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Swedish Honeymoon

We had a fabulous experience with IdeaMerge and Touring Cars. Booking without being able to talk to someone who had actually used their services was a bit anxiety provoking, but all went well. We received a prompt response from IdeaMerge and they answered our numerous questions in a prompt and professional manner and were always responsive.

Our experience with Touring Cars in Trelleborg (near Malmo) couldn't have been better. Jimmy and his team went above and beyond to make sure everything went well. We were impressed by the video and all the instructions they gave us before we could drive off the lot. We promptly went to the grocery store and purchased a few additional kitchen gadgets, bowls, and towels, assuming we'd need them, only to find that our motor home was exceptionally well equipped. We truly had everything we needed!

We were disappointed to see that the camper van wasn't particularly well engineered. There were many little things - drawers, handles, stuff like that - that were pretty flimsy and probably easily broken. We didn't have any problems with those things, but I would have expected a motor home to be much more sturdy than that. We did have one problem - we needed a new water pump for the camper (not vehicle). After a few days out on the road, the water suddenly just stopped. We called Jimmy and explained the situation and he promptly found us a repair facility that was on our route. We went to the repair facility and met Jerry who said Jimmy had called ahead. Jerry installed a new water pump and had us on the road in less than an hour (that would NEVER happen in the US!!) and he sent the bill to Jimmy. Jimmy followed up to make sure we were okay and off we went.

The Swedish camping system is really wonderful. There are so many campgrounds to choose from; the camping catalogue is full of helpful information and became our Bible during our trip. Each campground was a bit different and had its own charms, but all were wonderful - and so very clean. We're anxious to try RVing in the States now, but I fear we've been spoiled by our excellent experience in Sweden.

We're looking at RVing in Iceland with Touring Cars, apparently it is their largest facility and the very best way to see Iceland.

Thanks to IdeaMerge and Touring Cars for making our honeymoon everything we dreamed of! Give them a try, you'll be glad you did!

United States, posted on 23 September 2018 , vendor was Touring Cars

Great but with issues...

It is with mixed feeling that I give McRent and IdeaMerge a 3 star rating, as I will now explain.

My wife and I traveled Finland for two weeks with our three kids (10, 12 & 14) in a Sunlight 6 berth with the bunks in the back. The price was highly competitive booking process looked simple until we hit the 'pay funds' button. The website crashed and explanation was given. My credit card had been charged the deposit instantaneously, but no email was sent. As we were doing this from New Zealand, neither the office wasn't open (I called). The Ideamerge website had contact details but was also closed. However, our savior was in the form of a webchat helper that came online while we were mid-panic, could check our booking and then was able to confirm the booking was registered, but an error had occurred. 24hrs later a confirmation email was sent and we felt better, albeit still a bit nervous.

From then on all went well. We were first time camper van users and, while experience campers, did not really know what to expect. Due to the recent snow, I called and confirmed the vehicle had snow tires fitted (at no extra cost). Pick from Hyviinkaa was simple and all was explained clearly. The snow tires were still being fitted so a bit of a wait, despite us having set booking time and the only ones there. Ample opportunity was given for vehicle inspection and all existing marks and dents noted down. The height of the vehicle means there were plenty of scratches on the front up high. Interior was clean and everything OK. The disposable sheets are not the greatest, but when travelling around the world, we're not carrying linen. A GPS was provided which was unexpected.

Mechanically the van felt and drove fine, although the driver position was really high, non-adjustable and very uncomfortable for me at 1.92m. 5 days into the trip the biggest issue occurred when the cam belt failed and the engine would not start when we went to drive off at midday. McRent was contacted and the van collected the following day. A rental car was provided when the van was picked up at 0830 and a new van delivered about 1600 the same afternoon. While the response was as fast and the rental and replacement vehicle delivered quickly, we lost two days of travel. We had to change our travel plans to shorten the trip and not go further north to Inari to see the northern lights in full bloom.

The new van was significantly better to drive, with the seat significantly lower. The engine was either bigger, or the other van was a dog. The rest of the trip went smoothly and we loved our time in Finland and the fun of camping anywhere we liked. The end of the trip and the van hand back was event-less. I suspect we could have handed it back in any condition and they would have taken it as no handover of the second van had taken place. On this point, they made up somewhat for the mechanical problems and lost time. No compensation of any kind was offered.

Overall we loved the van and the Finland experience. We didn't stay in any pay sites on the whole trip and parked in the most wonderful secluded places. Without the booking issue and engine failure it would have been five stars.

New Zealand, posted on 30 April 2018 , vendor was McRent Finland

Finland Adventure

I would have given a 5 star rating except that we waited a very very long time to pick up the motorhome. One of the staff was on holiday, and even though they knew exactly what time we would arrive (we had them arrange a shuttle from the airport) and our motorhome was ready to go it took a good 2 hours waiting. We own a camper so are familiar with operation so it did not take long to go through the process of picking it up when they got to us.

Other than the long wait at pick up everything else was great. We had to purchase a pancake flipper and thankfully brought our own coffee press but otherwise had everything we needed. The motorhome was new, everything worked and the drop off went very smooth and quick. We drove all over Finland from South to East to North to West and back and had no problems what so ever. The weather is getting colder in early September than at home so we were surprised to find many of the campgrounds closed. Some nights we just found a level place to pull off a side road and stayed the night which was fine with just the 2 of us.

We would definitely recommend renting a motorhome from McRent again based on our experience.

USA, posted on 8 October 2016 , vendor was McRent Finland

We picked our camper in Helsinki after having spent the first night in an airport hotel. The instructions were really veeeerrryyy long. However, we knew pretty much all about the camper thereafter.

Had absolutely no problem with the large vehicle. Within two weeks, we drove to the Nordkapp and back to Helsinki again. Easy to drive camper, and our two kids (aged 3 & 5) had a good time in the spacious camper, too.

Eventhough the process until you finally get on the road takes time, it is worth the hassle. Rather spend some time there and have no issues afterwards.

We will definitely come back!

Switzerland, posted on 17 September 2010 , vendor was Touring Cars

Our trip through Skandinavia (June 5-26th 2010; mainly Norway) started in Rovaniemi/Finland. The pick up process was perfectly organized, as well as the administrative part of the trip with Ideamerge and Touringcars in advance. The tour through Scandinavia was very impressive, when visiting Norway again, we would travel not before beginning of August, because weather in the northern part should be warmer and there should be less snow in the upper parts of the nationalparks. The return process in Stockholm/Sweden was organized well again (although it was at 4 am.), people were again friendly and helpful. Only negative situation was the discussion about some scratches on one surface in the RV, which were not noted on the pickup report. We recommend everybody to really take time and look on everything and note down everything on the report when picking up the RV because Touringcars is in comparison with other rental companies very picky on scratches and the amounts they want to charge are replacement costs not just loss in value. Beside this situation we had a good time and can especially recommend Ideamerge.

posted on 19 July 2010 , vendor was Touring Cars

The experience throughout was faultless, prompt email responses from Ideamerge and very nice email replies from rental provider. We got the vehicle from northern finland at Rovaniemi rental station with nice people, the temperature was -30 centigrade.. The vehicle was in a great condition and we drove on road covered with ice all the way to Norway and back without any big problems. Regardless of where we were, support was always available via phone from people at Rovaniemi rental station whenever needed... I'll give 10 out 10 to my experience with them..

posted on 19 January 2010 , vendor was Touring Cars






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