing in accommodating us and making sure that we got the extra RV's at such late notice. A big thank-you to Eric at Idea Merge for your endless help and patience with all my questions and E-mails.

All I can say is that the service from both Idea Merge as well as RV Road Bear was exceptional and we have nothing to complain about. Only good memories. The Orlando office staff at RV BEAR, were amazing in every way - professional, friendly, helpful ... just truly wonderful. (Thank you Catherine especially.) It was such an amazing way to start our road trip and they inspired us and got us in the mood with their spectacular service. it was so exciting.

The Los Angeles staff however, were totally disappointing compared to Orlando - impatient and acted like they just wanted to get rid of us. Glad we picked up in Orlando and dropped off in LA. Would have hated pick up in LA.

We had an awesome time in our RV'S and awesome family time together. I would never use any other company except Idea Merge and Road Bear. Nothing, but absolutely nothing, went wrong and we travelled 3300 miles across the USA.

P.S ...I am sure this doesn't usually happen, but we were fortunate enough to all got brand new RV'S......(All 5 of them.) They didn't even have number plates on them. What a bonus.

posted on 24 February 2015 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We rented a "19-to-22ft" Class C motorhome from Roadbear through Ideamerge, for 4 weeks from mid-December 2014 to mid-January 2015, with pick-up and return at their Las Vegas depot.

Pick-up was very good, they actually gave us a larger motorhome for no extra cost as the model we had booked was not available. Courteous and prompt service, a very instructive walk-through of the entire unit and we were in and out in about 1 hour. Our only complaint was that, besides swiping your card for the extra charges we agreed during booking and for usual pre-authorizing of the insurance deposit, they also used it to take an imprint on one of these older credit card charge forms which was otherwise left blank, and asked us to sign it as "extra security". We have rented motorhomes many times with various companies for the last 5 years, and this was the first time anything like this was asked of us. We were really reticent about signing what amounts, for all purposes, to a blank check, but as there was no other way (and out of trust in Ideamerge) in the end we relented and signed it.

We were told that Roadbear replaces their RVs every year, so the unit (which was about to be replaced) was anyway very new, much newer than the ones we have got from other companies. Nonetheless, on our first night dry camping (ie, depending on the motorhome's battery), we woke up at 5AM with the carbon monoxide alarm beeping. We immediately went outside in our sleep clothes, and then we found ourselves locked out (we didn't pick up the keys on our way out, and the "house" door -- which we went through -- slammed close and would not open from the outside). And this in the middle of nowhere... Fortunately one of the windows was closed but unlocked, so we were able to slide it open from the outside and climb back in, unlocking the door. After examining things, we realized that the CO alarm was pinging its "low battery" warning, not its "carbon monoxide detected" alarm... and the battery was indeed registering as empty on the motorhome control panel. As that was after driving for more than 4 hours before we stopped the previous night, we called Roadbear's emergency number and were instructed to bring the motorhome to a battery shop to test its batteries and replace them if bad. We did that, saved the receipt as instructed, and were reimbursed when we returned the vehicle.

We had just one more problem during the entire rental: when we first tried connecting it to a city water connection (we requested -- and picked up -- the motorhome completely dry as in the first few days we would be staying at locations with freezing temperatures at night), all the water leaked out on its underside. Another half-hour on the phone with Roadbear's emergency folks (and then, after they opened for the day, with the Las Vegas depot) and we located and shut the valves that they forgot to close when they drained the vehicle previous to our picking it up.

Apart from these two issues, which were solved to our satisfaction, the vehicle performed flawlessly during the entire trip.

One thing we did on this trip (and would recommend for anyone who likes biking) was to purchase a couple of cheap bicycles at Walmart and use them during our trip for short errands while leaving the motorhome parked at campgrounds; some of the places we stayed at were perfect for that (eg, Grand Canyon NP) while others were not so good (Mojave NP), but we had a lot of fun and saved a lot of miles on the motorhome (actually this was our first trip where we managed to keep our mileage within our planned total). When we finished our trip, we just donated the bikes to the nearest Goodwill before returning home. Besides the great fun, the amount we saved on just one block of more miles (which we surely need if we hadn't the bikes) was more than enough to pay for them.

Vehicle return was also very good, quick and to the point (and they returned my credit card's "imprint" form which I had to sign on pick-up), in less than half-an-hour we were on our way on their excellent and free shuttle service directly to the airport.

In the end, we had a great time and can heartily recommend both Ideamerge (which was flawless) and Roadbear (which had some issues as described above, but resolved them all in the end).

posted on 23 January 2015 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Hi Doug, We have now returned from our holiday and just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. The whole booking process through yourselves was remarkably easy and worry free for us. The pick went smoothly and the RV was perfect for our needs. We had the most amazing time and visited so many of your country's national parks and cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas. It has given us so many memories of the holiday of a lifetime.

We would not hesitate to deal with you again for a future holiday.

Many thanks. - June and Jonathan Bowen.

posted on 9 November 2014 , vendor was Road Bear RV

I would recommend Ideamerge. The booking process went smoothly, everything was well explained. We rented an RV from Road Bear and had the time of our lives !

posted on 5 November 2014 , vendor was Best Time RV

We travelled from Sydney Australia and rented an RV through Ideamerge and picked it up at Road Bear Orlando. Had it for three weeks and had an awesome time traveling the Deep South and east coast. We highly recommend road bear and ideamerge, you can't go wrong with them. We will definitely use these guys again when we come back to the US for our next adventure.

posted on 3 November 2014 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Second time using Idea Merge for us. Last year 5 weeks in Europe, this year 3 weeks in Maine and Canada. Same great system, same great service. Hard to fault the IdeaMerge guys, they are just the best option there is for hiring campervans.

We had a Best Time RV RV out of NY, upgraded to a 31ft V31-S due to a booking clash. Great service from the Best Time RV folk, couple of very minor issues during the hire which they addressed upon our return to our complete satisfaction. The camper was starting to show some wear, but was still very comfortable and the big truck never missed a beat in 1,400 miles.

Europe is a little more RV friendly for freebie overnight stops and dumping sites etc, but the State Parks in Maine are relatively cheap and well appointed. Be aware you can't drive into NYC(why would you want to!?), Montreal or Quebec.

All in all, another great experience thanks guys.

New Zealand, posted on 26 October 2014 , vendor was Best Time RV

We rented our RV through IdeaMerge and were very satisfied with the personal service and the very quick responses to our questions. It was our first time renting such a vehicle, and we were grateful for a lot of valuable information. We picked up the RV from El Monte in Los Angeles and returned it in San Francisco -- in both places all was organized and prepared for us. We highly recommend both companies.

posted on 23 October 2014 , vendor was El Monte RV

Hired an RV from Las Vegas and returned to San Francisco. Very satisfied and would recommend this company.

posted on 20 September 2014 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

This was our 5th RV trip booked through Ideamerge using Best Time RV and as with every other trip the whole process went without a problem. Thanks Ideamerge. Keep up the good work.

New Zealand, posted on 19 September 2014 , vendor was Best Time RV

I rented from IdeaMerge and Apollo RV for our annual trip to Black Rock City. Having used several other RV companies in SF and LA in years past, I would say Apollo are above average and maybe even at the top of the list - based on my experience I'd recommend them to anyone making the same trip. I have used IdeaMerge for the past 4-5 years and highly recommend them as well.

Good things about Apollo included:

- Friendly and thorough pickup that didn't take too long - ie on being forced to sit and wait for another group, then sit and watch a very long video. All paperwork was in order too; it always amazed me showing up other places and it was like they had done no prework or prep for their busiest day of the year. Apollo was ready and got us in and out quick. They also didn't try and sell us on a bunch of add-ons during pickup, which I really appreciated.

- Vehicle was gorgeous - in Aug 2014 they were giving everyone new model 2015 vehicles they had only recently got in. No "sorry, you're going to BRC, you get a junker." We had a 31 foot 'Minnie Winnie'.

Checking back in took a little longer than we would have liked, but that is such a luck of the draw thing - sometimes you get there and 20 others have arrived just before you. Still, very little stress and they were clearly appreciative of all the time we had spent cleaning the RV after the event. We had our full deposit back within a few days.

They do charge a higher upfront fee than most for taking the RV to BRC, and maybe that's why I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5. But their rental rates are lower than some others so it nets out as a reasonable deal, especially if you can reset early. (We reserved Oct 2013 for Aug 2014.)

