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5 days rental from Milan

This was our 4th motorhome rental in Europe and also the 4th booked through IdeaMerge. As we expect from previous bookings, the whole process was perfect, very professional guidance and no hidden fees. Regarding the rental, this was our 1st. time with pick up and drop off in Italy (previous were in Germany). All in all, it was an excellent experience, but anyway, I´d like to share some pro´s and con´s of renting in this particular depot.

Pros: - The person in charge of the depot, Lucca, was extremely helpful and did not rushed us in the demonstration of the vehicle. Furthermore, he gave us him Cellphone number to whatsapp him directly just in case of emergency. - The motorhome was in perfect condition, only 4500 KM by the time of the pick up. - We were lucky as our motorhome already had a Switzerland Vignette from a previous rental. Since we visited that country, we did save that cost (about USD 40). Nice surprise.

Cons: - The depot is not easily reachable from central Milan or airports in public transport. You should take a metro to a nearby station (but the basic fare does not cover that station, so you have to buy a suburban fare), and then a bus + 10 minutes walking. Best option is to take a taxi (about EUR 30 from central Milan) - Despite that Lucca spoke excellent english, the woman in the reception, who was also very helpful, did not speak english. - The chosen vehicle: McRent Compact Luxury does not have the best interior layout in my opinion. Of course, this is not a McRent neither an IdeaMerge fault. It´s my fault for not reviewing the interior layouts of each vehicles available properly. I think there are other vehicules for the same or similar category/prices with better design.

Neutral: - This was the 1st. time that our International Driving Permit was requested at the depot for the rental. Previous times in Germany rentals, with our domestic drivers license was enough. - The vehicle was delivered with the tank in 1/4 (of course we were allowed to return with the same quantity or even less of fuel). As per the rental terms, the vehicle was supossed ti be delivered and returned with the full tank, anyway, this was not a problem for us. - When returning the vehicle, it´s possible to empty the grey tank in the depot. Anyway, it´s always better to ask for this in advance.

Just as a comment, on the first night we did sleep on the top of the St. Gothard Pass in our way to Luzern. Wonderful experience! And for free (very difficult task in Switzerland). To wake up in the mountains with the sun shinning is priceless. However, if trying this, be very cautious with the weather. Make sure that the weather will be good enough at 2000 meters for the long night.

Uruguay, posted on 21 July 2019 , vendor was McRent Italy

Milan rental

I rented my camper this year from Milan McRent and found the staff to be very helpful and efficient.Lucca spoke excellent English and was very courteous and made the pickup/drop off an easy experience.

Lake Cathie N.S.W Australia, posted on 24 June 2019 , vendor was McRent Italy

Very great

Very helpful People and very flexible. Very easy Communications and fast response on emails.

Denmark, posted on 4 June 2019 , vendor was McRent Italy


Ideamerge is a very professional company and their way of doing business especially with Italy is very helpful and recommended as dealing directly with Italian companies is not easy.

Beware of the age of the vehicles being rented in Italy, as we were a last minute clients , yet with the help of ideamerge we were successful to still do our trip by securing a vehicle, thank you ideamerge.

Lebanon, posted on 19 August 2018 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

It was a pleasant family trip

The trip was the first in Europe to rent a motor home, which was easier and safer to rent through ' Ideamerge. ' On the other hand, the vehicle was clean and did not cause any problems while driving 3650 kilometers on the journey.

I hope you will be a thank you for Freedom Holiday with Ideamerge and continue to be a great supplier of vehicles.·

South Korea, posted on 28 July 2018 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

I could not fault the service I received from all the staff I was in contact with, especially Freik. They replied straight away to all of my queries and were more than helpful. As it was my first time traveling and driving in Europe the information and tips I was given made this experience much less stressful. I would highly recommend this company and wouldn't hesitate to use them in the future.

Australia, posted on 16 July 2017 , vendor was McRent Italy

European Motorhome Rental

This is a long-winded review; however; hopefully it will be helpful to any others wishing to rent in high season in Europe. This is our second European Motorhome Rental via Ideamerge in Europe, the last time was in low season and this time at high season.

The "Great" re; the RV:

Our experience with Ideamerge has been consistently fantastic; and we'd definitely book through them again in the future, without question. Their service is prompt; professional and they are very accommodating, making the often challenging planning process significantly easier! In sharing our plans and logistics; we were even provided an upgraded vehicle to better accommodate the equipment (bikes) we were bringing with us on our journey and that worked very well. McRent Italy were prompt and very pleasant to work with. We know that high season is an insane time for all in Europe and appreciate the kind and warm welcome and relaxed orientation upon picking up the vehicle. In the last week; we realized that we were unable to bring bedding and cooking supplies; and they adjusted our reservation to include all of this; which was extremely helpful. The vehicle was clean as was the bedding/towels. Knowing that we were traveling outside of Italy for 2/3rd of our 3 week trip - the dealer even provided to us more than the usual propane; as sourcing full tanks is (as we discovered) a formidable, time consuming and very expensive challenge).

