Rent an RV in Berlin Germany

DRM rental depot locations in Germany

The Deutsche Reisemobil (DRM) RV rental pick-up/return depots are located at Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

DRM does allow one-way rentals of their motorhomes and camper vans.

The DRM RV hire depot addresses and contact numbers are presented on our relevant Rental Info page, accessible by clicking the vehicle image during our online order process. We also present Google maps of the location. The address, contact info and map is also included of course on the rental confirmation voucher we e-mail to you after you book your motorhome hire.

Pick-up (or return) is not possible directly at airports, city centers (i.e. downtowns) or rail stations. You must make your own way to the depot locations. Any indications to the contrary are misleading. The DRM rental depots are open Monday–Friday and on Saturday mornings (except during the period October–March, when the depots are closed on Saturdays).

A morning pick-up time entails an extra night's worth of cost (except on Saturdays). The same is true of an afternoon return time. This policy is analogous to standard hotel check-in and check-out times. Moreover, a Monday morning pick-up entails charge not only for the preceding Sunday night but also for the preceding Saturday night, this because the vehicle must be prepped on Saturday morning and therefore cannot be rented out on the Saturday and Sunday night.

Clients should not plan to park their own vehicle at the rental depot. At some rental depots such parking is possible, but only if upon the pick-up occasion there happens to be room on the depot grounds. Typically rental depot personnel can direct clients to optimal parking solutions nearby the depot.

A thorough explanation and demonstration of the rental RV will be provided upon pick-up. That orientation, together with completion of the relevant paperwork, requires approximately one hour.

The vehicle should be returned clean insided, with empty and clean toilet cassette, and be empty of luggage by the reserved return time. (The hire company will clean the outside.) It is not possible to order interior cleaning or emptying of the toilet cassette in advance, and it is not possible for the client to clean the vehicle at the depot. The vendor will charge a cleaning fee ranging upward from EUR100 if the vehicle is not returned clean as described above. If return occurs after the reserved return time, a charge (up to the daily rate) will be levied for each extra such hour, and the customer will assume responsibility for claims made against the rental company by subsequent renters due to delay.

Any extension of the RV rental duration requires prior authorization by the rental company. No refunds are offered for early return of the rental motorhome.

You are welcome to transport your rented vehicle by ferry and/or the Channel Tunnel.

Again see our Rental Info page per rental for more details concerning the included insurance.

Motorhome and camper van rentals in Germany are considerably less expensive than anywhere else in Europe. Indeed, you should strongly consider starting and ending your RV tour in Germany — even if the bulk of your itinerary lies elsewhere. Germany lends its outstanding RVs, and its central location and leading international airports — Frankfurt airport, Munich airport, Berlin airport, Dusseldorf airport, and Hamburg airport — to tours of the more extended parts of Europe, including Scandinavia (now much more accessible, via a bridge between Denmark and Sweden), Eastern Europe and Greece (where, yes, the included insurance is effective), neighboring France, the Alps and Italy.

Hamburg, being in the north of Germany and just below Denmark, is a great place to start and end a tour of Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland.