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Catherine , 25 august 2015
As it was our first experience holidaying in a
camper, we were a little anxious at first, but
delighted now we took the plunge! The service and
briefing at Dusseldorf was excellent and we felt
quite a lot more confident knowing we had plenty
of support in case of problems. After touring for
two wonderful weeks through Germany, Switzerland
and Italy with a great camper that exceeded our
expectations (in superb condition and very
reliable with low mileage), we were rather gutted
we ended the holiday with a broken side mirror
after an unfortunate encounter with a motorway
bollard.. However, the staff at Dusseldorf were
still pleasant to us upon our return and putting
the damage right was completely stress-free. Many
thanks for a fantastic service and a thoroughly
enjoyable holiday! We have now caught the
motorhome camping bug!

Darren, 20 august 2015
Booked with Ideamerge and picked up Campervan from DRM in Munich. DRM staff was very helpful in explaining all the features.Nice
camper, low miles. Spent 3 weeks touring the Alps
and mountain biking. Van worked beautifully for
3000km. Be sure to add Vignettes and road tolls into
your travel budget, something we are not used to in
the states. Spent quite a bit of $$ on preparing the
van with pots and pans and other utinsils
(seriously? no coffee maker?) I feel those items
should have been included especially since we left
everything we bought with the van. If you plan such
a trip I highly recommend taking a GPS, could not
have done it with a map alone. I hope to rent again
from DRM and recommend them highly. Will be more
prepared next time though!

Martin Driscoll, 18 august 2015
We booked a Canadream RV for our holiday touring eastern Canada this year. We were collected on time from Halifax airport and taken to the Canadream depot. The briefing was very good and the RV condition was excellent. No problems during our 2 week holiday and the drop-off in Toronto was simple and painless. We definitely now have the bug and plan to tour the west coast in the future!

John, 13 august 2015
Recently returned from Iceland on a 6 day trip around the island. Touring Cars organised the RV and everything went well. The briefing was good, staff very helpful, pickups went well and the RV in good condition. First time using an RV and now very enthusiastic about doing this again. Iceland is expensive but the people are friendly and the scenery fantastic.

3 week rental via IdeaMerge with El Monte, 12 august 2015
We were happy to rent an RV through Idea Merge for the second time (first time was with FrasierWay in Canada). This time the renter was El Monte - all went very smoothly except picking up the RV in Las Vegas where we waited for over two hours to get our vehicle - staff were disorganized and unable to cope with summer rush. Seattle drop off point for El Monte is Bellingham - watch out they don't do drop offs at Sea Tac only Vancouver so you have to rent a car or shuttle to get back to the airport. Otherwise super trip.

Aya Family, 09 august 2015
We just returned from our 5 day trip to
Zion, Bryce, and the North Rim. We
rented a 2016 TB from Best Time RV
through Ideamerge. Excellent service
from both companies. We totally
recommend them. Martin from Best Time
Rental was very nice and helpful.

Tristan, 09 august 2015
Faultless service out of Munchen location. The van was almost new and far better than anticipated. Staff took time to properly intro all features of the vehicle. The whole experiance was very good and I would happily tell my friends to use this company any time!

Judith Leary-Joyce, 06 august 2015
The camper van was perfect for getting to see Iceland. It was comfortable, warm and well equipped. The service was excellent - it all worked smoothly and we had a great holiday

Marc Moens, 29 july 2015
Best way to visit this great country. RV was super. We
recommend this way of travelling. Not cheap but a Unique

Tour through Northern Europe, 25 july 2015
Nervously, we rented a Gran Turino RV for 8 days (July 6th to 13th)
to tour around northern Europe with our 2 teenage sons. The RV
was beyond expectation and very easy to use and operate. The
rental process of easy and everything was delivered as advertised.
I would HIGHLY recommend Ideamerge for the rental process and
Solica RV's,

The RV was delivered to our location outside of Stockholm. The
operator spent about an hour with us and showing us how
everything worked and then we were OFF. Gas mileage wasn't the
best (but what do you expect with an RV) and I couldn't figure out
how to get hot water to work (because we were visiting friends, I
really wasn't a problem, I'm sure I just didn't know the combination
of buttons to push), but other than that it was perfect! The RV
comfortably slept 4-5 people. My two teenage sons appreciated
having separate sleeping areas (one slept in bed area above the
driver and the other in the back bed). The RV had a small kitchen
(with fridge), bathroom, and TONS of storage. Once we got the RV
we unpacked our suitcases, stocked the fridge and cabinets and
were off. We saw similar RV's to this one everywhere we went and
it seemed to be a very common travel method. At night we parked
at rest stops and along the street. One day we went to the beach.
It was nice to be able to change into our swimsuits and then get
sandy. When we were finished we came back to the RV, rinsed off
in the shower, and put on dry clothes.

The RV came with a bluetooth radio with integrated GPS. We were
able to pair our iPhones with the radio to listen to some music. We
brought our own Garmin (with Europe maps) from home and used
that. The onboard GPS is a screen and doesn't talk to us -while
our Garmin gave step by step directions and we could save
locations to make the process easier. You could use the onboard
GPS but I am glad we had our own, familiar unit.

We returned the RV in Oslo without any problems. The company
took us back to our hotel in Oslo (for about $150). They would
have taken us to the airport for free - but we were finishing our trip
there. There wasn't any problem picking it up in one country and
returning it to another. (in fact their central office was in Oslo, so it
was very easy).

Eddy Hendriksen, 23 july 2015
We recently enjoyed a 5 1/2 week rental through
McRent Madrid. I have nothing but praise for the
staff there and the quality of the motor-home that
was provided. In paricular I'd like to thank Marcos
from this depot for his professionalism - was a
pleasure to deal with him. Also thanks go to
Ideamerge staff who were always ready to deal with
my queries and to handle the minor changes we made
to our booking.

Antonio Salas, 22 july 2015
Great experience. Highly recommended to tour the
country in a motorhome. McRent is a company with
great professionals. The only but may be somewhat
high price.

Les MacDougall, 16 july 2015
McRent Hamburg. Friendly and cooperative - no
complaints on my interactions. The vehicle itself
was superb, but sadly I was given a slightly
different model than the one I had booked. The
difference was a vehicle length of 6,4 m rather
than 6,0 m ... but that small difference is very
expensive when using ferries as it puts you into a
much more expensive category.

Nicholas Shutt, 16 july 2015
20.06.2015 - 04.07.2015 McRent Rheinfelden GmbH, Maulburg. Not much to say really... Friendly staff. Picked up camper, no problem. Took back camper, no problem. Had two weeks of biking along canal banks in the South of France using the camper as a base. It was perfect. Great to drive. It would go on the freeways at 130 all day. Inside, the camper was spotless with a practical layout. Lovely bed. Amazing for the price. Again, just perfect. Will book again.
***** from me :-)

June - July 2015 - McRent Possl 2Win - Munich, 15 july 2015
My husband and I rented a Possl 2Win Campervan via IdeaMerge from McRent
in Munich in June of 2015. We had the rental for a week and
enjoyed the experience very much.
If you do not want to read the entire review, please at least
consider this piece of advice:
You must return the unit early in the morning on the last day of
your rental period. As a result, many campers take advantage of
the free parking at the depot the night before. If you are
beginning a rental the next day, there are numerous campers
who would be happy to give you their gently used chairs,
supplies, food, etc., to start your trip. There was no formal
mechanism for passing along unused supplies from one rental to
the next so we joined many other campers in simply discarding
the items we could not use or take with us. If possible, I would
go the evening before the beginning of your rental, or even early
the morning of your rental, and score as many supplies as you
The unit had 6000 K miles on it and was in excellent condition.
We traveled to the French Alps and put a ton of miles on the
camper in every type of terrain, including tiny French villages.
We picked this unit for the ability to negotiate narrow roads and
we were very pleased with its performance. The unit was
comfortable, well designed, and fuel efficient. No air conditioning
at night but there were plenty of windows and a full size screen
on the slider door which helped. We would recommend picking
up a couple of fans for use in the evenings when it is very hot.
The staff at McRent were very efficient and friendly, despite being
very busy both at pick up and drop off. The location of the depot
is far outside of Munich, impossible to reach by public
transportation. A cab to the airport cost around 90 EUROS. A cab
from the city, near the Olympic park, cost around 60 EUROS. I
would just factor that into the cost of the rental.
The policy at McRent required us to return the unit cleaned inside
and out which is different than we read previously. Rather than
wait in a long line at the car wash at the depot, we washed the
unit the day before at a different site.
The requirement to return the unit early in the morning meant we
had limited options for accommodations the night before so we
joined a number of other campers in the free parking area at the
depot which included electricity but not water.
Idea merge was wonderful to work with and helped with
questions we had prior to the beginning of the rental. We would
not hesitate to use them again and recommend them very highly.

Brenda, Canada June 2015, 10 july 2015
We rented a motorhome in Netherlands and toured Germany,
Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium. Everything went rally
well and we had no problems. The motorhome was equipped
with necessities but we would like to ask to have cleaning
supplies such as a toilet brunch, windex and sink cleaners
provided. We purchased a camping book from the broker at
pickup that was in Dutch so a bit awkward to use but we
managed. I would definitely go by motorhome again and would
recommend McRent.

Valery and Marco, 10 july 2015
Bonjour à tous, Nous avons été très satisfait du campeur que
nous avons eu en location pour 30 jours. Nous avons été très
bien accueillis par le gérant de McRent. Il nous a de plus donné
de bons conseils pour débuter notre voyage.
Seul petit hic, sur la liste des articles inclus (poèle, cafetière)
dans le campeur, il en manquait quelques uns. Assurez-vous de
vérifier et de demander. Le gérant a pu les ajouter à notre
Nous avons beaucoup aimé notre première expérience en
campeur! Excellent choix pour le climat de la Norvège.

Corey wilkie, 03 july 2015
Campilider was great the van was perfect good run through to
understand how it worked drove very well was good on fuel and
very comfortable , we did somehow loose a window and they
were very reasonable with sorting it out , rate them highly

Elis_Austria, 30 june 2015
We had a great trip with our ROAD BEAR RV via IDEAMERGE out of Middleton, NJ - New York. Everything, all complimentary transfers, which were a booking-criteria for us, went very smooth and on time. The RV was perfect - very clean, very new. Great trip! We would do it again!

The Sampson's, Fl, June 2015, 27 june 2015
My husband and I are retired and we've always wanted an RV but never could fit it into our budget. We just finished our 2nd RV rental through Ideamerge and I wouldn't start another trip without them. Everything about renting an RV is black and white, there are no financial surprises with this company, I've found prices that are better than going through the rental companies and they make it so easy. We didn't have any problems with either vehicle or rental office and I'm sure all of our good luck started with using Ideamerge, we've had 2 absolutely amazing vacations.

Our First trip in 2012 was 4 adults in a 28' with Camping World, Las Vegas traveling to Lake Mead, South Rim Grand Canyon, Page AZ, North Rim Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion NP returning to Las Vegas to fly home.

The last trip was 2 adults in a 25' through Apollo, Las Vegas to Zion NP, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Moab UT, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, North Rim Grand Canyon returning to Las Vegas to fly home again.

We've rafted the Colorado, hiked slot canyons, ridden mules in two canyons, rented a Jeep in Moab and really got off the beaten path, rented jet skis to see Lake Powell and hiked uncountable miles through our beautiful national parks while traveling in a rented RV and then return it without all of the expenses and maintenance of owning one.

As visible in every campground, RV rentals allow thousands of people like us to be able to enjoy these places. Using Ideamerge was the start of our spectacular vacations.

-There are "paid at pick-up" items, so be prepared to pay for those the items listed on the Ideamerge contract when you pick up the RV. Read the contract, all the items are listed there.
-Bring a cheap pair of flip flops for "house shoes", the floors are swept not necessarily washed
-Make reservations for campsites up to 6 months in advance for the national parks, don't waste valuable time and mileage searching for last minute campsites that don't exist
-Have fun

m frost, 27 june 2015
We used Touring Cars and the service was fantastic. Access to very cheap fill internet connectivity via their galaxy pad was a bonus!
Highly recommended and the ideal way to visit Iceland.

Kathryn Eldredge, 25 june 2015
We rented our campervan through McRent in Madrid. The van was in perfect condition and the staff at McRent were very helpful. We booked our rental through IdeaMerge in the US. They were very helpful and prompt in their responses to our emails. They were also very accommodating with the few minor changes that we needed to make. There were no surprises - everything went smoothly.
Traveling in a campervan is a wonderful way to tour Spain!

Jeremy, 13 june 2015
My family and I rented a Bailey Autograph 765 from Amber Leisure through Ideamerge. I chose Ideamerge because they offered one price for just about everything, I could pay in USD, they were very responsive to my emails and provided a comprehensive service. The only thing I needed to pay Amber Leisure for was the airport transfer, additional propane tank (I asked for it but didn't end up using for a 20-day rental) and their cleaning fee. I would not hesitate to use Ideamerge again.

One tip for anyone planning a motorhome vacation in the UK: when your GPS tells you to turn onto a smaller road, take a look before you commit. There are many narrow roads with no shoulder, especially in Cornwall, that may be a tight fit for an RV. If you are looking for a campsite, check out the campsite's website to see if there are any tips on roads to use. Plan to find park and rides that service the city you want to explore. If you check the city's park and ride website, you can find the ones that don't have height restrictions. Parking is free and most family return bus tickets were 4-8 GBP. It was well worth it considering the headache of driving narrow streets and finding parking for the RV.

Daniel, 10 june 2015
IdeaMerge was great! They provided all the required
information and reminded us of things to watch out
for and pay close attention to. They were quick to
respond to e-mails. They gave you comfort of mind
after having spent such a large amount on a rental
motor home which was still a couple of months away.

McRent in Iceland was very organized and they really
take care of you. Just be careful not too damage
anything...prices go up very quickly!

Cristina, 09 june 2015
It was our first time renting a
campervan. That is why we decided
ideamerge as everything is detailed
in the contract and they booked the
vehicle with a local company
(touring cars) in time. No
setbacks, everything went smoothly.

Cristina, 09 june 2015
It was our first time renting a
campervan. That is why we decided
ideamerge as everything is detailed
in the contract and they booked the
vehicle with a local company
(touring cars) in time. No
setbacks, everything went smoothly.

Chandler family, 06 june 2015
We were in the US for a 9.5 week holiday, 5 of which was in a 30
foot Road Bear RV, booked through Idea Merge. I was wary of
booking through IdeaMerge at the start, because they had never
come up in a 'Google search', and I'd only stumbled upon them
while reading a forum post. However, after the first initial contact,
the customer service and very fast communication especially
given the time zone difference, I was put at ease and so happy to
have booked through them.

We collected our RV from Las Vegas and the process was
seamless. We travelled through Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico,
Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada and Utah. The van was near
new (we were the second rental), and we had no issues. We
would have liked the lead to connect the cable TV when we were
at RV parks with cable TV available, and we ended up just buying
one. Also, at most RV parks, the water pressure was higher than
what was recommended for the RV, so an adaptor/converter
would be useful. Also, a dish drying rack would have made life
easier...which we ended up buying from Walmart.

Overall we loved our RV experience, and I look forward to
booking another with Road Bear and Idea Merge again, hopefully
not in the too distant future.

Caroline T, UK, 03 june 2015
We hired a motorhome on a whim and then wondered why,
as we'd never been camping before! However, we loved
it! The pick-up of the van was smooth and we were
shown how everything worked. The van itself was
almost new and spotless inside and out and was well
equipped with everything we needed. We also hired 2
bikes, with mine being electric (husband thought I
might need help as I'd not been on a bike in 30
years). We loved the bikes too!

All in all, we had a great holiday and wouldn't
hesitate to use McRent again, or recommend them to
anyone interested in hiring and touring in a
motorhome. Thank you McRent!!

Robert Wakerley Wilsden UK, 31 may 2015
Have just returned from another great trip to US booked via
Ideamerge, once again all went well from their point of view and
Doug. as ever was very efficient.However that was more than
could be said for El Monte rentals in LA, the shuttle was late
which was not a big deal, but why do we go to the trouble of
booking in on line only to have to go through it all again at the
depot? As it turned out this could have been a delaying tactic
because the rv was not ready for collection after going through all
the paperwork again we still had to wait over three quarters of an
hour before it appeared.The home was over six years old with
over a 100k on the clock, however it purred along and all
equipment worked ok, but all the seating was worn out the drivers
seat in particular was extremely uncomfortable no small thing
when driving 2k miles.On one way trips as ours was do the
depots try to fob off their end of the road vehicles to another
depot?The delay on collection and our subsequent shopping
afterwards meant night driving on the freeways which I have
never had to do in several trips nor do I want to do again!!!!I find it
unreasonable to have to wait for a vehicle for this length of time
bearing in mind it was booked in July 2014!!!!I would not use EM
again we first went with them in 1982 and had a nightmare trip
due to mechanical problems things do not seem to have
improved much!!!

Paulo Claudino - maio 2015, 28 may 2015
We took the motorhome in Mc Rent in Hamburg . We travel more
than 4000 km and returned the vehicle in the same place
(Hamburg). We didn't have any problems and we were attended
very well at Mc Rent.

Conrad van Heerden, 26 may 2015
We picked up our RV near Barcelona via the McRent
depot in Salent. The staff was wonderful and I
sincerely hope that you will pass on our special
thanks to Isaac (hope the spelling is correct) he
went totally out of his way and did more than
what would normally be expected. Also the
treatment after a small accident was wonderful,
everybody calm and getting down to business. The
bus was everything we expected, handled
beautifully and comfortable. Only regret I have
is that with no "top-up" insurance the excess was
rather steep which cost me almost as much as a
week's rental. I would however have no problem in
recommending Ideamerge / McRent

Bruno, 19 may 2015
IdeaMerge provided a smooth and straightforward booking process for
our rental of a Sunlight T-60 from Hamburg. Questions were all
answered promptly.

The camper was clean, almost new, and extremely functional. The staff
at McRent were very helpful and responsive when we contacted them
regarding unexpected weather and other issues.

All in all, the motorhome made it possible for us to spend a wonderful
month exploring the solitude and wilderness of Scandinavia. :)

Bruce Kim Jamer, 19 may 2015
We rented a McRent autocaravana (motorhome) through
IdeaMerge with pickup/dropoff in Barcelona in April
IdeaMerge was very responsive to my questions prior
to finalizing the rental and were more than willing
to help. Both Eric and Doug were extremely helpful.

The rental process at the McRent depot in Barcelona
(Sallent) was very straight-forward-they kindly
picked us up at the train station in Manresa and
also dropped us off there at the end of our rental
(we requested this in advance). They, like
IdeaMerge were very helpful and service-oriented.
Overall, an entirely positive experience without any
issues. Spain is an awesome country and travelling
with an autocaravana there is a great way to go.

Melanie Mathers, 15 may 2015
We are a family of six, with four children aged 2-12. We Recently
hired a Roadbear RV via Idea Merge for 4 weeks. We travelled
out of California, up through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho,
Montana, Oregon, and back down the coast of California. It was
an amazing trip! and the best way to to it was in an RV. We were
very happy with our RV and with the service at Ideamerge and
Roadbear. The van was perfect for staying in the many national
parks we stayed and also for stopping in to visit friends. Only
thing we can think of is that it would be great to have a diesel
option vehicle for more fuel efficiency, but we understand this is
not common in the USA. We highly recommend this adventure
and this company.

Ruth Tolson , 22 april 2015
Idea Merge were great - all issues I had they sorted even if it was technically nothing to do with them!!

All communication was effective and prompt.

Everything they said would happen did and it was a very simple process to book our camper van.

I would use them again for sure!!

Joseph Butera, 07 april 2015
Hello Doug,

Thank you (and your brother) very much ... you cannot realize how much I appreciate your help in this matter (need to cancel booking).

I will always consider IdeaMerge as a trustworthy and caring company ... I am sure you will hear from me in the future and I will continue to refer you to my friends.

Please pass my thanks onto McRent as well ... they are to be commended in today's world.

I wish you the best. Thanks for your understanding.


Carrie Wallace, 05 march 2015
Spent 8 days in a McRent camper Van, the van was
very clean and comfortable. The staff went out of
their way to help us out when we had a problem
while travelling. We were sent weather updates
everyday to warn us of high winds and Ice on roads.
Over all would recommend renting a van to any one
travelling to Iceland. 100% satisfaction with van
and staff experience.

