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Great way to travel, may look at other companies.

We spent two months in Europe and this was definitely a great way to travel! 10 days of the two month rental was in the UK. The people at this location were profession and would highly recommend them if you choose to go this route. After returning the rental in London, we went to France and picked up another van for the remainder of our trip. The company that handles the McRent rentals just outside of Paris has exercised in our opinion poor business practices. Just felt that you should be aware and can obviously make decisions on your own.

The last we heard from them was on our rental return date 21/10/19. We were informed that we going to have the manager contact us via email in regards to damage to the screen. Instead, we received a bill with no dialogue, and now they have charged our card without authorization.

We explained the following:

The screen was either not of good quality, poorly designed and/or not installed properly. We used it twice. There in fact was a van in your showroom with the same screen that was also broken. If the manager had followed up with us as indicated we would have communicated that as well as the fact that we had to have the grey water tank flushed as the fumes from it were unbearable, due to lack cleaning. In addition, there was no consideration for the fact that the outlet above the kitchen sink did not work, and no consideration for the fact that the dishes provided were dirty when we received them. The van was returned cleaner than when it was received, so it should have been quite evident that anything that happened was not due to reckless or negligent behavior on our part. However, now we bear the burden of all of the above.

Admittedly, I do not know the in’s and out’s of doing business in France, but can tell you location shouldn’t matter, this is just bad business. If we were allowed the proper communication with the manger to discuss the above along with consideration for the fact the rental was a $5,281 Euro rental, I would have hoped that we would have been able to reached a fair resolve.

We will take the necessary steps to ensure future customers are aware of your business practices at least on our side as we found you through the internet. It is very disappointing that your company has chosen this route.

USA, posted on 21 December 2019 , vendor was McRent France

Rental in Europe

I would like to say that my experience in using IDEA-MERGE for my camper-van booking was a very smooth and easy experience. Even when we had trouble doing International payment, they were very helpful and patient. All went very well and I would highly recommend.

However when actually getting the Campervan, the experience with Avis Caraway was a little different. This was our first experience in renting a camper van. The Lady at the Depot in Marseilles spoke very good English but was in very much of a hurry in her explanations and handover, and seemed to want us to leave as quickly as possible. I am not sure if they really inspected the camper-van before handing it over to us. 2 of the top hatches they closed with tape as the previous renters had broken these hatches, so they were unusable. I noticed them taping them up after washing the van. The first time that we opened one of the windows it fell out. And on our second day, the back tailgate fell off which we had to have fixed at a cost of 40 Euros. This was definitely from an encounter with previous Renters... We never did find the brush and pan so bought one ourselves...

BUT That said we had great fun and really enjoyed our trip. Although next time I definitely think we will rent bicycles too....as Europe is very bike friendly :)

South Africa, posted on 6 October 2019 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

Great camper van.....shame about the customer service

The camper van we rented from McRent Rouen was almost brand new. McRent Rouen is also a large Dethleffs camper van sales centre located approx 8 km out of Rouen city centre with in excess of 50 - 60 new and used vans in stock for sale. This was our first time to rent a camper van. The vehicle was larger than expected with fridge, freezer, sink, gas hob, two double beds, toilet and shower. The van was well equipped with pretty much everything we would have expected including bike rack (except a brush and pan). We were shown a video before leaving the depot. It covered most of the vehicle operations that we would require. We did however have to go back to the depot after the first night to ask where the phone charger(s) were. We could not find them anywhere. We were shown one in the cab but not the super fast double USB charger in the rear of the van which had been obscured by a curtain. We found that after a couple of days. Anyway we had a blast travelling round Normandy for 1 week for the 75th anniversary of the D Day Landings. It was a fantastic trip made easy by the van. The vehicle was easy to drive and to operate. We ended up not using the shower as every camp site we stayed on had excellent warm showers. Emptying the toilet waste compartment could not have been easier. On our return we went to the nearest Carrefour with a petrol station about 3 km away. It was totally unmanned and fully automatic. We were severely delayed as we could not figure out how to pay for petrol with cash as the machine would not accept our credit card. 45 minutes later we eventually worked out how to buy vouchers with cash and then feed in the codes from each voucher one by one to refuel the van. We then drove back to the depot. We had planned to return before 12 noon and catch our train from Rouen back to Paris at 12.15. It was 12. 30 pm on Friday 7th June in the afternoon when we eventually returned the van to the depot. We were allowed to drive the van into the yard but then told to wait until 2 pm. We were unaware that it was lunchtime from 12 noon until 2 pm. We were severely delayed already and had already missed our train. We just wanted to hand back the van and get on our way. This was not going to happen as they depot staff were not available during lunchtime. We were advised by the staff member who had let us in to the yard, that "it was not their f**king problem." Fortunately someone else appeared and after a short delay, they went through the hand over process with us. We returned the vehicle in the same condition as we found it. We were highly appreciative of this staff member who worked through his lunch time and so left him a case of beer as a 'Thank You'. We then called a taxi and after a short while, we went on our way. I contacted IdeaMerge.com on my return home to advise what had happened and to ask when we should expect to receive the return of our 1,800 euro security deposit. They advised us it usually take 7 to 10 days for this to be processed. As at 18th June, I await confirmation of the return of the security deposit.