The dealer we rented with was also very reasonable when we returned the vehicle. We shared the "issues" with them so that they could be addressed prior to releasing the vehicle to another patron; but also did not give us any grief at all with the return condition of the vehicle; as they knew and noted it had a fair bit of wear and tear upon giving it to us (some less honest dealers could have considered that an opportunity to profit on our deposit; even though we did not damage it at all - some items as noted did fail during our trip)

The "Less than expected" re: the RV:

We were fortunate with our first rental experience to have a next to new vehicle. The second rental vehicle was road worthy but overdue for rental retirement. It had seen a lot of "intense" kms with significant wear and tear to both the inside and outside of the vehicle. We are mechanically inclined (service our own vehicles) and thus most of the items didn't pose a problem for us; but for less savvy patrons; there most likely would have been a costly vehicle return mid-trip. The vehicle itself ran well and allowed us to explore many, many often mountainous kms between Italy, Switzerland and Austria. The fiat chassis is a pleasure to drive. There was a diesel fuel leak at the gasket of the fuel tank of which we were able to manage throughout our trip resulting in an extremely strong diesel smell in the cab while driving and a "donation to the ground" of an Austrian gas station of 15L of fuel as the Evap system couldn't generate enough pressure to trigger the pump to shut off due to the leak and fuel poured out from the seal of the tank under the motorhome. (the signs of pending gasket failure may not have been evident upon vehicle inspection between rentals ; especially if the prior patrons didn't mention the diesel smell, and I believe the full gasket failure may have occurred on our trip vs prior). The interior had so much wear and tear that I had to shim and rescrew 4 different cabinet doors so that they wouldn't fall off of their hinges each time we opened them (stripped from use). The propane burner of the fridge was "too tired" to operate when not plugged in; thus we did experience a fair bit of food spoilage in the hot weather when parked for the day to sight see, (as we rarely use campgrounds and rely heavily on the 12V and Propane to keep the fridge going) - but when on 12V and 220V (shore power) it worked very well. In addition; there were a few worn items on the vehicle which did affect the driving safety - such as the side mirrors would not stay in position at any speed above 50kms/hr; so it was difficult making lane changes unless the window was open and someone was holding the mirrors in place. The step into the coach broke (this was plastic integrated with the interior - it was pretty "soft" when we rented it, but completely failed on our 2nd to last day). The vehicle was a great motor home in layout and served our purposes well and handled very well on even the most challenging of narrow mtn roads. The beds were clean and comfortable and McRent did all they could to accommodate us with what they had - but it was past due on its retirement date and thus had the issues it had as a result of the years and 150kms of rental wear and tear.

General things other patrons should be aware of /plan for when RV'ing from Italy:

We rented a class C, 25ft motor home. It was nimble and though one had to be very aware of the height constraints (especially if being guided by a GPS without the RV feature); it was a pleasure to drive in all contexts, city, autostrasse, winding, narrow, steep pitched mtn roads. Very economical on fuel for a vehicle its size (we wish we could purchase the manual 6spd diesel in Canada - vs the V10 Ford gas hog we ourselves own. This RV consumed 50% less fuel than our Ford 25ft Class C and was significantly more pleasant to drive and manouevre with.

BE SURE to have all the propane you need prior to leaving Italy if you are exploring other countries on your trip. We had to find a campground which had bottles to purchase and it cost us $65 Euros to do a bottle swap with one which was empty (it was I think leaking). Also, keep in mind that in many places; their operating hours are closed between 12 and 3pm - we encountered this 3x when passing through cities on our trip and spending hours trying to source a propane supplier. You Cannot fill at a gas station; even if they do have propane for vehicles.

For an RV which slept 6; the fridge was the equivalent in size to our Eurovan camper we used to have (about 3.5 cu ft); very tiny by today's (and N American) standards. This isn't a huge issue if you just put the essentials in there and purchase fresh each day.

Toilet capacity (cartridge toilets) is very small as well; and we found even being VERY conservative in our use of the toilet; that we could barely manage more than 2 days without having to dump.

Campgrounds in Europe we observed are often much more like "resorts" than in N america; with full facilities; restaurants, internet, many have pools, theatres, gear rentals and even tours and they are often MUCH busier/full of campers than N America. The cost to stay at one of these in high season is quite pricey (approx $50 euros a night + approx a $9 cost per person in addition - and that is without any hook ups). This needs to be factored in your overall costs of your trip. There are a lot more people as well in high season; thus be sure to book ahead where ever possible [at the most popular campgrounds]. Boondocking [free camping] is quite easy in low season; but in popular areas in high season (eg Lauterbrunen or Interlaken), next to impossible, as there is no where to park without getting ticketed (or even space to). Austria is also quite picky on where RV's can park. A savvy boondocking camper who does not linger beyond the few hours of sleep each night can easily manage in any season; but we found the very touristy areas in Switzerland or places in Italy like Garda Lake, we just could not find a place to park even between only 11pm - 6am with the motorhome and had to resort one night to a campground.

