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pricing and payment options with IdeaMerge

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reservation and booking

In accord with the automobile rental industry standard, reservations may be made for a vendor's particular vehicle category (what we might call a vendor's "group") only, not for a specific vehicle. Which is to say, although the various images, model numbers and vehicle specifications presented throughout the IdeaMerge motorhome rental pages — especially on the vehicle-specification pages — are carefully selected to accurately and precisely indicate the vehicle that you will get, the vehicle model (and layout) you get might not be identical to what is indicated by said information. In the very unlikely event that a vehicle in the reserved category is not available upon the pick-up date, the rental company reserves the right to substitute a comparable or larger vehicle with the same equipment and the capacity to accommodate the number persons you have delineated (in terms of, say, adults and children) as being in your party. In this case there will be no additional charge for a larger vehicle. However, the higher ancillary costs associated with a larger vehicle — such as ferry charges, tolls, and fueling costs — are to be borne by the customer. And on the other hand, should a smaller vehicle be offered to and accepted by the client upon pick-up, the difference in price between the two vehicles will not be credited to the customer.

Of course IdeaMerge will not charge your credit card unless the vendor you select does have availability in the particular vehicle category you select. After you place a complete online reservation request with IdeaMerge (i.e. including your credit card details), IdeaMerge will straightaway query the vendor. If a vehicle in the selected vehicle category of that selected vendor is indeed have available, we will immediately book the rental with that vendor and charge your card — binding you per the cancellation policy noted below. Either way, we will then inform you as soon as possible, often within an hour but most certainly within 24 hours (or perhaps 48 hours if you enter the reservation request on a Friday or Saturday, since the booking facilities of some vendors are closed on weekends).

The duration of the rental is calculated by calendar days, i.e., regardless of time of pick-up and return. Therefore both the pick-up day and the return day count as a full day. However, a return time must be set upon placing a reservation. A charge of EUR50 per hour will be levied for each hour that the client is late returning the vehicle. A client may request a modification to this return appointment, provided he or she gives a minimum 24-hour notice; but the vendor is not obligated to approve such a change.

Pick-up and return are possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, pick-up or return between 6 pm (18:00 hours) and 8 am (08:00 hours) entails an extra EUR149 fee; if both the pick-up and return occur during those hours, the fee will be charged twice. Our software will include such fee in the total it presents to you. Conversely, returns booked for 8 am (800 hours) through 11 am (1100 hours) qualify for an EUR50 discount.

cancellation fees

We require the aforementioned downpayment and prepaid balance because the vendor imposes a schedule of considerable cancellations fees. Necessarily reflecting that schedule of fees, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Cancellation 45 days or more prior to pick-up date: NO CHARGE.
  • Cancellation 44–30 days prior to pick-up date: 25 percent of rental amount.
  • Cancellation 29–16 days prior to pick-up date: 50 percent of rental amount.
  • Cancellation 15 days through 1 day prior to pick-up date: 100 percent of rental amount.
  • Cancellation no-shows or cancellation on the pick-up date: 100 percent of rental amount.
  • If upon cancellation the balance has not been paid, the vendor reserves the right to charge the customer's credit card according to the above schedule.


  • A. Authorization required. Once a rental is booked, any request to change any part of the booking, such as adding or eliminating accessories or changing the dates, must be authorized by the rental company in advance. Do not expect to make changes when you pick up the vehicle.
  • B. Cost. The vendor will charge a EUR50 change fee if they have already issued the invoice. Moreover if the booking change reduces the cost of the rental and requires that the difference be returned to you, a 5 percent change fee will apply to that difference.
  • C. Cancellation Fee for Shortening. If you request to shorten your rental duration, the vendor may impose a cancellation fee on the days that you eliminate. For example, if you reduce the number of rental days by moving the pick-up date closer to the return date, or the return date closer to the pick-up date, or both closer to each other, you would pay a cancellation fee on the days you eliminate. The general cancellation fee schedule for this vendor applies.
  • D. Cancellation Fee for Shift of Rental. If a change involves a shift of both the pick-up date and return date away from of their original dates, or of pick-up or return location away from the original location, it may be considered by the vendor a full or partial cancellation rather than a mere change. The general cancellation fee schedule for this vendor applies.
  • E. Early Return. There is no refund for early return of the vehicle.
  • age and license

