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Our Ireland RV Rentals

IRELAND RV RENTAL SPECIALS: If you place your McRent Ireland motorhome rental booking request with IdeaMerge online, our software will apply any relevant specials from the RV hire vendor as well as our own IdeaMerge QUANTUM online discount.

Book early to secure availability. Many clients book their Ireland RV hire months in advance. Moreover, said discount tends to be higher the earlier a motorhome rental booking is made.

Please note the IdeaMerge Europe RV Rental Customer Reviews average 4.6 out of 5, this based on a massive 640 European RV rental reviews!

Economically travel mystical Ireland with the freedom and comfort of an RV rental — a veritable vacation home on wheels. Our Ireland RV rental delivery and return can be made in Dublin and at Shannon, Kerry or Cork airports.

Ireland has so much to offer, and a motorhome rental opens it all to you. Unpack just once and go, go, go. To the Boyne Valley, New Grange, the Giant's Causeway, lovely Galway, seaside Doolin and her traditional Irish music session pubs, to the Cliffs of Moher, the Aran Isles, the Dingle Peninsula, to the Ring of Kerry and her marvelous mountain lakes, to Blarney Castle, indeed to medieval and ancient castles and neolithic monuments galore, to cosmopolitan Cork, and of course to good ol' Dublin.

Belfast, in Northern Ireland, is a rejuvenated city; after many troubled decades it is now thriving with a strong dining and nightlife scene. In addition to the Giant's Causeway, Lough Neagh is a highlight of the north: the biggest lake in the British Isles offers much in the way of scenery and recreation. Passing into Northern Ireland, the currency switches from euros (EUR) to British pounds (GBP) and the road signs switch from kilometers to miles, but the beauty and verdant landscapes remain the same.

An Ireland RV rental is such a great way to experience all the wonders of "The Emerald Isle".

Famous RV travel itineraries in Ireland include the 2600-kilometer (1600-mile) Wild Atlantic Way, the stunning Causeway Coastal Route, the Ring of Kerry, the Skellig Ring, the Midlands Historic Houses and Castles Tour, and a journey through 5000 years of history in Ireland's Ancient East.

Ireland has a great road network so traveling by RV between cities like Limerick, Galway, Cork, Dublin and Belfast is easy and efficient. Traffic is minimal. Driving is on the left.

Much of the great charm of Ireland resides along country lanes and in the small towns where you can share a pint with the locals in the pub. Once off the main highways in your RV, you will likely find the roads quite narrow. Some are only one lane, so you will need to be cooperative when you meet another vehicle. No problem. In rural areas, fill your fuel tank when you have the chance as fuel stations can be far apart and are not likely to be open 24/7. Plan to make haste slowly. Between low speed limits and narrow country lanes, you are not going to get anywhere in Ireland in a hurry. But that's the whole point when traveling Ireland by RV!

Land of stunning scenery and ultra green hills. Land of myth and legend and enchantment. Land of writers, of poets, of musicians. Land of Gaelic language. At the very edge of Europe, Ireland is home and host to mystery and magic in every valley and field, every pub and person, every historical site and, yes, every RV campsite.

Motorhome camping parks abound all round Ireland. See the Irish Caravan and Camping Council website and ASCI's Campsite Ireland website.

Note April, May and September are great months to travel Ireland, as rainfall is typically lowest during those months.

And don't sell wintertime short: crisp mornings, dewy glens and the sun low in the sky are the perfect prelude to a cozy evening in a pub with friends and family, delectable Irish fare, Guinness, Harp, or Irish whiskey, and local characters and musicians.

Apart from our IdeaMerge QUANTUM online discount, the prices and policies presented on the IdeaMerge website match the prices and policies of our motorhome rental suppliers. You aren't paying extra by going through IdeaMerge — in fact you're paying less, thanks to our unilateral, QUANTUM discount.

IdeaMerge facilitates the whole RV rental booking process, presenting a single total cost you can count on — and acting for you as an accessible resource and, if necessary, as a mediator.

IdeaMerge: Free Your Travel.


How Much It Costs To Rent A RV In Ireland

Many factors determine the cost of a motorhome or campervan rental in Ireland. The factors affecting the RV rental cost include RV size, rental rate seasonality (or whether the rates are so-called flex rates instead re-determined daily or weekly based on supply and demand), and the optional extras you select (many and varied).