Natalie le Roux, 24 february 2015
I have previously travelled for 6 months in the USA in 1989. We purchased the motorhome in New York, and then imported it back home to South Africa (where we live) when we left the USA.
I was therefore rather wary about hiring an RV. I read so many reviews which just confused me even more, cause you will get a whole lot of good reviews and then a few really bad ones that seem to discard all the good ones.
Eventually I decided to use Idea Merge and trust them that they used the best motorhome rental companies. We originally booked one motorhome. We then booked an additional RV September and then booked another 3 RV's end of October.
So in total we had 5 RV'S - all C class, 27 - 30 foot. We collected on the 23rd December in Orlando and 3 were dropped off in Orlando 30 December, the other 2 dropped off in Los Angeles on 23 January.
We were travelling as a family of 13 adults and 3 children ages 2, 3 and 4 years old.
Idea Merge were amazing in accommodating us and making sure that we got the extra RV's at such late notice. A big thank-you to Eric at Idea Merge for your endless help and patience with all my questions and E-mails.
All I can say is that the service from both Idea Merge as well as RV Road Bear was exceptional and we have nothing to complain about. Only good memories. The Orlando office staff at RV BEAR, were amazing in every way - professional, friendly, helpful ... just truly wonderful. (Thank you Catherine especially.) It was such an amazing way to start our road trip and they inspired us and got us in the mood with their spectacular service. it was so exciting.
The Los Angeles staff however, were totally disappointing compared to Orlando - impatient and acted like they just wanted to get rid of us. Glad we picked up in Orlando and dropped off in LA. Would have hated pick up in LA.
We had an awesome time in our RV'S and awesome family time together. I would never use any other company except Idea Merge and Road Bear. Nothing, but absolutely nothing, went wrong and we travelled 3300 miles across the USA.
P.S ...I am sure this doesn't usually happen, but we were fortunate enough to all got brand new RV'S......(All 5 of them.)
They didn't even have number plates on them. What a bonus.

Vall Mo, 23 january 2015
We rented a "19-to-22ft" Class C motorhome from Roadbear through Ideamerge, for 4 weeks from mid-December 2014 to mid-January 2015, with pick-up and return at their Las Vegas depot.

Pick-up was very good, they actually gave us a larger motorhome for no extra cost as the model we had booked was not available. Courteous and prompt service, a very instructive walk-through of the entire unit and we were in & out in about 1 hour. Our only complaint was that, besides swiping your card for the extra charges we agreed during booking and for usual pre-authorizing of the insurance deposit, they also used it to take an imprint on one of these older credit card charge forms which was otherwise left blank, and asked us to sign it as "extra security". We have rented motorhomes many times with various companies for the last 5 years, and this was the first time anything like this was asked of us. We were really reticent about signing what amounts, for all purposes, to a blank check, but as there was no other way (and out of trust in Ideamerge) in the end we relented and signed it.

We were told that Roadbear replaces their RVs every year, so the unit (which was about to be replaced) was anyway very new, much newer than the ones we have got from other companies. Nonetheless, on our first night dry camping (ie, depending on the motorhome's battery), we woke up at 5AM with the carbon monoxide alarm beeping. We immediately went outside in our sleep clothes, and then we found ourselves locked out (we didn't pick up the keys on our way out, and the "house" door -- which we went through -- slammed close and would not open from the outside). And this in the middle of nowhere... Fortunately one of the windows was closed but unlocked, so we were able to slide it open from the outside and climb back in, unlocking the door. After examining things, we realized that the CO alarm was pinging its "low battery" warning, not its "carbon monoxide detected" alarm... and the battery was indeed registering as empty on the motorhome control panel. As that was after driving for more than 4 hours before we stopped the previous night, we called Roadbear's emergency number and were instructed to bring the motorhome to a battery shop to test its batteries and replace them if bad. We did that, saved the receipt as instructed, and were reimbursed when we returned the vehicle.

We had just one more problem during the entire rental: when we first tried connecting it to a city water connection (we requested -- and picked up -- the motorhome completely dry as in the first few days we would be staying at locations with freezing temperatures at night), all the water leaked out on its underside. Another half-hour on the phone with Roadbear's emergency folks (and then, after they opened for the day, with the Las Vegas depot) and we located and shut the valves that they forgot to close when they drained the vehicle previous to our picking it up.

Apart from these two issues, which were solved to our satisfaction, the vehicle performed flawlessly during the entire trip.

One thing we did on this trip (and would recommend for anyone who likes biking) was to purchase a couple of cheap bicycles at Walmart and use them during our trip for short errands while leaving the motorhome parked at campgrounds; some of the places we stayed at were perfect for that (eg, Grand Canyon NP) while others were not so good (Mojave NP), but we had a lot of fun and saved a lot of miles on the motorhome (actually this was our first trip where we managed to keep our mileage within our planned total). When we finished our trip, we just donated the bikes to the nearest Goodwill before returning home. Besides the great fun, the amount we saved on just one block of more miles (which we surely need if we hadn't the bikes) was more than enough to pay for them.

Vehicle return was also very good, quick and to the point (and they returned my credit card's "blank imprint" form which I had to sign on pick-up), in less than half-an-hour we were on our way on their excellent and free shuttle service directly to the airport.

In the end, we had a great time and can heartily recommend both Ideamerge (which was flawless) and Roadbear (which had some issues as described above, but resolved them all in the end).

I Morrar, USA, 02 january 2015
Value. Guidance. Follow-through! You cannot go wrong booking
your rental through Ideamerge. I cannot emphasize this enough.
Just read the founder, Eric Bredesen's, profile in the 'About Us'
section of the site. He means it. He and his team went waaaay
beyond my expectations to make sure my trip went over well.

First (as you may have noticed) Ideamerge has access to an
extensive network of companies across Europe.. they'll help you
find a great price. I checked around pretty thoroughly.. and I
couldn't beat the price they were able to find, and saved hundreds
of dollars.

At every step Ideamerge coordinated closely with me, answering
questions, offering tons of helpful information, and
accommodating special requests. I was totally satisified by the
time my vacation was complete and the camper was returned and
paid for -- but it was then that Ideamerge completely blew me

Unfortunately I put a sizable dent in our practically new home-on-
wheels. I paid the full deductible (a hefty 1200EUR), filed an
accident report and was on my way. Since I had an accident,
Ideamerge's standard follow-up also included a phone call with
Eric. As we went over all that had happened, he noticed detail
regarding the optional insurance. Based on a mix-up that had
happened, he said I might have been entitled to pay the lower
(500EUR) deductible. He encouraged me to write an email
describing the transaction as it occurred during the pickup -- he
would forward it to the person at DRM capable of researching and
making such exceptions. I dragged my feet, resigning myself to the
fact that the matter still ultimately lay with DRM, and they weren't
going to release the 700EUR difference easily. After a week or so, I
wrote it up and sent it off with low expectations.

The next day Eric wrote and extensive email to his contact at DRM
which included my description AND an unsolicited, generous offer
on behalf of Ideamerge to contribute part of the funds to
straighten out the issue. Incredible. Soon after, DRM conducted a
review, approved the request, and refunded the balance in
question to my Mastercard.

To DRM's credit, they too were incredibly fair and service oriented.
They turned down Eric's offer to share the costs. When the
estimate came for the repair came in (in my opinion) very high, I
began to wonder if I was being bamboozeled. Given their actions, I
believe they too conduct business with high integrity and service.
Every person we encountered on their end was knowledgeable,
helpful, and friendly.

At the garage the staff are youngish, cool and resonable. On the
way out, they go out of their way to counsel and prepare you for
your journey. And, (dare I say it) (tip) they may even offer for-pay
items for-free. Upon returning the RV, they were lax about drop
off rules and mainly interested in making your transition out of the
country easy. Because we were flying the next day, (tip) they even
offered to let us stay in the vehicle our final night in Germany to
defer the cost of a hotel. Keep in mind we rented in off season
(mid-October to mid-November), when the lot was full of vehicles
and all other supplies were abundant. You may have a different
experience during the peak summer months when things turn
around quickly for them.

As for other tips... I have a few good ones.

Take your trip in the off-season as late in the spring or as early in
the fall as possible. Rates on everything (most importantly your RV)
are lower. Less crowds. Maximize daylight (important for this type
of travel) by planning as close to the "peak" season as possible. Oh
and less bugs too.

If your trip is a couple of weeks long or longer, you can buy a GPS
unit for about the same as the cost to rent. And here's the real tip.
Consider doing it without the GPS. At the garage they have a big
stash of stuff people leave upon returning from their RV tour. Extra
foods, cleaning supplies, .. all kinds of helpful things -- including
a huge library of tour guides, maps etc. At minimum the garage
maintains several beautiful European road atlases, and a guide to
all the RV campgrounds (in german with a limited english
translation key in the back) these two books are pretty much all
you need for getting around. Scoop up other local city maps to
places you plan to visit, and when we you find yourself in a city to
which you don't have a map -- signs are usually obvious directing
you to city centers and tourist offices where free maps are
available. Or just pop into a hotel and ask them for a free map.
When traveling by RV, you are usually without addresses to feed
into a GPS device. Also atlases offer a ton of useful info such as
proximity to castles and lookouts and natural curiosities, capitals,
destinations of particular interest, seasonal road closures,
mountain pass gradients, chain requirements, tolls, scenic routes.
We were able to plan and estimate travel time using an atlas, and
we were generally well oriented and felt empowered by using one.

We rented the DRM Group B, Compact Cruiser for two. It's among
the most common RVs rented. It's totally tricked out. The systems
are very reliable, efficient, and advanced. You practically never
need to stop at a campground. ...with one exception. The outlets
do not work unless you're connected to electricity. If you need to
charge laptops, cameras or phones. You may be caught doing it at
dinner. So bring an inverter. They're not costly, and it will enable
you to charge your devices from the cigarette lighter while your
driving around.

If you can get by without a fully functioning bathroom and less
space, you'll trade that for more access (via your shorter clearance)
and flexibility (more places to park, ability to park in cities and
attract less attention), especially on the heavily RV'd (and policed)
costal areas, by renting a smaller vehicle -- such as VW Vanagon.

Buy the optional insurance. This is coming from someone who
generally never buys supplemental insurance or warranties. Think
about it. You're driving a large vehicle on unfamiliar, often small,
roads. During our trip, we saw two other returns besides ourselves.
Both of them (and us) had damages on the way in. And although
they have pretty fair policies for accidents, repairs are generally
VERY expensive, and the deductible is quite high. I'll leave it at

Finally.. there's a ton of information offered on the Ideamerge site.
Read it. We poured through a bunch of material and, found the
information on their site to usually be MORE helpful and thorough
than other books we actually purchased which purport to cover
RV'ing in Europe. It's just another wonderful service Ideamerge
provides its clients, and all others who are interested in seeing
Europe by road.

John Cathy, 17 december 2014
We rented a campervan thru Ideamerge and can report that we are 100% happy. Doug and his team gave us prompt attention when corresponding with us before and after our rental period.
We picked up our van, surprise surprise, we actually got the van we chose... not like most rental cars. This was good because we took a lot of time choosing the van that was going to suit where we travelled. The team at McRent in Berlin were excellent to deal with. Nadine spoke pretty good English, better than our German, and she was very good. Van was excellent, 4000 kilometres without a hitch. Van was only 6 months old and was in good condition. We have recommended Doug and his team to several friends since we have been home. Will not hesitate to book again through Ideamerge. Thanks doug.

Ronald, 08 december 2014
We picked up our motorhome from McRent in Mannheim, Germany Sept 1 and it was very clean and as advertised. It was a 2014 unit and all systems functioned as designed. We had a great time and Peter who was in charge of the rentals was very easy to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone. Also our Euro-zone phone functioned flawlessly. Overall a great trip

John Povlsen Denmark., 24 november 2014
We have booked through Ideamerge five times with excellent results. Ideamerge are allways very helpful, returning emails promptly, arranging
pickups and other details.
Our motorhome was this time from Fraserway Toronto who were extremely human and
professional. The staff were friendly and efficient.
The 19 foot Motorhome was nearly new and in very good condition for our 47 days trip Down to New Orleans and back.
thank you
John Povlsen

Sharon Hanner and Donald Worth, 15 november 2014
Can't express how smooth the pick=up and delivery
process was in Iceland's McRent motorhome rental. I
have Reccomended this service to everyone as they
are a top notch group! Thanx for the Icelandic
hospitality guys ! ! !

Ardrons - Canada, 13 november 2014
We were very happy with the service from IdeaMerge and Amber Leisure in Luton, UK. Polite staff pick up went smoothly. There were 3 of us in the RV and it was very comfortable. Driving on the UK secondary roads was quite a challenge and we would suggest a smaller vehicle - it was stressful with the wide vehicle. It would be helpful to verbally point out to the renters that there are 2 Amber Leisure offices in Luton, especially those whose English is a 2nd language. The linens were sparce, but fresh. Only one dish towel and no dish clothes and 1 bath towel each but only 1 hand towel for 3. Flying from another country one cannot bring extra items like those. In spite of it all we had a great time touring England and Scotland. Beautiful and amazing history.
Thank you for your service. We recommend booking through you.

DeeAnne, 10 november 2014
We had an absolutely lovely time in Germany and France. The rental pick up and drop off process was extremely smooth. Everything was as advertised. RV came to us clean and in excellent condition. We would definitely use your service again.

Nathalie Mangan, 09 november 2014
I would recommend Ideamerge. The booking process went
smoothly, everything was well explained. We rented an RV from
Road Bear and had the time of our lives !

June Jonathan Bowen, 05 november 2014
Hi Doug,
We have now returned from our holiday and just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. The whole booking process through yourselves was remarkably easy and worry free for us. The pick went smoothly and the RV was perfect for our needs. We had the most amazing time and visited so many of your country's national parks and cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas. It has given us so many memories of the holiday of a lifetime.
We would not hesitate to deal with you again for a future holiday.

Many thanks,
June & Jonathan Bowen

Evandra AND Nelson Rabello, 04 november 2014
We had a really great time in Germany with our motorhome! Rudolph (the guy from McRent) told us everything about the way our car worked, about velocity limits, roads to run, places to go, and so on. He was very kind, as everybody else from the company. Talking about IdeaMerge, they were perfect also !! These 24 days were our best ones in Europe.

Terry Sharon Piper, 03 november 2014
We travelled from Sydney Australia and rented an RV through
idea merge and picked it up at Road Bear Orlando. Had it for
three weeks and had an awesome time traveling the Deep South
and east coast. We highly recommend road bear and idea
merge, you can't go wrong with them. We will definitely use these
guys again when we come back to the US for our next adventure.

Vicki, 01 november 2014
We had a great fortnight in a motorhome picked up at McRent in
Munich. They explained everything really well and we had no
issues during our holiday. It is a great way to see Europe!

David and Sarah (UK), 01 november 2014
We had a wonderful holiday in our hired
campervan. The company (in Rheinfelden) were both
professional and friendly, and the van performed
well. We were in no hurry, and got very good mpg
- one tank of diesel lasted the whole week. No
major climbs, as we'd set ourselves a programme
to follow the course of the Danube, but there
were a few impressive snaky bits in the places
where it goes through gorges. David had been
nervous about driving it, but in the end I hardly
got a look-in...
We particularly liked the fly screens on the main
rear door and all the windows and skylights. The
other equipment was good too - lots of storage
space. We were in a Fiat Adria 600.
I'd echo the comments about the kitchen kit - it
was all a bit ropy, and no lids for the
saucepans. We'd taken our own camping kettle
(gotta be sure of a good cup of tea!), which was
good as otherwise we'd have been using a lidless
pan, and a couple of favourite sharp knives. We
had our own bedding and linen so no problems
there. Another time I'll take the full kit of
crockery, cutlery and pans.
We were impressed with the campsites we stayed

Jayman Shah, 31 october 2014
We had the most memorable trip of our lives! I perhaps regained some lost love of my wife!

We intend more such trips and my friends are also gearing up for the same.

Eric most camping magazines are in European languages & hence a big issue remains finding addresses & information about camping sites for RV.

Since it is your business I suggest that you compile a data for the same and email them to your renters. Further, it is also provides you an opportunity to earn commissions from the bookings. It is a win-win situation.

Thanks again.

Robinson Family - New Zealand, 26 october 2014
Second time using Idea Merge for us. Last year 5 weeks in Europe, this year 3 weeks in Maine & Canada. Same great system, same great service. Hard to fault the IdeaMerge guys, they are just the best option there is for hiring campervans.

We had a Moturis RV out of NY, upgraded to a 31ft V31-S due to a booking clash. Great service from the Moturis folk, couple of very minor issues during the hire which they addressed upon our return to our complete satisfaction. The camper was starting to show some wear, but was still very comfortable and the big truck never missed a beat in 1,400 miles.

Europe is a little more RV friendly for freebie overnight stops and dumping sites etc, but the State Parks in Maine are relatively cheap and well appointed. Be aware you can't drive into NYC(why would you want to!?), Montreal or Quebec.

All in all, another great experience thanks guys.

Katharina Burdet, 23 october 2014
We rented our RV through IdeaMerge and were very satisfied
with the personal service and the very quick responses to our
questions. It was our first time renting such a vehicle, and we
were grateful for a lot of valuable information. We picked up
the RV from El Monte in Los Angeles and returned it in San
Francisco -- in both places all was organized and prepared for
We highly recommend both companies.

Ken Silvia Brill St Andrews, Scotland, 21 october 2014
Pick up was easy with transfer from Schipol. Word
of warning book the transfer when you book you RV
as we were ripped off by the taxi driver for the
return journey which we did not book. So £25 out
and £60 return.
Apart from this which was our fault the pick up was
smooth and easy. The guys at McRent gave a clear &
concise handover. The RV was clean and well
maintained. We had a great 10 days touring the
lovely Netherlands. Thanks McRent!

Martin B. and Family from Germany, 17 october 2014
The booking with IdeaMerge was easy, cheap and fair
(already told other people we met at the camping
sites). The camper was great and clean, the Sintra
McRent People were very friendly. Even after a
small accident with a broken window there was no

4 persons enjoyed 19 days camping in many locations
of Portugal.

Moana and Ashley (New Zealand), 16 october 2014
When my husband and I touted the idea of renting an RV for our European holiday, it was the best decision we ever made. (By the way we were first timers in Europe). Researching the Internet, we came across Ideamerge, read the reviews and booked. The communication from these guys (even though we are on opposite sides of the globes) was comforting to say the least, responses were prompt and polite.
We flew into Frankfurt from New York, the pick up from the airport went smoothly, and we were highly excited about our RV and home for the next 24 days. Unfortunately we had a hiccup with our original campervan issued and got UPGRADED (at no extra cost). Good start to the holiday. I had read in the fine print about the EUR1200.00 we had to pay before we left the depot and understood it was a deposit, refundable, subject to the RV being returned with nil damage. (We passed the test on return and was immediately refunded).
A summary of our trip, my husband did ALL the driving. In 23 days we clocked up 14,000 kms and visited 10 countries, we stayed mainly in the not so touristy places, with the exception of Paris and Venice. Key to our trip, a good reliable GPS (We took our own Navman), pre-planned our route around Europe, researched the camping grounds in the areas. All the camping grounds we stayed at had excellent hook ups to local rail and bus transportation, especially to the tourist spots and it was nice to leave the RV in the camping grounds and tour the areas without the worry of parking. Tolls, France (Expensive), Austria (best value for money), Italy (okay). If there is one tip I would like to pass on. It is an expectation that your RV is returned clean, interior and exterior. We decided to give ourselves a couple of days back in Frankfurt for this. We stayed at the local camping ground, cleaned our van then for the last night we booked ourselves into the local hotel in Friedberg for an early return to the depot which was 5 minutes away from our accommodation. This worked in our favour as we had an early flight to London
We had a lot of friends follow us on Facebook during our holiday, and some have already enquired about RV Rental. I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending IDEAMERGE .

Rene Lammertink, 16 october 2014
We hired a RV at McRent Madrid. We are from the
Netherlands. It was our first experience with a RV.
Although our plain was delayed they took the time
to explain us everything about the RV. The RV was
really good and exactly the type and status as
promised. We had a good time in Spain and Portugal
for a period of 9 days.

Brian Turner, 13 october 2014
WE recently returned from a one month holiday in
France, Spain, Northern Italy and Portugal. When
will we learn not try to pack too much in? Coming
from America we want to see as much as we can!
We found the staff at the Eastern Paris location
friendly and helpful. This is our 4th motorhome
rental in Europe--the 3rd from ideamerge. Every
thing was as promised except the kitchen ware we
rented was woefully inadequate. The fry pan
wasn't big enough to cook for the 4 of us and
there were no lids. There wasn't a pot big enough
to cook pasta. We bought more cookware and left
it there. Hopefully the next renters will be able
to use it. Also, I believe a helpful thing would
be to leave the spices from the previous renter
for the next renter as all those little things
really add up.
One other note: when planning your trip don't
forget to account for the toll roads. We have
very few toll roads in California so it wasn't
something we thought about before the trip. We
spent as much on diesel fuel as we did on tolls.
Then again, if we didn't try to pack so much in
we would have been on the free roads and taking
out time! Lol
Overall, I give a thumbs up to ideamerge. What
better way to see the sites than from your own
vehicle? And you only have to unpack once!