    The minimum age limit for renters and other drivers of the rental vehicles is only 18 years; there is no maximum age limit. However, said drivers must have possessed a valid drivers license for at least one year prior to the pick-up date. Drivers must of course possess a valid drivers license relative to the weight of the vehicle. Most domestic licenses suffice for operation of the vehicles presented on the IdeaMerge Website, for most of the vehicles are rated at 3500 kg or less. Relative to vehicles exceeding this threshold, our online software will usually elaborate. Regardless, you the driver or drivers are obliged to check your licenses and the vehicle's specs page in this important respect (the latter by clicking on the vehicle image during the online reservation process). Many Singapore drivers licenses, for instance, limit the license holder to vehicles rated only 3000 kg or less. Generally see's_license and, say,

    Regarding the vehicles rated at over 3500 kg (i.e. 3.50 metric tons): Almost all typical (i.e. class C) USA drivers licenses, for example, suffice in this respect. (In fact such licenses usually cover vehicles up to 13,000 kg.) The same is true of, say, typical "old" British licenses (i.e. class B issued prior to 1 January 1997). But the typical new "European Union drivers license" (i.e. class B) limits its holder to vehicles of 3500 kg or less; and as such, a holder of an EU license must possess a class C license to operate in Europe one of the European motorhomes which are rated at over 3500 kg.

    On the pick-up occasion the vendor will not release a rental vehicle to a party unless a driver among them is licensed to operate such vehicle. IdeaMerge is not responsible if such licensed driver is not present to operate the vehicle upon the pick-up occasion and throughout the duration of the rental. No refunds will be extended to the client if such absence precludes the actual use of the rental.

    See our "Resources" page for a discussion of the international driving permit, which is required of certain drivers in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

    additional drivers

  • first additional driver: 7 EUR/day (maximum EUR49)
  • second additional driver: 5 EUR/day (maximum EUR35)
  • third additional driver: 0 EUR/day (i.e., all other drivers are allowed free of charge)
  • Each additional driver must present their own credit card upon the pick-up occasion. For security purposes the vendor will make an imprint of each such additional card.

    geographic limitations

    The insurance is effective throughout the entirety of Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland). Traveling to Russia and Eastern Europe is not allowed. The client is obligated to ask for permission from Touring Cars when planning to travel outside the Scandinavian countries. Outside the Scandinavian countries the applicable insurance deductibles are two times higher, with a minimum 1200 EUR and special insurance requirements need to be followed. You are welcome to transport your rented vehicle by ferry.

    breakdown cover, and insurance

    For starters, the fleet of vehicles is modern, under warranty, and frequently upgraded. The customer is responsible for checking engine oil, fluids, and coolant levels at each refueling, as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are provided upon pick-up. Kilometers driven in order to secure a vehicle repair are exempt from the rental kilometers, but the client is required to travel with their rental vehicle to the closest repair location stated by the vendor. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage that is due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance. In the event the vehicle is in breakdown repair through no fault of the customer, the vendor's responsibility to refund the customer for lost time is limited.

    The headquarters in Helsinki can be reached 24/7 at (+358) 044 056 6937. (Drop the country code if calling from within Finland.) The general list of Touring Cars 24/7 emergency telephone lines is:

  • Oslo: (+47) 093 869 056
  • Stockholm (+46) 070 288 4230
  • Helsinki (+358) 044 056 6937
  • Rovaniemi (+358) 040 778 0943
  • Reykjavik: (+354) 0891 7875
  • pick-up and return

