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Very impressed

I'm always a little concerned when I have to pay the full amount 6 weeks in advance, but I cannot fault McRent. The vehicle I booked (smallest, Urban Plus) wasn't available (ended up "in the garage"), so I was upgraded (at no extra cost) to a larger Comfort Plus. The Uban Plus is similar is size to a work vehicle I drive regularly, so I was a little concerned about the bigger van, but those fears quickly proved unfounded. The van seemed brand new, although it had 27,000 miles on the clock - but then I did nearly 1,000 miles in a week so I guess that's understandable.

McRent Edinburgh showed me through the van and explained the fridge, heater, power, toilet, water and waste water systems...all a lot for a complete novice to absorb in just a few minutes. But the manual supplied was clear and accurate, so I was able to work everything out without any drama. Apart from a couple of very minor dents and scratches on the outside, the condition was like I said, like brand new. The only problem I had was I couldn't find the key for the waste water drain, I thought it had been omitted. I called McRent after hours and left a message, they called back next morning and left a message saying it was in the glove compartment - which it was. Only place I didn't think to look. The van was very comfortable and easy to drive, everything worked exactly as it was meant to and I had a great time. Abut the only thing I could suggest they could do to improve would be to provide (as one other reviewer said) dishwash soap and cloths, I didn't think to get these when I stocked up at the supermarket. Also a vegetable peeler would be helpful! But otherwise the sheets/towels/dishes etc provided were very good quality (I wouldn't have thought china crockery in a motorhome, but it travelled pretty well!). Nice touches like the USB charge points over the table and excellent LED lighting, multiple skylights and vents, privacy blinds and curtains and ample cupboard space.

All in all, a very enjoyable week touring the north coast of Scotland in considerable comfort. Staff at McRent were very helpful and efficient. And they were notably cheaper than other companies I looked at. Cannot recommend them more highly.

Australia, posted on 17 September 2019 , vendor was McRent UK

Great vehicle but preferred last year's model

This is the second year that we've used McRent and selected this model of van [Dethleffs Trend T 7057 DBM]. We were slightly disappointed that the bed layout had changed in that the bed is now higher with more cupboard space underneath. This didn't work for us as we forgot the bed height and stepped/fell off it a few times, plus it was so close to the ceiling that we banged our heads. The mattress wasn't the most comfortable, but was OK. On the whole though, this is a great van and we will probably go for something similar again next year.

United Kingdom, posted on 10 June 2019 , vendor was McRent UK

Good van, McRent unfriendly staff

We have hired quite a few motorhomes through IdeasMerge on three continents and we love their personal service and attention to detail. We were not disappointed this time either. The van itself was almost brand new, enormous but easy to drive and in good condition - one of the nicer ones we've had. McRent was well placed for us to collect. No London collection point is ever actually in London, but this one wasn't too far out. Our only downside was the McRent staff, who didn't really talk to us and told us to watch an orientation video rather than showing us around the vehicle. We had no internet for most of our trip so were unable to watch the video, but luckily we had a good manual and had hired similar vans in the past. We felt that a little personal assistance when we started would have gone a long way, and not everyone would have been comfortable without a briefing. We did ask how many batteries there were, as it wasn't clear and were given the wrong answer of 'one' as the manual later showed that there were in fact two of them! While this was a minor issue, it wouldn't stop us renting from McRent again - good value for money and a lovely and comfortable motorhome.

London, UK, posted on 22 June 2018 , vendor was McRent UK

7 Days Scotland and Skye

We had a wonderful 7 days touring - at first I was overwhelmed with the size of the van especially for 3 of us. The 4 berth Auto was a dream to drive, turned on a ticky and had all the luxuries we needed. Bedding and towels all supplied were good quality, the only thing which would have been very helpful would be wash up soap, cloth etc. I would love to do another trip. Most of the campsites we stayed at were well run and very clean - be sure to book ahead for the popular campsites. Other than that staff @ Amber Leisure very friendly and accommodating.