Kingdom of Bahrain, posted on 19 June 2019 , vendor was McRent France

Good vehicle. Service at pick up was poor

We’ve rented from McRent several times in the Netherlands and Germany with great results.

Our delivery was very poor for following reasons:

- RV was not ready. It took over two hours for them to sort everything out despite being very specific about not arriving before 2 pm

- there were no knives included in cutlery

- there were no bowls included in package

- emergency has valve (hidden under bed) was closed for fridge causing fridge not to work for 2 days. Resulted in spoiling food at cost of 50 Euro. It took a fair bit of effort and stress to sort out.

- quality of bedding very poor

On positive note return was easy and quick.

Canada, posted on 19 August 2018 , vendor was McRent France

Excellent Vendor People - motorhome less so

The people at the Paris depot were excellent, friendly and accommodating with good English. The location is good, in a Paris residential suburb with easy access to the motorway south, however, one does need a taxi to and from the depot (to the Marais area a taxi was €39). The check-out was slow with the video required watching and multiple parties checking in and out with limited staff but the check-in was easy and quick. One does have to carefully check the inventory of items that are supposed to be included with the rental.

The motorhome itself was a bit disappointing. The interior layout was what we wanted and worked out well. Although the unit was almost new (3,000+ Kms) and claimed to be only the second rental we had a number of issues. The biggest one was the lack of synchromesh on 5th gear going up from 4th. In fairness to Avis as soon as I reported it through IdeaMerge Avis contacted me to ascertain where I was in order to have someone investigate the problem. Since I had discovered how to alleviate the problem I didn't need to interrupt the vacation with a repair stop. Other issues were the backup camera being fussy, the remote door lock/unlock feature failing after about a week and problems closing two windows (upon returning the van and attempting to demonstrate the problem it disappeared of course).

Overall I would recommend renting from this depot.

California, posted on 2 July 2018 , vendor was Avis Car-Away


Ottimo broker, preciso e puntuale. Le istruzioni fornite al momento della conferma sono state utilissime. Ho prenotato un camper nuovissimo del 2018 che aveva 9km. splendido viaggio con la famiglia. Consigliato [Per Google Translate: Excellent broker, precise and timely. The instructions provided at the time of confirmation were very useful. I booked a brand new 2018 camper which had 9km. wonderful trip with the family. Recommended ]

posted on 12 May 2018 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

1st time renting a Camper, 11 days following the Tour de France

First of all, I do have to say that it was indeed less expensive to use IdeaMerge than to book directly on my own through Avis-Car-Away. The confirmation and instructions provided by IdeaMerge were helpful and I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to a friend.

As for the Camper, we had a nice fairly new camper which we had to wait nearly two hours to pick up once we arrived at the site. They had to replace a faulty bike rack. I paid extra for a bike rack and it seemed as almost every camper came equipped with one regardless of whether or not it was being used/paid for as part of the rental. This was a bit annoying but I suppose one can't guarantee that a rack will be provided if not paid for.