Vivienne Lister, 12 october 2014
I found Ideamerge excellent to deal with most helpful and answered all
my questions politely and quickly.

Motorhome rental in UK from Luton depot. Excellent service in every
way pleasant people to deal with and again very helpful.
Our Motorhome model was the (Bailey) perfect for two people it served
us well, it was clean and in excellent condition. I do think we would
get a bigger one next time though as we did get sick of making up the
bed each night.
We were disappointed in the linen, pillows were very lumpy plus one
set of sheets, two towels and one tea towel was not enough for two
people for a month. Some campgrounds did not have a laundry so it
was hard to wash linen and keep it clean at times. Two sets would
have been most helpful. also one knife, fork and spoon each was also
a little sparse.
Apart from that we had a lovely holiday in our motorhome.

Kind regards,
Vivienne Lister Australia

Roy and Cindy Zimmer, 10 october 2014
My wife and I just got back from our third trip in Germany and
surrounding Austria, and Switzerland using Ideamerge as our
agent. We had a great trip and again were very happy with our
motor camper and the DRM rental depot near Frankfurt. That location
is so easy to get to. It is within walking distance of the first train
stop. The train ride is less than 5 minutes and the walk is about
15. Of course you can take a cab to and from the airport. We
enjoy the walk after a long plane ride. The weather in mid
September has always been great. We visited 11 different
campgrounds in our 13 night stay. Make sure you bring your
GPS with European database. The staff at the rental Depot are
always very helpful and pleasant. Southern Germany is such a
beautiful place and the roads are good. Some of the off the main
roads are narrow but with most people in small cars we have
never really had and real issues. This Trip we also went over the
Grossglockner alpine road in Austria. It is one of Europes
highest roads , being way above the tree line. It was amazing .
Next year we are planning to go again and venture into Croatia.
We will use Ideamerge again as the staff are very helpful and I
like dealing with a smaller more personalized company. After
this 3 rd trip I cannot imagine touring any other way. It is so nice
having your bathroom with you all the time and your kitchen.

Bronwyn Graham Cowan, 23 september 2014
We rented a Campervan for a three month european holiday. We
were a little nervous about hiring a van sight unseen via email but
found Ideamerge a pleasure to deal with. We picked up our van
from McRent in Friedburg and the service at pick up and return
was prompt and efficient, the van was very clean and in good
order. We are happy to recommend them to others.
The price was very competitive with other companies. However
we were surprised at the cost of camp grounds in Europe with
many hidden extras in addition to the advertised price so we
used "aires" where possible. We used two apps
Camp4Night.com and Camping-car info to find aires, we used
google translate to interpret the comments. There is an English
language book called " all the aires" published by a company
called Vicarous Books that many English speaking campers
swear by.
There is an opportunity for improvement in the equipment
provided by McRent, the cooking gear is woefully inadequate for
a long term rent, the saucepans had no lids, the handles were
loose and dangerous, there was no frying pan, chopping board,
mixing bowls or a decent knives. One knife fork and spoon per
person is not adequate. The welding on the kettle handle broke
within two days. We purchased a number of cooking utensils and
cutlery to save our sanity. The linen package was minimal, no tea
towels were provided and the pillows were lumpy. We so went
shopping again. I note that these issues have been raised by
previous reviewers, it is a shame that this appears to have fallen
on deaf ears as this spoils what is otherwise a great company to
deal with.

Paul Paula Peacock, 21 september 2014
We hired out of Sevile and had a great camper via McRent. second time I have used Ideamerge and will again be recomending it for the future and planing for our next adventure.

Erik Westerling - NL, 21 september 2014
We rented a camper van in Hannover via Ideamerge. The van was
almost brand new and the service received via Ideamerge was
fantastic. Wrote various emails and always received a response within
I also left some belongings in the van after we returned it and they
arranged that all the stuff was sent back to our home address!
It was the first time we used their service but there will be many more
during the next coming years!

Fay Hartland, 20 september 2014
Hired an RV from Las Vegas and returned to San
Francisco. Very satisfied and would recommend this

Graeme Coleman, New Zealand, 19 september 2014
This was our 5th RV trip booked through Ideamerge using Motuirs and as with every other trip the whole process went without a problem. Thanks Ideamerge. Keep up the good work.

Andrew Edmondson, 16 september 2014
WE rented a motorhome through Ideamerge and i have
to say that it was one of the most professional
experiences I have had on a holiday booking. All the
information prior to pickup was very comprehensive.
The motorhome itself exceeded our expectations as it
was brand new.
So all in all I thoroughly recommend using this
company(and as others have said they were also the
best value).
I agree with others comments about bedding and
kitchen equipment but this was relatively minor and
we were expecting it anyway from the reviews we had

Graeme Phillips NSW Australia, 14 september 2014
First of all this was the 3rd time we have hired a motorhome from Ideamerge/McRent in Germany.The first two hirings out of Munich (Sulzemoos)and the 3rd and recent hiring out of Berlin and on all occasions found professional, friendly, hassle free dealings with McRent. The Berlin franchise is smaller but much easier to access on arrival than the Munich base.On this occasion we rented a Dethleffs Globebus T4 Motorhome, excellent for two people and as usual for McRent only months old. We travelled through Germany, Czech Republic,Austria and Hungary all without any problems. If contemplating travelling by this means in Europe be aware that you need to buy a Vignette (sticker) at the border for those Countries. Finally if and when we travel again in Europe Ideamerge/McRent
will again be our Company of choice.

SJ, 14 september 2014
Avons réservé un camping car pour un road trip en Norvège. Tout s'est très bien passé de la réservation au retour de caution du loueur local. Excellentes communication et prise en charge (peut on faire mieux ?) pour le prix le plus bas du marché.
Compagnie recommandée ! Si nous repartons en camping car, nous referons appel `IDEAMERGE !

Cabe Franklin, 14 september 2014
I rented from IdeaMerge and Apollo RV for our annual trip to Black
Rock City. Having used several other RV companies in SF and LA in
years past, I would say Apollo are above average and maybe even at
the top of the list - based on my experience I'd recommend them
anyone making the same trip. I have used IdeaMerge for the past
4-5 years and highly recommend them as well.

Good things about Apollo included:
Friendly and thorough pickup that didn't take too long - ie on
being forced to sit and wait for another group, then sit and watch a
very long video. All paperwork was in order too; it always amazed
me showing up other places and it was like they had done no
prework or prep for their busiest day of the year. Apollo was ready
and got us in and out quick. They also didn't try and sell us on a
bunch of add-ons during pickup, which I really appreciated.

Vehicle was gorgeous - in Aug 2014 they were giving everyone new
model 2015 vehicles they had only recently got in. No 'sorry, you're
going to BRC, you get a junker.' We had a 31 foot 'Minnie Winnie'.

Checking back in took a little longer than we would have liked, but
that is such a luck of the draw thing - sometimes you get there and
20 others have arrived just before you. Still, very little stress and
they were clearly appreciative of all the time we had spent cleaning
the RV after the event. W had our full deposit back within a few

They do charge a higher upfront fee than most for taking the RV to
BRC, and maybe that's why I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5. But their
rental rates are lower than some others so it nets out as a
reasonable deal, especially if you can reset early. (We reserved Oct
2013 for Aug 2014.)

I would definitely use them again (as long as their rates are
competitive) and recommend them to other travellers, playa-bound
or otherwise.

Chester and Saundra Juroska, 12 september 2014
Check out was quick and efficient from the Almere-Buiten
depot. We drove over 2,000 miles in 21 days touring 6
different countries. The U.S. cannot hold a candle to
Europe regarding RV camping. The only suggestion to make
it better is that campground directories be provided also
in English. It was difficult to decipher the description
or even locations. Other than that, the trip was fabulous
and the unit performed flawlessly.

K Leuthold, 10 september 2014
Ideamerge was prompt and helpful in setting up a
rental from McRent. McRent was very thorough and
helpful in getting us on our way. The camper was
easy to use. We were very satisfied with this
combination and have recommended Ideamerge and
McRent to our friends who are interested in touring

Emilio and Susi , 10 september 2014
Extraordinary vacation. No problemas at all. The unit was in perfect
condition. At check inn they explain everything perfect.

joan antoni, 10 september 2014
We had no problems hiring the motorhome with
Ideamerge. I would book it again!!!

Lynn Dixon pickup vancouver august 2014, 10 september 2014
We booked through Ideamerge with excellent results. This was
our first experience of a motorhome and ideamerge could not
have been more helpful, returning emails promptly, arranging
pickups and last min change of plans.

Our motorhome was from Fraserway who were extremely
professional. The staff were friendly and efficient. We accidentally
broke a lever on the waste tank with no extra charge. Our flight
home was early on the morning of our return and frazerway went
out of their to ensure we were at the airport in time.

Ideamerge frazerway and canada fantastic. Stress free holiday
thank you

Ray and Sheri Neilson, 08 september 2014
We hired a camper in Mannheim and everything went very smoothly. Brilliant near new camper that was perfect for our trip through Scandinavia. Our deposit was returned the day we returned the car and we were extremely happy with all dealings with McRent. A special thankyou to Peter in Mannheim who assisted us.

Doel family, 01 september 2014
These reviews are not really about Ideamerge but about the rental companies. Ideamerge is a booking agent and if you are lucky you get a discount. If the booking is correct then full marks but if it is screwed up then no marks so not much else to say. They are efficient and professional and didn't screw up so FULL Marks.

Our rental company was Canadream which is also a professional company and the people were helpful and friendly. We had no problems and treated the van with kid gloves. They have a curious add-on purchase which gives a discount on end cleaning and various other bits and pieces which is not cheap. This is curious as there is no charge for end cleaning. They are going to clean it anyway. What do people do, bring the thing back full of cr*p with the dirty dishes piled high? As long as you empty the tanks and leave it in nice condition you do not need this charge. Our van was 9 months old so no problem. Canada has fire pits in most campgrounds so a BBQ grill should be an automatic addition but we had to buy one and I took it home on the plane so as not to be too disposable in my attitude.

I would recommend Ideamerge, Canadream and Canada.

GOMEZ Family (Mexico) August, 2014, 31 august 2014
We are so glad we decided to rent a motorhome for our
trip to Iceland!! We rented from Touring cars via Idea
Merge and we recomend both. We had a wonderful time,
and only regret not having been able to spend more
days in that beautiful country.

Kevin Mayle, 30 august 2014
Idealmerge were fabulous and were so helpful when
making the booking. We hired a 24 foot RV from Camping
World Motouris via IdealMerge. The RV was beautifully
prepared in San Francisco and Motouris Camping World
were superb and had everything ready . They were
patient and spoke to us from a base of real practical
experience. We were going a big road trip from San
Francisco , taking in 7 National Parks 7 states, and 4
big cities 3120 miles in total in 3 weeks. The RV gave
us all wee needed and was faultless. We were doing a
one-way hire, returning the RV to the Los Angeles. We
thoroughly cleaned the RV and had no problems with it
other than inheriting a couple of broken pieces of
plasic that we showed on the hand over sheet. \however,
in 3200 miles we did not notice the "3 chips in the
windscreen" that somebody at the LA branch found. We
had not noticed them and yet were charged $80 for
them. Now they could have been there all the while as
this vehicle had 27000 miles on it when we picked it
up. maybe the team at San Francisco were more
philosophical or less observant or just ore realistic.
sadly being presented with this "damage" report I
thought was rather penny pinching. especially if the
windscreen was not "repaired" there and then and put
out to another client, where they too could be caught
out. They did not offer to show me the stone chips,
saying to me" well it is what it is." sadly it left me
with an un-necessarily bad impression. Had there been
an obvious crack i could understand it , but it felt
like a mean trick. I did change my customer feedback
comment as a result. My advise to everyone is the take
lots of photographs of things like the windscreen for
chips and draw any imperfection to the attention of the
depot you hire the RV from , we will in future. What I
find odd is in the UK most car insurance companies will
arrange with windscreen companies to carry out repairs
FREE of charge on stone chips on windscreens. and if a
windscreen needs replacing there is a £50 excess. So
as I say the charge was doubly insulting. Be warned
all potential hirers.. It would not deter me from using
Motouris Camping World , but I would be even more
vigilant in the future.

Hongchul KIM, 24 august 2014
I have used RV for my vacation from Jul. 29th to Aug. 12th in 2014.
In one word evaluation, I would like to say it was just fabulous regarding service from booking to responding my several questions and condition of RV which was close to new vehicle brought me comfortable driving and staying.
I don't hesitate to recommend this company to my friends who want to have the same pleasnce.

Rebecca, 29th july 2014, hamburg, 22 august 2014
Had absolutely no issues at all with this campervan and the people we hired it from were amazing and fair. We treated the campervan as our own and in return got all of the deposit back. Thanks mc rent hamburg, you made our trip great! Will definietly hire again!

Familie Streiff, Switzerland, 21 august 2014
Die gesamte Abwicklung der Buchung verlief einwandfrei. Ebenso die Uebergabe des Fahrzeugs bei der Ankunft und Heimreise (in Oslo). Die Qualität und der Zustand des Fahrzeugs war ebenfalls einwandfrei und Übertraf unsere Erwartungen.

Fazit: Wir können IdeaMerge wärmstes empfehlen.

Lucile Kelly, Brisbane, Australia, 17 august 2014
This is the second time we have booked a motorhome through Ideamerge and we have found their service to be professional, reliable, accommodating and very helpful. They also offer the best price that I have found for RV rental in Europe.
We rented a McRent motorhome for pick up in Hamburg. We found McRent reasonably efficient, much more so than they were three years ago when we last rented with them. We were supposed to pick up the motorhome at 4pm but we got there early. We ended up waiting until 6pm before it was ready due to it still being cleaned.
The last time we rented with McRent, we had to purchase pillows as the ones they supplied through the rented linen pack were so lumpy, they were impossible to sleep on. This time we knew to check the pillows before we left the depot and they happily gave us another pillow to replace an unsuitable one. Don't forget to take your own towels as these are not included in the linen pack. Our overall experience with McRent and Ideamerge was a positive one. Thank you all!!

L L Hill ( July - Aug 2014)Perth Western Australia, 16 august 2014
Thinking of using Ideamerge, Don't hesitate.They
are trustworthy,professional & Honest. We rented
a compact motorhome from McRent in Friedberg.
Some tips you may find helpful:
Do take your own towels, sheets, pillows,tea
towels etc if you can. I took a couple of old
towels to use as mats, seat protectors etc and
used them as rags to clean with at the end.
There is a bike hire place in Friedberg but it
is closed on Mondays when we had pick up. Do
consider having bikes as they would of been so
convenient. We tried buying them but they were
very expensive and we couldn't even find old 2nd
hand ones anywhere(very unlike Australia). Had we
pre-arranged with the bike hire I'm sure they
would of delivered the bikes to McRent for us. I
agree with other posts the watering can they gave
us to top up the water was inadequate. As a
minimum it needs a funnel as well but preferably
a hose. On our last night we looked for a
caravan park close to Friedberg to pack up our
gear, clean the van, dump etc. There are none
really close but we stayed at Mainkur campground
a pretty little place on the river. They are used
to people staying there on their last night and
she rationed us out one garbage bag and you are
only allowed to use her bags. It doesn't go far
when you have a fridge to clear out and maps and
tourist brochures from every place you have
visited. So throw as you go or at least have a
clean out before you get there.
Next tip: Some places take siesta time very
seriously so be prepared for some closures in
between 12 -2pm this includes Mainkur and other
campgrounds and some tourist info services.
For non-German speaking people like us we found
the smart phone app "World lens" invaluable for
reading parking meter signs etc.
The kitchen kit McRent provided was very basic
and did not included a kettle which i just could
not believe. In the end i used the small saucepan
provided and it did the job but had i known i
would have packed our small hiking kettle.
There is an Aldi and another supermarket next
door to each other only a few km's down the road
to do your initial stock up.(Ask at pick up for
It only costs approx 7euros from the Friedberg
train station to McRent by taxi and there were
heaps of them queued up outside.
McRent actually have a grey water dumping
facility and i think one to empty the toilet
cassette at the end of your journey if required.
Look out for Park & Ride places on the outskirts
of old towns like Innsbruck, Salisburg etc.
Parking is very difficult in the towns unless you
are German and know the tricks. We found these
park & rides great because for one fee(8-18euro)
we could park and up to five people have
unlimited travel by bus or train all day and if
it was 24hr parking sometimes stay the night in
the carpark as well. It was certainly less
stressful than trying to find somewhere to park
our motorhome (even a compact one)in a strange
city. On the subject of parking - a roof shape
over the P on a parking direction sign means a
multi level carpark which most motorhomes don't
fit in due to their height. Fairly obvious i know
but it can be surprisingly hard to find single
level parking in European cities hence our use of
park & rides. We had a fantastic time and hope
you do too.

Mike Edwards (South Africa), 14 august 2014
I posted a review on 1 August, rating Ideamerge very highly. My opinion of them has gone up even further, after an unauthorised transaction was processed on my credit card by McRent three and a half months after my trip. I e-mailed McRent to ask them what the amount was for and requested them to provide supporting docs, but also copied Ideamerge in. Eric Bredesen from Ideamerge, responded within 24 hours and kept me up to date daily thereafter. Result ? Transaction reversed in four days ! Still waiting for a reply to my e-mail from McRent though. Thanks Eric, dealing with Ideamerge is probably the best customer service I have experienced with any organisation.

Rob Wuillemin - East Fremantle, West Australia, 14 august 2014
I previously wrote a revew about problems I had with McRent out of Frankfurt (Friedburg). I then wrote a complaint to Ideamerge explaining how I was trying to sort the problem out with McRent direct rather than getting Ideamerge involved.
Within a 2 weeks of writing to Ideamerge my problem was solved and McRent return all my money in full.
I cant speak highly enough of Ideamerge. I have used them a few times before but this was the first problem.
I will certainly use Ideamerge again and will recommend them to my friends as well.
Thumbs up to Ideamerge.

Malcolm - UK, 13 august 2014
Having previously rented direct with Road Bear this
time round I discovered IdeaMerge and found the
pricing for our intended rental was excellent.

We therefore booked our 2 week RV rental via
IdeaMerge with Moturis (New York). Seven of us
traveled and the saving made via IdeaMerge was quite

I found the booking process with IdeaMerge to be a
dream, I particularly like the level of information
presented, there is nothing left to question during
the booking as everything is laid out plain and
clear. The team were very responsive via email and I
felt comfortable during the whole process. A big
thank you from the whole family.

The Moturis service from the guys in the Tappan (NY)
branch was just as good, everything was ready and
waiting for us and they easily accommodated a few
strange extra requests from us when we arrived. They
picked us up from the Newark hotel on time as
arranged and dropped us off again without a single
issue. The RV was in excellent condition and the
whole trip was a dream.

We will definitely be using IdeaMerge for our next
US RV trip.

Ilene Atkins Canada May 2014, 05 august 2014
I rented an RV on my own in Sweden. IdeaMerge was a
great company to work with. Met me at the airport in
Stockholm, explained everything quite well. I
brought my own bedding, after reading other reviews,
and returned the camper in a clean condition, so no
problems there. I would recommend good paper maps to
work with, since my rented gps didn`t have the
campgrounds or backroads, or the home location
programmed into it. So getting around Sweden at
first was a bit of challenge for me.

The other thing that I wish I`d known in advance was
that the RV`s are made in Germany, so the Northern
European adapter for my appliances didn`t run any of
my gadgets. I had to be a bit creative to figure
that out! And the manuals and books inside the Rv on
how to make things work were not in English, which
would have been nice.

I`d read about other people`s experiences renting an
Rv to get around Europe, and it turned out to be a
fantastic way to travel. I met a lot of other nice
people travelling the same way. There seems to be a
campers code, where people in RV`s look out for each
other, at least that was my experience in Northern
Sweden. And you have your bed, kitchen, and bathroom
all on the road with you. Great system.

I put a lot of miles on the vehicle, so unlimeted
kms was a bonus, and saw some really great parts of
Sweden. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and
recommend this way of travelling to everyone.

K Cutler (Canada) - July 2014, 05 august 2014
We rented from the Manresa depot this year and in 2013. The
staff there are very friendly and helpful, the motorhomes are
immaculate. The train from Barcelona to Manresa is easy and the
staff pick you up from the Manresa train station.
Would definitely recommend IdeaMerge.

