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Skeptical New Yorker took a chance. Everything was perfect. Changed model after booking-no problem. Car was fully explained on pickup at CDA. National holiday on drop off day-they made special drop off arrangements around our flight schedule in Madrid. Our brand new car was well broken in after 125 days and 15,000km. Keep another one waiting for us. We’ll pick it up in August. Thank you.

NYC, posted on 18 January 2020

Great car, great service!

USA, posted on 17 December 2019

My fourth year

My wife and I live in New York and France. Since we retired four years ago, we have leased a Citroen through Ideamerge. Obviously, we have been very satisfied. The cars are brand new, the prices reasonable, and the service excellent. We plan on using Ideamerge for all of our future trips to France.

Setauket, New York, posted on 14 December 2019

Generally very good, but....

My wife and I have homes in San Francisco, California and Antibes, France, and have been using short-term leasing for over 20 years. We had been leasing Renaults, initially through IdeaMerge (dealing with Scott Baxter) and when Renault dropped IdeaMerge through Renault Eurodrive. After several instances of Renault not having the car available upon our arrival, we decided to try Citroen instead; when we saw that we could book the car through IdeaMerge, we did.

Overall we are very happy with the service. Our only negative is that we arrive at Nice Cote d’Azur airport, and as of a few years ago the TT hut is about a kilometer from Terminal 2—which makes no sense, since all long-haul international flights operate out of Terminal 1. This would mean dragging about 200 pounds of luggage on to the shuttle, take it to Terminal 2, and then walking it to the hut; the procedure would be reversed going back. (Years ago, the hut was outside the airport, and a representative would come and pick us up; later, the TT desk was in Terminal 1, and the cars in a lot near the P3 parking lot.}

As I am now 80 years old and not as spry as I used to be, we now hire someone to pick us up at Terminal 1 (local taxis won’t do it), take us to the TT, and we pick the car up there. When we leave, we hire someone to meet at TT where we drop off the car, then take us (with our luggage) to Terminal 1. Hardly ideal. Since I retired 10 years ago, we make the trip twice a year, and this has become a real issue.

San Francisco, California, posted on 27 November 2019

Great way to see Europe!

Great service and a great car. Extremely easy pick up with friendly advisor. Drop off was also easy and quick. We have used this service through IdeaMerge many times and it is always organized and efficient. In the past any difficulties while traveling have been resolved in a timely fashion .

ISA, posted on 20 November 2019

You Pick the Auto. They deliver.

The auto was ready as promised at the price promised. We would have spent 4X the money with a rental. Had a crease in the rear fender...my fault...no problem. Incredible insurance, road side assistance and ease of pick up and return. This is our 5th time to use Ideamerge...FANTASTIC Experience

United States, posted on 11 November 2019

Everything was great. Would recommend to anyone wanting to travel Europe via auto. Kudos to all involved.

posted on 1 November 2019

Professional company

This is my second time working with Ideamerge. Leasing a car from Ideamerge for a month in Portugal was a breeze. all that was needed were some documents. The car was new and easy to drive (automatic). The small size was very helpful in the narrow streets in city centers. The gas mileage was very good.

I would work with Ideamerge in the future.

Santa Cruz,CA, posted on 30 October 2019

Excellent & Easy

5 star rating for our experience. Very easy to deal with and we found the process straighforward and simple. Leased a Berlingo for almost 3 months for a tour around France. This is the most sensible and economical option out there for longer trips. Great car and easy pickup and drop off. We had no complaints at all and would repeat the process with these guys again in the future.

Canada, posted on 24 October 2019

Best customer service, 2 different incidents, i had a windshield replaced and tire had to be repaired. Excellent !!!

United States, posted on 21 October 2019

Would definitely lease again!

This was our first time leasing a car (a Citroen Cactus C4) and it was a great experience. Pick-up at the airport was great. Drop-off was in an unusual location (not the same place as pick-up, but still near the airport), and had we returned the car after dark I would have wondered if we had the right place.

We leased the car for 29 days. Some friends visiting us rented a car for 6 days and they paid a full 2/3 of our 29-day cost. That just shows how much leasing can save you if you will be need a car for an extended duration.

The car itself was comfortable and roomy. I probably wouldn't ever own one due to poor visibility out the rear corners, but it was great for our travel needs. Overall, the experience was nothing but good. Will do it again.

USA, posted on 15 October 2019

Better than Renting

We put over 5000 kilometers in our Jumpy Citroen Van in France and Spain without any issues. The full coverage is unbeatable and there were no surprises on returning the vehicle. We would definitely lease again from Ideamerge. One improvement would be to have a clear meeting point at CDG airport for pick up. Otherwise everything was perfect.

California, posted on 11 October 2019

This is our fourth lease with IdeaMerge. Every lease has been perfect! IdeaMerge takes care of everything so leasing is effortless. We were especially happy with the Citron C4 Cactus. It is the perfect small SUV for the small streets in Europe with plenty of room for four and luggage. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!

United States, posted on 8 October 2019

Best way to Go

Short term lease is only way to go if your need a car for 21 days or more. WE drove in seven countrys over 4500 km didn't have one problem. Peace or mind of knowing that everything is covered. On our next trip we will use Ideamerge again. One happy customer..

AZ, posted on 7 October 2019

Three months in Toulon

This was our first experience moving away from the usual car rental and it turned out to be easy and just great in every way. We travel to France annually and will definitely stay with this option. Brand new car, own choice and all the options - and most economical!

Hermanus, South Africa, posted on 7 October 2019

Best alternative to drive in Europe

Excellent service from the booking team to delivery Guys in Frankfurt and return Guys in Rome. Fantastic vehicle ,we lease the DS7 and we ended up to be very pleased. Strongly recommended for everyone who's looking to visit and drive in Europe. Brand new vehicles, smooth delivery full insurance coverage, worry's free. Will do it again next year. Thank you everyone !

I have a little recommendation if possible to open a delivery and return station in Vienna Austria ,will be good and convenient for people who visit countries in central and east Europe.

Calgary Canada, posted on 19 September 2019

Excellent Service and Value

We were incredibly happy with our Berlingo 7 seater. It was spacious enough for a holiday with extended family.

The service and simplicity of the transaction were outstanding!

Bahrain, posted on 13 September 2019


EXCELLENT all around: service, price, arrangements and car. What else can one say? Highly recommend it to anyone on an extended trip.

Longboat Key, FL, posted on 11 September 2019

Great choice !

We loved our Berlingo... in the prior years we always struggled with the rental companies, always providing a surprise model with small boot. So that we ended up loading / unloading / changing car / queuing up again, twice in a row. We usually have 3 large pieces, a board, fishing rods, umbrella, also...

Here you know the car, the boot is huge, there is no queue, that like vip service to me. I will do it next year also.

Cheers !

Hong kong, posted on 2 September 2019

The best service ever

We had Citroen Aircross C5 (a free upgrade from a C4 Spacetourer) for three months this summer in the south of France. What a fantastic deal! There is nothing to compare the service with. This was our third year with IdeaMerge and I can’t see us going back to the usual rentals. Thank you. Quick and efficient service, attention to detail, simplicity and cost. I am a fan!

Russia, posted on 23 August 2019


Service excellent All perfect

USA, posted on 12 August 2019


I have used the lease-return option in the past, so I knew it would be great and super simple. We rented a car in Iceland for our layover on the way home and that process (2 hour wait) confirmed once again that the lease-return option is THE way to go. IdeaMerge were wonderful to work with. Everything went quickly and smoothly. The agent was very helpful and friendly. The car was exactly what I hoped and we put 10,000 km on it in seven weeks in 14 countries. I cannot say more than the title of my review - Perfection!

USA, posted on 7 August 2019

Very Satisfied

When we discovered IdeaMerge on the web, we thought the deal was too good to be true but we were wrong. Working with IdeaMerge and TTcar in France was a treat: everything went very smoothly and without any hitch. Our Citroen Berlingo was everything we wanted and served us well during our nine-week camping trip. Both pick up and drop off of the car (at Orly airport) were quick and smooth with no hassle. We really don't have anything more to add other than that we will definitely use IdeaMerge again on our next trip. Thanks guys ... you were great!!

Colorado, posted on 6 August 2019

Always a great experience

I've used the long-term lease several times through IdeaMerge and always had a great experience. Prompt customer service, clear instructions, nice employees at the pickup-dropoff locations, competitive pricing, no-haggle returns, etc. I have no reason to look anywhere else for this service.

USA, posted on 25 July 2019

Trouble free motoring

Not to much to say really. Great network, great service, great car. Will recommend to everyone I know who is thinking of driving in Europe. Thanks

Perth Australia, posted on 23 July 2019

smooth with helpful accommodations to a problem and good pickup/delivery people

Had a minor medical emergency and had to delay our pickup from a Friday to following Monday and it was no problem, no extras. Dealt with the Pte St Cloud in Paris and lke the other time they were informal and easy to work with. No phone call on return necessary just bring it in.

USA, posted on 21 July 2019

Peace of Mind!

We had a great experience. One thing I hate about regular rental cars is the constant, nagging fear I have that I'll have an accident and get slammed with all kinds of extra charges (like out-of-service fees etc.) That's happened to me before. With IdeaMerge, we felt completely at ease the whole time. Nothing happened to the car, but if it had, we would have had much better insurance than we could get any other way. The process was very easy and convenient and the car was great. We will do it again next time.