Overall; it was a trip of a lifetime. The dealer and ideamerge were excellent to deal with and the flexibility of traveling Europe with an RV is unparalleled. You can see SO much and be impulsive or follow the good weather if you desire. It is hard to imagine traveling to see all that we were able to see and experience via any other mode of transport as I doubt we could have experienced as much by hotel, car or train. We highly recommend both McRent Italy and Ideamerge as well as RV's if you like to be agile and explore on our trips. In mid-low season; it is also a very affordable way to travel through Europe for a group that is larger than 2 people.

Thank you!

Canada, posted on 14 September 2016 , vendor was McRent Italy

When my husband and I touted the idea of renting an RV for our European holiday, it was the best decision we ever made. (By the way we were first timers in Europe). Researching the Internet, we came across Ideamerge, read the reviews and booked. The communication from these guys (even though we are on opposite sides of the globes) was comforting to say the least, responses were prompt and polite.

We flew into Frankfurt from New York, the pick up from the airport went smoothly, and we were highly excited about our RV and home for the next 24 days. Unfortunately we had a hiccup with our original campervan issued and got UPGRADED (at no extra cost). Good start to the holiday. I had read in the fine print about the EUR1200.00 we had to pay before we left the depot and understood it was a deposit, refundable, subject to the RV being returned with nil damage. (We passed the test on return and was immediately refunded).

A summary of our trip, my husband did ALL the driving. In 23 days we clocked up 14,000 kms and visited 10 countries, we stayed mainly in the not so touristy places, with the exception of Paris and Venice. Key to our trip, a good reliable GPS (We took our own Navman), pre-planned our route around Europe, researched the camping grounds in the areas. All the camping grounds we stayed at had excellent hook ups to local rail and bus transportation, especially to the tourist spots and it was nice to leave the RV in the camping grounds and tour the areas without the worry of parking. Tolls, France (Expensive), Austria (best value for money), Italy (okay). If there is one tip I would like to pass on. It is an expectation that your RV is returned clean, interior and exterior. We decided to give ourselves a couple of days back in Frankfurt for this. We stayed at the local camping ground, cleaned our van then for the last night we booked ourselves into the local hotel in Friedberg for an early return to the depot which was 5 minutes away from our accommodation. This worked in our favour as we had an early flight to London

We had a lot of friends follow us on Facebook during our holiday, and some have already enquired about RV Rental. I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending IDEAMERGE.

New Zealand, posted on 16 October 2014

We recently returned from a one month holiday in France, Spain, Northern Italy and Portugal. When will we learn not try to pack too much in? Coming from America we want to see as much as we can!

We found the staff at the Eastern Paris location friendly and helpful. This is our 4th motorhome rental in Europe--the 3rd from Ideamerge. Everything was as promised except the kitchen ware we rented was woefully inadequate. The fry pan wasn't big enough to cook for the 4 of us and there were no lids. There wasn't a pot big enough to cook pasta. We bought more cookware and left it there. Hopefully the next renters will be able to use it. Also, I believe a helpful thing would be to leave the spices from the previous renter for the next renter as all those little things really add up.

One other note: when planning your trip don't forget to account for the toll roads. We have very few toll roads in California so it wasn't something we thought about before the trip. Then again, if we didn't try to pack so much in we would have been on the free roads and taking out time! Lol

Overall, I give a thumbs up to ideamerge. What better way to see the sites than from your own vehicle? And you only have to unpack once!

posted on 13 October 2014

We booked our rental through IdeaMerge and picked up our RV in Stuttgart/Dettingen/Teck on May 8, 2014. The online booking could not have been easier. I especially liked being able to select and compare campers before choosing the one we wanted. The camper was ready to go when we arrived and exceeded our expectations. We were extremely pleased with it as it was brand new. I believe it had about 16 km on the odometer. My husband was amazed at how well it handled. The rental company, McRent, was very easy to work with and showed us how everything worked and explained that it must be returned it the same condition as when it left. It came stocked with everything we needed for cooking meals in the camper. We also rented bedding, kitchen and bath towels and a table and chairs for use outside. All-in-all, I would say it was a very good rental experience. The only negatives I feel worth mentioning are: I wish it had come with a coffee maker, more towels and the pillows were not pretty awful. I feel that because we were renting for three weeks, one kitchen towel and three bath towels were quite insufficient. I'm very glad I decided to pack our own pillows or we would have had to purchase some. We kept the rental RV until May 28th and the return was just as easy as the pickup. The rental agent called a cab for us so we could go to our hotel for the last three days of our vacation. During our visit we camped in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. I would most definitely recommend booking through IdeaMerge and highly recommend McRent as well.