South Africa, posted on 23 October 2017 , vendor was Amber Leisure

Great UK adventure

28.8.17 > 27.09.17: Amber Leisure provided us with a transfers from our hotel and airport, our check in to receive our van was quick. I completed the fast track check-in form before we left Australia which made it a smoother process. The staff were helpful and we were shown our motorhome by "Dave", who had also picked us from our hotel. Dave was a pleasure to speak with and took us through our rundown of the motor home. Although we are experienced in holidaying with motor homes, we did find some problems within the first few days. Some system glitches with the heating and fridge, was disappointing but it did ruin our holiday. To anyone travelling to the UK and plans to do it in a 4+ berth motorhome, I strongly recommend you stay away from the B grade roads, set it in the GPS. I also suggest checking the GPS software is up to date (ours wasn't) put in the dimensions for the van this will ensure you are not navigated into roads you won't fit in. We unfortunately, found this out the hard way, we will do this again but in a smaller vehicle, the narrow lanes and small stone walls are very restrictive for a large motorhome. Make sure you have travel insurance to cover your rental vehicle, it is a must! There is also very little parking arrangements for large camper vans in towns , park and rides or shopping centres. Suggest planning a head before you set off. All that said, we spent 5 weeks driving all over the UK, it is easy to get around. You also receive a temporary membership discount to use with the "Camping and Caravan Club sites", we stayed with them throughout our trip. Everyone we stayed at were well presented and the owners and their staff we friendly and welcoming. I hope this information is helpful, happy camping and safe travels.

Australia, posted on 9 October 2017 , vendor was Amber Leisure


Traveling by motorhome must be the best way to experience the beauty of Scotland. Our motorhome was ready for us when we arrived, had everything we needed and the friendly McRent staff quickly showed us how to use everything . The whole process from booking to dropping off the vehiclle after our trip was an absolute breeze.

South Africa, posted on 2 August 2017 , vendor was McRent UK

UK Holiday

All in all it was a great Motorhome. Only complaint we had was the company didn't supply enough Chemicals for the toilet for our trip. We wasted 2 days trying to find a camping store that sold the product. The Camping Parks had just opened and did not have supplies in. But overall it was a great. Amber Leisure were very obliging when we told them of our concerns.

Australia, posted on 4 July 2017 , vendor was Amber Leisure


We went thru IdeaMerge to rent a camper van in the UK (we are Canadians). It was a very nerve wracking decision..... how to be sure we were getting what we wanted from a company on another continent?? Thankfully the crew at IdeaMerge made sure all our fears were alleviated. Very easy to deal with and very patient with all our questions. We would use them again for sure.

Canada, posted on 14 June 2017 , vendor was Amber Leisure

Idea Merge triumphs again

Third time using IdeaMerge, still nothing but praise for their efficiency. No surprises, everything exactly as they outline. Top Marks again lads.

Family of 4, 5 weeks for the family to be stuck with me in a camper, but it all worked out brilliantly. Hired a Sunlight A68 with the bubble top and bunks down the back for the kids. McRent were efficient, camper almost brand new. Caravan & Camping membership was useful at times too. Couple of minor niggles, some broken window shades (I managed to fix by finding the fluegelbinder things that go in the ends but just a bit annoying), no toaster (eek!) & the oven grill played up a bit, but otherwise ran like a dream. The fit-out is a little 'tinny' to save weight, so take care or it will break, and they need an extra fold out seat cos nowhere else to sit other than the table. But these are first world problems and the campers are pretty cool really. Ze Germans are really quite efficient with their design.