US, posted on 18 July 2019

Citroen auto lease

This was our first time doing an auto lease rather than auto rental in Europe and from now, the only way to go! From the initial online booking to dropping off the automobile in Paris, it was smooth sailing all the way. It was a very well organized and detailed process from beginning to end, all the detailed information provided had eliminated all the questions that might have come up. The pickup and drop-off points were well documented and the staff were easy to deal with. It is always nice to drive a new car!

Canada, posted on 15 July 2019


Stayed in Europe for several months; it was great to have a car always available, including a car big enough for a family of 5 (plus suitcases). The whole process was pretty straightforward and quick; can certainly recommend it and will certainly use it again in the future.

USA, posted on 15 July 2019

Idea Merge is the Only Choice

We just completed our third lease with IdeaMerge.com and the service and experience continues to be EXCELLENT. From the initial contact to the return process every aspect was affordable, complete, professional, smooth and convenient. We look forward to our next European holiday and know IdeaMerge.com will provide for our transportation needs.

USA, posted on 14 July 2019

Great car, great service

We leased a Citroen C3 last year to tour around Italy and we enjoyed it so much that we leased another C3 this year for our recent visit to France. The C3's roomy interior comfortably accommodated my wife and myself, two suitcases and our carry-ons in the covered hatchback. Its compact exterior made it easy to park and maneuver. When we picked up the car, our (thoughtful) Citroen Euro Pass agent had the NAVI already set to English and the GPS programmed with the Euro Pass (return) address...good service! The check out and check in processes were quick and easy. The free shuttle van to and from the airport was a big plus. We'll definitely choose Citroen Euro Pass again for our next European trip.

USA, posted on 28 June 2019

Best Trip Ever

We traveled 6000 kilometers to 9 countries, in 32 days. Our trip was amazing. Ideamerge was great to deal with. Definitely recommend.

United States, posted on 24 June 2019

Best way to see Europe!

In preparation for our six-week tour of Europe, we reserved our vehicle online. The process was simple. The company was very accurate and transparent in all its dealings with the customer. I would do this again.

USA, posted on 23 June 2019

The Only Way to Go

This beats renting a car hands down. You get a brand new car, full insurance with no deductible and it is cheaper than a car rental. The staff are professional, the checkin and handover (both picking up and dropping off) was easier and faster than most rental places. This is by far the only way to go and we will use everytime we have a holiday greater than 21 days.

United States, posted on 11 June 2019

Great rental option

We leased a Citroen Aircross for two months, picked it up in Frankfurt and dropped it off in Paris. The process was easy and flawless. We would certainly do it again.

United States, posted on 9 June 2019

Great Program

Very convenient and hassle free from the initial contact through pick-up and drop-off at a different location in a different country. The pick-up and drop-off people were on time and courteous and knew what they were doing. Can't beat the insurance provided in the short term lease. Also tax-free. Those two factors alone make it a great deal. I highly recommend the IDEAMERGE short term lease program to anyone who can stay in Europe at least 21 days to take advantage of this program. Special kudos to the North American contact Louis in Montreal. He was very helpful and provided on the spot answers to any questions I had.

Utah, USA, posted on 24 April 2019


I was upgraded to a DS 7 Crossback. The car had every imaginable option. I drove 70 days in 4 countries and traveled almost 16,000 kilometers. I had to be dragged from the car I liked it so much. The price was unbeatable and the best part is you have more insurance than you could possibly buy at any regular rental. I am a Hertz Gold member and when you compare the price, especially the insurance, there is no comparison. They pick you up at the airport and take you right to your car at the agency. It is quicker and more convenient than the typical car rental. I'll do it again.

St. Louis Mo USA, posted on 10 April 2019

OUTSTANDING GREAT VALUE AND A BRAND NEW CAR - so much better than a "rental"

From the beginning the entire team helped me rent the car I selected and arranged it an unbeatable price. It was cheaper than renting a car from Hertz and I have been a loyal customer of Hertz for decades and get great discounts. It starts with this group. They give you all that you need to choose your car and it is brand new. You will not arrive and be told you must take a "similar" car or a car that is used. It is brand new. Clean untouched - yours. Next they give you all the info you need. You call up and they pull up in a van at the terminal and pick you up and help you with your luggage. No waiting for a bus or having to push your cart around the airport to find the rental agency. Then you drive a few minutes to their site and there is your car. A quick check-in with very helpful staff, they help you get your luggage in your car and you are done. A brand new vehicle of your choice, with all the insurance and coverage you need, unlimited miles, emergency road side service, and a pristine car. if you get a flat tire they fix it - it's all in and no worries and easy. When you are done you pull up next to their office and check-in and they take you to the nearby terminal. IdeaMerge is now my go to when I am staying in Europe and I recommend it to anyone as it is so much better than any "rental". Once you try it there is no going back.

USA, posted on 31 March 2019

Citroen diesel C3 was a lot of fun

We leased a Citroen Diesel C3 for 6 months. It was a great little car with phenomenal mileage and great power. The lease terms were easy to understand and follow. The pickup and drop off of the car was convenient and very professional. The entire leasing process was so good we did it again for the next six months.

United States, posted on 26 March 2019

C3 + C4 Space Tourers

Our 3rd rental. The first was a C3 which we picked up in Madrid and returned to Lyon. Perfect size for the small roads in Spain. The second was a C4 Picasso which we picked up and returned in Paris, but drove mainly in Germany and Denmark. Again a good size for our trip. The third was the C4 Space Tourer which we picked up in Madrid and returned to Nice. It was a little too big for the small roads in rural Spain and Italy, but we managed without incidents. The only issue has been the GPS - especially in the small towns. Sometimes it tries to make you go the wrong way on a one way street! Overall we have been very satisfied with Citroën and IdeaMerge.

United States, mn, posted on 6 January 2019

Another great leasing experience.

For the third year in a row, we leased a Citroen C4 from Ideamerge. We were completely satisfied with the car and the service we received. Great car, easy pick-up and drop-off. We plan on using them again next year.

Setauket, New York, posted on 13 December 2018

Can't Beat This Program!

This is the third time I've leased a Citroën through IdeaMerge, and I just booked today for my fourth time. I've leased the same car -- Citroën C3, 1.6L, 5 or 6-speed diesel -- every time, and I just love it!. The pickups and drop-offs (in Rome and Bordeaux so far; next up is Milan) have been smooth as silk. Although I speak French and Italian, having English-speaking agents at both locations is somehow reassuring. The last two times, the cars were equipped with an excellent, easy-to-understand GPS system. The prices are excellent if you're booking for a month or more, and the North American agents are most helpful. One of the nicest features of these leases is that you can add drivers anytime with no paperwork and no fee, as long as you are in the car when the other driver is behind the wheel. This really mattered to me during my first and longest (5 ½ months) lease because friends were coming to visit me in Florence.

I highly recommend this program without qualification!!

Baltimore, MD, USA, posted on 4 December 2018

Great Car

First timers. We wanted a small car to navigate the narrow streets in Italy and were given a new Citroen C-3 hatchback with the spiffy two-tone paint job and side "air bag" panels on the doors. Opening the hatch revealed a well that accommodated our 25" and 24" suitcases and two backpacks with a little bit room to spare. A cover, attached to the hatch, hid all the contents. On the road, the car was agile on twisty roads and very confident and comfortable at Autostrade speeds. The GPS was the best we ever used! It was very accurate and fast which made navigating around roundabouts easy...I could see exactly where I was and which exit I needed to take without having to count exits and/or read street names. The pickup and return processes were straight-forward and easy (however, with a little language difficulty). The free transportation from and to the airport made things easy and carefree. Highly recommended.

Tennessee, USA, posted on 30 November 2018

Great Experience

Another great leasing experience with Ideamerge! The Berlingo was great for 4 passengers with lots of luggage! We will lease again without hesitation.

Maryland, USA, posted on 20 November 2018

Great experience, highly recommend over rentals

Citroen C4 Space Tourer [formerly named Picasso] was perfect for us. Although a small SUV by US standards, it is only slightly longer than Honda Fit, it is well designed and comfortable. We easily fit three large (max standard size allowable for checked luggage on airlines) in the trunk area. It was plenty big for my large 6+ frame and very modern. Great fuel economy as well. Pick up and drop off were easy. We drove a lot, almost 8,000 miles and had no issues with the car whatsoever. The pick up and drop of at the Paris Roissy airport location was very easy and fast.

USA, posted on 7 November 2018

Such a good experience!

Pickup and return could not have been easier, thanks to the detailed photos and maps of the airports. The Citroen C4 Catus was great. I didn’t know the car would have Apple CarPlay, what a pleasant surprise. I had a dead battery, which was a little challeging, but I was treated like a VIP. I was so pleased with the entire process. I look forward to leasing again next October when we got to Spain.

Dallas, Texas, posted on 30 October 2018

Good value

Easy, efficient, and friendly sum up my experience in leading a Citroen through Ideamerge. I will absolutely use this service again for extended visits in Europe. The car was in excellent condition and ready to go as scheduled. The return was equally well organized. I enjoyed driving my C4 Cactus and especially appreciated the built in GPS. Thank you for a great service!

Vancouver Canada, posted on 18 October 2018

90 Day Car Rental

We have used 8 car rental companies over the last 12 months, whilst travelling throughout Europe. We used IdeaMerge for the long term lease (90 days) of a brand new car. This is easily the best and cheapest way to get a great car. We will definitely used this lease arrangement in preference to any car rental company in the future.

Australia, posted on 18 October 2018

Best Deal and wonderful experience

We leased a Citroën for our three months in France. We were delighted with the service and the value. We had ease of pick up and return and will definitely plan on another lease the next time we are abroad for an extended period. Unlike a rental we could both drive and had great insurance coverage. It's just the way to go!