I would definitely use them again (as long as their rates are competitive) and recommend them to other travellers, playa-bound or otherwise.

posted on 14 September 2014 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Ideamerge were fabulous and were so helpful when making the booking. We hired a 24 foot RV from Best Time RV via IdealMerge. The RV was beautifully prepared in San Francisco and Best Time RV were superb and had everything ready. They were patient and spoke to us from a base of real practical experience. We were going a big road trip from San Francisco, taking in 7 National Parks, 7 states, and 4 big cities 3120 miles in total in 3 weeks. The RV gave us all we needed and was faultless. We were doing a one-way hire, returning the RV to the Los Angeles. We thoroughly cleaned the RV and had no problems with it other than inheriting a couple of broken pieces of plasic that we showed on the hand over sheet. However, in 3200 miles we did not notice the "3 chips in the windscreen" that somebody at the LA branch found. We had not noticed them and yet were charged $80 for them. Now they could have been there all the while as this vehicle had 27000 miles on it when we picked it up. maybe the team at San Francisco were more philosophical or less observant or just more realistic. sadly being presented with this " "damage" report I thought was rather penny pinching. especially if the windscreen was not "repaired" there and then and put out to another client, where they too could be caught out. They did not offer to show me the stone chips, saying to me "well it is what it is." sadly it left me with an un-necessarily bad impression. Had there been an obvious crack i could understand it , but it felt like a mean trick. I did change my customer feedback comment as a result. My advise to everyone is they take lots of photographs of things like the windscreen for chips and draw any imperfection to the attention of the depot you hire the RV from , we will in future. What I find odd is in the UK most car insurance companies will arrange with windscreen companies to carry out repairs FREE of charge on stone chips on windscreens. and if a windscreen needs replacing there is a GBP50 excess. So as I say the charge was doubly insulting. Be warned all potential hirers.. It would not deter me from using Best Time RV, but I would be even more vigilant in the future.

posted on 14 September 2014 , vendor was Best Time RV

Having previously rented direct with Road Bear but this time round I discovered IdeaMerge and found the pricing for our intended rental was excellent.

We therefore booked our 2 week RV rental via IdeaMerge with Best Time RV (New York). Seven of us traveled and the saving made via IdeaMerge was quite substantial.

I found the booking process with IdeaMerge to be a dream, I particularly like the level of information presented, there is nothing left to question during the booking as everything is laid out plain and clear. The team were very responsive via email and I felt comfortable during the whole process. A big thank you from the whole family.

The Best Time RV service from the guys in the Tappan (NY) branch was just as good, everything was ready and waiting for us and they easily accommodated a few strange extra requests from us when we arrived. They picked us up from the Newark hotel on time as arranged and dropped us off again without a single issue. The RV was in excellent condition and the whole trip was a dream.

We will definitely be using IdeaMerge for our next US RV trip.

UK, posted on 13 August 2014 , vendor was Best Time RV

We rented our RV with Road Bear RV rental through Ideamerge. Everything was perfect, smooth, personalized. (with both companies). Can only recommend. Yes, Road Bear is more expensive than most competitors, but their RV's are in perfect condition, and pretty luxurious.

posted on 4 August 2014 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We hired our RV via ideamerge, we found them extremely helpful and we hired the vehicle that met all our needs thanks to their input. It was a holiday, as a family, we will never forget. The service was great and we would certainly recommend the company.

posted on 1 August 2014 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Given the length our US road trip, LA to NY, and never having heard of Ideamerge it was with a little trepidation we left it with them but they came up trumps. We had tried to book direct with RV rental companies some were unwilling to book a one way trip, ie El Monte or Cruise America, or give us the configuration of RV we wanted, Ideamerge got us both. Standing outside an LA hotel at 7.30am and no sign of the pick up was the only dodgy moment, the RV from Best Time RV was clean, only 14,000 miles on the clock everything worked well throughout our 42 day trip, an e mail prior to our return date to confirm a return a day earlier than our rental booking (which was actually cheaper that way, pointed out by Ideamerge) was the icing on the cake. We had an incredible trip. highlight has to be the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. we have now booked again for our next trip with Ideamerge and would recommend them to anyone wishing to do this kind of holiday.

Wilsden, UK, posted on 1 August 2014 , vendor was Best Time RV

We've done two Ideamerge rentals, both with Best Time RV. The first was a one way rental from Oregon to San Francisco, the second was a round trip from San Francisco. Both went very smoothly, the vehicles were as advertised, and everything was clean and well maintained. Check-in and checkout were very short and efficient. I'd highly recommend Best Time RV, and Ideamerge is the best way to book and get the best price.

posted on 31 July 2014 , vendor was Best Time RV

We had on opportunity to work with the Ideamerge folks in planning a family tour of Las Vegas, Zion N.P., Grand Canyon- North Rim, and The Lake Mead-Hoover Dam area. What a great experience. The Ideamerge team set us up with a cost effective option on a 32' Leprechaun through Road Bear with all the options. The equipment, check-out and check-in , and all of the staff were all as advertised. We enjoyed 5 night 6 days on our cruise and it went off without a hitch, right down to pick up and drop off at our Vegas hotel they exceeded our expectations. This is a great option for anyone considering an RV trip weather your are seasoned road warriors or like us first time RVer's I don't think you will be disappointed.

posted on 31 July 2014 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Rental over 3 weeks through Idea Merge. March, April 2014. We had the most fantastic time, we dealt with Doug and he was exceeedingly helpful even though we changed our minds and asked a million and one questions he answered my e-mails almost immediately once when really he should have been in bed! cannot recommend them enough you really can't go wrong.

Alas for whatever reason when we asked for a price this year they seemed dearer and that was the only reason we didn't book through them again for next year and this was disappointing for us. Well done Idea Merge your service is second to none and many Companies should take a leaf out of your book. As your really go that extra mile, our tour was the greatest and we are so looking forward to our next trip in 2015.

UK, posted on 31 July 2014 , vendor was El Monte RV

We have just returned from renting an RV through Ideamerge. The company they recommended was Road Bear. We collected in Orlando and instead of Roadbear collecting us from our hotel we got a taxi to their depot, this was simply because the RV was ready for us at 9.00am, so it was easier for us to pay USD 20 and get on the road rather than hang about for the shuttle bus. The handover was very efficient and we were instructed in great detail. For those wanting to stock up with food immediately there is an Aldi just across the road. So we collected some groceries and was on our way by 10.30. The whole trip went well and the RV was very well equipped. We will certainly think about doing it again.

posted on 7 April 2014 , vendor was Road Bear RV

This was our forth time booking with both IdeaMerge and Best Time RV and once again both companies were great to deal with. This time picked up and dropped off in Chicago. The RV was almost new and everything worked fine. This time we hired bikes as well and I would recommend doing that as they were great and gave us a bit more freedom to get around.

New Zealand, posted on 20 September 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

Rented an RV from Road Bear for 1 week, sandwiching 2 weeks of car hire. Superb. Great way to see the transitions the USA has to offer. Covered 1400 miles in 7 days...easily. Great vehicle. Independent reviews seemed to favour Road Bear, particularly as all vehicles are a min 1 year old.

Certainly very happy to report that having Ideamerge as the broker to contact (where an informative reply was invariably received on the same day) was very reassuring, esp as this was our first time renting an RV was great. Will most definitely not be our last and will apply an identical formula next time. Road Bear through Ideamerge. Many thanks.

2 pieces of constructive criticism, more for Road Bear and not really relevant to Ideamerge:
1. "unused" purchased miles should be refunded.
2. A more comprehensive induction at Las Vegas, esp as we were first timers, would have been appreciated. It was brief and hurried. The depot in Hayward was a delight.

posted on 29 August 2013 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We selected Apollo for the two weeks we spent on the west coast with a RV.

The service needs to be improved at the departure station in LA. No immediate greeting to make sure that you are expected.

The vehicule was bigger than anticipated and it was nice and fun. Unfortunately, it was not fully ready and returned to the workshop for service. Therefore we were invited for the lunch which improved the first rating at the arrival.

The vehicule was quite new with no plates which made us stopped by the police in San Diego. No worries at all they were friendly and explained how to deal with that. We hanged a broken faucet which has been reimboursed bu Apollo = GOOD.

No problem until the return in SFO where we have been immediately welcomed and the retunr of the vehicule was quite efficient. I just have now to contact Apollo insurrance dpt. On the return I mentionned a small crack on the wind screen. Due to the position, I cannot recall if it is present from the departure or not. Nevertheless Apollo retain 75USD which I believe is not fair. The crack can be repaired easily and for less than 75USD. Next time what will I do? Global rating for the session is anyway very positive, good vehicule, interior arrangement very practical everything worked well.

posted on 13 July 2013 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

We rented an RV from Road Bear through Doug and the team from Ideamerge in May 2013. Again for the second time we were extremely happy with the service from the Ideamerge team, no problems at all. Will do it again next year.

The service and vehicle from Road Bear was also great. A special mention for Benny at the Las Vegas depot who did our handover on pick up. Great guy and great service, way to go Benny, you do a great job for the Company. The vehicle was less than a year old only done 3,000 miles, one hirer before us so new and clean.

We did about 3,000 miles through six US states, had no problems with the RV at all. Great way to see America and all it has to offer.

Would do it again in a heartbeat, funds permitting.

Thanks everybody, you do it well.

Australia, posted on 8 July 2013 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Once again our booking through Ideamerge and RoadbearRV were spot on. Shuttle service @ pickup and return were both prompt and courteous, the vehicle being 4 months old with very low mileage proved most acceptable and so our trip of almost 11,000 miles over 9 weeks was very enjoyable again.

Would not hesitate to use and recommend both companies again, having dealt with both previously in the US and Europe.

Kudos to Doug Bredesen.

posted on 27 June 2013 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Our second experience but first review of Idea Merge and Best Time RV. Renting a van in the states from Australia is a somewhat daunting thing at first but the professionalism of both of these companies is great. Everything is as said and no traps. Do take care planning your trip and reading all the details. Plan the milage and purchase the correct amount during booking.

We were picked up from our hotel and dropped off at the Depot after a little confusion with times and phone numbers. Glad we did as it is very difficult to get there by public transport and a taxi is out of the question because of cost, use the shuttle option. Julie Daly and her team at Best Time RV were fantastic. 23 foot Van was clean and mechanically sound. Great size for two adults and is easy to drive. Julie went that "extra mile" by giving us directions and advice on grocery shopping and current road works and diversions which eased our fist day in the van. Many thanks to Ideamerge and Best Time RV we will be return customers.

posted on 13 June 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

Excellent experience with Best Time RV and with Ideamerge! Glad I did my research. The motor home was very good, easy to operate and comfortable, the service was terrific, flexible hours (the only one that allowed to pick up early morning), affordable bike rental, etc. We started in Las Vegas and did a 12 day round of national parks in Arizona and Uta. Highly recommended.

posted on 4 June 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

Circular from Las Vegas RoadBear - Grand Canyon, Sedona, Meteor Crater, Monument Valley etc etc. Las Vegas Roadbear was a slick operation (probably due to the Swiss boss, who demonstrated strict adherence to the rules). The RV was extremely clean and tidy; the demo was excellent and the return procedure was very straight forward - I would rent from them again. Next time, the icing on the cake would be a few more smiles from the administration office; maybe they were very busy the day we arrived ;-) Overall, an excellent trip and worth every penny/cent...

posted on 14 May 2013 , vendor was Road Bear RV

April 2013 California, Nevada, Arizona.

We were and we are very satisfied.

Solely the transfer would have a little more reliable and can be especially friendly.

posted on 24 April 2013 , vendor was Road Bear RV

we used Ideamerge for our van rental and cannot recomend them enough we went through Best Time RV and were picked up at our hotel in Los Angeles sorted out the van Drove route 66 to Chicago and were taken to the airport all as arranged Just the job Will use them again.

posted on 22 April 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

Following a highly enjoyable 5 week RV rental in South Africa in 2011, (not booked with Ideamerge) we booked 4 weeks RV rental through Ideamerge with Best Time RV for a "New England in the Fall" trip, September/October 2012.

We collected our RV from the Best Time RV depot in Tappan, Orange County, New York State. The handover was detailed and efficient and the staff friendly and professional. The linen, toaster and camping chairs were pre-booked. We did also check our inventory to ensure everything was in order, and unpacked all the bedding.

What we did not discover until we had parked up at our first campsite and prepared to retire for the night was that there was no way for my wife to climb into the bed! She is 5ft 1inch tall, I'm 6ft 2 so had no problem. We had to find a foldable stool as a matter of urgency! Ktichen utensils provided were basic but mostly adequate. There was no bread knife, but we managed.

Mechanically the van was almost new, low mileage and we had an excellent and trouble free driving experience.

There were a couple of small problems: the light over the dining table did not work, but as it appeared to be a switch problem rather than the bulb, we could not repair this ourselves. One warm day while parked at the beach at Cape Cod, the carbon monoxide alarm triggered but could not be reset. A call to the (out of hours) helpline later and we had to remove fuses, but that seemed to allow a system reset and we had no further difficulty.

A page had been torn out of the road atlas provided, crucially relating to NY State. Fortunately we had our own (smaller scale) atlas with us, so take your own to supplement GPS navigation.

On a practical note, there were three electrical sockets in the RV. Two at the bottom of the steps into the RV, one of these unusable as it was concealed behind the grab rail and the third in the bathroom beside the wc. To charge mobile phones, laptop, camera batteries or use the toaster meant either balancing items on the steps or on the lid of the toilet! A bit of care with design, and designers actually using an RV would go a long way towards a more useful setup.

We were meticulous about following instructions for emptying grey and black waste. Nevertheless, the waste tanks indicator lights never showed empty. We met up with other Best Time RV RV users who told us to empty the tanks then leave them open on returning the vehicle to the depot. This we did, with no problem. The propane/LPG tank registered low, but took little filling. Use the gauge inside the filler locker rather than the gauge inside the vehicle as a more accurate guide.

Beware road signs 'No Trucks'! the only time this was an issue was leaving the depot after collecting the RV. This was easily avoided the rest of the trip.

Beware unmanned toll booths. We paid at every one, but not enough on one occasion. All we had to do was leave the balance with Best Time RV on drop off day.

All in all a fabulous trip, largely trouble free vehicle and attentive staff. If you're of short stature, take a ladder with you!

posted on 19 April 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

We use Ideamerge for our trip to California last November 2012. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. The comparison of various companies is extremely useful, we chose Best Time RV, and the inclusion of all the little bits and pieces makes the booking so much easier. They were helpful with all aspects, including contact over credit card difficulties. I would recommend them to anyone considering renting an RV.

posted on 2 April 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

My family of 6 spent 5 months in the USA in 2012. During this time, we rented an El Monte RV to go from San Francisco to New York City for 4 weeks, then later a Road Bear RV for 8 weeks to go from NYC back to Los Angeles. Both rentals were arranged though IdeaMerge.

We had never before gone outside Australia as a family, never driven an RV, and never even hired a rental car locally before. Understandably, I was quite nervous heading into this!

I have nothing but the highest complements for all three of the companies we were involved with.

IdeaMerge were the perfect brokers - a large selection of rental options (even if the website was a little clunky and redundant to navigate around), and _excellent_ and friendly responses to the numerous questions a beginner like me had. Many thanks Eric, Doug, and Mark! Particularly noteworthy about the IdeaMerge site was that all expenses were clearly spelt out up front - there were no last minute "by the way you also need to take out this insurance/tax/levy" (which almost doubles the cost of the rental) surprises ... I'm looking at you car rental agencies!

Similarly, ElMonte and RoadBear both ticked all the boxes. The RVs were clean, safe (with the exception of inadequate seatbelts or booster seat anchors for the kids), and mechanically problem-free. Service at the various RV depots was also fantastic.

In short, we are ***extremely*** glad we decided to go with a "RV and RV-park" holiday rather than a "hire car and motel" holiday. The costs would probably be about the same, but the RVs felt like a ***home*** ... and we ate much better than we would have eating out every night. The highlights were even higher than we thought possible (all those isolated National Parks). The feared complications never eventuated.

If you are considering an RVing holiday in the USA - do it! My wife and I are already planning a post-retirement 12-month RVing vacation there. And when we do so, IdeaMerge will be the only RV booking site we visit!

posted on 26 March 2013 , vendor was El Monte RV

I have been on several motorhome trips in USA. Previously I had been booking Cruise America motorhomes through a local danish travel agency. But for my fall vacation in 2012, I wanted to rent a Road Bear, and my usual travel agency only work with Cruise America. So I had to find another way to book.

I found Ideamerge, and at first I didn't think the website design looked very proffesional, so I was affraid if this was a serious company, that could be trusted. I was looking for a 50 day rental, so it was a lot of money to pay, to a company I didn't knew. So I Googled a lot about Ideamerge, but couldn't find anything bad about them. So I took the chance, and made the reservation.

- It was the best price I could find

- Everything in the reservation process was smooth.

- They write everything in plain understandable english, ment to be understood by normal people, and not by lawyers only.

- And most importantly, when I picked up the RV, everything was paid as I expexted. There wasn't a lot of hidden extras that they had mentioned.

I was completely satisfied with Ideamerge, and also with Road Bear.

So when booking a motorhome for this years vacation, I chose Ideamerge again. Again the booking was without problems, and they confirmed my reservation within a couple of hours.

posted on 23 March 2013 , vendor was Road Bear RV

this was the 3rd time we had rented an Rv but the first time through Ideamerge. we were very impressed with how smoothly every thing went and how easily the booking process was. the prices were the best and it was so nice to have everything itemised so you know you wont be hit with hidden extras. being able to make direct comparisons with different rental companies and also with different models made the whole process a pleasure! we will definitely use Ideamerge again. thanks very much!

posted on 23 March 2013 , vendor was Road Bear RV

nous sommes très contents de nos vacances en rv. Le personnel d'acceuil à los angeles a été très chaleureux et compétent ainsi qu'a notre fin de sejour à san franscisco. Il était très bien équipé et en très bon état.