USA, posted on 31 July 2014

Sept 2013. We travelled 8500km throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and France in 7 weeks in a Diesel Fiat Dethleffs Globebus finding it very comfortable with plenty of boot space. We found ideamerge very efficient and quick with bookings etc. The pickup went without any trouble Corrienne at McRent (Friedberg) Germany explaining everything. We didn't hire any bedding preferred to bring our on sheets and using sleeping bags as duvets. Driving throughout Europe went without trouble. Have a good GPS ours was a Tom Tom enter campsites into favourites before leaving doing research on internet and using camping books etc. Campsites can be very good with restaurants, Bars, pools and good facilities. Get a camping card from AA it saves leaving passport as ID at campgrounds, we also had a International driving Licence but was never asked to show. Be prepared to pay tolls on Motorways with countries having different systems for paying. Overall a fantastic way to see Europe and would recommend ideamerge and McRent.

New Zealand, posted on 17 October 2013

Hired FIAT GLOBESCOUT from McRent Rheinfelden for 5 weeks (August 26 - October 1, 2013)

Very happy with service from Ideamerge - very helpful with booking, queries etc. Overall very satisfied with vehicle supplied - well presented on pick-up and ran well with no major problems. Check out and check back in ran smoothly and staff helpful.

Some comments / feedback for other hirers, Ideamerge and McRent:

On pickup, staff had limited English and many features of the vehicle not explained properly - fridge and toilet operation, flywire door screen, powerpoint,(hidden high above sink) hot water / heater operation. Minor points but important. Took several days and advice from fellow motorhome hirers to sort these out.

Bedding: Very poor for EUR102 hire rate. Pillows lumpy and uncomfortable, 2 X single duvets were inadequate. Why not a double duvet for a couple?

Damage surcharge: EUR1200.00 charged to our Credit Card and refunded on return. Cost of this was about AUD120 in bank charges/exchange rate variations. I believed that like other countries (USA and Australia) McRent would hold the card details against the likelihood of damage and not actually take the money up front.

Bike racks - a pain in the a##@. Had several knocks on shoulder/arms/head when closing back doors.

Rear door design of vehicle back doors bad when raining - bedding gets wet when turning gas bottle on/off or changing gas bottle in rain. On plus side - plenty of space in rear under bed for storing 2 large suitcases.

Overall would thoroughly recommend this type of motorhome. We managed many very narrow roads in Paris, Italian Riviera, Rome, Venice, Salzburg etc as well as crowded campgrounds where larger motorhomes were struggling. Would recommend Ideamerge and McRent and use them again - subject to the minor criticisms listed above. A great way to travel and enjoy Europe.

Australia, posted on 16 October 2013

Flew into Munich airport for pick up at Mc Rent Sulzemoos office outside Munich. Got train to Dachau then caught a local bus to Sulzemoos. Bus stop about 5 kms past Mc rent. (Lucky a local lady gave us a ride to Mc Rent. This route was cheaper but is easier to get a cab from Passing train station, 50 euro (Closest train station to McRent Sulzemoos). This was our first time to hire a camper and drive on the opposite side of the road and use a Tom Tom (Which we named Shiela our gaurdian angel). Don't go without a tom tom/navman!!. We hired a Dethleffs Globebus, fine on the autobahn, but a bit hairy on the secondary roads, due to it's width. We spent 3 weeks end of June/July and did 3000kms down through Italy, a few days in France, back through Italy then Crotia, then drove back to Munich via Italy, Austria. We were planning on driving over to Barcelona but soon realised that all we would be doing is driving. We found that unless you are passing through a place you need at least 3 nights to get a feel for a place and to feel like your on holiday. If you are driving for over 4hrs to a destination you need to write that day off. Allow at least one day per week to find a supermarket and stock up.(we did this one day and only drove 2.5 hrs,still had time to relax end off day at the camp). We would highly recommend using GPS coordinates to find campsites. We only went off track twice,and we we using a 2009 German guide. If you can afford it take bikes, as camper vans and city's don't mix and most campsites are usually out a little way from the city center. Bikes are easier/quicker than walking. Diesel is certainly cheaper off the autobahns. Our most expensive from an autobahn was 185euro compared to 145euro coming into Florance. Yes tolls are expensive in Italy, France we spent 245 euro in 3 weeks. But quicker way off getting around unless you have a smaller vehicle that is suited to smaller roads. Most campsites we visited were excellent but be aware that some of the large campsites have evening entertainment which can last till 11-12midnight. All in all we were glad to have had the experience and enjoyed amazing weather, hot but not unbearable. We used a visa loaded card which can be loaded with up to 12 different currencies. Very handy and saves you extra bank/exchange rate fees. Hope our info has helped , enjoy your trip. The kiwis from Auckland NZ.