United States, posted on 16 October 2018

3 month rental in France

Highest regards, entire experience superb and a great value.

Texas, United States, posted on 11 October 2018

Very good experience and preferable to auto rentals.

Calgary, Canada, posted on 5 October 2018

Short term lease

This is third time we are using Europass service, this time for our long [4500km] trip true 8 European countries. Experience with the car itself, Citroen Cactus, and Idea Merge service over all, is exceeding our expectations, if that is even possible. Everything was functioning perfectly. We will be happy to recommend Idea Merge to all our friends.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, posted on 23 September 2018

Excellent, sporty little car

Since we got the car in Portugal, we named him "Vasco" and drove him for over 4000 miles throughout Europe during our 7 weeks of driving. We opted for the more deluxe 100 HP diesel and the acceleration didn't disappoint. Fuel economy was phenomenal. (a good thing in those high-fuel-price countries). The car is small enough to negotiate very narrow lanes in older cities, yet big enough to hold its own on autostradas, etc. The color (red with black trim) was sporty and turned some heads, as they are not all that common. There are a few minor negatives about the car: access to the back seat is not that easy; it is not particularly intuitive to lock the seat back after doing so (I had trouble figuring it out for our whole trip); The radio was mediocre- was one reason we opted for a more deluxe model; navigation system worked, but was a PITA to program (I recommend just downloading offline Google maps when on wifi- you don't get current traffic data, but it is much faster and produces the same or better routes); the seats were fairly comfortable, but only fairly so. 2 hours is the max we could stand sitting. But overall, we were very pleased with Vasco, and made him part of our family ;)

The company we booked through was good to work with- the expected people were there to meet us on both ends of our "lease." This is more complicated than car rental, but for a long trip is necessary. They could use a few more drop off points in central Europe. They did not hassle us about anything. We returned the car clean as required, and they didn't nit-pick. The directions to their pickup/dropoff points could be improved, a minor point. We would rent this model car from this dealer again for such a trip.

Atlanta, GA, posted on 27 August 2018

15th summer

We've used this service for fifteen summers now and it's, by far, the easiest and most convenient way to have a car in France for a couple months. The vehicles are brand new and spotless, insurance is included and the mileage is unlimited. A couple signatures when you land and two more upon departure and that's it. Almost seems to good to be true but we do it every year and plan to continue until someone tells me I can't. See you next year!

USA, posted on 21 August 2018

Streamline and Professional Experience

This was my first experience booking a Citroen leased vehicle and it could not have been easier. On-line process, corespondents with the Canadian office was quick and the pick up and drop off at the end of my lease was friendly, efficient and EASY! I would recommend this service in a heartbeat! Very well done.

Canada, posted on 20 August 2018

Second time I have used Ideamerge, to rent a car for Europe and I am totally satisfied with the quality of the service and punctuality of the responses to my queries. I will use Ideamerge again in the future.

Canada, posted on 17 August 2018

Great experience

Our experience with Citroen Euro Pass from start to finish was superb. All instructions were clear both the personal contacts- telephone and in person- and the electronic. The whole process was impeccable.

New York city, posted on 11 August 2018

Great Experience

Great Experience. 10 countries and 7,000 miles on our Citroen Car over 60 days. Great Navigation system and Great Car. Thanks

Illinois, posted on 10 August 2018


just one word, EXCELLENT....(third time we use this service)

chicago,usa, posted on 9 August 2018


It is the second time I have worked with Ideamerge and it was twice simple, efficient and quick. Perfect.

New Mexico, posted on 3 August 2018

My only problem was the return instructions (printed and gps) for returning the car. I was on a short time frame to get to my flight and actually had to have a courtesy drive from TT to come and get me. Construction all around their depot and no updated instructions made it very difficult for me to return the car. Remember, I have worked with these people for years, Ideamerge and a couple of other providers before you. (I still miss the Dacia Logan that I leased a few years ago - maybe I'll have to buy one for my time in France). All in all, not a bad experience. Thx.

USA, posted on 2 August 2018

3rd Problem Free Lease

This was the third time I've leased through IdeaMerge. It's so nice to have a brand new vehicle with full insurance. This time was the C4-Cactus gas version which was fully equipped and drove and rode very well averaging 41 mpg over 4400km. My only complaint was not really the vehicle, but its larger size (smaller SUV) was a tight fit in some parking lots. Pickup and dropoff are painless, although I had a to ask several questions of the pickup agent to make sure I understood some of the vehicle features. I would certainly recommend the short term lease through IdeaMerge.

Kansas-USA, posted on 2 August 2018

Great experience

We leased a Citroen C4 for five weeks, putting over 4000 km on the vehicle. Overall - other than the car interior being a tight fit for four, 6 foot people traveling with large suitcases and carry-on bags - it was a great experience. Everything from dealing with the lease originator (Marie-Claude Gagnon in Montreal) to delivery in Frankfurt and return in Barcelona went without incident. The car performed well, was fuel efficient and had plenty of power for motorway driving. A great asset was the detailed, up to date, GPS system which was very helpful navigating in the cities visited. I would recommend the service to anyone looking for a short term lease in Europe.

Naples, FL USA, posted on 26 July 2018

Excellent trip

My wife and I decided to lease a vehicle for our 3 month trip to Europe and we absolutely loved it. We booked a bit later than we should have but they were so helpful in finding us a car it was no problem. It was incredible to have a vehicle of your own with the flexibility to travel in almost every country in Europe. We drove 21,000kms and had no problems with the maintenance process at 20,000kms as there were dealers everywhere, or condition of the car. None of the border crossings outside the EU had any issue with the documents provided or red transport plates, it was great. We will definitely be using this option again I cannot express how satisfied we were!

Canada, posted on 11 July 2018

Excellent alternative for longer European road trips!

First time I've leased a car in Europe and the experience was excellent! Booking the car with Ideamerge was easy and straight forward as was payment. I did much comparing between traditional renting and leasing and found that leasing would allow the best price, insurance coverage and flexibility with regard to country and travel restrictions with regard to travelling on ferries and to eastern european countries. Our very spacious brand new Citroen Berlingo was delivered to London and for a little extra we had it delivered directly to Gatwick airport where we proceeded to drive it for 30 days throughout the UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Germany for a total of 6200km. Dropping the car off in Munich was very straight forward. No haggling over the condition of the car or whether there was fuel in the tank just the signing back of the ownership and then they shuttled us to the airport which was very close. I chose the Berlingo so that our son who is 6' 1" would have plenty of leg and head room while in the back seats - he had no complaints with space the entire journey. Plus, I wanted to make sure we would have room for our luggage and extras to remain out of sight should we leave the car loaded and unattended. The hidden cargo storage area was sufficient for 3 - 24" suitcases placed lengthwise on their side. Plus it allowed for our knapsacks and misc smaller bags and items to be stowed on top of and beside the suitcases. The car itself performed flawlessly and was very strong on the highway and in the mountains. I'm happy to say our auto leasing experience through Ideamerge and their european counterpart was a positive and easy experience. Everything is stated up front so there were no surprises (assuming you the documents) at any point before, during or after our trip. I highly recommend this service and we'll use it again in the future!

Toronto, Canada, posted on 4 July 2018

What a fabulous service!

Our family leased 2 cars for our whirlwind trip through Europe. We picked up the cars in Amsterdam and dropped them off in Milan. Such a great service. Insurance included so no concerns about added costs later. Unfortunately we had some vandalism during our trip, but the folks at Euro Pass were so accommodating and so helpful during this stressful situation. They went above and beyond even calling their english speaking counterparts in other countries to call me to reassure me about the process. We had 2 Citroen DS3s for 7 adults. We packed light, so the cars accommodated us well. Thanks again!

United States, posted on 26 June 2018

Total flexibility

I chose this service over a traditional auto lease because of the complete flexibility it offers - unlimited mileage, drive to any European country you want to see, and most of all, you don't have to be paranoid about scratches, dents, or punctures because it's all covered as part of the lease. I started in Bordeaux and dropped the car in Munich, after 45 days of traveling throughout western Europe. The car itself worked perfectly, no mechanical problems, and for what it was (a basic little hatchback), it worked for what I needed. I would recommend that if you'll be driving long distances on the motorways, you consider something with a slightly bigger engine. My little DS3 was super efficient in the city, but I found that my highway mileage wasn't great. The pick up process was quick and easy at Bordeaux, but the drop off was a little trickier. The drop off point at Munich is near the airport, but it's tucked away in kind of a strange spot and it's very poorly marked. The office is near some sort of mechanic's shop and other industrial offices, so I walked around the group of buildings for a while before I found the Citroen office (it's in a building marked "guesthaus," oddly enough). Overall, a good experience, and great alternative to the regular auto rental companies, who I feel are often looking for any possible way to extort money through additional fees and charges. I've used my credit card company insurance (Chase sapphire) for other rentals in the past and having to make a claim is endless paperwork, and getting them to respond is like pulling teeth, so this was infinitely easier. I felt it was a decent value, when you think about the extras you get as part of the lease (insurance, unlimited mileage, gps, etc). I wouldn't hesitate to lease through this company again if I'm in Europe on a longer trip.

USA, posted on 25 June 2018

This was our third time using the excellent services of IdeaMerge to lease a DS4 automatic. It was also the third time that the service was flawless. Not only is it far more economical than a rental, you get the car you want, brand new and fully covered. We'll be back in the Fall and you can be sure we'll use IdeaMerge again.