The second thing I would advise a renter to do would be to buy your own bedding/bath towels. We received mismatched and old bedding and only one comforter. I was advised by our IdeaMerge rep that we should order 2 bedding kits as 1 kit only accommodates 1 person. This is not exactly true as we only received 1 fitted sheet, 1 sheet and 1 comforter. We did receive 2 pillows and 2 bath towels but I would recommend buying these yourselves as the additional 35 euro for 1 pillow and towel is not worth the price and you could purchase better quality items with that amount.

Lastly, make note that the extra insurance doesn't cover damage to the side mirrors which is one of the most likely items to be damaged. Another lesson learned the hard way.

Now that the negatives are out of the way, I have to say that the staff at Avis was quite helpful and friendly. We had no mechanical issues with the rental and the instructions we received on how to operate the camper and its systems was more than adequate. We returned the camper in very clean condition and the staff were quite appreciative. They even waived the labor charge to replace the passenger side mirror which I destroyed within 5 minutes of picking up my rental. Overall, a great experience which I hope to repeat in the future!

U.S.A., posted on 1 August 2017 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

the camper had many faults but the holiday went well

Italy, posted on 23 July 2017 , vendor was McRent France

Sprinter camper

Everything worked as described and was an awesome experience. We had nothing we could think of that was either bad or could have been better. Absolutely amazing!

America, posted on 14 April 2017 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

Fantastic way to get around and see France

My wife and I have never rented or stayed in a campervan before and we were a little apprehensive about the whole thing. We needn't have worried. With the help of Ideamerge who arranged the motorhome for us and Avis who explained everything in fine detail, we couldn't wait to get on the road! The motorhome was brand new (200miles) and was absolutely spotless and a dream to drive. We drove from Paris - La Rochelle - Bordeaux - Tours - Lille - Dunkirk - Paris and stayed in several campsites during the two week visit. The campsites were brilliant, with all the facilities you would expect, and we never had to pre-book any of them. We just arrived out of the blue when we felt tired and were welcomed in each one. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole campervan experience and we're already looking to do the same next year. A BIG thank you to Eric at Ideamerge for sorting out the motorhome for us and to Arno at Avis for explaining everything in detail and making us feel at ease.

UK, posted on 7 July 2016 , vendor was Avis Car-Away


Two friends and I hired a camper for 2 weeks in France for the Euro 16 Finals. The pick up and travel from Paris to Nice and back again via Lyon was great. We couldn't have any complaints. It was clean and drove very well. The fridge held lots of beer and the double bed was easy to pull down in to place. It was just a simple 'chook' and it was ready. Driving was smooth, just check the toll cost prior to your journey. We had no issues in the campsites either. If we were to go again we would do the samething. Everything I read on the website was true to what we received.

Northern Ireland, posted on 3 July 2016 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

3 weeks Campervan Rental

This was my family's first time renting let alone driving a campervan and we were very pleased with the condition of the vehicle we received, it was only 6 months old , near new and extremely clean. However perhaps due to our lack of experience, during the process of booking the campervan we did not think of whether the campsites in Europe would be open during this time of the year and only found out most of them are closed once we arrived. Also the location of Avis is quite difficult to navigate through however overall it was a really great experience and would recommend others to rent from them.

Australia, posted on 22 December 2015 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

This was the first time to rent a AVIS way for 15 holidays in France. The motor home was almost new vehicle which was very easy to drive even along the zip routes in the eastern mountain area. idea merge and avis stuff were very helpful for booking and preparing the vehicle

China, posted on 9 November 2015 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

The staff at Ideamerge and Avis were very helpful. The motorhome was essentially as new as it was only 6 months old. We rented the A1 motor home to accommodate our 8 month old daughter. We were able to lower the table and remove the seat cushion to create a flat area large enough for her to sleep in her Kidco Peapod travel cot. We travelled for just over 3 weeks without plugging in to external power thanks to the solar panel and fine weather. In that time we would have used 1.5 bottles of gas for the fridge and heating the cabin to 16 degrees overnight for our daughter. The vehicle was ideal for roaming the French countryside.

