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About West Coast One Way USA RV Rentals

Our USA RV RENTAL REVIEWS average 4.6 stars out of 5, based on a massive 184 IdeaMerge USA motorhome rental customer reviews.

One way RV rental is great value in the USA.

All the major USA motorhome rental companies we represent support all the one way hire itineraries that are possible between the rental depots they operate (e.g. Seattle to Los Angeles, Orlando to Seattle, San Francisco to New York, etc).

What's more, the USA RV rental companies' one way hire fees are reasonable — and in many cases during the spring or autumn travel seasons the fees are waived as part of a special discount. Our online reservation software accounts for all such one way hire specials.

One way motorhome and camper van rentals in the USA are subject to minimum durations.

Recall, however, in many cases the supplier offers discounts of the one way fees.

Our online reservation software accounts for such one-way RV rental fees, minimum durations and discounts.

Moreover, our online reservation software will determine and suggest to you the optimal pre-paid miles/kilometers package for the number of miles/kms you plan to drive. RV and camper van hire miles in the United States of America are considerably cheaper if pre-purchased (e.g. paid for upon booking) rather than upon return. In many cases unlimited miles are available. Our software will choose unlimited miles for you if such solution is indeed the cheapest for you, given your approximate total driving distance.

Note: Seattle, Washington, is a great place to begin a tour of either the USA or Canada. However, one way rentals between Seattle and Canadian cities are not possible.

  • Recommended One-Way USA RV Rentals
  • Orlando, Florida, to Las Vegas, Nevada: Enjoy the Southern USA.
  • New York to Orlando, Florida: Meander the Eastern USA.
  • Seattle, Washington, to Los Angeles, California: Explore the Western USA.
  • New York to San Francisco, California: Cross the entire width of the USA!
  • New York to Seattle, Washington: A more northerly cross-country route, if you have the time.
  • Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California: This is our Editor's Choice one-way USA motorhome hire itinerary.

Although IdeaMerge began in business by representing European motor travel products, we are based in the United States of America. Indeed we are intimately familiar with the mountains, forests, deserts and cities of the United States (and Canada as well). Incidentally the same is true of Road Bear RV Rental: it was founded by a Swiss family which had moved to California. And Apollo is headquartered in Australia! Thus, rather ironically, you get good old fashioned Swiss quality and/or Aussie travel savvy right here in North America.

Add IdeaMerge to the mix and you're sure to get by far the best value. Indeed, we sell a lot of one way USA motorhome and camper van hire holidays to residents of Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Israel, Brasil, Australia, and New Zealand.

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More Info About One Way USA RV Rentals

For more info, submit a Search above. Our online order software will then present to you all the RVs, whether motorhome, camper van or truck camper.

If you then click on an RV thumbnail image or on the "More Info" text link adjacent to that image, the software will present the following info specific to the RV and dates:

RV Rental USA
  • vehicle specs and images
  • pricing details
  • rate seasons
  • basic inclusions (e.g. miles/km, insurance, assistance, various items)
  • insurance (e.g. deductible, domain of coverage)
  • assistance info and policies (e.g. repair protocol)
  • pick-up and return instructions (e.g. depot location)
  • booking policies (downpayment and balance due date)
  • change policy (e.g. return location can be changed before or after pick-up)
  • cancellation policy

Any optional items (e.g. bedding, miles) are presented during our online order process, along with selectable pick-up and return times.

In many cases the RV rental company offers an inclusive package that bundles together a set of optional extras — perhaps including unlimited miles or unlimited kilometres — for one relatively low price. Again, don't worry about those packages. Just select à la carte the options you want and our software will apply an inclusive package if such is available and if such package indeed gives you a lower price than actually paying for the options à la carte.

Similarly, RV rental companies often offer specials that involve optional extras. Such specials can be complicated and hard for customers to understand. Again, our software is carefully programmed and maintained to automatically apply any specials that benefit you.

We think our software is unique in terms helping our customers optimize their RV rental and minimize their costs in these important respects. Our aim is to provide you with the best value and to increase our sales as a result.

For a variety of information and websites related to traveling the USA by RV, please visit our USA RV Travel Resources page.


A Brief Lesson In Transaction Fees, Exchange Rates and Payment Options

We do NOT charge a booking fee. On the contrary, we discount our prices far below those of our suppliers.

Likewise but more uniquely still, we do NOT charge a credit card transaction fee. Most of our competitors charge a credit card transaction fee of about 2%! (They bury mention of that fee deep in their Terms and Conditions; search those terms for the word "surcharge" or the phrase "credit card" to see their surcharge acknowledged.)