United States, posted on 25 June 2018

Excellent option for longer car rental in Europe

From the easy and very accommodating arrangements with Marie-Claude (she also made sure everything went well, once we got there!), to the pick-up in Frankfurt (it was a holiday and we were picked up at the airport anyway very promptly), to the drop-off in Amsterdam. Excellent alternative to car rental. With the insurance included in the price, as well as second driver, it was a more economical option after less than three weeks. And you know, which car you get! We will do it again next year.

USA, posted on 25 June 2018

Great Experience

We leased the Berlingo and found it to be true as advertised. It was roomy, easy to handle and our one complaint was the lack of a back up camera for safety. We are leasing another Berlingo in the fall for another trip and are looking forward to it.

Maryland, USA, posted on 25 June 2018

Perfect Experience

We had the new Citroen Cactus for 2 weeks and it was perfect. It's hard to beat starting with a new car with only 3 kilometers. We ended up driving about 2500 kilometers in France and Spain. The Manager at the Marseilles airport was friendly, knowledgeable, and even met us at the drop off location at 5am on a Saturday so that we could make our departure flight at 7am. The whole process and experience was top notch. 5 STARS to Idea Merge and their staff.

San Diego, CA - USA, posted on 23 June 2018

Citroen DS4 a Great Car

Everything went as expected. Citroen DS4 was a great car. Great fuel consumption. Pickup and drop off were easy. Had 2 medium suitcases and 2 carry bags.

Australia, posted on 15 June 2018


As every year everything was excellent.

Las Vegas, posted on 12 June 2018

Another successful trip

This was my third experience with Citroen Euro Pass. As expected Marie-Claude made the initial transactions very smooth. She handled a change in pickup location with aplomb and did an excellent job in keeping me apprised on various issues via email. The pickup and delivery at RomaDrive was friendly and efficient. The Citroen C4 diesel runs and handles remarkably well. The engine is not powerful but adequate and the fuel economy is excellent. The C4 is comfortable, very quiet (especially for a diesel), and a pleasure to drive. The manual transmission operates smoothly and the availability of GPS and speed control adds to the driving experience. If the car was available in the U.S.A., I would certainly consider purchasing it.

U.S.A., posted on 7 June 2018

Love the Citröen C3

This was my second lease from your company, and, as was the case the first time around, it worked like a charm! Staff at Fiumicino picked me up quickly, showed me all the details about the car, even plugged in their address into the GPS!

The car, a Citroën C3 diesel, was economical, comfortable, and fun to drive. I’ve booked another for this fall in Bordeaux.

Thanks again for excellent service. You’re my “go to” car leasing service in Europe!

Baltimore, MD, USA, posted on 15 May 2018

Great service; great car

I leased a Citroen Picasso this year and picked the (brand new) car up in Bordeaux. I don’t think it took ten minutes. They showed me how everything worked, set up the gps (in English) and I was off. No problems with the car and dropping it off also took maybe ten minutes as well. Very professional, courteous staff on both ends. Smooth, easy, new car perfection - I just wish I had more time in my schedule to use this car, like another two weeks on my vacation! The car comes fully insured - no stress like a typical car rental. No sales pitches, warnings or anything that adds costs or worries after the fact. I wish other European countries had the same program but it might be worth it to route all trips through France just to be able to use this service and these great cars.

USA, posted on 12 May 2018

Couldn't have been better

Started out working with Marie-Claude and found her to be very efficient, responsive and friendly. Had to change pickup location because of 2018 rail strike; she made that happen to our satisfaction. All went well picking car up, having zero problems with our car which was fun to drive and efficient on gas mileage. GPS was a god-send and saved us many times. All-inclusive insurance was very reassuring. Drop-off went perfectly and we couldn't have asked anything more from the entire experience.

Boulder, Colorado USA, posted on 10 May 2018

very satisfied

This is our third time leasing a car in France from Ideamerge and we were thoroughly satisfied with all aspects of the lease, from the initial communications in the USA to the later communications once in France. When we picked up the car the Citroen representative programmed our return trip on the GPS and this was an immense help in making our trip back successful and efficient. The car performed well and everything about it fit our needs for the driving we did. While driving we felt relaxed in our confidence that the insurance coverage was comprehensive. We recommended Ideamerge to friends who have been traveling in France now for a much longer period and they report that they are also very glad they leased through Ideamerge.

California, posted on 9 May 2018

Easy Peasy

Besides saving hundreds of dollars by leasing instead of renting a car, I'm convinced everything was much easier and smoother. The online application/transaction process was relatively simple. I was not charged a penny more than agreed upon!! The car pickup and dropoff was no problem and not time consuming. The car was new and performed without any issues. The agent, "IdeaMerge", was always very professional and helpful. The terms and conditions were written in 'plain' language - - - complete and easy to understand. The only 'hitch' was the car wasn't what I ordered (but, the terms clearly warned of this). However, it was a model upgrade and an upscale version of that model . . . at, again, not a penny more than agreed upon! Having an opportunity to do this again, I wouldn't hesitate for a second!!!

USA, posted on 26 April 2018

The way to go if staying for a few months

We picked up our car with 2 km and returned it with a little over 5000 so over two months we saw a huge part of southern France. It's the way to go. Although we've lived in different parts of France before we've always done so without a car. The freedom to be out of the bigger cities and visit small towns was really nice. No more being tied down to train schedules and only being able to go where they go! We became huge fans of weekend trips to little villages and finding vide greniers to buy little things to bring home. It was definitely cheaper than renting. Although the car isn't a speed demon it gets around nicely enough.

United States, posted on 26 April 2018

IdeaMerge for France trip

The car was fantastic, the paperwork was a breeze, the staff was very pleasant and helpful. Returning the car amounted to my signature on two papers and Voila!! We were set to head home. We drove the car through France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. The car was well equipped and everything worked like it was supposed to. The entire experience was much better and easier than a car rental. I especially liked the flat rate, no up charges, no charge for extra drivers, zero deductible, and all the insurance you could ask for. Great experience - loved the car !!!

USA, posted on 11 April 2018

Great car

All communications I had prior to picking up the car were straightforward and genial. Both the pick-up and drop-off of the car went incredibly smoothly. The car itself was great - we got good mileage, had no problems mechanically, and fit all of our luggage perfectly. I would highly recommend this service to anyone in need of a car while traveling around Europe.

United States, posted on 24 January 2018

Great way to lease a car.

For two years in a row, I have leased a Citroen C4 through Ideamerge.com. Both times I have been extremely satisfied. The cars delivered were brand new and the pick-up each time was flawless. Marie Gagnon is a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend this company for a car lease in France.

New York, posted on 19 December 2017

I was a bit apprehensive about; first, leasing a car brought from France and second, driving on the left in a left hand drive vehicle. We were met at Heathrow Terminal 5 within minutes of our arrival after having called the office. With a minimal bit of paperwork concluded we were on our way to the Wiltshire countryside.

Having driven nearly 50,000 miles in Britain I adjusted rapidly to having a left hand drive car...perhaps because my wife was still seated to my right and the familiarity of the interior put my concerns to rest.

The car ran flawlessly for the remainder of our two month journey from the south coast to Scotland and all the undulations between.

I would never go back to rental cars again as long as this service exists.

Marie in Montreal and the 'boys' at Heathrow office could not have been nicer.

It was a great experience...made easier in our Citroen C-3.

Michigan USA, posted on 17 November 2017

This was my 4th vacation in Europe what included a leased vehicle from Ideamerge, and yet another pleasant experience. The suggested vehicle was the perfect fit for our party of 5 adults, enough room for comfort & baggage, yet small enough to find parking on the streets of small towns. The full insurance aspect is something that I always felt was for "peace of mind", yet this trip we did have a minor mishap with a stone bench, and the turn-in agent took care of the paperwork in the most pleasant terms "you have full coverage, so no problem at all". I cannot say how much that single factor saved me in grief, let alone in currency.

The inclusion of around 1/4 of a tank of diesel fuel was a nice change in the delivery policy, as previously it was a bit of a worry to find diesel close by the pick-up location, especially if you arrive at night. Both the delivery and drop-off locations were well described, and staffed by helpful agents that spoke English and were of great assistance.

I might add that the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso was an extremely nice car. A pity that they are not sold in the USA, as I would love having one.

United States, posted on 25 September 2017

Summer 2017 Citroën C5 Touring lease

We really enjoyed the whole car lease experience this summer, leasing the Citroën C5 Touring from IdeaMerge. The representative that we used was very courteous, clear in her communication, and pleasant to work with – both via email and over the phone. Pickup in Paris was easy, and the car performed flawlessly. Having the built in GPS really made the trip much easier to drive. It was very nice that the navigation came already set up for English. While we could have used our cell phones for navigation, the built in navigation was easier to use for us, especially navigating the round-a-bouts. Having the rear camera was extremely helpful when parking on crowded streets. Engine performance was very good, the climate control worked very well. The seats were comfortable, too. We didn’t use the radio or music system at all, so we cannot comment on the quality of the sound system. Drop off was also very easy and, again, the staff was quite helpful.

It was good that we were able to look at the owner’s manual (in English) online ahead of time, as the car came with a French owner’s manual. While we could have used the French manual if we didn’t have access to the online English version, it was much easier to refer to the English version when we had questions. It might be nice to provide an option to have a printed English version (or whatever language is preferred by the customer) available. We would have paid a small surcharge for such a manual.

Based on our experience with IdeaMerge, we will not hesitate to use IdeaMerge again. We have already recommended them to people considering going to Europe on vacation.