Si nous avions a louer a nouveau ce serait avec Ideamerge!!!!>merci à eux

posted on 22 March 2013 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

We rented a Best Time RV E-23 for 18 nights. The booking process was simple and Doug answered all our questions promptly. The driver that collected us from our hotel was fantastic, very friendly and happy to provide advice. The E-23 was big enough for 2 adults and 2 children (age 10 & 12).

We were initially worried about cleaning out the waste however it was really easy and not at all messy like we had imagined.

The staff at the pick point in LA were really nice taking the time to ensure we were comfortable with the vehicle. We used our own GPS although friends hired one which was identical to the one we just bought, it was good to see it was the newest model.

Both pick up and drop off (Vegas) were located outside of town which we found great because you can get used to driving in a quieter area.

We stayed in RV parks which they were nicely priced, clean and tidy. It was worth paying for a pull thru if new to driving an RV.

We drove up the Pacific Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco which was absolutely beautiful but quite a slow drive in the RV.

Drop off staff were nice, the only improvement I recommend is drop off locations need a shuttle to hotels especially in Vegas, it took forever waiting for a taxi big enough for 4 people with 2 suitcase each and when it finally arrived it was a very tight fit.

If I rent an RV again in America I will use Ideamerge and Best Time RV.

Australia, posted on 22 March 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

We rented a Best Time RV E23, picking it up in Best Time RV Los Angeles and returning it in Las Vegas for a 2-week trip through the Mojave.

Great vehicle, everything was working perfectly. We had a minor issue in Las Vegas: turns out that they didn't have anyone available to drive the shuttle to get us to the airport. But the gentleman there (Craig) promptly called a cab at NO EXPENSE to us (Best Time RV paid the cab fare). Now that's *great* customer service!

Definitely recommended, and we will definitely be renting from Ideamerge in the future (this was our third rental with them, and their service simply rocks).

posted on 22 March 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

We hired a Best Time RV E23 to tour the South-West USA for 9 weeks (LA to Denver). The 23 foot option was great as it had all the conveniences including Shower and Toilet, and was short enough to have a good selection of camping sites and be easy to maneuver around.

We got a great deal through IdeaMerge, and the site enabled us to choose the company and RV which best suited our needs.

We will certainly be using them again for our next 'road trip' holiday.

posted on 22 March 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

I hired a rv from the LA office. It was a great experience. I did everything over the internet, as I am from Brazil. They were very helpful and friendly. I would recommend them to everyone.

posted on 22 March 2013 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

We rented a 23' class c motorhome via Ideamerge who worked through Best Time RV for the rental. We traveled down the coastal highway from Seattle to San Francisco and had a wonderful time. The vehicle met all our needs, and the service at the receiving and delivery end of the trip from the Best Time RV people was great. Everything was as advertised, the booking process, pickup and drop off were efficient, and painless.

The only negative comment I would make is that a diesel engine in this type of vehicle would provide better performance and fuel milage than the V10 gas engines they are equipped with. We just rented a very similar vehicle in Australia and it was an Iveco 3 litre diesel that go almost twice the milage and had a lot smoother acceleration.

posted on 21 March 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

The guys from IDEAMERGE are the BEST on the RV rental business... Don't lose your time looking anywhere else! They have the best price and unbeatable service! We rented a Class A (from Best Time RV) here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. As all (or mostly) rentals it's very base model. Not that old (year 2010 with 39K miles). Only a few problems as some leaks under the sink and mattress on the sofa-bed completely useless. Not even our 7 y/o daughter could sleep on it (Tip: CHECK all mattresses at pickup!). But nothing that we could not handle.

Unfortunately we will not rent anymore as we bought our own brand new class A! But for sure will refer with pleasure IDEAMERGE to all our friends!!

posted on 21 March 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

We rented a Best Time RV CampingWorld E23 motorhome for our Arizona Trip (almost 1400 miles in about 3 weeks), and we are really satisfied: the vehicle we got was very new and performed flawlessly.

Also, Doug and Mark at Ideamerge, and Espy (the local rental manager at the Best Time RV depot in Phoenix-Mesa/AZ) went out of their way to make our trip as trouble-free and as enjoyable as possible.

This is our second rental with Ideamerge: the previous one was in 2011 for a trip to Germany, which was also flawless.

We are very satisfied and can't recommend these folks enough!

posted on 30 January 2013 , vendor was Best Time RV

A belated review to thank IdeaMerge and Road Bear for helping us on our first RV road trip in May 2012. Firstly to IdeaMerge for finding us a great deal and secondly to Road Bear for our fabulous brand new Thor ACE Class A.

We picked up our RV in Las Vegas, it was so new they had not had time to get the registration plates put on it, handover was a little rushed if I am honest, there's a mass of info to take in. Luckily I had done loads of research prior to leaving so was confident we would manage and we did.

Only negative Road Bear forgot to put our pre-paid camp chairs in the RV and the hook up wire for the cable TV which we only realised as we arrived at our first stop at LA. I guess we could have claimed back our subsequent purchase at Walmart but didn't bother.

We had a couple of issues with the RV which were resolved with a quick phone call to the helpline. Who would have guessed the breaker panel is under the bed! We spent the next two weeks driving through California concentrating on the national parks and northern coast. We dropped our RV off two weeks later in San Francisco.

On return Road Bear did go over it with a fine toothcomb, but we had been careful to take care of it and had no issues.

My advice, really take your time at handover and make sure you are 100% happy. IdeaMerge do try to warn you by sending a handover checklist, but in the excitement to get on your trip its easy to go with the flow and allow yourself to be rushed. We enjoyed every minute of our holiday and hope to do another in a couple of years, I will have no hesitation in returning to IdeaMerge and Road Bear.

UK, posted on 9 October 2012 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Hired an rv monte in July 2012 travelled 3000+ miles. My daughter & I picked up the RV in Dallas we couldn't be happier with the service. Everything worked properly and had no trouble at all. The RV was a 2011 model it was well equipped and drove well. Thank you to the staff for a smooth experience after a long flight from Australia. Would use them again. Thank you again.

posted on 2 October 2012 , vendor was El Monte RV

We rented a motorhome via IdeaMerge at El MOnte RV. The handling by IdeaMerge was OK, and the RV as such also, but the RV came with a few serious problems: 1) the RV did have a microwave oven, but no dishes were provided that could be used in that oven, so we had to buy them ourselves. 2) there was also a normal gas oven, but it was impossible to set fire to the oven; moreover, also for use in this oven no dishes were provided.

3) the refrigerator could only be switched on and off; no further control was possible, which was a problem because its content got frozen, possibly due the early season, but as a result several food items were not suitable for consumption anymore.

4) the tableware was of poor quality and not resistant to usage.

But apart from the above, we did have a great vacation!

Netherlands, posted on 2 October 2012 , vendor was El Monte RV

Our first time ever renting an RV was with IdeaMerge - and we totally loved it! We will definitely do it again next year and will certainly rent again from IdeaMerge. They gave us a great deal, everything worked super smoothly and you know that you can just call and talk to somebody there should you have an issue.

We met many campers with RV on our two week trip (US / New England and Canada), none of which had heard of IdeaMerge. However, we promoted them and a lot of people were amazed at the good deal. Thank you!

posted on 30 September 2012 , vendor was Road Bear RV

August 2012 This is our second motorhome rental, and we own a campervan. Booking through IdeaMerge was very easy, convenient and good value, and everything with the booking went very smoothly. We had an Apollo motorhome. The pick-up process took 3 hours because the desk was busy with other pick-ups, with a lot of steps to go through for each party picking up (San Leandro, near San Francisco). We could have booked in on-line prior to pick-up, but didn't do this, and think perhaps this could have been made clearer. The motorhome was in very good condition, and everything worked well. It wasn't covered in Apollo labelling. We had one hiccup where one of the tyres got a cut in it, and given we had to drive on mountain roads, we were a bit concerned. We spoke to Apollo on the Friday on the phone, and they said we needed to take it to a garage to change the tyre (we couldn't do it ourselves). Apollo booked us in at Yosemite garage, and rang us back to confirm. On Saturday, when we took the motorhome to the garage, they needed to talk to Apollo because the spare was perished and the garage staff said it was worse than the one with the cut. However, there was no answer on Apollo's 24-hour helpline. Luckily, we had a direct number from speaking to Apollo the day before, so were able to contact them. They took a bit of persuading that the tyre needed replacing, but did approve replacement of the cut tyre and the spare. We were insured for two tyres, so Apollo covered the cost. In total, we spent around 5 hours at the garage, so with two teenage boys, this seemed a bit of a waste of holiday time, but at least we ended up with a vehicle safe for mountain roads. Other than that, we were extremely pleased with the motorhome (27ft, sleeps 5-6). We did 3000+ miles in 18 days, and enjoyed the whole experience. We did learn to watch out for the length of our motorhome when entering carparks to avoid the tail rubbing the ground. We also learned to engine brake down steep hills, so as not to overheat the brakes. Drop-off was amazingly smooth and took less an hour. The staff were really helpful in directing us to public transport to the airport, although we ended up opting for a taxi that they ordered for us. We swept the floor, wiped the surfaces, emptied tanks, and left it tidy and empty, but didn't have to clean the outside or do any major cleaning. We had not been given an atlas and first aid kit on pick-up (presumably over-looked because they were busy, and we had our own anyway), and they questioned it when we dropped off, but were satisfied when we said we weren't given them. All in all 5 for IdeaMerge and 4 for Apollo. I'd do the same rental again with no hesitation, and would recommend to others.

