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pricing and payment options with IdeaMerge

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reservation and booking

The various images, model numbers and vehicle specifications presented throughout the IdeaMerge motorhome rental pages — especially on the vehicle-specification pages — are carefully selected to accurately and precisely indicate the vehicle that you will get. IdeaMerge and McRent are especially good about putting you into the particular vehicle model you choose. However, in accord with the automobile rental industry standard, IdeaMerge and especially McRent reserve the right to substitute another vehicle from the same category, what we might call the same vehicle "group". Those categories/groups are titled by McRent as follows: Special Class California, Compact Standard, Compact Plus, Compact Luxury, Family Standard, Family Plus, Family Luxury, Comfort Standard, Comfort Plus, Premium Plus, and Premium Luxury. If the particular McRent vehicle model you order is indeed available for your rental location and dates, IdeaMerge will book that exact vehicle for you. If that model is not available, IdeaMerge will book the most similar model available within that same McRent vehicle category (i.e. group) for your rental location and dates. If there is no vehicle available within that category, IdeaMerge will inform you of the particular best alternatives but will not book one of those for you unless you instruct us to. If upon the pick-up occasion the booked vehicle is not available (e.g. because of malfunction, accident or such), McRent, in accord with the auto rental industry standard, reserves the right to substitute a comparable or larger vehicle (i.e. perhaps from a different category) with the same equipment and the capacity to accommodate the number of persons you have delineated (in terms of, say, adults and children) as being in your party. In that case there will be no additional charge for a larger vehicle; however, the higher ancillary costs associated with a larger vehicle — such as ferry charges, tolls, and fueling costs — are to be borne by the customer.

Of course IdeaMerge will not charge your credit card unless there is indeed availability for your chosen rental parameters, as explained above. After you place a complete online reservation request with IdeaMerge (i.e. including your credit card details), IdeaMerge will straightaway query McRent. If McRent does indeed have availability for your chosen rental parameters, IdeaMerge will immediately book the rental and charge your card — binding you per the cancellation policy noted below. Either way, we will then inform you as soon as possible, often within an hour but most certainly within 24 hours (or perhaps 48 hours if you enter the reservation request on a Friday or Saturday, since the booking facilities of some vendors are closed on weekends).

We charge a 1.5% fee to process non-USD, i.e. non-US dollar, payment via credit card, charge card, debit card or PayPal. That fee is not presented in our line item cost breakdown and not included in the total cost, but it is emphasized during our online order process and in our General Legal Notices. Such fee is an industry standard, and our rate is the lowest we know of.

cancellation fees

We require the aforementioned downpayment and prepaid balance because the vendor imposes a schedule of considerable cancellations fees. Necessarily reflecting that schedule of fees, our cancellation policy is as follows:
  • Cancellation 51 days or more prior to pick-up date: 20 percent (minimum EUR200) of rental amount.
  • Cancellation 50 to 16 days prior to pick-up date: 50 percent of rental amount.
  • Cancellation 15 days to 1 day prior to pick-up date: 80 percent of rental amount.
  • Cancellation no-show on the pick-up date: 95 percent of rental amount.
  • changes

  • A. Authorization required. Once a rental is booked, any request to change any part of the booking, such as adding or eliminating accessories or changing the dates, must be authorized by the rental company in advance. Do not expect to make changes when you pick up the vehicle.
  • B. Cost. The vendor will charge a fee of EUR 21 for each item changed on an invoice. This applies to a change in the vehicle, the city, a date, an accessory, etc. Moreover if the change reduces the cost of the rental and requires that a refund be made to you, a 5 percent fee will apply to the refund.
  • C. Cancellation Fee for Shortening. If you request to shorten your rental duration, the vendor may impose a cancellation fee on the days that you eliminate. For example, if you reduce the number of rental days by moving the pick-up date closer to the return date, or the return date closer to the pick-up date, or both closer to each other, you would pay a cancellation fee on the days you eliminate. The general cancellation fee schedule for this vendor applies.
  • D. Cancellation Fee for Shift of Rental. If a change involves a shift of both the pick-up date and return date away from of their original dates, or of pick-up or return location away from the original location, it may be considered by the vendor a full or partial cancellation rather than a mere change. The general cancellation fee schedule for this vendor applies.
  • E. Early Return. There is no refund for early return of the vehicle.
  • breakdown cover, and insurance

    For starters, the fleet of vehicles is modern and frequently upgraded, the average age of a vehicle normally being about 6 months. Renters are supported by the 24/7 Fiat emergency service toll-free hotline at tel. 00800 3428 1111. In addition, all the vehicles are covered by an international guarantee such that certain mechanical failure they may happen to suffer will be repaired — free of cost to the renter — by a member of the (very wide-ranging) Fiat service network. Also, more than 300 Dethleffs dealers throughout Europe are enlisted to service the vehicle. As for possible malfunction of living facilities, such would be addressed — again, free of cost to the renter — by the appropriate distribution and service personnel, located throughout Europe. See our "Insurance, etc." page for details concerning the included insurance.