posted on 30 August 2013

This is our second year booking through IdeaMerge, but a different German McRent depot. Well, all just as brilliant as last year! We had a long drive to Isny and as there was traffic, we were running late. Called the depot who returned the call immediately to say, 'no problem, we'll wait'. We didn't believe it at first but when we turned up at 19:30, Thomas and his colleague were there to sort us out! And they didn't rush the process at all, just took their time ensuring we were happy with everything before we left. I can't stress what an impact this had on the start of our trip! We were able to begin the trip as planned, getting organised that evening (and having a lovely meal at the hotel restaurant in Isny, whilst parked at the local free motorhome stop, by the river) and ready to set off on our 5 week tour of Italy! The motorhome was excellent, another Dethleffs Globebus, which I just love! The return was just as stress-free. Philip was there to look after us, check the van and ensure all was in order before we headed off. All very relaxed with no pressure on timing etc... The depot in Isny is fantastic by the way! Huge place, totally unexpected, but a great surprise. The staff could not have been more helpful, friendly and efficient! Already looking forward to our 7 week tour next year! IdeaMerge have always been brilliant at helping us organise our trips, so will always book through them. We love it!!

posted on 29 August 2013

We hired a Dethleffs A547 through Idea merge to be collected from the Munich depot. Our flight arrived early and we took a chance to go to the depot immediately. They were very accommodating and the vehicle was ready so they issued it to us - even tho it was only scheduled to be collected after 2pm. The handover was thorough and efficient. We dreaded the return tho as we had read that many people suffer from petty issues raided on return. However it was a breeze and the full deposit immediately credited to the credit card. The van has a high canopy which in heavy winds makes it a little more difficult to drive. Our fuel consumption was high too as a result of the added resistance. We will do another trip but will hire the Possl 2Win. It is smaller but perfectly suited to 2 people. I highly recommend this form of holiday. We did 3000km in 3 weeks through Austria, Switzerland and the Italian Lakes region. Our favourite by far was Austria - excellent camp sites and friendly people. Be warned tho - the average camp sites in Austria and Italy was 25Euro but in Switzerland we were charged 50Euro. Everything is priced way higher in Switzerland!! Make sure you have a GPS and an iPad which proved very handy with the maps app and to check Tripadvisor for sites and restaurants wherever you go.

posted on 19 August 2013

We went through Idea merge and rented a camper van from McRent in Frankfurt Germany. What a great way to travel! We had a new camper van we had no problems. The renting was so easy and enjoyable and everything was as presented upon rental on the phone with idea merge. Oops there was one thing and that was that we did not have a coffee pot as stated, but we survived and made do. We traveled from Germany, to the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Down one side of Italy and up the other side, over to Slovenia, Austria, Chez Republic, up to Berlin and all over Germany. A trip of a life time and yes I am ready to go again. In fact I am looking to rent a camper van to travel Alaska from Idea Merge.

posted on 25 June 2013

Again, our experience with Idea Merge, and more specifically with Fridon Holliday was great. The service was very friendly, the whole deal was served and we were given a New Motor Home and so in perfect condition. Traveled approximately 4000 Km without any trouble or inconvenience. We continue to recommend your rental system.

BRASIL, posted on 9 June 2013 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

Our motorhome was fantastic, no problem with the motor or the rest of the vehicle fit-out. Our trip to Northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria and a touch of Germany was absolutely fabulous; 1800kms travelled and no problems and no scratches to the vehicle. We travelled on all the quiet roads through small towns and the views were breathtaking. The beds were very comfortable. If I had to complain about anything, it would be the ladder to the bed needed to be moved in the night if you needed to use the toilet. This was a bit of a tight squeeze if the ladder was left in place. The other complaint would be the hire fold-away chairs and table; the chairs were uncomfortable cheap ones and were not designed to be used with the table. When sitting at the table to eat, your chest would be level with the top of the table. Pick up of the vehicle went well and the tall mechanic who explained everything to us was a great ambassador for your company. Drop off was good, but finding the address was difficult due to a lot of roadworks and traffic diversions. Compared to other rentals I have used, this one was a lot quicker to hire on location and friendlier staff. TIPS for travellers....just be a safe driver and sit back and enjoy the holiday and don't worry about making the bed every morning!!

Western Australia, posted on 11 October 2012 , vendor was McRent Italy

Sufficient information for our guests the ideamerge offered. We had difficulty forgetting RV travel for travel information travel anxiety. Acceptable cost for RV travel experience a happy journey. Rental and pick-up service was good for the trip was to get rid of the fear. It was the best trip with the family.