Ann, 04 august 2014
We rented our RV with Road Bear Valley through Ideamerge. Everything was perfect, smooth, personalized. (with both companies). Can only recommend. Yes, Road Bear is more expensive than most competitors, but their RV's are in perfect condition, and pretty luxurious.

Bruno DeAssis, 04 august 2014
We rented from Frankfurt for 20 days vacation. We
found IdeaMerge Germany cheapest. I was given a brand
new car. Explanation was clear and fast. We were
family of 3 adults. Check-in and check-out was fast
and people were very nice. One thing that I would
suggest is that they could provide a hose for filling
water. It was great to deal with ideamerge and
definitely we will rent again!

Jo Beard, 04 august 2014
We have previously rented a motorhome from McRent in
Germany (Dusseldorf)4 years ago and were pleased
with the service and vehicle. This year we again
planned 3 month trip in Europe, 8 weeks of which was
to be in a motorhome. We chose to go through
Ideamerge based on a couple of things; price and the
quick responses and service we received from Doug to
all our silly queries.
We found the whole experience painless and the
support from Ideamerge on their website and via
email was great.
We ended up renting with McRent again and were again
pleased with them.
Our motorhome was new and in great condition and the
handover was good. We received our bond back at the
end very promptly.
Have only good things to say about both companies
and firmly believe motorhomes are great way to see
Europe, met so many lovely people and had an amazing
time travelling through Germany, Austria, Czech
Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.
A couple of tips:
We had learned from our first experience that the
rental bedding, towels, etc was not up to scratch so
went straight to Ikea after picking up the motorhome
in Munich, a much better option.
Also learned from our first experience that the
depots are not close to cities so travel light!
Bring a GPS (with campground software) but also
ensure you have paper maps, we use the Michelin
Europe Atlas and Michelin map of Europe as well as
our own GPS and with preloaded campground
information. The maps really help to put countries
and distances in perspective.
Don't forget to ask McRent for a campground guide as

Robert Gausman, 03 august 2014
Check-in and out process was very efficient. Clear explanation
about thecamper was given. Staff was very helpful and

Jean-Michel Cochard, 03 august 2014
have booked from Ideamerge a camp-car for 4 people during 7 days with collection in Bergen and restitution in Klofta (Oslo)-Norway/July 2014.

Solica provided us a very new vehicule fulfilling all our needs. Explanations (from Timo) were perfectly clear and honest. Time taken for the check-in and check-out was ideal:we had all our time to ask all our questions, and to check the vehicule; but it was not too long. well, we faced no problem on the road.
The main improvement could be to have in the motorhome, a registered card for the tolls on the roads (otherwise to pay for the tolls, you have to use an application to declare your identity and the dates of the rental towards the registration number of the RV)
We had an urgent question about the place of collection and requested Ideamerge to bring us their support. We expected ,and did have, a prompt answer about this issue:Doug replied very quickly, showing a great reliability, as in all the management of our dossier. Great professionalism.
Thus, I'll trust Ideamerge for a next booking. Thanks.

Andy Kang, 01 august 2014
We rented from Frankfurt for 31 days vacation. We found
IdeaMerge Germany cheapest. I was once wondering that this
could be fraud! However it turned out to be real and great
service too! I was given a 4k km used almost brand new car.
Explanation was clear and fast. We were family of six
consisting of four adults and two children. Check-in and
check-out was fast and people were very nice. One thing that I
would suggest is that they could provide a hose for filling
water. It was great to deal with ideamerge and definitely we
will rent again!

Carmel O'BRIEN , 01 august 2014
We hired our RV via ideamerge, we found them extremely helpful
and we hired the vehicle that met all our needs thanks to their
input. It was a holiday ,as a family, we will never forget . The
service was great and we would certainly recommend the

Mike Edwards (South Africa), 01 august 2014
I have hired from both McRent and DRM directly in the past, and in April 2014 from McRent again, but through IdeaMerge. I have the highest regard for IdeaMerge and Doug Bredesen. Doug actually assisted me with a previous hire, even though I had dealt directly with the hire company for my booking and it was based on this, that I dealt through IdeaMerge for my most recent hire, and will continue to do so in future. Dealing with IdeaMerge also worked out cheaper than dealing directly with the rental companies. Both McRent and DRM are much of a muchness when it comes to service and vehicle quality. The major difference is that McRent seems cheaper on paper, but when one takes the transfer cost to their depot in Friedberg into account, the pricing is almost identical. The other difference is that one or the other may not have the specific vehicle/vehicle layout that one might be looking for.For South Africans, the flight from Jnb to Frankfurt is the most cost effective and the added bonus is that van hire is the cheapest available in Europe. The difference might come in if one was intending to tour say Portugal only, in which case it may be worthwhile to fly into another centre and hire a van there, even though more expensive, as this may be offset by time saving, fuel and toll costs. We have never hired a van with more than 2500km on the clock, and in two instances the vehicles had less than 100km on the clocks. Top tips ? - 1)Don't expect to get too far on the first day and expect to spend a minimum of two hours collecting the van 2)Take a GPS (preferably your own that you are used to) with up to date mapping and get a decent map book 3)Buy your own bedding/crockery/cutlery/camp chairs in the shop next to McRent or at Bergers (you can get decent stuff for 2 people for 250 Euro or less, which is what you will be paying the rental company to hire sub standard stuff)Note this may not be true for parties larger than 2 people. We donate the equipment purchased to the ladies who clean the vehicles on return. Top peeves ? 1)Vehicle and Equipment manuals not generally available in English 2)Apparent dissapointment each time the vehicle is returned undamaged ! 3)Lengthy waiting times when collecting vehicles. Lastly, a fantastic way to tour Europe. I would be happy to answer any question if they are e-mailed to mikededwards@gmail.com

Lewis Ramona, 01 august 2014
Copy of email to DRM's Office

Dear DRM

We would like to thank DRM for the nice camper van and the GREAT service from DRM Frankfurt. When we picked up the camper van Meik went above and beyond the service level that was expected. He made sure we had everything.

Upon return Claudia and Meik were quite attentive. Still they kept giving us service that we have not seen elsewhere. DRM Frankfurt is just super. We will recommend DRM to our friends and rent from DRM again in the future.

Richard Dennison, 01 august 2014
The van was in good condition, nice and clean, the
staff were very helpful. I would be happy to recommend
them to anyone. thanks to the rental crew, who made
the whole experience pleasant.

Robert Wakerley Wilsden UK, 01 august 2014
Given the length our US road trip, LA to NY, and never having
heard of Ideamerge it was with a little trepidation we left it with
them but they came up trumps.We had tried to book direct with
RV rental companies some were unwilling to book a one way trip
ie El Monte or Cruise America or give us the configuration of RV
we wanted, Ideamerge got us both.Standing outside an LA hotel
at 7.30am and no sign of the pick up was the only dodgy
moment, the RV from Moturis was clean, only 14,000 miles on the
clock everything worked well throughout our 42 day trip, an e mail
prior to our return date to confirm a return a day earlier than our
rental booking (which was actually cheaper that way, pointed out
by Ideamerge)was the icing on the cake.We had an incredible trip
highlight has to be the helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon we
have now booked again for our next trip with Ideamerge and
would recommend them to anyone wishing to do this kind of

Anne Todd (South Africa), 01 august 2014
We rented a motor home from McRent in Keflavik. They
were extremely helpful and professional and went the
extra mile many times during our 18 day visit to
Iceland in May. Our son, who was meeting us at
Keflavik from the UK, was able to collect the camper
prior to our arrival as we were delayed in Amsterdam
for 20 hours. We then completed all the paper work
and checking of vehicle the next day and the guys
from McRent answered all our questions and gave us
plenty of info as well as a sim card for my phone.
There were also plenty of info pamphlets in the
camper. We did unfortunately damage a rear wheel
when crossing a very narrow bridge. We put on the
spare wheel and McRent flew in another spare wheel
the next morning, as we did not want to travel on
the back roads of the Western Fjords without a spare
wheel. They organised for a mechanic in a nearby
village (on a Sunday)to check the vehicle. He found
the damage done a bit more serious than we realized.
McRent then advised us to take the ferry to
Strykkisholmur where they met us with a replacement
camper so that we could continue our trip. A few
days later when we were near Reykjahlid, they phoned
us to say our camper had been repaired and that we
needed to swop vehicles again. They met us along the
way so that we did not need to drive all the way
back to Keflavik. So in short, our holiday did not
go according to plan but McRent really did
everything and much more to help us so that we still
had a fantastic trip in Iceland. They didn't charge
anything for the extra time and traveling involved
in swopping vehicles, being only concerned that we
be able to continue our trip safely.We did of course
forfeit the deposit.
Our holiday could so easily have turned out to be 1
week in Reykjavik without transport. They certainly
do their utmost to help their clients and have such
a positive attitude that nothing is a problem. They
will always make a plan. Thank you most sincerely
McRent Iceland. We certainly can recommend you.

Christo Moolman, 01 august 2014
After a long flight from South Africa we arrived at Mc
Rent in Friedberg Germany to collect our brand new
Fiat Ducato motor-home with only 23 km on the clock.
We received excellent service and within the hour we
were on our way to our first overnight stop in
Rothenburg. We spend two weeks and traveled 5000 km
though Europe and loved every minute in our motor-
home. We will definitely book our next holiday trough

Pieter van der Merwe, 01 august 2014
We rented a RV from Ideamerge in Munich and were very satisfied with
the camper as well as the service we received. The vehicle was clean
and everything in working order. The staff who helped us were also
very willing and able to assist with everything we needed. We can
definitely recommend the Ideamerge as a option when touring Europe

Andy Schwabe, 31 july 2014
We've done two Ideamerge rentals, both with Moturis Camping World
The first was a one way rental from Oregon to San Francisco, the
second was a round trip from San Francisco. Both went very smoothly,
the vehicles were as advertised, and everything was clean and well
maintained. Check-in and checkout were very short and efficient. I'd
highly recommend Moturis, and Ideamerge is the best way to book
and get the best price.

Craig Oswald Broome Western AUSTRALIA, 31 july 2014
Hi All,
We shopped around for about 3 months before we received an email from Doug of Idealmerge. He made a couple of suggestions, 1of them was, because we were going to be in the RV for 46 days we should pick it up from Germany and not France Big $ savings, we did not have to pay VAT,TAX,19% savings .Our Rv was picked up from McRent in Mannhein Germany. Great service and a brand new RV to go. 9000km or 5600 mile later we handed the RV back, what a holiday,unreal, just do it. Not only was the quote by Idealmerge very low but the advise from Idealmerge saved us a couple of thousand dollars.
I will have no hesitation to advise people to try Idealmerge to book their R holiday in Europe.

Paul MacDonald, 31 july 2014
We had on opportunity to work with the Ideamerge
folks in planning a family tour of Las Vegas, Zion
N.P., Grand Canyon- North Rim, and The Lake Mead-
Hoover Dam area. What a great experience. The Idea
merge team set us up with a cost effective option on
a 32" Leprechaun through Road Bear with all the
options. The equipment, check- out and check-in ,
and all of the staff were all as advertised. We
enjoyed 5 night 6 days on our cruise and it went off
without a hitch, right down to pick up and drop off
at our Vegas hotel they exceeded our expectations.
This is a great option for anyone considering an RV
trip weather your are seasoned road warriors or like
us first time RVer's I don't think you will be

Jim Hansen, 31 july 2014
IdeaMerge were great and McRent Spain were great as well.
Getting the motorhome was a bit of a chore. The rental Depot is in
Mandressa which is about 55km from Barcelona. We had to take a
train to Mandressa. The depot pick us up at the train station and
took us back when we returned the rv they were great. The
motorhlme was excellant very new and we had no problems with
the RV. We didn't rent the linen but bought our own from Ikea. The
only way to travel the campgrounds were great and they all had
public transportation nearby.

Darin (Canada), 31 july 2014
The folks at IdeaMerge really do provide exceptional customer service, and I would certainly recommend booking here. The rental was booked with Touring Cars, and I was happy with the equipment and service we received there also. Thoroughly inspecting the vehicle and taking pictures is critical, as well as learning the vehicle, which makes the rental and return a bit tedious, but that's the reality of renting a motorhome. The RV allowed us so much freedom to explore Iceland, we couldn't have imagined doing things any differently.

Joseph Harmon, 31 july 2014
This was our second time booking an rv through
IdeaMerge. Like the first time last year we were so
pleased with the booking and the rv we rented. the
guys at ideamerge always save us money. The staff at
the Dusseldorf Mcrent were wonderful. They even called
one of their friends and he drove us the our hotel in
Weeze, Germany. We will definitely book through
IdeaMerge and use Mcrent's rv's again.

Wendy (USA), 31 july 2014
We booked our rental through IdeaMerge and picked up our RV in Stuttgart/Dettingen/Teck on May 8, 2014. The online booking could not have been easier. I especially liked being able to select and compare campers before choosing the one we wanted. The camper was ready to go when we arrived and exceeded our expectations. We were extremely pleased with it as it was brand new. I believe it had about 16 km on the odometer. My husband was amazed at how well it handled. The rental company, McRent, was very easy to work with and showed us how everything worked and explained that it must be returned it the same condition as when it left. It came stocked with everything we needed for cooking meals in the camper. We also rented bedding, kitchen and bath towels and a table and chairs for use outside. All-in-all, I would say it was a very good rental experience. The only negatives I feel worth mentioning are: I wish it had come with a coffee maker, more towels and the pillows were not pretty awful. I feel that because we were renting for three weeks, one kitchen towel and three bath towels were quite insufficient. I’m very glad I decided to pack our own pillows or we would have had to purchase some. We kept the rental RV until May 28th and the return was just as easy as the pickup. The rental agent called a cab for us so we could go to our hotel for the last three days of our vacation. During our visit we camped in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. I would most definitely recommend booking through IdeaMerge and highly recommend McRent as well.

ruth Tony Massey UK, 31 july 2014
Rental over 3 weeks through Idea Merge.March, April
We had the most fantastic time,we dealt with Doug
and he was exceeedingly helpful even though we
changed our minds and asked a million and one
questions he answered my e-mails almost immediately
once when really he should have been in bed! cannot
recommend them enough you really can't go wrong,
Alas for whatever reason when we asked for a price
this year they were dearer and that was the only
reason we didn't book through them again for next
year and this was disappointing for us. Well done
Idea Merge your service is second to none and many
Companies should take a leaf out of your book. As
your really go that extra mile, our tour was the
greatest and we are so looking forward to our next
trip in 2015

Jayne (Florida), 31 july 2014
We have rented from Ideamerge on two occasions both times for over 33 days. They are super....we asked for a T58 camper...and Doug made sure we got it.. All rentals came from Germany..and a good tip is to make sure you look over your vehicle and try not to scratch it as it will cost you. I get out everytime we back up ! France and Spain were great but not all roads.

Thanks Doug, will be renting from you again .soon.

bob fogelson, 05 july 2014
This is a totally unsolicited letter of pure praise for IdeaMerge from
a retired local judge who admires competence and doesn't suffer
fools graciously. If someone can please this cynical old coot, they
probably can please anyone.

My wife and I, in our 70's, recently returned from a ten week RV
trip through Europe. Our RV rental was arranged through
IdeaMerge. Prior to this experience we had no prior dealings with or
knowledge of IdeaMerge. At our age we were apprehensive. We
initially contacted IdeaMerge as we liked the comprehensive
informative nature of their website which we found intuitively
detailed and beneficial.

What a great pick we made! Our journey was, in all respects, a
wonderful, experience with much of the credit attributable to
IdeaMerge and their knowledgeable, totally up front way of doing
business. IdeaMerge and the person with whom we dealt, Eric,
were, in our estimation, absolutely first class……reflective,
integrity, caring, knowledgeable, follow-up…everything….there's
no question we would absolutely use them again in a heartbeat.

My time is guarded jealously and what follows is not usual
practice….. however, our experience with IdeaMerge was so
positive and so very refreshing I have no objection should someone
wish to make inquiry of me about our rental experience. I like
competence and want others to know of our incredibly positive
experience with Ideamerge.

bob fogelson

Jennie Larsen, 24 june 2014
It's not often that you write a rave review about a product you did not
actually end up using, but I just felt I wanted to let others know what
you can expect from IdeaMerge when your plans do not work the way
you hoped.

We booked - and fully paid - for a long rental with IdeaMerge for a
European adventure in July 2014. In June, for a variety of unfortunate
reasons, we had to make the call that our trip could not go ahead as

Normally, a customer cancelling a booking at late notice triggers a
kind of unspoken permission for a company to be rude. It's
inconvenient and potentially costly to them, so in my experience, if
you change your plans, you can expect to be treated like pond scum
for the remainder of your dealings with the company.

The absolute opposite was true in our dealings with IdeaMerge. From
our very first interaction through to the very last, IdeaMerge could not
have been more helpful, respectful, or professional. Doug Bredesen
was our main contact and we cannot speak highly enough, or be more
grateful, for his timely and consistently courteous responses.

Just like they say you can tell the true mettle of a man by the way he
responds under stress, perhaps the same can be true for a company.
IdeaMerge proved, through their trustworthy, efficient, personable
dealings with us, even when they stood to gain nothing, that they are
solid gold. We will not hesitate to use IdeaMerge for all my RV rental
services in the future, and am especially looking forward to re-
booking our European Adventure with them.

Susan and Kevin Boyd, 07 april 2014
We have just returned from renting an RV through Ideamerge.
The company they recommended was Road Bear. We collected
in Orlando and instead of Roadbear collecting us from our hotel
we got a taxi to their depot, this was simply because the RV was
ready for us at 9.00am, so it was easier for us to pay $20 and get
on the road rather than hang about for the shuttle bus. The
handover was very efficient and we were instructed in great
detail. For those wanting to stock up with food immediately there
is an Aldi just across the road. So we collected some groceries
and was on our way by 10.30. The whole trip went well and the
RV was very well equipped. We will certainly think about doing it

Robinson Family New Zealand, 28 november 2013
Booked via IdeaMerge, Sunlight T64. 5 weeks in northern Europe recently, family of 4 & approx 5,000kms travelled.
My Points:
1 - The IdeaMerge system is simply the best way to book. No hidden surprises, just brilliant, efficient and cost effective , especially with the VAT discount.
2 - IdeaMerge back up their excellent website with amazing personal service. We had a few wee hiccups at our end and even though nothing really to do with IdeaMerge, Doug and his team helped at every step to sort things out. I cannot overstate the outstanding service I received from them. I highly recommend you use their service - I certainly will next time.
3 - Heed the advice of previous posters regarding noting previous damage etc, the rental companies make good money from scratch damage charges. (Note, nothing to do with IdeaMerge!) Take before and after photos.
4 - Drive carefully, watch for trees and remember it is wider and higher than your family wagon back home. There are some rather narrow streets in Europe as we discovered the hard way... You cause any damage, even slight, and you have already paid for it...
5 - It pays to listen to your wife when she says you are a bit close to something... If in doubt, stop, get out and check. Trust me on this...
6 - The Dethleff camper ex Friedberg, Germany was fantastic, modern, comfy and ran like a dream.
7 - The McRent service was excellent although the fridge played up a little bit (but they credited us a fridge load of food at the end which was fair)
8 - Check if your travel insurance covers excesses for campervans (vs. just for cars).
9 - Use your own sheets and sleeping bags for duvets as earlier poster commented.
10 - The GPS lady is your best friend, learn to trust her.
11 - Google the toll road protocols for each country before you go eg Norway
12 - If unsure, ask the IdeaMerge guys, they will put you on the right track.
13 - Take a 12V charger to charge all your techie stuff when driving so you don't need mains power every night and can 'rough it' anywhere.

Thanks again to the guys at IdeaMerge for all your help.

John Marama New Zealand, 17 october 2013
Sept 2013
We travelled 8500km throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and France in 7 weeks in a Diesel Fiat Dethleffs Globebus finding it very comfortable with plenty of boot space. We found ideamerge very efficient and quick with bookings etc. The pickup went without any trouble Corrienne at McRent(Friedberg)Germany explaining everything. We didn't hire any bedding preferred to bring our on sheets and using sleeping bags as duvets. Driving throughout Europe went without trouble. Have a good GPS ours was a Tom Tom enter campsites into favourites before leaving doing research on internet and using camping books etc.Campsites can be very good with restaurants, Bars, pools and good facilities. Get a camping card from AA it saves leaving passport as ID at campgrounds, we also had a International driving Licence but was never asked to show. Be prepared to pay tolls on Motorways with countries having different systems for paying. Overall a fantastic way to see Europe and would recommend ideamerge and McRent

Rob and Marg (Australia), 16 october 2013
Hired FIAT GLOBESCOUT via IdeaMerge from McRent Rheinfelden for 5 weeks (August 26 - October 1, 2013)

Very happy with service from Ideamerge - very helpful with booking, queries etc. Overall very satisfied with vehicle supplied - well presented on pick-up and ran well with no major problems. Check out and check back in ran smoothly and staff helpful.