    The motorhome rental agreement is a contract between you the rental client (i.e. the renter, the client, the customer, the tenant) and the vendor (i.e. the rental company, the supplier) and of course involves the customer in certain responsibilities relative to the vehicle. These responsibilities are analogous but far from identical to those typically associated with a car rental. Motorhome rental customers typically bear more such responsibilities than do car rental customers. The nature of the motorhome rental industry is such that replacement motorhomes are usually not guaranteed (although in many cases a replacement motorhome may be effected), as is the case with this vendor and virtually every motorhome rental company. Instead timely service of the rental motorhome is guaranteed and in this case so are the reasonable costs of towing the vehicle to a garage, associated taxi and train travel (depending on circumstances), replacement car rental (for the first 5 days maximum) and, if the vehicle is not remaining at a campground while awaiting service or being serviced, limited hotel accomodation (5 nights maximum, EUR100 per night maximum). The customer should specifically request of Fiat these car and hotel alternatives inasmuch as these alternatives are appropriate. The customer remains responsible for returning the motorhome to the rental depot, as contracted, unless relieved of this responsibility by the rental company (i.e. the vendor). The following costs are not covered: phone calls; food; cancellation of ferries, camprounds, flights, etc; all other expenses associated with the breakdown.

    extension or early return

    Any extension of the rental duration (whether requested before or after the pick-up) requires prior authorization by the rental company. Refunds are not offered for early return of the rental vehicle.

    age and license

    The minimum age limit for renters and other drivers is only 21 years, and there is no maximum age limit. However, said drivers must have possessed a valid drivers license for at least one year prior to the pick-up date. If the vehicle is rated as having a "total permissible weight" of greater than 3500 kg (i.e. 3.5 metric tons), the driver must be at least 25 years of age and have held a valid license for at least three years prior to the pick-up date. Drivers must of course possess a valid drivers license relative to the weight of the vehicle. Most domestic licenses suffice for operation of the vehicles presented on the IdeaMerge Website, for most of the vehicles are rated at 3500 kg or less. Relative to vehicles exceeding this threshold, our online software will usually elaborate. Regardless, you the driver or drivers are obliged to check your licenses and the vehicle's specs page in this important respect (the latter by clicking on the vehicle image during the online reservation process). Many Singapore drivers licenses, for instance, limit the license holder to vehicles rated only 3000 kg or less. Generally see's_license and, say,

    Regarding the vehicles rated at over 3500 kg (i.e. 3.50 metric tons): Almost all typical (i.e. class C) USA drivers licenses, for example, suffice in this respect. (In fact such licenses usually cover vehicles up to 13,000 kg.) The same is true of, say, typical "old" British licenses (i.e. class B issued prior to 1 January 1997). But the typical new "European Union drivers license" (i.e. class B) limits its holder to vehicles of 3500 kg or less; and as such, a holder of an EU license must possess a class C license to operate in Europe one of the European motorhomes which are rated at over 3500 kg.

    On the pick-up occasion the vendor will not release a rental vehicle to a party unless a driver among them is licensed to operate such vehicle. IdeaMerge is not responsible if such licensed driver is not present to operate the vehicle upon the pick-up occasion and throughout the duration of the rental. No refunds will be extended to the client if such absence precludes the actual use of the rental.

    See our "Resources" page for a discussion of the international driving permit, which is required of certain drivers in by certain countries.

    There is no charge for additional drivers.


    For travel occuring November through March, special wintertires are obligatory. Because these tires are relatively expensive and because they will likely have to be specially added to the vehicle, the vendor charges 99 Euros total for rentals which have pick-up or return within said winter time span, this in addition to the possible snow chain charge. The IdeaMerge software figures that 99 Euros cost into the total cost it computes.

    geographic limitations

    Journeys abroad within Europe are permitted. Journeys to countries outside of Europe are subject to the prior approval of McRent. Journeys to areas affected by war or crisis are prohibited.

    You are welcome to transport your rented vehicle by ferry and/or the Channel Tunnel.

    Again, see our "Insurance, etc." page for more details concerning the included insurance.

    pick-up and return

    The vendor will charge an EUR1200 security deposit to the customer's Visa or MasterCard or EC-Card credit card (or American Express card if at one of the "primary" McRent Germany depots) when the customer picks up the vehicle. The card holder must be present upon said pick-up occasion and be one of the persons signing the vendor's rental contract on that occasion. (However, the credit card can be different than the card that was used to pay IdeaMerge for the rental.) Debit cards, pre-paid cards, cash or travelers checks are not accepted for the security deposit; only Visa or MasterCard credit cards (or American Express charge cards at the "primary" McRent Germany depots) are accepted, and the charge cannot be split between credit cards. The security deposit — minus the cost of damages (which cost is limited only by the relevant, per-occurrence insurance deductibles) and traffic or parking tickets — will be credited to the customer's card within a month after the customer returns the vehicle.