Southampton, UK, posted on 30 September 2012 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

This was our first road trip and with 5 teenagers in tow a bit of a challenge.

Ideamerge were a very good choice in terms of what they provided. Easy to book, explanation of terms and conditions good and payment at a fixed rate with no additional currency charges was excellent.

The pick up and drop off however was poor (this was with moturis depots). On pick up there was only 1 person dealing with the paperwork, and this was painfully slow. Then the 1 staff member disappeared as it was apparently lunch time! In all it took over 3 hours to pick up. I would like to say the staff were courteous and polite but they were not! Drop off not significantly better again massively understaffed and waited well over 2 hours! This could be avoided.

That said I would use idea merge again as they are at the mercy of the depots and did their bits right.

Be careful if you have a flight to catch give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport as some people were in danger of missing their flights! In spite of the admin, a great trip!

UK, posted on 28 September 2012 , vendor was Best Time RV

Rented through IdeaMerge for a Roadbear RV in June 2012 from Las Vegas. It was all a very good experience. IdeaMerge staff was helpful in confirming I could get the RV I wanted for the dates I wanted though it was questionable per the Roadbear website. The rental experience at Roadbear was great. The staff was very helpful (Do pay close attention to the "tour of the RV" as tiny details do become important during the trip). The RV looked brand new and actually only had about 3000 miles on it. Everything worked perfectly. The drop off process was equally as easy. We cleaned the RV inside but not outside. Inspection was quick and fine. The Roadbear staff even shuttled us to our hotel long before they were scheduled to. I'd rent from then again!

posted on 28 September 2012 , vendor was Road Bear RV

First RV rental in the States. IdeaMerge provided an excellent service throughout. The website made comparison between the various companies much easier than trying to compare them on their own individual sites and the deals offered appeared very competitive. Communication was very friendly and efficient and the staff there were more than happy to assist even after the rental period was over. Based on this experience would confidently book through IdeaMerge again.

Our RV was from Apollo in San Francisco and was fine as were the staff. Most of the vehicles going out the day we collected ours were this year's models, even ours, which was at a discounted rate, had only 43000 miles on the odometer and was in very good condition. Campers we met along the way seemed to have been given older more worn vehicles by other companies. Reading other reviews suggests that, whoever provides the vehicle, it's potluck whether you experience problems or not. Worth watching a walkthrough of your vehicle and pre-registering on the internet before you collect it, also worth planning your first night's stay. (Amazing how many people collecting vehicles at the depot didn't appear to have done any of this!) NB. Pack a small screwdriver kit, a roll of duct tape and a sense of humour! A great way to see the USA, already planning our next trip.

UK, posted on 19 August 2012 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

We picked up our Road Bear 23 ft (a good size for 2 people) RV in LA in Sep last year and drove from there to Denver over a six week period. The unit was faultless, clean and and only had 18000 miles on the clock. We pre booked 4000 miles but ended up doing 4500 which cost another $400.00. The guys were great at pick up and drop off and though we managed to damage the RV door they were fair with the repair costs. The main bed was very hard but easily fixed by buying a eggshell type topper at Wall Mart. The unit was a bit thirsty but take it easy and you will have a great time. You can find cheap petrol stations on web site called Gas buddy.

Will use them again and would recomend them to all.

My wife and I had the best holiday, it is the best way to see the country and meat the people.


posted on 4 May 2012 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We picked up the RV in San Francisco and drove to Florida via Las Vegas and Los Angelis, over three weeks.

Pick up was fine everything covered and the staff took all the time we wanted to explain anything we were unsure about.

The vehicle, which was a 22ft six berth, was only six months old and had about 24,000 miles.

The camper was absolutely fantastic, better than expected. Expect to get 10mpg when working out how much fuel you will use.

Drop off was really good, with the staff ensuring that we got off to the airport in time to meet our flight.

One of the best holidays we have ever had, hoping to drive from New York to Florida this year.

UK, posted on 1 February 2012 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We chose Ideamerge as they were by far the cheapest offering moturis 4-5 sleeper RV. Although from Scotland Ideamerge replied to our e mails almost immediately even though there was a large time difference.

We arrived to pick up our RV from San Fransisco at 08.30 for a 9 am pick up. The gate was locked and we could not get in until 09.20 (not a good start waiting on a highway for 50 minutes with a 4 and 2 year old!! However the pick up was fine once we got in. The RV only had 9000 miles on so fairly new and as described online. Everything worked well in the unit apart from we found the kitchen equipment very cheap and easily broken and the pans were very hard to keep clean as they were not non stick. At the weekend we could smell gas (propane) so we phoned the 24 hr helpline for advice. The lady said she would get someone to phone us back...... We are still waiting on that call! So next 3 days we had no gas.

On drop off we advised them off the leak and they apologised but we had to ask for compensation for having no heating or hot water. We were given $45 off our over mileage. We also were not aware we ad to pay for any generator use. Luckily we only had 3 hours use.

All in all a very good rental but the leak was badly managed (well not at all!!) would definitely RV again!

posted on 30 January 2012 , vendor was Best Time RV

Ideamerge, you were great! We were collected in a stretch limo which impressed our two teenage daughters no end! The staff were great and the RV in good condition. This was our 3rd holiday and more enjoyable than the previous European ones. The RV was very well equipped and well designed. We will definitely consider renting an Ideamerge RV again. Thanks for a great experience.

South Africa, posted on 18 January 2012 , vendor was Road Bear RV

This was my first RV trip, so when booking it was confusing trying to work out what each company offered, with each company presenting all their options in different ways. Ideamerge was brilliant for giving me a straightforward way of comparing different RV rental companies.

We ended up with Best Time RV, and the service at pick-up and drop-off was extremely friendly, and at pick-up they did a great job of explaining the RV to us newbies. The RV itself was great fun, we drove from Denver to Las Vegas via all the National Parks and had an amazing time.

posted on 5 December 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We hired a FS 31 through Ideamerge. This was my second hire and was totally satisfied again. We picked up our RV from Dallas and we were all pleased to each have our own beds without having to pack up the dining table. This proved invaluable as most nights some of us stayed up to sample the many various forms of alcohol that America has. We travelled from Texas to Louisiana then to Kentucky. Back to Alabama for some NASCAR then up to Virginia for some more NASCAR. The return trip was then back to Dallas. We got around 10mpg for the whole trip with a total of 3800 miles in 3 weeks. We dry camped using the generator a few nights and couldn't of asked for a better way to do the trip. This is the third time I have hired an RV in the States and there will definitely be another through Ideamerge.

posted on 30 November 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We rented a 33 foot RV from Idea Merge at Las Vegas and took it via Yellowstone to New York over a 6 week period, covering about 4,200 miles. The vehicle was a low mileage current season model, which worked really well for us in every respect. We expected to get about 10 miles to the gallon, and achieved those sort of figures. Staff at both ends were very pleasant, although on pick up, we could have done with more information on how to check water and oil levels; we had to ask as the information wasn't provided in the brief.

We paid for additional mileage up front, so as to avoid any sort of surcharge. We came in about 800 miles less than required and paid for, but were unable to get any form of refund, so make sure you're as accurate as you can be, when estimating how many miles you want to pay for.

On the whole, happy to recommend this rental company, and will use them again, next time.

Wherever you intend to go, enjoy the trip, you can understand why RV'ing becomes a way of life. Regards.

UK, posted on 17 November 2011 , vendor was Best Time RV

We rented our RV through Ideamerge with Best Time RV/Camping World, New Jersey, NY. Everything from the online booking to confirmation from Ideamerge was great, despite changes we made at the last moment . The pick up with Best Time RV was very good even though a hurricane had passed through the day before, our RV was spotless. Pick up was no problem. We travelled 8000 miles across Canada and the States without any issues with our RV. If we were unsure about anything pertaining to the RV we rang Best Time RV and were provided with the information promptly.

The book provided with camping sites was extremely useful as were the maps provided. We also hired a GPS which was invaluable especially going into cities and finding Camping Grounds.

Australia, posted on 13 November 2011 , vendor was Best Time RV

When we pick the RV up in San Francisco, everything was clean and functional. The refrigerator was ON, ready for us to be filled, as well as the fuel tank. No delays, no excessive paper work. We went fron San Francisco to Las Vegas travelling through Yosemite Park and Death Valley (possible because we were late in the season...be carefull it may not be authorized for you if you travel during summer!!). We dropped off near San Diego, also whitout any significant delay. In our case the insurance was INCLUDED in the price which is very interesting as it may become a nightmare when we have to provide our own and deal with the according paperwork. Thank you for this awesome RV trip to the south western USA!!!

Quebec, Canada, posted on 3 November 2011 , vendor was Best Time RV

We picked our RV up in San Francisco for a two week trip to Denver to visit on our way some of the great national parks. The take over was very easy and unbuerocratic and after 45 minutes of instruction and some necessary paperwork we were on the road. Returning the RV two weeks later in Denver was even easier. Staff was always very friendly and competent, RV was technically and optically great which helped to have an unforgettable RV trip through some of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever seen. THANK YOU

posted on 2 November 2011 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

We collected our rv from the Newark Depot and had it for 6 weeks. The staff were efficient and our rv was very clean, the design/layout was excellent, by far the best of the four we have rented over the past 7 years or so.

The instructions given on vehicle operation were good, the process of signing out and returning the rv both went smoothly. The transfer to/from Newark Airport hotels was very important to us considering the location of the depot. All in all, we would recommend Road Bear/Idea Merge to our friends and acquaintances.

posted on 1 November 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We had a great few weeks travelling in a 30 footer camper around the north east of the USA. The camper was in good condition with no mishaps until we returned the camper and was advised we had broken something on the TV aerial. It was associated with winding down the aerial after use. On picking up the RV were were told just to wind it up for use and wind it down after use. We were not told that after winding it down you had to position the aerial in a particular position. Consequently a part broke and they made us pay about $60 for the part. They did not accept that we were not advised of this at the time we picked up the vehicle. I would have willing accepted responsibility for the broken part had I been given proper instruction on its use.

posted on 1 November 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We had 6 weeks. The vehicle was in excellent condition, and we had a great time.

posted on 1 November 2011 , vendor was Best Time RV

This was our first RV rental with El Monte in the States and we were very happy. Idea Merge organised everything and we were impressed with their professionalism.

We booked to pick up in LA and spent our time driving around Califonia.

Only a couple of small things but we really loved our baby. Our RV broke down at the Hoover Dam of all places and it was very hot. Our generator also decided not to work on that day. Not very happy kids. However the RV was fixed the next day and on our return El Monte refunded us quite generously for our inconvenience. The vehicle was a little older than we though it was going to be but very spacious.

Would definitely rent with Idea Merge again, in fact will be booking very soon for the East Coast. A wonderful way to spend some close time with the family, the kids loved it. KOA campsites are great and one of the best was Chula Vista.

Thanks we will be back.

Brisbane Australia, posted on 29 October 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

For our first RV holiday we have spent 4 super weeks in California. RoadBear produced an excellent neArly new vehicle that was totally problem free. We recommend them as renters.

A super holiday with first class arrangements.

posted on 29 October 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

October 2011 We have just completed a months rental from Road Bear. The rv had completed only 14000 miles and looked as bright as a new pin. The vehicle drove very well and importantly for two people in their sixties we felt very safe.

At Los Angels the induction was very thorough as was the return at Las Vegas.

We can only speak highly of Road Bear and of course Ideamerge for first class arrangements.

posted on 26 October 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We booked a 31S RV through Ideamerge and Best Time RV from Tappan, New Jersey, with a Churchville (Buffalo), New York drop off. We were extremely happy with the service from both companies. No problems with the booking or the payment. Everything was true to word. Unfortunately Hurricane Irene had hit a couple of weeks earlier and the destruction to the office in Tappan was obvious. The RV was not brand new as we had hoped but comfortable. Well done to those guys for being able to still operate and fill all their orders after losing several RV's in the Hurricane. The staff at the Churchville office were fabulous. They allowed us an early drop off to accommodate our flight that day. I will definitely booked through the same companies again.

posted on 26 October 2011 , vendor was Best Time RV

We booked our El Monte C25 Slideout with IdeaMerge with no probems other than we had to upgrade slightly from the C25 I booked, as it wasn't available. This turned out to be to our advantage as the C25 Slideout made a HUGE difference to our living space! We picked up from All Stars RV rentals at Louviers, which is the Denver El Monte Depot. Once we did eventually manage to arrange transport to the depot the staff were brilliant. However, Louviers is quite a distance outside Denver (many people hadn't even heard of it!) so it would be brilliant for All Stars customers to be offered the option of a reasonable cost transfer to and from the depot - a taxi from downtown costs around $80 and to the airport $120! The vehicle was great and the only small problems were 1. (the same as Mr J C Inward's problem) the position of the dump connection and fresh water inlet, on opposite sides of the vehicle making their use difficult, and 2. the incredibly awkward position of the dump hose connection making it really difficult to hook up. However, this isn't All Stars fault and the service we got from them was faultless. All the personal and kitchen kits were brand new and there wasn't anything missing from them that we couldn't live without for a few weeks. All in all a great first experience of touring the National Parks in an RV. I would certainly recommend booking through IdeaMerge to others.

posted on 24 October 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We rented our RV through Ideamerge with Best Time RV, Charlotte, NC. Everything from the online booking to confirmation from Ideamerge was great. And everything with Best Time RV was good as well. Pick up was no problem. The RV was clean and well presented and the drop off was good. This is the second time we have rented from Best Time RV and we would definitely rent from them again.

posted on 6 October 2011 , vendor was Best Time RV

We rented an RV from San Francisco, and dropped it off in Las Vegas afterwards. The El Monte team were pretty hard to get hold of beforehand, by phone - but when we did eventually speak to them, they were extremely helpful. Picking up and dropping off the vehicle was easy and quicker than expected. Staff were all helpful on what was a really busy day.

The RV itself worked well and I'd definitely use El Monte and Ideamerge again for a similar trip. Many thanks.

posted on 3 October 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We rented our RV via IdeaMerge from El Monte to go to a festival in Nevada. I've rented an RV for the past five years for this and it has always been tough to find an RV in that part of the country - IdeaMerge made the process of checking and comparing availability and pricing easier than I ever thought it could be; it was as easy as renting a car via Kayak or carrentals.com.

The RV itself was gorgeous (bigger than we usually get; we could afford more because IdeaMerge got us a good rate). The only other thing to say about IdeaMerge is we had made a 2nd reservation which ended up being surplus to requirements; IdeaMerge were great about being clear on the cancellation policy and then making it possible and easy to transfer the reservation to someone else.

Based on that, I had thought I was just happy with IdeaMerge for the low rate and the searchability, but they did also add value in managing that change with the RV vendor. So, all in all, hugely satisfied customer, I will definitely use them again.

posted on 30 September 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We had a Best Time RV S-27S for 2 weeks in California. We took the free shuttle from our hotel to pick up the RV and were soon on the road thanks to the quick, efficient service. The RV was almost new (only 500 miles on the clock) and was very clean and comfortable.

We had a wonderful trip and would have no hesitation in using Ideamerge again.

Dubai, UAE, posted on 27 September 2011 , vendor was Best Time RV

Rental was for 3 months - Apollo Cheapa Campa Euro Tourer. Las Vegas - Las Vegas. Ideamerge sorted me out a good value all-inclusive deal which was cheaper than going direct with Apollo and with the minimum of hassle. We travelled 17,500 miles in the 3 months.The Apollo vehicle was an older model (which was expected), mechanically excellent, but a bit tired inside. The pre-hire briefing was very poor - rushed and incomplete. We spent the first night in Vegas, which was just as well as we found various things wrong or missing as well as having a fuse burn out and stinking out the van. We returned the following morning to have the faults corrected. We had a problem with a fill of dirty petrol which we cannot blame on Apollo and an air-con breakdown which we can (it turned out to only be a circuit breaker switch which we didn't know existed due to the poor briefing). After these early problems the trip went smoothly with no further problems. We would use Apollo again because they were cheap and the only company we could find that hired small 2 person campers - economical and easy to drive in towns and on restricted roads such as the terrific "going to the sun" road in Glacier N.P. Advice - particularly for long hires. We found invaluable the book/directory "Trailer Life R.V.Parks and Campgrounds" This lists many thousands of campsites all over the U.S.A.. Together with a sat-nav (GPS)-also essential- this made finding a campsite, even in the most out of the way places, a doddle. It's an enormous, heavy, book. We bought it through Amazon U.S. and had it delivered to the hire office to pick up when we arrived.

UK, posted on 2 September 2011 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Ideamerge was a great way to source and secure our RV. Service was excellent. Our family of 6 travelled around the North West of the US for 8 weeks in an El Monte 32 ft Class C. Pick up and drop off in San Diego was hassle free and even when the roof top airconditioner went on the blink we had it fixed very quickly at the El Monte outlet in Las Vegas. RV was new in 2011 which was great. Everything worked well for us expect the indash CD player that wouldn't play CDs. GPS should also be standard on these hires, particularly in the newer models. Overall a wonderful experience for our family! Thank you!

