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Juan Vazquez, 13 january 2016
Great service, we rented a car in Rome and drive to
Paris on December 2015 - January 2016. The cars was
new, terms and conditions exactly as mentioned. The
best part $1000 USD for 22 days of car rental, all
insurances included. I did a quote in other rental
companies, the rent for the same period including
the insurance would be the double.

Barb Law, 09 december 2015
Another very satisfied customer of Idea Merges and the Car
Lease program in Europe. I picked up a Citroen Berlingo in
Lyon and dropped it off at the Rome airport Fiumicino location.
The car was great - drove it over 13,000 km through France,
Sicily and mainland Italy without a hitch performance wise. I
did have a mishap of my own in Amboise, France - going down
a road that quickly became too narrow for the car! Had to back
out a few hundred meters and managed to scrape the side
mirrors and a bit on the back. As has been reported by others
there were no problems at all when I brought the car back.

I have to give special kudos to the Fiumicino drop off site - I
expect that I will do this again, but next time would happily pick
up and drop off the car at the Fiumicino site. The guys at the
return spot were awesome - spoke great English. I was able to
book an awesome little spot for the night that literally was
within 100 meters of the drop off(Aquila di Mare) - and provided
a shuttle to the airport for 10 Euros. Also there was a nearby car
wash service that did complete interior and exterior cleaning for
10 Euros - awesome! Made everything completely easy.
Awesome experience!

Walter, Vancouver BC, 08 december 2015
Fantastc service. They brought the car to Zuerich and we
travelled for 2 1/2 months. At one time we had a little mishap
with the car. There was some damage but the car was drivable.
I called them and they assured us that if we are ok to drive to
continue with our trip. They called a few days later and followed
up again to make sure everything is good. We returned the car in
Geneva and there was no question asked about the damage
because there is full insurance coverage with a zero deductible.
The friendly clerk drove us back to the airport. I can only
recommend this deal to anybody. Will do this again next year.

Brad, Sept - November 2015, 26 november 2015
Really great experience. Everything worked on the ground in France as
advertised. They picked us up at the airport and were there at 5:00
a.m. when we had to drop off the car. The car was great - Everything
just as advertised. In this case, it was too good to be true, but was true!

Karen, 17 november 2015
This was absolutely the way to go. The car was ready, and
brand new and exactly as we expected. We put 12 000 km on it
in 7 weeks and had absolutely no problems. We changed our
drop off location to Spain and this was hassle free and quick. As
ell, the drop off gave us a ride free of charge to the airport. We
will use this service again for sure.

Tony Paula O, 17 november 2015
Our first lease through Ideamerge was 12 years ago. First class service and assistance with Eric and the crew in Portland ever since 2003. This year was two months and 8830km in France, Germany and Italy with a Picasso C3. Ideamerge made it easy with our 3 or 4 schedule changes and short term rental after our lease was done. Thanks again to Ideamerge, we look forward to our next opportunity to book another car with you.

Sylvia Oregon, 16 november 2015
Easy, easy , no waiting in line, car was ready when we arrived.
Love the C3! Travel all,over France.
Front desk when called we're very helpfull. Best way to rent a car.
will do it again. Thanks

Dennis, Vancouver, Canada, 05 november 2015
As a rookie IdeaMerge user, I have to say that
this is the only way to rent a car in Europe.
From the initial registration with Scott Baxter
to the final drop-off at Charles de Gaulle,
everything was handled smoothly and
professionally. Except for a faulty component of
the fuel system, which Citroen immediately
replaced, our C3 (gas engine, manual
transmission) performed well with excellent gas
mileage (42 mpg) over 3 months (6000 km). The
GPS was excellent. You can't beat the price, the
fact you've got a new car, and the quality people

Jack and Barbara Clarke, 05 november 2015
We had a wonderful experience again with Ideamerge. Everything went smoothly on our 5+ week trip in France, Spain and Switzerland. The pickup and drop off went as planned and the car (Citroen Picasso) was perfect for us. It had great storage and driving it was very easy. We will be back with Ideamerge as soon as we plan the next trip!

Lary and Rachel, 02 november 2015
This was the fifth time with Ideamerge. Superb, again.
Citroen C4 was great, fast, agile, and looked wonderful. Agents and paperwork, easy and helpful.
We really liked the month long test of driving in Marseille, Genova, and Lyon. Driving in SF is a snap, in comparison. Everything was smooth, easy, and a joy.
Ideamerge is the only way to go.

Marv V, 28 october 2015
This was my second lease from Ideamerge. The first lease was so
successful I wanted to lease the exact same car. The ordering,
processing and pickup was very easy. The GPS in the car was
outstanding. I did have two issues not related to Ideamerge.
#1: At my pickup point the leasing agents could not get the France
SD card out of the GPS to replace it with the Europe map. That
process took over an hour so our departure was delayed.
#2: Although the car we received only had 5km on the odometer,
by the time we had driven a few hours I noticed the entire back
window had a film all over it. It was diesel fuel. Luckily I found a
repair facility and the repair was done the next day. Thanks to the
Road Assistance group for a taxi to/from my hotel. Very
interesting repair process since the repair shop spoke no English
and we spoke no French. Google translate on our smartphone
saved the day.

Steve K, 13 October 2015, 13 october 2015
This was our second time (first was in 2011) using
Ideamerge for trip of just over 3 weeks. As in 2011,
the experience was hassle free, between ordering,
documentation preparation, pick-up, and drop-off
everything was seamless. I believe 3 weeks is about the
point at which the buyback option equals the cost of a
rental. We felt since there is $0-deductible insurance,
and extra support as compared to a rental, it is
definitely better to go with a buyback even if your
trip is only 3-4 weeks.

Ken Trish, 05 october 2015
This was our 2nd time leasing from Ideamerge and both times it
has been a very positive experience. This time round we were
given maps to find the locations and this proved much easier to
follow than in 2008. We were dealt with promptly and
professionally with plenty of tips on details to our next destination.
I appreciate most the fact that the price you pay is exactly what
you pay. No attempts to upsell insurance like normal rental cars.

Aleksandar Janicijevic, 25 september 2015
This is second time we are leasing car from Idea Merge. This time
from Marseille, France. Same as last time, everything went smoothly
and to our complete satisfaction. Even the slight problem, we stepped
on the nail and our left rear tyre was loosing pressure, was handled
exceptionally professionally in Citroen service in Beograd, Srbija. They
fixed our tyre within 30 min without charging us anything. Excellent
experience again, thank you Idea Merge.

Nicole W., 19 september 2015
I have leased a car every summer for at least 10 years from IdeaMerge. I have had Peugeot, Renault (no longer available through IdeaMerge this year), Citroen. This summer I had a Citroen C3 and I loved it: spacious enough for one or two folks, but small enough to be comfortable on the narrow French roads, streets, and parking lots. I hope Citroen will not "grow" the C3 as Renault did the "Clio" over the years. The ordering process could not be simpler. No sweat! Picking up a leased car at a French airport is so much faster than renting a car. No hassle, no haggling. You get a brand new vehicle with enough gas in it to reach your first night abode. The only unknown is the color of the vehicle. I guess that it not very important. A great solution to the question of wheels in France.

Sean Morrissey Bend Oregon, 12 september 2015
I have leased a 9 seat van from Ideamerge every summer for the last 7 years & have always found their service completely reliable with outstanding customer service & attention to detail.

Greg S., 10 september 2015
I stumbled upon IdeaMerge trying to solve my very
expensive problem of a one way rental car in Europe. This
turned out to be the perfect solution picking up a C3
Picasso in Lisbon and returning it right across the France
border from Barcelona in Montpellier. Not only did the
brand new car work perfectly and the insurance offered
great piece of mind...but I changed my plans a couple
weeks prior to my departure and IdeaMerge quickly and
easily made the adjustment and saved me $300 by
dropping the car in France instead of Italy. The folks at
IdeaMerge were great to work with on the phone and then
the agents in person at the pick-up and drop off points.
Did I mention this was a far better economical solution
than any of the major car rental companies. I absolutely
will be a repeat customer. Thanks IdeaMerge !!!!

Jean-Pierre F., 07 september 2015
We leased a brand new C4 Picasso for nearly 4 weeks and got upgraded at no charge to the top of the trim (exclusive model). After researching car rental options, we concluded that this was the best deal for our 4-week vacation. We drove the car for nearly 5000 km and enjoyed the experience (there was a large touch screen in the car, including GPS); we were even able to pack 5 adults and their luggage at one point. The paperwork with IdeaMerge was straightforward and everything happened as described by IdeaMerge. The picking up and returning of the car was quick and painless, and the staff at CDG was efficient and customer friendly.

Peter H, 06 september 2015
Our experience with leasing a car through Ideamerge was just
excellent, from all the help in deciding which car to lease through
to the pick-up and eventual drop off. I would certainly recommend
Ideamerge for worry free car leasing given our great experience.

Doug B July/Aug 2015, 03 september 2015
We leased a Citroen C5 from IdeaMerge for two weeks
this summer and it made our entire trip a wonderful
experience. Everything from securing our lease with
our IdeaMerge contact to picking up the car,
driving it in all conditions and returning it was
convenient, comfortable, professional, and
affordable. The car was a great drive, very roomy
and the GPS guided us from country to country
effortlessly. I would recommend IdeaMerge and
Citroen to all.

Joe Lompart 1 Sept 2015, 01 september 2015
We leased a C4 Picasso this summer for four weeks. The car was
roomy yet small enough to to get around tight streets in Europe. It
truly could not have been easier. We flew in and out of CDG. Check in
and check out were a breeze. It was nice not having to worry about
insurance in a foreign land. I highly recommend this program, and
look forward to using it in the future!

Bob Lynne N., 14 august 2015
Our experience with the Europe Pass program through Ideamerge far exceeded our reasonably high expectations. We had a brand new, Citroen Cactus C4 Shine Edition semi-automatic and it performed like a charm. during 28 days we drove from Amsterdam, NE to Milan, IT putting over 3,900K on the car. Pick up on the highway was a little weak but you adjust quickly. Navigation was exceptional except sometimes the system said "bear" in a direction when it meant "turn", and vice versa. Use the screen and you'll never make a mistake. Ideamerge made the whole process easy. A TravelParking agent in Amsterdam shuttled us from the sirport, processed the pickup and demonstrated the vehicle. Another agent in Milan processed the return and got us to the airport in under 20 minutes. Just have all of your paperwork on hand and ready to make the processing smooth. I would definitely do this agin and would recommend it to anyone. Good job Ideamerge.

Ali A., 12 august 2015
We rented C5 for a month and drove for 6000K. Car was very
comfortable. We also could fit three large luggage. I also like to
thank the two people who helped the pick up and drop off. They
were very flexible and helpful. I wish they have more pick up and
drop off locations such as Limoge , coruna and ourense.I will use
this company again!!!

'Nette, 06 august 2015
After years of looking for the right vehicle solution for our long-term
travel in and around Europe, a chance recommendation from a friend
sent us to IdeaMerge. I have recommended the service to dozens of
others now, because the service so far outstrips any other
methodology: renting, purchase-and-sell, borrowing...everything.
From the white-glove service to the perfect car to the baby-smooth
process, every aspect of the process was spot-on. I couldn't be

John, 20 july 2015
This was our first lease with IdeaMerge. I wish that I found
them sooner. The service was top notch and the pickup and
drop off was amazingly simple. Scott was thorough and patient
in answering questions. The C4 was a breeze to drive. The
diesel had plenty of power for entering highways. The 6 speed
manual transmission was exceptionally smooth and braking
was positive with good control of the vehicle. Fortunately, I
didn't test the airbags. The GPS was helpful although it
occasionally got lost. French toll booths were a challenge and
an adventure. Different roads are owned by different companies
so the toll equipment varies. I am looking forward to leasing
another vehicle from Ideamerge.

Gregg Nancy - May-June 2015, 13 july 2015
First time my wife and I lease from IdeaMerge and we were very
pleased with our Citroen C4 Picasso van that we picked up/dropped
off at the Marseille airport. The attendants were very helpful and
pleasant to work with. It took very little time to get & return the
vehicle. Scott Baxter was great to work with throughout the process
and answered our questions promptly. Everything went as stated in all
the information we received from IdeaMerge & Citroen. We will
definitely consider using IdeaMerge on a future trip.

Annette Buck, 11 july 2015
Our leasing experience with Idea Merge was great! It was
simple and fast. We picked up our brand new vehicle and
enjoyed driving it for 14 days through France. Scott was
extremely helpful when we decided to upgrade to a different
vehicle about a month before we were supposed to lease the
car. I would recommend your company to anyone. So much
easier than renting. Thank you very much.

Linda, June 2015, 01 july 2015
Scott was incredibly helpful as we sorted through
options. Much better than a rental agency. He was
patient and thorough answering questions. Pick up
and drop off a breeze. Berlingo perfect choice for
our equipment (2 paragliders). Totally recommend
this approach for an extended European stay.
Excellent customer service - worry free.

Mel, 27 june 2015
First time with idea merge. Pickup was without issues. Dropoff not
simply easy, but facilitated since we hit traffic heading to CDG.
The C5 was a perfect recommendation from Scott given that we
were going to have 4 people in the car with luggage for part of the
trip. Also a bit cheaper than other websites.I love leasing because
of the worry free driving. I will lease through them again.

Roaming Robin, 23 june 2015
This was a breeze. So different from dealing with the car rental companies.
Everything went well and, when I had questions during the paperwork process, prior to actually getting the car, the Portland office was extremely good.
The only thing that slightly threw me was that the user guide for the GPS emailed to me ahead of time was written for an older model of Citroen. Fortunately by combination of the French guide that came with the car and my (bad) French, I was able to figure it out!

K Dolan, 19 june 2015
This is my 6th trip using IdeaMerge and I will use them again. The
pickup in Barcelona was great - pickup from the airport was
speedy, and the intro to the car was detailed. They even preset the
GPS to English, and programmed in the return location. Drop off
was equally easy, with a quick ride to the hotel, even though there
was only one guy on duty at the return station. The return process
was a snap.

The car, a Citroen C4, was nice. The GPS was usually right on the
money getting me to where I was going, even though I was in very
rural parts of Spain and France. It didn't work for finding points of
interest however, which was a problem.

The paperwork process is improved over previous years. Scott is
very helpful and responsive.

I will use IdeaMerge again, and recommend it to everyone who
needs a car in Europe.

G. Pope, 19 june 2015
This must be our 6th lease via Ideamerge. Scott Baxter was his usual excellent help and the pre documentation from him was clear and explicit. We leased a Citroen C3 diesel and were quite pleased with it. This was our first Citroen as all the other cars were Renault. Good pick up and mileage, good storage and came equipped with a GPS. We didn't use that much as I had brought one with me with a lot of preloaded POI's. We picked up the car in Bordeaux and the fellow was quite helpful. Problem in Bordeaux is that you have to phone on a landline to the car pick up place so he will come and get you. In the Bordeaux airport there are NO public telephones. Even the pickup guy said this has become a problem. So what we did and what he recommended for others was get the nice lady at the information desk to dial out for us. Of course, if you have a cell hone that works in France, that would work also but you would pay for the call. We returned the car after 34 days and 4200km to Nice. The instructions to find the TT office for return were great and the pictures helped. It also helped that I had used Google Earth Street View to find my way there in advance. In Nice, after the simple drop off process, there was no transport to the airport or our hotel as there was only 1 guy on duty. A short walk to Terminal 2 and we could take the free shuttle to Terminal 1 and then walk over to our hotel. If you aren't mobile with your luggage, then call a taxi. So thanks Scott. we look forward to another trip in the near future.

R. Martinengo , 17 june 2015
We were upgraded to a Citroen Picasso, but I would have preferred a smaller car driving through the narrow maze of streets in Portugal and Spain. The GPS worked between cities, but got confused in thee center of towns. Very friendly person at the Lisbon airport, and he was not upset at all when we returned the car with an ugly crease in the side door...thank goodness for the zero deductabil! Next time we'll get an automatic...

T. Ruff, 01 june 2015
This was my fifth or sixth experience with Ideamerge in leasing a car
in Europe. Mr. Baxter was very helpful and kind and our experience
once in Europe was better than I could get from any auto rental
agency. We highly recommend short term leasing if you are even
close to needing a car for 3 weeks and Ideamerge is an excellent

Jacques lapeyre, 18 may 2015
April 2015 lease
First time my wife and I lease from IdeaMerge and we were very pleased with our Citoen C3 from Paris Roissy airport and back there for the return. Attendants were helpful and instructions very good.Scott Baxter was very kind throughout the process and answers questions promptly. The car was very economical and had plenty of space for 3 suitcases (one big, 2 small). We will definitely use IdeaMerge on our next trip.

J Braun, 26 april 2015
We have been leasing for several years now & are very happy with the Ideamerge/TT service. Two things stand out for us:
* the guarantee to pick up the chosen vehicule (I was offered a choice of a jeep or a convertible at a rental agency one day in Florida or to wait several hours for a "normal" car to be returned!)
* the zero deductible which proved invaluable when our car (and apartment) was severely flooded. A rental car was provided the next day and a brand new replacement car delivered to our door within 72 h. That's service!

Margaret Thibodeau, 24 december 2014
This was our third long term lease with IdeaMerge, and we were just as happy with it, as we were our first. As usual, Scott was helpful, and answered all of our e-mails, quickly.
This time we had a Citroen Picasso, automatic, and loved it. We had a bit of trouble getting used to a different kind of automatic, it would gear down like an manual, but after getting used to that, it was a dream.
Pick up and drop off, went smoothly, with both attendants being friendly and helpful. We will lease again next year, and would recommend this company to everyone.

Will and Cynthia Collier, 06 december 2014
We ordered the DS4 to drive while in France for a month. We were rewarded with a discount for
being repeat customers and also a promotion discount from Citroen. We were happy with the car and the incredible diesel milage. The only faults we found were the way the car jerks when it is at slow speed after stops or slow-downs,and the blind spots caused by the car frame at front and back windshields. The GPS was very helpful and when we turned too early or late at alerts such as "turn left at 600 meters", we were re-directed back to our initial direction. Scott was very helpful this year and last, and very patient. His accessibility and disposition made for a pleasant transaction and made us feel confident that Ideamerge was the organization we wanted to be working with in leasing a car. We didn't drive the full number of days we were paying for this time but we know from past experience that the insurance coverage and the zero deductible in leasing is every bit worth it.

Greg Robison, 04 december 2014
This was our 4th lease from Ideamerge. Delivery
was to FCO airport outside of Rome.
As usual it was a seamless transaction.
We leased the Renault Kangoo. I'm 6'5" and had a
bunch of headroom. Very large cargo area and roof
rack. Very spacious for 4 adults and luggage.
Plenty of power in the diesel and nimble enough
for those tight windy Italian roads.
Looking forward to our next rental.
Thanks for your excellent service, insurance and

Dave Price, 25 november 2014
Leased a Citroen Picasso from Idea Merge and put on
8,230 kilometers in our travels throughout Europe.
No issue or problems from the time of initial lease
to pickup and return of the vehicle. It was a very
enjoyable experience and I would recommend Idea
Merge to other travelers looking to drive in
Europe. If we ever make a extended trip through
Europe again I would definitely go the same route.
In addition Scott Baxter was very prompt in
responding to all of our questions.

Don from Canada, November, 2014, 20 november 2014
Scott Baxter from IdeaMerge was very helpful in setting us up with a diesel Citroen C3. The car had 8 km on the odometer when we picked it up and enough fuel to drive well over 100 km. This was our second rental from IdeaMerge, and both involved pickup and drop-off at different locations (Paris, Lyons, Bordeaux). Staff at all locations were very helpful. I used my own GPS this time and was pleased to see that the Renault/Citroen drop-off was listed under the "car rental" header for Charles de Gaulle, so no difficulties at all finding the place.

Elenita and Kari, Canada, 03 november 2014
We leased a Citroen C3 gasoline automatic for 29
days in September to drive around France. The
leasing process was professional yet customer
friendly. The C3's performance and comfort
exceeded our expectations. We really liked the
Zenith windscreen, that provided a wider view of
the scenery, and the surprisingly roomy cargo
space. The GPS efficiently took us to our
destinations. This is the first time we leased a
car thru IdeaMerge and it will not be the last.
Thanks to Scott Baxter in Montreal and the staff at
the pick-up and delivery centre in Paris.

Ric, Phillips, WI USA, 03 october 2014
Ideamerge was good to deal with. Easy pick up and easy return,
making the whole car lease thing about as stress free as it can be.
There were no added charges and our Citroen Picasso was brand
new when we got it, and it performed great. The GPS was
programmed for English and even though it took us a while to figure it
out, it was wonderful to have.

Roland Girardet, 29 september 2014
We leased automobile in Europe for several years. This year's C3 Citroen was the best car ever.
The car is responsive,comfortable in cities, in mountains and on Expressways. The automatic transmission worked perfectly well.
We have no negative comments, only praise for this automobile. Thank you.
Roland Giraret

Norman and Margaret Stevens, 18 september 2014
This is the third time we have had a car through Ideamerge and again we had no problems. We would recommend using Ideamerge to anyone. One gets much more value for money than renting a car through a rental company.

The GPS in the car was not very user friendly. Fortunately we had our own with us so that worked out well.

Pete Sadow, 12 september 2014
We picked up a 2014 Renault Clio IV SW at Paris Orly in
mid June and turned it in there 10,000 km later in mid
August. There were three of us and we tent camped
throughout Europe. It is a wonderful car. Everything
worked well. It is comfortable, fast, roomy, easy to
park. The 5 speed manual Diesel delivered 58 mpg
average for the entire trip. Pick-up and turn-in
services were quick and pleasant. I will definitely
use this service again.

Louise from USA, 24 august 2014
We have used IdeaMerge for four consecutive years.
The entire staff is service-oriented and the value is
excellent. We have picked up and returned our Citroen
Picasso C3 in various cities with ease. We think the
IdeaMerge system is a winner.

Sharon Hallgrimson, 20 august 2014
Fantastic! I picked up a car in Nice at the beginning of May and drove it for 2 months. The process was efficient and the experience exceeded expectations. I'd become accustomed to picking up rental cars that were past their "sale date" and suffering from prior rental abuse. My Kangoo was a dream to drive, and once I returned to the US I actually researched the possibility of buying one in California. Unfortunately, the car is not available in the US.
Scott was extremely helpful throughout the process, and I look forward to working with IDEAMERGE again next year. High on the list of plusses was the immediate accessibility of the car - within minutes I was on the road. The return was without hassle as well. I only wish the drop-off fees outside of France were less, but an extra 4 hours to my destination was a small price to pay.

Erich from Canada, 08 august 2014
We leased a brand new Citroen DS9 for our month abroad and couldn't
have had a better experience. We picked it up at Frankfurt Airport and
returned it to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

The car was in fantastic condition, the representatives we dealt with at
the beginning and end of our lease were informative, helpful and were
easy to talk to.

Our experience was amazing and we'd recommend this a thousand
times over (if I haven't already).

Richard From Canada, 04 august 2014
Did some homework before leasing a Berlingo through
Ideamerge and even had my brother in law who sells
vehicle insurance check this all out before we went
ahead. Every question we had was answered and Scott
was more than great to deal with. Picked up the
vehicle in Frankfurt and drove it for five weeks
before dropping it of in Amsterdam. Everything was
excellent and will certainly do this again on our next
trip to Europe.

Erica from Canada, 10 june 2014
Our experience with IdeaMerge's foreign lease was excellent. We had a Renault delivered to LHR. Both picking up and dropping off the car were totally seamless. The car itself was great (my only complaint was that no one seemed able to convert the display from kph to mph, but we got used to doing the conversion). Best of all was the zero-stress insurance policy. We had two minor incidents with the car (a scrape and a punctured tire). There were no additional fees or charges at all -- the insurance is as good as it looks.

Jerry R, 10 june 2014
The leasing process was painless, pickup at Schiphol Amsterdam was
easy, but returning the car was difficult, the place was not easy to
find..better directions to the return place would greatly help.
other than that no complaints.

Bruce Maria, 09 june 2014
The info sent to us before the trip about the car was timely and complete. Service at pick-up in Paris (Pt St Cloud) and return in Madrid (MAD) worked perfectly. All attendants spoke English. All systems were explained including a GPS demo. Our Citroen C-4 was excellent. We had 2 large bags, 2 small ones plus 2 hand bags, and we were full, but very comfortable. Drove about 4000 Km through France and Spain over 60 days. The GPS was excellent. Saved us when we were lost, too! We never needed service, but the shops were everywhere. As to the cost, this lease was a bargain compared to a pure rental. We saved an estimated 50%, plus we had full insurance coverage (no deductible). We will be back to Idea Merge again for out next trip. Thanks so much.

John and Peggy Heywood, 04 june 2014
This is the third time we have leased a car out of Rome airport for two months in Italy. The whole transaction could not have been smoother. Great service, good value.

Scott McKnight, 15 may 2014
We have been leasing cars through Ideamerge for our European trips since 2005. For our trip this winter of 2014, the Renault Megane that we usually lease was not available when we needed to make our reservation in the fall. Scott suggested the Clio Estate diesel wagon and although a bit smaller than we would have preferred, it was quite comfortable and worked out well. Our experience with Ideamerge and its staff has always been exemplary.

David Serena, 16 april 2014
We have enjoyed our second Renualt lease with Ideamerge as we have
driven across western Europe. Everything was flawless with the pick-
up of our vehicle and the drop off was just as easy. Scott, as always,
was a big help along the way in answering any of our questions.
Thank you for everything Scott and your advice, we look forward to
our next lease with you.

Bob Woods, 29 november 2013
We have been leasing through IdeaMerge for many years now and have always been very satisfied. On our last trip the Megane we usually get was not available and Scott suggested we try the Scenic instead. We did, and it will be our vehicle of choice for our next trip in the spring. I recommend IdeaMerge without hesitation.

Glenn Turton, 18 november 2013
We recently leased a Citroen C4 diesel with Ideamerge and the whole experience was easy and well organised. From initial contact to supply of information and the entire lease deal everything proved exactly as we were told it would be. Our pickup at Schiphol in Amsterdam went smoothly. The only hiccup was our selection of drop-off as the entry was hard to find and proved a little frustrating at Port St Cloud in Paris. I have no hesitation in recommending leasing this way and via Ideamerge particularly.

Bob D., 18 november 2013
This is our 3rd lease in Europe. Excellent service. We had to change drop-off location and date, but it was smoothly handled via e-mail. Will lease again!

David Serena, 11 november 2013
My wife and I are full filing a dream of ours to have a living experience
throughout western Europe, after much searching we decided on Idea
Merge and could not be happier. Dealing with Scott Baxter and his
expertise has made our experience much more rewarding as there
were many factors that needed to be taken care. Scott is wonderful to
deal with and is very attentive to all of our needs. He is efficient,
helpful, and overall demonstrates excellent customer service! He gives
you the feeling that he is working hard to get you the best deal
possible as he has for us. We will be picking up our next vehicle soon
and look forward to many more great experiences-thank you Scott!

Geoff Craven, 10 november 2013
Absolutely hassle-free lease in Sept/Oct of a Kangoo to travel in
France. Picked up and returned to the airport in Paris. Thanks to
Scott. We have had no trouble at all with this lease programme in
what must be the last 15 years or so.