For exact total costs, submit a Search above. Our online order software will then present to you all the RVs, whether motorhome, camper van or truck camper, ordered by total price.

If you then click on the "More Info" button below a vehicle image, the software will present the following info specific to the RV and dates:

RV Rental ireland
  • pricing details
  • rate seasons
  • basic inclusions (e.g. miles/km, insurance, assistance, various items)
  • insurance (e.g. deductible, domain of coverage)
  • vehicle specs and images
  • assistance info and policies (e.g. repair protocol)
  • pick-up and return instructions (e.g. depot location)
  • booking policies (downpayment and balance due date)
  • change policy (e.g. return location can be changed before or after pick-up)
  • cancellation policy

Many optional items are available for hire with an RV rental, and these greatly affect the total cost. The optional items (e.g. camping table and chairs, bedding, shuttle transfer) are presented during our online order process, along with selectable pick-up and return times.

In many cases the RV rental company offers an inclusive package that bundles together a set of optional extras for one relatively low price. Again, don't worry about those packages. Just select à la carte the options you want and our software will apply an inclusive package if such is available and if such package indeed gives you a lower price than actually paying for the options à la carte.

Similarly, RV rental companies often offer specials that involve optional extras. Such specials can be complicated and hard for customers to understand. Again, our software is carefully programmed and maintained to automatically apply any specials that benefit you.

We think our software is unique in terms helping our customers optimize their RV rental and minimize their costs in these important respects. Our aim is to provide you with the best value and to increase our sales as a result.

For a variety of information and websites related to traveling Ireland by RV, please visit our European RV Travel Resources page.


What Our Customers Say About Us

We recently rented a camper from IdeaMerge and toured from Lyon to the Alps region where we did some spring skiing for 3 weeks then headed to the French Riviera for 10 days... we loved this mode of travel and found campsites easily in most places we went. My husband did all the driving and he was most impressed by the European drivers as opposed to the drivers in the USA. He found the camper fairly easy to operate even touring the mountains with the tight hairpin turns. Read More …
Barabara Falk & Ladd Burmaster
We wanted to thank IdeaMerge and Avis Car away for the most incredible experience traveling through France, Switzerland and Germany. The Class B+ motor home provided was exceptional (we wish comparable vehicles were available in North America). The service and support from IdeaMerge made the planning and reservation process effortless. Responses to our many questions were incredibly prompt and thorough. Read More …
Stefan & Nicole Price
This is a totally unsolicited note of pure praise for IdeaMerge from a retired local judge who admires competence and doesn't suffer fools graciously. If someone can please this cynical old coot, they probably can please anyone. My wife and I, in our 70's, recently returned from a ten week RV trip through Europe. Our RV rental was arranged through IdeaMerge, and picked up in Germany. Prior to this experience we had no prior dealings with or knowledge of IdeaMerge. Read More …
Bob Fogelson

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We truly offer the best total prices — far lower than even our suppliers' prices — and we do so transparently. Our foreign exchange rates are the best in the business. We do not charge a booking fee. And WE DO NOT CHARGE A CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION FEE. Most of our competitors charge a credit/debit card transaction fee of 2%! Yuck! They bury any mention of that fee deep in their Terms and Conditions; search those terms for the word "surcharge" or the phrase "credit card" to see their surcharge acknowledged. If you happen to find what seems to be a better deal, please do send us a copy of the quote. We happily endeavor to beat any comparable price, but to do so we naturally require a copy of the quote. (And per our supplier's policies we are not able lower our price after you book the rental with us.)
Customized Specials
The specials offered by our RV rental suppliers and by our European car lease supplier can be quite confusing. So, our software does the thinking for you (and us) in this important respect. You submit the distance you expect to drive — if the supplier indeed charges for driving distance — and you choose the extras you would like; our software then determines the optimal special or set of specials for you, inasmuch as any special does indeed apply.
We book thousands of motorhome rentals and European car leases every year. In choosing IdeaMerge you gain the leverage that only such a successful, fair and expert broker can offer. Thus we not only offer the best pricing; we can also solve problems on your behalf vis-à-vis the supplier. With IdeaMerge you are not on your own.
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