Australia, posted on 1 September 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

Using ideamerge was a great call. Hassel free, great equipment and support. Easy pickup and drop off. Friendly service. Would recommend to all.

posted on 1 September 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We rented an El Monte RV from Phoenix to San Francisco for 9 nights and we drove for almost 1600 miles through National Parks and cities. This was our first RV trip. The instruction how to use RV was good and they showed us also a short video in our native language. The pickup and drop off activities were good and precise.

The RV seemed in good conditions but during our experience we have had some problems (e.g. the microwave was not correctly fixed to the structure, loss of water from the tank when we was on the road and when we connected on the city water, etc). This is not acceptable considering the renting cost.

Moreover we have called the Roadside Assistance, because we had a technical problem, but their help was not so good.

In conclusion talking about the trip, our experience through the States was very good. The landscapes, the national parks, the cities, the people, everything have been delightful and our adventure to go around using a RV is been a great experience.

posted on 28 August 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

Everything was awesome! Really, really perfect! We took the RV in New Jersey and cross the USA until Vegas. It was a fantastic trip, and the RV was really really good.

Thank u guys!!!

posted on 22 August 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Rented Class C Motorhome from Road Bear Las Vegas for three weeks in July, 2011, through IdeaMerge.

- All IdeaMerge representatives I communicated with while finding the right vehicle for me and my family were always very polite, answered very quickly, and provided all necessary information in an understandable way. Perfect!

Road Bear Las Vegas: also perfect.

- Road Bear location easy to find - Warm welcome (in German) upon arrival - Very good explanation of the vehicle - Vehicle in immaculate condition, exactly as described, spotlessly clean from outside and inside.

- Everything working, nothing broken or not usable.

- Short and uncomplicated procedure.

- Same upon return.

Also Perfect.

Only drawback, but this is not Road Bears or IdeaMerge's fault: these American Ford vehicles suspension is so weak, that sitting in the back is not possible for a longer time, because on the average paved road in Nevada, Utah or Wyoming you get seasick, even if you are usually not susceptible to that.

Unfortunately only two passengers can sit in the front, so that for two familiy members this meant to lie flat on the benches or the bed in the rear.

I wish that either the suspension were better suited for the typical road conditions, or that there were a bigger bench in the front, so that three or four people could sit there.

posted on 17 August 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We hired the RV from Apollo in Las Vegas, for 11 nights, and dropped it off at LA. It took 3 hours for them to get the paperwork etc together at check in, even though there were only 2 couples hiring that morning, and we had pre-paid everything ahead and had telephoned them etc etc. I would not recommend them, and apart from the pick up and unfriendly and unco-operative 2 managers, there were quite a few things wrong with the RV, as we discovered on our journey. This is poor when you consider how much it cost. We left our feedback in LA and wander if it will improve. The folks in LA are completely different, it was so well organised, all staff were excellent, so think again about Las Vegas, and start your journey with Apollo at LA!

UK, posted on 16 August 2011 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

We booked our RV way before our actual trip. Because of that we made a very good deal with Ideamerge, which was confirmed El Monte later on.

My contact with Doug of Ideamerge was very good. He is fast in replying, and during our trip easy to get in contact with.

Although we had some problems with our RV, this was solved in a very professional way by Doug. Next time I call Doug again! Have a wonderful trip!

The Netherlands, posted on 15 August 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We hired a El Monte 30'(Santa Fe Springs, CA) a free upgrade from the 25' we paid for - which came with a slide out. As there were two adults 3x children 14,12,7 - Definately recommend getting a slide - out. We travelled 3900 Miles Vegas to Canada to San Francisco and looked at everything in between. Great way to see USA / Canada. My main gripe with travelling all that distance was the Cruise Control worked only Intermittently, and detouring to Larger Cities and allotting time to have it fixed didn't work in with our schedule. Small issues with the RV was as it was getting a little old - The system display for Potable / Black water / Propane storage didn't work. Mainly inconvenience. As we needed new sleeping Bags for the kids who are in scouts and cubs anyway - Didn't buy the personal pack and saved.

FANTASTIC way to travel - USA /Canada set up for a great RV Road Trip- PS Don't go out the drive without a TOM TOM or similiar Navigation System.

Perth, Australia, posted on 15 August 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We rented a 29" Roadbear RV through Ideamerge. Picked it up in Denver and drove it almost 3,000 miles through all the national parcs to Las Vegas. Ideamerge provided great service all along - even when I had to alter the original package. When we arrived at Roadbear we got an almost brand new RV and a really thorough orientation by a guy who went above and beyond our expectations. The RV was very well equipped and very clean, and we couldn't be happier.

Returning it in Las Vegas did run as smoothly as we could have wished. For some odd reason they had booked pick-ups and drop-offs at the same time, so after we scrambled to be there in due time for our drop-off we had to wait 45 minutes to actually get rid of the RV. That was not good enough, but I contribute that to poor service and planning skills on the Las Vegas depot side.

Ideamerge and Roadbear were awesome, and we would definitely book there again and recommned it to everyone.

posted on 11 August 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

I was pretty happy with my experience with our RV, the only concerne we had was the air conditioner kept cutting out and the RV was getting a bit old, I will add that we did get the cheapest one possible so this could have been the reason.

posted on 9 August 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We rented 25 feet RV from El Monte in San Francisco. We had it for 6 weeks. It was 4 years old. We traveled from San Francisco to Jasper NP in Canada, then to Las Vegas and back to San Francisco. We drove 12000 km and had no problem with our RV. It had very nice setup. The holiday was excellent. We got used to this RV and it was very difficult to return it. We already planing another holiday in a motorhome.

Australia, posted on 9 August 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We took a 25 feet El Monte RV from Denver for a 3 week holiday. The trip was fantastic, the RV was a really new 2011 vehicle, very comfortable and clean. The personal and kitchen kits given with the RV were brand new and suited every necessity. The personal at the RV deposit was very kind and friendly. At the pick up they show you a 15 minutes video, in your native language, that explains all the main features of the RV, then you can pick up the RV and ask for every further doubt. Excellent service and fantastic experience!

Italy, posted on 9 August 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We rented our 2 persons RV Ford at Idea merge/Apollo. The information we got from Ideamerge on the internet was complete and clear. We picked up the Rv at Las Vegas. It's a pity that we could not pick up and bring back the Rv at the airport. It took a rather long taxi drive to reach the Apollo pick up location.

The instruction how to use the RV was good. The RV was not new but in good shape. One point of criticism: the kitchen equipment was poor. We had to buy some glasses, pots and shelves ourselves.

The RV gave no problems during our 3 weeks holiday except one door of a cupboard: it could not be closed properly.

For us, this RV was an excellent way to travel through this beautiful country.

Zaandam, Holland, posted on 9 August 2011 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

We picked up our vehicle in Denver great customer service very friendly and helpful staff. We drove down to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and our trip ended in Los Angeles, vehicle never missed a beat and the extra help from the Tom Tom was appreciated. There were only 2 issues the TV stopped working 2 nights into the trip much to our son's disgust and I would have liked one of the sheets in the sheet sets provided to be fitted.

posted on 8 August 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We rented our RV from Road Bear in Commerce City, CO. What a wonderful experience! Our unit was brand new, only had 5000 miles on it. It was spotless and everything was in working order thoughout the trip. We put a lot of miles on our unit. We travelled from Denver to the Badlands in SD, then to Yellowstone, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Walnut Canyon, Petrified Forest NP, Petroglyph National Monument, the pueblos in NM, and then back to Denver. There was NEVER problem with the RV!

My father and mother who have travelled around the country by motor home were impressed with our units set up and with Road Bear's rental program.

When my father in law broke his hip and we had to come home early, the guys at Road Bear were more than accommodating. Patrick was WONDERFULLY compassionate about our circumstance, and made the transition from vacation back to reality as quick and painless as possible.

I would definitely recommend Road Bear to anyone who was interested in renting a RV to travel around the country. We saw folks who had rented from other companies sitting at repair shops during our stay...but NEVER a Road Bear unit!!!

posted on 8 August 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We rented with IdeaMerge for a holiday in California in May 2011. What really striked me in IdeaMerge's service is its incredible transparency around pricing, hidden cost factors and all sorts of things you wouldn't know if you (like us) never rented an RV before. The pricing was unmatched with ANY rv agency we checked out. And trust me, we checked tons of them on the internet.

Guys, keep up the great work! Will recommend you guys any time.

Amersfoort, The Netherlands, posted on 11 July 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

My family and I had an incredible experience as rv first timers at the beginning of May. We rented a motorhome from El Monte via Idea Merge and everything worked out well. Pickup also worked out fine, mainly because we traveled from Brazil and our connecting flight in Newark had a two and a half hour delay. That put us behind our schedule. I called El Monte and they said they could wait some time. We did our best to pick up on the same day and fortunately we did.

