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Call a hotel/home-on-wheels what you may — motorhome, RV, recreational vehicle, campervan, camper, caravan, autocaravan, motorcaravan, wohnmobile, truck camper, campingcar, autokaravanu, auto sleeper, camp mobile, campingvogn — and plan to start and/or end your camping holiday in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, California, Denver, New York, Alaska, Whitehorse, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Halifax, Frankfurt, Germany, as well as Munich, Duesseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Toulouse, Lyon, Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Reykjavik, London

IdeaMerge is the RV rental booking agency for you


We offer the best true total prices and we do so transparently. Our Super Saver foreign exchange rates are the best in the business. If you happen to find a seemingly better deal out there, just let us know. We happily endeavor to beat any comparable price.


The specials offered by our RV rental vendors can be quite confusing. So, our software does the thinking for you (and us) in this important respect. You submit the distance you expect to drive — if the vendor indeed charges for driving distance — and you choose the extras you would like; our software then determines the optimal special or set of specials for you, inasmuch as any special does indeed apply.


We really listen. We respond quickly, thoughtfully, fully and expertly. We aim to exceed your expectations.


We book hundreds upon hundreds of motorhome rentals. In choosing IdeaMerge you gain the leverage that only such a successful, fair and expert broker can offer. Thus we not only offer the best pricing, we can also solve problems on your behalf vis-à-vis the vendor. We achieve for you what you could not achieve on your own.

Where and Who We Are

It's nearly impossible to learn where some of our competitors are actually located, much less who they are. IdeaMerge is based in Portland, Oregon, USA, and Bend, Oregon, USA. We also have an associate in Barcelona, Spain. We welcome international clients. And below we personally introduce ourselves — including our owner/managing director's direct phone number.

Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Please peruse (and eventually add to) our multitude of RV rental customer reviews. Our customers post their reviews directly to our website. With IdeaMerge you get the real story. That's how much confidence we have in what we represent and how we represent it.

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We are dedicated to protecting your personal information and keeping it confidential. We do not sell, rent or otherwise disclose your personal information to any unauthorized third party without your consent. We use a 256-bit digital SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer) to secure all online orders. That encryption technology ensures that your information cannot be viewed or intercepted by third parties during the order transfer process. Moreover, we encrypt your payment data when we receive it — and we totally delete it after your pick-up date.

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It all adds up to savings and peace of mind.

At IdeaMerge, customer service is more than a concept — it's an ethic.