Tony, 08 november 2013
We have kind of lost count of the number of cars we have leased from Ideamerge. Scott and all the people we have worked with are just top drawer and they deal with our questions and problems quickly and with a minimum of fuss. This year it was a Citroen Picasso because our son and daughter and granddaughter joined us. The pick up and drop off takes a very few minutes. The cars are great, the Ideamerge team is great! Can't think of a reason not to do this again the next time we go to Europe.

action.y, 03 november 2013
The Citroen car we leased through IdeaMerge was
perfect for our needs! The entire process was
extremely smooth and all information was given
upfront. Scott Baxter was excellent in dealing with
customer relations - prompt, extremely polite, and
efficient. From pick up to drop off everything went
off extremely well and we were extremely impressed
with the features that the car had. Will definitely
lease from IdeaMerge again!

Alan Gosling, 02 november 2013
Leased a Ciroen C4 for 10 weeks, our third lease of a C$ and as usual faultless. In the three trips we have covered some42000 kms and averaged about 5 litres per 100 kms.
Service from Ideamerge was as faultless as the car.
Thank you

Bruce Taylor, 01 november 2013
We have been leasing cars in Europe regularly since
1989 and have been working with Scott and IdeaMerge
for the past three years. Mostly, on recent trips,
we have leased Dacia cars by Renault. They have
really suited our purpose (which is to be a 'people
carrier') for five months each year. Without
exception, IdeaMerge has fitted us out with
excellent vehicles and good service. As our summers
in France will be ongoing, I am sure that our
relationship with Scott and IdeaMerge will also
continue. In fact, I have already done preliminary
research for the vehicle to meet our needs in 2014!

Brent Busch - Sept. 12th-October 12th, 23 october 2013
We had a marvellous experience leasing our vehicle from
Ideamerge. We chose a Peugeot Partner Tepee which was perfect for
two couples travelling with 4 good sized bags. Pickup was seamless
at the Malpensa Airport as the agents picked us up to take us to the
car lot. It was waiting to go, brand new and spotless. The agent did a
quick run through for us and we were on our way in less than half an
hour. We had the car for 5 weeks and put on close to 4000 km as we
travelled Italy from north to south. We returned it to Rome airport.
The drop off was also easy, although we tried to call ahead as per the
contract to make a drop off appointment but were unable to connect
with the number provided. The return agent was a bit grumpy as he
had to look up the paperwork but that didn't deter us from praising
the process. Anyone going to Europe for more than 2 weeks would be
wise to look into this lease. The zero deductible insurance included in
the lease was comforting even though we didn't have to test it out.

Liz and Bob Merry - Ontario Canada, 22 october 2013
Our experience from start with Scott Baxter to
finish at Nice airport was terrific.The Renault
Kangoo van suited the needs of 4 travellers , all
adults and there was just the right amount of room
for all our luggage. The GPS was such a great help.
We took roads using it that we would never have
taken and saw beautiful countryside vistas because
of it.The van took us about 3200 km over 26 days and
we were all comfortable.
One slight accident when a rear light was broken.
Upon return of the van we were asked about the light
but no charges so the insurance is all inclusive.
One slight bit of confusion when returning the van
to Nice airport in that finding the return lot was
not clearly signed at the airport and we should have
been given a map for Nice Airport when we picked up
the van at CDG airport but did not receive one. No
problem though.
All in all a wonderful experience with IdeaMerge and
we will certainly use them again.
Thank you Scott for answering my questions with such
patience and knnowledge.
Bob Merry

Tim - Omaha Ne., 22 october 2013
This is my second year with Ideamerge. Picked up the Renault at Frankfurt. Again as last year a short tour of the vehicle here is the keys and good luck! Off on the adventure we went. Leased the vehicle for 22 days. There were four of us and even with our luggage there was ample room in the Kangoo. Of course as the trip progresses the room for the luggage gets tighter and tighter.

The Kangoo had a built in GPS, but I took my faithful Garmin and used it. I am totally dependent on the GPS while in Europe. Went to 9 different countries and put on 5200 kilometers. Can't say we didn't have some problems, liking go thru a Bosnian border guard post without stopping. Of course that's a whole story unto itself.

If you're thinking about doing this I urge you to give it a shot. You will be covered fully with insurance and if you use the GPS you won't get lost. Sure you'll have a language barrier but you'll work through it with gestures and smiles.

As for me, I'm waiting for next year and hoping that I'll get a Citroen to try.

Larry-Sept 9 to Oct 9/2013, 20 october 2013
we picked up the Renault Kangoo @Orly Airport in Paris. it was
a 110 HP diesel 6 speed manual which worked very well for our
party of four larger Americans. It had plenty of power and
averaged 44 MPG. If you can drive a manual it is the way to go
because down hill twisty roads are a breeze by down shifting to
lower gears and seldom using brakes. we drove 5375 kilometers
through France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Netherlands.
This is the first time we have leased a car from Ideamerge. Scott
Baxter was great to work with! it was a snap to pick up the
Kangoo @ Orly and drop it near Schiple in Amsterdam. I would
definetly lease from Ideamerge again!

James Fuss, 06 october 2013
I leased a mini van from May til September with Idea Merge. Scott was
extremely helpful and accomodating when I was organising it. It was
totally hassle free once I picked up the vehicle and the staff in France
were very helpful and friendly at both ends. I will definitely be using
Idea merge again!

Diane, 02 october 2013
Just returned from leasing a car in France (Avignon
- Provence) through Idea Merge. This was our second
lease through Idea Merge because we'd had such a
good experience leasing through them 2 years ago.
Once again, our experience was smooth and trouble
free. We drove with peace of mind knowing that
comprehensive insurance was included in the lease
price. Idea Merge is great to work with. I had a
question from France, and Scott responded quickly
and thoroughly. Next time we travel, we will lease
through Idea Merge again.

Michael and Denise, 28 september 2013
The entire experience was fantastic. Ideamerge and Renault
were a fantastic partnership. We picked up and dropped off in
Milan and were shocked at how easy it was. We had the car for
8 weeks and drove in 9 countries and 8000 kilometers.

We tell everyone that asks that this is the only way to go and will
definitely do so again. This was a once in a lifetime trip and
Ideamerge added to the experience in a very positive way and
cost about $5000 less than a rental car!!!

Rafik / September 27th 2013 , 27 september 2013
Excellent service! Scott Baxter at Idea Merge was extremely helpful to ensure our booking was set up right and we got the car we wanted. Our Renault Megan was absolutely great and worry free way to explore Europe. I would definitely recommend this service to friends and use again on the next trip.
Thank you!

Marcello Pellicciotti, 26 september 2013
Great experience, car was good as expected. Service was
outstanding. Check in & out simple and hassle free.
Would definitely do it again in the future.
Support service in Australia was also perfect. Thanks. Marcello

steve, 23 september 2013
We have leased cars through the French tourist tax system several
times over the years, and recommend this system to anyone who will

IdeaMerge provided excellent contact and information, and the car
lease went seamlessly.

Rod, 21 september 2013
We leased a vehicle for approx 6 weeks. The car was as expected and
pick was simple and easy once we found the depot in Paris. Be aware
however that you need to fill the vehicle ASAP as they provide a near
empty tank at pick up time.
We drove the car extensively throughout France and then took it on
the ferry to Ireland for 3 weeks and then back on the ferry to France.
The GPS in the vehicle was a bit suspect on occasions - maybe
something lost in translation from French to English but that says
more about the car manufacturer rather than Ideamerge. We dropped
the vehicle off at CDG airport. INstructions on where to drop off were
a little unclear but once we got to the depot the process was again
extremely simple and quick - they then provided a shuttle back to the
airport terminal at no charge. The whole contract with Ideamerge
worked well and I would use them again.

Sanford H Begun, 13 september 2013
I have been leasing with ideamerge for many years now and have been very satisfied. I either pick up at the airport in Paris or Bordeaux and return there after 3 months. Now with the GPS on all cars and if you can use a stick shift it is actually fun to drive. Since you will be driving a car that you are not normally driving, it is important that you insist on a demonstration when you arrive for the gears and the AC. The Renault this year did not have a key. Also it is important that the manual is in english or whatever your native language is as there can be suprises and if you cannot look it up in the manuel you might be in trouble.
All in all I have been happy with the Ideamerge concept and I will continue to use them.

Aldo, 11 september 2013
I picked up a brand new Peugeot 5008 with all options at Rome, Fiumicino. The car drove like a charm, without any probems what so ever. All the arrangements were done correctly and punctual. My experience has been positive. Therefore, I highly recommend to anyone Ideamerge and Scott was very highly qualified in representing the company.

Luisa - September 7, 2013, 08 september 2013
This my my 3rd year leasing with IdeaMerge and will lease through
Scott every time. Picked up our Peugeot 308 in Toulouse, drove
across Spain and spent the rest of our time in Portugal. The car only
had 7 kms on it but unfortunately there was a factory flaw, in that the
air only came out at the windshield and feet, even when that wasn't
selected. The unfortunate part in all this was that they wouldn't
upgrade me at pick up and suggested that I go to the nearest
Peugeot dealer and have them check it out! Was not impressed but I
was tired after a long flight and decided to live with it. I didn't want
to spend my vacation looking for a Peugeot dealer and waiting to get
my rental fixed. Maybe I should've called the main office for more
help. This was very disappointing, but otherwise, the car handled
very well in all the 3,000+ kms we put on it and was very fuel
efficient. Was able to drop off in Lisbon at 5 a.m.!

Michael and Denise, 07 september 2013
We were in Europe in the summer of 2013 for 10 weeks. 8 of that with a leased car. This was the best car "rental" experience we have EVER had!!! The pick up and drop off were so smooth. In fact, we dropped off the car in Milan, at the airport, right before we checked in for our flights! It took 5 minutes! Ideamerge is professional, responsive, and has thought of EVERYTHING! We couldn't be happier!! The whole process was absolutely seamless. BTW, this is the first review I have ever written about ANYTHING! I feel that strongly about it.... Thank you, Ideamerge!!

Arko, 3 September 2013, 03 september 2013
We have leased Renault Captur thru Ideamerge during
our trip to Europe in Jul/August.
I must say this was one of the best trips we ever
had. Started with Paris we drove thru 10 different
countries for a total of around 6000 km. The car
behaved flawlessly although would probably upgrade
for a longer trips. Seating was not the best and
rear view could be improved. Nevertheless it was a
perfect trip.
I loved their full coverage. It gives you some piece
of mind.
At the end I would like to thank Scott and people
from Paris CDG for their professional service.
One thing is for sure....on my next trip to Europe I
will definitely lease through Ideamerge.

Zajzon, 03 september 2013
I was a little bit nervous when I signed the initial documents since this was the first time. I did not know what to expect and how things will work out. I can tell now that it was a very good experience. I am extremely happy. It worked out perfectly; it can't be easier than this. Both Scott from Ideamerge and the people from Peugeot Open Europe were very helpful and attentive.
We picked up a 9 seater Peugeot Expert Tepee in Marseilles and returned it to Paris 7000kms and one month later. The van was perfect for 6 people with luggage to drive around Europe.
It was functioning flawlessly and had great gas mileage, GPS covering the whole EU etc... It was perfectly drivable on small country roads, alpine passes and could hold comfortably 160km/h on the German highways. It fit most of the underground parking garages. I wish I could buy it in North America.
We had a small fender bender at a gas station, called the Peugeot assistance line, filled out the paperwork for the insurance and it was done. Everything went very smooth.
I am planning to lease again the next time I am going to Europe for an extended vacation.

FABA, August 2013, 01 september 2013
This was our 2nd time leasing and everything went as
smooth as the first time. 26 days, 3 counties and
3800 kms later and all went awesome. After I signed
the initial contract, they couldn't produce the car
we wanted so they upgraded us at no cost which was a
plus. All processes along the way went flawlessly.
For those returning to the leasing program, don't
forget to ask for the return customer discount.
Thanks for everything Scott and we will be chatting
in 2 years for the Southern Italy trip!!

Ed O'Neal, 29 august 2013
Leased a Grand Scenic Renault for 30 days, pick up and delivery at
the Charles de Gaul airport, Paris. Arrangement with Scott was easy
and very helpful. As a party of six, with a top carrier (purchased
separately) it seemed a good choice, but turned out to be too small
for us and luggage. Had to rent another small car for part of our
journey. The two fold down rear seats were too small for anyone
except very small children. However, in all other respects the car
was excellent: good mileage (appr. 44 miles/gal) and the GPS was
a life saver (in English and worked all over Europe). Easy pick up
and delivery, although a 3 day prior arrangement and time was
required. Otherwise, our experience with ideamerge was very

Chris Measures, 26 august 2013
This is the third time over the last few years we have leased a
Renault Scenic through ideamerge and every time it has been
effortless and the lease was handled in a very professional manner.
In fact it is much easier to lease a car with ideamerge than it is to
deal with car rental agents at airports. The pick up process is very
fast and convenient and the return is also very well organised. We
particularly like the Renault Scenic as it has plenty of room for 4
people and luggage and is comfortable for long journeys.
Needless to say our repeat business with this company shows that
we are very satisfied customers. We plan to lease with them again
when next we have an extended trip in Europe

Al Greene, August 24, 2013, 24 august 2013
The diesel, automatic 3008 Peugeot was terrific. We received and returned the car with no hassle, although we had to call three times before someone picked us up at the airport, costing about 45 minutes. Also, for those not familiar with driving in France or using the built-in GPS like I was, make sure the "no toll road" option is not selected, or it will take you longer to get to your hotel.

Christopher Shipley, 15 august 2013
Just back from three months in France when we leased a Renault
Grand Scenic. Great vehicle, great job by Ideamerge providing a totally
trouble-free experience in every way from the pick-up and drop off of
the vehicle to the flawless performance of the vehicle itself. We've
done business with Ideamerge for the last eight years leasing vehicles
for extended periods in Europe and quite simply they are the best;
honest, efficient, always available and helpful and offering terrific
prices. Don't drive in Europe without them.

Fabrizio, 11 august 2013
Leased a Clio for 355 days. Picked up in Strasbourg, returned in
Munich. Everything worked fine and was seamlessly organized. Very
convenient. We were fully satisfied.

Denise C, 08 august 2013
Just returned from a 5 week trip to Germany, France and Italy. The
entire process was made simple and quick. The zero deductible
makes the lease worry-free. We rented a Clio 4 and loved it. We are
a family of four with 4 small pieces of luggage which fit perfectly in
the trunk space. The car was quick and nimble and actually fun to
drive - I wish they sold them in the USA! The mileage was excellent
and the diesel fuel was less expensive in Europe than unleaded
gasoline. The GPS was very simple to figure out and was a life-saver
several times in cities, especially when construction blocked our
planned route. I'd definitely choose IdeaMerge again if we were on a
longer trip. Staff were prompt and friendly. Overall - Highly

Dr. Zimmerman, 03 august 2013
Leased Renault Scenic upon recommendation from IdeaMerge. It was prefect. Picked up and drove away within 30 minutes. Drove for 8 weeks throughout Europe, return took all of 15 minutes. This is our second time leasing through IdeaMerge and we have encountered no problems whatsoever. Delivered as promised, returned as promised. Palnning for our 3rd trip next summer and there will be no hesitation in leasing through IdeaMerge.

Francophiles from WA, USA, 31 july 2013
"Leased" a Renault Clio for two months in France (June/July 2013) which proved to be a brilliant solution to our family's varied transportation needs. The car was comfortable, spacious, fun & economical (diesel) to drive. We had zero problems, and our adult sons also enjoyed their week-on-the-road, also appreciating the GPS, the Bluetooth audio link, the worry-free insurance coverage.
We picked up and dropped off the car at the Port St. Cloud address in Paris with relative ease & flexibility.
Would highly recommend this option for visitors needing a car for over 5-week stays.

Carl, 24 july 2013
We leased a Peugeot 208 Pack Diesel for three weeks. The order process, pickup at Barcelona airport and drop off at Amsterdam went very smoothly. Thank god for the little car, it fit everywhere we went (in the small towns streets, parking spaces, and country roads). The diesel car functioned perfectly and got great gas mileage. The car even automatically turned off the engine at stop lights - a feature that at first got us a little nervous, but it worked great and made it even more gas efficient. We drove 4400 KMs. The only issue I can think of was when we picked up the car it was filthy outside and we had a Panoramic Roof. We could not find a car wash so ended up driving it that way. The rain cleaned it up a bit and some paper towels and a squeegee at the gas station took care of the windows at least.

jorgensen, 23 july 2013
This car purchase/lease system worked brilliantly for us on our
holiday in Southern France. We picked the car up at the airport in
Toulouse and the young fellow who picked us up and assisted us
with the final paperwork was a really nice young fellow. It was very
helpful that he spoke English as our French is very limited. He was
pleasant, friendly and polite, and even did the initial set up for the
GPS to get us to the first place we were going to. About the car, it
was really great and we had no issues at all. The return was
painless too and we were driven to the airport for departure. We
have already told numerous people about how great it was. Should
also mention that the fellow in Canada we spoke to on the phone a
few times before we left on our trip, was very great too. We really
appreciated the great customer service.

Ivan, 20 july 2013
Really enjoyed our Renault Cleo. The leasing process was simple and
painless, and some online support from IdeaMerge while on our trip
proved to be very helpful. Only issue was the GPS; picked up the car
outside of Rome and drove through Italy, Switzerland, and into
Germany, but the GPS only had the memory chip for France. Worked
great once we got there! We'll use this service again, thank you!

Kathy, 19 july 2013
three months of troublefree driving in my Renault Cleo,and flawless pick up and drop off at Montpellier airport. Gave myself half an hour for the drop off; it took five minutes. Loved the five-speed diesel,so easy to drive, and the GPS took us to some interesting places. ( we asked for this). Loved exploring the French countryside without worrying. The drivers in the south are FINE, don't let anyone scare you. Thanks IdeaMerge|!

Barbara, 18 july 2013
We had a Renault Megane, picked up in Marseilles and returned to Toulouse after 25 days. This car was a great size for small French roads, wonderful mileage with diesel fuel. Without the built-in GPS we'd probably still be lost in the hinterlands. Due to heavy rains, our car interior became so dirty with mud that I was worried enough to contact Scott from France. He reassured me that there was no problem. We returned the car with its dried mud and various dings and nicks from close encounters with Medieval walls and hedges. Not a problem. Great company, great program. Much better than renting a car even if it costs somewhat more. The hassle-free experience is worth it!

David, 17 july 2013
Our family leased a car for 60 days. The entire process was very
easy and we were very pleased with our Duster. We would
highly recommend Ideamerge. Additionally, Scott was very
attentive and was able to answer all our questions.

Steve, 16 july 2013
I rented a Citroen Berlingo through Ideamerge for one
month. The car and the process was great and I have
zero complaints. I would recommend leasing through
Ideamerge to anyone planning an extended stay in

Bob, 11 july 2013
This is my 4th time doing this and everything was great. From Scott in
US to Harry and Michael in Frankfurt...they know how to make things

Matt, 08 july 2013
I booked a car though Ideamerge for 28 days, brand new car and drove it through France, Italy & Switzerland. The pick-up was a breeze and drop off the same. Totally hassle free. Although the car I got was great for the open freeways it was totally the wrong size car for Italy. All I can say is if your doing alot of driving in Italy get the smallest car you can as I found out that big is not so good. Anyway I will use this company again next time I go to Europe and I've learn't my lesson on which car to get for the job.

Matt, 08 july 2013
My family leased a van for a few weeks of vacation in Western Europe. This is the second time we have used IdeaMerge and the process could not be simpler. The customer service is excellent and nothing beats being able to drive a brand new car around Europe - complete with 100% risk-free insurance, airport pickup, and no "fill up the tank or be charged" hassle - for less than the cost of a used car rental. For longer vacations, using IdeaMerge makes perfect sense.

Chantelle-25-Aussie, 04 july 2013
We leased a car with Ideamerge for 40 days, picking up in Paris,
returning in Barcelona. I booked with Ideamerge because of the
reviews. If you aren't sure, BOOK WITH THEM. So amazing. We
drove all around the Amalfi coast, Swiss alps, Cinque Terre,
literally everywhere. One night we parked in an undercover car
park and someone side swiped our car. We were fully covered
but I was stressing about it. I emailed The consultants at 8pm,
she got back to me within 20mins saying not to stress and it
didn't matter. When we got to Barcelona, the guys were fine.
They said no worries, gives the keys, have a great trip. Amazing,
easy, stress free. Do it!!

Larry Barty, 30 june 2013
We picked our car at CDG airport without trouble. The car was great. Most importantly, at the last minute I wanted to change the dropoff point from CDG to Avignon. I want to say that the Ideamerge support is absolutely great. If you think you have a problem, a phone call or email is all that is needed. I will rent again from Ideamerge without question.

Laszlo Budai, 30 june 2013
We rented a car for 30 days -pick-up in Italy, drop off in France. Everything went smoothly as promised. One slight issue - the car's GPS card only had France on it so our own GPS came in handy in Italy. The car operated flawlessly and now I will consider buying a diesel. All in all a great experience.

Ken Fletcher, 30 june 2013
We had the car 31 days, May/June 2013. It was the first diesel we had driven for any length of time...46 mpg was very nice, especially when diesel fuel in Europe averaged $6.75/gallon. The car was perfect, built to our specifications and the program is a unique idea. We expect to take advantage of it on our next extended trip to Europe within the next couple of years.

Andy B, 25 june 2013
Loved it - this was a great deal and I look forward to doing it again
next year. I had a great time in France (beautiful country, lovely
people). Put 19,000km on the car in 3 months and had no problems.
A great experience! Thank you!

sinha md rashed khan, 25 june 2013
thanx mr bexter. I recommend. I drove 6700 km in just 21 days covering 12 countries, great.

Mato, 23 june 2013
Great experience and recommendation to other first
time users of IdeaMerge services. Fast lease
processing and reliable car made our vacation
memorable. Took our car in Frankfurt, Germany where
everything was nicely organized and prepared.
Certainly, in the future would consider using this
option again. Thank you.

Kathy, 23 june 2013
This is my fifth time using Ideamerge and it was a good an
experience as ever. Due to a strike by the French air traffic
controllers I chose at the last minute to drive Amsterdam and
return the car there rather than Toulouse as planned. No problem
at all.

Pickup at Amsterdam was a bit of an issue. I was waiting in front of
the terminal. The driver to take me to get the car was on the inner
ring road, not the road in front of the gates, so I waited longer than
I wanted and made several phone calls to get this straightened out.

Car and GPS were great. I recommend this program to everyone
and would use a rental car only if it was a short trip.

Dave, 23 june 2013
Brilliant! We covered 8500 km (and ten countries) in 30 days. Easy pick up and drop off (thanks Harry!). We were rear-ended in Copenhagen, but we followed the instructions given and the insurance took care of everything easily and we were able to drop off the damaged car with no questions. We will certainly do travel in Europe this way again.

Don, 14 june 2013
Pickup in Rome and dropoff 7 weeks later in Madrid went without a hitch. Absolutely no problems with Ideamerge! The 110hp Renault Megane diesel easily handled motorway speeds and the size fit into some very tight spots. Overall about 46mpg. Perfect for two people with modest luggage, but it's a bit low to get into and see out of. No accidents, no problems with the car, over 14,000km. However, didn't like the radio always coming on, the stop-start system that would suddenly start the car up when parked to check the iPhone, and the necessity to start the car before the TomTom GPS would boot up. Tip: use both the car's GPS and Google Earth on your smartphone. The latter was generally more accurate than the former. Also, get a SIM card from Vodafone for each country - much cheaper data and phone rates.

Joe, 14 june 2013
rented a Renault Megane in Paris, drove south and dropped it in Nice.
Two calls to Renault assistance which was better than AAA in the US.
Second time I've done this program and wouldn't do anything else.
Scott was especially helpful in procuring us a manual in English.
Totally satisfied and happy with the overall experience.

Ian, 13 june 2013
Picked up our new Citroen near Rome airport. There were no
hassles at all. Scott was very helpfull. Highly recommended.

Vanessa, 10 june 2013
What an awesome deal this is!
Scott from IdeaMerge was super helpful in answering all of my
questions before and during our rental. The pick-up/drop-off in
Nice was very easy and quick, and we loved our Citroen. We drove it
14000 km in 5 months and we were sad to say goodbye! This was an
amazing deal for the price - highly recommended.

Elaine--8 june 2013, 09 june 2013
Easy, Easy, Easy. Pickup and drop off in Calais was a piece of cake.
The rep in Calais was great. !3,000 kilometers and not a moment of
trouble. Doing it again next year.

bob, 07 june 2013
is like banana

Kris H., 06 june 2013
Just returned from 2 months in France with an Ideamerge leased
Citroen. I can't say enough about the positive experience I had with
this company. Our travel plans changed twice after we agreed to the
lease but Scott still made it happen with no fuss. Pickup and dropoff
in Lyon were easy and the car was as advertised. I would not hesitate
to use Ideamerge again.

Gord Pope, 03 june 2013
Another great travel experience with IdeaMerge! Our leased Renault was as advertised and performed great. Pick up in Nice and drop off in Rome were very quick and easy. It's a no-brainer to use this leasing service for any trip lasting more than 2 weeks. Looking forward to our next tip.

Bob Woods, 2 June 2013, 02 june 2013
We have used IdeaMerge many time in the past and will continue doing so. The process is smooth, the service is excellent, and we always get the car we want. We typically make two trips a year to France and stay about two and a half months each trip, so this is really an ideal transportation solution for us.

Ned Whitney, 28 may 2013
We leased a Renault Clio in Lyon for 4 1/2 months through
IdeaMerge, the second time we have used IdeaMerge. We will
use it again if we have another extended stay in
would be crazy not to. It is significantly cheaper than a
normal rental, plus you get a brand new car, full insurance,
etc. Our car was perfect and gave us no problems at
all...plenty of room for two people and six bags, quite sporty
and fun to drive, small enough to easily navigate narrow
streets and our garage, which gave the term "close quarters"
all new meaning. The car was a diesel, so it had lots of torque
and acceleration, and the gas mileage was great. The only
downside was that it came with regular tires (as advertised),
and there were a few occasions when we were in the
mountains where snow tires would have been nice. But we
were warned about this and if we had thought about it I
assume we could have ordered the car with snow tires. The
pickup procedure was slightly inconvenient, as we had to call
and get a van to take us to the pickup site which was about 5
minutes from the airport in Lyon, but both the pickup and
drop off procedures were very simple and smooth...perhaps
even less hassle and time consuming than a "normal" car
rental. The people at the pickup and drop off spot couldn't
have been nicer, and they were ready for us both times so all
we had to do was sign a few papers and we were off. Our car
came with a built-in GPS but we used our own Garmin GPS
because we are used to it and the French GPS seemed
unnecessarily complicated.

Scott and Marcy McKnight, 25 may 2013
This was the 6th time in 9 years that we have spent the winter in Europe and we have used Ideamerge for our European auto leasing every time. Once again this year, we leased a Renault Megane diesel wagon and were very happy with it. The car came with a Tomtom GPS navigation system which worked very well through out Europe. We drove almost 14,000 kilometers in 4 months and the car was perfect. We have found the staff at Ideamerge to be extremely responsive and very professional and gladly recommend them.