United States, posted on 24 September 2017

Excellent Service

This is the second time in two years that I have used Idea merge. If you look for a good reliable company do not look any further. From the very beginning making the application till I returned the vehicle the service was exceptional. Both times I picked up the cars from Calais and toured most of Europe without any problem. all personnel involved from the States and Europe were knowledgeable, courteous and most important available all the time.

Orlando, posted on 13 September 2017

Good car and good service.

The service was excellent. Pick up and drop off we're easy, quick and pleasant. The best I've ever experienced. My Citroen C4 Picasso was a great little car and loaded with hi-tech features.

Orlando, posted on 2 September 2017

Top Marks for Ideamerge

We leased the Citroen C4 Picasso from Ideamerge for our travel through France, and were very happy with it. It was comfortable, very roomy for kids and luggage, and had many nice features such at the massage seats for better circulation. The only thing to be aware of with this model car is that it sometimes defaults to Economy Mode, which turns the car off when you've stopped for a bit - it can be switched off the mode in Settings. The GPS works well too.

Ideamerge and their partners made the leasing process very simple and were able to pick us up at the airport in Toulouse. And they have a reliable fleet to choose from. Will gladly work with them again!


Portland, Oregon, posted on 1 September 2017

The right choice

I would lease from Eurocar again. The initial leasing process was smooth. Communication via internet and phone was very good. Pick up at Marseille airport and drop off at the Rome airport was easy and quick. The car was perfect and fit our needs.

United States, posted on 20 August 2017

Service at the Nice airport was excellent, all questions answered relative to vehicle operation, customer service representatives friendly, very easy to work with at pickup-up on May 5th and return on July 28th. My DS 5 vehicle was a rough ride and I will find a new model next year. This was not the problem of the agents at booking. I have been working with you for years and have always appreciated your professional and efficient service!

Florida, posted on 16 August 2017

Wonderful program for tourists

We were very pleased with the lease buyback program and the security of knowing that if needed we could get assistance right away. Avoiding extra fees for registering additional drivers and taxes made this an attractive program for our month of travel. The pickup and drop off places were very limited but fortunately fit with our flight plans from two different airports. The car was the most basic model and adequate for our needs, but we could have used more time at pick-up going over specifics to the car such as radio, gears and mirror positioning. The gear ratios were very different than most manual cars I've driven - low oomph requiring a lot of gas to get started. The other problem was that although we were told that we didn't need to fill the tank, the gas in the car was minimal and we felt pressured to find a station on the unfamiliar roads and unfamiliar language resulting in a wrong turn off a toll road and 25 km of travel (and additional tolls) before getting back on the right direction. But all that said I would highly recommend this option to those travelers staying for over 21 days.

United States, posted on 10 August 2017

Wonderful service.

This most recent trip is the third I have done using the services of Ideamerge. Each time has been a convenient and pleasurable experience. The staff interactions, online or in person, are always positive and informative. I like the way ordering a car is laid out on the website. The information about the car styles, features, and pick up points help me plan my trips. The information has proven to be accurate on all points. The process of filling out paperwork is smoothly done and explained well. The interactions on the phone and in person at the pick up and drop off locations have always been pleasant. I am planning on using this service again in a couple years, based purely on how well my experiences have been.

United States, posted on 9 August 2017

Tom & Nancy's Big Adventure

We picked up our C3 in Rome and spent 99 days and 8600 kilometers driving thru Italy (a month in Sicily) ferry from Ancona to Croatia for another month, Slovenia, Austria, back to lakes Como and Maaggiore in Northern Italy dropped the car off in Milano. We had great weather. The car was just the right size for driving in Europe. We got pick up and drop off free. Lease experience could not have been better. I would recommend Ideamerge and will be using it again next year for a new adventure.

Florida, posted on 4 August 2017


We rented a C3 for our family of four which includes 2 teen boys. We had enough room for their long legs in the back and enough trunk space for 4 back packs, a medium and small suitcase. The car, which we called Ruby, got us through 11 countries in 22 days. The only thing I would recommend is upgrading to a C4 or higher when travelling through the Alps. Ruby struggled to get up the mountains but has no problem holding her own on the Autobahn. We loved the freedom that leasing afforded us. We were able to visit Eastern European countries that were off limits with many of the rental car companies. We are already planning our next trip and will definitely be leasing again.

Manitoba, Canada, posted on 2 August 2017

Citroen 2017

The car was as advertised. Pick-up was EXTREMELY easy. Drop-off was a little confused, but all worked reasonably well.

Great service overall.

Oxford, Ohio, posted on 2 August 2017

Great experience

Third time doing a buy/lease to travel thru Italy. From the pickup at Rome airport to the drop off in Milan, the process was easy and issue free. Knowing that if anything happened while on our trip would be handled, makes the vacation more enjoyable and worry free.

USA, posted on 1 August 2017

9105 Kilometers

We spent 3 months traveling from Lisbon through Southern Europe and up to Denmark. What a trip, perfect weather and in a perfect car. We had a C5 which held all of our luggage and all of the items we purchased on the way. Stayed in Airbnb's and drove into every city, using the car rather than mass transit. Didn't have one incident with the car, it was a diesel, had great power and was a pleasure to drive. I lived in Europe in the 90's and owned a Citroen, which I loved to drive, great handling and comfort. The C5 was a pleasure and had the power and ease for the German Autoban. Pickup in Lisbon was perfect after our long flight from the US west coast, delivery in Amsterdam couldn't have been easier. We will definitely use Ideamerge and Citroen again.

USA, posted on 14 July 2017

6 Weeks in France, Italy, San Marino, Austria, and Germany

We had a flawless experience leasing a Citroen from IdeaMerge. We picked up a new C3 in Toulouse, drove it for 36000 Km across five countries, over the Alps and the Dolomites, finally dropping it off in Munich. It couldn't possibly have been easier. Thanks IdeaMerge.

Aberdeen, WA, USA, posted on 12 July 2017

Great experience

This was a smart and eceomical way to rent a car if you're going to use the car for a month or more. It was easy and the people we dealt with couldn't have been nicer and more helpful.

Los Angeles, posted on 8 July 2017

Love the program, love Ideamerge!

We just finished a 2-month tour of Western Europe covering seven counties from the Netherlands to South of France. This is our 2nd France/Europass adventure, the previous being four months in 2015 exploring France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Then and now, Ideamerge was easy and assured. The Europass program is DEFINITELY the best way to see Europe if you’re lucky enough to have the time. We enjoy cruising the countless small towns and villages scattered throughout Europe, South of France in particular. I did manage to scrape the back passenger rear panel on Day One, creeping through a narrow hotel portal (driveway?) in Bruges, Belgium. Darn! My wife is adamant it was my fault (!?!?), but in any event it was smooth sailing after that. Our Citroen Picasso C4 was the perfect touring car (same model we drove in 2015), and with the diesel and manual transmission fuel costs were very comfortable. My only complaint is that we could not get a rear-view camera (great!) without upgrading to a more expensive model, but Citroen’s parking sensor system worked well enough once we got used to the constant beeping in tight traffic.

Five stars...Love the program, love Ideamerge!

USA, posted on 7 July 2017

The automobile and its attending service was beyond all my expectations. I will definitely be a customer again on my next trip to Europe.

Austin, TX, posted on 10 June 2017

We picked up our Citroen Picasso automatic in Paris after spending a few days there and begun our journey all around France. We were impressed with the comfort and the luggage space which helped to make our trip very relaxing as well as the the size of the car which could negotiate the very narrow streets of the more ancient towns. It was a very enjoyable experience.

8039 Happiness Way, posted on 1 June 2017

Citroen Lease

Our experience with our Citroen was excellent. We arrived late in Nice (airline problems) but the agent was waiting for us and patiently explained all the working details of the car. The car itself ran beautifully and was equipped with all the latest electronic safety systems. We would have been lost without the GPS. The car had plenty of pickup and power and drove very smoothly. It also had plenty of room and was vey comfortable. Returning the vehicle took about ten minutes and was effortless. On our next trip to France we will certainly lease another Citroen through Ideamerge.

Austin TX USA, posted on 12 May 2017

Great time !

Leased a Citroen C4 4 door hatch / diesel / 6 spd manual trans - from 13 Jan 17 to 09 Feb 17 Pick up and drop off @ CDG airport. Original online reservation was efficient and easy. Pickup was super easy and quick, called the toll free number (English speaker), shuttle pickup @ airport, very short ride to leasing office, staff / representative were very thorough, friendly and helpful (I don't speak French). The car itself was very comfortable, performed very well and the MPG's were fantastic! The gas tank on this C4 was larger and the driving range was great. My itinerary included Paris, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Segovia, Madrid, Sierra De Gredos, Merida, Seville, Tarifa, Gibraltar, Malaga, Valencia, Barcelona, Montpellier, Lyon, Lille and Bruges. The car preformed without flaw and was very easy to maneuver in all cities visited. Return of the car was just as easy and quick ! If you're planning a long term itinerary that includes a car, seriously consider this option. I definitely will in the future. Thanks IdeaMerge for all you do, it made my long term European journey a positively memorable experience !!!

USA, posted on 27 March 2017

Great experience, highly recommend it to reduce stress of renting!

It was almost entirely a stress-free process. Many of the little pieces seem outdated (communication is not very streamlined, I would like a more central email to correspond with, and more immediate responses or call backs when there are issues), but overall the process was easy and truly reduced my stress of driving a rental car in a foreign country.