Some comments / feedback for other hirers, Ideamerge and McRent:

On pickup, staff had limited English and many features of the vehicle not explained properly - fridge and toilet operation, flywire door screen, powerpoint,(hidden high above sink) hot water / heater operation. Minor points but important. Took several days and advice from fellow motorhome hirers to sort these out.

Bedding: Very poor for EUR102 hire rate. Pillows lumpy and uncomfortable, 2 X single duvets were inadequate. Why not a double duvet for a couple?

Damage surcharge: EUR1200.00 charged to our Credit Card and refunded on return. Cost of this was about AUD120 in bank charges/exchange rate variations. I believed that like other countries (USA and Australia) McRent would hold the card details against the likelihood of damage and not actually take the money up front.

Bike racks - a pain in the a##@. Had several knocks on shoulder/arms/head when closing back doors.

Rear door design of vehicle back doors bad when raining - bedding gets wet when turning gas bottle on/off or changing gas bottle in rain. On plus side - plenty of space in rear under bed for storing 2 large suitcases.

Overall would thoroughly recommend this type of motorhome. We managed many very narrow roads in Paris, Italian Riviera, Rome, Venice, Salzburg etc as well as crowded campgrounds where larger motorhomes were struggling. Would recommend Ideamerge and McRent and use them again - subject to the minor criticisms listed above. A great way to travel and enjoy Europe.

Rohan (Australia), 10 october 2013
We have used McRent previously but this is the first
time we used IdeaMerge to arrange the booking. Was
extremely satisfied with the service and IdeaMerge
made certain we got the campervan we wanted.

We picked up the van from McRent Dusseldorf
(Mulheim). The staff here were much more laid back
and relaxed than the ones in the Frankfurt depot who
seemed to be overworked and overstressed. All in all
it made for a wonderful 6 weeks, and hopefully we
can do it all again soon.

Michael Majewski, 08 october 2013
We rented a motor home in Dusseldorf for six weeks in June. Depo. is a long way from the airport, but public transport is quite good.
RV itself was excellent; almost new. We traveled to Norway and had wonderful time. Pick up and drop off was very smooth. Staff were very kind and helpful.
We would definitely recommend DRM motor-home rental to anybody. The prices of motor-homes through Ideamerge are very good. We could not get beter price anywhere — even DIRECTLY. Booking was straight forward with no hidden costs.

Karen bartlett, 09 october 2013
Would recommend ideal merge. We had an excellent trip and
staff were v friendly.

Kelly Strycharz, Sept 20-Oct. 4, 2013, from Bend, OR USA, 06 october 2013
IdeaMerge was excellent in the reservation process and answering
all questions via email prior to our trip extremely timely. Watching
the instruction videos prior to arrival is a must because trying to
absorb all the info after a 10 hour flight is too much. Rented RV in
Frankfurt (Friedberg) and opted for the shuttle service from the
airport which was again was great after a long flight. Driver was
waiting for us at meeting point, walked to the curb, threw our bags
in the taxi and they take you directly to the office. Completed
registration paperwork online prior to arrival and it only took 10
minutes to take photocopies our license and obtain the security
deposit. We never driven/used an RV before and got a adequate
orientation of how to use all the components of the RV. (Make sure
you have extra long electrical cable on a reel as some electrical
boxes are very far away!) Cooking box was very basic, but
adequate. We brought our own sleeping bags/pillows/sheets due
to the poor reviews of inadequate bedding (vacuum sealed space
bags worked perfectly to condense these items.) Throughly go over
every mark and scratch inside and out and make sure it is noted on
the inspection sheet before leaving, including chips in the
windshields! Take pictures as well and inventory the cooking box.
Only complaint was gas tank was not full upon pick up, so we had
to gas up on the way to our first stop. RV was great, no mechanical
problems at all. Campsites are very different from the US: no
water or waste hook ups at your site, and electrical hookup can be
very far away. You dump grey water by driving over a drain and
you dump toilet waste by taking out a cassette (container)
into a special place in the bath houses. Most campgrounds
have excellent bath houses with extremely clean showers (do not
have to pay for hot water) and places to wash dishes as well. You
sometimes have to use a watering can to fill your clean water tank
as well. No space though, no picnic tables, its more like a parking
lot for RV's. A GPS with maps loaded is a must for driving in
Germany or you will end up killing your navigator on the side of the
road. Bring european adaptor to charge electronics and our RV also
had the cigarette lighter adapter charger as well so we could charge
electronics with USB. The roads are great (we only hit 3 potholes
our entire 2 week trip), but in the smaller, older towns the roads
are very tight and narrow which makes driving a little tense in a big
vehicle. Also you need to look around for the RV/bus parking lots
as well which is sometimes stressfull. We found lots of
campgrounds with bus service to the tourist sites so we could just
keep the RV parked at the campsite or within walking distance to
where we wanted to go. Would love for this depot to rent bikes as
they have a bike rack on the RV, but could not find anyone in
Friedberg that rented bikes. Return process was efficient with no
hidden surprises. Just make sure the RV is very clean (make sure
fridge is clean and toilet cassette is empty.) Got our security
deposit posted back to my account in less that 48 hours. Would
highly recommend IdeaMerge and McRent. It was a great way to
explore Germany with a 4 year old in tow. He had the same bed
every night, no need to eat out for every meal, and no need to
schlep baggage in and out of hotels. Traveling in the "shoulder
season" was great, as none of the campgrounds we selected were
full (most don't take reservations anyway). Would highly
recommend and are looking forward to planning our next RV
adventure with IdeaMerge.

Phil and Val Australia Sept 2013 for 4 weeks., 26 september 2013
Staff at Frankfurt were friendly and helpful.
Bed linen inadequate as were the two pillows supplied.. they were thin and lumpy..hopeless. Kitchen and cooking equipment supplied Spartan to say the least. Helped ourselves to electric kettle and toaster and other stuff from the shed which housed castoffs from other clients. Novels, maps and guides borrowed from castoffs in office. Vehicle behaved perfectly except that it got too close to a road barrier and broke its mirrow.

Maureen and Roy Hessey, 21 september 2013
We recently booked a 5 week motorhome trip with Idea
Merge (the second booking for a European motorhome
trip with this company). They connected us with
Touring Cars. based in Helsinki but also in other
parts of Scandinavia. We collected our motorhome in
Stockholm and drove it north to Cape Nord and then
down the coast of Norway to Denmark. We had a minor
problem with the water pump which was attended to
promptly by Touring Cars who put us onto a repairer
and within a half an hour we were on our way again.
Our motorhome was spotlessly clean and in excellent
order. Touring Cars were excellent to deal with. We
were disappointed that the security deposit was
taken out of our credit card and then refunded at
the end of our journey, the difference between the
buying and selling price of this amount on our
credit card being over A$300. Touring Cars refunded
the difference in Australian dollars to make sure
that we got the complete difference refunded to our
account. How good is that? We would definitely use
both Touring Cars and Idea Merge again.

Graeme Coleman, New Zealand, 20 september 2013
This was our forth time booking with both IdeaMerge and Moturis and once again both companies were great to deal with. this time picked up and dropped off in Chicago. The RV was almost new and everything worked fine. This time we hired bikes as well and I would recommend doing that as they were great and gave us a bit more freedom to get around.

Louise and Henry - Fraserway RV from Vancouver, 01 september 2013
We had a 23-25' RV with a slide out for 2 of us. We've hired a
number of RV's and this was definitely one of the best equipped
- good kitchen equipment plus pegs, a washing line,
screwdrivers, a first aid kit (latter two not needed!) and an axe.
Plus a spirit level! Only additional thing we would have liked was
some levellers but we managed with logs. Bedding was also nice
with cotton sheets (hate nylon ones!) and two big towels each for
10 days and two hand towels.

Pick up and drop off were excellent - and the handbook given
with the van was really useful (even included microwave

We had no problems with the RV and really enjoyed our trip.
Wouldn't hesitate to use Fraserway again and highly recommend
them in Canada.

Uli and Toni Schoen 10.06. - 15.07.13, 31 august 2013
Dethleffs Globetrotter XLI
The staff at McRent in Muehlheim Ruhr were extremely helpful + friendly.
The motorhome was absolute top class and luxurious.
We thought the kitchen equipment rather basic, especially the fact that only plastic glasses were supplied.
Also we would have appreciated a second set of bed linen for such a long rental period, and a double sheet set instead of 2 single sheets for the double bed!
Why was the security deposit actually charged to our Australian Amex Credit card, which resulted in a conversion charge of $ 52.00 ?
Apart from those points we had a wonderful trip, and would certainly have no hesitation to do another rental with McRent

Patrick Michelle O'Connell 24 June 2013, 30 august 2013
Flew into Munich airport for pick up at Mc Rent Sulzemoos office outside Munich.Got train to Dachau then caught a local bus to Sulzemoos.Bus stop about 5 kms past Mc rent.(Lucky a local lady gave us a ride to Mc Rent.This route was cheaper but is easier to get a cab from Passing train station,50 euro(Closest train station to McRent Sulzemoos).
This was our first time to hire a camper and drive on the opposite side of the road and use a Tom Tom(Which we named Shiela our gaurdian angel).Don't go without a tom tom/navman!!.
We hired a Dethleffs Globebus,fine on the autobahn,but a bit hairy on the secondary roads,due to it's width.
We spent 3weeks end of June/July and did 3000kms down through Italy,a few days in France,back through Italy then Crotia,then drove back to Munich via Italy,Austria.
We were planning on driving over to Barcelona but soon realised that all we would be doing is driving.
We found that unless you are passing through a place you need at least 3 nights to get a feel for a place and to feel like your on holiday.If you are driving for over 4hrs to a destination you need to write that day off.
Allow at least one day per week to find a supermarket and stock up.(we did this one day and only drove 2.5 hrs,still had time to relax end off day at the camp)
We would highly recommend using GPS coordinates to find campsites.We only went off track twice,and we we using a 2009 German guide.If you can afford it take bikes, as camper vans and city's don't mix and most campsites are usually out a little way from the city center.Bikes are easier/quicker than walking.
Diesel is certainly cheaper off the autobahns.Our most expensive from an autobahn was 185euro compared to 145euro coming into Florance.Yes tolls are expensive in Italy,France we spent 245 euro in 3 weeks. But quicker way off getting around unless you have a smaller vehicle that is suited to smaller roads.
Most campsites we visited were excellent but be aware that some of the large campsites have evening entertainment which can last till 11-12midnight.
All in all we were glad to have had the experience and enjoyed amazing weather,hot but not unbearable.
We used a visa loaded card which can be loaded with up to 12 different currencies.Very handy and saves you extra bank/exchange rate fees.
Hope our info has helped ,enjoy your trip.The kiwis from Auckland NZ.

Paul McGoran, 29 august 2013
Rented an RV from Road Bear for 1 week, sandwiching 2 weeks of car hire. Superb. Great way to see the transitions the USA has to offer. Covered 1400miles in 7 days...easily. Great vehicle. Independent reviews seemed to favour Road Bear, particularly as all vehicles are a min 1 year old.
Certainly very happy to report that having ideamerge as the broker to contact (where an informative reply was invariably received on the same day) was very reassuring, esp as this was our first time renting an RV was great. Will most definitely not be our last and will apply an identical formula next time. Road Bear through ideamerge. Many thanks.

2 pieces of constructive criticism, more for Road Bear and not really relevant to Ideamerge:
1. "unused" purchased miles should be refunded
2. A more comprehensive induction at Las Vegas, esp as we were first timers, would have been appreciated. It was brief and hurried. The depot in Hayward was a delight.

Philip Anderson, 29 august 2013
This is our second year booking through IdeaMerge, but a
different German McRent depot. Well, all just as brilliant as last
We had a long drive to Isny and as there was traffic, we were
running late. Called the depot who returned the call immediately
to say, 'no problem, we'll wait'. We didn't believe it at first but
when we turned up at 19:30, Thomas and his colleague were
there to sort us out! And they didn't rush the process at all, just
took their time ensuring we were happy with everything before
we left. I can't stress what an impact this had on the start of our
trip! We were able to begin the trip as planned, getting organised
that evening (and having a lovely meal at the hotel restaurant in
Isny, whilst parked at the local free motorhome stop, by the river)
and ready to set off on our 5 week tour of Italy!
The motorhome was excellent, another Dethleffs Globebus,
which I just love!
The return was just as stress-free. Philip was there to look after
us, check the van and ensure all was in order before we headed
off. All very relaxed with no pressure on timing etc...
The depot in Isny is fantastic by the way! Huge place, totally
unexpected, but a great surprise. The staff could not have been
more helpful, friendly and efficient!
Already looking forward to our 7 week tour next year! IdeaMerge
have always been brilliant at helping us organise our trips, so will
always book through them. We love it!!

Mike Harris, 19 august 2013
We hired a Dethleffs A547 through Idea merge to be collected from the Munich depot. Our flight arrived early and we took a chance to go to the depot immediately. They were very accommodating and the vehicle was ready so they issued it to us - even tho it was only scheduled to be collected after 2pm. The handover was thorough and efficient. We dreaded the return tho as we had read that many people suffer from petty issues raided on return. However it was a breeze and the full deposit immediately credited to the credit card. The van has a high canopy which in heavy winds makes it a little more difficult to drive. Our fuel consumption was high too as a result of the added resistance. We will do another trip but will hire the Possl 2Win. It is smaller but perfectly suited to 2 people. I highly recommend this form of holiday. We did 3000km in 3 weeks through Austria, Switzerland and the Italian Lakes region. Our favourite by far was Austria - excellent camp sites and friendly people. Be warned tho - the average camp sites in Austria and Italy was 25Euro but in Switzerland we were charged 50Euro. Everything is priced way higher in Switzerland!! Make sure you have a GPS and an iPad which proved very handy with the maps app and to check Tripadvisor for sites and restaurants wherever you go.

Reedtz-Runge, 11 august 2013
We had a fantastic trip to Iceland 8-18 July, 2013. Idea Merge found a good deal (as good as you can expect on Iceland...), and the information on the homepage was quite good. The camper was nice, although well used. The team at the rental place were wery nice and friendly. We can recommend Idea Merge!

Stan Maria Savage Australia, 03 august 2013
Thank you Ideamerge for your great service.
We toured through Europe for 6 weeks 5100kms during June/July 2013 after collecting our near new Compact Fiat Compact standard camper from McRent Dusseldorf Germany.Service was great no problems with the vehicle but the bedding left a lot to be desired .Pillows were flat with covers that were twice the size.Doona consisted of two singles which was awkward. Hired picnic table and two chairs which turned out to be useless as when we opened the chairs one had a split and the other broke when I sat in it and they were way to low to be able to sit at the table anyway. Apart from that the vehicle was meticulous in every way very economical and handled the Alps with ease
Thank you Doug and team for a wonderful experience.

Coopers, Canada, 30 july 2013
We have been campers for 46 years anyway, and enjoy the lifestyle, but we really loved the VW California pop-up camper we had from DRM and IdeaMerge this summer, from June 3 to July 18, 2013. The cost was very economical, considering we had our own bed, our transportation and food-preparation facilities. The campgrounds in Eastern Europe, the former Yugoslavia and Europe were all good. There was no need to reserve ahead. We loved this freedom from a fixed schedule, and the ability to spend more time in rural areas.

The camper pickup was pretty good. We took a taxi @ 40 euros to the depot about 25 km. outside of Berlin. The vehicle itself only had 6000 km. on it, was very well equipped, very economical with diesel, and it served us very well. We were also provided with a Europe camping book which was excellent. We took our own light-weight sleeping bags and got 2 light duvets and pillows from DRM.

We didn't really like having fairly large advertising decals on both sides of the vehicle, but it proved to be no problem. Also, the 1300 euro Security Deposit was taken from our Visa at the beginning of the rental, but promptly returned after the return of the camper. We didn't see any reason for this transaction at all.\

The camper gave us a wonderful "home" as we travelled through 10 countries and dealt with 9 languages.

Barnards July 2013, 30 july 2013
We rented the camper for 25 days 50 km from Munich
airport. The service was great and the vehicle new
and clean. We took our own sleeping bags and
inflatable pillows. This was adequate. We lost the
pipe used to clean the toilet casket. It turned out
to be a frustration to find a replacement. I would
have liked to have a better service in this area. I
was impressed that we were given towels and
everything that I could need in the kitchen even a
hot water flask and a lighter.
Maybe next time the only thing I would change is to
book a camper with a camera at the rear.

josskees, 28 july 2013
We had truly a fantastic trip thanks to having this fantastic camper
available to us. The service was very good. Thanks formaking this
a memorable trip.

Ryno van der Riet, 22 july 2013
I am a returning client of Ideamerge from South
Africa and that alone is a measure of my

Camper was sourced from McRent Dusseldorf [Mulheim]
at a competitive price with an ideal exchange rate.
The McRent staff was just professional and went out
of their way to meet our expectations, especially
performing delivery in a thunderstorm on 20 June

The vehicle was in mint condition that contributed
towards motivating me to return in same or better
condition. We had a memorable trip in Scandinavia
and it was sad day to end our family of 5 holiday on
11 July 2013.

Clients making use of Ideamerge and McRent Mulheim
will not be disappointed.

Mike and Maxine (New Zealand), 18 july 2013
Dethleffs Globebus T15 manual - McRent Friedberg, Frankfurt, Germany

Vehicle was great. Near new with less than 5000km and only hired once before.

Bedding set (as others have said) was only just adequate. Pillows were next to useless and the duvet was only a single. Fortunately we had great weather otherwise this could have been a problem.

Issues with shuttle. We had very large bike cases so we were told we had to have the large shuttle. This turned up at the airport with other stuff in it so it was a squeeze to get us in. Then the return shuttle turned out to only be a small vehicle. The driver (local taxi firm) was great though, and he managed to get us in his vehicle better than the first guy and then made sure we were OK at the airport.

McRent staff were very thorough although a little impersonal. (Or perhaps that is just the German way? :-) )

Overall we had a great holiday and will book again with McRent via IdeaMerge in the future.

Christine William LEE 7th June to 5th July 2013 16th July, 15 july 2013
Generally the rental of the GLOBES T570 motorhome was a success and the vehicle performed well in all circumstances. The handover in Frankfurt was detailed and comprehensive.Whilst some initial problems were encountered with supply of hot water, trial and error eventually established the correct settings. As we were travelling 'out of season' through 7 countries as part of a road tour of Europe, it was not necessary to book any camping sites in advance although some contact was made with some campss to clarify some issues which were not confirmed on web pages etc.
The only suggestion that we think is necessary as a way of improvement concerns the quality of the accessories pre-ordered for our use. These included bedding, camping tables and chairs and cutlery/crockery.The bedding was inadequate and covers were just too large for pillows. The crockery supplied was not suitable at all with no soup/cereal bowls provided and the mugs provided were pottery and broke easily. All crockery should be melamine to avoid any breakages. We did mention that we were travelling through France as part of our itinerary and learned later from other tourists that cheap 'self-test breathaliser kits' are to be carried by the vehicle occupants. This matter should be addressed by McRent for those tourists intending to travel to France.

Eric and Val, 15 july 2013
We rented a smallish camper from Malaga for a 10 day period. The agent where we picked up the camper was easily reached by a short taxi ride from the airport. We arrived early and they were quite happy to keep our luggage and taxi us at no cost to a local shopping/entertainment mall where we could get lunch. The induction and instruction process was very thorough and we felt confident that we understood everything before we left. they did a thorough condition check with us before we left and we took a couple of photos at their suggestion just to be safe.
They were most helpful and had an excellent command of English as our Spanish is poor. The camper exceeded our expectations in terms of comfort and the management of the services Gas electric water and waste was very easy. The camp site were all of a good standard if at times a little difficult to find. The vehicle was very easy to drive and we had no problems at all during a lovely 5 stop 2000km trip around Andaluc쟮 The agents made our return very easy we emailed them to tell them that we expected to arrive about an hour earlier than planned and they were ready for us at 9-00am as agreed.
They carried out a thorough check of the vehicle on our return and as we expected were quite happy with
its condition and cleanliness. The returned deposit appeared in full on our statement a few days after our return to the UK.
In all a great experience and we would definitely recommend this company and use them ourselves again

Chris and Janet Haugen, June 10-July 1, 2013, 13 july 2013
Wonderful! Ideamerge couldn't get us a caravan in Berlin, but
found a larger one in Naumburg for less money. I was worried
about driving a larger vehicle, but it turned out to be no problem
for driving and it gave the two of us plenty of room. It had only
4,000 km on it and it worked great the whole trip from Germany to
Croatia and back, 4100 km.
The McRent people in Naumburg were very nice and efficient. We
had fun with the orientation to the vehicle because the nice lady
didn't speak English. We made it work.
We never knew ahead of time where we would camp, but in June
it was never a problem. We camped in some beautiful spots and
met some nice people. We have traveled in Europe previously
with hotel reservations and tours. Traveling by RV was enjoyable
because it was easy to change our itinerary and we liked not
having to pack and unpack every day.