The mighty Fiat never missed a beat and was great to drive. Hint: Plan your route through Wales carefully or practice your reversing along narrow hedgerows and be prepared to stop for anything that might come the other way. We got there, but our marriage was at times in jeopardy due to my wife's occasionally creative navigational choices. BTW, Google doesn't know you are 2.3 mtr wide... There were 12V and power sockets, good fridge and freezer space and beds very comfy. Kids on bunks was great so they didn't fight in a big bed. Mileage about 22mpg so you pay for the bubble but easier than converting the dining table every night. Most low bridges are well signposted with alternative routes. If in doubt, don't.

Scotland is a dream for campers, the further you go, the better it gets. Park up anywhere, views & scenery to die for. After Germany, the UK is a breeze. The roads are ridiculously narrow, but nobody toots at you, even when the line of traffic builds up behind you. They are just so nice. (Suggest you pull over frequently when you can to let them pass though!) Did I mention that the roads are ridiculously narrow in places? Maybe the Romans had skinny chariots, but whatever the reason, there just doesn't seem enough room for all the traffic, but somehow it all works. Everyone gives way in the villages, and when it all gets too hard, that is why God invented English pubs.

Highly recommended if you want a dream holiday. The UK was harder work than the USA, and probably more difficult than northern Europe due to the narrow roads, but still fantastic if you stay away from the big towns.

New Zealand, posted on 3 November 2016 , vendor was McRent UK

Our Cornwall trip

I would highly recommend Amber leisure for your RV holiday rental. Everything was just as the presented on the website. Check in was quick and efficient. They even had a library of books and directories for our use for free.

posted on 30 October 2016 , vendor was Amber Leisure

Motorhome - a great way to spend a month in England

IdeaMerge were great - well organised, everything efficiently done by email including supplying checklists, links to instructional videos etc, and comprehensive written information addressing just about every likely eventuality. McRent UK were also very efficient in the pick up and drop off of the van, making this potentially stressful time a breeze. The van was excellent, a GlobalCar GlobalScout (2 person). Basically an extended wheelbase Fiat Ducati. The fitout does not widen the standard van body so it is a good choice for narrow roads, of which there are a large number. Acres of space for 2, plenty of cupboards, great bed, massive storage under the bed and a big table. The front seats are supremely comfortable. Fuel economy impressive, more than 30 mpg. Easy to drive as well, the automatic gearbox is a treat. A motorhome is a great way to have a holiday - there is nothing better than having your own space for a month. We could leave when we wanted, arrive when we wanted, and go where we wanted. Despite some reservations about the roads, in the end there was only one place (in the Lake District) where we couldn't go because of the size of the van. The only things that could be improved are similar to what others have said. How can you rent out a van and not supply a toaster? It appears that everyone is buying toasters and leaving them in the van but the company always takes them out. And no big pot for cooking any decent sized meal, even for two. We asked the company for both and were given them, so why can't they be left there for everyone to use? The biggest annoyance with the van was that, despite having a separate house battery that runs all the 12v electrics, there was not a single 12v or USB socket anywhere. The trip ended up costing us more than it might have because we regularly needed electric hookup just so we could charge all our gear. An astounding oversight in today's world. Apart from these minor annoyances the whole trip was simply superb and we would do it again at the drop of a hat.

Australia, posted on 5 July 2016 , vendor was McRent UK

My daughter and I enjoyed touring England and Scotland in the IdeaMerge's Dethleffs Trend T6617. It came with two single beds which was a perfect fit for us and one of the main reasons we choose that model. It was roomy enough to be comfortable for the two of us to live in for a month but not too large at 22.8 feet long and 7.6 feet wide to wheel around some of the narrow, tight fitting roads in the U.K. It also traveled well on the motorways at higher speeds and maneuvered well around roundabouts. I got my first test in it when we picked it up as the gas tank was empty and I had to get it in and out of a little gas station. The unit was clean and in good repair, it could have used a wee bit more kitchen items, we purchased a few things and left them in the unit when we turned it in, I do require coffee in the morning and not instant and my daughter needed toast for breakfast, luckily our bread was already sliced as there was no knife but over all it was reasonably well equipped. The people on both ends, pick and drop of at the McRent depots were helpful and friendly. orientation was good but a bit fast, I am sure the person does it so many times, we felt a bit overwhelmed and did forget some of it but the manual that was provided in the unit was a great help. We had a lovely holiday and I cannot think of a better way to travel around, people were friendly the campgrounds were well kept and we enjoyed the feeling of being free to stop and go where and when we wanted in our own home on wheels, no packing and unpacking and to be able to make our own meals, as we both have dietary issues to deal with. So thank you we would not hesitate to recommend you and would certainly use your services again.