Furthermore, we do indeed charge your card in the currency you choose above. Thus no unwelcome suprises will be consequent of the charge. The charge in that currency will post to your account in exactly the amount we quoted; and no foreign currency transaction fee from your credit card company can apply to the charge.

We use our guaranteed Super Saver Exchange Rates — meant to be the best retail exchange rates available out there — to arrive at that guaranteed amount (i.e. if your currency is indeed different than the supplier's currency).

To be sure, our Super Saver Exchange Rates are NOT the interbank (i.e. wholesale) exchange rates which the big banks give to each other and which are typically the rates presented by Google and financial websites — and commonly also by our competitors who charge only in their own currency, to give misleadingly low quotes — but they ARE the best rates you as an individual consumer can take advantage of. This is to say, our exchange rates are meant to be considerably better for you than the rates which Visa or MasterCard and the banks use to translate foreign currencies into cardholder currencies.

Most uniquely we offer three payment options in relation to currency, one of which options you can select during our online order process:

  1. pay IN FULL based on our Super Saver Exchange Rate; or
  2. pay INSTALLMENTS based on a FIXED rate = our Super Saver Exchange Rate + 1.5% premium; or
  3. pay INSTALLMENTS based on a VARIABLE Super Saver Exchange Rate (thus you can play the exchange rate market).

What Our Customers Say About Us

My husband and I are retired and we've always wanted an RV but never could fit it into our budget. We just finished our 2nd RV rental through Ideamerge and I wouldn't start another trip without them. Everything about renting an RV is black and white, there are no financial surprises with this company, I've found prices that are better than going through the rental companies and they make it so easy. Read More …
The Sampson's
We were in the US for a 9.5 week holiday, 5 of which was in a 30 foot Road Bear RV, booked through Idea Merge. I was wary of booking through IdeaMerge at the start, because they had never come up in my Google searches, and I'd only stumbled upon them while reading a forum post. However, after the first initial contact, the customer service and very fast communication especially given the time zone difference, I was put at ease and so happy to have booked through them. Read More …
Chandler family
We are a family of six, with four children aged 2-12. We recently hired a Roadbear RV via Idea Merge for 4 weeks. We travelled out of California, up through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and back down the coast of California. It was an amazing trip! and the best way to do it was in an RV. We were very happy with our RV and with the service at Ideamerge and Roadbear. We highly recommend this adventure and this company. Read More …
Melanie Mathers

Why Choose IdeaMerge?

Best Price, No Hidden Costs — Guaranteed
We truly offer the best total prices — far lower than even our suppliers' prices — and we do so transparently. Our foreign exchange rates are the best in the business. We do not charge a booking fee. And WE DO NOT CHARGE A CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION FEE. Most of our competitors charge a credit/debit card transaction fee of 2%! Yuck! They bury any mention of that fee deep in their Terms and Conditions; search those terms for the word "surcharge" or the phrase "credit card" to see their surcharge acknowledged. If you happen to find what seems to be a better deal, please do send us a copy of the quote. We happily endeavor to beat any comparable price, but to do so we naturally require a copy of the quote. (And per our supplier's policies we are not able lower our price after you book the rental with us.)
Customized Specials
The specials offered by our RV rental suppliers and by our European car lease supplier can be quite confusing. So, our software does the thinking for you (and us) in this important respect. You submit the distance you expect to drive — if the supplier indeed charges for driving distance — and you choose the extras you would like; our software then determines the optimal special or set of specials for you, inasmuch as any special does indeed apply.
We book thousands of motorhome rentals and European car leases every year. In choosing IdeaMerge you gain the leverage that only such a successful, fair and expert broker can offer. Thus we not only offer the best pricing; we can also solve problems on your behalf vis-à-vis the supplier. With IdeaMerge you are not on your own.
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We really listen. We respond quickly, thoughtfully, fully and expertly. We aim to exceed your expectations.
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Our motorhome rental customer service team operates 7 days a week.
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It's nearly impossible to learn where some of our competitors are actually located, much less who they are. IdeaMerge is based in Portland, Oregon, USA. We welcome international clients. And we personally introduce ourselves on our About Us page.
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Don't just take our word for it. Please peruse (and eventually add to) our multitude of RV rental customer reviews and European car leasing customer reviews. Our customers post their reviews directly to our website. With IdeaMerge you get the real story. That's how much confidence we have in what we represent and how we represent it.
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Since 1996 IdeaMerge has helped savvy, independent people worldwide realize their motor travel dreams. Expertly and with a personal touch, we represent motorhome rental, car lease and car rental options most booking agencies do not command.
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We offer free amendments on most RV rentals and auto leases.
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