JeanFran殩s from FRANCE, 13 july 2013
We selected Apollo for the two weeks we spent on the west coast with a RV.
The service needs to be improved at the departure station in LA. No immediate greeting to make sure that you are expected.
The vehicule was bigger than anticipated and it was nice and fun. Unfortunately, it was not fully ready and returned to the workshop for service. Therefore we were invited for the lunch which improved the first rating at the arrival.
The vehicule was quite new with no plates which made us stopped by the police in San Diego. No worries at all they were friendly and explained how to deal with that. We hanged a broken faucet which has been reimboursed bu Apollo = GOOD.
No problem until the return in SFO where we have been immediately welcomed and the retunr of the vehicule was quite efficient. I just have now to contact Apollo insurrance dpt. On the return I mentionned a small crack on the wind screen. Due to the position, I cannot recall if it is present from the departure or not. Nevertheless Apollo retain 75USD which I believe is not fair. The crack can be repaired easily and for less than 75USD. Next time what will I do?
Global rating for the session is anyway very positive, good vehicule, interior arrangement very practical everything worked well.

Don Linda from Australia, 08 july 2013
We rented an RV from Road Bear through Doug and the team from Ideamerge in May 2013.Again for the second time we were extremely happy with the service from the Ideamerge team, no problems at all.Will do it again next year.
The service and vehicle from Road Bear was also great. A special mention for Benny at the Las Vegas depot who did our handover on pick up. Great guy and great service, way to go Benny, you do a great job for the Company. The vehicle was less than a year old only done 3,000 miles, one hirer before us so new and clean.
We did about 3,000 miles through six US states, had no problems with the RV at all. Great way to see America and all it has to offer.
Would do it again in a heartbeat, funds permitting.
Thanks everybody, you do it well.

Martin family, 7th to 18th June, 2013, 04 july 2013

Our experience with our motorhome rental by IdeaMerge was absolutely perfect. Since the booking until the drop off of the vehicle, everything went as planned.

We picked up the camper at McRent Friedberg depot (near Frankfurt), and were welcommed by their friendly and helpful staff. After about 1 hour of briefing and the following searching of marks and scratches of the camper (make sure that all are marked no matter how small they are, also request to check the roof), we rushed to the autobahn. It was a pleasure to drive (a rather new vehicle, just 11000 KM), reaching speeds of 110-120 KM/H without stressing. It also was very easy to handle in the Alpine mountain passes (being Furka Pass - 2400 M - the highest one we did).

The living space was OK and very functional. Everything worked well as expected.

We've also rented some additionals as pillows and the child seat. Maybe those additionals were something we'd not been completely satisfied, as the pillows wetr thin and bland, and the child seat was of rather poor quality.

All in all, I would rather the experience as 9.5 points in 10.

Thanks IdeaMerge and McRent for the excellent service.


Pete Meg June 13 2013, 01 july 2013
Boston Moturis Camping World
Our second experience but first review of Idea Merge and Moturis.
Renting a van in the states from Australia is a somewhat daunting
thing at first but the professionalism of both of these companies is
great. Everything is as said and no traps. Do take care planning your
trip and reading all the details. Plan the milage and purchase the
correct amount during booking.

We were picked up from our hotel and dropped off at the Depot after a
little confusion with times and phone numbers. Glad we did as it is
very difficult to get there by public transport and a taxi is out of the
question because of cost, use the shuttle option. Julie Daly and her
team At Moturis Camping World were fantastic. 23 foot Van was clean
and mechanically sound. Great size for two adults and is easy to drive.
Julie went that "extra mile" by giving us directions and advice on
grocery shopping and current road works and diversions which eased
our fist day in the van. Many thanks to Ideamerge and Moturis we will
be return customers.

Ron Kumiko - Sydney, Australia, 29 june 2012
We have just returned to Sydney after a 10 week camper van rental in Europe mid April to end of June 2012. I did a lot of research prior to actually booking the camper van. Ideamerge was the best of all the rental companies and worked out ***CHEAPER THAN BOOKING DIRECT*** with the camper van company. The guys at Ideamerge were fantastic in getting me exactly what I needed in terms of van size and sleeping arrangements. I needed a long bed as I am quite tall and ended up with a McRent Fiat Globus 5 camper with a queen sized bed cross-ways at the back of the van. To get this van it meant we had to pick up from McRent near Lorrach in southern Germany. This meant taking a fast train from Frankfurt to Freiburg then a local traim to Bad Belingen about 3 kms from the McRent pickup site. This is also a camping site called Luginsland, very big and very good quality in terms of showers, toilets etc. We had an ACSI Camping Card for low season camping and it saved us about 300 euros over the 10 week period. On arrival at Bad Belingen station we had arranged to be picked up by McRent's Douglas Klotz but it was siesta time so we took a taxi. On Arrival the camper van was ready and Douglas did a great job of showing us the ropes. I had previously watched all the McRent videos at home on Youtube so was pretty much familiar with everything. The van was brand new, we were the first to rent it and it was great. Plenty of power and easy to drive. We did not rent bedding after reading reviews. We rented a table and two chairs (one chair collapsed in the last few days but Douglas didn't charge for it). The cooking utensils were adequate. We bought a small one burner gas stove and mainly cooked outside under the roll-out awning almost all the time. We didn't use the shower at all as all camping sites had facilities. We did not free camp except for one night in a Stelplatz in Germany. (Tip - at Stelplatz you should check for remaining electricity from previous campers before putting any money in - there are sometimes as many as 4 plug-in points per stand and you can use up remaining time free - we only had to top up for 50 cents). If in Italy avoid taking your van to Lake Como - the roads are horrendously narrow and it is a huge challenge to get around the lakeside road in the van. Suggest you stay south end of the lake and use ferries. We traveled through Germany, Italy (including via Ferry into eastern Sicily and then from Palermo to Naples via a huge ferry, comfortable nice cabin for the overnight trip) France,Switzerland, Netherlands. We covered 7,500 km in the van and 1500km in rental cars for day trips from camp sites. Don't buy fuel on the motorways, use supermarket stations at big supermarket chains - Carrefour, L.Eclerc etc but make sure there is a person in the booth at the manual pay point after filling up. The prices are much, much better than the motorways. Also, we found fuel much cheaper at suburban fuel stations. As others have suggested - take a GPS with you. A Microsoft program called Autoroute is also a good investment and runs on a laptop computer - costs about AU$90 with a GPS unit included but can still be used effectively for planning ahead and finding all sorts of points of interest, gas stations etc without a GPS attached to your computer. You can do this sitting at your table in the van and even do a lot of planning before you even leave home. It also has turn-by-turn driving instructions.
In a nutshell - we thoroughly enjoyed the first-time camper van trip. Ideamerge are the best for service and price - thanks guys. Douglas at McRent, Lorrach is a very friendly and helpful guy, speaks excellent English and was more than reasonable at return time. (We had some minor damage to a rear plastic bumper panel). Our deposit was refunded same day as hand-over of the van on return. If you are a bit nervous about driving on the right side, unfamiliar places or operating the van in general then don't be, it is a great experience and European drivers are courteous and generally obey road rules. When in doubt, stop. Always keep to the right on the motorways. Would do it all again and highly recommend Ideadmerge.

Howard and Annette Pines, 28 june 2013
Just got back from a thirty-four day RV vacation in Europe. The
motorhome we rented was perfect in every way. We were blessed to
have been given a motorhome that was new and had no problems with
it what so ever. To be away from the television, computer, and phones
was as good as it gets.We are looking for our next RV to rent from
idea merge in the states to take to Alaska for next year. What a
wonderful time in and out of our RV.

Noel and Robyn Donney April - June 2013, 27 june 2013
Once again our booking through Ideamerge and RoadbearRV were spot on. Shuttle service @ pickup and return were both prompt and courteous, the vehicle being 4 months old with very low mileage proved most acceptable and so our trip of almost 11,000 miles over 9 weeks was very enjoyable again.

Would not hesitate to use and recommend both companies again, having dealt with both previously in the US and Europe.

Kudos to Doug Bredesen.

Howard and Annette Pines, 25 june 2013
We went through Idea merge and rented a camper van from McRent
in Frankfurt Germany. What a great way to travel! We had a new
camper van we had no problems. The renting was so easy and
enjoyable and everything was as presented upon rental on the
phone with idea merge. Oops there was one thing and that was that
we did not have a coffee pot as stated, but we survived and made
do. We traveled from Germany, to the Netherlands, Belgium,
Switzerland, France, Down one side of Italy and up the other side,
over to Slovenia, Austria, Chez Republic, up to Berlin and all over
Germany. A trip of a life time and yes I am ready to go again. In fact
I am looking to rent a camper van to travel Alaska from Idea Merge.

Joseph and Jennifer Harmon, 22 june 2013
This was the best vacation ever!! The motor-home we
were given was brand new. We really lucked out. The
price was great and the motor-home had everything we
needed. We drove 5,500 KM in 26 days to 7 countries.
We are already planning our next trip to Europe.
Thanks again McRent and IdeaMerge.

STEVE FENNELL, 14 june 2013
Just got home to Australia from 4 weeks of touring through europe and the uk,this being the third time I have rented using ideamerge.The whole process of booking,motorhome delivery (DRM Frankfurt)and travelling was once again a painless and pleasureable experience,motorhoming in europe is the best way to see the real country,visiting villages off the main highways and using the airies is a great way to meet the local people.I will using the same booking service later this year when I return with my partner for another 4 week trip.

Again, our experience with Idea Merge, and more specifically with Fridon Holliday was great. The service was very friendly, the whole deal was served and we were given a New Motor Home and so in perfect condition. Traveled approximately 4000 Km without any trouble or inconvenience. We continue to recommend your rental system.


Fernando S. Barros - Brazil

Bruce Yvonne, 08 june 2013
Picked up and dropped off our van in Berlin where everything
was handled efficiently and the vans were excellent. Our three
weeks touring Germany went without incident and the mobile
home drove effortlessly and had great pick up and power to hold
its own on these high speed highways. We would have no
hesitation in using this company again and would encourage
anyone to give this method of holidaying a go.

Ron Poole-Dayan, 04 june 2013
Excellent experience with Moturis Camping World RV and with Ideamerge! Glad I did my research. The motor home was very good, easy to operate and comfortable, the service was terrific, flexible hours (the only one that allowed to pick up early morning), affordable bike rental, etc. We started in Las Vegas and did a 12 day round of national parks in Arizona and Uta. Highly recommended.

Musial Family Calgary Alberta, 23 may 2013
We were very satisfied with IDEAMERGE/FRASER RENTALS with the motor home, the transportation to and from the Halifax airport and how smooth the booking went on line.We found by booking early there were savings to be had. WE are planning atrip to Alaska and we plan on renting a unit from them in White Horse Yukon. We were happy with the service an I would recomend them to my friends.

Janette, 21 may 2013
We were delighted with the ultra modern van. Way
superior to anything we have hired in Australia or New
Zealand. Spotless. We had a problem with heating and
they met us where we were at with a replacement van.
Christina, the lady we dealt with at Friedberg, which
was the pickup point was extremely good and so was her

AJ Lappin, 16 may 2013
Excellent in all respects. We all enjoyed the experience, especially our dog. Highly recommended.

John, 14 may 2013
Circular from Las Vegas RoadBear - Grand Canyon, Sedona, Meteor
Crater, Monument Valley etc etc. Las Vegas Roadbear was a slick
operation (probably due to the Swiss boss, who demonstrated strict
adherence to the rules). The RV was extremely clean and tidy; the
demo was excellent and the return procedure was very straight
forward - I would rent from them again. Next time, the icing on the
cake would be a few more smiles from the administration office;
maybe they were very busy the day we arrived ;-) Overall, an excellent
trip and worth every penny/cent...

Conni Pereira, 24 april 2013
April 2013
California, Nevada, Arizona.
We were and we are very satisfied.
Solely the transfer would have a little more reliable and can be especially friendly.

Fred and Gloria Bryan March 2013 route 66, 22 april 2013
we used Ideamerge for our van rental and cannot recomend them enough we went through camping world and were picked up at our hotel in Los Angeles sorted out the van Drove route 66 to Chigago and were taken to the airport all as arranged
Just the job Will use them again

Brendan Kinsella, 19 april 2013
Following a highly enjoyable 5 week RV rental in South Africa in 2011, (not booked with Ideamerge)
we booked 4 weeks RV rental through Ideamerge with Moturis for a 'New England in the Fall' trip,
September/October 2012.
We collected our RV from the Moturis depot in Tappan, Orange County, New York State. The
handover was detailed and efficient and the staff friendly and professional. The linen, toaster and
camping chairs were pre-booked. We did also check our inventory to ensure everything was in
order, and unpacked all the bedding.
What we did not discover until we had parked up at our first campsite and prepared to retire for the
night was that there was no way for my wife to climb into the bed! She is 5ft 1inch tall, I'm 6ft 2 so
had no problem. We had to find a foldable stool as a matter of urgency!
Ktichen utensils provided were basic but mostly adequate. There was no bread knife, but we
Mechanically the van was almost new, low mileage and we had an excellent and trouble free driving
There were a couple of small problems: the light over the dining table did not work, but as it
appeared to be a switch problem rather than the bulb, we could not repair this ourselves. One warm
day while parked at the beach at Cape Cod, the carbon monoxide alarm triggered but could not be
reset. A call to the (out of hours) helpline later and we had to remove fuses, but that seemed to
allow a system reset and we had no further difficulty.
A page had been torn out of the road atlas provided, crucially relating to NY State. Fortunately we
had our own (smaller scale) atlas with us, so take your own to supplement GPS navigation.
On a practical note, there were three electrical sockets in the RV. Two at the bottom of the steps into
the RV, one of these unusable as it was concealed behind the grab rail and the third in the bathroom
beside the wc. To charge mobile phones, laptop, camera batteries or use the toaster meant either
balancing items on the steps or on the lid of the toilet! A bit of care with design, and designers
actually using an RV would go a long way towards a more useful setup.
We were meticulous about following instructions for emptying grey and black waste. Nevertheless,
the waste tanks indicator lights never showed empty. We met up with other Moturis RV users who
told us to empty the tanks then leave them open on returning the vehicle to the depot. This we did,
with no problem. The Calor Gas tank registered low, but took little filling. Use the gauge inside the
filler locker rather than the gauge inside the vehicle as a more accurate guide.
Beware road signs 'No Trucks'! the only time this was an issue was leaving the depot after collecting
the RV. This was easily avoided the rest of the trip.
Beware unmanned toll booths. We paid at every one, but not enough on one occasion. All we had to
do was leave the balance with Moturis on drop off day.
All in all a fabulous trip, largely trouble free vehicle and attentive staff. If you're of short stature,
take a ladder with you!

Andrew Law, 02 april 2013
We use ideamerge for our trip to California last November 2012. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. The comparison of various companies is extremely useful, we chose Camping World, and the inclusion of all the little bits and pieces makes the booking so much easier. They were helpful with all aspects, including contact over credit card difficulties. I would recommend them to anyone considering renting an RV.

Liliane e Marcelo , 31 march 2013
N򱟰egamos o Motorhome em Main Frankfurt, no m鯠de janeiro. Viajamos pela Alemanha, Holanda, B諧ica, Fran杠e Sui柮 Fomos muito bem recebidos, tanto pela locadora do motorhome quanto pelas pessoas das cidades por onde passamos. Foi uma viagem/aventura muito interessante. Vimos belas paisagens, muuuuuuita neve (inclusive um dia ficamos atolados com o motorhome num camping e precisamos de um trator para nos desatolar) e hࡩtos diferentes.
O Motohome facilita muito o deslocamento entre as cidades. No entanto nessa esta袯 do ano a maioria dos campings est⫠fechados e 短uito dif좩l estacionar nos grandes centros.

Ken Barns, Australia, 26 march 2013
My family of 6 spent 5 months in the USA in 2012.
During this time, we rented an El Monte RV to go
from San Francisco to New York City for 4 weeks,
then later a Road Bear RV for 8 weeks to go from NYC
back to Los Angeles. Both rentals were arranged
though IdeaMerge.

We had never before gone outside Australia as a
family, never driven an RV, and never even hired a
rental car locally before. Understandably, I was
quite nervous heading into this!

I have nothing but the highest complements for all
three of the companies we were involved with.

IdeaMerge were the perfect brokers - a large
selection of rental options (even if the website was
a little clunky and redundant to navigate around),
and _excellent_ and friendly responses to the
numerous questions a beginner like me had. Many
thanks Eric, Doug, and Mark! Particularly
noteworthy about the IdeaMerge site was that all
expenses were clearly spelt out up front - there
were no last minute "by the way you also need to
take out this insurance/tax/levy" (which almost
doubles the cost of the rental) surprises ... I'm
looking at you car rental agencies!

Similarly, ElMonte and RoadBear both ticked all the
boxes. The RVs were clean, safe (with the exception
of inadequate seatbelts or booster seat anchors for
the kids), and mechanically problem-free. Service
at the various RV depots was also fantastic.

In short, we are _extremely_ glad we decided to go
with a "RV and RV-park" holiday rather than a "hire
car and motel" holiday. The costs would probably be
about the same, but the RVs felt like a _home_ ...
and we ate much better than we would have eating out
every night. The highlights were even higher than
we thought possible (all those isolated National
Parks). The feared complications never eventuated.

If you are considering an RVing holiday in the USA -
do it! My wife and I are already planning a post-
retirement 12-month RVing vacation there. And when
we do so, IdeaMerge will be the only RV booking site
we visit!

Michael and Marilyn Mitton, 25 march 2013
Over the past 25 years we have owned and travelled
with motorhomes throughout the United States and
Europe. We believe it is definitely the best way
to visit and fully experience these 2 continents.
No other mode of travel compares.

We planned to make a motorhome trip through France
in October 2012. We had sold our European
motorhome several years before, so we needed to
rent. After doing lots of research, we decided on
Ideamerge for several reasons. First, we found
their website to be the best of any motorhome
rentals site we could find. Everything that you
need to know it available on their well organized
website. Second, their prices were competitive and
did not contain any hidden charges. Finally, if you
are paying in a foreign currency they make it very
convenient. And you get a better exchange rate and
avoid the extra charge that credit cards have for
foreign exchange. Our damage deposit with McRent
was refunded very quickly. One minor issue arose
trying to pre-register with McRent. We made one
quick call to IdeaMerge and the issue was resolved
the following day. Great service. No question,
we will use IdeaMerge for our next motorhome rental.

Stefan Nicole Price, 23 march 2013
We wanted to thank Ideamerge and Avis Car away for the most incredible experience traveling through France, Switzerland and Germany.

The Class B+ motor home provided was exceptional (we wish comparable vehicles were available in North America). The service and support from IdeaMerge made the planning and reservation process effortless. Responses to our many questions were incredibly prompt and thorough.

This amazing experience was matched by the fantastic service we received from the East Paris Avis Car away. Maps of the area and a thorough walk through of the vehicle was provided. The vehicle was impeccable (I'm sure arriving in a low season helped with a more relaxed transition).

We own a motor home here in Canada and have RV'd all over western and central Canada and the US and found that RV'ing in Europe to be incredible -if not easier than here at home. It is by far the most amazing and flexible way to travel and observe the country side as a family, in complete comfort. (it was wonderful to not have to pack and unpack from a hotel at every stop).

We look forward to our next trip RV'ing and will without question, be employing Ideamerge's services again!

Warm regards,
Stefan and Nicole Price

Jens B, 23 march 2013
I have been on several motorhome trips in USA. Previously I had been booking Cruise America motorhomes through a local danish travel agency. But for my fall vacation in 2012, I wanted to rent a Road Bear, and my usual travel agency only work with Cruise America. So I had to find another way to book.

I found Ideamerge, and at first I didn't think the website design looked very proffesional, so I was affraid if this was a serious company, that could be trusted. I was looking for a 50 day rental, so it was a lot of money to pay, to a company I didn't knew. So I Googled a lot about Ideamerge, but couldn't find anything bad about them. So I took the chance, and made the reservation.