posted on 2 October 2012 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

We have just returned to Sydney after a 10 week camper van rental in Europe mid April to end of June 2012. I did a lot of research prior to actually booking the camper van. Ideamerge was the best of all the rental companies -- and worked out CHEAPER THAN BOOKING DIRECT with the camper van company. The guys at Ideamerge were fantastic in getting me exactly what I needed in terms of van size and sleeping arrangements. I needed a long bed as I am quite tall and ended up with a McRent Fiat Globus 5 camper with a queen sized bed cross-ways at the back of the van. To get this van it meant we had to pick up from McRent near Lorrach in southern Germany. This meant taking a fast train from Frankfurt to Freiburg then a local traim to Bad Belingen about 3 kms from the McRent pickup site. This is also a camping site called Luginsland, very big and very good quality in terms of showers, toilets etc. We had an ACSI Camping Card for low season camping and it saved us about 300 euros over the 10 week period. On arrival at Bad Belingen station we had arranged to be picked up by McRent's Douglas Klotz but it was siesta time so we took a taxi. On Arrival the camper van was ready and Douglas did a great job of showing us the ropes. I had previously watched all the McRent videos at home on Youtube so was pretty much familiar with everything. The van was brand new, we were the first to rent it and it was great. Plenty of power and easy to drive. We did not rent bedding after reading reviews. We rented a table and two chairs (one chair collapsed in the last few days but Douglas didn't charge for it). The cooking utensils were adequate. We bought a small one burner gas stove and mainly cooked outside under the roll-out awning almost all the time. We didn't use the shower at all as all camping sites had facilities. We did not free camp except for one night in a Stelplatz in Germany. (TIP - at Stelplatz you should check for remaining electricity from previous campers before putting any money in - there are sometimes as many as 4 plug-in points per stand and you can use up remaining time free - we only had to top up for 50 cents). If in Italy avoid taking your van to Lake Como - the roads are horrendously narrow and it is a huge challenge to get around the lakeside road in the van. Suggest you stay south end of the lake and use ferries. We traveled through Germany, Italy (including via Ferry into eastern Sicily and then from Palermo to Naples via a huge ferry, comfortable nice cabin for the overnight trip) France,Switzerland, Netherlands. We covered 7,500 km in the van and 1500km in rental cars for day trips from camp sites. Don't buy fuel on the motorways, use supermarket stations at big supermarket chains - Carrefour, L.Eclerc etc but make sure there is a person in the booth at the manual pay point after filling up. The prices are much, much better than the motorways. Also, we found fuel much cheaper at suburban fuel stations. As others have suggested - take a GPS with you. A Microsoft program called Autoroute is also a good investment and runs on a laptop computer - costs about AUD 90 with a GPS unit included but can still be used effectively for planning ahead and finding all sorts of points of interest, gas stations etc without a GPS attached to your computer. You can do this sitting at your table in the van and even do a lot of planning before you even leave home. It also has turn-by-turn driving instructions. In a nutshell - we thoroughly enjoyed the first-time camper van trip. Ideamerge are the best for service and price - thanks guys. Douglas at McRent, Lorrach is a very friendly and helpful guy, speaks excellent English and was more than reasonable at return time. (We had some minor damage to a rear plastic bumper panel). Our deposit was refunded same day as hand-over of the van on return. If you are a bit nervous about driving on the right side, unfamiliar places or operating the van in general then don't be, it is a great experience and European drivers are courteous and generally obey road rules. When in doubt, stop. Always keep to the right on the motorways. Would do it all again and highly recommend Ideamerge.

Sydney, Australia, posted on 29 June 2012

Highly recommended way to see Italy. We prefer quiet villages and countryside to cities and the choice to drive up any road if we like the look of it. This approach took us to some wonderful locations not overrun with crowds. We took off with a map and just a general idea of where we wanted to go. One highlight was the decision to drive to the Abruzzo mountains after discovering the Amalfi Coast was closed due to road damage. It highlights the flexibility a camper van gives you.

Recommendations for travelers include - take a GPS - don't go after Oct 31 as too many parks shut down - avoid going to close to Sorrento in the van - Camping Michelangelo in Florence is worth the extra cost - check petrol station nozzles are unlocked late at night before putting money in.

The people at Freedom are great and we would be very happy to rent a van from them again in the future.

Australia, posted on 11 December 2011 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

It's A Life Time Experience. I Had always wanted to tour Europe in a motorhome with my wife and 2 daughters. Finally, I had the chance to do it. I browsed the internet for the best motorhomes, and found Ideamerge.com to be one of the best websites offering a good motorhome. Italy was the closest to Saudi Arabia, so we went to Rome as the first destination. In Rome, we visited most of the historical places, then rented a car to Pisa. It was a 3.5 hours drive, and after we visited the Pisa Tower, we went to pick up the Motorhome, It was a nice Fiat T 5841 McRent Comfort Standard that sleeps up to 4, almost brand new, fully equipped with W.C, Shower, Oven, Refrigerator ....

I hooked up my GPS, and away we went. The first destination was Venice. i had prepared for the trip before we left our country, all places to visit, roads, places to park the motorhome ....

We arrived at Venice in the evening, parked the motorhome in the special motorhome parking area just outside Venice, and took the People Mover train in a 5 minute trip to Venice (1 Euro per person) for a dinner at a nice restaurant, and went back to the motorhome.

It was a cold night, so I struggled to turn on the heater, the manual i had was in Italian, and the CD they gave me was in Italian too, but I managed.

Early next morning, we went to visit Venice, and stayed till the evening. 1 day is more than enough for venice, as my daughters (15 and 13Y) are young to be interested to visit art galleries and museums, but we enjoyed Venice, and we took a taxi boat back to the motorhome.