    The vendor will hold a security deposit in two senses, as follows. Upon pick-up an imprint will be made of the client's credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Diners Club, and not necessarily the card you use to pay us). However, no amount will be associated with that imprint upon pick-up, and the imprint will be destroyed upon return (i.e. no amount will then be added to it and it will not then be finally charged) — provided that the cost of damages to the vehicle (plus parking tickets and the like) does not exceed the insurance deductible. Moreover, the vendor will upon pick-up merely authorize (not charge) a single amount on that same card, the amount of that authorization being equal to a single full insurance deductible (which depends on the insurance option chosen by the client). An authorization only blocks the amount of credit; it is not an actual charge. Therefore, we emphasize, the client's credit limit on that card should be commensurate with said deductible amount and of course with the amount the client plans to charge on the card during the rental. Said blocked amount — minus the cost of any damages (up to the relevant insurance deductible or deductibles) and traffic or parking tickets — will be returned to the customer's credit within a month after the customer returns the vehicle.

    Each additional driver must present their own credit card upon the pick-up occasion. For security purposes the vendor will make an imprint of each such additional card.

    A thorough explanation and demonstration of the rental vehicle will be provided upon pick-up. This orientation, together with completion of the relevant paperwork, requires approximately one hour.

    The vehicle will be delivered with a full tank of diesel fuel and should be returned with a full tank, otherwise a refueling charge of EUR26 + EUR2 or more per liter will be levied upon return.

    The water tank and the two 11-liter propane (i.e. gas, LPG) tanks will be full upon the pick-up occassion. The client must pay EUR50 for each propane bottle that is not returned full.

    However, for rentals that will occur during winter season, i.e. where/when the ambient temperatures of the low-altitude regions near the depot are expected to be below the freezing point during a client's rental, the vendor will require the customer to sign and submit to them by fax at +358 9 821 339 the vendor's Winter Agreement. That agreement includes the following information and directives:

    If the water tank of the motorhome has been filled, it is imperative to ensure that heating of the motorhome is turned on all the time to prevent freezing of the water system. Remember to keep the motorhome heated even if you are not staying in it overnight. Keep the motorhome connected to electricity grid with included electric cable to ensure that the battery power does not run out during the night. Check also that gas bottle has enough gas left in it for continuous heating. Rental client is responsible of keeping the motorhome heated. Freezing of the water system will damage the water pump and crack facets as well as connections of the water pipes. Total damages will easily exceed EUR1000. Insurance does not cover damages that happen due to freezing. In case the motorhome can not be heated, the water system must be emptied correctly: water tank must be emptied, water boiler must be emptied, fuse of water pump disconnected, all the facets left open in middle position (between cold and warm), emptying valves of the piping opened and shower hose left on floor. Leave everything open in these positions.

    Winter tires are mandatory in Scandinavia between 12 January and the end of February only. Such tires are included in the price of rentals which occur entirely in that duration; if a client requests winter tires for a rental that does not occur entirely in said duration, an extra fee of EUR60 plus EUR5/day will be applied to the rental price.

    The interior and exterior will be clean, and the toilet tank will be empty of waste. Likewise the vehicle should be returned with a reasonably clean interior and and an empty toilet tank, otherwise a minimum EUR172 cleaning charge will be levied (unless, that is, the client pre-purchased such final cleaning for EUR149). This charge consists of an EUR150 base charge and a labor charge of EUR60 or more per hour. The vendor will clean the exterior free of charge.

    Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle. An EUR850 penalty applies.

    Customers who plan to travel with a pet or pets in the motorhome must pay upfront the vendor's EUR199 pet fee per rental. The penalty for traveling with a pet or pets in the motorhome without paying that fee upfront is EUR400.

    Upon or after the return occasion, the vendor will charge to the client all traffic fines (including parking tickets) which the rental vehicle received during the rental.

    Regarding one-way rentals which terminate at one of the return-only depots, the vendor reserves the right to inspect the vehicle after the client departs the return depot and to charge the client appropriately for damages then discovered.

    Cooking utensils, dishes, silverware, kitchen towel, dish soap and cleaning sponge are included in the rental.

    A bicycle rack is also included, per your request.

    Exactly 300 kilometers per day are included in the price. Beyond that amount, kilometers cost EUR0.40 per kilometer if paid for upon the pick-up occasion, EUR0.60 if paid of upon return.

    See our "Accessories" page to learn about optional extras.