Adelaide , Australia, posted on 26 October 2015 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

Paris to Switzerland then Loire and Normandy

This is our 2nd time using a RV to travel across Europe. We had a great 8 days travelling in the RV - No issues with the RV. We got the bedding package - saved hauling extra stuff around we did not need when we were travelling on trains etc. Taxi to get to the RV depot was no problem but had a small issue to get a taxi to pick us up at the end of our trip. The Staff at Avis was helpful -it was the taxis not willing to do a short haul to a nearby train station. We ended up having them take us to our apartment. Worked out OK No surprises is what I like and that is what happened. We purchased the extra insurance just in case because of a previous experience - This set my mind at ease. Tolls were an issue as sometimes credit cards did not work - cash is always a good substitute. We parked our RV out of towns we visited at a park and ride and took the local transportation in for any large city visits. Parking would have been an issue.

Edgewood Washington, posted on 26 October 2015 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

We recently returned from a one month holiday in France, Spain, Northern Italy and Portugal. When will we learn not try to pack too much in? Coming from America we want to see as much as we can!

We found the staff at the Eastern Paris location friendly and helpful. This is our 4th motorhome rental in Europe--the 3rd from Ideamerge. Everything was as promised except the kitchen ware we rented was woefully inadequate. The fry pan wasn't big enough to cook for the 4 of us and there were no lids. There wasn't a pot big enough to cook pasta. We bought more cookware and left it there. Hopefully the next renters will be able to use it. Also, I believe a helpful thing would be to leave the spices from the previous renter for the next renter as all those little things really add up.

One other note: when planning your trip don't forget to account for the toll roads. We have very few toll roads in California so it wasn't something we thought about before the trip. Then again, if we didn't try to pack so much in we would have been on the free roads and taking out time! Lol

Overall, I give a thumbs up to ideamerge. What better way to see the sites than from your own vehicle? And you only have to unpack once!

posted on 13 October 2014 , vendor was McRent France

We have recently returned from our first holiday in a motorhome and thoroughly enjoyed it. Organising it was easy through IdeaMerge with all queries (and there were a few) answered very quickly.

The McRent staff at Rouen were very helpful too.

We visited several parts of France, as we've lived here for 12 years but hadn't seen much except our local area.

It was a bit difficult at first for our two dogs, who aren't used to being on the lead all the time, but they soon became accustomed to the routine.

Thankfully we had no problems during the holiday, and we are now looking forward to our next trip.

Thank you all at IdeaMerge, we'll be in contact again soon.

posted on 7 October 2014 , vendor was McRent France

I have used RV for my vacation from Jul. 29th to Aug. 12th in 2014.

In one word evaluation, I would like to say it was just fabulous regarding service from booking to responding my several questions and condition of RV which was close to new vehicle brought me comfortable driving and staying.

I don't hesitate to recommend this company to my friends who want to have the same pleasnce.

posted on 24 August 2014 , vendor was McRent France

We hired our Motorhome from Paris. We have 2 Children aged 11 and 13. It was a new motorhome so it was in great condition. We travelled around France following the Tour De France a little and went into Switzerland for a few days. Yes paying that toll road expensive is annoying. Switzerland is such a beautiful place we think it was worth it. We had no problems getting around. The only thing would be to research your caravan parks. If your not after caravan parks with all the extra you can save a lot of money. Some are very expensive. Compared to the cost of travelling in Australia now we found the holiday to be well worth it. Would I do it again, in a heart beat and yes we would hire another Motorhome. It is a great family holiday. Loved it.

Australia but now living in Taipei, posted on 2 October 2013 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

Over the past 25 years we have owned and travelled with motorhomes throughout the United States and Europe. We believe it is definitely the best way to visit and fully experience these 2 continents. No other mode of travel compares.

We planned to make a motorhome trip through France in October 2012. We had sold our European motorhome several years before, so we needed to rent. After doing lots of research, we decided on Ideamerge for several reasons. First, we found their website to be the best of any motorhome rentals site we could find. Everything that you need to know is available on their well organized website. Second, their prices were competitive and did not contain any hidden charges. Finally, if you are paying in a foreign currency they make it very convenient. And you get a better exchange rate and avoid the extra charge that credit cards have for foreign exchange. Our damage deposit with McRent was refunded very quickly. One minor issue arose trying to pre-register with McRent. We made one quick call to IdeaMerge and the issue was resolved the following day. Great service. No question, we will use IdeaMerge for our next motorhome rental.

posted on 25 March 2013 , vendor was McRent France

We wanted to thank Ideamerge and Avis Car away for the most incredible experience traveling through France, Switzerland and Germany.