    A thorough explanation and demonstration of the rental vehicle will be provided upon pick-up. This orientation, together with completion of the relevant paperwork, requires approximately one hour.

    The vehicle will be delivered with an ample amount of motor fuel in the tank; you should try to return it with this same amount. The water tank, propane tanks, and toilet chemical repository will be full; but you will not be charged if they are returned less than full. The interior and exterior will be clean, and the toilet tank will be empty of waste. Likewise the vehicle should be returned clean inside. (The rental company will clean the outside.) Vehicles returned in an unclean condition will be subject to the cleaning fee ranging from at least EUR115. If the chemical toilet must be emptied by the rental company, a further fee — EUR155 — will be charged.

    Smoking is not allowed in any part of the vehicle.

    Only with special permission from the vendor are dogs or other pets allowed in the vehicles. If such permission is indeed granted, the client should return the vehicle thoroughly cleaned of pet hair and odors lest the vendor levy a special cleaning fee. The Munich depot allows pets per a special upfront fee which we present as an optional extra.

    The rental includes unlimited kilometers.

    Pick-up (or return) at the prime Germany locations is not possible directly at airports, city centers (i.e., downtowns) or rail stations. Except at Frankurt (where McRent offers a pay shuttle as of 21 August 2010, see above) you must make your own way to the depot. Any indications to the contrary are misleading. These depots are open for standard pick-up Mon-Fri, 2 pm to 5 pm (i.e. weekday afternoons); and (for an EUR65 surcharge) on Saturdays, 12 noon to 1 pm, although the Berlin depot is closed on Saturdays. They are open for standard return Mon-Fri, 9 am to 11 am (i.e. weekday mornings, but at Frankfurt the standard return is only from 9 am to 10 am); and (again, for an EUR65 surcharge) on Saturdays, 9 am to 10 am, although the Berlin depot is closed on Saturdays. A non-standard pick-up time entails an extra night's worth of cost. The same is true of a non-standard return time. (The vendor accounts for cost according to standard pick-up and return times so that most vehicles can be prepared during regular business hours and delivered to a client on the same day that the vehicle is returned by the previous client. Thus the vendor doesn't lose out on renting that vehicle for that night.) Moreover, a Monday morning pick-up entails charge not only for the preceding Sunday night but also for the preceding Saturday night, this because the vehicle must be prepped on Saturday morning and therefore cannot be rented out on the Saturday and Sunday night.

    Clients should not plan to park their own vehicle at the rental depot. At some rental depots such parking is possible, but only if upon the pick-up occasion there happens to be room on the depot grounds. Typically rental depot personnel can direct clients to optimal parking solutions nearby the depot.

    If a client books a standard return time of 10:30 or 11:00 am, the vehicle should be returned already cleaned thoroughly inside. It takes at least a half hour for clients to thoroughly clean the interior of a vehicle, and the vendor needs to take over the vehicle by 11:00 am.

    If return occurs after the reserved return time, a charge of EUR27 (up to the daily rate) will be levied for each extra such hour; and the customer will assume responsibility for claims made against the rental company by subsequent renters due to delay. Again, any extension of the rental duration requires prior authorization by the rental company; and no refunds are offered for early return of the rental vehicle.

    Upon or after the return occasion, the vendor will charge to the client all traffic fines (including parking tickets) which the rental vehicle received during the rental. Upon returning the vehicle the client should report to the vendor any such fines the client is aware of; but generally the client is responsible for paying such a fine, even if the entity levying the fine reports it neither to client nor to vendor until after the return occasion (relevant statutes of limitation notwithstanding).

    in the event of an accident

    After an accident, fire, damage caused by theft, or damage caused by colliding with wildlife, the renter must inform the local police and the rental company. The client should inform the rental company in this respect no later than the end of the business day immediately following the day of the accident. To contact the rental company in this case, call either their hotline 0800 0627 368 or (+49) 07562 987 850 or the rental station. You could also call the 24/7 Fiat emergency service toll-free hotline at tel. 00800 3428 1111.

    The vendor's headquarters in Munich can be reached during weekday business hours at the following numbers: tel. +49 07562 987 850 or 0800 0627 368, fax 07562 987 214. (Drop the country code and the leading zero if calling from within Germany.) That office is closed on weekends and holidays.

    In all cases of damage, the renter should as described above inform the rental company by phone and submit a detailed written report, including a sketch of the accident situation(s). The accident report must include the license numbers of the vehicles involved, the names and addresses of the persons involved (including any witnesses), and it must be signed by both parties.

    If the renter expects that an immediate repair is necessary and that the cost of the repair will exceed EUR150, or if the vehicle is not fully roadworthy as a result of the accident, the renter must immediately inform the rental company of this (or these) fact(s) in order to obtain permission for the repair.