Rent an RV in Canada.

One Way RV Rental: USA, Canada, Europe …

One way RV rentals are super popular in the USA, slightly less so in Canada and in Scandinavia, and far less common in continental Europe.

In the USA all the major motorhome rental companies we represent support all the one way itineraries that are possible between the rental depots they operate (e.g. Los Angeles to New York, Las Vegas to Orlando, San Francisco to Las Vegas, San Francisco to Boston, etc). What's more, the rental companies' one way fees are reasonable — and in many cases during the spring or autumn travel seasons the one way fees are waived as part of a special. Our online reservation software accounts for all such one way motorhome hire specials.

In Canada cross country one way RV rentals are not well supported but one ways within Western Canada (e.g. between Vancouver and Calgary) or Eastern Canada (e.g. between Toronto and Halifax) are well supported. Again, one way fees are reasonable in Canada, and oftentimes during spring or autumn travel seasons the one way fees are waived as part of a special which our software of course accounts for.

One way motorhome hire within or between Norway, Sweden, and Finland is likewise well supported and involves reasonable one way fees.

On continental Europe, extra-country one way motorhome rentals are possible with our BW Campers motorhomes or campervans picked up at Amsterdam, Holland; with our Avis Car-Away motorhomes or campervans picked up in Paris or Marseille, France; within Scandinavia; and with our Autocaravan Express rentals picked up in Spain. And intra-country one way RV rentals are possible within France, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, and the UK.

One ways are not so common in Europe because the European geography lends itself more to circular routes, and because the more fractured geopolitical/economic landscape there makes one ways more problematic and costly. A lot of RV rental customers choose to pick-up and return in Germany because RV rentals based in Germany are considerably less expensive than anywhere else in Europe. Indeed, you should strongly consider starting and ending your RV tour of Europe in Germany — even if the bulk of your holiday lies elsewhere in Europe. Germany lends its outstanding RV's, its central European location, and its leading international airport at Frankfurt to motorhome hire tours of the more extended parts of Europe, including Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal, Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom (UK). The rental motorhomes and campervans can indeed be taken between continental Europe and Scandinavia (now much more accessible, via a bridge between Denmark and Sweden) and by sea or land to Greece or the UK or Ireland.