The Class B+ motor home provided was exceptional (we wish comparable vehicles were available in North America). The service and support from IdeaMerge made the planning and reservation process effortless. Responses to our many questions were incredibly prompt and thorough.

This amazing experience was matched by the fantastic service we received from the Paris Avis Car away. Maps of the area and a thorough walk through of the vehicle was provided. The vehicle was impeccable (I'm sure arriving in a low season helped with a more relaxed transition).

We own a motor home here in Canada and have RV'd all over western and central Canada and the US and found that RV'ing in Europe to be incredible — if not easier than here at home. It is by far the most amazing and flexible way to travel and observe the country side as a family, in complete comfort. (it was wonderful to not have to pack and unpack from a hotel at every stop).

We look forward to our next trip RV'ing and will without question, be employing Ideamerge's services again!

Warm regards, Stefan and Nicole Price

posted on 23 March 2013 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

Very easy and organized and no questions asked when we returned the vehicle , would not hesitate in hiring a mini camper from you again , special mention to a young staff member at the Paris depot who took such good care of us, think he went under the nick name of T-BO , thank you very much my friends , see you next year , Danny

posted on 3 October 2012 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

Picked up our camper from Paris East about 3km's from nearest rail station. Staff were very freindly but it seemed only one person in the depot could speak English (Nicola). He was very thorough on the workings of the camper but a bit light on information about the vehicle operation itself. Fortunately the Fiat Ducato is a very easy vehicle to operate & drive. We found the Ducato very economical with plenty of power. The vehicle we rented (Compact Plus) had 42 thousand km's on the clock, with a number of scratchs, dents & a damaged drivers mirror. This damage was duly noted down & my wife also took photos. After reading previous reviews we did not order the bedding package we brought over our own sleeping bags. The kitchen utensils supplied were adequate & even had a coffee maker. We travelled throughout France, Northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg & Belgium. My only gripe is the cost of everything in Switzerland we got stung 40 Euro for a yearly toll pass at the border with no other option, fuel prices seem the be approx 30% greater than the rest of Europe & food is twice as expensive as well. All in all motorhome travel in Europe is an extremely enjoyable experience notwithstanding that a lot of the streets are very narrow & a challenge. As mentioned in other reviews a GPS is a must & if you can, try to rent a narrow camper. Would we do it again? I'll have to think about it.

Australia, posted on 21 June 2012 , vendor was McRent France

We recently rented a camper from Ideamerge and toured from Lyon to the Alps region where we did some spring skiing for 3 weeks then headed to the French Riviera for 10 days... we loved this mode of travel and found campsites easily in most places we went. My husband did all the driving and he was most impressed by the European drivers as opposed to the drivers in the USA. He found the camper fairly easy to operate even touring the mountains with the tight hairpin turns.... we will most certainly do this again, it truly was the way to go. Loved that you could find a nice camping place and then take public transportation around. We love the European model for their roadways and roundabouts. The best thing was finding Doug Bredesen who we could talk with over the phone to help us arrange in the US before we left for Europe, he was so helpful. The whole process went smoothly and was more fun than I have had in a long time....Merci Beaucoup, Barbara....

posted on 8 June 2012 , vendor was McRent France

This was our second RV trip booked through Ideamerge/McRent.

We booked a larger unit at the South Paris (France) depot, a Dethleffs A68 Sunlight, for this trip as there would be three adults for our 25 day adventure in France and Spain. My wife and I both had an International Driver's Licence.

Ideamerge/McRent and Paris East were excellent to deal with. We were able to leave our cardboard bicycle boxes in their storage area. The office and RV staff were friendly. There were no delays when we arrived for pick-up nor when we returned for drop-off.

Unfortunately, we had approximately 600 euro damage. The Dethleffs A68 Sunlight was easy to drive on the freeways and there were no motor problems. We would travel over 7,000 kilometers.