- It was the best price I could find
- Everything in the reservation process was smooth.
- They write everything in plain understandable english, ment to be understood by normal people, and not by layers only.
- And most importantly, when I picked up the RV, everything was paid as I expexted. There wasn't a lot of hidden extras that they had mentioned.

I was completely satisfied with Ideamerge, and also with Road Bear.

So when booking a motorhome for this years vacation, I chose Ideamerge again. Again the booking was without problems, and they confirmed my reservation within a couple of hours. This time I'm trying Moturis.

Carol and Dan Canada, March 2012, 23 march 2013
After 10 camping trips to Europe and the last two through
IdeaMerge, I highly recommend them. My experiences renting
with them have been simple, professional and reasonably priced.
Our 5 week trip to Germany, France and Italy last Aug. / Sept.
was wonderful. The Fiat Dethleffs Globebus T11 was problem
free, powerfull and easy to drive. Wish we had these in Canada.
We had an issue with the prepaid EU 60 camper table and chairs
from McRent Friedburg, but this was redressed satisfactorily by
Doug at IdeaMrge when we returned. All in all we are thinking of
booking camping trip no. 11 very soon with IdeaMrge.
From our experience, a few tips:
1. Have the camper and all its working parts thoroughly explained
to you.
2. Make sure everything works, especially stove, fridge, water
taps, etc.
3. Make a thorough visual check for scratches and dents. Take
4. Test awning if you have one.
5. Get a good camping guide in your language.
6. GPS is fine, but small scale maps are indispensable.
7. Bedding and kitchen kits are usually poor quality and
inadequate, so take what you can or buy quite reasonably at
larger supermarkets.
8. Dive safe and enjoy your trip.

annette wass, 23 march 2013
this was the 3rd time we had rented an Rv but the first time through Ideamerge. we were very impressed with how smoothly every thing went and how easily the booking process was.the prices were the best and it was so nice to have everything itemised so you know you wont be hit with hidden extras. being able to make direct comparisons with different rental companies and also with different models made the whole process a pleasure!
we will definitely use Ideamerge again.thanks very much !

marie le moigne, 22 march 2013
nous sommes tr篠contents de nos vacances en rv .Le personnel d'acceuil �os angeles a 赩 tr篠chaleureux et comp賥nt ainsi qu'a notre fin de sejour �an franscisco.Il 賡it tr篠bien 谵ip知t en tr篠bon 賡t.
Si nous avions a louer a nouveau ce serait avec ideamerge!!!!

merci �ux

Kylie, Australia October/November 2012 - California, 22 march 2013
We rented a Moturis E-23 for 18 nights. The booking process was simple and Doug answered all our questions promptly. The driver that collected us from our hotel was fantastic, very friendly and happy to provide advice. The E-23 was big enough for 2 adults and 2 children (age 10 & 12).

We were initially worried about cleaning out the waste however it was really easy and not at all messy like we had imagined.

The staff at the pick point in LA were really nice taking the time to ensure we were comfortable with the vehicle. We used our own GPS although friends hired one which was identical to the one we just bought, it was good to see it was the newest model.

Both pick up and drop off (Vegas) were located outside of town which we found great because you can get used to driving in a quieter area.

We stayed in RV parks which they were nicely priced, clean and tidy. It was worth paying for a pull thru if new to driving an RV.

We drove up the Pacific Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco which was absolutely beautiful but quite a slow drive in the RV.

Drop off staff were nice, the only improvement I recommend is drop off locations need a shuttle to hotels especially in Vegas, it took forever waiting for a taxi big enough for 4 people with 2 suitcase each and when it finally arrived it was a very tight fit.

If I rent an RV again in America I will use Ideamerge and Moturis.

Kathie, Bayern-West Austria, September 2013, 22 march 2013
It was our second trip with campervan (the first was in Holland). Both the times we rented in IdeaMerge, and loved it very much. The vehicle was clean, comfortable and well equipped. The service was excellent.
The only problem renting in Germany (near Munich) was difficult accessibility of the depot location, especially with all luggage on you. In Holland it was easier, as there was shuttle service to nearest train station.
Moreover, we recommend to make full vehicle insurance that the company advise.

Jim Sack, 22 march 2013
We loved the vehicle, except the water heater was
simply slow, so we chose to take our showers not in the bathroom, but
at campsites which in Germany are usually very nice. Memmingen
was remarkable and beautiful, Berlin was right in the center only a
few meters from two U-Bahn stations, Rudesheim was about as
charming as life can get, so a useless shower was not much of a
hinderance. We were first-timers who picked up in Mannheim.
People there were simply excellent to work with, especially
Wolfram. Great guy with a fine sense of humor in two languages.
The drop off, however, was not as easy. They wanted to charge
many Euro because there were a few, and only a few crumbs on the
stove. A second cleaning and they refunded our full deposit. That
came after we discovered a new storage space that was filthy...from
the previous renter. Otherwise, the vehicle was simply wonderful
and I would not hesitate to take it out for another month on the

Durval Monica Menezes - California/Nevada trip Feb 2013, 22 march 2013
We rented a Moturis E23, picking it up in Camping World Los Angeles and returning it in C&W Las Vegas for a 2-week trip through the Mojave.

Great vehicle, everything was working perfectly. We had a minor issue in Las Vegas: turns out that they didn't have anyone available to drive the shuttle to get us to the airport. But the gentleman there (Craig) promptly called a cab at NO EXPENSE to us (C&W paid the cab fare). Now that's *great* customer service!

Definitely recommended, and we will definitely be renting from Ideamerge in the future (this was our third rental with them, and their service simply rocks).

C Bricker, 22 march 2013
We hired a Moturis Camping World E23 to tour the
South-West USA for 9 weeks (LA to Denver). The 23
foot option was great as it had all the conveniences
including Shower and Toilet, and was short enough to
have a good selection of camping sites and be easy
to maneuver around.
We got a great deal through IdeaMerge, and the site
enabled us to choose the company and RV which best
suited our needs.
We will certainly be using them again for our next
'road trip' holiday.

Julie Australia March 2013, 22 march 2013
Renting through Ideamerge was a good experience great communication and information provided.
Hired a motorhome from McRent Friedburg for 3 weeks in September - October 2012. First time motorhome vacationers and absolutely loved it and will definitely do it again.
We arrived Frankfurt spent first day and night in Bad Nauheim 3 kilometres from Friedburg in a small family hotel, great lttle town where Elvis lived and where he met Priscilla.
Collection of van went smoothly and Susanne from McRent very professional, pleasure dealing with her, unfortunately she was on leave when we returned our van.
We brought with us a set of old linen, pillows towels and bits and pieces and left them all behind when we left. Used our own GPS and bought BordAtlas 2012 which was excellent for locating sites to stay. We bought a German Vodafone Data Only SIM for internet access and had great reception all over Germany.
Next time we would:
- hire or buy bicycles, Germany so easy to get around on bikes
- Hire a van with bed that you didn't have to climb up ladder
- Find out if there were vans with solar panels adds to the independence, or if all the power points are occupied at sites.
Experience when returning the van:
- told that we had incurred a speeding fine, we initially paid for it but when we asked to have a look at the fine it turned out that it was before we had even arrived in Germany and thus not our fine. No oops sorry about that the staff member was more concerned about who had made the error than apologising to us for their mistake. So check the fine documents if it happens to you.
- They went over the van inside and out with virtually a magnifying glass and found a small shallow dent about 2-3cm in diameter, they asked us if we had insurance our excess being 400euro. Thats what they charged us for what they claimed was the damage. We were flying out a few hours later and so accepted, I am not a panel beater but I suspect we were overcharged.
- The refund that was processed for our deposit when we returned the vehicle did not go through and it wasn't until we followed up with IdeaMerge 2 weeks later that McRent processed it.
Other than these minor things, it was a fabulous experience, and we would do it all again in a flash.

John Povlsen, 22 march 2013
We have been using Ideamerge several times. We had a trip in
2010 from Denmark to Portugal, to Australia in 2011 and from
Demark to South Italy in the late part of the year using small
campers from Ideamerge.
Campers are very expensive to hire in Denmark. You will have
much more for your money if you hire the camper in Hamburg.
We hired a VW California camper twice in Hamburg. The
campers were nearly new and in excellent condition. The firms
have been perfect and quick and kindly personal.
I think, that We have travelled about 25.000 km. during the 3 trips
each lasting about 5 weeks and have been very satisfied.
John Povlsen Denmark

Virginia, de Buenos Aires, enero 2013, 21 march 2013
Rentamos una motorhome con Mac Rent en enero. Muy
profesionales los empleados, muy eficientes. La autocaravana
en excelentes condiciones. Recorrimos Alemania, Francia,
Suiza, Belgica, Italia y Austria, ciudades fronterizas. La
autocaravana da una gran sensaci򬟤e libertad e intimidad, no
hay que lidiar con las valijas, ni con personas en particular como
puede ocurrir en un tour. La desventaja de enero es que muchos
campings estઠcerrados y en general es dif좩l estacionar en las
ciudades. Pero definitivamente lo repetir쟮

Jason Marlene, 21 march 2013
We hired a caravan via IdeaMerge from McRent in Frankfurt last October. Although the rental depot is a fair way outside Frankfurt, we had no trouble catching a few trains from the airport, and a short taxi to the depot. Our caravan was in very good condition, clean inside and out. However, it does not come with linens, or cookware so make sure you order that before if necessary. The size we rented is capable of sleeping 4, but I wouldn't recommend any more than two adults, and maybe one small child. It's funtional, but cozy. The caravan was a 6 speed manual, so make sure you're comfortable driving that in a foreign country. Overall our experience was great, we put 1500km's on the caravan, had no troubles, and really enjoyed the freedom. Would do it again, a great way to travel!

Grant and Glenda, 21 march 2013
We rented a campervan for 4 weeks in September. Ideamerge were
brilliant to deal with, as were McRent in Freidberg, Frankfurt where
we collected the van. We travelled 5500kms through France, Italy,
Switzerland and Germany staying in camp grounds. It is a great way
to travel, you unpack once and that's it. You can change your
itinerary as you please. It took us 90 seconds to set up at a
campsite, all you need to do is plug the power in and turn the gas
on. We found the Europeans very friendly and their road manners
much better than the locals here in New Zealand. Drop off was an
absolute breeze. We ensured the van was immaculate, so it got
checked out quickly, our deposit was refunded and we were on our
A couple of points ( which are covered on Ideamerge's website) but
I'll repeat them.
1. You will be shown a vehicle manual at pick up time which lists
several languages on the cover. Do not assume that the contents
are also in several languages. Our's was totally in German. Not a big
problem but worth checking.
2. It really is worthwhile bringing a camping guide with you. GPS's
do show campsites but of course, not their standard or when they
close for the season. WiFi can be very slow in a lot of areas.
3. The pillows may not be too comfortable.
Our van was a 3 month old Fiat Ducato Globescout which ran really
well, was very comfortable and was quite fuel frugal. About
10l/100km or maybe slightly less.
We would use Ideamerge and McRent again without hesitation.

Eric and Annie Hew, 21 march 2013
We hired a campervan from McRent at Friedberg through
Ideamerge last October and November for 2 months. We found
the booking process to be seamless and not at all painful.
Emails to Ideamerge were answered promptly, questions
answered well and accurately. Delivery from McRent at
Friedberg was with typical Teutonic efficiency. If only the rest of
Europe was like that! The campervan was clean and everything
worked, so we have no complaints about that.
In future, we would hire the campervan earlier in the year as
towards the end of our holiday, most camping grounds were shut
and it was difficult to find water and dispose of grey and black
waste! The upside is that there were less tourists and the locals
were a lot friendlier!
All in all, we will definitely go with Ideamerge and McRent
again and definitely from Friedberg!
Eric and Annie

Silvia Yazbek, 21 march 2013
I hired a rv from the LA office. It was a great experience. I did everything over the internet, as I am from Brazil. They were very helpful and friendly. I would recommend them to everyone.

Andy Schwabe, 21 march 2013
We rented a 23' class c motorhome via Ideamerge who worked
through Moturis for the rental. We traveled down the coastal
highway from Seattle to San Francisco and had a wonderful time.
The vehicle met all our needs, and the service at the receiving and
delivery end of the trip from the Moturis people was great.
Everything was as advertised, the booking process, pickup and
drop off were efficient, and painless.

The only negative comment I would make is that a diesel engine in
this type of vehicle would provide better performance and fuel
milage than the V10 gas engines they are equipped with. We just
rented a very similar vehicle in Australia and it was an Iveco 3 litre
diesel that go almost twice the milage and had a lot smoother

A. Tarikian - December 2012 / Fort Lauderdale, FL. USA, 21 march 2013
The guys from IDEAMERGE are the BEST on the RV rental business... Don't lose your time looking anywhere else! They have the best price and unbeatable service!
We rented a Class A (from Moturis) here in Fort Lauderdale, FL. As all (or mostly) rentals it’s very base model. Not that old (year 2010 with 39K miles). Only a few problems as some leaks under the sink and mattress on the sofa-bed completely useless. Not even our 7 y/o daughter could sleep on it (Tip: CHECK all mattresses at pickup!). But nothing that we could not handle.
Unfortunately we will not rent anymore as we bought our own brand new class A!
But for sure will refer with pleasure IDEAMERGE to all our friends!!

Gary and Ev Boynton, 14 february 2013
We heard about Ideamerge on RV.Net from a traveler that spent time in Europe with a motorhome. They recommended Ideamerge for information on motorhome rental. Their website was extremly helpful in our planning. We ended up renting from McRent in Friedberg, Germany. My wife and I rented a small class c motorhome for 5 weeks. We have been motorhoming for over 40 years now in the USA, and this was one of the best motorhome experiences we have ever had. We used Imagemerge to book our motorhome and everything went as planned. Not one issue with the rental. I would have no problem with using this business again. They responded, (promply I must add) to each e-mail I sent them on any concerns I had.

Durval Monica Menezes - Arizona trip Dec/2012 - Jan/2013, 30 january 2013
We rented a CampingWorld E23 motorhome for our Arizona Trip (almost 1400 miles in about 3 weeks), and we are really satisfied: the vehicle we got was very new and performed flawlessly.

Also, Doug and Mark at Ideamerge, and Espy (the local rental manager at the CampingWorld depot in Phoenix-Mesa/AZ) went out of their way to make our trip as trouble-free and as enjoyable as possible.

This is our second rental with Ideamerge: the previous one was in 2011 for a trip to Germany, which was also flawless.

We are very satisfied and can't recommend these folks enough!

John and Elsie Fisher, 26 october 2012
We recently had a DRM van from Berlin for period of 3 weeks and it was very good. It performed well and we had a great
time. Just a couple of points.
1 Do a good inspection of the van at pickup, particularly any small chips in the windscreen
2 Make sure the inside is impecable on return otherwise it will cost you for additional cleaning. I thought we had
done an excellent job but it still cost me 20E for them to bring it up to their satisfaction
3 Check the bedding kits if ordered. We had to buy some sheets after discovering they were not supplied. Sleeping
directly on the seat cushions did not feel quite right.

I would also strongly recommend using a GPS for Europe. We had one from DRM and it was only 60E for the 3 weeks and
it was great. We had an IPAD as well but as we took in 5 countries it was just not feasible to get a local SIM card.
Also the camps are good and most have Wifi but its limited to within 50m of the reception building, hence downloading
maps etc was not the best way to navigate unless you wanted to stand in the dark near the reception while pottering on
the internet. In our case it was essential as we did not plan the overall trip before going so we had to plan each day
ahead, hence searching for the next camp site required the internet.
If your in one country, get a local SIM and you can use the Ipad or Iphone to navigate and search the net for sites,
otherwise make sure you get a GPS and plan well ahead, particularly late in the season (after 30 Sept) when a lot of
camp sites are closed.
Overall experience 9/10

Erica Zorzetto, 22 october 2012
The motorhome rental process went extremely well and the staff was very helpful. They went above and beyond to explain everything including additional asistance other than the rental. So very helpful. With over 3000km travelled the motorhome was our home away from home. We were broken into while on vacation. We called ahead of time to let them know. When we returned everything was handled professionaly and again the staff was phenominal. They also made sure we had the proper transport back. We definitely did not feel abandoned, we felt just like family. Thank you for everything. We will definitely rent through you again.

Gordon Vicki, 17 october 2012
We hired a motorhome for 6 weeks and travelled through Europe nearly 7000km. We live in New Zealand and travelled a long way so we were apprehensive about any problems. Suzanne at the Friedburg depot was really friendly and helpful. She made sure we had all the kitchen utensils etc we would need and gave us some good advice. We stayed at camp grounds exclusively and would absolutely do it again although I would get a smaller van next time as narrow roads can be a problematic. The van was in great condition and went perfectly. Some things you do need to buy or bring with you are bikes,outdoor gas cooker (if you like cooking outside) and a camping mat so you can keep the inside clean. We found the beds really comfortable and it was a breeze being in the van this long a period. Drop off went well and no damage. again Suzanne was very helpful. Recomend this type of holiday without hesitation.

Brian and Cheryl Wilkinson, Cape Town South Africa, 13 october 2012
June 2012
Rented from McRent, Amsterdam - omg! what delightful
people - collected from train station, demo'ed van,
lots of hints. Van was absolutely fine - had wanted a
slightly bigger van but in the end the one we were
given was perfect.
On returning I managed to leave some clothes behind -
again no problem - Irene just mailed them on!
Unconditional recommendation!

Maaike Lew Hine, 11 october 2012
Our motorhome was fantastic, no problem with the
motor or the rest of the vehicle fit-out.

Our trip to Northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria and
a touch of Germany was absolutely fabulous; 1800kms
travelled and no problems and no scratches to the
vehicle. We travelled on all the quiet roads
through small towns and the views were breathtaking.
The beds were very comfortable. If I had to
complain about anything, it would be the ladder to
the bed needed to be moved in the night if you
needed to use the toilet. This was a bit of a tight
squeeze if the ladder was left in place.

The other complaint would be the hire fold-away
chairs and table; the chairs were uncomfortable
cheap ones and were not designed to be used with the
table. When sitting at the table to eat, your chest
would be level with the top of the table.

Pick up of the vehicle went well and the tall
mechanic who explained everything to us was a great
ambassador for your company. Drop off was good, but
finding the address was difficult due to a lot of
roadworks and traffic diversions.

Compared to other rentals I have used, this one was
a lot quicker to hire on location and friendlier

Tips for travellers....just be a safe driver and sit
back and enjoy the holiday and don't worry about
making the bed every morning!!

Thanks again,

Maaike & Lew Hine
Western Australia

Michal Wypych, 11 october 2012
We rented motor home for the second time in the same place. No problems at all with checking in and out. Good service from staff in Berlin. Would definitely recommend to others to rent a camper in this way

Stuart L, UK, 09 october 2012
A belated review to thank IdeaMerge and Road Bear for helping us on
our first RV road trip in May 2012. Firstly to IdeaMerge for finding us a
great deal and secondly to Road Bear for our fabulous brand new Thor
ACE Class A.
We picked up our RV in Las Vegas, it was so new they had not had
time to get the registration plates put on it, handover was a little
rushed if I am honest, there’s a mass of info to take in. Luckily I had
done loads of research prior to leaving so was confident we would
manage and we did.
Only negative Road Bear forgot to put our pre-paid camp chairs in the
RV and the hook up wire for the cable TV which we only realised as we
arrived at our first stop at LA. I guess we could have claimed back our
subsequent purchase at Walmart but didn’t bother.
We had a couple of issues with the RV which were resolved with a
quick phone call to the helpline. Who would have guessed the breaker
panel is under the bed!
We spent the next two weeks driving through California concentrating
on the national parks and northern coast. We dropped our RV off two
weeks later in San Francisco.
On return Road Bear did go over it with a fine toothcomb, but we had
been careful to take care of it and had no issues.
My advice, really take your time at handover and make sure you are
100% happy. IdeaMerge do try to warn you by sending a handover
checklist, but in the excitement to get on your trip its easy to go with
the flow and allow yourself to be rushed.
We enjoyed every minute of our holiday and hope to do another in a
couple of years, I will have no hesitation in returning to IdeaMerge and
Road Bear.

mary pearson, 09 october 2012
Thank you staff. We loved our motor home. Communication lines were open all the time. We travelled from Frankfurt through Switzerland, Italy, France and back to Germany. The van was so comfortable. The water pump packed up in Italy but the staff gave us instructions to get it fixed. Will certainly rent again next time. It is certainly the way to get around

David Ann Martin - Canada, 06 october 2012
This was our first time renting a motor home and renting on the internet caused us some apprehension. It turned out to be a trip of a lifetime - 26 days in the RV in Sweden, Finland and Norway - most of our time was spent in the North. It is definitely the best way to see these countries if travelling in the north. Ideamerge - we highly recommend them. Service from beginning to end was first class. Staff addressed all our questions, very customer orientated. RV was fully equipped, only complaint - the manual for the RV: English was on the cover and the manual itself had no English inside. Manual for the vehicle itself had English. Vehicle worked well; English did not pose a problem when travelling in these countries.Canadians are welcomed in Scandinavia. Would rent from Ideamerge again.