Our next trip was Gardaland park on Como lake, the biggest theme park in italy. a 3 hours drive, We stopped at a service area 10 minutes before Gardaland to spent the night, as motorhome parking is not allowed overnight in Gardaland as i knew when preparing for the trip. Early next morning, we arrived at Gardaland and spent a nice day there, they were celebrating Halloween.

We left in the evening, to Switzerland, our next destination was Interlaken, a nice city on a lake, the girls did Paragliding and we parked the motorhome on the lake, and went for a nice quite walk, had dinner, and went back to sleep in the motorhome.

Next morning, we went to Geneva, spent the noo time there then went to Germany Europa-park, 1 of the largest theme parks in Europe. We parked the motorhome there, and connected to a power sources to recharge the Laptops, and Camera batteries.

The next day, we went to Disneyland Paris, arrived at 5 pm. We parked the motorhome at Disneyland, and joined the Halloween night, and spent the following day in Disneyland too.

our next destination was Annecy, we had a wonderful night and day there.

Then we went to Milan, my wife did some shopping, then went back to Pisa to drop the Motorhome, rented a car to Rome airport and took the flight back to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Time fly's !!!

Notes: 1. Time fly's, so enjoy the most of every minute. 2. Must prepare very well before the trip, use Google earth to find destinations (according to your interest), routes, and insert locations in the GPS. (as must do). 3 - be prepared for many toil charge in Italy and France. 4- it is very convenient to use the W.C at the service stops.

Saudi Arabia, posted on 2 December 2011 , vendor was McRent Italy

We hired 2 x 6 sleeper campervan thru Ideamerge - Freedom Holiday. in Italy. We had very good service from them from the beginning and good discounts. We made our way to Freedom Holiday from Rome-it is very far and took us very long to get there as there was alot of traffic. The owners were very helpfull and friendly. The campervan was great - we took our own sheets and pillows- in the summer u do not need a blanket so a sleeping bag is sufficient. We also took our own dishes and kettle - mostly throw away stuff and plastic cutlery,plates. We had a problem with the microwave as it did not work in the campsites - something to do with the power supply so we did not use it at all. Actually the gas stove was sufficient. We were credited for it at the end. The trip around Italy was great. We saw alot and went from: Rome, MtVesuvius, POmpei, Sorrento, Naples, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Milan, Verona, Venice, Modena, SanGimiano, Sienna and back to Rome. Yes we covered alot but managed to see the important areas in each place. We stuck with the motorways which charge toll fees but u save on time. The motorways were very good. In the smaller towns the roads are narrow but with good driving skills we managed thru. Also tried to take the local transport into the city centres. Most of the campsites had very good transport from there to the centre of town. The campsites all had good facilities ie toilets and showers,laundry and electricity. Altho it was crowded in the peek period - as expected!! You do save on the cost of the accommodationm however the petrol and toll fees are high in Italy. You also gain with travelling at your own leisure between cities. Do not take alot of clothes-in the summer take shorts and t-shirts and good walking shoes. All else is a waste. And use the washing machines at intervals. In all we had a great ,memmorable trip. We would love to do it again. Ciaao!!!!!!!!!!

South Africa, posted on 10 August 2011 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

we had a GREAT time. The camper had everything we needed. Sise of the car was perfect. When we got to pick up the RV, staff explained everything very complete.

posted on 8 August 2011 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

We had a wonderful time, the camper was almost brand new and very clean. Caravan parks very nice and every one very helpful. Great way to travel and save at the same time, found Italy very cheap. Camp sites only 30 eruo a night for 2 adults and we avarage 600 km per tank. Approx 100 eruo to fill the tank. The best caravan park book you can order is on line is called Camping Card ACSI a must as it has GPS in it very easy to follow. We are plaining to do more of Europe next year.

posted on 8 August 2011 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

The service was to our satisfaction, and getting more than I expected. Camper equipment was requested, and extras meet the requirements. This allowed us 21 days touring Italy with great security and peace, reaching places where we had not contemplated going.

posted on 18 June 2011 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

It was a wonderful vacation for me and my family, we had a nice welcomming in the Airport in Roma and they picked up us to Freedom Holiday company and within half and hour we took our Camper with a good explanation about details of Camper and contract, this was first time for us to drive with a camper and we were surprised that within a small space in sideof Camper we had all needs facility in hand,also there was a very good services and facilities for Campers in Italy so we enjoyed a lot. The only thing which was not so good was the way of packaging Kitchen instruments and also Pic Nik Table and Chairs which were made lots of noise at the time of movement, which I think it is possible to do it in a better way. Any way it was a great expirience for us. Kind Regards. David.