The vehicle was 26 feet and was spacious for our party of four. Renters from other countries may wonder how difficult it is to find parking lots for an rv. We may say that we did not find it difficult at all. We visited parks, towns and even big cities like Denver and whenever we wanted to park the rv, it did not take too long to get it done.

All facilities in the vehicle were working, except for the tv and dvd player. Our vehicle also had a fuel leaking problem all the times we filled up the gas tank. While pumping, a little fuel kept leaking. We noticed road assistance, and it did not cause any further problems, except for spending some more money than we were supposed to. We were not reimbursed for the extra gas we spent, not even offered another type of solution for compensating the worries with the leaking problem.

Despite the inconveniences, we still think it was great traveling to the Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and so may other memorable places. It was more than fantastic, it was an experience, one a person should remember for all life.

When we have the chance we will travel by motorhome again.

posted on 6 July 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

Wow! Just had a flick through some existing reviews - we aren't the only ones who are impressed!

Both Ideamerge and Road Bear were great.

We had to rearrange our trip from last September to May/June this year because of a family tragedy. Doug and Mark at Ideamerge were really sympathetic and Roadbear agreed to refund us all the money we had paid (barring a small admin fee). We were so impressed with this.

Both organisations have done an excellent job, dealing with any queries right away.

We have given Road Bear a note in their feedback form about a few small matters that would we think improve the customer experience;

1. The double duvet provided was a bit too small for two people - also even with the extra thin duvet provided, we were a bit cold sometimes. We managed to borrow some bedding from friends, so we were ok for the trip.

2. Cooking utensils - it would be good to provide a wooden spoon and/or a spatula. The corkscrew left the cork in the bottle - poor "screw".

These points really are a bit "nit-picking" though!

In summary, the whole experience was superb!!

posted on 24 June 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

My 2 adult family had a great time in our 25 foot RV from Roadbear. Their customer service was excellent at both pick up & return at the LA depot.

We travelled all over Caifornia for a month with no problems - practically new van (only 5000 miles on the clock), probably ony had done one trip before us. One tip - we found the cushions in bed mode too hard and bought cheap air mattresses for extra comfort. The entire process of booking through Ideamerge was straightforward and I liked knowing all costs upfront.

posted on 19 June 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

What can I say about Idea Merge and Road Bear RV? Outstanding and outstanding. We are from Canada and had never rented a motorhome before; Doug at IdeaMerge took all the time needed to answer my many questions. From the pickup at the airport to the drop-off on our return, the staff at Road Bear RV in Las Vegas couldn't have been more courteous or helpful. They made pick-up and return of the RV a pleasure. The unit was spotlessly clean on our arrival. The true test came when the microwave didn't work. I called the assistance number and the problem was resolved the next morning, to my complete satisfaction. It was a new motorhome and things like this will happen, but the fact that they corrected the issue so quickly and with a minimum of inconvenience to us impressed me. The microwave was the only glitch on our 2,000 mile trip around the Grand Canyon. The vehicle performed flawlessly otherwise. I would highly recommend anyone rent using these two companies because of the excellent service I received. Thanks for making our trip a memory to cherish for a lifetime!

posted on 18 June 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We would like to thank El Monte and Ideamerge for the excellent service we experienced during our holidays!

As we went to pickup the RV, we got a warm welcome. Of course there were all the regulations and safety instructions, but beside that there was room for easy conversations and great customer service. We (my fellow Dutch companions and I) didn't quite expect such comfy and easy service, since renting an RV can mean a lot of paperwork. But it all went supersmooth and we got an excellent almost-new RV and went on our trip with a big smile on our faces.

By the way, little funfact, we even learned an american expression at El Monte. As we heared 'Oh my God, I almost creamed your face with my elbow', we must have used that expression a thousand times during our stay in the US.

The RV really was in great shape and we managed to keep it that way (phew! ;)). Upon returning the RV we met the same friendly people again at El Monte Las Vegas. Always room for a laugh, even during the busy hours.

When we will (and we will!) rent an RV again, we will certainly head back to El Monte again, as their price and service absolutely beat every single competitor in the market.

Take care guys and see you again!

- Bart, Maarten and Thomas, NL

posted on 18 June 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We had 3 x Aussie blokes in an RV from San Fran to Vegas...awesome trip...heaps of room, wouldn't have done it any other way. Had never done it before, but would definitely do it again.

Thanks for all your help guys...very easy to deal with! Hopefully I'll use you again some day.

posted on 17 June 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We had an absolutely fantastic time. My husband had been trying to get me to try a campervan for a while and I was so apprehensive about doing this part of our trip. We picked up the van and the process was straightforward. The van we got was nearly new and wow I was impressed by it. The only thing I didn't feel entirely comfortable with was the child seat provided it appeared to be more for a toddler and our son was only 5 months at the time. Other than that the services of the van met my expectations and more. The drop off process was also straightforward and as we were staying in new York city we just caught a bus straight there after drop off. We had a ball and thanks for the experience. We are from australia so we are keen to do a longer trip the next time around.

posted on 17 June 2011 , vendor was Best Time RV

Hey, we were very happy with the whole experience. The booking, pick up and drop off all went really well. The RV itself was flawless, mind you it was a brand new vehicle, but it was reliable throughout the trip. On dropping off i was concerned that they would find any excuse to charge us for any slight scratch, but they were very reasonable and provided us with free transfers to our hotel! I would certainly recommend IdeaMerge and El Monte RV in the future. My experience was so great I intend on doing another trip in the near future.

Thanks all for your assistance.

posted on 17 June 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

We had a great experience on our RV trip. We did a one way hire and so it took a bit of organisation but Ideamerge helped us enormously and we are very grateful as we had a fantastic time. I had read horror stories about RV trips so was a little unsure of what to expect. Most of the negative feed back was about hidden extras so our advice is just book everything up front and avoid the pain! The RV itself wasn't shiny new nor was it old and tatty, we found that as it was a few years old we weren't to worried about the kids "taking advantage of the space" All in all a great trip and looking forward to our next adventure.

posted on 17 June 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

This was our first RV rental, and the process went very well. Ideamerge and Road Bear were both great to work with - quickly dealing with one minor issue we had pre-trip and being easy to contact when we had a concern during the trip. Pick up at Roadbear in Las Vegas was fine, our unit was a 2012 with 2000kms on it, and in like new condition. It worked flawlessly for us on our trip. Drop off at the end went perfectly as well. All in all, very enjoyable, and I would recommend both Roadbear and Ideamerge as honest vendors to deal with.

posted on 17 June 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

We are very very satisficed with Idea Merge and with Road Bear. The RV, the pickup and droppof, your asistance to us, everything was perfect, comfortable, and warmly. Think that we were in a strange country for us (we are Argentines), with another language (spanish), another customs... But you made us everything so easy that we are very thankful and pleased with you. Certainly, I will always recomend Idea Merge, because everything you had promise, you gave us.

This was our first rental of an RV. It is more, it was our first time in the United States. So I had to drive with a great great vehicle in places that I never see before, with rules and customs that was no familiar to me. I drived by routes, highways, mountain roads, small roads to an RV as in Rodeo Drive in Bevery Hills. But I have no problem in any case, I enjoy it so much. The vehicle Road Bear gave us was alredy new, it had no problem at all, everything function well. Only one little thing I can tell you about the vehicle: When we start the oven, of course we put on the extractor of gas, but the alarm of gas began to sound and sound. It was funny, but is something you have to arrange.

And about he trip, our experience through the States was very good. The landscapes, the people everywhere, the services, everything had been delightfull. You have a great Country, you have done things very good.

posted on 8 May 2011 , vendor was Road Bear RV

Had a great time. Rental process was relatively easy, the whole experience was a memory of a lifetime, we had a family holiday that everyone was happy with. Would highly recommend Ideamerge and will definately use you guys again to book our next holiday. Thank you.

posted on 28 April 2011

Ideamerge definitely helped reduce costs. Booking process was relatively easy, and El Monte RV was well versed in the process. Would recommend Ideamerge to friends.

posted on 26 April 2011 , vendor was El Monte RV

Thank you for a great rental deal. We have had two great weeks driving in California. There were some problems with correspondence betweek Ideamerge and Apollo, but here Ideamerge was by far the most cooperative company. You really were helpsome and answered e-mails and phones calls streight away. I will deffentrly use Ideamerge again.

posted on 17 April 2011 , vendor was Apollo Motorhome Holidays

We recently rented a 29 foot RV from Best Time RV. We have previously rented from a company in Reno, this was our first time with this company. Every single person from the email reservation to check in/check out was amazing,the rv was top notch couldnt have asked for a better operation. will definitly rent from them again. 5 stars plus ck them out you WONT be dissappointed.

posted on 12 January 2011 , vendor was Best Time RV






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