Our rented dish package was adequate but we did purchase wine glasses and a drip coffee pot, and of course a bucket for the dish wash-up areas. We brought matches with us, duct tape and some cleaners; i.e. SOS, cut wax polish, dish soap, dish sponge and towels. We brought our own bedding. We brought with us a small carpet mat that was recommended in a review that kept sand and dirt to a minimum in the RV. We brought a small RV broom with us. Our rented table and chairs were adequate; however, we were glad we brought two folding chairs with us which we left behind in the recycle area of the last campsite along with the carpet mat.

We nicknamed our trip The Amazing Race with Speed Bumps. Four important notes to avoid "speed bumps": (1) Check the RV over carefully inside and outside ... take your time ... and why not even open the awning, look at the RV's roof and bike rack too; check the bathroom area and make sure the tap will not start to run water while en route and fill up the shower area, start all the propane stove burners and see if they work, open and close all the cabinet doors; (2) Understand how the bathroom cassette system works, and it is also very important to understand how the grey water system works to avoid foul smells; (3) Check the gas gauge before you leave the depot; (4) Know how to use reverse!!!

My wife and I researched campsites on the ACSI Eurocamping.eu website and made some reservations ahead of time. You could purchase a Camping Card but we chose not to do so. On this trip we did not require hotel accommodations as the pickup/drop-off times would fit into our itinerary. We brought three folding bicycles for the trip. Campsites were chosen so we could travel by train or bus to tour major cities and also tour some smaller towns.

Again our Tom-Tom GPS was invaluable though it was a bit of a learning curve to get to an exact address. My wife found that the nearer we got to a town she could finally enter the street name and/or address and we would find the campsite much quicker than at the start of the trip. Arriving in Toledo we had a taxi drive my wife and sister to Camping El Greco while I followed in the RV. Saved frayed nerves and we had plenty of time to enjoy our evening tour of Toledo. The GPS and the map we had printed up for this campsite with many roundabouts was confusing. Of course easy enough to find in hindsight so leaving town was easy.

The itinerary: Two nights in the Loire Valley at Parc du Val de Loire (self tour of Amboise and Chenonceau); two nights Camping Le Brasilia (relax at the pool and tour Collioure - Carcassonne also close by; three nights on the beach at Camping Bon Repos in Santa Susanna (1 hour train to Barcelona for self tour Ramblas, Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell) and took guided tour via Julia Travel of Montserrat; two nights Camping La Manga near Cartagena (tour with a motorhome through Valencia for a Harley-Davidson T-shirt not recommended especially during hours for siesta ... but we found a great grocery store and loved the scenery, just not the traffic); two nights Camping Maria Eugenia in Granada (self tour of Nerja on Costa Del Sol on the way to Granada and guided tour of The Alhambra, free tapas when you order a drink we found in downtown Granada much to our surprise, and we booked a guided night tour of Sacromonte from the campsite to see the lights of The Alhambra at night and enjoy Zambra (flamenco) Dance; two nights near Sevilla at Camping Villsom, Dos Hermanas (self tour of Cordoba on the way to Sevilla and Hop-On/Hop-Off bus tour in Sevilla); one night Camping El Greco, Toledo (5 minute bus trip to Plaza Zocodover for self guided evening and morning tour); three nights Camping Escorial (base to tour Avila, Madrid and Segovia); two nights Camping Igueldo, San Sebastian-Donostia (self tour of scenic town, La Concha Beach and Promenade and enjoy tapas); long drive north for two nights Camping St. Michel to tour Mont St. Michel Abbey and D-Day beaches; one night Campsite La Briquerie (rode bikes down the hill into Honfleur from the campsite); two nights Campsite Huttopia in Versailles (less than 10 minute walk to the Porchefontaine train station for a 20 minute trip to Eiffel Tower, and evening and day self-guided tour of Paris by Metro); time to pack, clean up the RV and head to Paris South depot by 11 a.m. in Paris rush hour. We made it!

As my sister says now in looking back, we had some trying times but a lot of good times too. Drove a long way. We saw a lot of beautiful and historic sites, enjoyed our share of Sangria, wine, Calvados ... and who can forget the great tapas bars!

My wife and I look forward to more travel in Europe. This time we might even consider a Volkswagen California style of camper. We enjoyed the Compact Standard Globescout Fiat Ducati on our first trip.

