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Sweden/Norway camping holiday

The staff we dealt with at Ideamerge were extremely helpful and friendly. The van was in excellent condition, unfortunately because it was brand new it hadn't been completely stocked and consequently we had to purchase some equipment. This was not a problem though as we were reimbursed for the purchase with no questions asked. Would recommend the company to anyone looking for a camper van for Sweden and Norway.

Australia, posted on 23 July 2017 , vendor was McRent Sweden

campertrip Sweden

The camper we rented at McRent Sweden was as requested. There were some minor problems but the people of McRent helped us to get it fix. We noticed that there are no DVD-players in the campers of McRent. In the documents of Ideamerge it is otherwise. Please check this for future customers. But overall, the family-trip with the camper was a great way to visit a beautiful part of Sweden.

België, posted on 5 September 2016 , vendor was McRent Sweden

Exception company

We have just returned from 2 weeks camping around Sweden in our gorgeous modern campervan supplied by Ideamerge (McRent Sweden). Everything was flawless from the check in, check out to the daily running of the campervan. We requested a larger than average campervan and weren't disappointed with our choice. The vehicle was modern, less than a year old and had every bell and whistle imaginable. The only thing to note is that it did have low ground clearance which could be a problem if you want to freedom camp in difficult terrain. Value for money we were very happy. Worth noting that the rental company is a 40 minute ride from the airport if you are coming from overseas. Would recommend without hesitation.

New Zealand, posted on 18 October 2015 , vendor was McRent Sweden

This year we chose to explore Sweden and Norway in our summer holidays. We found Ideamerge after doing some internet research. The price for renting an RV was unbeatable. The booking process via the webpage was very easy and convenient and we had the booking confirmed the same day. The rental station is some 40 km outside Stockholm so we booked a transfer to the station. Normally, the cars can be picked up in the afternoon. My husband and I had an early flight to Stockholm and we arrived at the rental station at around 10 a.m. The guys at the station did their best to have the car ready as soon as possible, so we were able to leave the station with our CamperVan already shortly after 11 a.m.!! The car was perfect for two people and the interior seemed quite new. We liked the car very much!!! We went to the Lofoten Islands and headed south along the coastal roads of Norway for three and a half weeks before we had to bring the car back. The drop-off was also very uncomplicated and a transport back to Stockholm was arranged for us (about 90 Euros or 100 US-$ to go to central Stockholm from the station). We can recommend booking via Ideamerge without any restrictions!

posted on 9 September 2015 , vendor was McRent Sweden

Nervously, we rented a Gran Turino RV for 8 days (July 6th to 13th) to tour around northern Europe with our 2 teenage sons. The RV was beyond expectation and very easy to use and operate. The rental process of easy and everything was delivered as advertised. I would HIGHLY recommend Ideamerge for the rental process and Solica RV.

The RV was delivered to our location outside of Stockholm. The operator spent about an hour with us and showing us how everything worked and then we were OFF. Gas mileage wasn't the best (but what do you expect with an RV) and I couldn't figure out how to get hot water to work (because we were visiting friends, it really wasn't a problem, I'm sure I just didn't know the combination of buttons to push), but other than that it was perfect! The RV comfortably slept 4-5 people. My two teenage sons appreciated having separate sleeping areas (one slept in bed area above the driver and the other in the back bed). The RV had a small kitchen (with fridge), bathroom, and TONS of storage. Once we got the RV we unpacked our suitcases, stocked the fridge and cabinets and were off. We saw similar RV's to this one everywhere we went and it seemed to be a very common travel method. At night we parked at rest stops and along the street. One day we went to the beach.

It was nice to be able to change into our swimsuits and then get sandy. When we were finished we came back to the RV, rinsed off in the shower, and put on dry clothes.

The RV came with a bluetooth radio with integrated GPS. We were able to pair our iPhones with the radio to listen to some music. We brought our own Garmin (with Europe maps) from home and used that. The onboard GPS is a screen and doesn't talk to us - while our Garmin gave step by step directions and we could save locations to make the process easier. You could use the onboard GPS but I am glad we had our own, familiar unit.

We returned the RV in Oslo without any problems. The company took us back to our hotel in Oslo (for about USD 150). They would have taken us to the airport for free - but we were finishing our trip there. There wasn't any problem picking it up in one country and returning it to another. (in fact their central office was in Oslo, so it was very easy).

posted on 25 July 2015 , vendor was Solica

I traveled by RV on my own in Sweden. IdeaMerge was a great company to work with. Met me at the airport in Stockholm, explained everything quite well. I brought my own bedding, after reading other reviews, and returned the camper in a clean condition, so no problems there. I would recommend good paper maps to work with, since my rented gps didn't have the campgrounds or backroads, or the home location programmed into it. So getting around Sweden at irst was a bit of challenge for me.

The other thing that I wish I'd known in advance was that the RV's are made in Germany, so the Northern European adapter for my appliances didn't run any of my gadgets. I had to be a bit creative to figure that out! And the manuals and books inside the Rv on how to make things work were not in English, which would have been nice.

I'd read about other people's experiences renting an Rv to get around Europe, and it turned out to be a fantastic way to travel. I met a lot of other nice people travelling the same way. There seems to be a campers code, where people in RV's look out for each other, at least that was my experience in Northern Sweden. And you have your bed, kitchen, and bathroom all on the road with you. Great system.

I put a lot of miles on the vehicle, so unlimeted kms was a bonus, and saw some really great parts of Sweden. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and recommend this way of travelling to everyone.