Pick up/drop off should also probably be made a little easier/modern. Perhaps an online scheduling? Or better instructions on how to get to the harder to find pick up/drop off locations?

But I again digress! When I did communicate with the company, they were polite, helpful, and understanding. There were no hidden hoops to jump through, no hidden costs to worry about, and no hidden loopholes through which to gouge me. It was one of the easiest, most straightforward experiences of my life!

Also, the car was great and I miss it :)

USA, posted on 22 March 2017

My my husband and I rented a Citroen in Oct. for a month. This is the third time we have rented from your company. Two years ago we rented a Peugeot. We have loved all our cars. Really loved them. They ran well, were fantastic to drive, and easy to manoeuvre through windy alleys and little towns. We wanted to take them home but they wouldn't fit in our suitcases. We will rent from you again.

Carolyn Lamuniere

2953 Plaza Blanca, posted on 23 October 2016

Fantastic Experience

My family and I spent the last 5 weeks touring the Italian countryside. Prior to going, I was considering a rental car but was a little reluctant because of all of the liability associated with renting not to mention the unknown with the age and quality of the prospective vehicle. In addition, I needed a larger vehicle to transport 6 of us with all of our luggage. I then discovered the viable option to lease. Initially, I hesitated to consider leasing as I was concerned with all of the 'strings and responsibilities' attached to such a commitment. After doing a bit of research, and working with Eric Bredesen, I found the 'strings and liabilities' were non-existent as the program from IdeaMerge was not only very attractive but the price was reasonable and the process was painless. Eric did an excellent job in walking me through the procedure and assisting me in working with Citroen Euro Pass. The bottom line is the IdeaMerge lease was the best decision I could have made in acquiring a car for the 5 weeks and Eric was instrumental in my selection of his company. We picked-up the car without hassle when we arrived and it was even an easier process upon its return. We drove into the yard, was met by an employee who did a walk around, went into the office to turn in the keys and paperwork, and walked away scot-free as their shuttle took us to our overnight hotel.THANK YOU ERIC!!!

Raleigh, NC, posted on 22 October 2016

Excellent from the Beginning

This is our second lease with IdeaMerge and they continue to set the bar for other European Leasing agencies. This lease was for a Citroen C3, for a 21-day tour of France. Working with the IdeaMerge staff to secure the leasing documents was a breeze. A few weeks prior to the pick-up date of our car in Nice, we received an email explaining there was a manufacturing delay of our C3 and Citroen would be upgrading us to a C4. The pickup at the Nice airport was a smooth as expected, the car was what we expected and the only disappointment was that the exterior of the car (black) was covered in dust as if it had been sitting on the lot for a while. Regardless, the dust didn't impact the vehicle's performance, which was fine. The only downside to the Citroen C4 was the turning radius wasn't as small as I expected, which made U-turning a challenge. The car had plenty of room for 2-adults, it drove and handled well. The return in Paris was as smooth as the pick-up after we found the TTCar return lot. Using the both the address and GPS coordinates provided by Citroen, brought us to the back of the drop-off lot and it's exit only. We are seasoned travelers and allowed ourselves plenty of time for situations such as this so it wasn't a problem to drive around the airport looking for the entrance, which only added another 15-minutes. I recommend Citroen and/or TTCar review their address and GPS coordinates and ensure they bring customers to the proper return location. We definitely lease from IdeaMerge again for our next European excursion.

USA, posted on 13 October 2016

C3 lease in France for close to 4 months

Nice little car mechanically. I have leased a Citroen for several summers through Ideamerge. In previous years, I have leased small Peugeot or Renault which Ideamerge no longer represents. Additionally, the Renault Clio has "grown" in size over the years so the C3 is now the smallest sedan available. From my experience, a small vehicle is desirable in France due to the narrowness of the back roads, streets, and parking spaces. No complaint whatsoever with Ideamerge. However, this summer was the first time I had a couple of gripes with Citroen. 1) The car was delivered without a manual. The delivery outfit did not have any -- in my car and in all other cars awaiting pickup. Upon my insistence, they requested one from the Citroen distribution platform. After 10 days, I received one through the mail. I am thankful of the vehicle delivery outfit for their assistance in this matter. 2) The second issue I had was that the GPS data base was pretty bad. It guided me through wrong way streets or inexistent streets or staired passages -- which I obviously did not take. I went to the regional Citroen dealership but they refused to update the data base, pretending that it could get worse rather than better. I have never had such a bad GPS data base in previous years with either Citroen or Renault. All in all, the car was satisfactory and big enough for a one-week trip with three people and their luggage. The car is comfortably steady on autoroutes.

Arizona, posted on 24 September 2016

Excellent experience

Excellent experience renting through Citroen Europass. Car was exactly as expected and everything was exactly as detailed. No surprises! I also rented through IdeaMerge for a rental car in the USA. Saved huge on full coverage and 3rd party liability insurance which is pretty much required when driving in USA without your own insurance. Will be so happy to rent from these guys again next holiday!

Bahrain, posted on 5 September 2016

very good vehicle to drive (C3), impeccable assistance , functional insurance

Brazil, posted on 16 August 2016

Leasing is the way to go

Another great experience this year with IdeaMerge and Citroen. The Citroen C4 Grand Picasso is the perfect car for our trips to Portugal. It seats 5 comfortably with loads of room for luggage, and it can seat a couple of kids in the back when you need to take a couple of extras. The price was great and IdeaMerge service is excellent as was the pick up and drop off. I recommend leasing with IdeaMerge and Citroen.

Colorado, US, posted on 4 August 2016

Good Value

Everything went well with my lease. The pick-up and drop-off process was easy and convenient. The person who delivered the car to me at the beginning of the trip in Calais input the drop off directions into the GPS when he gave me the car. That was very helpful. I was happy to have GPS as an added feature in my Citroen because of all the back roads we took throughout France. The only issues with the GPS were its lack of knowledge of Old Brugge and it didn't recognize one-way streets in most cases - a little inconvenient at times in big cities. The car ran well and was just the right size to hide our luggage and easy to park even in tight spaces.

The IDEAMERGE site was easy to use and my communication with the support staff was excellent.

The one thing I was disappointed with was the "pitch" by IDEAMERGE at the end of 2015 to make sure you book your car by 12/31/2015 for the best price. I did and then the price went down at the beginning of 2016. That came across at a bit unethical.

This is the second time I've used IDEAMERGE and, overall, its been a good experience again. I like the fact that full insurance is included in the lease.

8 Case Circle, West Simsbury, CT 06092, posted on 11 July 2016

Response from IdeaMerge:

In a weird twist,the price for Mr. Kobus' vehicle did indeed drop when Citroen released their 2016 price update in January. We expected a price increase, which is the norm. Lots of factors come into play, including currency exchange rates and marketing pushes of particular models by the carmaker. We don't have any control over those and are not made privy to them. Overall the best bet is to book early, especially if the carmaker is offering an early bird special. New prices are not retro-active to existing bookings.

We are loyal customers!

This is 5th year we have leased a car through IdeaMerge and will continue to do so as long as we can. The process is so simple and the cars have been wonderful.

Paso Robles, CA, posted on 4 July 2016


The only trouble we had was at the airport in Toulouse trying to get in touch with the person who was to meet us at the airport and take us to the car pick up place and finding the return place on our GPS. After we found him the rest of the procedure was great. He was great in giving us all the necessary instructions for pick up and returning the car including the time. He was very accommodating, helpful and spoke good English. It was a wonderful experience. I would use them again

Seattle, Washington, posted on 27 June 2016

Great Experience

Great service, clear directions, will use again!

USA, posted on 22 June 2016

Citroen DS3

Excellent support and service.

USA, posted on 13 June 2016

Great service, we leased a car in Rome and drive to Paris Dec 2015 to Jan 2016. The cars was new, terms and conditions exactly as mentioned. The best part $1000 USD for 22 days of car lease, all insurances included. I did a quote in other rental companies, the rent for the same period including the insurance would be the double.

posted on 13 January 2016

Another very satisfied customer of IdeaMerge's and the Car Lease program in Europe. I picked up a Citroen Berlingo in Lyon and dropped it off at the Rome airport Fiumicino location. The car was great - drove it over 13,000 km through France, Sicily and mainland Italy without a hitch performance wise. I did have a mishap of my own in Amboise, France - going down a road that quickly became too narrow for the car! Had to back out a few hundred meters and managed to scrape the side mirrors and a bit on the back. As has been reported by others there were no problems at all when I brought the car back. I have to give special kudos to the Fiumicino drop off site - I expect that I will do this again, but next time would happily pick up and drop off the car at the Fiumicino site. The guys at the return spot were awesome - spoke great English. I was able to book an awesome little spot for the night that literally was within 100 meters of the drop off(Aquila di Mare) - and provided a shuttle to the airport for 10 Euros. Also there was a nearby car wash service that did complete interior and exterior cleaning for 10 Euros - awesome! Made everything completely easy. Awesome experience!

posted on 9 December 2015

Fantastc service. We travelled for 2 1/2 months. At one time we had a little mishap with the car. There was some damage but the car was drivable. I called them and they assured us that if we are ok to drive to continue with our trip. They called a few days later and followed up again to make sure everything is good. We returned the car in Geneva and there was no question asked about the damage because there is full insurance coverage with a zero deductible. The friendly clerk drove us back to the airport. I can only recommend this deal to anybody. Will do this again next year.

posted on 8 December 2015

Really great experience. Everything worked on the ground in France as advertised. They picked us up at the airport and were there at 5:00 a.m. when we had to drop off the car. The car was great - Everything just as advertised. In this case, it was too good to be true, but was true! Thank-you!