Kris and Tony, 24 may 2013
This is the 4th time we have used Ideamerge to lease a car and
once again things have been perfect. We had a Renaud Grand
Scenic for 4 of us with big suitcases and there was plenty of
room, lots of power and excellent mileage with the Diesel engine.
The Tom Tom GPS is the best and has revolutionized our car
travel in Europe. Eric in the main office is hugely helpful and the
on the ground service is perfect.

Lorinda Mike, 16 may 2013
We lease a Citroen DS-3 Sports Diesel with GPS - but
to our surprise that model came as a convertible.
NICE! We felt like celebs at times with the top
down and the wind though our hair - well mine anyway
cause my hubby has none. I am glad we paid a bit
more the the larger engine size model.

The car seats were very comfortable, and the size of
the car was very suited to the tiny streets you so
often find in Europe. There was more than enough
power on the open road and the car cruised nicely at
130 is on the open road and was easy to manouver.
Getting used to driving on the wrong side of the
road - well that's another matter ...

The rear entry to the boot was particularly small
due to this model being a convertible, and we had to
get out suitcase in and out via the rear seat - but
we managed.

The hire,pick and drop process was simple and
trouble free.

I was quite astonished I managed to return the car
without any panel damage to the right hand side due
to the steering wheel being on the wrong side.

Had a minor problem with the drivers seat heater not
turning off so after a burnt bum, we removed the
fuse but that was the only issue.

I would recommend Idea Merge and have already done
so many times. It is the only way to travel around
Europe as the vast number of travellers is just
uncomprehendable from an Australian perspective and
the car gave us the flexibility to travel where we
wanted and when we wanted.

The GPS worked fine, you have to use your common
sense sometimes as we got caught going down a
pedestrian road in Amsterdam that was too narrow to
do a U turn in and with sharing this road with
thousands of pedestrians was NOT FUN! - But very

On a scale of 1 - 10 I would give the whole process

Mac Middlebrook, 16 may 2013
As plus 75ers, we were delighted to "own" a Citroen C-5 for 25 days. We picked it up in Calais, drove to Normandy and then on to Paris. From then on we toured the great wine growing areas of Europe, and many vineyards and winerys in remote villages. We went to some great places: Amboise,Beaune, and Arles in France; Salzburg in Austria; and Bolzano, Verona, Volterra, San Emigliano, Castello in Chianti, Assissi in Italy; and we finished up in Rome before "selling the car back to Citroen" at the Rome airport. Overall, the car was great. It was a diesel hybrid automatic with a six speed transmission. Our only complaint was that the six speed did not shift smoothly and it tended to "go hybrid" at the bottom of curves, which is dangerous if someone is on your tail. These problems are probably nothing more than computer tweeks. If you are going to drive in Paris or Rome(or remote areas), the GPS was invaluable. Pick-up and return was easy, quick, and thorough, but the Rome airport location is very remote, and needs a more detailed map. Many thanks for making this car available.

Maui visitors to Italy and France, 16 may 2013
My husband and I were amazed at how stress free the whole process
of leasing a car from IdeaMerge was. It was the easiest part of
planning our 25 day trip. We were impressed with how every detail
was covered. When we filled out the paperwork before departing if I
had a question it was answered immediately. The pick up in Italy and
the drop off in France went very smoothly. The Clio was perfect in all
ways. Enough room for our luggage and very comfortable. It even fit
through some of the tiniest passages in the villages. We have plans to
lease from IdeaMerge in the very near future.

John Jo, 09 may 2013
We leased a Citreon DS3 early and reaped the benefits of 7 free days driving. Picked up car in central Paris and returned to CDG AP - no problems all went particularly when using the lat/long functionality of GPS. Administration at Mentone and Paris ends went smoothly. Car was a diesel and performed well, eco engine took a little time to get use of but a positve experience overall. Strongly recommend use of integrated GPS even though a little stray at times, you need to learn to read the display as well as listen to it, but have no hestitations in recommending Ideamerge services to others and would use it again.

Craig M., 09 may 2013
Summer 2012 I leased a Citroen C-3 for seven and a half weeks in French side Geneva; I drove all over the continent and the diesel mileage was great. Last year they allowed driving in Albania, Moldova, and Ukraine which were 3 new countries for me; the insurance did not allow driving in Kosovo so I parked at the Macedonia border for a few hours and walked over in the 36 degree heat; I got my passport stamped naturally. Note: Albania, Moldova, and Ukraine are no longer allowed on the Citroen lease which was the most liberal coverage geographically of the 3 leasing companies.
Landing in Geneva I found the #800 worked ONLY on the French side; there are phones which work AFTER you pass through the doors into the French sector.
I loved the car and I heartily recommend Idea Merge; I hope they re-add the Ukraine, Moldova,and Albania as these are fascinating countries best visited by auto which avoids crazy schedulings on railways. In the Balkans there are not too many public transport connexions between the countries which ties up a lot of your travel time making connexions; the car is the way to go. Do not hesitate to use Idea Merge; a very good travel deal.
Good luck and Good Traveling C.

Ros and Phil, 25 april 2013
We ordersd a small Citroen but didn`t give Citroen enough notice and our chosen car was not available so we were upgraded to a Picasso C4 diesel automatic. As I read on another review the gearbox was terrible and the sat nav not easy to use however when on the open road all that was forgotten and the car drove well and accelerated quickly. Citroen were great to deal with,and the pricing structure surprisingly good. My only issue was that the point of return in Paris was extremely difficult to locate and we drove past it three times. In Paris peak hour that experience was not fun. In retrospect I definitely should have held out for a much smaller car but I do accept that was my fault. The only really important issue is would I do it again and the answer? in a heartbeat.

John and Ermelinda Whiting, 20 april 2013
This was our first experience with IdeaMerge and the tax free
leasing system available in Europe through France. IdeaMerge
made the process of leasing, picking up, dropping off a smooth
operation on all accounts. Our new standard shift Citroen C4 diesel
was an amazing vehicle that performed without any problems once
I figured out all of the features. The automatic parking break took
a bit of getting used to, and even though the car came with a GPS, I
used my trusty Garmin and never mastered the one built into the
dash. IdeaMerge had a wide selection of French cars to choose
from and next time I'll choose one slightly smaller to fit into tiny
parking spots and down very narrow streets. It was a great car to
drive, and IdeaMerge made it all work smoothly with no hidden
charges. Better than renting!

Beth Means, 09 april 2013
We leased a Citroen Picasso for two months in France. It was one of our best choices. The car was great. (We named it "Mother" because it would do so much for us. Ideamerge helped us so much to get the right paperwork and pick up and drop off the car. The service in France was great too. Could not have been happier. My only mistake was not to get GPS. It would have really helped at the roundabouts.

John and Cassandra Rundle, Australia, 04 april 2013
My wife and I leased a car using IDEAMERGE in
September/October 2012.
Dealing with IDEAMerge and their agents in Australia
was a good experience - they could not have been
more helpful. Pickup and return was without any
However, our choice of car was not good - Citroen C4
1.4L 110 hp Diesel Automatic. In summary:
The car was well appointed and comfortable.
The in car Sat Nav was quite problematic - the maps
were fairly limited when travelling in Northern
Portugal and Spain. The system was very "Clunky" to
use. Inputting destinations was very primitive -
some sort of touch screen system would have much
The car was very much underpowered.
The automatic gearbox was slow and very annoying at
times - for example when negotiating roundabouts, of
which we encountered many,the car would hesitate for
a second when acceleration was required on entering
a roundabout.
At times when driving on very steep mountain roads,
the car would sometimes, hesitate, rev highly, and
engage a gear with a squealing of tyres!!!!
The automatic parking brake combined with the hill
start assist function was problematic. Negotiating
very steep descents into underground carparks, where
quite often three point turns were required, was
very difficult.
From the time of pickup, the car had a number of
very annoying dashboard rattles.
However, I must repeat that negotiating the contract
with IDEAMerge was excellent and a very good value
for money arrangement.

Bob W, 29 march 2013
My wife and I have been using the Renault purchase-repurchase program (now Renault Eurodrive) for at least 25 years. We generally travel to France once or twice a year, and use this program for any trip of over three or four weeks. (Since I retired a few years ago we come twice a year and stay at least two months each time.) We find it such a good deal that at some point in the late 80’s I questioned the finances, since we basically lease the car for the amount insurance and taxes would normally come to, and anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. We also wondered what they did with the car when we turned it back in. The answer to both questions is that Renault sells it as a used car, but for essentially the same price as when it was new; there is a market for these cars, since they tend to have low mileage, are fully reconditioned, and the tax on a new car is much higher than on a used car. I don’t remember when IdeaMerge came into the picture, but they have made the process easier and pretty much hold your hand throughout the transaction. We have had a few problems over the years (once the car was not ready until the day after we arrived, another time we had an electrical problem that required an overnight stay for the car at the shop) but in each case Renault (and/or IdeaMerge) made it right and reimbursed us for any expenses. We are currently in the South of France driving a brand new Megane, and our plans for any future travel in Europe will include a similar lease.

Nash, 26 march 2013
I leased a car last October 2012 for a month right from the
beginning was very easy, the office guys were in contact all the
time giving me all the information I would need, even when I
supposed to pick up the car at 2 pm in Calais France they wait for
me until 6 pm they always were very polite and YES the car was
completely new , I traveled with my mother who is a mature woman
and I didn't want her been running around station trains, buses etc,
this was the perfect option for us we didn't had to worry about our
luggage and we bought all souvenirs we wanted without the worry
to caring them the whole trip, at the end at the drop off office was
same easy as the pick up, they even take us to Paris airport I
recommend this service to everybody the amount you pay is final,
there is no hiding fees IS JUST AWSOME!!

Josette Boyle, September 2012, 25 march 2013
The whole process worked as planned and it was not that much different then renting a car. Except that I did not need to worry at all about insurance coverage and I had a brand new car! I was a little worried about how far their location would be from the airport as I was traveling with 2 year old twins and my mother. But in Toulouse at least, it's not that much farther than the parking lot. So a great experience and definitely the way to go!

Ruben Saier, 5 march 2013
This was our second lease with IdeaMerge and (again) it worked
out great. Fantastic support from Scott and the people in the USA
and equally friendly and helpful support from the people in
France, to include a late switch to where the car had to be
dropped off. We picked up a brand new Renault Megane
and had a trouble-free three months. It was a pleasure
to drive and we took it around Europe. 7500 km without any
problems. For a long-term solution, this is a great way to go. We
plan to do it again!

D Fields, 2 february 2013
We picked up our Dacia Duster in Paris last September. Staff
was great and the whole experience was wonderful. Scott was
incredibly helpful through the whole process. The car itself was
not our first choice but with our budget and the length of time we
spent in Europe, it worked for us. It was nice to have a four
wheel drive while we were in the Alps. Also nice to not have to
worry about the car, with the complete insurance coverage, as
the car was keyed and dented by someone.
We leased another car in my wife's name, since we were in
Europe for over 6 months. This process also went very smoothly.
We returned the Dacia in Montpellier, France and at the same
time picked up a new Peugot, it was a very simple process. Just
make sure you stick to your appointment schedule for drop off
and pick up because they are not staffed all day. We then
dropped this car in Lisbon. I would highly recommend this service
to anyone. It was perfect for our needs. Thank you to the whole
staff and especially Scott for all his help!

Jorge Gonzalez, 28 january 2013
Recently we returned from a trip to Europe and had the good fortune
of finding out about IdeaMerge and the program for leasing a vehicle.
Our experience was excellent. We leased the brand new vehicle with
GPS (highly recommended) for 3 months. Scott from IdeaMerge was
great from start to finish. If you are planning to rent a car, I strongly
suggest looking into this leasing program, which will be much cheaper
and you will get exactly the vehicle you select with all types of
insurance coverage included in the price.

Alex Orfanidis, 18 january 2013
We used idea merge to hire a new Citroen and travel around Europe for our honeymoon in 2011. It was cheaper than other companies, the terms and conditions are much better, and you get a brand new car! We had the back luck of getting the car broken into while away and the window was smashed. It was easy to get reimbursed when we got home and we just needed to provide the police report and receipts. The process was easy and you could always contact someone if you needed to. Would not use anyone else if going back to Europe!

Reynald Bodeux, 13 january 2013
Our lease worked great. We picked up a brand new car
and had a trouble-free three months. It was a pleasure
to drive and we took it around France and Europe. The
staff we dealt with was very professional when we
picked up the car and when we dropped it off upon
leaving the country. For a long-term solution, this is
a great way to go. We appreciated that the lease
included insurance and was tax-free. We'd do it again.

David And Christine Wilson Alice Springs Aus, 10 january 2013
We picked up our Volkswagen Polo at Paris Airport on time as planned. The leasing people were very helpful and the GPS was the most important feature of the car. We lease it for 5 month of touring around France. The car never missed a beat apart from two puntures at the same time thanks a rather deep pothole. The promised road side assistance didn't happen as puntures are considered a mechanical fault. Luckily a French friends came to our aid. We returned the at the agreed time and paperwork was dealt with efficiently and they dropped us of at the departure gates on time. We wouldn't hesitate to use IdeaMerge again in the future. Very professional service and good value for money.

Sterling Cossaboom, 11 november 2012
Last September and October, my wife and I leased a Citroen C4 in
Nice, France and drove it to Italy where we were staying for two
months. The vehicle was quite comfortable for the 2 of us, as well
as for our 2 guests, who joined us for a week or so. We drove the
car all over Tuscany, as well as to Rome, Naples, Genoa and Pisa,
and back to Nice. We drove on the autostrada, in cities and towns,
and on many side roads. It is a great road car. The transmission
was an automatic with electrical "standard" shifting to be used as
necessary, which I often did on mountain roads. Other than the
"learning curve" in getting to know how the transmission
functioned, it was quite flexible and easy to use. The GPS was
"great" and quite accurate. I would recommend that any one who
leases a vehicle get the GPS. We were so satisfied with the service
we received from Citroen and from IdeaMerge that we have leased
another vehicle for April, May and June of this year. This is really
the best "way to go" if you are planning an extended stay in Europe,
and the most economical and safe way to do so.

Peter Heinrich, 26 october 2012
We collected our VW Tiguan in Paris City in October 2012. The young guys at TT Transit were very helpful. The factory fitted GPS was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed driving the Tiguan around Europe for 24 days. Unfortunately the speed shown on the GPS screen was not our actual speed, we were several kms slower than shown. However my personal Garmin corrected this and I enjoyed European motoring at it's best. No problems at any time with the VW and the fuel economy was excellent. Would not hesitate to lease the Tiguan again and apart from the cost of parking in some cities driving yourself around Europe is very rewarding. On return to Paris City with the VW the staff again made us feel very valued customers.

Rafael, 25 october 2012
A bit of paperwork, but probably far less paperwork
than buying your own car. Amazingly simple process
once you are in Europe. Peugot had all my details and
they were ready to go with my auto within ten minutes
of arriving. Language was not an issue either.

I will hire a car through them again when I need to.

Tom Capps, 25 october 2012
My grandson and I used a leased Citroen C-4 for three weeks. We were pleased to receive a free upgrade from a sedan to a Picasso SUV which gave us more room and lots of visibility. The vehicle had lots of safety features, and I especially liked the wiper system that automatically detected moisture on the windshield. We had some difficulty with the air conditioning not working. The dealer in Amsterdam determined it was a faulty temperature sensor but could not repair if for several days. We could not wait for the repair. The vehicle uses a manual transmission with electrical shifting system that is either automatic or manual. This type of transmission causes the vehicle to slow down slightly each time it moves to a higher gear. Even with these deficiencies I would still lease a Citroen for my next trip to Europe.

M Jensen, 23 october 2012
Did 3 and 1/2 weeks in France and Spain. Leased 2 cars a
Citroen 308 and a Renault Kangoo. Both were std transmissions
and were very smooth. There 7 of us but only 3 had any std
tranny experience and that was many years ago. We did not
have a problem until we got into a narrow village street that
subject to blockages. There was a small place to turn around but
the road was so narrow we had to turn the side mirrors in to feel
comfortable about driving there. Well title did we know when we
started down the hill rounded a curve there was a repair truck in
the way. We tried to contact the driver but no one appeared to be
around and did not respond to our repeated honking. Our only
choice was to go back and reversing in the narrow confines on a
rather steep hill was quite a task for inexperienced clutch users.
Needless to say we burned out the clutch. If you need an
automatic you better sign up with Scott early, if not use really
good judgement when traversing narrow steep streets. This error
in judgement and operation cost our group 800 Euros and a day
delay in our trip. Communication with the mfr was problematic
with language as a starter and then my cell phone which was
working in Europe would not allow me to get voicemails so I
missed some callbacks from the mfr which delayed resolution of
the issue. It seemed to me that the price of 800 E to be excessive
and in this case the insurance did not cover it as it was operator
error. In spite of this wehadagreat time on the Canal du Midi and
in the DordogneValley,the caves, Lourdes, Carcassone Toulouse
Cadaaques, Spain and Collioure France on the Med. Would do
this again in a flash except with at least one automatic tranny.

Tibor Ruff, 18 october 2012
We leased a Renault Megane diesel, automatic for over a month
in the fall of 2012. This was our fifth time and we were totally
happy with our experience. Ideamerge was efficient and helpful
with advice and completing the paperwork. We had no problems
at all with the car and once again we were impressed with the
friskiness aand the spaciousness of our car. After renting and
leasing over the last couple of decades we will not even consider
a rental. The totality of the insurance coverage, as well as the
comfort we had knowing that we could go to any Renault dealer
in case of difficulties makes all the difference. Renault has a
dealer practically everywhere in Europe and when we had to use
them in the past, although not at this most recent lease, we were
always helped, no questions asked.
We highly recommend Ideamerge and the Renault lease.

T. Svoboda, 16 october 2012
Rented a Renault (manual transmission) and picked it up at CDG in Paris. After a long flight from the states it wasn't too big of a problem contacting someone and getting them to pick us up. Transportation arrived quick to take us to our vehicle. Here's where it gets good. They show you your car and at least with us the instructions were how to turn it on, spare tire location, and here you go.

Well off on the adventure we went, I had one device that proved invaluable on this 21 day trip. That was a GPS. I didn't get one with the vehicle I took my own. You get a little nervous when you first get the vehicle as the gas tank is near empty. However, the GPS will get you to the gas station. Used a credit card for the whole trip without any problems. Took an ATM card and had no trouble finding cash.

We travelled to the following countries, France, Germany (went to Oktoberfest in Munich), Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. Put on over 4000 km on that little Renault. Everyone of the above countries I was covered with insurance and if I broke down Renault said they would fix the problem. Never broke down so can't comment on that claim.

It's a brand new vehicle (even smells that way) so you shouldn't have any problems. Go ahead and take the plunge you won't regret it.

James Koenig, 12 october 2012
I would recommend IDEAMERGE and Scott to anyone! Very helpful
with information and making "arrangements" couldn't have been
easier. Pick up and drop-off for us was Zurich and couldn't have gone
smoother. It was really nice to have the car waiting at the airport.
Fifteen minutes of less after claiming bags, I was exited the airport
with the GPS set for the first night's hotel destination.

Nancy Murphy, 11 october 2012
We have leased cars from Ideamerge every summer for the past
10 years. In all that time, only once was there a problem with
the car overheating. Within an hour there was a repair person
on the scene and fixed the problem. We usually rent a 7
passenger Renault to fit the family. It is so nice to start out
with a new car every year. We pick the car up in Nice and now
it is so easy the pick up the car because there is a service desk
right at the airport. Oh, there was one more incident where I
was backing up the car through our neighbors gate and
chatting with her. I didn't see the side mirror was so close to
the gate and I almost tore off the mirror. Patched it up with
some electric tape and dropped it off the following week. I
pointed out the damage and the response was "you are fully
covered by the insurance you took out with the car". There
were no questions asked. The only reason we are not leasing a
car this summer is because we are picking up a new BMW in
Munich for overseas delivery and will use it during the summer
in Italy. But, we will definitely be back to lease again the
following summer.

Jim Ziegler, 8 october 2012
When it came time to plan our upcoming trip to the Western Balkan area in September/October, 2012 I didn’t even consider a rental because of the great experience we had three years ago with an IdeaMerge lease for a trip to Hungary, Slovakia, Southern Poland and the Czech Republic. Scott was extremely helpful getting us into the right car for us. We like to stay in the old town sections of the cities and also carry some extra gear for hiking in the countryside. We wanted the smallest car that would hold a pair of 25” wheeled duffels and two backpacks in a covered luggage compartment. The right car for us turned out to be a Renault Clio Estate (aka Wagon) but no GPS – we used beaucoup Google maps. The Clio Estate is an elongated Clio sedan which would not hold our luggage.

We leased again last September-October picking up in Frankfurt and returning to Munich. Most of the trip was in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro driving the latest version Renault Clio Estate with diesel power and manufacturer equipped GPS (Tom-Tom). The experience was even better this time having vastly improved fuel cost plus GPS coverage for most of the countries we visited. The only gap we found in the GPS coverage was in Bosnia & Herzegovina where Sarajevo and Mostar cities were included but much of the countryside was not – back to the road maps! (I only found two mapping sites with coverage – Bing and Michelin). I guess everything worked because we never got lost.

One very important benefit of leasing is the peace of mind which is 100% zero deductible and even some coverage for personal items if there is a break-in.

Next year we are planning another four week trip and will definitely lease again. Great service from Scott and overall satisfaction with the lease is addictive.

Guy Asaph, 4 october 2012
I picked up a car in Rome and dropped it in Paris 5 months later.
Couldn't have been a better experience. If you're staying more than a
few weeks, there is no better way to rent. Everything and everyone
was great. Thank you!

Mike P., 04 october 2012
What a great experience...I had never heard of a short term lease of a car while in Europe so I was nervous and did not know what to expect. We landed in Rome and our shuttle van was there to pick us up. The van took us to our car with no issues. Our car was brand new and the staff was great in showing us how to use all the features in the car especially the navagation system. Leasing a new car, rather than renting, saved us over $2,500 for the 28 days we were in Europe. The only way to go if you will be in Europe for at least three weeks and will be needing a car.

Jennifer Gaul, 04 october 2012
This was our first experience leasing with Ideamerge. It was
absolutely seamless from the paperwork to pick up to drop off. I
would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs a car
for three weeks or longer. Everyone we dealt with was
professional and pleasant. Can't wait to do it again!

Cathy D, 04 october 2012
We have leased a car through IdeaMerge for two months in France every summer for the past 7 years and never had any problems. The car pickup and drop off are extremely easy and the car is always as described. We've had minor bumps and scratches over the year and never had an issue with the insurance. No questions, nothing. Its perfect. Will never use a traditional rental again.

RA, 04 october 2012
I leased with IdeaMerge for the first time this year,
and will definitly consider them again. the pick up
and return process was very simply and it was great to
have a brand new car during our trip.

Daniel Simberloff, 04 october 2012
My wife and I leased a Renault Clio for a year's sabbatical in France. This was virtually the only thing that worked exactly as it was supposed to during the entire year. The car was ready exactly when we were told it would be (even though we made the arrangements rather late), it was explained well, there were no problems with it for the entire year, and the return at Charles de Gaulle airport took all of five minutes. Finally, the price was very competitive; we had checked many options. I wish the rest of our year abroad had been as trouble-free.

Larry Barty, 03 october 2012
We have leased vehicles from IdeaMerge twice and couldn't be more pleased. The first lease was a Peugot to which, sadly, we caused some serious body dents while we stayed in Sorrento (exceedingly narrow streets). As advertised, however, the insurance coverage was complete. We later turned the car in and just walked away. It was that simple. We will certainly use IdeaMerge again.

Jill Yarnoz, 29 september 2012
We have leased cars from IdeaMerge for several years now. It is a
pleasure to do business with this company. The process is always
hassle free and the pick up and drop off go very smoothly. The all
inclusive prices are the best for automatic cars anywhere that I have
found. We will be leasing a car this year for the 3 months we will
again be in Spain.

Barbara - 20 August 2012
I would highly recommend IdeaMerge and Scott to
anyone. I could not decide on the right type of car
to rent for a month in Italy and Scott personally
spent a lot of time on the phone with my husband and
myself weighing the different options of all the
cars available. He even went so far as to find
specification manuals online and convert to US
measurement to help us decide on luggage capacity,
and how the car would fit on the small Italian
roads. We ended up with a GREAT car and the pick up
and drop off were Easier than renting at the
airport. I will ALWAYS do this in the future.

Sean Morrissey - 2010 2009, 17 april 2012
This is my third year renting a 9 Seat Diesel Minivan with Ideamerge and I couldn’t be more impressed with both their service and their vehicles. I usually pick up and drop of at Geneva Airport, on the French side of the airport (the airport is handily located right on the Swiss-French boarder) and therefore I don’t incur any drop off or pick up charges for collecting outside France. Geneva is such a great location for central Western Europe, offering fast access by auto route in ALL directions. The pick up and drop of procedure couldn’t be easier, I’ve never had a problem, the staff speak great English and are very helpful.
A diesel vehicle is definitely the way to go in Europe, European diesel cars are so technology advanced these days, its VERY difficult to tell that’s it’s not a gas engine! They drive just the same and no noticeable engine noise at all..! Diesel fuel is usually quite a bit cheaper and you can get upto 50% more mileage, VERY important considering fuel prices in Europe. The 9 seat van I rented had great power and acceleration; we often have 9 people WITH their luggage going up steep mountain roads with absolute ease. The power & torque from these engines is amazing! Being brand new they always come with lots of goodies, like air-conditioning, mp3 players, gps (sometimes) and even a sunroof…. (for a van anyway).
And of course everything is completely covered; you don’t need to worry about CDW or any extra insurance. I’ve taking it back with a couple of small dings each time and they were completely fine with it, no problem.
I recommend Ideamerge absolutely….

Romeo Mannarino, 28 october 2011
I leased a seven passenger car for use in Italy this past summer. I needed seven seat since my daughter and her family were joining me and my wife for a part of our stay there. The Dacia Logan that was delivered lived up to all my most exacting requirements. I was picked up at the airport in Rome and taken back there after seven weeks and the car was ready for immediate driving at the Renault facility near Da Vinci airport. Everything went off perfectly.
The reason I have continued to lease cars through IdeaMerge and Renault is that one has a sense of security and satisfaction in dealing with them. No matter what may happen with the car (dents, accidents, etc.) one is completely covered.
Altogether a great car leasing experience.

CR, 18 october 2011
We've leased from IdeaMerge three times, and never
have experienced a problem. The pickup and dropoff
procedures went smoothly--in Rome, Munich, and
Paris. All cars were ready and delivered as
promised, and the communication from the company
made everything very easy. Of course, the cars are
new, so you don't have to worry about renting a car
that's infused with cigarette smoke or has excessive
mileage, as with some of our past rental situations.

We preferred the two vans we leased over the Renault
7 passenger vehicle we tried this past summer. We
had only three passengers,and could have fit four
easily, but beyond that, it would have been a tight
squeeze. The luggage area fit our four suitcases
easily, but would not have had we used the third
seat. The back seat passenger also had limited
visibility to the front (the headrest blocked any
view to the front), so if you're prone to motion
sickness, it's not ideal. The plus side to the
Renault is that it was easy to park and relatively
easy to drive down even the narrowest streets,
unlike the vans.