Hope this review is helpful in your travel plans to Europe via RV.

posted on 15 October 2011 , vendor was McRent France

We had an amazing time in France following the Tour de France, and riding the epic climbs of the Alps & Pyreenes. IdeaMerge helped make everything simple and well supported. We were able to find numerous RV parks along our impromptu route, and the RV was perfect. I highly recommend this mode of travel especially when you want a more versatile itinerary.

posted on 12 September 2010 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

Great experience again with Idea Merge, the camper we got was excellent quality and the service provided by the depot people in Lyon was good as well. The only thing that was not brought to our attention in advance was that the depot is not working between 12.00 and 14.00 which put us under time pressure when returning the camper....

posted on 11 September 2010 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

Thanks to Idamerge for an easy booking and great price ($1200 cheaper than our travel agent) for our motorhome. The pickup in Paris is a little difficult to get to from the Centre of Paris (2 trains and a cab) and took us a little longer than expected meaning we didin't get to the depot until 11am and they were a little un-organised so we started our pick up but had to wait for them to get back from there lunch (12-1.30pm) to continue our collection. We picked up a brand new Fiat Ducato which was very well laid out and easy to use. The only thing with the van was it had no stabilisers so it was a bit rocky when stopped at night. The utensils were very basic with only one very small sharp knife and the lids did't match the saucepans. The sheets didn't fit the matresses properly and the the blankets were not very warm. The van performed faultlessly for the 4000km we did across Europe. A couple of close calls on some narrow streets, but we returned the van without a mark on it. I would highly recommend driving a campervan across Europe. The tolls a fairly high in France, but most other countries the prices were reasonable. Finding parking in large cities is a bit of an issue with the van, but with some planning you can usually find somewhere near public transport not too far from the city if you want to go sight seeing. It is time to start saving so we do another motorohome trip and will be booking again with Ideamerge.

posted on 24 July 2010 , vendor was McRent France

Ideamerge were very efficient in arrangements. Collection at Rouen was also very good. We hired a 4 berth camper which was brand new and we were very pleased with its performance and comfort. Only critism would be that the hired kitchen set was very basic with no lids for pans, no strainer, no wine bottle opener, no frying pan, no washing up bowl, no dust pan and a number of other little extras that we had to purchase.

posted on 22 July 2010 , vendor was McRent France

Very happy with our 1 week rental. Almost new vehicle, clean. No problems at all. The only thing was that for some reason there was no radio. But at least we spend more time talking that way. The rental office near Bordeaux airport was very helpful and friendly, givings us a ride twice to the airport.

posted on 20 July 2010 , vendor was McRent France

IdeaMerge were highly organised efficient company and would definitely use them again. The vehicle was amazing and brand new, and everything worked perfectly. Very comfortable for 4 of us (5 berth) and not cramped at all. The vehicle was fairly wide, so we kept to High-Ways where possible to avoid the stress of little streets. This was costly in tolls, but much quicker as more relaxing to drive on. The collection was much longer than we anticipated as the linen and petrol were not already prepared. Took 2 hours to get it together as they were low on staff, so did not manage to drive very far on the first day. The linen that we paid for was not great at all and mismatched with awful blankets and pillows. The crockery and cuttlery and mugs and glasses were old and not great, especially for a brand new van. Basics such as a little basin to wash up in was not provided, so we bought that and left it with the van. Other than that, it is the perfect way to travel through Europe with a 10 and 14 year old. Great experiences. 5 Countries in 19 days. 3900km. The little blue booklet that was provided was a life-saver. A fantastic holiday!!!

posted on 19 July 2010 , vendor was Avis Car-Away

Ariving in Brazil only now - here is our coments about the time we were your clients: It was a VERY GOOD way to travel, we were very well impressed by the treatment in Nantes, where we have to tank all the staff but specially to VIRGINIE with all the profissionalism and simpaty and the young Sandrine taking care of details inside de motohome. It was quite a trip I can tell you (with all the vulcan's demarches... But iniciating with your staff our 45 days trip had is magic granted!!!!)TILL NEXT TIME!

posted on 16 May 2010 , vendor was McRent France






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