posted on 26 November 2015

Our first lease through Ideamerge was 12 years ago. First class service and assistance with Eric and the crew in Portland ever since 2003. This year was two months and 8830km in France, Germany and Italy with a Picasso C3. Ideamerge made it easy with our 3 or 4 schedule changes and short term rental after our lease was done. Thanks again to Ideamerge, we look forward to our next opportunity to book another car with you.

posted on 17 November 2015

Easy, easy, no waiting in line, car was ready when we arrived. Love the C3! Traveled all over France. Front desk when called we're very helpfull. Best way to rent a car. Will do it again. Thanks.

posted on 16 November 2015

This was absolutely the way to go. The car was ready, and brand new and exactly as we expected. We put 12 000 km on it in 7 weeks and had absolutely no problems. We changed our drop off location to Spain and this was hassle free and quick. As well, the drop off gave us a ride free of charge to the airport. We will use this service again for sure.

posted on 7 November 2015

As a rookie IdeaMerge user, I have to say that this is the only way to rent a car in Europe. From the initial registration with IdeaMerge to the final drop-off at Charles de Gaulle, everything was handled smoothly and professionally. Except for a faulty component of the fuel system, which Citroen immediately replaced, our C3 (gas engine, manual transmission) performed well with excellent gas mileage (42 mpg) over 3 months (6000 km). The GPS was excellent. You can't beat the price, the fact you've got a new car, and the quality people throughout.

posted on 5 November 2015

We had a wonderful experience again with Ideamerge. Everything went smoothly on our 5+ week trip in France, Spain and Switzerland. The pickup and drop off went as planned and the car (Citroen Picasso) was perfect for us. It had great storage and driving it was very easy. We will be back with Ideamerge as soon as we plan the next trip!

posted on 5 November 2015

This was the fifth time with Ideamerge. Superb, again. Citroen C4 was great, fast, agile, and looked wonderful. Agents and paperwork, easy and helpful. We really liked the month long test of driving in Marseille, Genova, and Lyon. Driving in SF is a snap, in comparison. Everything was smooth, easy, and a joy. Ideamerge is the only way to go.

posted on 2 November 2015

This was my second lease from Ideamerge. The first lease was so successful I wanted to lease the exact same car. The ordering, processing and pickup was very easy. The GPS in the car was outstanding. I did have two issues not related to Ideamerge. #1: At my pickup point the leasing agents could not get the France SD card out of the GPS to replace it with the Europe map. That process took over an hour so our departure was delayed. #2: Although the car we received only had 5km on the odometer, by the time we had driven a few hours I noticed the entire back window had a film all over it. It was diesel fuel. Luckily I found a repair facility and the repair was done the next day. Thanks to the Road Assistance group for a taxi to/from my hotel. Very interesting repair process since the repair shop spoke no English and we spoke no French. Google translate on our smartphone saved the day.

posted on 28 October 2015

This was our second time (first was in 2011) using Ideamerge for trip of just over 3 weeks. As in 2011, the experience was hassle free, between ordering, documentation preparation, pick-up, and drop-off everything was seamless. I believe 3 weeks is about the point at which the buyback option equals the cost of a rental. We felt since there is $0-deductible insurance, and extra support as compared to a rental, it is definitely better to go with a buyback even if your trip is only 3-4 weeks.

posted on 13 October 2015

This was our 2nd time leasing from Ideamerge and both times it has been a very positive experience. This time round we were given maps to find the locations and this proved much easier to follow than in 2008. We were dealt with promptly and professionally with plenty of tips on details to our next destination. I appreciate most the fact that the price you pay is exactly what you pay. No attempts to upsell insurance like normal rental cars.

posted on 5 October 2015

This is second time we are leasing car from IdeaMerge. This time from Marseille, France. Same as last time, everything went smoothly and to our complete satisfaction. Even the slight problem, we stepped on the nail and our left rear tyre was loosing pressure, was handled exceptionally professionally in Citroen service in Beograd, Srbija. They fixed our tyre within 30 min without charging us anything. Excellent experience again, thank you IdeaMerge.

posted on 25 September 2015

I have leased a car every summer for at least 10 years from IdeaMerge. I have had Peugeot, Renault (no longer available through IdeaMerge this year), Citroen. This summer I had a Citroen C3 and I loved it: spacious enough for one or two folks, but small enough to be comfortable on the narrow French roads, streets, and parking lots. I hope Citroen will not "grow" the C3 as Renault did the "Clio" over the years. The ordering process could not be simpler. No sweat! Picking up a leased car at a French airport is so much faster than renting a car. No hassle, no haggling. You get a brand new vehicle with enough gas in it to reach your first night abode. The only unknown is the color of the vehicle. I guess that it not very important. A great solution to the question of wheels in France.

posted on 19 September 2015

I have leased a 9 seat van from Ideamerge every summer for the last 7 years & have always found their service completely reliable with outstanding customer service & attention to detail.

posted on 12 September 2015

I stumbled upon IdeaMerge trying to solve my very expensive problem of a one way rental car in Europe. This turned out to be the perfect solution picking up a C3 Picasso in Lisbon and returning it right across the France border from Barcelona in Montpellier. Not only did the brand new car work perfectly and the insurance offered great piece of mind ... but I changed my plans a couple weeks prior to my departure and IdeaMerge quickly and easily made the adjustment and saved me $300 by dropping the car in France instead of Italy. The folks at IdeaMerge were great to work with on the phone and then the agents in person at the pick-up and drop off points. Did I mention this was a far better economical solution than any of the major car rental companies. I absolutely will be a repeat customer. Thanks IdeaMerge !!!!

posted on 10 September 2015

We leased a brand new C4 Picasso for nearly 4 weeks and got upgraded at no charge to the top of the trim (exclusive model). After researching car rental options, we concluded that this was the best deal for our 4-week vacation. We drove the car for nearly 5000 km and enjoyed the experience (there was a large touch screen in the car, including GPS); we were even able to pack 5 adults and their luggage at one point. The paperwork with IdeaMerge was straightforward and everything happened as described by IdeaMerge. The picking up and returning of the car was quick and painless, and the staff at CDG was efficient and customer friendly.

posted on 7 September 2015

Our experience with leasing a car through Ideamerge was just excellent, from all the help in deciding which car to lease through to the pick-up and eventual drop off. I would certainly recommend Ideamerge for worry free car leasing given our great experience.

posted on 6 September 2015

We leased a Citroen C5 from IdeaMerge for two weeks this summer and it made our entire trip a wonderful experience. Everything from securing our lease with our IdeaMerge contact to picking up the car, driving it in all conditions and returning it was convenient, comfortable, professional, and affordable. The car was a great drive, very roomy and the GPS guided us from country to country effortlessly. I would recommend IdeaMerge and Citroen to all.

posted on 3 September 2015

We leased a C4 Picasso this summer for four weeks. The car was roomy yet small enough to to get around tight streets in Europe. It truly could not have been easier. We flew in and out of CDG. Check in and check out were a breeze. It was nice not having to worry about insurance in a foreign land. I highly recommend this program, and look forward to using it in the future!

posted on 1 September 2015

We rented Citroen C5 for a month and drove for 6000K. Car was very comfortable. We also could fit three large luggage. I also like to thank the two people who helped the pick up and drop off. They were very flexible and helpful. I wish they have more pick up and drop off locations such as Limoge , Coruna and Ourense. I will use this company again!!!

posted on 12 August 2015

After years of looking for the right vehicle solution for our long-term travel in and around Europe, a chance recommendation from a friend sent us to IdeaMerge. I have recommended the service to dozens of others now, because the service so far outstrips any other methodology: renting, purchase-and-sell, borrowing...everything. From the white-glove service to the perfect car to the baby-smooth process, every aspect of the process was spot-on. I couldn't be happier.

posted on 6 August 2015

This was our first lease with IdeaMerge. I wish that I found them sooner. The service was top notch and the pickup and drop off was amazingly simple. Scott was thorough and patient in answering questions. The C4 was a breeze to drive. The diesel had plenty of power for entering highways. The 6 speed manual transmission was exceptionally smooth and braking was positive with good control of the vehicle. Fortunately, I didn't test the airbags. The GPS was helpful although it occasionally got lost. French toll booths were a challenge and an adventure. Different roads are owned by different companies so the toll equipment varies. I am looking forward to leasing another vehicle from Ideamerge.

posted on 20 July 2015

First time my wife and I lease from IdeaMerge and we were very pleased with our Citroen C4 Picasso van that we picked up/dropped off at the Marseille airport. The attendants were very helpful and pleasant to work with. It took very little time to get & return the vehicle. Scott Baxter was great to work with throughout the process and answered our questions promptly. Everything went as stated in all the information we received from IdeaMerge & Citroen. We will definitely consider using IdeaMerge on a future trip.

posted on 13 July 2015

Our leasing experience with IdeaMerge was great! It was simple and fast. We picked up our brand new vehicle and enjoyed driving it for 14 days through France. Scott was extremely helpful when we decided to upgrade to a different vehicle about a month before we were supposed to lease the car. I would recommend your company to anyone. So much easier than renting. Thank you very much.

posted on 11 July 2015

Scott was incredibly helpful as we sorted through options. Much better than a rental agency. He was patient and thorough answering questions. Pick up and drop off a breeze. Berlingo perfect choice for our equipment (2 paragliders). Totally recommend this approach for an extended European stay. Excellent customer service - worry free.