We would never rent a car after experiencing the
convenience of leasing through Idea Merge.

KZ, 18 october 2011
We rented a car for the summer of 2011 in France.
It was the perfect car for our group as we needed
every ounce of room with several adults, teens and
kids. The Dacia seated 7.

Pick up in Paris seemed a bit daunting but was easy
to find and the guy there was great and got us on
our way. Driving was not nearly as big a deal as
I'd thought, though I was happy to leave Paris for
the wider roads of the country.

I had a minor accident (stupid, pulling out of a
driveway and bumping a car parked across the narrow
way) and it was easily dealt with mostly because the
person I had hit knew what to do and was very
gracious about it, but also the Renault people
followed up to be sure the forms had been submitted
(which they had). I had a phone number in France so
it was easy enough to reach me.

The car got great mileage - diesel - which is needed
with the cost of fuel there.

All was great until the very end. The last day we
had a morning flight and though I'd mapped it on
google and read the directions many times we spent a
harrowing 30 minutes driving in loops around CDG
airport trying to find the car drop off. It was
AWFUL. Finally I called and got someone at the
place and made them walk me through step by step and
didn't let them off the phone until I'd pulled up.
I'm generally very good at directions. It was
stressful. The people were nice enough but we were
so stressed about getting to our terminal on time.
Luckily there was a shuttle to take us that came
fairly quickly. Just not the way I'd hoped it would

All in all it is definitely something I would do
again for a long-term rental. Great system, well
organized. Just get some better signage at the
airport and make the last moments less stressed.

Alan Mayo, 17 october 2011
We travel in Europe every summer for 4-5 weeks. For the past three years we have leased a car through Idea Merge and we will never go back to renting a car again as long as short term leases are available. We have driven leased cars in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Switzerland, and have driven extensively in the Alps and major cities. We have found the cost of leasing to be less than renting, we get to drive a brand new car that we have ordered to our specifications (no color choices are permitted), and the hassle factor is much less than renting. We have picked up and dropped off our leased cars in Paris, Frankfurt and Munich. The upfront process of arranging for the lease is relatively simple and certainly takes less time that it took us to pick up a rental car previously in Rome. Idea Merge has been great to work with on their web site, by e-mail, and over the phone. Picking up and delivering the cars has also be relatively painless. Our experience has been that an English-speaking leasing agent has picked us up at the airport and driven us to the leasing centers which are located nearby. After showing a passport and signing two papers, we drove away with the car in just a few minutes. Because all insurance (with no deductibles) was included, there have been no extra fees or surprises at the time of delivery, and multiple drivers are permitted. In one city we had the unfortunate experience of testing the insurance policy when two of our tires were slashed on a Saturday night. The Renault insurance procedures were carefully detailed in the written material provided when the car was delivered. The Renault agent spoke excellent English and arranged for the car to be taken to a local dealer where the tires replaced at no cost to us. Our experience in returning the cars has been equally easy, even though we once returned a car early (so as to not have to deal with parking in Paris). At the return they only checked the mileage (the lease cars have unlimited mileage), and wanted us to point out any problems (such as dents, scrapes, and mechanical problems) that needed to be fixed before the car could be sold. The return agent then drove us to the airport. Overall, leasing through Idea Merge has been an easy experience, as well as a good value for the period of time the car was required.

j hoerath columbus ohio, 01 october 2011
car was great! excellent mileage, no hassles at pickup or return....excellent included gps

this is our second lease and both were fine. put over 6k kms on the car. plenty of zip and space.
had the 7 pass Renault with 6 people. a bit tight,
but doable.

Ian H. Leverton MD, 19 june 2011
I want to let you know how happy we are with the lease arrangement you made for us. The pick-up and drop-off went very smoothly (with the slight exception that the flight change you reference below never left Renault’s office so they expected us at the wrong time – turned out to be no problem). The car was perfect. It held 4 adults, luggage and a wheelchair and handled very well. We covered 3,800 km in Eastern and Western Europe without incident. The GPS was a Godsend. We all four thought the car was a great deal.

Lucy Voorhees, 24 april 2011
I used IdeaMerge to help me lease a car while I was staying in France. The lease process was made incredibly user friendly with the help of the IdeaMerge staff and the car I received was brand new and worked perfectly. The pick up and drop off both went seamlessly. I could not have had a more positive experience with this company and with the Renault I leased.

Thomas Zook, 22 april 2011
We have leased from Renault several times and have been very satisfied with the reliability of the cars and with the road service provided by Renault. We have always loved the comfort and the ease with which the cars handle even in the mountains, on the autobahn and on the curving narrow roads. The economy of the deisel has been outstanding.On the Cleo a full tank will last 1100 KM.

It is wonderful that a shuttle picks you up at the airport and returns you at the end of the trip. It makes getting on the road a lot faster and easier. A little more clarification about how to get to the shuttle would be helpful at times since it seems to vary with each pick up point. At Frankfurt for example, the driver was waiting inside the airport as we exited the customs area. At Charles De Gaul we were directed to go to terminal A and go to the exit to wait for the shuttle. [W]e needed to then call from a non-descript wall phone that had no sign or label to identify it. Fortunately we overheard another passenger make a call to Renault for pick-up. In Geneva we were unaware that the airport has both a Swiss and French side. Arriving on the Swiss side the public phones would not connect with the number provided for the shuttle. [W]e needed to exit the "Swiss" airport to find the "French" side. It may be helpful to other travelers to mentions this when booking in Geneva. [Note from IdeaMerge: With respect to pick-up and return directions, you can visit the our Locations page and click on the relevant link or links in the main window to bring up detailed directions per location.]

On the occasion that we needed to use it, the road service was very helpful and the insurance took care of the problem without difficulty. We have learned that it is imperative to have a cell phone as the service needs a place to call you back. This is especially true if the problem occurs in an isolated area along the highway.

We have recommended the Renault lease program to our friends and plan to continue to lease from Renault on all our future travels.

Thank you Renault for many great worry free vacations!

Kathy D, 21 april 2011
This was my 3rd or 4th rental; this time with pickup in Barcelona
and drop off at Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

The [Barcelona] pickup point was really out in the boonies and since I was
going there by cab it was challenging. Next time I will go to the
airport and have the shuttle service pick me up there and deliver
me to the pick-up point. The young man who handled the pickup
was very helpful in showing me the features of the car. There was
more gas in the car than there had been in previous trips which
was great as it gave me more time to find a petrol station.

I love getting a new car and knowing that I won't have to be driving
an ashtray on wheels that you can get with a rental car. The GPS
that was supposed to be for France only was all of Europe which
was GREAT. The in-dash TomTom was fabulous, although it often
but not always failed to navigate in the center of old towns with
very restricted access. It got me around Paris flawlessly, and
performed without error between cities and towns.

... The people in the office in the US were very helpful in clarifying issues.

The return process was a snap, and they provided a shuttle back to
an airport hotel.

I recommend IdeaMerge to any and everyone who will be driving in
Europe. I only rent a car if it is for a very short period.

Gene C., 11 november 2010
The leasing of the Renault Scenic - Diesel 150hp Deluxe Automatic with GPS for our trip to Italy worked out great. The pickup and return was about 15 minutes from Fiumicino Airport and the Renault Eurodrive/ MDS folks used a van to transport all of us to and from the airport.

The vehicle was very comfortable for 4 people with luggage. We put a bit over 3,000 miles on the vehicle and averaged approximately 25-28 MPG. The GPS optional chip is a must!

The overall experience was great and we believe we saved about 30% from an equivalent car rental.

Thanks for your help and support.


Roger, 10 september 2010
Not much to add to the other reviews. The Clio
performed very well (150 kmh on the autoroute) and
was comfortable for three for the two long days we
were three in the car. We travel light, but the split
seat fold down was very useful on these two days.
Diesel is a plus. Pickup and drop off were a breeze,
and I had no problem extending the lease by one day.
I would definitely do it again.

Rebecca McAllister, 03 august 2010
I want to say a big thank you to Scott in Portland, Oregon for all the help he gave me in getting everything done for our lease.

We picked up our Clio Wagon in Paris and everything went smoothly, although the car was a couple of hours late getting there. But they were gracious and gave us a cell phone, so they could contact us when the car came in, while we went to have breakfast, which they paid for.

The car was great and we enjoyed it. A couple of things would have helped. #1 we really needed an owner's manual in English. There were a couple of things we needed to know and messing by Braille was tough. #2 the key for taking the hub cap off was in the very back of the glove box not with the tire changing kit and no one had told us when we had our tire punched in Spain and had to change the tire I had to rummage around to find it and that helped us get robbed because I opened the door to find it. It was when I turned around to show Bob the key that they grabbed my purse, hopped into their car, and were gone in a flash.

A warning about the robbery scam in Spain would have been is VERY COMMON. If you have a flat and someone stops to help you...lock the car while you are working. They simply slash your tire, we were in a store, and then follow until it goes flat. The red temporary French license plate is a dead give away that you are a tourist. By the way, we loved Spain and would recommend it, but be careful, as with anywhere. One last thing: BE SURE TO REPORT THE THEFT IMMEDIATELY because the police report is essential for insurance and replacement of passports etc. Also the officials will take the police report in lieu of your passports until you get replacements.

The car itself performed well and pulled the Alps and many of the other passes with no problem even with all our gear in it. We put just shy of 30,000km on the car in three and a half months. It got good gas mileage and handled the Autobahn well.

We purchased a Garmin Nuvi GPS loaded with all the maps for North American and Europe and were thrilled with it. We cannot imagine how we could have done the trip without it. We found it much more user friendly than the TomTom that came with the car but had only maps for France in it so all other countries would have required purchasing additional cards that you couldn't use later.

We also appreciated the help we got when we were robbed with replacing the tire. BUT since we had been asked not to leave registrations papers, etc. in the car they were in my purse that was stolen. And for some reason we couldn't seem to get replacements. We got ask for them once, but the police report saved us.

We dropped the car at the Orly drop off and everything was done easily and without hassle. Bob and I would highly recommend that anyone consider this as an option to renting long term!! Our trip, even with the robbery, was WONDERFUL and everything we expected!!

Bret Staehling, 02 august 2010
Leasing is definitely the way to go. We leaned on Scott to help us
figure everything out and he was more than helpful in making a great
experience. We picked up in Paris and returned in Lake Geneva and my
only worry came when we didn't hear back from Lake Geneva to verify
our return time (which was after hours). Scott intercepted the email
and made sure for us that everything was set. We have nothing but
good things to say about the whole experience with IdeaMerge.

John Kiefer, 31 july 2010
I have to say, leasing a Renault in France was infinitely easier than
renting a car at any American airport. We picked up our Renault
Scenic at Orly because the Paris office was closed for a holiday,
which was great - I never had to drive in Paris. Looking for that
first gas station was quite an adventure! Only later did we discover
how to use the dashboard trip computer to determine how far we
could drive on our available fuel. We had the GPS for France, which
was great (and unexpected). I would recommend getting it for the
rest of Europe if you are going outside France.

The closest we came to having a problem with the car was the
connection for our iPod. Rather than an American cord that has
one male plug on each end, the Renault expected a standard
European cord with 2 males on 1 end and one male on the other. 5
Euros in an electronics store.

Our biggest adventure came when they wouldn't let us into Croatia.
The border guard asked for our passports and the papers for the
car. When he asked if the car was rented, I made the mistake of
saying "Yes." He said bringing this car into Croatia would be
smuggling and made us turn around, without stamping our
passports. This made the Slovenian border guards a little nervous,
although they had stood there 50 yards away watching. Scott
recommended asking for a supervisor but it was getting late. Next
morning, a different guard was on duty and there were no
questions. Was the first guard just drumming up business for his
brother-in-law who owned the first motel over the Slovenian
Returning the car at De Gaulle was just as simple as the pick-up,
although they were a lot busier.
Overall, I would have to rate this whole experience a 10 out of 10. I
will definitely do it again if I ever get to return to Europe.

Edward Grubbs, 31 july 2010
We leased/purchased a Kangoo (pick-up and return at CDG airport
location north of Paris) and found it to be a very comfortable car.
The upright seats (similar to U.S. minivans) provided the same
support that has been important to my low-back health for a
number of years. I do have a few suggestions. First, I would
recommend that when the car is picked up, the gas tank should be
filled. Charge the customer for that initial full tank. Trying to find
that local fuel station (with the stress of getting used to the new
car and road signs)-we never found the "station"- while knowing
that there are only two liters in the tank is a taxing experience.
Given the unpredictable nature of road signs in France, if one does
not have a GPS, I would highly recommend that one purchase
detailed regional maps that show all roads, including smaller,
country roads. Take a little more time with each new customer to
fully review all of the important dash-board/steering-column
controls. We had difficulty discovering what was controlling the
rear window wiper. Knowing what switches control the speed
"governor" would have been very helpful from the outset. Having
the option of choosing an owners manual (or at least an
abbreviated one) in one of several languages (German, French,
English, Italian ?) would take care of several of these problems. For
pickups in France, I would suggest that you explain the procedure
for paying for parking in towns ("payant") zones before drivers
leave your lot. And finally, for those planning to lease in the future,
I would highly recommend that you have a Google or Mapquest
map and directions to guide you from and to the pick-up/drop-off
location, particularly if it is in a large city area such as Paris.

Gail Harrell, 30 july 2010
We can't say enough positive things about Scot and his
help with our car lease at IdeaMerge. It was our
first experience with leasing and had never heard of
IdeaMerge. Scot was so patient and helpful. When we
had an emergency the day we were to fly to Europe he
helped us arrange proxy documents so that our kids
could pick up and use the car until we arrived. It
was a great experience (the lease, not the emergency!)
and we would see no reason to lease from anyone else.

Ardy McIntosh, 10 june 2010
Dealing with Scott at IdeaMerge has been a total pleasure. We have dealt with other lease agencies, but no other representative has been as helpful and patient as Scott. He would be the only lease agent I would ever deal with again. The Renault Megane Coupe was an excellent car. It is a solidly built car and my wife and I felt very safe in it. The 6-speed (forward) manual transmission was the smoothest, most responsive transmission I have ever driven. The diesel engine got over 50 miles per gallon (after converting kilometers and liters). The mileage was espcially impressive because we did a lot of mountain driving involving much shifting up and down. The only negative about the care was that the vision looking back and out the rear-side windows was difficult. Thanks, Scott.

KaLinn, 23 may 2010
We have leased through a number of companies over the years but
this was our first experience with IdeaMerge. Scott was extremely
helpful when we needed to move our reservation by a week
because of the volcano in Iceland - thank you Scott! We picked up
and dropped off our Kangoo in Paris without a hitch. This year I
got to pick the car and we were not disappointed in any way. The
completely covered storage space was especially nice for those
days we were on the road but stopping along the way. Great mpg,
great storage, good handling. About the only criticism would be
that the windshield washing fluid was pretty weak and we seemed
to encounter plenty of tough bugs. I must say I'd trade my
husband and his laptop for a GPS next time however :-)

Dave T, 15 may 2010
We picked up our Kangoo in Rome and dropped it in Paris at CDG
Airport. The car was great, excellent visibility and mirrors. It got
great fuel economy, and had plenty of power. The shifter was not
as quick as that on our previous lease, but that's a quibble. The car
was delivered with one tire at about half the recommended
pressure. It was not a leak, just an error somewhere along the line.
We were camping and this is a fine camping car. The hatch can be
raised to make a large dry area if it rains. I think you could sleep
flat in the car if you really needed to. There is a lot of covered
storage, so you can leave the car with no contents showing. The
French plates made for some confusion among our camping
neighbors. Some of them had a hard time accepting the idea of
American tourists camping in a French car. Several reviewers have
expressed enthusiasm for their GPS. We did not use one, but I
would think about doing so in the future. Diesel fuel seems to be
uniformly cheaper than gasoline in Europe, and these are great
little turbocharged engines. There is really no reason to avoid
renting a car with a diesel engine, and it will save on fuel costs.

CHRIS SMITH, 13 may 2010
Our lease with Idea Merge was uneventful - just like you want it to be. Upon arrival at Charles DeGaulle in Paris we found a phone and called the toll free number (had not converted any monies into Euros, yet, so this was great) and the person that answered told us the number of the door where we would be picked up shortly. That happened as planned. We had loads of help at the leasing office with directions on how to use the GPS, find the gas station, and get on the highway we needed. Absolutely no problems, in spite of having no sleep on the plane!

The Renault Scenic was a great size for 4 adults, their luggage, and everyone's comfort. We put about 4500 kilometers on the car in France and Spain over the next month and never had any problems.

Upon return to the leasing office to turn in the car, the GPS did not recognize the address of the leasing facility that was provided in the paperwork - but we got pretty close and then called them and they stayed on the phone until we got to the facility.

The freedom and sights that having a car provides is one of the best ways to see France. Depending on the number in your party and how much traveling you will do - the cost and hassle of trains, planes, and buses - can far exceed what you pay and experience with a car lease. The off-the-beaten-path sights and experiences are some of our best memories (and laughs!).

Robert Paup, 11 february 2010
The car was wonderful. It almost felt like my own. I hated to give it up. We had the car six weeks and had no problems at all. We got nearly 50 miles per gallon of diesel. We started in Normandy and went down through mid-France to the mediteranenan and back through Normandy. We put about 6000 km on the car. IdeaMerge set up everything and it worked as planned. The car was there when we arrived. We had a little trouble finding the phone where you called for the car. It was just a phone on the wall and said something about security. When we returned the personnel were very courteous and took us back to the airport as planned. Our traditional car rentals went well also. We had had no problems except once when the car was damaged when we got it. That took a while to sort out because they lost the paperwork. We had a little problem getting fuel the first time. The pump would not take our credit card. It would be helpful for you to tell your customers that in France that pump card readers only take smart cards. After that we learned the facts of credit cards and had no more problems. Except the fact that there are many unattended pumps and you can't use them.

Mike K., Redwood City CA, 09 february 2010
We leased a diesel, automatic Renault Megane Station Wagon with GPS. The pickup and dropoff were seemless at the Marseille airport. We could have used a better explanation of the features upon picking up the car. GPS was a really nice plus. If you're going to have the car for a minimum of three weeks, it's definitely the way to go.

MRD Denver, Co., 09 february 2010
We leased a Reault Megane for four weeks. We picked it up in Munich and dropped it off in Rome. The car was great. Handled great. Pick up was a little delayed due to lack of understanding as to where to find the agent but once that was complete all else went well. Would strongly recommend using a gps. Directions are not adequate via language. Drove thru Germany and all of northern Italy. Drop off at Rome was fine. Once again if I did not have the GPS there is no way in hell I would have found the drop off depot. Great car and great time. MRD

Veronique Danforth, 09 february 2010
We leased a diesel Peugeot for 5 weeks in December. Fantastic experience. The pick up was very simple and staff very professional in Courbevoie close to Paris. We drove the car for about 2000 miles around France and never had a problem. Returning the car was also very simple. We will definitely lease again

Earl Schwarzfeld, 28 october 2009
Our experience driving the Clio Diesel was terrific from beginning
to end. While picking up the car in Milan, we had trouble getting
through to Eurodrive from the airport, but they must have caught
my name on the phone even though I didn't think I was connected
because while I was still trying to get through, a guy with our
name on a sign found us in the airport. He had our car there and
even led us to our hotel before wishing us well. The car was
fantastic in the hills of Tuscany, with it's narrow and winding
roads. It was a pleasure to drive, and very fuel efficient. The
return of the car in Rome went seamlessly. We would definitely
use this service again and would recommend it to others.

brian reynolds, 27 september 2009
this i believe was my tenth year leasing a vehicle from Ideamerge and although most of the years past the process has been fairly smooth, this year, 2009, was the most caotic. the problems were not with so much Ideamerge but with Renault and the lack of vehicles available even with a 20 or 30 day advance notice. i was forced to delay my departure to accommodate the availability of the car . the processing at arrival in Nice was complicated by another glitch, that being that even with specific details about arrival being a "walk in" the day after my flight arrived they still thought i was coming later and had to scramble to get the car ready. But they did, and with all things said and done Idealmerge and their partners do truly provide a valuable service at a great price for long term stays in Europe.

Dan Coppola, 24 september 2009
Great vehicle, but more importantly, great service from Ideamerge. Normally in Europe we rent from one of the larger rental agencies, but the rates from Ideamerge were so great that we decided to make the chance. Though the paperwork is a little cumbersome before the rental (not as simple as just giving them your credit card) once we arrived in France to pick up our vans it was smooth sailing. The staff at Renault Rent was very friendly, the vans were brand new (with only 6km on them) and exactly what we ordered. We will definintely use Ideamerge again.

Mike McGowan, 01 september 2009
We have just returned from our 5 week holiday in Europe. We leased a new Renault Megane through Ideamerge and found the experience very satisfying. We drove about 8000 kms. through France , Italy and Germany. We never had one problem through the entire trip and we only filled the tank 12 times, the gas mileage was incredible. Check in and check out were a breeze and the staff were very courteous and helpful.

All in all a very satisfying experience. I appreciate the help you gave us along the way and will highly recommend you and your company to our friends.


Mike McGowan

Dave, 31 august 2009
This was the first time we used IdeaMerge and all went quite well. The only bummer was the wait time at the airport in Rome for the van to pick us up and take us to the car rental facility. This is not the fault of IdeaMerge as we had just missed the previous van by a few minutes so the 30+ minute wait while we were all jet lagging in the airport seemed like an eternity.

The Scenic Grande was a perfect car for our trip. It's always a concern when I rent a vehicle online if it truly has enough room for 4 comfortably and all the baggage we usually travel with (for the 4 of us we had 4 large bags and at least 5 small to medium sized bags. A lot of bags, but this was for a 1 month trip. As it turned out, the Grand had plenty of room for our friends in the back seat, who both happen to be tall people. Also the space was more than adequate for the luggage.

The drop off near the Frankfurt airport was very fast and easy, in the basement of the Holiday Inn Express. The airport shuttle van came almost immediately after I was done with the paperwork.

All told, this was a good experience and I would absolutely do this again if the trip warranted a long rental. I travel and drive in Europe twice a year on average and I am all too aware of the one way rental fees that can get out of hand, so this lease option can come in at a competitive price, depending on the length of time you lease the vehicle. The longer the leased time, the better the deal against renting will be.

Eleanor, 27 august 2009
My Clio was great. The pick up and drop off were much easier than dealing with a regular rental car. The car was brand new and a pleasure to drive. The staff was helpful at each phase of the process. Excellent.

Harry Campbell, 27 august 2009
This was our 4th Renault rental with IdeaMerge and as usual it was flawless from first contact (thanks Scott) to final dropoff. We have rented a Kangoo for the past two years (about 2 months each) and while it looks like a delivery truck it is very comfortable and can seat 5 adults. This year we ordered the "delux" model with a bit more power in the diesel engine. It was quite comfortable and fancy but the stark black color made it look like a mini-hearse.

We picked the 2009 Kangoo up and returned it at the Lyon airport and the service was great. We had no problems with the car and it performed well on the autoroutes of France and Spain, and also in a freak ice and hail storm (in July!) near St. Pierreville that left 4 inches of ice crystals on the winding mountain roadway.

Next year I will again order a Kangoo.

lynn, 27 august 2009
This is our second lease for vacations in Europe and I've found that leasing is much easier at border crossings than renting. The Renault Clio Campus was, as expected, a cheap little car. It worked fine although it lacked a few of the amenities of more expensive cars and had an abundance of plastic. The size was great for driving around cities and it did okay even on the autobahn. The back seat held one adult sideways. I wouldn't suggest two adults in the back seat.

Manuel Novoa, 04 july 2009
I picked up A Koleos in Calais Last year and toured France and Spain for 2 months, it was a great trip and also a beautiful car, best holidays in my life.

Thanks Renault

Manuel Novoa

Andy Plantinga, 09 march 2009
We rented a Renault Clio for about 5 months while in France. The car was perfect for our family of four, though it was probably better that our children are small and could ride comfortably in the back seat. We had no trouble picking it up at the central Paris location, which is located right next to a metro stop. However, returning it to the Paris-Orly airport was very difficult. The directions to the drop-off spot were not very clear and the signs at the airport were unhelpful. After we missed the turn-off, it took us a long time to finally get there. My wife (who speaks French) called the office at the drop-off spot several times, only to have the guy working there shout the same thing at her over and over. Apart from this unhappy ending, we had a great experience renting through IdeaMerge. Without hesitation I would do it again (though I'd choose a different drop-off location).

Tibor Ruff, 07 march 2009
We had the Megane sedan Oct 2009. This was my third year in a row with Ideamerge and I am totally pleased. I rented a couple of times for shorter periods and the lease is a so much nicer experience that I would not consider anything else. No problems with the cars; a couple of times I had to go to a Renault dealer in Switzerland and France, they fixed a minor glitch with no questions asked; never paid a penny. I do wish that I would get my promissory note back or a note saying that it has been destroyed; perhaps Ideamerge could work on that.
I highly recommend the Renault lease.

Randy Cobbett, 27 december 2008
We picked up our Scenic Grand diesel in Paris and drove it through France and Italy, returning it in Italy. Thanks to Eric and Scott for helping us get the right vehicle for our trip. It was perfect for the 4 of us and all of our luggage, which seemed to grow as the trip went on. We had just enough room for everything.

The pickup and return process went smoothly, although I wish the return depot in Rome was a bit closer to central Rome. We were not flying out right away and the return depot is near the airport, so after we dropped off the car we had to find a way by train to get back into the city. When I realized I had not brought the vehicl ownership transfer papers with me, I then had to find a way to courier them back to the return depot.

The car itself was great, with plenty of power for the expressways and just small enough to get around the tiny side streets in the old towns of France and Italy. I thought a few times that we would get stuck in a small street, only barely wider than the car itself, but each time we managed to squeeze through. We had absolutely no mechanical problems to worry about during our trip.

Alda Angst, 27 october 2008
We had been leasing with Ideamerge several times before. This
year we decided on a Clio diesel. We picked up the car in Paris
City. It was a pleasant and easy experience. It was easy to drive
and to maneuver the narrow streets of France and Switzerland.
The Clio has an abundant truck to fit several suitcases so that for
the two of us we could store everything out of sight. We took
along a backpacking tent so that we could camp in more remote
areas. It worked great. We dropped of the car in Zurich our usual
spot. The whole return took only a few min. and then we were
shuttled to the airport. All in all, a great experience from the
moment we leased the car until we returned it. I will do it again.
OH, by the way, this year we actually got an abreviated English
version of the owners manual. What help that was, especially with
an unfamiliar car. Thank you! A great car!

Larry Morris, 19 october 2008
We rented the 5 seat Espace for a 75 day trip through Europe. We picked the car up in Paris and dropped it off 13,000 kilometers later in Barcelona.

The entire experience was totally seamless, from pickup to dropoff. The Espace was comfortable with plenty of room for my wife and I as well as our 13 and 16 year old children.

All our luggage fit in the covered cargo area, hidden from view. And the rear seat was roomy enough that we were able to leave the center seat occupied by an AC/DC portable cooler that we bought near Normandy and used to keep ourselves supplied with fruit, cheese and drinks throughout our travels.

We wouldn't hesitate to lease another Espace for extended travel in Europe.

