Rent an RV in Canada

RV Rental Return

The RV should be returned with the toilet waste receptacle (e.g. blackwater tank) and the shower/sink waste water tank (greywater tank) empty. Otherwise the rental company reserves the right to charge a waste cleaning fee.

You are obliged to return the vehicle to the scheduled depot or location. There is an hourly charge for late return, and the time window for return is probably far less than 24 hours. Contact the rental depot if you cannot return on time.

The rental depot personnel will thoroughly inspect the RV for any damage. If the damage is not already marked on the damage checklist, you will be held responsible.

The RV should be returned clean inside and be emptied of luggage by the reserved return time. (Typically the motorhome rental company will clean the outside.) If the vehicle is not clean on the inside — i.e. not only emptied of luggage but also with clean floors (vacuumed or thoroughly swept), clean seats, clean appliances, clean bathroom, and generally clean surfaces — the rental company reserves the right to charge a substantial interior cleaning fee. You are not allowed to clean the RV at the rental depot. You will also be responsible for any claim made by a subsequent client because of their pick-up delay.

You must report and turn in to the rental depot any parking, toll-road or other tickets received during your rental. When you rent a RV in Canada, the USA, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, etc, the cost of any associated fine or fines devolves upon you the client, even if you were not directly ticketed for the violation or were otherwise unaware of the violation. Moreover, the rental company might charge you an administration fee for processing each such fine.