Rent an RV in Canada

Optional Extras, Miles, Kilometres

Associated with RV rentals are a host of optional extras. This is true in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, wherever.

Why so many options and why aren't they just included in the price?

It's because RV's are put to so many different uses by so many different sorts of customers.

RV rental customers are either local to the rental depot, and thus can show up with their own bedding and towels and favorite kitchen wares and such, or they are traveling from a great distance. Some customers use the RV for football weekends, some for temporary housing (and thus almost zero driving, zero miles/kilometres), some for the trip of a lifetime. Movie studios use motorhome rentals to support movie shoots. And business travel is increasingly conducted using motorhomes.

In Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, it is common for unlimited kilometres to be included in the rental price.

In the United States and Canada, on the other hand, miles or kilometres are sold separately in terms of prepaid chunks, per-day amounts, or unlimited miles or unlimited kilometres. Any miles or kilometres driven beyond the pre-purchased number are charged at a higher cost upon the return occasion. So, how to choose the correct number of pre-paid miles or kilometres or whether to purchase unlimited miles/kilometres? Simple. Our software does it for you. During the optional extras selection step just input your approximate expected driving distance and our software will compute and select for you your optimal pre-paid mileage or kilometres solution. This is a huge opportunity for you to save money on your RV rental. Moreover, if any kind of miles or kilometres special applies to your rental parameters, our software will apply that special for you.

Note: After the pick-up occasion there is never a refund for unused prepurchased miles or kilometres.

In many cases the RV rental company offers an inclusive package that bundles together a set of optional extras — perhaps including unlimited miles or unlimited kilometres — for one relatively low price. Again, don't worry about those packages. Just select à la carte the options that you want and our software will apply an inclusive package if such is available and if such package indeed gives you a lower price than actually paying for the options à la carte.

Similarly, RV rental companies often offer specials that involve optional extras. Such specials can be complicated and hard for customers to understand. Again, our software is carefully programmed and maintained to automatically apply any specials that benefit you.

We think our software is unique in terms helping our customers optimize their RV rental and minimize their costs in these important respects. Our aim is to provide you with the best value and to increase our sales as a result.

Nearly all RV rental companies include insurance which involves a very considerable deductible (i.e. an excess). Many RV rental companies do offer an optional waiver or two by which the customer can effectively reduce the deductible, perhaps all the way to zero. Note in this respect: the cover which credit cards typically extend to car rentals when the customer uses the card to pay for the rental does not extend to RV rentals, this because RVs (like sports cars, etc) are considered specialty vehicles that are excluded from such credit card cover.