Canada, posted on 5 August 2014 , vendor was Touring Cars

We recently booked a 5 week motorhome trip with IdeaMerge (the second booking for a European motorhome trip with this company). They connected us with Touring Cars based in Helsinki but also in other parts of Scandinavia. We collected our motorhome in Stockholm and drove it north to Cape Nord and then down the coast of Norway to Denmark. We had a minor problem with the water pump which was attended to promptly by Touring Cars who put us onto a repairer and within a half an hour we were on our way again. Our motorhome was spotlessly clean and in excellent order. Touring Cars were excellent to deal with. We were disappointed that the security deposit was taken out of our credit card and then refunded at the end of our journey, the difference between the buying and selling price of this amount on our credit card being over AUD 300. Touring Cars refunded the difference in Australian dollars to make sure that we got the complete difference refunded to our account. How good is that? We would definitely use both Touring Cars and IdeaMerge again.

posted on 21 September 2013 , vendor was Touring Cars

This was our first time renting a motor home and renting on the internet caused us some apprehension. It turned out to be a trip of a lifetime - 26 days in the RV in Sweden, Finland and Norway - most of our time was spent in the North. It is definitely the best way to see these countries if travelling in the north. Ideamerge - we highly recommend them. Service from beginning to end was first class. Staff addressed all our questions, very customer orientated. RV was fully equipped, only complaint - the manual for the RV: English was on the cover and the manual itself had no English inside. Manual for the vehicle itself had English. Vehicle worked well; English did not pose a problem when travelling in these countries. Canadians are welcomed in Scandinavia. Would rent from Ideamerge again.

Canada, posted on 6 October 2012 , vendor was Touring Cars

We read all the reviews and find it hard to add to them. We were very satisified with the camper and also the staff at IdeaMerge. We travel by RV in the USA and really didn't know what to expect in Sweden, but we would certainly do it again. We were really impressed by the fuel mileage and wish we could purchase the same vehicle here in America.

posted on 26 October 2011 , vendor was Touring Cars

We had a great holiday in Sweden this summer. The staff at Touring Cars was very helpful and the vehicle just perfect for our needs. A Touring Car representative met us at the airport and drove us to the depot with our motorhome. It was actually very nice to see it right away. The kids were already excited! The drop off and drive back to the airport went very smoothly too. We will definitely recommend and rent again from IdeaMerge/Touring Cars for our next trip in Scandinavia.

posted on 10 October 2011 , vendor was Touring Cars

the service was good, the camper was in good condition, the camping table was not very comfortable because is was not flat. friendly staff in Stockholm.

posted on 10 August 2011 , vendor was Touring Cars

Booking: Booking through IdeaMerge was faultless, I had a couple of questions and they were all answered almost the same day. Good feedback on all questions and additional arrangements. Pickup: pickup in Stockholm was reasonable, Touring Cars picked us up at train station and after going through all the paperwork and the elaborate pre-inspection we were eventually on our way. TIP: allow a couple of hours in your schedule for pickup and do a proper inspection of the vehicle. It felt a bit as if Touring Cars were trying to get me to pay for more insurance than I wanted to, almost a little intimidating about the excess that will have to be paid on return if there were damages and we were told the roads in Norway are narrow and almost all vehicles return with damages (well, we return without issue and did about 3,000 km in Norway). Trip: No mechanical problems at all, nice ride, plenty of space (we had the biggest one). True that all the extras add up and some items I believe should be standard, like the levelling wedges and the table and chairs. Had a problem with the back bed support comming appart in the luggage compartment. Took it to Touring Cars in Oslo and they fixed it on the spot, no questions asked and we were off in 15 minutes. Thumbs up for Toruing Cars Oslo! Return: Took a very long time, paperwork that should have been done after our pickup was only done on return, were told it was a system error. The inspection took for ever and scratches were found that I cannot explain how they got there. After that long of a wait I did not feel like battling another couple of hours to figure out if it was pre-existing. TIP to future users: Take pictures of the exterior at all locations and at at all angles before pickup and make sure that Touring Cars know that you did (date them as well). Also asked if we could return the full toilet chemicals, but was told there are no refund. TIP: don't bother getting the chemicals if you are going to be using campsites and buy some at the campsite if really needed. Summary: Had a nice trip and the motorhome behaved well. Pick-up and return process could be improved. Booking service was great.

posted on 10 August 2011 , vendor was Touring Cars

Starting with the 1st. contact and booking procedure over the net, everything was smooth and comfortable till hand over and drop off back in Stockholm. Special praise to the IDEAMERGE personnel which made that happen due to their excellent service.

The motor home was rather new, of very good quality in driving as well as giving stay for 3 of our team mates for 12 days without missing home....

All supplied and standard and additional rented equipment was fully functional.

The total cost was very acceptable in comparison to stay in a hotel and renting a separate car. Also the IDEAMERGE Motor home was office, canteen and social center for our team during whole time of contest.

Many thanks to IDEAMERGE from the Taiwan F3K-Team...:-)

Taiwan, posted on 9 August 2011 , vendor was Touring Cars

The booking system through Ideamerge was simple and efficient and also cheaper than bookng with Touring cars directly. All communications with Ideamerge were again efficient. Both the pickup and drop-off at Arlanta airport, Stockholm were very good, however I agree with other reviewers that a vehicle "log-book" that included all scratchs, would significantly reduce the stress of painstakingly checking the vehicle at checkout and waiting for that decision at the end that the vehicle is returned undamaged. I also found that the design of X-large vehicle, although great for space is getting very dated. The rental price was expensive and the extra prices for everything was irksome, however the GPS was essential. Next time would consider renting in Germany and taking the ferry or bridge (from Copenhagen, Denmark) up to Sweden. Wonderfull people and beautiful country to tour around and we throughly enjoyed the holiday, We will be back!

Hampshire, England, posted on 27 September 2010 , vendor was Touring Cars






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