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Book early to secure availability. Many clients book their Norway RV hire months in advance. Moreover, said discount tends to be higher the earlier a camper rental booking is made.

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Norway: Fjords, myriad lakes and streams, stave churches, antique yet modern cities, virgin forests stretching to flowered Lapland and its Sami culture, and oh those super-long summer days — with sunsets (if at all!) occuring around 11 pm (perfect for camping). Reindeer dapple the tundra. Bear and elk roam Europe's most vast wilderness. Pike, salmon and arctic char lurk in the crystal waters. And high above, nearly 200 nights a year, the Aurora Borealis perform their fascinating dance.

In these and further respects — including excellent and ubiquitous campgrounds — Norway lends itself to outstanding motorhome travel. And with your RV prudently parked, Scandinavia's famous "Everymans' Rights" (Allmansratten) allow you to freely roam rural areas, public and private alike, whether by foot or watercraft.

What's more, relative to the high prices at local hotels and restaurants, motorhome tours of Norway are great value. As for comfort, consider the fact that most campgrounds in Scandinavia feature saunas for (rather ritualized) relaxation and friendly social interaction.

The intra-Scandinavia one-way motorhome rentals we offer give you extreme flexibility in planning and executing an efficient tour of this amazing land. RV pick-up and return are typically offered at or near the main airport.

If you'd like to begin your Scandinavian motorhome rental adventure in Sweden or Finland, simply jump to our Sweden & Finland RV Rental page.


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