For a glimpse into the regions we covered by car, check out our photo album at

Sonal Miller, 17 october 2008
We were in Italy and France for 4 weeks and rented the 5 seater Espace. This car was very comfortable and easy to drive. We had small issue with our GPS rental but I have to say that Ideamerge was incredible in their handling of the situation. I would say that they went above and beyond any of our expectations on this matter. I would reccomend this company without hesitation to anyone traveling to Europe. This company believes that customer service is paramount. We also rented from this company for 6 weeks a couple of years ago and had a great experience there as well.

Fred Boley, 20 september 2008
This past May-June we leased the Renault Clio through IdeaMerge. This was the second time we have leased a Clio through IdeaMerge. We picked the car up in Lyon, FR. There were some difficulties in contacting the leasing center, but once we finally got there and picked up our car, everything was GREAT!! This was a 7 week trip through Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and returning home from Frankfurt. The Clio Diesel was perfect for my wife and I. Plenty of room for two and excellent fuel economy - I figure we got around 50mpg and at roughly $10. to $12. per gallon, that was a big plus. We had zero problems with the car the whole trip. We had our own Garmin GPS for the trip and that eliminated a LOT of stress in finding hotels in the cities. Like your Visa card, don't leave home without a GPS unit!!! I would make one suggestion to Renault. Add a plug-in to the radio so we could plug in our iPod. I think Puegot has a plug-in.

Dr Sara Bon-Harper, 05 september 2008
The Modus was a fabulous car. It was easy to drive, and had plenty of luggage space while still fitting in the streets of small hilltop towns in Italy.

I loved working through IdeaMerge, and having Scott Baxter available during every step of the reservation process. I have recommended IdeaMerge to several colleagues who either lease directly through Renault or rent in Europe.

Leila P., 01 september 2008
We leased a megane for about 3 months and loved it! Leasing a car
was a much more pleasant experience then renting one - the
paperwork was easier, the people friendlier and the car was brand
new. We had enough space for 4 adults, a small dog, 4 suitcases and
lots of bags. We found driving around Europe to be a great experience
also - no need to rely on trains and planes although a good map was
essential! I'd definitely lease again through Ideamerge and I definitely
recommend it to anyone who wants to be an independent traveler!

Fabian, 26 august 2008
Simply an awesome outfit and excellent expereince... Fourth time we've used them! Scott in the USA is great, and the experience in Europe was also A+... and the rates compared to renting a car with insurance (NOT zero deductable) are just NOT COMPARABLE TO LEASING WITH IDEAMERGE!

Oh, the Trafic gets great mileage (MPG)!

Lynn McDonald, 20 august 2008
We drove about 4000k in six weeks around France. The experience with our Clio diesel and IdeaMerge was superior in every way possible.

We had a minor accident, we were stopped and the other car was moving very slowly. We had absolutely no problems with our return. The zero deductable coverage takes all the worry and hassel out of car leasing.

We changed the drop off point and time of return with an easy phone call.

The people we dealt with in France and Scott Baxter with IdeaMerge exuded cheerful competence. Thanks to you all. Having USA based people to talk to was an additional comfort.

We returned the car a month early so that we could have an unplanned month long adventure on a canal boat and received a full refund for the unused time.

So despite being lost a few times in the big cities and frightened by aggressive French drivers on the smaller roads, we certainly plan to use IdeaMerge for another trip. Maybe an RV next time?

john beard, 19 august 2008
the modus and the leasing program were great. we picked up in munich and dropped off in milan 8 weeks and 6000km later. no problems at all. it was wonderful to have a car and i will definitely use this program again for my next big trip to europe.

Tasos Elaine Foutsitzis, 19 august 2008
This was my first time using Ideamerge. The leasing and pick-up/drop-off process was fairly simple and all details were taken care of. The Clio provided a good ride and mpg; we drove over 5000km through Italy and northern Greece. I have mentioned and will recommend this service to friends. Thank you for a great experience.

Ann Danis, 19 august 2008
My experience with Ideamerge was, once again, a dream come true.
All details are taken care of before the lease begins and the pick-
up/drop-off experience is extraordinary. The Clio was a great car
with lots of pick-up and really great on fuel. I have recommended
your service to many people and will continue to do so. One thought:
you might want to outfit the cars in France with safety vests and the
necessary "triangle" in case of road issues. It is law to have these in
the care as of October, 2008 I believe. Again, thanks for a great

Ruy Tchao, 19 august 2008
We leased a Modus for 2 months this July and August. We drove all around France and had no trouble at all with the vehicle. The leasing program was straight forward and without a problem. The staff at CDG were most helpful and courteous. It was a wonderful experience and we would certainly use this form of leasing next year.

Dr Bruce Barman, 19 august 2008
Flawless experience. Service at pickup and dropoff was excellent. Car was great and exactly as ordered. Great value, which I highly recommend. Only thing I'd add to make even better would be a intratrip dropoff change should be made easily available if travel plans would change.

Ed and Cathy Dwulet, 18 august 2008
We have leased through IdeaMerge three times and every experience has been fantastic. The pickup and dropoff has always been extremely quick and easy. The cars have been perfect. I would highly recommend IdeaMerge for anyone who needs a long term rental.

Andrew and Maria Hedley, 18 august 2008
We had a Scenic Grand for 5 weeks this summer and had a great experience, apart from a small problem with the on board computer which showed that we had a non-existant puncture for the whole trip - and as a result would never show the kms on the odometer.

Pick up and drop off was excellent and the paperwork was frankly easier than a rental agreement. I also loved picking up a brand new car with only 2km clocked!

The Scenic Grand 7 seater was ideal for our family with 3 young children and plenty of friends in tow on many ocasions. Although the two rear jump seats are only suited to small kids - 10 or under. (You need an Espace or 806 for 7 adults.)

The 130hp diesel afforded great mileage and was smooth and powerful. We made several long trips from our base near Toulouse going south across the Pyrenees and returning to CDG.

All in all a great experience and one I would recommed to others going on long trips to
Europe. My thanks to Scott at Ideamerge for his persistence in trying to get me the exact model we wanted - in the end it wasn't the spec we initially wanted but the car we got was great all the same

Eran Mick, 15 august 2008
I took a Grand Modus for a trip all around France for 25 days - 10 days of which, however, the car was being repaired in a garage. Now, mechanical failures do occur with any car, rented, leased or privately owned. Though I was very pleased with Ideamerge's straightforward and user-friendly registration process, I got absolutely no clear picture of what a breakdown of the car would entail. On the contrary, I thought everything would be nice and simple given I was covered by such a comprehensive roadside assistance program. When the car did break down (fuel injection problem) 2 days into my roadtrip, it was expeditiously towed to a private garage and I was told I would get a replacement. The following morning a pre-paid taxi picked me up, though not to a Renault agency to get a new car (as would normally happen with a rental), but rather to a Europcar rental agency to get a temporary 4-day replacement while my car was being repaired, with the provision that I would have to return it in the exact same agency and come back to pick up my leased car at the garage! Basically, what that meant was that I was anchored to a small radius around that spot and was unable to go on on my trip for several days as I waited for the repair. Also, the "comparative" replacement car I received was hardly that at all. From a spacious 4-door, diesel-powered vehicle I went to a small, 2-door, gasoline-powered urban car (Twingo) that was clearly not in shape for the nearly 1000 km I wound up driving with it. Not to mention the increase in gas costs, since I had to fill up basically every 1-1.5 days (instead of 3-4). In addition, the assistance hotline, which was generally helpful, had one problem. Every time I called, it would take far too long to get an answer, then identify myself and get the guy on the other line up to speed on all the case history. Later, when the weekend arrived with no repair in sight (it did not seem as if my car was given any kind of priority) and I was insisting they let me go on my trip, they extended my rental contract to 10 days and eventually - after much haggling - agreed to deliver my original car when repaired to wherever I would be in France at that time (note that if my trip had included stops outside of France, that would have proved an even more difficult problem). Finally, I received the repaired car 10 days after the whole story began. In addition to the extra cost wrought on by gasoline, I was in for a 1000$ phone bill for those two weeks alone, since I had to make tens of phone calls with Renault for every stage of this complicated procedure, which is hugely expensive when you're using your cell phone abroad. That was more than twice what I paid for my phone bill for the entire remaining six weeks of my trip overseas, which included a month in the U.S.
In the U.S., by the way, I had a rental car and everytime the slightest light would come on and I thought something might happen with the car (though nothing ever actually happened), I went in to the nearest agency and replaced the car in 20 minutes, no questions asked and at no extra cost.
To sum things up, the registration process and service from Ideamerge was 100% and the Eurodrive program is a very good one and cheaper than rental (especially for me, since I'm under 25). And despite all this car trouble, I was able to minimize the disruption to my trip and did not miss anything I planned on doing. Eventually, Renault did repair the car, give me a replacement and deliver the repaired car to me 1000 km away. My only critique is that Ideamerge should clearly and prominently feature an explanation of what the limitations of leasing are as far as a car breakdown is concerned and describe this scenario where you have to wait for your car to be repaired. It might have influenced my decision to lease, and perhaps not, but I had to know this. Also, Renault must work to improve and streamline the process for dealing with such cases, get hotline agents up-to-speed with the regulations, expedite and prioritize car repairs, and offer a pre-paid provision for car delivery from the get-go, so you don't get stuck on your trip waiting for the garage.

Jean Brinton-Jaecks, 15 august 2008
The clio was a great little car, peppy and reliable. The staff at
Ideamerge were professional and very helpful with the checking in
process. I drove 3ooo km across Brittany and back to Paris.
Negotiating the country roads in Brittany was an easy and fun
experience with the clio. I stored all my painting and travel grear
safely in the trunk with room to spare.

When I travel abroad again I will definately contact Ideamerge for
another great experience.

Pete Tyrpak, 08 august 2008
What an excellent experience! We rented a Modus Grand for a 3 week trip to Europe visiting Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. The Modus comfortably fit luggage for 3 of us and got between 40 and 45 miles per gallon. It's pick up was great and it delivered the higher speeds when we needed them.

Our interaction with IdeaMerge were flawless and always helpful, especially since this was our first trip to Europe. Our trips to and from our airports were prompt and with very curteous people Given how much we drove, this type of car rental was quite cost economical.

Our only suggestion would be to let the pickup and dropoff folks know that dropping off customers after their rental with lots of luggage is MUCH easier for the customer at the departing entrances rather than the arrival doors. We had a language barrier, couldn't convey the above and wound up taking almost a half hour getting from the arrival doors to departure ticketing at the Geneva airport rather than 1 or 2 minutes if we had been dropped at the depature entrances.

On our next European trip I would only call IdeaMerge for a vehicle rental.

Thanks so much!

Jim Hattori, 07 august 2008
We leased a Kangoo through Idea Merge for a two month trip to Europe. The lease process was simple--just as described on their web site. I had a few questions which were answered very promptly.

We picked-up the car in Rome and dropped it off in Geneva. The staff at both locations were responsive and helpful.

The Kangoo is an easy car to drive with tons of space. It easily held 3 people, 3 bikes and luggage.

I did learn the hard way about one exclusion in the Roadside Assistance program. Late one night after picking up a friend at the Milan airport, I stopped at a gas station and had the attendant fill up the tank. About 2 kilometers from the station the car completely died on the autostrada. I immediately suspected the attendant had put in the wrong fuel. I called the Roadside Assistance number and explained what happened including my hypothesis. They informed me that any wrong fuel was an excluded event and so any expenses associated with towing and repair would not be covered!

So the morale of the story is to either fuel-up yourself or make sure the attendant is more than half-awake. By the way, the place that pumped out the wrong fuel told me they get around 10 cars with the wrong fuel so it's not as rare an event as you might think.

[A special note from IdeaMerge: A diesel nozzle is considerably wider than either a leaded gasoline nozzle or the even smaller unleaded gasoline nozzle and indeed will not fit into either such tank. Consequently a gasoline nozzle will fit into a diesel tank. Therefore, be careful not to put gasoline into a diesel tank. Even a liter of gasoline added to the tank of a modern diesel car can cause irreversible damage to the injection pump and other components due to its relatively low lubricity. (Diesel in a gasoline engine — while creating large amounts of smoke — does not normally cause permanent damage if it is drained once the mistake is realized. Similarly, older diesels using completely mechanical injection can tolerate some gasoline, which has historically been used to "thin" diesel fuel in winter.) A green pump holds unleaded gasoline or else diesel, a blue leaded gasoline. Diesel pumps are sometimes colored black, sometimes green. Diesel pumps are chiefly signified linguistically, either with the very word diesel or with one of the equivalents: gas-oil, gaz-oil, gasolio, gasóleo, dieselolie, mazot, motorina, or nafta.]

Christopher Jane Shipley, 05 august 2008
Back from another European sojourn this summer and another
lease with Ideamerge. More kudos to the Ideamerge staff--our
experience was perfect--fuss-free paperwork, easy pickup and
drop off at CDG in France, fabulous little car: the Grand Modus is
roomy with excellent visibility, nimble and surprisingly peppy--a
great vehicle for the small roads and large, and over 50 miles to
the gallon for our diesel vehicle. We'll be back in Europe again
next year, we hope, and we will certainly sign up for another lease
with Ideamerge. There is no other way to go if you are going to be
driving for an extended period of time in Europe. Ideamerge is
truly an outstanding (and all too rare) company that delivers
everything they promise.

Paul Aufderheide, 04 august 2008
Just returned from your -to 3-week trip to your up in the past 5 years traveling as a family of five and car camping. The first and most recent trip involved the least of a Kangoo through Ideamerge. The middle trip included two separate car rentals in Great Britain and Ireland-a much less pleasant than desirable experience.

I concur with all the previous postings regarding the ease of pickup and drop-off in working with Ideamerge. If car rental in the US could only be so simple. The Kangoo is certainly an exceptional vehicle, good handling, travels well with a load, and is exceptionally roomy for a small car. I would like to clarify the exceptional volume and carrying capacity of this vehicle, as I believe we have "push the limits".

Our most recent trip to the Netherlands, Belgium, and France was focused on car camping, dining in the campground, and generally preserving our beleaguered dollars. After I reserved the Kangoo in January, the dollar plummeted and our inventory of cooking and comfort items increased.
Our final inventory included:two adults and three compatible teenage girls, two backpacking tents, sleeping bags, mats , personal luggage, large sunshade to cover folding picnic table, stool, metal Pots and cookware including 2L pressure cooker, cooler, and finally my folding “bike Friday”.

I was admittedly concerned regarding our access of inventory, but when arriving in Amsterdam I was pleased to see a Kangoo in the parking lot with a roof rack! My bicycle exits the polypropylene suitcase, into the bag, and the inventory of loose camping gear fits nicely in the suitcase. This of course served as our cartop carrier through the trip.
The Kangoo is a great family car, and might be called the European minivan, but with twice the mileage of the comparable American vehicle. Bon Voyage!

Harry Campbell, 03 august 2008
We have a house in France (in the Ardeche) and each year we spend 2 to 4 months there. We have found that using IdeaMerge is the ideal solution to our transportation needs.

For the past several years we have selected a Kangoo and it has meet all of our requirements perfectly - they are economical, reliable, comfortable and handle very, very well. We find that each year there are large and small improvements on this model. I particularly enjoy the fact that it is a bit taller than most autos on the road and the visibility is superb.

The pick up and drop off are always quick and easy and we are delivered to the airport from the Renault agency in just a few minutes - very convenient.

The Kangoo is highly recommended for up to 5 passengers due to its large luggage capacity (and a roof rack if you need it).

Kameshwar Poolla, 02 august 2008
We leased a Megane wagon for 4 months. The experience was flawless. OK it is a little paperwork to lease the car to begin, but after that everything i like clockwork. The IdeaMerge folks have covered every possible detail. The staff on the ground is also very competent. We will definitely return next year for another lease when we return to Europe.

Drew Geer, 02 august 2008
We leased a Trafic for a bicycle stage race across europe; pick up
in Germany & drop off in France. We needed a large vehicle to haul
riders & equipment. We needed to know prior to the trip exactly
what we would be getting. This is not the case with rental agencies.
The Trafic was perfect for the job - Large with great storage
capacity, easy to drive on narrow roads & great milage for a large
vehicle. The pricing is very good.

The Ideamerge team makes this a very easy transaction. The
pickup & drop off are fantastic. This is far easier than the usual
rental agencies. The process just takes minutes as the paperwork
has all been done online before hand. They made the online
paperwork very easy.

We have been using Idea Merge for 5 years now & I highly
recommend them to anyone.

David McCarthy, 01 august 2008
This was our second trip to France in three years, and the second time we leased a Kangoo. We loved the car, and wish it were available in the U.S. The pick up and drop off experience in France was hassle-free, and a big contrast to our unpleasant experience renting a car (from another agency) for a week in Ireland.

Gary Focht, 31 july 2008
We drove 4,000 miles across Europe this summer in a Megane estate wagon, which performed beautifully. Our diesel got 45 mpg on the highway and 38-40 in the city. The covered luggage compartment was roomy enough for luggage for 5. We picked-up and dropped-off the car at CDG. Drop-off was a breeze; pick-up was more of a challenge since the place which was described in the paperwork as being across the street from Terminal 3 departures was more like a mile down the street across from Terminal 3 departures. If we'd known it was that far, we'd have called for the shuttle. We liked having the peace of mind of 24/7 roadside assistance as well as the promise of a replacement vehicle if something had happened to ours. We were pleased with our experience with IdeaMerge and would happily recommend the short-term lease with IdeaMerge to anyone traveling for two weeks or longer in Europe.

Lloyd Suiter, 31 july 2008
What a great little car. We drove 2200 miles all across France and the car preformed like a champ. It had enough power to keep up on the freeways and also was small enough to maneuver through the tightest places (very important in France). The interior was comfortable and roomy. I am over 6 feet tall and had no problem with the space. Gas mileage was great. The car was one of the highlights of the trip making locations available that we would of never seen otherwise. I wish that this car were available in the US.

Catherine Drabkin, 31 july 2008
After the initial challenge of locating the special telephone at CDG
airport to call for the car, we had a wonderful experience with our
cleo. It was a peppy car that handled the small country roads well and
held all our luggage and gear safely hidden in the back. The staff in
Paris and Marseille were helpful and pleasant. Overall, we had a great
time with the car.

Janie McCauley, 31 july 2008
We leased four Trafics for a group of 29 students and teachers on a
ten-week, multi-country tour. They worked wonderfully. Seating and
storage space are excellent. Idea Merge's leasing program is definitely
the most cost-effective option for our group.

We made all our arrangements by email and phone. The quality of
service we received was terrific.

Steve Neal, 29 july 2008
Great service. Great vehicle. Made our European trip a true joy. Thanks

Susan Bridle, 29 july 2008
We were very happy with our Renault short-term auto lease. The IdeaMerge staff in the US were friendly and efficient, and the pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle in Frankfurt could not have been easier. The car was terrific. We chose to lease because we wanted to visit a number of countries that most car rental companies don't include on their list of "allowed" countries (e.g. Albania, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria). We also appreciated knowing that we were fully insured and had roadside assistance available should we need it (thankfully we didn't). I would definitely recommend leasing through Renault to anyone interested in driving in eastern Europe.

Stephanie Rhodes, 29 july 2008
Our children and grandchildren came to Italy with us and we needed a vehicle that would hold 6 people. The prices on a van rental with the normal rental car agencies were outrageous. So our friends told us about this lease program. We loved every aspect of it. Easy paperwork; no lines, courteous service; prompt airport pick up and drop off at Rome airport - and a brand new vehicle! The car was terrific. Handled well on curvy roads and on the Autostradas. We will definitely do this again.

Noell Milota, 29 july 2008
This is the 4th time we've leased a car in Europe through IdeaMerge, and each time,the experience has been great! We've picked up / dropped off in Frankfurt, Brussels, and Zurich, and never had a problem.

The cars are fantastic, the insurance coverage puts us completely at ease with driving abroad, and the service at the pick up / drop off locations is outstanding. Overall, the process is smooth, efficient, and convenient. I would recommend it to anyone.

Frederick Jamison, 29 july 2008
We picked up our Kangoo in Frankfurt and returned it 43 days later. The pickup and drop off process was absolutely trouble free.The performance of the Kangoo was truly remarkable and unexpected. Fuel economy was exceptional even while driving consistently at 120 Km/hr on the freeways in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Acceleration was never a problem and the vehicle was very nimble in the cities and villages we visited. We drove nearly 7,000 km and had not one problem. We particularly appreciated all the extra storage space that Renault had provided. I wish we had these vehicles available in the U.S. I would not hesitate in my purchase. Ideamerge has been a pleasure to work with every step of the way and I would recommend them to anyone considering driving in Europe. Leasing is absolutely the way to go!

Rock Gnatovich, 29 july 2008
I have to admit I was skeptical prior to arrival but the whole experience turned out very well. I was surprised to hear how long Renault had been doing this. The Scenic Grand Diesel was perfect for our 5 adults and the diesel performed very well (Americans aren't used to this)--powerful and smooth. The pickup and drop off process was trouble free in addition to the reservation steps. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I would defintitely recommend this approach for any lengthy stay over a traditional rental car. Thanks.

Juzar Jamnagerwalla, 29 july 2008
We leased the Kangoo for 22 days - it was the perfect car for our vacation. We had five adults who sat very comfortably, and the huge trunk allowed us to store all our luggage. The car handles well, has decent acceleration, and is great on gas. I picked up and dropped off the car in Paris, the location was convenient and their was a free shuttle to and from the airport.

We had many concerns about leasing a car in Europe being American, but everything went off flawlessly!

Dave Condon, 28 july 2008
Overall the car and experience were great. Pick up in Frankfurt went very smooth our agent spoke very good English as I was worried my German was a little rusty and I know very little French. The car handled and operated very well with the exception of the parking distance warning which failed after 1200 Km. I finally could figure out enough of the Franch manual to determine how to turn it off and the rest of the trip was great. We dropped of back in Frankfurt (after driving through Austria, across N Italy, up through Switzerland and back to Frankfurt) after hours and it was no problem. Just drop the keys and go!
For the price, getting a brand new car, the experience was very good. I'm looking forward to more turbo diesel cars in the US (BMW and Audi are supposed to bringing them in by the end of the year), they are good on economy but do not sacrifice performance. Thanks for a good experience.

Sebastian T, 06 october 2007
Hello Eric and Jerry,

Thank you for the advice and help in getting a good price on a Peugeot 407 diesel sedan with automatic transmission for our three weeks travel through Europe.
It was the first time needing to drive a car in Europe, which was due to our itinerary through Germany, Austria, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and back to Germany.
The paperwork process was really smooth, as well as the car pick-up/drop-off in Frankfurt.
I could not believe the car's torque and acceleration on Germany's Autobahn, through Austria's tunnels and the winding Italy's highways. As well as the smooth suspension over the uneven, challenging roads in Eastern Europe.
Like other reviewers, we were impressed with the options in this vehicle, automatic wipers, folding mirrors, quiet-smooth suspension, and the 39-40 mpg diesel consumption.
Best part about this program, was the zero-deductible insurance, which came in handy when we got hit by a hail storm in Romania, which left dents all over the car. All we had to do was to write a statement of when, where and what happened, which was left with the car's title upon drop-off.
Compared with car rental, the leasing is the best choice, and would definitely do it again on our next trip through Europe. And we have been telling everyone about Eric and Jerry, and the leasing program through Ideamerge.

Fred Joyce Boley, 29 september 2007
Thank you Jerry and Renault Leasing!!!
My wife and I just returned from a seven week driving trip through France, Spain and Portugal. We had the Clio 1.5 diesel with a 5 speed manual transmission and air conditioning. In one word, the car was GREAT. We drove 5000 miles (not km) and our over all fuel consumption was 5.2 liters/100km or just over 50mpg. With diesel fuel costing around $8.00/gal. The fuel economy for the Clio was very much appreciated. The car had plenty of pep for driving on the many toll roads and highways and was great handling on winding mountain roads. The car had features you would only find on expensive cars in the US. Windshield wipers that came on automatically when it started to rain and regulated the speed based on how heavy the rainfall and headlight that came on automatically when we were in a tunnel. We picked up our car at CDG Paris and returned it to Barcelona. We have no complaint with the service at pick-up or drop off. We are starting to think about another European trip next year and will definitely be using Ideamerge for a car lease.

Ann Danis, 27 september 2007
27 september 2007
I have leased from Ideamerge for the past 3 years and every
experience has been just great. The customer service,
efficiency, and prices cannot be beat. I highly recommend
this company for all of your leasing needs in Europe. They are
top notch. Happy motoring!
Ann Danis
P.S. The Renault Kangoo is a really great vehicle for touring
because all passengers have a great view.

Leif Ramsey, 21 september 2007
The Renault Scenic Diesel was a fantastic vehicle. I rented it for 3 weeks to drive around Europe with a group of friends and it turned out to be a great choice. The optional 2 jump seats in the back where great for the extra passengers that we occasionally had (although I would not suggest using them all the time, because you will have no room for luggage). Diesel is definitely the way to go because fuel cost are much cheaper. Good power and good storage throughout.

The Christiansen Family, 21 september 2007
We had a very smooth and perfect experience with IdeaMerge & the (Automatic,Petrol/Gas) Renault Clio! We just got back from nearly three months in Europe and will definitely use IdeaMerge & the Renault lease program again. We picked up the car in Zurich and drove all over Europe. The pickup/dropoff was very smooth and easy -- the paperwork went very quickly. We liked that everything was included - even insurance & roadside assistance. The Renault Clio was fantastic to drive. We were on the Autobahn in Germany often and it had great acceleration and speed. The interior was surprisingly roomy for our family and very comfortable. We would definitely choose IdeaMerge & the Renault lease program on a future trip.

Nelda Figueiredo, 20 september 2007
We used Ideamerge for the first time and chose the Renault automatic diesel scenic, even though we were not familiar with this car. The entire experience was pleasant. Every step of the process went efficiently and with no hidden surprises.
The car was waiting for us in Porto when we arrived, and due to our luggage not arriving with us, we were delayed reporting our baggage claim. The Ideamerge rep was waiting for us all that time.
Turning in the car was easy and fast as well.
As far as the Scenic, my husband, my daughters and I felt in love with this car. It was roomy, comfortable and we felt very safe in the road. We liked the car so much we wished we had been able to bring it home with us.
We will definitely use Idearc again whenever we travel to Europe.

Charles Monroe, 19 september 2007
A group od us leased two five passnger Espaces with a a7 passenger Pathfinder for two weeks in Tuscany. We picked up and returned the vehicles at the Renault depot outside of Rome since we hd already been in Itlay (Rome) for a week befor the lease began... Pick up and drop off were effortless with great service assistance at the depot...

The Espace is a wonderful vehicle with good mileage and comfort for 5 passengers and decent luggae space for people who know how to pack sensibly...
This is teh second time I've arranged leases of Renault Espaces and will definitely do so again...

Charles Monroe, 19 september 2007
My group leased a Pathfinder the summer of 2007 for two weeks in Tuscany... we picked this vehicle up with two Espace vans at the depot outside of Rome and returned the vehicles there with absolutely no hastle whatsoever. The vehicle had a GPS as standard feature and that was veery helpful... passenger space iin back rows is not the most comfortable for long distance drives due to speace made avaialable for storage at teh back... and gas mileage isn't the greatest due to the weight of teh vehicle... we leased thi with teh other two vehicles since we hd a group of 15 and wanted ability to transport 7 in obe vehicle for short trips...