posted on 1 July 2015

First time with Ideamerge. Pickup was without issues. Dropoff not simply easy, but facilitated since we hit traffic heading to CDG. The Citroen C5 was a perfect recommendation from IdeaMerge given that we were going to have 4 people in the car with luggage for part of the trip. Also a bit cheaper than other websites. I love leasing because of the worry free driving. I will lease through them again.

posted on 27 June 2015

This was a breeze. So different from dealing with the car rental companies. Everything went well and, when I had questions during the paperwork process, prior to actually getting the car, the Portland office was extremely good. The only thing that slightly threw me was that the user guide for the GPS emailed to me ahead of time was written for an older model of Citroen. Fortunately by combination of the French guide that came with the car and my (bad) French, I was able to figure it out!

posted on 23 June 2015

This is my 6th trip using IdeaMerge and I will use them again. The pickup in Barcelona was great - pickup from the airport was speedy, and the intro to the car was detailed. They even preset the GPS to English, and programmed in the return location. Drop off was equally easy, with a quick ride to the hotel, even though there was only one guy on duty at the return station. The return process was a snap. The car, a Citroen C4, was nice. The GPS was usually right on the money getting me to where I was going, even though I was in very rural parts of Spain and France. It didn't work for finding points of interest however, which was a problem. The paperwork process is improved over previous years. I will use IdeaMerge again, and recommend it to everyone who needs a car in Europe.

posted on 19 June 2015

This must be our 6th lease via Ideamerge. Scott Baxter was his usual excellent help and the pre documentation from him was clear and explicit. We leased a Citroen C3 diesel and were quite pleased with it. This was our first Citroen as all the other cars were Renault. Good pick up and mileage, good storage and came equipped with a GPS. We didn't use that much as I had brought one with me with a lot of preloaded POI's. We picked up the car in Bordeaux and the fellow was quite helpful. Problem in Bordeaux is that you have to phone on a landline to the car pick up place so he will come and get you. In the Bordeaux airport there are NO public telephones. Even the pickup guy said this has become a problem. So what we did and what he recommended for others was get the nice lady at the information desk to dial out for us. Of course, if you have a cell hone that works in France, that would work also but you would pay for the call. We returned the car after 34 days and 4200km to Nice. The instructions to find the TT office for return were great and the pictures helped. It also helped that I had used Google Earth Street View to find my way there in advance. In Nice, after the simple drop off process, there was no transport to the airport or our hotel as there was only 1 guy on duty. A short walk to Terminal 2 and we could take the free shuttle to Terminal 1 and then walk over to our hotel. If you aren't mobile with your luggage, then call a taxi. So thanks Scott. We look forward to another trip in the near future.

posted on 19 June 2015

We were upgraded to a Citroen Picasso, but I would have preferred a smaller car driving through the narrow maze of streets in Portugal and Spain. The GPS worked between cities, but got confused in thee center of towns. Very friendly person at the Lisbon airport, and he was not upset at all when we returned the car with an ugly crease in the side door...thank goodness for the zero deductabil! Next time we'll get an automatic...

posted on 17 June 2015

This was my fifth or sixth experience with Ideamerge in leasing a car in Europe. Mr. Baxter was very helpful and kind and our experience once in Europe was better than I could get from any auto rental agency. We highly recommend short term leasing if you are even close to needing a car for 3 weeks and Ideamerge is an excellent choice.

posted on 1 June 2015

First time my wife and I leased from IdeaMerge and we were very pleased with our Citoen C3 from Paris Roissy airport and back there for the return. Attendants were helpful and instructions very good. Scott Baxter was very kind throughout the process and answers questions promptly. The car was very economical and had plenty of space for 3 suitcases (one big, 2 small). We will definitely use IdeaMerge on our next trip.

posted on 18 May 2015

We have been leasing for several years now & are very happy with the Ideamerge/TT service. Two things stand out for us:* the guarantee to pick up the chosen vehicle (I was offered a choice of a jeep or a convertible at a rental agency one day in Florida or to wait several hours for a "normal" car to be returned!)* the zero deductible which proved invaluable when our car (and apartment) was severely flooded. A rental car was provided the next day and a brand new replacement car delivered to our door within 72 h. That's service!

posted on 26 April 2015

This was our third long term lease with IdeaMerge, and we were just as happy with it, as we were our first. As usual, Scott was helpful, and answered all of our e-mails, quickly. This time we had a Citroen Picasso, automatic, and loved it. We had a bit of trouble getting used to a different kind of automatic, it would gear down like an manual, but after getting used to that, it was a dream. Pick up and drop off, went smoothly, with both attendants being friendly and helpful. We will lease again next year, and would recommend this company to everyone.

posted on 24 December 2014

Leased a Citroen Picasso from IdeaMerge and put on 8,230 kilometers in our travels throughout Europe. No issue or problems from the time of initial lease to pickup and return of the vehicle. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would recommend IdeaMerge to other travelers looking to drive in Europe. If we ever make a extended trip through Europe again I would definitely go the same route. In addition Scott Baxter was very prompt in responding to all of our questions.

posted on 25 November 2014

Scott Baxter from IdeaMerge was very helpful in setting us up with a diesel Citroen C3. The car had 8 km on the odometer when we picked it up and enough fuel to drive well over 100 km. This was our second rental from IdeaMerge, and both involved pickup and drop-off at different locations (Paris, Lyons, Bordeaux). Staff at all locations were very helpful. I used my own GPS this time and was pleased to see that the Citroen drop-off was listed under the "car rental" header for Charles de Gaulle, so no difficulties at all finding the place.

posted on 20 November 2014

We leased a Citroen C3 gasoline automatic for 29 days in  September to drive around France. The leasing process was professional yet customer friendly. The C3's performance and comfort exceeded our expectations. We really liked the Zenith windscreen, that provided a wider view of the scenery, and the surprisingly roomy cargo space. The GPS efficiently took us to our destinations. This is the first time we leased a car thru IdeaMerge and it will not be the last. Thanks to Scott Baxter in Montreal and the staff at the pick-up and delivery centre in Paris.

posted on 3 November 2014

Ideamerge was good to deal with. Easy pick up and easy return, making the whole car lease thing about as stress free as it can be. There were no added charges and our Citroen Picasso was brand new when we got it, and it performed great. The GPS was programmed for English and even though it took us a while to figure it out, it was wonderful to have.

posted on 3 October 2014

We leased automobile in Europe for several years. This year's C3 Citroen was the best car ever.The car is responsive, comfortable in cities, in mountains and on Expressways. The automatic transmission worked perfectly well. We have no negative comments, only praise for this automobile. Thank you.

posted on 29 September 2014

This is the third time we have had a car through Ideamerge and again we had no problems. We would recommend using Ideamerge to anyone. One gets much more value for money than renting a car through a rental company. The GPS in the car was not very user friendly. Fortunately we had our own with us so that worked out well.

posted on 18 September 2014

We have used IdeaMerge for four consecutive years. The entire staff is service-oriented and the value is excellent. We have picked up and returned our Citroen Picasso C3 in various cities with ease. We think the IdeaMerge system is a winner.

posted on 24 August 2014

Fantastic! I picked up a car in Nice at the beginning of  May and drove it for 2 months. The process was efficient and the experience exceeded expectations. I'd become accustomed to picking up rental cars that were past their "sale date" and suffering from prior rental abuse. My vehicle was a dream to drive, and once I returned to the US I actually researched the possibility of buying one in California. Unfortunately, the car is not available in the US. Scott was extremely helpful throughout the process, and I look forward to working with IDEAMERGE again next year. High on the list of plusses was the immediate accessibility of the car - within minutes I was on the road. The return was without hassle as well. I only wish the drop-off fees outside of France were less, but an extra 4 hours to my destination was a small price to pay.

posted on 20 August 2014

We leased a brand new Citroen DS5 for our month abroad and couldn't have had a better experience. We picked it up at Frankfurt Airport and returned it to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. The car was in fantastic condition, the representatives we dealt with at the beginning and end of our lease were informative, helpful and were easy to talk to. Our experience was amazing and we'd recommend this a thousand times over (if I haven't already).

posted on 8 August 2014

Did some homework before leasing through Ideamerge and even had my brother in law who sells vehicle insurance check this all out before we went ahead. Every question we had was answered and Scott was more than great to deal with. Picked up the vehicle in Frankfurt and drove it for five weeks before dropping it of in Amsterdam. Everything was excellent and will certainly do this again on our next trip to Europe.

posted on 4 August 2014

The leasing process was painless, pickup at Schiphol Amsterdam was easy, but returning the car was difficult, the place was not easy to find...better directions to the return place would greatly help. other than that no complaints.

posted on 10 June 2014

The info sent to us before the trip about the car was timely and complete. Service at pick-up in Paris (Pt St Cloud) and return in Madrid (MAD) worked perfectly. All attendants spoke English. All systems were explained including a GPS demo. Our Citroen C-4 was excellent. We had 2 large bags, 2 small ones plus 2 hand bags, and we were full, but very comfortable. Drove about 4000 Km through France and Spain over 60 days. The GPS was excellent. Saved us when we were lost, too! We never needed service, but the shops were everywhere. As to the cost, this lease was a bargain compared to a pure rental. We saved an estimated 50%, plus we had full insurance coverage (no deductible). We will be back to Idea Merge again for out next trip. Thanks so much.

posted on 9 June 2014

This is the third time we have leased a car out of Rome airport for two months in Italy. The whole transaction could not have been smoother. Great service, good value.

posted on 4 June 2014






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