Canada, posted on 30 May 2016 , vendor was McRent UK

AMBER LEISURE, Excellent service...

Traveling to UK with an RV was a great experience. The RV was brand new, only 500 miles when we started our tip, Service and Preparation from the staff, was very helpful and kind, Everything worked great with the vehicle. It was a 6 berth vehicle which we used for 4, so our two kids each had it's own bed, 6 people 12 days straight would have being very tight and we might ended up leaving someone behind.

I'd highly recommend AMBER LEISURE for your RV trip.

MEXICO, posted on 3 November 2015 , vendor was Amber Leisure

very pleased

We had perfect service from the initial booking through to the return. Our motorhome was fully equipped for cooking basics with a gas range, oven and microwave. It was our first motorhome experience and we managed 18 days without any issues. I would recommend Amber Leisure and would use them again.

Toronto, Canada, posted on 29 October 2015 , vendor was Amber Leisure

Very satisfied.

We were very happy with Idea Merge. Will use again. Thank you!! Deon Grobler

South Africa, posted on 29 October 2015 , vendor was Amber Leisure

we picked up the motorhome in London, due to delays with the ferry in Dover we had to call 4 times and beg the lady to wait for us, at the end we where only 15 minutes later as confirmed.

Motorhome was new, size fitted well and it was <br>clean. poor equiped kitchen, no toaster, no coffemachine, only two small pans. it wasn't ;possible to cook pasta for 4 people, so we had to buy a pan and bowls for salad.

all over all ok.

Switzerland, posted on 2 October 2015 , vendor was McRent UK

My family and I rented a Bailey Autograph 765 from Amber Leisure through Ideamerge. I chose Ideamerge because they offered one price for just about everything, I could pay in USD, they were very responsive to my emails and provided a comprehensive service. The only thing I needed to pay Amber Leisure for was the airport transfer, additional propane tank (I asked for it but didn't end up using for a 20-day rental) and their cleaning fee. would not hesitate to use Ideamerge again.

One tip for anyone planning a motorhome vacation in the UK: when your GPS tells you to turn onto a smaller road, take a look before you commit. There are many narrow roads with no shoulder, especially in Cornwall, that may be a tight fit for an RV. If you are looking for a campsite, check out the campsite's website to see if there are any tips on roads to use. Plan to find park and rides that service the city you want to explore. If you check the city's park and ride website, you can find the ones that don't have height restrictions. Parking is free and most family return bus tickets were 4-8 GBP. It was well worth it considering the headache of driving narrow streets and finding parking for the RV.

posted on 13 June 2015 , vendor was Amber Leisure

I found Ideamerge excellent to deal with most helpful and answered all my questions politely and quickly.

Motorhome rental in UK from Luton depot. Excellent service in every way pleasant people to deal with and again very helpful.

Our Motorhome model was the (Bailey) perfect for two people it served us well, it was clean and in excellent condition. I do think we would get a bigger one next time though as we did get sick of making up the bed each night.

We were disappointed in the linen, pillows were very lumpy plus one set of sheets, two towels and one tea towel was not enough for two people for a month. Some campgrounds did not have a laundry so it was hard to wash linen and keep it clean at times. Two sets would have been most helpful. also one knife, fork and spoon each was also a little sparse.

Apart from that we had a lovely holiday in our motorhome.

Australia, posted on 12 October 2014 , vendor was Amber Leisure






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