Walter Koch, 19 september 2007
After the fifth time we have leased for the summer through Ideamerge, I'm running out of superlatives to describe the experience! The paperwork is always fast and smooth at the airport, both arrival and dropoff, and the cars are always great; never a single problem in a total of about 35-36 thousand kilometers of driving over the past five summers.

The Megane Scenic is a perfect family car - great to see out of with those huge windows, secure handling and gas mileage that I could only wish we were able to achieve in the US - again about 42 miles per US gallon of diesel. We miss it.

We will be looking forward to doing the same thing next summer, same car, and through the same people at Ideamerge.

Laurence Barratt, 19 september 2007
we were very pleased with the whole service offered by your company: from the quick and reliable correspondence during the booking to the pick up and drop of in a different city, total coverage etc. The whole experience made the rental process easy.

We will definitely use your services again next year when we go back and recommend you as well.

Thanks again.

Laurence B.

Avie Abramowitz, 19 september 2007
Your lease deal for cars in Europe beats general car rentals by a mile, and I am delighted to continue using your company in future years.
Best regards,
Avie Abramowitz

Mario Aldana, 23 august 2007
My experience with this lease was excellent. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and helpful, especially Mr. Svoboda and the French gentleman who delivered the car and had to wait for my very delayed arrival at the Nantes station. The car was totally satisfactory and economical. Returning the vehicle was easy and I was dealt with promptly and driven to the station. In short, your service is excellent and I plan to use it again next year on my return to France for three months.

Al Finci, 16 august 2007
This was my fourth rental of a Renault Scenic. This year we picked it up in Brussels and drove through Belgium, Northern France, Switzerland and Northern Italy.
The Scenic performed flawlessly, as in prior years. So it was a great experience again.
The car came equipped with a navigation system (CARMINAT). It was fully functional in France and covered major highways in the other countries. I found CARMINAT extremely helpful in France. In the other countries it was useful, as it kept us on the right highways any time we encountered a detour.
The pickup at the Brussels airport was with Europcar. The navigation system was not previously installed and we had to wait about 30 minutes for the DVDs to load. In addition, the Eurpocar people were really not very familiar with the CARMINAT system to get us started with it. The English instructions were not quite sufficient. Fortunately, we speak enough French to understand the manual.
The car was returned in Geneva on the French side of the airport. It would have been helpful for the navigation system to find the return location. The address for the return place was not a street address, and the navigation system could not find it.
In the future, if I use the Scenic navigations system, I will always attempt to get from Renault the street address of the return location before going overseas.

Andrew Kamin, 15 august 2007
Hard to believe I was able to rent a brand new Espace turbo diesel for two months in Marseille and just hand the keys over to someone in Amsterdam when we were done with no hassles or extra fees. The car was great and the paperwork and hassles were minimal once we set the whole deal up. The only thing I would caution people about is that with red license plates virtually everybody looks at the car thinking you are a tourist or/and an embassy official...which in the South of France leaves you to be careful not to leave anything valuable in the car. That said, the deal was great and we would recommend these guys to anyone.

Shelly Bailes/Ellen Pontac, 04 august 2007
We picked up our Clio in Paris and returned it to CDG airport.
Everything went smoothly. We loved the car. We got an automatic
and it had manual controls on the steering wheel. What a kick to
drive. The windshield wiipers went on automatically when it
rained. We couldn't believe all the features it had. The car drove
like a dream. We would rent it again without hesitation and would
rent from Ideamerge. They were friendly and easy to deal with. We
would have loved to have the manual in English for we know that
there were many features that we didn't know about or couldn't
figure out. When we picked up the car, it had very little gas in it
and we had to drive around the block because the gas station was
a one way in and out, but that was our only hassle. All in all I
would buy a clio if it were available in the states. When I told them
that on our return, they said that if you drive it for a month, they
will ship it to the states for free. What a deal!!! Something to think
about next time. Thanks Ideamerge
Shelly and Ellen (Davis, CA)

Bill Laura Brown, 23 july 2007
Rented a Scenic in Italy for the month of April. It was our second time using IdeaMerge, and again, it was a no hassle, good experience. Pick up in Milan, and drop off in Rome went smoothly, and the car ran flawlessly. Scraped a fender the first night on a narrow driveway after 22 hour flight. When we turned the car in, the reply was "no problem, you're covered". That's carefree service!
Will use IdeaMerge again.

Lew Christine Fifield, 17 july 2007
Jerry: Thanks for everything, the car rental went smoothly, we had a great
experience and a wonderful car wish we could have brought it home with us,
but it wouldn't have made the baggage allowance on Ryan Air.
Thanks again

Mark Inciong, 13 july 2007
The trip was great. We loved the Kangoo! It was the perfect car for us - so easy to drive, great gas mileage, fit into many small parking spaces, our kids loved the fold down trays that they could eat or color on while we were driving. Maybe the best part was the luggage capacity! For the size of the car, I still can't believe we fit all of our EIGHT pieces of luggage in the trunk area. We couldn't even fit them in our full size Explorer when we returned.

The pick up and return was very easy - the only downside was the location of the drop center - kind of far from the center of Rome and not too easy to get to from the airport. I would highly recommend the IdeaMerge lease over conventional car rental. We couldn't have been happier with our experience. Thanks again!

Patrick Francois, 12 july 2007
We leased an Espace with ideamerge in early 07, and used it mainly in France. The lease was kind of arranged in great haste, due to our own rush. Even so, things went incredibly smoothly.
The drop off and pick up went well. The car was excellent, the insurance, which we didn't check very carefully and unfortunately had to use, was incredibly comprehensive. It was generous to a fault.
Renault were quick and helpful in their responses, and the same is true of ideamerge. I recommend this company, and this leasing arrangement without reservation.

Dave and Linda Moore, 12 july 2007

I just wanted to let you know that we have returned from our trip to Europe. I am also contacting you to thank you for the excellent experience we had leasing with Ideamerge. I can’t think of one aspect of the process that did not go smoothly, starting with my first conversation with you when we learned details of the program and chose the vehicle to completing the paperwork to picking the car up in Paris to returning it at Charles de Gaulle.

Not only did the process work flawlessly, all the people with whom we interacted at Ideamerge were professional, thorough and pleasant.

If ever we get the chance to return to Europe, we will without hesitation lease another vehicle from Ideamerge.

Again, thank you.


Dave Moore

P.S. Would you kindly pass my compliments on to your colleagues in New York and Paris?

Todd Tarantelli, 14 june 2007
We had a great experience leasing the Kangoo. It was very roomy for a family of 4 on an extended vacation. There is also plenty of luggage capacity for suitcases...ideal for ski vacations and beach vacations. My experience with renault was also excellent. The time spent at the lease location was minimal and everything was ready to go upon arrival and departure. I would definately use Renault again...and Ideamerge was also very helpful in the process.

Carrie Bedford, 14 march 2007
We rented a car though Jerry at IdeaMerge for six months of our
extended stay in Italy. The car of our choice, the Renault Laguna, was
not available, so IdeaMerge set us up with a Peugeot 407, which
turned out to be ideal. Big enough to feel safe on freeways and
(almost) small enough to maneuver along our local narrow roads
without too many scary moments. Pick up and drop off in Rome was
very easy – much faster than dealing with a normal rental company,
and the staff were very pleasant and helpful. No hidden costs, no
surprises. When we asked if we could extend our lease by one week,
Peugeot handled it our request very efficiently. We’ve recommended
the service to friends and will definitely use IdeaMerge again.

Jim Stevens ( for Katie), 22 january 2007
We leased a Clio for our daughter to use while she was student teaching in Frankfurt, Germany for about a 10 week period. It turned out to be a great car for her. We also used it to tour southern Germany and Salzburg when my wife and I visted her for a week or so. It was a little tight for 3 adults and luggage, but do-able. A nice, tight ride for a small car, and great mileage with a diesel engine and manual transmission. The pick up and drop off of the car was very easy. The cost of leasing the Clio was definitely a lot less than renting a car while my wife and I were there, and buying rail passes for my daughter for the rest of the time she was there, plus it gave her much more freedom to get around. I would definitely lease a car through Ideamerge if I go back to Europe.

Lisa T, 15 january 2007
In August of 2006 we were on our way to Italy for a holiday before a permant move to Belgium from the US. We rented a relatively new Meganic Scenic through IdeaMerge and Renault. We had great service, a good car, and when we got to Belgium and our car had not yet arrived from the US were able to easily extend our contract. IdeaMerge and their leasing program are a great way to go if you are going to be in Europe for 17 days or greater. My husband and I would whole heartedly recommend their service. Friendly people and efficient service and so much better than renting a car...and you can't beat the price!

Kevin Green, 16 november 2006
Great trip! The van and the process were seamless. We couldn’t
have asked for more. We will be in touch next time we are there for
an extended trip.
It would have been helpful to have a map indicating where TT
picks you up at Charles DeGaulle (rather than just a description).
Other than that, no suggestions. Nice people at pickup and drop


D. E. Lowe, 16 november 2006
I leased this car for a 17 day trip. It was great. I went all over Italy, southern france, Austria and Germany and never had any problems. This vehicle is extremly spacious on the inside. There are lots of overhead storage areas and the trunk space is large enough for several large suitcases and travel bags. It was great on milage 39 mpg (a small diesel), which is important when you travel around 3,000 miles in such a short period of time. There were 4 adults in the Kangoo and plenty of space for each. The Kangoo handled the mountains much better than I expected. It had the power to keep it at the posted speeds no mater what the altitued. It drives like a car and is easy to squeese into tight city parking spaces. The pick-up and drop-off process was easy and the staff was very friendly. I will definately use this program again and would recomend it to anyone who is considering renting a car for travel in Europe.

Thomas Daniel, 15 november 2006
Picked up Laguna in Nice and drove 3848 kilometers. Pick up and return was easier than a rental. Agent was very helpful. Only problem was could not find the phone that was said to be in airport terminal. Will use again when needed. There were three adults and plenty of room for luggage for three.

Mike Churns, 15 november 2006
As usual the pick-up was simple, the staff in Rome were very helpful, the Clio was perfect,you see we have to park the auto on the side of a cliff overlooking the Med.a very tight fit with no room for error.The car visited Mt. Vesuvius, and Mt.Etna (the top) with no problems.Because of a commitment in Paris we needed to book a Hotel near the Rome Airport for an early morning flight in a hurry, I called the Renault drop-off location in Rome to confirm the drop-off of our auto and as an afterthought asked about a nice local hotel, they gave me two suggestions. We called and booked the hotel,we made our appointment in Paris with no problems.The staff in Rome did a little something extra and I thank them for it.This was my second lease thru Renault, it won't be my last.
Michael & Diana Churns, Tomkins Cove, N>Y>

Walter Koch, 04 november 2006
We have leased Megane Scenics four summers now (the last time the Grand Scenic) for a total of about 260 days. These have to be the best four or five person touring cars in the world; they handle like sports cars, have reassuring brakes and controls and get phenomenal gas mileage. We average about 42 miles per gallon of diesel with the six-speed, calculated from accurate unit conversions, and that includes 130 kph on the Autoroutes, crossing the Alps over and over and everyday around town hill-climbing.

It's like giving up a family member at the end of each summer and we only wish that we could buy a Renault Megane Scenic in the US.

Hal Helsley, 23 october 2006
We had a most delightful 5 weeks in France and Spain even though
it was the hottest july ever recorded in France. the Scenic we
contracted for was gas and automatic, even the mirrors folded in
with a switch. We used this feature many times in the old parts of
towns in Spain. Once in Seville, we had both tucked in but still
scraped the buildings.
We did not get the navigation system as we brought a GPS on a
computer with so the rear plug-in was a real nice feature. It located
our little old hotel very nicely, but parking in and around then is a
pain in the larger cities of Madrid, Seville and Granada.
I am 6'3" and had no problem in the Scenic. A real joy to drive in
old town and on the country back roads - as well as the freeways.
Great visibility for the passengers too. Our bag and gadgets all had
plenty of space an ease of access.
We spent a week plus in Bordeaux for a wedding and a funeral,
then off to the caves in south central France. Plenty of power as we
traversed the mountains between France and Spain on little
mountain roads and the the four-lanes. We, too, had the fun
experience of the car not starting as I had usually put my foot on
the brake before pressing the start button, even without the key-
bob in the slot! Walking up to the car and having it open was great
after shopping with all our hands full, no hassle of finding and
inserting the key - a very nice feature! We traveled three plus
weeks in central and southern Spain in great comfort with the
superior climate control.
Checking in and returning the car in Bordeaux was 3 to 5 min, a
walk in and out ... what service. Would I do it again or recommend
it to others ... you bet ... the only way to have a car in Europe!
In 1963 we bought a VW bug and traveled for 67 days and then
shipped the car home, we still drive it! I would have loved to do
that again as the Scenic is another superb vehicle with great
visibility and road handling features.
Thanks for seeing to our "out and about" needs.
Hal and Nancy Helsley, Calabasas, California (a USA megapolis)

John Weber, 20 october 2006
As you know from our pre-trip conversations we had some reservation about room in the Laguna Estate for four adults and accompanying luggage. What a pleasant surprise. We managed two semi-large suitcases, one large duffle, one medium duffel, and three or four hand totes very nicely. Ples note however, that we did see a Megaine uup close and are glad we did not opt for that model. Definitely not large enough.

As for the performance of the Laguna...It wa great. Very responsive to excelleration and stoping, as well as steerabiliy. The interior appointments, though a bit spartan, were sufficient.All in all for our needs I would rate this car to be a four on a one to five scale.

Most appreciative was the service we received. One phone call upon arrival at Munich and your representative was there in ten minutes. We were transported to his office where the paper proceesing went smoothly and we were on our way in less tha half an hour. One small improvement could have be made in that process if the representative would have given us some explanation of the mechanics of the car. As it was a French automobile, and items wer designated in French, we had some trouble finding things, but that was minor.

the process upoon return was equally as good. In fact, we were very pleased at how a potential problem was very nicely treated. Unfortunately someone did a minor Hit & Run in a parking lot in Germany. We anticipated a lengthy reporting process etc. A simple "No problem, I will take care of everything." by the representative and we were driven back to our hotel for departure.

both tom and I would like to thank you as well for all your patience and assistance in geting us through the whole leasing experience. I would definitely recommend leasing as opposed to rental. In fact you may use our names to that end. Thanks again Jerry. Be well.

Miles Capron, 18 october 2006
Hi Jerry - The trip was great and the Renault Grand Scenic TDI was terrific. We've used you guys for a number of years and wouldn't think of doing anything else. I'll contact you after the first of the year when our travel dates are firmed up for next year. Thanks again for making leasing a vehicle so easy and hassle-free. I'll never rent again if you service the area and I'm there for 17 or more days. Miles S Capron

Don Winkley, 18 october 2006
I had great prior experience but on my last trip I had the need to get a car very fast. I was within the outlines on the web site for pickup in Paris but was unable to get a car. It seems France is always on holidays and if you wish to get a car in France they work only mayby 30 hrs per week on average. Weekends, holidays (every 3rd day and all of Aug) forget anything happening. Lots of lead time and pickup at their convenience it works great. But don't assume anything reference needed lead time. No such problem with rental car companies at airports (they actually work Sundays and holidays) but thier drop off places also have their own agenda. Remember it's France - of upmost importance is holidays for all Frence. Oh the place to work. Remember when you go to France it's frequently closed. UltraDon
IdeaMerge note: The leadtimes quoted on the IdeaMerge Website and by IdeaMerge consultants are accurate barring the rare and unexpected, and within one business day or so IdeaMerge knows with surety the earliest date a particular pick-up is possible. Moreover, the Renault airport locations are open seven days a week in conjunction with all scheduled arrivals of major passenger airlines.

Jill Yarnoz, 17 october 2006
This was the third year that we rented a Clio from IdeaMerge for our trip throughout Spain. We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience renting from you. We have had no problems at all either with the car or the pick-up and drop-off in Madrid. I also agree with the reviewers that it would be nice to have the car manuals in english! Thanks for great service.

Chris Measures, 17 october 2006
We leased a Megan Scenic for 7 months during a sabbatical in
Bologna, Italy. Everything was effortless from the pick up which
was delayed due to flight problems to the drop off. If only the
airlines were as efficient! The car was extremely comfortable, even
when our many visitors who sometimes showed up with large
amounts of luggage. The Scenic was also a pleasure to drive, even
for long distances, and surprisingly economical on its diesel fuel.
We will certainly do this agian.

Whitney Sherman, 14 october 2006
Hello Jerry,

I wanted to let you and your associates know how much we
enjoyed the Clio I leased for the month of September. I received
excellent service at Ucar in Nantes, both on the front end [when I
missed my flight] and on the drop off end which fell on a Sunday.
Your associates on the Nantes end extended themselves in polite
service to their customer. Clear directions to my destination locally
and patience with my language limitations were greatly

The car drove fantastically! Excellent gas mileage. Wish there had
been a little more gas in the tank when it was picked up. I would
suggest that for those of us from the US who are accustomed to
swiping our Visa cards at the pump, that you let folks know how
this is impossible to do. The pumps [altho they show Visa card
symbols] would not accept our Visa card. We had no trouble
making any other purchase on the same card. The gasoil purchases
all had to be done in cash, which proved a little bit of a problem
one evening at 8:30pm when we stopped at a 24/24 station
thinking it was manned. No such luck. Fortunately, a very kind
person let us use their European Visa card and we gave them cash!

We also found that although the paperwork says the Nantes
location is open everyday and our paperwork clearly had Oct 1 as
the drop off day, the associate in Nantes said she had to come in
especially for us and that this only happened because she checked
her email. We did not expect to get a complimentary ride to the
airport because we called later than the required 72 hrs advvance,
but assumed we would be able to drop the keys off and leave the
car there secured. We don't know what we would have done if she
had not been cooperative about this.

All in all, I was very very happy with the lease and found the
freedom it gave us to see more of Brittany to be invaluable. Bravo
for this terrific idea!

Donna LeMaster, 24 september 2006
I had a great experience leasing a Clio from IdeaMerge/Renault. The pick up and drop off were both convenient and easy. The employees at the airport (CDG in Paris)were extremely friendly and helpful. I would definately do this again! I only have one complaint - it would have been nice to have gas in the car when we picked it up. We got lost trying to find a gas station and drove around for an hour on nothing but fumes! Thankfully, the Clio gets excellent gas mileage!

Jim Walker, 21 september 2006
We are a family of five and leased a Nissan Pathfinder this summer. We picked the car up in Paris and dropped it in Amsterdam after driving over 8,000 Km. Both picking up and dropping the car was easy.

We hadn't realized that Renault had ownership in Nissan when we started planning our trip. The Pathfinder was great for us, except for driving through streets in Rome where cars were double parked! The car was large enough to carry us comfortably and was reasonably fuel efficient.

We didn't request the GPS but it was great to have. We would lease through Ideamerge again and would recommend a Pathfinder.

Carl Reller, 21 september 2006
This was our first year with a Clio. We had previously leased a Scenic for the past 2 years. As we send 1 to 3 months in Europe each year we have definetly found this the way to go. (See reviews under Scenic for our past thoughts.)
The Clio was great for the one month this year in Portugal, Spain and France. We had gotton diesels before and a gas model this time. We only drove 2500 KM and the difference in cost was a wash. With a claimed 51 mpg for the Clio deisel it wouldn't take to many Km to jusify the diesel.
As we had previously found this Renault is one class act! Such easy pick up, a new car and no worries about insurance etc. We had a cluch go out 2 years ago in Austria and they handled it completly to our satisfaction. I again would reccommend IdeaMerge and the Renault program as the best deal around for any one going a month or longer to Europe.

Lorri, 21 september 2006
We went on a five week trip to Europe this summer. It was our first trip to Europe and we took the whole family (5), my five year old little girl and our two teenage boys. We started in Sweden and picked up the pathfinder in Germany and had it for 24 days. Everything went very smooth with pick up and drop off. We put about 5000 km on our car. I would also like to have had the owner's manuel in English, but the pictures helped with a couple of things we couldn't figure out. We got the GPS navigation system and that was the best decision we could have made. We named her "Grace" because it was only by grace that we were able to navigate to our destinations. We went all over Germany and Austria and into Prauge. Without grace I know my husband and I would have had "tension" with navigation. And of course our boys always knew the right way to go-- after the fact. We also used the Gps to find the nearest hospital in southern Germany when my 16 yr/old fell off a railing into a briar patch and hurt his knee pretty bad. There was plenty of room for us and our luggage (and a bandaged knee with crutches). We did pack light-- only one carry-on suitcase and a backpack per person. On long segments of the trip we would put our daughter in the way back with stuff all around her so the boys could have more room. My eighteen year old is '6"4.
The Pathfinder comes with a sliding trunk screen thing which we had to leave with our friends in Germany in order to use the third row seat. Our battery died in Rothenburg and we had help within an hour. One tip I can offer is to park the car outside the big cities and take public transportation in. We stayed 4 days in Prauge and got to our old town appartment to drop of the bags & kids and then drove back out of town to a guarded park and ride. It was very inexpensive and our car was undisturbed when we returned. We did the same in Vienna and Berlin. We definately got some looks along the way. A car this big is unusual. The French (out of country) license plates seemed to help explain any tiny errors we made while trying to figure out road signs. We did make a huge mistake when it was time to drop off the vehicle. We forgot to return our vehicle when we arranged. It's a long story but sufice it to say we were a day late and it was actually not a problem, we just had to pay for the extra day. We would use idea merge again in a heartbeat. There are so many positives that I could not see the sense of renting a vehicle for that long a trip.

Tony and Paula Oppermann, 21 september 2006
Don't know if we could make a trip to Europe without the guys at Ideamerge and a Renault. We have leased two Kangoos that we loved and now have a little Clio which is super. We have had the car since early July and are still traveling. We prefer doing our transportation with ideamerge because when we arrive to pick up the car it is quick and easy and no one tries to sell you a bigger car or more insurance or something. Once again thanks Ideamerge and Renault.

Frederique Behm, 21 september 2006

We leased a Nissan Pathfinder this summer (06) for an 8 week trip in France. The help I received in both lining-up and picking-up the vehicle were great. Jerry at idea merge was efficient and friendly. The staff at the renault dealership in paris were pleasant, although a bit slow, especially since we were dealing with a new employee who obviously had a lot to learn, but they were accomodating. We wished their offices were open every day, weekend included, which would have been easier for pick up and return. Our Nissan Pathfinder was brand-new and in perfect condition. It functioned flawlessly and we felt safe driving it while being a lot of fun to drive! We dropped off our car in Paris again, we were treated with the same courtesy and ease we'd experienced earlier. I would definitely do this again. Thank you.

Marvin Trish Scott, 21 september 2006
We just finished an 8,000 km drive through Scandinavia, Poland, Germany and the Benelux countries in our brand new Clio from Ideamerge. Our favorite thing was bragging to people we met – and our friends since – about what a fantastic deal we got. No one could believe the low price for a brand new classy car; with were no strings attached (we haven’t found any yet but have heard horror stories about getting speeding tickets in the mail later).

Everything is covered except the tires. We had a flat on our first day – and Renault was experiencing one of France’s infamous “manifestations” that day; but we managed to get through to the Paris office and everything was taken care of. Also, I would recommend that they give out the auto manuals in English. There are so many features to take advantage of in the new Clio’s; it’s a shame not to be aware of all of them.

We definitely plan on using the Ideamerge program in the future and would not hesitate to recommend it.

Aaron and Pamela Langley, 20 september 2006
We put over 5,000 kilometers on our lovely Laguna TDI diesel, traveling through Italy, Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Germany without a mechanical hitch. I think the vehicle had 13 kilometers on it, and sported that wonderful "new car" aroma. One of the first things I said when we returned to the US was, "I miss the Laguna."

The car is stylish, comfortable and handled beautifully. I probably shouldn't confess to how fast my husband drove on the German autobahns, but suffice it to say that the car purred. It is the perfect size, being both comfortable and navigatable through those older, tiny European streets. We only missed cupholders, but learned to cope! :)

Our pick-up and drop-off experiences were smooth beyond belief. IdeaMerge is upfront and as someone else mentioned, no surprises--what a relief that is in an industry rife with hidden costs!

Would love a more user-friendly program for perhaps purchasing the car itself ... what do you think, Renault? Free flights with purchase? ;-)

We recommend IdeaMerge without reservation, and would honestly urge anyone signed up with a competitor to research all associated costs carefully, as IdeaMerge beat everyone we looked into, and had a better selection of vehicles.

laurie rossi, 06 september 2006
we rented an espace this summer for a three week trip to france and england. the help we received in both lining-up and picking-up the vehicle were fabulous. jerry at idea merge was super helpful and responsive. the woman at the renault dealership in paris was amazing and so accomodating. our car was brand-new and in impeccable condition. when we dropped off our car in london, we were treated with the same courtesy and ease we'd experienced earlier. we would definitely do this again. thank you.

Marco Cenzatti, 05 september 2006
This was my third Megane-based European trip. Idea Merge worked
perfectly: I picked up the car in Paris and returned it at the Milan
airport two months later. The car was ready when we got to Paris.
When we left, the driver was waiting for us at the airport, by our gate.
The Megane was a good mid-size car: big enough for the three of us
and luggage on long trips, and small enough for French & Italian city
driving. I think we managed to save a little money by having a diesel. I
forgot to check, but we probably put over 4,000 Km on the car wth no
problem whatsoever.

amy Hase, 05 september 2006
Third year with Idea Merge...says it all. Easy, efficient. great car, no
hassles...impossible to imagine any company works this well.
Scenic standard 2x and long Scenic last year. Prefer the long, for
those unexpected guests but both great cars. We use it for about
three months and can't consider an differnet option...thanks.

Sheryl Seel, 30 may 2006
I leased a Megane Grand Scenic for a month in France and the car was perfect for us! At one point, we had 7 people legally (and comfortably) seated in the vehicle: two adults in front, two adults and a child in the middle row, and my four-year-old twins in the children's jump seats in the back.

The storage capacity of this vehicle is not to be believed; there are marvelous convenient cubby holes all over the place; we found the cubbies at each person's feet perfect for our spare jackets. The car truly was big on the inside, small on the outside. While I wouldn't have enjoyed trying to park this car in a big city, it was fine in parking lots and parking garages, and we were very comfortable in it. The cruise control was especially handy on the French autoroute, and we appreciated the convenient temperature-controlled climate control.

Also convenient was the supplemental rear set power plug for our DVD player, to keep children entertained on long drives. We loved the tray tables that folded down from the front seats, for use by passengers in the middle row, "just like on the airplane" my kids said. They complained when we got home and mommy's minivan did not have that feature.

The car was fun to drive, had plenty of pick-up, and cruised comfortably at 130 kph, and even higher, on the autoroute. I was glad we got a diesel model, due to the high price of fuel, it was more economical than regular gas would have been. The diesel engine was not at all noisy, as I had feared it might be.

We managed to put one modest stratch, and one reasonably large dent, in the car; it just took a few minutes at drop-off to complete applicable paperwork. No hassle.

My only regret? I should have gotten the optional navigation system. We routinely got lost; it would have been worth the extra expense. I recommend this vehicle, and IdeaMerge, without hesitation.