posted on 12 May 2011 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

We found the people at Freedom Holiday to be very helpful explaining thoroughly all aspects of the camper. All our holiday was spent in Italy and we had a truly wonderful experience. Initially driving in Italy was daunting however we soon discovered that although traffic appears chaotic drivers were, in general, considerate to other road users. The same cannot be said of roadside buildings which as the road narrows can suddenly leap out to hit the wing mirror of an over-wide camper. First piece of advice always use a sat nav. Second piece of advice never trust your sat nav, it will always try to take you by the route involving the narrowest alley in the centre of the nearest town. Parking can be a problem with campers wherever you are but we knew that. Minor gripes. Kitchen accessories were a bit light on and there was no proper storage facilities for same. Information on campsites from supplied books was not always reliable. Some campsites did not exist. Then others appeared from nowhere in the most beautiful locations. Overall our experiences were positive and we had a great time.

posted on 10 January 2011 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

Yes, we just returned to the US after a wonderful travel experience using Idea Merge services to hire our camper. Went directly to Freedom Holiday from our arrival at the airport expecting to wait there, but were quickly set up with our camper, equipment and borrowed road maps and camp books for our trip through northern Italy and southern France - all the way to Lourdes, France and back. We cooked great meals with the equipment and sampled great wines all along the way. We quickly got used to the road signs and driving and were off the next morning on this marvelous adventure - one we took for our 50th anniversary! I highly recommend this way to travel and see Europe. Our camper had some mileage on it, but was in excellent shape with not a problem. Returning it to Freedom Holiday was a snap as well because we returned it so clean! We plan to tour through Germany, Sweden and Norway next year! Thanks Idea Merge for making this one dream come true. We had no problems and all our early questions were answered quickly and handled with our desires in mind.

posted on 14 November 2010 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

We rented a spacious, comfortable, and stylish motorhome in Italy. All in all we had a great trip. However, the motorhome broke an axle and whereas we are still negotiating for lost days with the vendor McRent, during the breakdown Ideamerge was very helpful. Ideamerge responded promptly to our calls and emails to expedite the repairs. We would highly recommend Ideamerge and their services.

posted on 9 October 2010 , vendor was McRent Italy

The embedded routine of driving on the right side of the road for fifty years has presented me with the greatest challenge when I had to drive our hired campervan on the European roads with traffic moving on the wrong side. (Well it's just the way we see it from Australia!) Not just the wrong side, but a greatly wider vehicle than the ones I used to drive. Nevertheless, after a few close shaves in the forever narrowing lanes in Italy me and my daughter adjusted well to the challenge and our motoring experience in the campervan became one of the most cherished memory of our five week tour. Our comfort was well catered for by the well equipped, excellent campervan from Freedom Holiday, and we were driving with confidence, at times travelling at 120k on motorways, through Italy, the Alps, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. Returning the vehicle to the Freedom Holiday depot in Rome was the smoothest transaction we could expect, and handing back a clean campervan vas certainly in our favour. Thanks to IdeaMerge for a worry free and courteous arrangement of the rental process and thanks to the people at Freedom Holiday — the visible human face of IdeaMerge as well — for their attention to detail, understanding our needs and for their assistance and guidance verbally and by loan of travel books. Hope to see you again!

posted on 5 July 2010 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

This was our first experience of hiring a motorhome and we thoroughly enjoyed our 3 weeks travelling around southern Italy. Depot not easy to get to as we travelled by train then bus from central Rome. This would have been a challenge without the helpful member of staff from our hotel who contacted the depot for us and helped organise the arrangement and we were evenually picked up at the bus terminal by staff from the depot. Our only quibble would be the minimal kitchen equipment - we had to buy our own frying pan and believe it or not in Italy - expresso coffee pot! On hindsight we would have picked up the motorhome in the morning as it was quite late by the time we got on the road and we hadn't planned our first campsite. In May it gets dark fairly early and did not give us much time to get used to the whole experience of driving, finding a site and settling down. We hired bikes, which were useful to get from the campsites to the local towns to go shopping, but a scooter would be more useful so you could explore further afield. Not sure if this is possible - but worth looking into. After a few days we were much more confident and by the time we returned to Rome we felt like old hands. Drop off was quick and straight forward. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this type of holiday with IdeaMerge and would like to explore northern Italy by motorhome another year.

posted on 1 July 2010 , vendor was Freedom Holiday

What a wonderful trip in Italy with the van from Van Italy. The pick-up was great and the return was sad because after 30 days traveling across that beautiful country with are home we got use to live in it. It is a very good way to travel every where and discover the beauty and the kindness of Italy. We will return in that country and we will rent a van with you it is easy in secure. Thank you Denis Pasolini, for your kindness.

Québec Canada, posted on 1 July 2010

We had a wonderfull days in Italy. We had visited Napoli, Sorrento, Bari, Gargano and Pescara. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They answered us, for all questions. I want to thanks Mrs. Valentina. If you decide to user a camper van in Italy you MUST use this company. Our Motorhome was very young. But we hadn't any problem. Equipments was enough. We were very happy with the service and I recommend it to anyone renting an RV in Italy. I am sure that; few mounths later, we will rent Motorhome again, for to visit North of Italy by IDEAMERGE. Best regards and arm full Loves from Istanbul/Turkey.

posted on 1 July 2010 , vendor was Freedom Holiday






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