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USA RV RENTAL SPECIALS: If you place your USA motorhome rental or campervan hire booking request with IdeaMerge online, our software will apply any relevant discounts from the RV hire vendor as well as our own IdeaMerge QUANTUM online discount.

Compare and book early to secure availability. Many clients book USA motorhome holidays months in advance. And our discount tends to be higher the earlier a motor caravan hire is booked.

Check out our USA RV Rental Customer Reviews page, where you can read and post reviews.

Rent an RV in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Orlando, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Seattle etc.

RV Rental Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York

We are especially good at booking one way motorhome rental between Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, etc.

IdeaMerge represents four high-quality USA motorhome rental vendors:
Road Bear RV Rental, El Monte RV Rentals, Apollo Motorhome Holidays, and Moturis Camping World RV Rental.

These suppliers offer the USA's youngest RV hire fleets. Most of their vehicles feature slide-outs, awnings and built-in generators, as well as TVs and DVD players — along with some of the North American industry's largest rear-, sofa- and dinette beds and largest fresh water tanks and outside-access storage.

Apart from the IdeaMerge QUANTUM online discount, the prices and policies presented on the IdeaMerge website match the prices and policies of our suppliers. You aren't paying extra by going through IdeaMerge — in fact you're paying less, thanks to said discount applied by IdeaMerge.

Compare and save!

IdeaMerge moreover facilitates the whole renting process, presenting a single total cost that you can count on — and acting for you as an accessible resource and, if necessary, as a mediator.

With a foot naturally in the vendor's camp, we carefully manage expectations so the entire experience is maximally enjoyable for all involved.

Although IdeaMerge began in business by representing European motor travel products, we are based in the United States of America. Indeed we are intimately familiar with the mountains, forests, deserts and cities of the United States (and Canada as well). Incidentally the same is true of Road Bear RV Rental: it was founded by a Swiss family which had moved to California. Moturis, too, stems from Switzerland. And Apollo is headquartered in Australia! Thus, rather ironically, you get good old fashioned Swiss quality and/or Aussie travel savvyright here in North America.

Add IdeaMerge to the mix and you're sure to get by far the best value.