Paul Mullan, 12 april 2006
Guys you need to get the Grand Espace, it's about a foot longer and
this means up to 7 in total comfort plus luggage space. The extra
room goes at the rear and makes the car perfect. The standard model
is just that littel bit too small.

PS, we don't call them mini-vans, that's a crap name, they're People
Carriers or MPV's.

Toodle Pip

Terence Warner, 18 february 2006
I'm on my third Renault Scenic [ 2 petrol ] this one diesel. I keep them for 3 years.
They are Unbeatable in all ways comfort, performance
and looks.

Thanks Renault and good luck in the forth coming F1 season.

Walter Koch, 26 january 2006
2006 will be our fourth year of leasing a Renault Magane Scenic for the summer in France. We lease for about ten weeks, put about 8,000 km on the cars during that time and never have any trouble at all. The cars are economical to lease and operate (41.5 miles per gallon of diesel for the whole summer, and it's hilly where we drive); I do the research every year and there is never any deal from anyone else that can touch the deals from Ideamerge. The way that the affiliate TT Cars get you back and forth to the CDG airport terminal in minutes as part of their service is really great, especially when you're beat to pieces from an transatlantic economy seat. It's like somebody coming to your rescue.

My only regret at the end of the summer is that you can't buy a Renault in the US!

Christopher Jane Shipley, 29 november 2005
We've just returned after a 9 week sojourn in Europe where we drove a Renault Modus all over the place--6000 miles throughout France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, in big cities (Paris, Rome, Naples, among others,) on the coast, in the mountains, on narrow country roads, on the auto routes and the autobahn, picking our way along tiny, narrow back roads in the Pyrennees and zipping along (150 kph) the big roads with the big boys. The Modus was an excellent choice for us--roomy, providing great visibility for the driver, quick, nimble, and reliable, to say nothing of the fantastic bargain the leasing program offers.

We did have a spot of mechanical trouble, but that was quickly and kindly taken care of by gracious and efficient Renault service people. Pick-up and drop-off were smooth and easy.

I can't imagine travelling in Europe for any extended time in any other way, and I can't praise too highly Doug and Eric at Ideamerge. They were scrupulously honest, forthright, completely unflappable, patient as saints with our endless queries, and accurate and immediate with their answers. It isn't often these days (or any days) to get exactly what you hope for, precisely what you've been promised, an especially important matter when you are thousands of miles away when you are making arrangements to lease a car, unseen and undriven, to be serviced by folks in "foreign" countries.

But that is exactly what we got. Thanks in large part to Doug and Eric and the Renault leasing program we had the time of our lives this fall. We hope to duplicate this experience (different itinerary, same choice of a leasing program with Ideamerge) as soon as we can.

Ed Haldeman, 13 november 2005
We just returned from France after having leased a Renault Megane for three weeks through you. I would recommend IDEAMERGE and the Renault leasing program to ANYONE. Everything was delivered EXACTLY as stated. No hassle anywhere in any part of the process. The staff at CDG was polite, courteous, and most responsive.

In particular we bent a tire rim after having run over or into something on the road we never saw. We changed the wheel with the spare and headed for the Renault dealer in Gamat, the closest to where we were staying in Rocamadour. These people were wonderful as were the Renault assistance people in Paris. A new wheel was ordered that day and installed the next without a bump in our travel plans as we continued to tour on the spare. The dealer even washed the car when they were finished. And the paperwork process was minimal.

I won't travel to France again without leasing a car from you.

Thank you.
Ed Haldeman

Bill Mykytka, 26 september 2005
Ideamerge and the Renault Laguna were great!!

Picked up the Laguna (diesel, GPS) at Paris Orly. Pick-up agent was a great guy with a great sense of humor. Made picking up our car an informative and fun experience.

GPS is a must! We drove Paris, Epernay, Colmar, Grindelwald, Luzern, Munich, Salzburg, Venice and finally to Lake Como.

I'm not sure what they mean when they say the GPS program is not as "detailed" outside of France. I was able to enter all addresses throughout Europe and GPS directed me there. GPS worked well and I couldn't imagine getting through Europe without it!

Called to arrange pick-up at Milan Malpensa. Agent said he spoke "Italiano solomente." Scary at first, but he was able to understand and communicate when and where we were going to meet. I drove up to Gate 16 departures at 1pm and a gentlemen with Renault sign walked up to car, had me sign one form and said that was it! Too easy!

I will definitely use this service again in the future. Complete insurance coverage and no credit card surprises upon return of car (like some rental car charges for scratch discovered after you returned car(ahem...Avis in Ireland)).

Warren, 21 august 2005
In 2003, 4 of us rented a Scenic, and then this year 7 of us, 4 adults and 3 children, rented an Espacie and did a 3 and 1/2 week trip. The Especie is not big on luggage room but with some "creative packing" as Doug Bredesen suggested, we got everything in, including a baby stroller. We had the diesel stick shift, and to have a brand new vehicle is nice. We did not have it long enough to really effect much savings, but it was a totally reliable service and that's important with 3 small children. We visited Lake Como, Venice, Bavaria, Rothenburg, the Rhine River, and the Black Forest. We flew in and out of Zurich. It was easy to arrange pickup and delivery, and to have complete insurance was a relief.

Phil and Eva Costa, 17 june 2005
Hi! We just came back from the two moths vacation from Europe. We wanted a comfortable car and we got a Scenic. Great joice.!!! Pict it up in Zurich and dropped it off in Munich.It was intersting to figure out all the wonderful fetures on the car since we dont know any french. When we got pick up the car the Lady was very nice and very busy.She told us about the basic,s and we were on the way to the gas station. No problem until was time to start up the engine. NO GO.Got the book out, no help. A nice police man came by and told us to step on the brake and start the car. BINGO1 We had a good laugh and we were on the way. What a great safety feture. We loved the car. Roomy, very comfortable, lerge windows, easy handling, easy parking, great milage, lots of power,and good looking. We can go on and on if we could have been able to read the book. We felt very safe, even on the Autobands. Highly recomended! Ideamerge gave us great service. I,m sure we do it again.Thank you. Phil and Eva Costa Port Angeles Washington. June 17 2005

Chuck & Leah Tidey, 11 may 2005

Mr. Bredesen:

Thank you so much for your help these last few months. This has, by far, been the easiest car lease we have ever done. The price was great, the paperwork easy to understand, always on time, and the final papers and manual very informative and thorough in detail. The manual answered all the questions I had, negating a need for further correspondence with you. Given the scope of this trip and all the other planning I needed to do, not having to worry about the car was a blessing.

We are off tomorrow morning for Germany and as much of Europe as we can see in five and a half months in our little Renault auto.

Chuck & Leah Tidey

Dr. Tom Maretzki, 23 february 2005
I have rented a Renault Megane station wagon through IDEAMERGE several times in the last few years during two to three longer visits to Europe each year. The Ideamerge Service, the Renault Service, the car, all are exceptionally good. Having a brandnew car waiting for you on arrival, one that suits driving on European roads very well, fully equipped with all you need, is a real pleasure. The Megane belongs to the top middle-range Eropean car models. You are insurance covered and highway protected in other ways. Before the Megane I have had earlier model Renaults under the program, they are all very good. The delivery and car return services are outstanding if you keep to the instructions, phone beforehand, etc. It is really such a good deal that one can only hope that more travelers from the USA (and other qualifying countries) will discover and take advantage of these offers. I have not been once disappointed. I am sure you will not be either. I have not mentioned the savings over alternatives. They are amazing.
For questions you may contact me via Ideamerge with whom I have no affiliation - I am a client.

Jerry Taylor Doris Beck, 11 january 2005
We rented an Espace in April and May of 2004 through IDEAMERGE. I would highly recommend this service and this company.

The car fit our needs perfectly, but if you do not have a lot of people, go for a smaller car. Parking is difficult everywhere.

We were treated with the upmost courtesy by a very helpful agent at the Renault dealer in Paris when we picked up the car. When we returned it in Nice it had damage. The agent noted the damage and said thank you very much. No concern at all.

A month or so later I got a nice letter from Renault asking us how the rental was and if we were happy with the service and vehicle.

If you plan to be in Europe for more than 17 days, this is the way to go. We will be doing it again this year. None of the hassle, rudeness and hidden charges that show up your credit card months after the rental that we so often see from regular rental agencies.

Avia Huisman, 02 december 2004
I leased this car for a 17 day trip. It was great. I went all over Europe, from Holland to Hungary and never had any problems. This vehicle is extremly spacious on the inside. There are lots of overhead storage areas and the trunk space is large enough for several large suitcases and travel bags. It was great on gas milage, which is important when you travel around 4,000 miles in such a short period of time. It drives like a car and is easy to squeese into tight city parking spaces. The pick-up and drop-off process was easy and the staff was very friendly. I will definately use this program again and would recomend it to anyone who is considering renting a car for travel in Europe. (I had no problems at any border crossings, including Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, The Czech Republic. This would not be the case with a normal rental car.)

Giff and Mary Jones, 07 november 2004
Hi Doug,

Just a quick note to let you know how much your new car leasing program added to the enjoyment of our recent month in Italy. We (two couples) put 3,000 kilometers on our brand-new Renault Grand Scenic and it was PERFECT for ourselves and all of our luggage. Very roomy and extremely comfortable. In fact, we would love to own one here in the US.

Best of all though, and this is why I'm writing to commend you, was the ease of making all the arrangements. The paperwork was simple and straightforward. The car was waiting for us at the exact time and place we arranged for in Milan, and the same person was waiting for us at the end of our period... at the exact time and place we arranged for. We had damaged a side view mirror, which when called to his attention, he simple smiled, scoffed at us with a wave of his arm, and said, "Oh, that's no problem. You are COMPLETELY insured!" Pickup and delivery each took just a matter of minutes and was completely painless.

Thanks for your service. We'll do it again.

Best regards,
Giff and Mary Jones
Seattle, WA

Jerry Venice, FL, 21 october 2004
Sept-Oct 2004

We leased a Megane wagon for four adults. When we arrived in Milan, I called the IdeaMerge toll-free number and the car was delivered to us at the Malpensa airport within 15 minutes. There was ample room for our three suitcases and three carry-on bags in the rear compartment. The car handled beautiflly on the autostrada and the 6 speed standard transmission worked very well on the winding mountain roads we travelled every day. After our Italy trip, we were able to drop the car off at the Lyon, France airport at 4:00am for our early flight back to the States. The whole lease process went smoothly. I would definitely lease another car from IdeaMerge.

Marlene Eldridge, 18 october 2004
We were four! The car road high...had good pick up for the mountain roads. We rented the diesel car for six weeks got about 40 miles to a gallon. We had plenty of room for our luggage. The car is not a "looker" but really practical for several people traveling with luggage. I would recommend it without hesitation.

Linda Brincks, Ohio, 14 october 2004
This was our first time leasing a vehicle in Europe. We toured Spain with my children and parents so we needed a larger vehicle, which can be hard to come by through the European car rental agencies. Our car was outfitted with great features like audible alarm when you were backing up and about to hit something, and 6 CD changer (which took us a long time to find in the trunk area :-). My kids loved the "credit card"-style key and the push starter button. I would highly recommend this program and this minivan to anyone who is taking an extended trip to Europe.

William Caldwell, 13 july 2004
Doug, we really liked our Kangoo. It was just right for the 4 of us and we drove it 3000 miles with no problems. It performed beautifully and we recommend it to anybody wanting a reliable and easy handling vehicle. We drove on the autobahns and thru the mountains as well as narrow roads. It took us from Germany to Denmark to Norway, back to Demark and then to Germany. All in all a great trip. You may pass this along to Renault. We had good service from the people at Munich.

Thousand Oaks, California; May 2004, 21 may 2004
We drove over 4,400 miles in eight countries within four weeks in our Megane. The Megane handled well, and it was just the right size for the two of us plus an enormous suitcase, two wheelie luggages, three smaller bags, and two ice chests.

When we had mechanical problems twice (weasels bit through our ABS brake and engine injection lines while our car was parked in the Swiss Alps), Renault Assistance efficiently handled all the insurance paperwork for the repairs at no cost to us. The zero deductible is what sold us on leasing instead of renting.

Many thanks to Eric at Ideamerge for guiding us through the leasing process. Their websites provide invaluable information that takes the mystery out of leasing a car in Europe. They also provide useful information about traffic signs and motoring laws in different countries.

We're really glad we leased a car instead of taking EurRail. We only wish automatic transmission was available with diesel (for fuel economy). But still, we'd lease again on our next trip to Europe.

Warren Elder, 17 may 2004
Four of us adults drove the Scenic from Milan to Venice, then Florence, Antibes, France, on to Lake Maggiore, where we stayed in a very quaint and enjoyable B&B on the top of Monte Rosso at Vermiglia, over 40 tight switchbacks to get to the top, ( the car never faltered-even tho we had to back and forth on some of the turns), Salem, Germany, St. Goar on the Rhine River, and turned the Scenic in, in Paris, We fit all of our luggage into car (tightly). Loved the car, easy to pick up and turn in, loved the trip. We are in our 70's but hope we can make another one.

David Ivory, 11 february 2004
We picked our Megane Scenic in Lyon. The Renault lady picked us up from the TGV airport station and took us to her tiny little office in nearby village. The car's colour is olive green so we christened her Miss Olivia and she soldiered on with us 4 and a half month through eatern Europe ending up in Paris with 17,000 kms under her belt. How we were sad to leave her in Renault garage looking forlorn and a bit shabby after a long dusty drive across from Brittany. The sales lady who took her back assured us that she will be cleaned,vacuumed and sold to some fortunate guy out there pretty soon. Both of us swear by Miss Olivia and will choose her type again this year when we tackle Northern Europe.
Pity Renault goes too high-tech and they phased out cassette tape player in all their new cars. We carried our MP3 player with million of songs in our disks but couldn't hook up as the car has only CD player. Apart from that, all were faultless.

amine, 30 january 2004
send me pecture of megane

Tom and Bonnie Campbell, 26 january 2004
Just wanted to let you know that we completed four months with the Clio. We drove it just over 19,000 kilometers without a problem. We were even able to get three suitcases, two carryons, and lots of wine and cottage supplies as we returned from France to the UK. The pickup and drop off at Heathrow went quick and easy. Overall the experience went very well and we look forward to getting back with you before we return to Europe in 2005.
Thanks again, Tom Campbell

Tony and Paula Oppermann, 16 november 2003
This is really a review about how easy it was to do the rent leasing program from Ideamerge. We arranged for our car 6 months ahead of time and the car was waiting for us just as planned in Amersterdam. We changed our plans for drop off and did it all by e-mail and one phone call. Eric in Portland Oregon and John T at renault in New York were super as were the folks in Amersterdam an in Paris where we dropped the car. This is so easy and we loved our little Kangoo. When we go again we will use ideamerge again and Renault. Thanks Renault, Eric and John for making our trip so easy.

Bill Bachand, 04 october 2003
This transaction was too easy. Picked up my Espace in Nice and the whole transaction took less than 10 minutes. The drop off was two minutes. I had the vehicle four months and it was wonderful. I am a big guy and definitely enjoyed the room of the Espace. Kudos to Eric Bredesen at IdeaMerge for providing great followthrough and service.

Craig Julia, 22 may 2003
Pick up and return was a breeze. The Clio was a nice little car and was good on gas (approx. 35mpg). Do factor in extra $$$ for european tolls, however, if you have extra time/patience you can find alternate routes. Overall it was a great time and would recommend to anyone seeking a rewarding vacation.

Nezar Al Anjari, 03 may 2003
Yes, we did it last summer(2002) and we will do it again. Same deal. Megane Scenic 1.6 Manual with A/C, my kid,me,and my wife. Excellent Pickup, dropoff service and a friendly car :)

The Best affordable way to tour Eourope.

dan the man, 29 april 2003
Great! i recommend to every one. 13 days,france,suitz,italy,spain, 5800 kilometers. small like everything else in europe. drove thru mountains down valleys in and around cities. not a problem and believe it or not not a scratch any were. i was able to get in to little narrow streets in rome and pisa no problem my lincoln navigator would have no step rails or side mirrors if i was to drive in europe. only one sugestion get the 1.5 litre or bigger engine thats what i got anything smaller i would not recommend other than for city driving. the car was able to sustain 180 km/hr in highways and up to 220 km/hr down grade. upgrade the best speed achieved was 150km/hr. speed speed european roads and tunnels.

Dave and Marlis Patrykus, 06 april 2003
We recently returned from a 15 day trip through Spain and Portugal in a Renault "Clio". We were picked up promptly at the Madrid (Barajas) airport by a genial and helpful Serge Benisti and were on our way south within about 30 minutes! No hassle. The 1.5 c.i. Diesel Clio was a joy to drive and very economical over the 3,454 km trip, on both autoways at speeds of 120+ kmh and on narrow, winding mountain roads. The drop-off back in Madrid (near the airport)was again hassle-free with friendly service by Serge and Marie France Grueso. Within a few minutes we were on our way to the airport, right on schedule. This was our second experience with Renault leasing (the first from Paris) and we have been very pleased with the experience. Dave and Marlis Patrykus - Wisconsin

Bradley Newcombe, 08 january 2003
I would like to add my congratulations to Renault for the excellent car and service provided through their eurodrive scheme. My wife and I had no problems collecting the car (Megane Scenic turbo diesel, A/c, 5spd) in Paris or returning it in London and the staff were very prompt and professional, the paperwork was simplicity itself.
Our initial travelling experience in London was as the owners of a very unreliable second hand campervan. After the problems we experienced we were keen to have a reliable motor vehicle and a trouble free travel experience. The new car, zero deductible comprehensive insurance and 24 hour roadside assistance was a combination that gave us ample peace of mind.

In a bit under 5 months we travelled 25,400 kms everywhere from Ireland to Turkey. Through flooding rain, thunder storms, heat, snow, flying along German autobahns, winding through the mountains and navigating the beautiful (and narrow) streets our car was completely faultless, drove superbly and returned 40mpg as an average over the entire distance (a diesel car is a big saving when you drive as far as we did). The car has ample storage as well as many “hidden” storage areas – under seats and footwells. When we finally unpacked the car to go home we couldn’t believe the amount of souvenirs we had collected. Even though we covered a lot of distance the driving was not too taxing, the car rode well with minimal road noise, had good visibility (a little higher than a sedan) and the air-conditioning meant any temperature outside was always pleasant inside. It was a pleasure to drive and have the freedom of independent travel.

The car made our trip to Europe as enjoyable and trouble free as we could hope. I can’t say enough good things about the programme, the price is excellent and I would recommend the scheme to anyone travelling to Europe.

Donald and Marilyn O'Hair, 31 december 2002
We have rented a Laguna for the past two years. The first year we had a TDI diesel wagon; the fuel economy was 38 mpg. The second year we had the 4-door Laguna manual shift and got 28 mpg over 4000 miles, all driven in France - some at 80 mph on the Autoroute. The car is excellent in its road handling. The turning radius was unbelievable!

The pick up in the city of Paris went very well; however, the return at Charles de Gaulle airport was a hassle. The instructions given to us in 2002 had been changed. A call on our mobile phone solved the problem and the person at the Renault return came to where we were and directed us.

For anyone using a GPS inside the Laguna, there is a significant problem. The coating or tint on the windshield reduces the GPS satellite signal 60%, making it difficult to navigate in some areas. If you plan to use a GPS in France in the Laguna, buy an external antenna to be used on the car.

We will continue to use the Ideamerge folks to lease on a yearly basis our transportation in Europe.

Carl Reller, 28 november 2002
I can't resist writing a quick note after reading these reviews. We had a Scenic for 2 1/2 mo. this summer. We previouly had cars from Hertz and Eurocar for the summer so the ease of picking up this car in Nanntes France was really put in prospective. How can walking up to a counter, have your passport photocopied,sign 2-3 signatures and I'm lead out the door to car with 4 km on it, and asked is this O.K.?, be any easier?
The car was great, never a problem and returning was even easier. A few signatures, no "inspections"
and I was out of there. My total time picking and returning the car was 5-6 minutes, total!
The ability to get a diesel was also a very positive point.
The comprehesive insurance surley is another plus.
Will I use them again this summer-you bet!

Seth Maggard, 04 november 2002
I need a price for a stinkin rent a car for a school project & I cant find one!

Bill Watters, 29 october 2002
Yes, we did it again this past summer. Same deal. Scenic, two kids, me, one wife. This time Zurich-Munich-Rheinland Pfaltz-Paris-Caen-Portsmouth-London. The car seemed like an old friend after having one the previous summer. Pickup, dropoff, car quality - all was flawless, no surprises.

The only problem was our shopping. By the time we got to Paris, people gathered round just to watch us try to cram all our stuff in the car. Thank God for tolerance when you're flying First Class! Our luggage topped 1,100 lbs, but no one gave us problems.
Next summer? Fer sure! But this time we'll try an Espace just for a change of pace.

Renault is the ONLY intelligent way to bop around Europe!

Iracy Costa, 27 june 2002
Sou proprietario de uma Scenic 1.6 e em setembro de 2000, viagei durante 17 dias, 5.400 quilometros, atraves da Fran柬 Alemanha, Sui柠e Italia.
Cumprimentos ao pessoal que nos atendeu em Paris fora do hor౩o com muita eficiencia e gentileza.
Quanto ao carro, s񟤬ogios ao seu desempenho.
Estamos voltando �uropa e faremos novo leasing Renault Scenic 1.6.
Iracy Costa - Marilia - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Paul Brent, 30 may 2002
Dear Ideamerge,

Just writing to tell you that our experience with leasing 2 Renault Twingos through Ideamerge was extremely positive.

Customer service pre-lease was exceptional, and was echoed throughout the course of the lease experience. TT Auto Transit at Charles De Gaulle airport were friendly, helpful and efficient. The vehicles exceeded our expectations - while we leased 2 vehicles (one per couple), we found that
we could comfortably fit into one and did so for many of our shorter outings. They were fuel efficient, cruised at triple digits speeds (not
kph!) and were small and agile enough to navigate the narrow lanes of rural France. My only regret was that our regulations precluded bringing our
Twingos home to North America - we'd have definitely brought one if not both back if it were allowed.

Congratulations on delivering a great product and thank you for enhancing our vacation.

Fernando Cerna, 25 may 2002
This car is marvelous is very pretty.

gus hoag, 24 may 2002
we leased a Kangoo, and travelled around the Iberian peninsula, through tiny towns where the roads turned into almost impassable cowpaths, and were extremely pleased with the auto....the seats wer comfortable, both front and back, and we had room for all the luggage that women will take, for five weeks in a foreign land ( more than necessary, believe us)...the experience was so good that I inquired about the availability of the Kangoo in the United States, since I am in the market for an auto....I was dissapointed to find out that the car is not available in the US, because our experience was such a good one....this is a very confortable auto for 4 people and all the luggage necessary for
an extended trip in europe...I can't be more supportive of this vehicle...we spend many miles driving through towns that were originally cowpaths, and had very little problemms, unless you woudl count the propensity of the spanish to abandon their cars in the middle of the street to go do their business (whatever that might be)

camilo neder, 11 april 2002
i¨m need the rates for the twingo in europe thank

David and Marlis Patrykus, Dick and Gayle Bnneville, 27 march 2002
We recently returned from a 15 day holiday in France and Spain, where we drove over 5000 km in our Renault Kangoo 1.9 Diesel. This great car/van/bus was fun to drive, both on the Autoways (at up to 130 km/h), on back roads and in the villages!! We had plenty of room for four adults and our baggage. Mr. John Tomasini and his folks in New York were most helpful and the pick-up and return at Charles de Gaulle Airport was quick, efficient and hassle free. The diesel option saved us a good amount in fuel and provided the necessary power to handle all driving situations with ease. We will surely do it again and reccommend it for anyone who plans to tour Europe. We only wish we could have brought the Kangoo home with us!! Sincerely, Dave, Marlis, Dick and Gayle

Richard Anderson, 12 march 2002
Just a note to let you know that our trip to France and Belgium in January was great. We picked up the Renault in Paris and drove to Caen. The WWII museum is marvelous. We traveled through the countryside to the D-day beaches from Arrowmanches to Omaha as well as the cemetary. Then to Rouen and finally to Bruges. This seems to be a great time to visit these areas as there were very few tourists and only a few of the museums were closed. The Clio was a nice car and although we didn't put a lot of km's on it we were glad to have the freedom to go where we wished when we wished to do so. An interesting note. At Place des Vosges in Paris we met a young family that was on a round the world trip. They were from USA and were using the Renault Eurodrive automobile, too. I felt comfortable that all the insurances were taken care of and I didn't have to make decisions when picking up the car. The Renault reps were very courteous and friendly and we appreciated having the opportunity to visit France again and Belgium. Hope to do it again sometime. Thanks for your help.

Will K, 16 november 2001
This was a great car. The one I had also came with leather interior, xeneon headlights, and GPS navigation. The navigation was great, and saved me a number of times. The map CD was for France, and had every single street listed inside of France; hoewever it only listed major roadways in other parts of Europe, and it covered western Europe only. The car handled well for a wagon. I was able to keep up with a new BMW coupe on back roads going through the Austrian alps with no problem. I highly recommend this vehicle, and I whish I could have taken mine home with me.

Julian Ellis, 30 october 2001
My wife and I have recently returned a Clio 1.9 DT-X after 5 months driving around Europe. It took less than 5 minutes to pickup the car (which was upgraded to a turbo charged model with CD player and air conditioning). What a brilliant car, it is zippy, compact enough for pretty much all of Europes narrowest lanes, very economical (5l/100km on average), fast: it felt safe and stable even flat out at 170 km/h, quiet for a diesel and extremely comfortable for long trips. At one stage we had 4 people with luggage crammed in. The drop off was equally as quick. Renault even dropped us at our airport departure terminal! All in all, we travelled 24,800 km in about 5 months (a Euro-drive record??). We were sad to leave our dear little Clio behind, and would buy one if they were sold here in Australia.

Bill Watters, 01 october 2001
My two sons and I (and for the last three weeks also my wife) spent two months in Europe driving from Paris to Rome. Leased a Scenic 1.6 manual. Pickup was as easy as a rental.

We had a rather bad accident in Reims on Bastille Day, pretty much everything was shut down as per our 4th of July. The police were most courteous and professional as was Renault. With only one phone call to their 24-hour number, they had a Renault mechanic and truck out to us in lass than an hour. The guy has us back on the road in about a half hour more.

We stopped a few days later in Germany to have the car looked at, but then puttered on in the general direction of Rome.

Renault really offers an exceptional program. And a very comfortable car as well.

Dr. Watters

Sue Girsch, 10 september 2001
We just returned from a 3 week vacation in Europe. Our Kangoo was a delight to drive through the streets and highways. Plenty of headroom for my tall husband and the covered storage area was roomy and easily accessible.

Pick-up and delivery was hassle free. In fact, we needed to change our delivery location and it was no problem at all.

I would highly recommend leasing a car rather than renting.

Karen Koshy, 24 august 2001
We picked up the Renault in Amsterdam and drove all over Europe. The car was great and we had a wonderful vacation. We returned to Amersterdam and retuned the car. We will definitely lease a Renault on one of our next vacations. Thank you for all your help.

Karen Koshy

Declan Killarney, 17 august 2001
I also loved the Espace.
Picked vehicle up in Paris, Drove through France, Italy, Spain & Portugal. Returned vehicle in Madrid. Total over 8,000 Km.

The 5 passenger V6 automatic turned out be a six passenger vehicle. That meant the luggage was a tight squeeze for 5 people as the extra seat was unnecessary. The vehicle was a beauty to drive but I wish I had headed the advice on this site and got a Diesel as it is difficult to truely comprehend how much fuel costs in Europe until you start filling & filling & filling the tank.

One piece of advice. Don't waste your money on AAA maps of european countries. They are useless and it is very easy to purchase maps there.

John McMillan, 02 august 2001
I too had a great experience with the 1.9L Diesel Scenic, in France. To avoid repeating many of the last reviewer's comments I'll just add the following, as it was the type of info I was looking for before making my trip:

Distance travelled - 4,030km (mostly on autoroute)
Average diesel consumption - 6.3 l/100km
Average diesel cost - FRF 5.69 per litre.
Autoroute toll cost - about the same as the diesel cost
Problems with car - Nil

None of the usual rental car insurance dribble about what coverage you would like.
I am 6'4" and the headroom was fantastic.
Booking in and out in Paris was quick and efficient.
The car had good acceleration and we never felt underpowered.
The car is the right size for almost all of France's backroads...go to some of the villages and backroads of Provence and you'll know what I mean.

At 130km/hr on the Autoroute the engine is a little bit too vocal to be drained out by the radio.
I feel the need for a baby seat would better be covered by rental of same rather than outright purchase.
I would have loved to have satellite navigation as a option, SO would my wife.

All in all it's a great program

Gregory Hanka, 12 july 2001
I don't normally do this, unfortunately. But, I just had such a great experience with my short term lease through your company that I had to write.

We had a splendid Renault Megane Scenic automobile with a turbo diesel. It was a beautiful car in a mini-van/tall wagon styling. Many amenities like
comfortable seats (my wife needed them), trays for each back seat passenger (my sons loved it), the ability to get at things in the trunk through the
back seat and the storage compartments in front and back. The trunk was spacious and fit all our rollered suitcases in a row. My boys brought a CD
player along and used the 12V DC receptacle by the floor in the back seat the entire trip.

I picked the car up at Budget counter in Geneva. The fellow behind the counter was friendly and courteous and got me on my way with the information
I needed to have a safe and enjoyable trip.

I ran into one problem on the road. The warning lights on the dash came on. Since the manual was in French, we didn't know exactly what was the problem.
I called the toll-free number, got a person that could speak English on the line and he dialed a mechanic. We had a three-way conversation going. The mechanic said it was nothing serious and bid us a safe, rest of our journey. (It turned out that I needed to check the tire pressure and the warning
lights would not come on.) So, we really had nothing serious the whole 27 days we had the car.

When I returned the car to Geneva, I had one form to sign and I was out the door. With normal renting, I would be looking at damages, assessing fines for not enough gas in the tank, etc., etc. This was the most carefree rental I have ever had.

I will definitely keep you on top of the list for our longer term driving vacations in Europe. I was glad I found you.

Thank you.

Ken Mockler, 10 july 2001
Our Clio lease in Spain was fantastic. Our plane was late getting into Malaga, but the Renault representative was still there. It took 2 minutes to the car, he explained the car and papers, I singed 2 documents and was finished. We were on our way in 8 minutes total (much better than the rental companies). The car was comfortable, good on gas, accelerated easily on the freeways, handled well, and was just the right size to navigate the narrow streets of Seville. I called 72 hours before returning it and told them my 8:00 a.m. departure. We pulled right up the departure terminal. The representative was their on time and had me sign 2 more papers. We completed everything in 2 minutes. I recommend a Renault lease to anyone traveling to Europe.

Ken Mockler

Ryan Birr, 24 april 2001
Dear Eric,
Sorry I haven't taken the time earlier to thank you properly. My dealings with your company and particularly you were nothing but pleasant and helpful. The car was great, and it couldn't have been easier to obtain or drop off. You answered all of my inane questions promptly, even on the weekends. In turn this made my parents' visit a great experience. I will recommend you and your company to anyone who will listen. (Which, unfortunately, isn't many given how I ramble on. Anyway, thanks again for everything.

Nessa st James , 13 january 2001
I just returned from 3 weeks in France and booked one of your brand new Renault Clios. The service I got was excellent and it was a very nice car
that drove really smooth. I couldn't believe I drove it out of the dealership showroom in Paris. We put 2100 miles on it and saw alot of France.
Your operation is the best kept secret it only cost me $26.00 a day to drive a brand new car with full coverage insurance. I have told alot of people
about your program and would be gladly recommend it.

Rochelle Weiner / Peter Kaplan, 05 january 2001
This is one of the best things you can do when going to Europe for over three weeks, and the little Clio is a champ on the main roads. It's got enough room for two people and their "stuff" in the hidden cargo area. It's got lots of pep and power to get through the Alps, and is small enough to fit into some tight spots in cities.

If you get the diesel, you will get about 40-42 miles per gallon and, even at the reduced price at the pump, you will be glad to have the savings. The only drawback: Until we got the car past 1000 kms on the odometer, there was a distinct smell of diesel in the car which made my husband a little lightheaded. But, as we said, that went away after the first week or less.

The best part of all was the ease of getting and returning the car -- it took all of 10 minutes on either end at the Brussels National airport. Highly recommended, and we'd do it again -- in the Clio or a slightly larger car (w/diesel, of course).

Max Mehech, 20 december 2000
The car was great for me and my family (me, my wife and 3 kids ages 6,10 and 12). It had enough space for our luggage and was small enough to fit in
mostly crowded Europe. We toured France, Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium without any problems. The service when we received the car and when
we returned it was fast, efficient and very friendly. I would definitely leased another car for our next vacation to southern France, Spain and

Didier and Elizabeth Chaigne, 17 november 2000
Thanks for reminding us about the importance of supporting your great product: the short term leasing of Renault vehicles. We were looking for a means to travel around while visiting "back home" in France for 4 1/2 weeks this past summer when we stumbled across your web site. I was quite incredulous and nervous about making such a large purchase over the web, but we decided to try it anyway. (There was nothing at all in the process that would have led us to believe that you guys were not authentic. We had just never heard of your offices in New York and wanted a little more background info.) We had ordered a Megan, but upon arriving in Paris they were all out. So, we were instantly upgraded to a brand new smelling (gotta love that new car smell!) Laguna at no extra cost to us! The car was fantastic, the service at the Paris offices even better. We were treated like royalty and when we requested (rather tardily) to extend our contract an extra four days, we received a resounding "pas de probl笥" with no questions asked. There was virtually no paper work in Paris as all of this had been taken care of prior to leaving the U.S. The car ran great and having the diesel engine saved on gas. (After taking into consideration gas mileage, diesel fuel and the rate of exchange, we ended up paying about the equivalent of what we would have spent in the U.S. for the same type of trip.)
I highly reccommend using your services and know that we deinately will in the future!

Heidi Letzmann, 15 november 2000
I rented a Kangoo for a two-month visit to Italy. Traveling with four other people (and everyone's luggage), we really needed a vehicle with plenty of room. The Kangoo was the perfect solution in every way. Not only was it economical and practical - we loved its height - but it was incredibly comfortable. Whether it was our 11-hour road trip to Austria, steep mountain dirt roads, or cobblestone bridges so narrow we had to tuck in our side mirrors - the Kangoo got us everywhere we needed to go (and probably some places we shouldn't have been)! We'd love to have one in the States.

Trevor Wyckoff, 15 november 2000
My finace and I leased a Twingo last summer for 3 weeks. It was probably one of the easiest parts of our trip to Europe. It came in very handy when we could't find a youth hostel, we just found a campground, or slept in the car. The Twingo really suprised me. I really enjoyed driving it. I am still dealing with some separation issues from when we left it in Paris. Driving in Europe was an experience, but it is nothing that someone used to big city traffic cannot handle. The Twingo was much roomier inside than I expected too. I would not want to fit a family in one, but we were very comfortable, and had more than enough room for our luggage in the trunk. I would highly recommend leasing a Twingo while in Europe. We rode the train once, and found that we REALLY liked being able to drive through Europe. The benefits greatly outweighed any negatives.

S. Lee Elliott, 14 november 2000
We leased a Megane turbo diesel station wagon in September 2000 for six weeks and loved it. During the time we drove about 6000 kilometers through 9 countries from Paris to Sorrento Italy. The vehicle was new when we got it and we had no problems with it. Povisions for trouble were available but we had no need for them. The vehicle was relatively economical for Europe (diesel fuel is cheaper and the fuel consumption excellent. The vehicle accellerated well and cruised easily at 100 mph (in fact we got so used to the speed it took a while to slow down to US speeds). For the 6 week lease the cost was about equal to rental and we had a new economical vehicle.

Doug Brouwer, 14 november 2000
My family and I picked up our leased car, a Renault, in Milan. I expected the worst, and so was surprised and delighted by how easy it really was. The dealership could not have been more helpful in getting us into the car and on the road. The car itself performed flawlessly -- even in the mountains. I was impressed. The return several weeks later in Paris was just as easy.

Before our trip we did a fair amount of research on every aspect of our trip, including cars. I thought the lease arrangement with Renault sounded too good to be true (usually a warning sign). In the end, though, it really was the best deal around for our needs. We were in Europe -- mostly Italy -- for a month, and the lease arrangement turned out to be a great deal.

One small caveat: my family of four (including two tall teenage girls) occasionally had a tight squeeze to get into this car. When we had to travel with our luggage, we just barely made it. But -- and this is the good news -- we did it!

I'd lease this car again.

Steve Stanec, 13 november 2000
We leased a Renault Scenic earlier this year (2000) through Ideamerge and the Internet. Everything was straight forward and they did a great job with the paperwork and trying to get us insurance for Poland and Hungry. After talking to the US Embassy in Hungry we gave up the idea of driving through that country and elected to drive through Austria instead.

When we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, we were met at the airport by the leasing agent. He then took us to his office about ten minutes away, where our new automobile was waiting for us. This was a Sunday and there were very few other people around. The agent was very courteous and helpful and the whole operation took only about thirty to forty minutes.

Our trip took us into or through eleven (11) countries and covered twenty-three (23) days, just under 5,000 miles or 7, 700 kilometers. For one half of the time there were four (4) adults (my wife and I, her sister and brother-in-law) and all our baggage. It was tight but comfortable. The other half of the time, it was just the wife and I and we had lots of room, even with some of her sister’s luggage and our purchases.

The car was a Scenic with auto transmission and A/C. It performed above expectations and visibility was excellent which I feel is extremely important when traveling in unfamiliar areas and trying to sight-see at the same time.
It road well and was able to keep up with all but the very fastest cars on the autobahns and autostrasses. I might add the gasoline mileage was also very good and this was definitely a plus with the cost of gas in Europe. We enjoyed the car so much that we hated to turn it in at the end of the trip and asked if we could purchase it to take home. I might add the cost was straight forward and very reasonable compared to rental rates we had obtained from various sources.

Another thing we really enjoyed was the full coverage insurance they provided for all the countries we visited, even though, we did not have to use it at all. Most rental agencies would not provide insurance for such areas as Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Slovenia or Croatia. We had no problem taking the car into any of the countries, probably because the car was registered in my name.

When we returned the car to Frankfurt we took our bags to the airport first and had them checked-in and then returned the car to the leasing agency. Like when we picked it up, it only took about 20 to 30 minutes and again the agent was extremely polite and courteous.

I have already recommended the Renault lease to several friends and would not hesitate recommending it to any one else. At present we are hoping to return to Europe with others in our family some time in 2002 at which time we will probably arrange for the lease of two vehicles and hopefully the Scenic will still be available. It was really a great experience!!!

Joaquin Langenscheidt, 13 november 2000
I can´t begin to tell you the kind of service I received from you guys. Never in my life I had experienced this kind of service.

I bought the megane through ideamerge in the internet, I flew to paris from mexico and all I had to do was call them from a phone in the airport and ten minutes later they were there to pick me up 10 minutes later we were on the road the car was excellent we were 4 adults traveling for 45 days and the car did it great from the shores of Italy to the mountains of switzerland the car had no problem going 190 km/h loaded!.

Anyway we were in Rimini, Italy when we had a Major accident the car was wrecked, nothing happened to us but we thought our vacation was over on the 15th day, and here is where it gets good. I called the guys from eurodrive and all I had to do was fill in a report of what had happened ( we ran a red light, hit an audi A4 and destroyed a telephone post ). And that very day, 6 hours later they gave me a rented car, for free, while they brought a new megane from paris. no questions asked!.

Returning the car took not more than 5 minutes, they gave me a ride to the airport and i was off to mexico. I couldn´t have enjoyed my vacation more thanx to you.

To anyone having second thoughts about this kind of trip. This is IT! no carrying bags from place to place, forget about lockers, forget about bad hotels because you can drive to the outside of cities and get a much better hotel for a lot less, forget about traveling light. bring what you want not what you can carry. Economically, its the way to go!.


Karen Weir, 13 november 2000
It's easy! It's a good deal! They don't actually drive it for you or help you find parking places (sometimes unpleasant experiences when living in Paris), but they do practically everything else.

Frank L. Svendsen, 12 november 2000
We leased the Renault Clio diesel for 6 wks and had a great time, it was fun to drive, plenty of room for two and very economical. We toured 9 countries & put 5,000 KM on the car, we didn't have any trouble at all. The leasing program was also great. We picked the car up in Germany at the agreed upon time and we returned it 7 days early. The company gave us a 7 day rebate in record time. We would reccomend the company and the program to anyone.
Thank You Very Much.

Bob Andree Swezey, 10 november 2000
We toured France and Spain for 6 weeks in May and June 2000. We traveled something like 5000 Km. This is our fifth road trip through Europe and our second use of a Clio. The Renault leasing program is very much the least hassle, worry and cost method. We took possession and returned the car at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. Though my wife Andree speaks French the service is completely bilingual. The group is pleasant and energized to serve your interest. The Clio is a good little car. We went though a surprise heavy snow storm in the Pyrienees, along with wind and rain, and the Clio worked the changing road conditions well. The economy of the gasoline Clio is good. At this end, the pre-arrangements with Eric were a pleasure and we would not hesitate to use exactly the same service again.

Joseph Martinez, 10 november 2000
We leased a Kangoo for a month while vacationing in France and it was one of the best things we did. The pick up and drop off went very smoothly and we
were treated very curtiously. The price was magnificent and having a car we didn't have to worry about having any problems was fantastic. We
definately will go this route again.

Nicholas Chrisman, 10 november 2000
I am still in the midst of the lease period, but I can attest to care-free service from Renault. I had the misfortune of having someone try to get into the Clio through the rear. The car's automatic locking devices resisted the attack handily, and the insurance replacement was quite simply arranged. The local Renault people were amazed that there was a zero deductible...

The Clio handles very nicely. I have done some long-distance travel on the large auto-routes with plenty of multi-trailer trucks. It remains quite
stable and little affected by winds.

Michael McConnell, 10 november 2000
We picked up the Espace in Lisbon and returned it in Rome. The car itself was just fine, but what made the service unusual was how easy Ideamerge made the process. Their American representatives were extraordinarily clear and helpful; the process in Lisbon was fast and convenient; and the agent picked the car up curbside at the Rome airport and was away in minutes. I had never done an auto lease before and had been a little concerned about bureaucratic complication -- but it was easier, faster, clearer, and more convenient -- as well as cheaper -- than a standard car rental.

Brad Carlton, 09 november 2000
Renault service was excellent across the board -- thorough, professional, quick. Clio 1.9D was surprisingly well-built with a good ride for such a
small car. Driving place-to-place was much easier than I'd imagined, although I wouldn't recommend point-to-point driving within a city unless you have a very strong, tolerant constitution. It's really nice to be able to stop anywhere you desire (rather than only where the train goes) if you see an interesting deviation, and to be able to drive right up to a hotel with bags in trunk as opposed to dragging them through train stations, public transportation, etc. to your destination (although I do miss the freedom of a train ride). Overall, I'd rate the entire program top notch. I'd do it again in a minute, and will whenever I plan to use a car for at least the minimum lease period. I'll never use Rent-a-Car (especially Hertz) in Europe again if I can help it (except for short rentals when Renault lease program is not available). Thanks much for helping make the experience so positive and easy.

Glenn Wendi, 09 november 2000
For nearly five weeks we motored throughout Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland...well you get the picture. We drove the hell out of the Cleo, pushed it further than I would want to push my Subaru at home, and throughout 8,500 kilometers, Cleo absorbed the drive better than expected.

Service by Ideamerge in Calais, France was prompt, efficiant and friendly.

I've been back only a week and have already recommended the program to at least a dozen people.

Michael Kessler, 09 november 2000
Not much to add to the other reviews. The Clio performed very well (150 kmh on the autoroute) and was comfortable for three for the two long days we were three in the car. We travel light, but the split seat fold down was very useful on these two days. Diesel is a plus. Pickup and drop off were a breeze, and I had no problem extending the lease by one day. I would definitely do it again.

Jerry Braunstein, 26 october 2000
I wish I could find something to complain about so you could fix it. No such luck. Our experience with Renault and its little champion, the Clio diesel, was all positive. Renault was flawless in execution in Paris delivering the car, and in arrangements for dropoff in Milan, Malpensa. I have nothing but praise for their organization, their staff and their products. As for the latter, the Clio is an incredible little machine that "snaked" me around the tight mountain switchbacks, and powered me surprisingly well on the big Autoroutes. Small enough to fit, perhaps, in the back of my van, it is a smooth-running, easy-to-handle and safe vehicle I would recommend to anyone. I might add that it's best viewed, for maximum comfort, as a two-person car but that's just fine for my wife and me. Another significant attribute of the Clio is its economy. It's for real. Being a diesel, it enabled a singular saving over our three plus weeks of driving over 3500 miles. The diesel prices in France ran, on average, in the 6 Franc range for a liter vs the 8 Franc range for gas. In Italy, they ran in the low 1800 Lire range vs the 2100 range for gas. Now that's a significant savings.

Thanks for the service. It's been a pleasure.
Regards from a very satisfied customer, jerry

vaughn fesenmaier, 02 june 2000
my wife barbara and i leased a kangoo for 2 months in 99. we had the deisel version and really enjoyed the car. we put on about 15,000 Km and much of it on the freeway at 120 to 150 kph. it got great mileage and was comfortable for me and my 6ft 4in
body. nice upright driving position. if this car was available in the u.s., i would consider owning one and we are used to large u.s. cars. barb drives a cadillac sedan concourse and i drive a lexus 400 coupe so we are used to pretty nice cars. we loved the kangoo and plan on leasing again when we visit europe. by the way the folks at the amsterdam pick-up point were great-very helpful. we have told our friends who travel to lease rather than rent if they are going to be in europe for 17 days or more.

Elizabeth Snead, 01 june 2000
greetings! well, i LOVED my renault Twingo which i had leased for the month of may in france. what a great car! i have been considering buying one and shipping it to the states. The Twingo, which i had worried might be too small, quite comfortably held two passengers and all of our luggage. Including my poodle! it was shockingly roomy with more headroom than i have ever experienced in a car. the pickup was fantastic (and you need that in france!), the gas mileage, while i did not measure it exactly, was surprisingly good. The air conditioning was superb and kept us cool in the warm Provence sun. The darn thing turns on a dime (as i discovered when i would get oh, "lost" and have to make quick adjustments in my direction!) I put close to $6,000 kilometers on the Twingo in 27 days! Believe me, it got a workout from scaling steep mountain roads up to isolated Cathar castles to manueuvering on the congested Croisette in Cannes during the film festival. I want this car! Wish i had arranged to bring it home with me. Next time! thanks.
elizabeth snead

Willis Barnhouse( Honolulu), 30 january 2000
We leased a Megane 1.9Turbodiesel for 26 days in September and October, 1999. It was a great car. I really liked being able to research and then select the exact model, brand new. The Turbodiesel gave acceleration that equaled or exceeded my Mazda V-6. We averaged 38mpg under somewhat hard driving, and the diesel was < 3/4 the price of gasoline. My cost per mile for fuel was the same as my Mazda. My only complaint was that despite the assurance in homepages such as this, there was no tapedeck in my car. I brought about 20 tapes of Hawaiian music for naught. All-in-all, this was a very good choice.

Jeanne-Yvonne Tucker, 06 december 1999
Loved the program. The service was exceptional. The agency was easy to get to and the Renault crew were very helpful. The car was a delight to drive. I can not say enough good things about this company. I plan to use this company for all my european leasing. I have also reccommended this company to all friends visiting France. Thank you again for helping to make our stay in France so pleasurable.

Kim and Mary Lou Elton, 06 december 1999
We picked a car up in Nice and then drove to Italy. The Clio and the service were excellent. Easy pick-up, easy return. The diesel worked well and helped to save money on fuel. The front seats in the Clio are above average for comfort on long drives. We traveled in the fall of 1999 and wouldn't hesitate to use the leasing program again!

Vera Gordon, 02 december 1999
Just returned from a wonderful 5 week trip through Provence and Languedoc France and wanted to share my experience with my Ideamerge/Renault lease of a Clio. Reliability of both car and arrangements were most important as I was traveling alone.

The Renault Clio automatic is a great little car - very comfortable and easy to handle. It performed beautifully. Whether I was driving along the autoroute or a backroad or climbing a twisting mountain road the Clio met every challenge easily and smoothly. I was particularly reassured at how well it hugged the road when I was forced to drive during severe thunderstorms the last week of my stay in France.

I knew the Clio was a small car but saw that it could comfortably seat 4 however the trunk space was just adequate for my one medium sized suitcase and a small duffle bag and so if I were to be traveling with another person, I would have to keep this in mind.

I was extremely pleased with the arrangements and efficient service provided by Ideamerge and Renault and was able to extend my lease while in France with absolutely no problems. I think the only "hiccup" was that when I arrived at the Marseille Airport and went to pick up my car, I discovered that the agent spoke no English and that the manuals in the car were only in French. The agent was very pleasant and between my 20 words in French, my previous driving experiences and sign language we managed to exchange the necessary information. However, there is no question that I would have felt more comfortable if some of the information about the car had been available in English.

Bottom line, I would definitely recommend and use again Ideamerge, Renault and also the Clio (if luggage requirements permitted).

Cheryl King and Tom Tarman, 30 november 1999
My husband and I rented a Renault Clio 1.9 diesel through the Ideamerge program. The car performed above our expectations on all levels. We stayed in a farmhouse in southern Tuscany and many of the roads were winding and quite steep. The car had no problem going up these hills, which we found unusual for a small car. Also, the road to our farmhouse was quite treacherous with potholes and bumps -- again, the car performed with no problem. The car was quite roomy and there was plenty of room for luggage -- even though we were staying for a month. Gas mileage was a plus. We spent very little on gas throughout our vacation as the car was so efficient and clean running. We travelled from the Autostrada to remote areas and, as I said, the car performed with no problem.

The dealer where we received the car was especially helpful and explained everything in detail. We had no need for service but I felt confident because I knew I could call if anything was wrong and we would be assisted immediately.

Thanks again for a great trip!!!! We will definitely use Renault again

Lin Graham, 30 november 1999
We had a great trip visiting France, Germany, Austria and Italy.

We were extremely pleased with the Renault Clio 1.9 diesel and I was surprised at my husbands reaction. He drives a Ford diesel F350 at home and absolutely fell in love with the Renault Clio.

Since it was stick he did all of the driving and commented many times on its ability to pull on some pretty mountainous areas, as well as its ability to really move out! We found it to be very comfortable with plenty of leg room (my husband is 6'4'), so that was really important. As a matter of fact, he said, "if he could have purchased it in the US, it would be the car for him."

Since I'm the service oriented person; if you did not deliver first class service, it would not have meant anything to me on how the car performed. Eurodrive's service was outstanding, thanks to you and your counterparts.

Would I use Eurodrive again? Absolutely!

Dave Kaplan, 30 november 1999
Let me say here that the Renault lease was a wonderful experience for us all around. First, the service through Ideamerge was friendly, helpful, and efficient. Second, our service in Europe was quite good. We picked up the car in Milan center and were given a guided tour of the car by a very helpful employee before we took possession. Dropping off the car on our return to Brussels airport was much easier than would have been the case with a rental car. We had noticed a small dent in the bumper that had probably occurred while the car was parked. When I told the receptionist about it, she said it was no problem and did not even ask to look at the car. Third, the Renault Megane itself was terrific. It was brand new, nimble, and comfortable -- perfect for European driving.

We will definitely go with your service again -- so please keep this program going for at least three more years! -- and I have also been recommending it to friends and colleagues.

Faye Augustine, 30 november 1999
Leasing from Renault was a painless enterprise and gave us a great advantage over other types of travel. We could go wherever we wanted! Since all costs were up front, we knew exactly what we were getting and the insurance coverage was especially helpful as we had a minor accident in France. After getting our police report, we continued our trip and handed over the documents when we returned the car. Renault was very gracious. No other costs were incurred.

The car we rented was a Megane Scenic and it was very comfortable and roomy enough for a 6'1" driver. It handled well on those speedy highways, but we never got over 100 mph! We saw lots of great Renaults all over Europe and the Scenic looked like a good size for more than 2 passengers.

Also, there are Renault dealerships everywhere! It was reassuring to see them in remote places, especially outside of France, but we never needed to use one! The car ran well on diesel which was about 1/3 less in cost thatother gases. We didn't notice any diesel smell like you can with older vehicles.

It's great to start out your vacation in a brand new car. The location of the agency in Paris was very convenient. When we were ready to take off, we taxied to the Renault dealer with our luggage and after about 1/2 hour max, they wheeled our "new" car out for us. You will have to buy your first tank of gas, however, you can practically coast back on in your fumes and return it empty. On return, Renault will call a taxi for you and you're on your way. That's different than renting in the US.

We would definately use Renault again!

Mike Metelak, 29 november 1999
I am an American living in France. And when we learned our family was going to expand from 4 to 5 people with the birth of our third child, we decided we better get a minivan. Actually in France the American version of the minivan is a bit smaller than it's American counterparts, but huge compared to most everything else on the road. After test driving a few different makes and models, we settled on the Renault Espace.

Here's why:

1. It's French! No problem to find a dealer to fix it. No problem to get parts. No problem for re-sale.
2. The seats are totally modular. With the seven passenger version, the rear five seats are all identical, so they are interchageable. This allows us to change the vehicle configuration from five to seven passengers very easily. Or sometimes if I need to haul something I take them all out, and it's easy to do.
3. There is a rear cover behind the second row of seats. Since the middle row has three seats, if you remove the two rear you have a huge area for carrying things. But in Europe, you must never leave anything visible in your car when parking in public, so the sliding cover hides anything in the back. This is a must!
4. It has a comfortable driving position. Visibility is excellent.
5. The air conditioning and heater kick butt. Ever drive a vehicle with poor A/C? On a long trip, with sun shining in all those windows? Forget it!
6. It's powerful. I got the 2.2 liter turbo diesel. I can pass with no problem, and the van will cruise at 160-170 kph and not work too hard.
7. It's not TOO big. It's no problem to fit in any parking garage in France, and actually it's only about a foot longer than my little car, so parking on the street is normally not a problem.
8. It rides nice and quiet.

All things considered we are happy with our choice. Happy motoring!