Vijay Swaminathan, 06 october 2012
We had a great trip across Europe in a Profila 580 that's worth a few pages in our Memoirs. The special features we enjoyed and appreciate are the 'cruise control, the propane connection to the heating and water system and the well-maintained engine'.
The areas that could be improved are: 1. There ought to be free airport/railway station pick-up and drop that would go a long way in customer delight. 2. There were no outdoor table and chairs included with the camper renting contract, which renders the awning redundant.
We hope that this is not one of the formal feedback input that's accumulated by the company, but would be taken in earnest. We had a good time and will surely spread the goodwill to friends who are interested in renting campers in Europe.

Susan Morse and Kenneth Murray, Marysville,WA USA , 05 october 2012
My husband and I (mid sixties) rented through Ideamerge and McRent for 29 nights March and April 2012. We traveled through Germany, France and Luxembourg to get to the Normandy D Day Beaches and back to Frankfurt.

Working through Ideamerge went wonderfully. All of our questions were promptly answered and when there was some change with the insurance company we were notified quickly.

The pickup in Frankfurt (Friedberg) went well when we finally got to Friedberg after taking the train going the wrong direction from Frankfurt airport. My German travel phrases didn't help me much.

Suzanne at McRent was great to work with. Since we have a motorhome of our own we knew what questions to ask and what to look for in the turnover. Our Dethleffs Globebus T4 was just right for our needs and behaved nicely even for us who are not used to manual transmission vehicles. That diesel engine was great. We got 27 mpg compared to the 8 mpg we get with our own Winnebago.

Unfortunately we had a run in with a bridge in France, literally. Our Garmin GPS unit did not know that we were a motorhome and so sent us on some routes that were not really suitable for a vehicle of our size. Suffice it to say that the bridge overhead structure was too narrow for us and we were on it without warning coming out of a roundabout. The passenger side mirror glass was shattered and in moving over further we sheared off the awning in the middle of rush hour traffic near Tours. Apparently this happens frequently on this particular bridge. We had the adventure of car repair in France (traveler's French not much help) and spent the rest of the trip without an awning. Not sure we would have used it anyway.

We met wonderfully nice people who ran campgrounds. Check out La Esplanade in Cromary, France if you are near. Everyone was helpful and understanding and impressed that Americans had come all the way to their campground.

The return of the motorhome went off without a hitch. Suzanne even asked if I might want a job detailing rentals for her. Luckily the insurance we had purchased returned a good portion of the damage deposit. We knew replacing an awning system would be expensive and we had paid for the mirror while on the road.

Despite some tense driving situations we had a wonderful time and saw all those World War Two sights that my husband had read about and seen in movies. We truly had an adventure to remember.

Would we do it again? Yes, we are leaning in that direction with the idea of going East from Frankfurt and making a circle through Germany and possibly to Prague. Perhaps considering our bridge adventure we will look at a smaller rig to rent next time. We would definitely rent through Ideamerge again.

Daniel and Johanne, 05 october 2012
Picked up the camper in Frankfurt, Germany. Staff were very kind and helpful, we even arrived very early for pick up and van was ready, all was very well explained and the van was very nice and clean. Fun that there was leftover stuff from other campers such as dishsoap, matches, bug repelant, etc. Saved us buying these items, which we also left when we returned the van. Both of us are fluent in both french and english languages, but trying to read a german camping guide was a bit difficult, would suggest having a couple of the camping guides in english. Another thing would be that there be sufficient GPSs for all to rent. We ended up buying our own for the trip. Overall the experience was wonderful, thank you.

Kjetil Stokkeland Norway, 04 october 2012
We rented motor home for the second time in the same place. No problems at all with checking in and out. Good service from staff in Frankfurt. Would definitely recommend to others to rent a camper in this way

Graham Smith, 04 october 2012
Booked and paid thru Ideamerge, and had no troubles. We picked up the van in Munich, it was almost brand new, and we spent the next 3 months touring Eastern Europe in comfort. MCRent were extremely courteous and check in & out were no hassles.
I would recommend this process to anyone.

TS, 04 october 2012
Had a great time with motorhome. Found Doug to be very helpful. He dealt with a few last minute issues very efficiently. Would definetly rent from them again.

Sergey and Olga, 04 october 2012
As smaller models were not anymore available at the
booking time, we rented a 4-person Dethleffs T 6501
during two last weeks of June 2012 at the Manresa
depot station to travel around Southern part of
Booking process was quick and easy and we never
regretted we booked our motorhome via IdeaMerge: the
price is for sure the best on the market and such
bonuses as free cooking utensils, dishes and
silverware, printed guide to campgrounds across
Spain as well as reachable customer support you
won’t find anywhere else.
Motorhome pickup was also good: Manresa staff was
extremely friendly and ready to help on any matter.
As we had some extra time we decided not to take
transfer to the station and took a train to Manresa
Alta, where McRent administrator picked us up
completely for free!
Motorhome was very close to “completely new”
condition with very small mileage and clean and nice
interior, which looked exactly as on a picture.
There were only two problems with the motorhome
during our trip: cupboard’s doorknob and gas tank.
Doorknob was for sure been broken before our rental
and just fixed, but we managed to break it again. As
the fines for broken details were quite high, we
decided to fix this issue by ourselves and bought
exactly the same new doorknob for just 9 Eur.
Problem with gas tank appeared before the drop off
as we could not find where to buy full gas tank
around Manresa. But again – McRent staff surprised
us as told they will fill it for no cost!
Overall we are very satisfied with both IdeaMerge
and McRent service and will for sure book our next
trip with them.

Grant Prunster, Canberra - Australia - 10 Sep 12, 04 october 2012
Booking a large camper van through IdeaMerge and McRent was a great choice. Dealing with Doug at IdeaMerge was easy and very rewarding for us. No issue was too big for Doug to handle and he went the extra mile to ensure that we got the best deal possible. Even when we request an extra 2 days at the end of our request, proved to be challenging and agreed to.

The pickup point was in Dusseldorf and Ollie was all smile and very pleasant to deal with. English was his second language but he mastered it very well. A complete inspection of the vehicle was required and Ollie was very meticulous, noting every scratch and dent.

During our time with the vehicle, we found that the pillows were a little sub standard and lumpy. The kitchen was very basic, to the point that there was not even a kettle so the billy had to be boiled in a small saucepan for a cup of coffee. The tables and chairs were adequate and almost like new. The built in Satellite Television would have been brilliant, if there was at least one speaking channel on it. We used DVDs to entertain us during the nights. The operating manuals for the operation of the vehicle and appliances were in both English and German, so we had no problem there.

After 2 weeks of driving through the UK, Amsterdam and Germany, we were very happy not to have acquired any scratches to an almost brand new vehicle. We ended up getting a stone chip, just 3 hours from the end of our hire and it cost us. Hopefully, our travel insurance will pick that tab up. After handing the keys back, Ollie arranged to have a taxi take us back to the airport for our flight out and onto Singapore.

If we had our time over, I think we may have opted for a slightly smaller RV, just for the convenience of driving through the smaller villages and allowing a second driver to take a turn at the wheel. Overall, it was a fantastic experience.

As it has been mentioned in other comments, do some prior planning on where you want to go and get a GPS.

Rob, Karen and Sarah Stewart, September 2012, 03 october 2012
This was our first trip to Europe and also our first camper rental.
We only had eight days to travel in Europe, and our trip included delivering our daughter to school in Schladming, Austria. A camping trip en route seemed very appealing.
We found Ideamerge through an Internet search, and through them, we were connected with DRM.
From our first correspondence with Mark Carr of Ideamerge, we found them to be both most helpful and prompt in answering our questions. The quote provided us was both accurate and comprehensive, and even included bedding. We chose DRM because of their proximity to the Frankfurt airport, and upon arrival, found them to be most helpful and thorough in their orientation to the vehicle and service.
As our itinerary included travelling south through the Black Forest of Germany to Bern Switzerland and on to Salzburg and finally Schaldming with overnights in campsiutes along the way, we found the VW California Camper ideal for our purposes. We are avid VW owners and have owned several VW Westfalias, so the VW Camper was both somewhat familiar and cosy for the three of us.
The vehicle performed flawlessly, was well equipped and was a delight to drive. I only wish we could have purchased it and taken it home to Canada.
I would be glad to rent through Ideamerge and DRM again, and have already recommended them to friends travelling to Europe next spring.
P.S. The TomTom GPS rental from DRM was worth every Euro in assisting us navigate through highways, cities and villages along our way.

Danny Mclachlan, 03 october 2012
Very easy and organized and no questions asked when we
returned the vehicle , would not hesitate in hiring a mini camper
from you again , special mention to a young staff member at the
Paris depot who took such good care of us , think he went under
the nick name of T-BO , thank you very much my friend , see you
next year , Danny

Larissa Australian but now living in Taipei, 02 october 2012
We hired our Motorhome from Paris. We have 2 Children aged 11
and 13. It was a new motorhome so it was in great condition. We
travelled around France following the Tour De France a little and
went into Switzerland for a few days. Yes paying that toll road
expensive is annoying. Switzerland is such a beautiful place we
think it was worth it. We had no problems getting around. The only
thing would be to research your caravan parks. If your not after
caravan parks with all the extra you can save a lot of money. Some
are very expensive. Compared to the cost of travelling in Australia
now we found the holiday to be well worth it. Would I do it again, in
a heat beat and yes we would hire another Motorhome. It is a great
family holiday. Loved it.

Helen Greer , 02 october 2012
Hired an rv monte in July 2012 travelled 3000+ miles. My
daughter & I picked up the RV in Dallas we couldn't be happier
with the service. Everything worked properly and had no trouble
at all. The RV was a 2011 model it was well equipped and drove
well. Thank you to the staff for a smooth experience after a long
flight from Australia. Would use them again. Thank you again

Jan van der Meer, Netherlands, 02 october 2012
We rented a motorhome via IdeaMerge at El MOnte RV.
The handling by IdeaMerge was OK, and the RV as such
also, but the RV came with a few serious problems :
1) the RV did have a microwave oven, but no dishes
were provided that could be used in that oven, so we
had to buy them ourselves.
2) there was also a normal gas oven, but it was
impossible to set fire to the oven; moreover, also
for use in this oven no dishes were provided.
3) the refrigerator could only be switched on and
off; no further control was possible, which was a
problem because its content got frozen, possibly due
the early season, but as a result several food items
were not suitable for consumption anymore.
4) the tableware was of poor quality and not resistant to usage.
But apart from the above, we did have a great

Choi kwang suk, 02 october 2012
Sufficient information for our guests the ideamerge offered
We had difficulty forgetting RV travel for travel information travel anxiety. Acceptable cost for RV travel experience a happy journey. Rental and pick-up service was good for the trip was to get rid of the fear. It was the best trip with the family.

Horton's, 01 october 2012
We rented a Touring Car motorhome for 18 days to travel the ring road and take side trips. Overall, our experience was very positive. Renting an RV is the most convenient and cost-effective way to travel the entire country.

We did experience a few issues - we reserved a motorhome to sleep only 2 seven months in advance of our trip, but got one that was designed for 6. Same price, but very large. And, a few items failed to work reliably, such as the automatic step - it would retract without notice. Also, the valve on the gray-water tank would not open, so we needed to be a little careful about how much water we collected. So, we washed our dishes at campground sinks. We did have our furnace fail to operate, but a call to Touring Cars helped us solve the problem We needed to reset the electrical system. As previously mentioned, Touring Cars was very helpful. They did call us about high winds in Vik.

It is important to be fully alert when making your initial check of the vehicle. Take a lot of pictures. You need to try everything (even the gray water release valve!)and be very careful about all blemishes. Open the drawers and doors, look around the cushions, carefully inspect the exterior. There can be a lot of hidden damage.

Check-in was a little trying. It took almost 2 hours for them to finish the inspection - we passed, by the way. So allow for the extra time.

In short, Touring Cars treated us fairly and provided everything we requested. We would rent with them again.

One thing about campgrounds - especially if you are camping in the late spring or early summer - there may not be anyone in the office to take your fee. Just wait a bit and someone usually comes around and knocks on your door. This is very different from campgrounds in the US - much more relaxed! Get the camping card, too.

PS: Bring your own GPS with Icelandic maps. We did and never had any problems finding anything.

Daniel Kate, 30 september 2012
Our first time ever renting an RV was with IdeaMerge - and we totally
loved it! We will definitely do it again next year and will certainly rent
again from IdeaMerge. They gave us a great deal, everything worked
super smoothly and you know that you can just call and talk to
somebody there should you have an issue.
We met many campers with RV on our two week trip (US / New
England and Canada), none of which had heard of IdeaMerge.
However, we promoted them and a lot of people were amazed at the
good deal. Thank you!

Southampton UK, 30 september 2012
August 2012
This is our second motorhome rental, and we own a campervan. Booking through IdeaMerge was very easy, convenient and good value, and everything with the booking went very smoothly. We had an Apollo motorhome. The pick-up process took 3 hours because the desk was busy with other pick-ups, with a lot of steps to go through for each party picking up (San Leandro, near San Francisco). We could have booked in on-line prior to pick-up, but didn't do this, and think perhaps this could have been made clearer. The motorhome was in very good condition, and everything worked well. It wasn't covered in Apollo labelling. We had one hiccup where one of the tyres got a cut in it, and given we had to drive on mountain roads, we were a bit concerned. We spoke to Apollo on the Friday on the phone, and they said we needed to take it to a garage to change the tyre (we couldn't do it ourselves). Apollo booked us in at Yosemite garage, and rang us back to confirm. On Saturday, when we took the motorhome to the garage, they needed to talk to Apollo because the spare was perished and the garage staff said it was worse than the one with the cut. However, there was no answer on Apollo's 24-hour helpline. Luckily, we had a direct number from speaking to Apollo the day before, so were able to contact them. They took a bit of persuading that the tyre needed replacing, but did approve replacement of the cut tyre and the spare. We were insured for two tyres, so Apollo covered the cost. In total, we spent around 5 hours at the garage, so with two teenage boys, this seemed a bit of a waste of holiday time, but at least we ended up with a vehicle safe for mountain roads. Other than that, we were extremely pleased with the motorhome (27ft, sleeps 5-6). We did 3000+ miles in 18 days, and enjoyed the whole experience. We did learn to watch out for the length of our motorhome when entering carparks to avoid the tail rubbing the ground. We also learned to engine brake down steep hills, so as not to overheat the brakes. Drop-off was amazingly smooth and took less an hour. The staff were really helpful in directing us to public transport to the airport, although we ended up opting for a taxi that they ordered for us. We swept the floor, wiped the surfaces, emptied tanks, and left it tidy and empty, but didn't have to clean the outside or do any major cleaning. We had not been given an atlas and first aid kit on pick-up (presumably over-looked because they were busy, and we had our own anyway), and they questioned it when we dropped off, but were satisfied when we said we weren't given them. All in all 10/10 for IdeaMerge and 8.5/10 for Apollo. I'd do the same rental again with no hesitation, and would recommend to others.

The Boylan/Evans Family UK , 28 september 2012
This was our first road trip and with 5 teenagers in tow a bit of a challenge.
Idea merge were a very good choice in terms of what they provided. Easy to book, explanation of terms and conditions good and payment at a fixed rate with no additional currency charges was excellent.
The pick up and drop off however was poor ( this was with camping world/moturis depots). On pick up there was only 1 person dealing with the paperwork, and this was painfully slow. Then the 1 staff member disappeared as it was apparently lunch time! In all it took over 3 hours to pick up. I would like to say the staff were courteous and polite but they were not! Drop off not significantly better again massively understaffed and waited well over 2 hours! This could be avoided.
That said I would use idea merge again as they are at the mercy of the depots and did their bits right.
Be careful if you have a flight to catch give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport as some people were in danger of missing their flights! In spite of the admin, a great trip!

RRE, 28 september 2012
Rented through IdeaMerge for a Roadbear RV in June 2012 from Las Vegas. It was all a very good experience. IdeaMerge staff was helpful in confirming I could get the RV I wanted for the dates I wanted though it was questionable per the Roadbear website. The rental experience at Roadbear was great. The staff was very helpful (Do pay close attention to the "tour of the RV" as tiny details do become important during the trip). The RV looked brand new and actually only had ~3000 miles on it. Everything worked perfectly. The drop off process was equally as easy. We cleaned the RV inside but not outside. Inspection was quick and fine. The Roadbear staff even shuttled us to our hotel long before they were scheduled to. I'd rent from then again!

Philip Anderson, from UK, 22 august 2012
Dear IdeaMerge & McRent,

I am writing with reference to our summer motorhome rental from which we have recently returned.

I have to begin by saying how thankful we are to our friends who recommended both IdeaMerge and McRent. The entire process from start to finish has been nothing but wonderful! Our actual holiday was amazing and indescribably rewarding for all of us, especially our 9 year old son. We never imagined how sad he would be handing back the motorhome after 4 weeks and no television!

The booking process was amazingly straightforward and efficient, aided by the excellent service and advice provided by IdeaMerge. As for McRent Dortmund, the lady who checked us in and out could not have been more helpful or efficient. Such a smooth process, it actually took us by surprise!

Both companies have helped us have a wonderful summer holiday, during which we have already planned our next 2-3 summer holidays using you both again! I pray that your other McRent branches have such wonderful staff, as we may have to use an alternative branch depending on where our next trip takes us.

I will be in touch shortly to pick your brains concerning summer 2013, which we are already extremely excited about! As a family, we can't thank you both enough and look forward to dealing with you both again soon.

Many, many thanks and congratulations on making such a daunting trip so easy and unforgettable!

kind regards,

Towers Family, UK, 19 august 2012
First RV rental in the States. IdeaMerge provided an excellent service throughout. The website made comparison between the various companies much easier than trying to compare them on their own individual sites and the deals offered appeared very competitive. Communication was very friendly and efficient and the staff there were more than happy to assist even after the rental period was over. Based on this experience would confidently book through IdeaMerge again.
Our RV was from Apollo in San Francisco and was fine as were the staff. Most of the vehicles going out the day we collected ours were this year's models, even ours, which was at a discounted rate, had only 43000 miles on the odometer and was in very good condition. Campers we met along the way seemed to have been given older more worn vehicles by other companies. Reading other reviews suggests that, whoever provides the vehicle, it's potluck whether you experience problems or not. Worth watching a walkthrough of your vehicle and pre-registering on the internet before you collect it, also worth planning your first night's stay. (Amazing how many people collecting vehicles at the depot didn't appear to have done any of this!)
NB. Pack a small screwdriver kit, a roll of duct tape and a sense of humour! A great way to see the USA, already planning our next trip.

Don Linda Australia May 2012, 27 june 2012
We rented our RV through IdeaMerge whose service and communication was excellent and would not hesitate to use them again. However, we can not say the same for the supplier of the RV, El Monte. They gave us incorrect information in relation to their free shuttle from Las Vegas airport to their depot which resulted in us having to take a taxi, cost $44. The staff at the depot were very helpful & friendly, (thanks Sandra) and the checklist and operation was explained well. Here though, we encountered the first problem. Knowing we planned to camp in State & National Parks with no hook up for power we paid extra per day for a generator. Before leaving the depot the generator wouldn't start. Mechanic replaced the solonoid and all was well till two days later when it wouldn't start again.This went on for two weeks with El Monte road service people trying to find mechanics in several towns to get it going without success. Finally, they decided to change the RV with another one which was delivered to us at Vernal Utah after sitting around for a full day waiting. This was in addition to us losing two days previously at a dirty unkept RV Park (the only one that had a vacancy and we now know why)in Moab waiting for a mechanic. Joy of joys the replacement RV generator worked but the inside was absolutely filthy and we had to completly clean it before bedding down for the night.Obviously not cleaned by the previous hirerer on return or cleaned and checked by El Monte Salt Lake City.This unit was 5 years old and had done some 94000 miles. Our first one was 4 years old and done 68000 miles.The second unit suffered from the same problem other hirerers have commented on in that the grey/black water dump outlet was on one side (had to get down on knees to couple up)of the vehicle & fresh water inlet on the other, most inconvenient at all dump points.
The gauges inside the RV for checking fresh water, gas,grey/black water, batteries were not accurate.
The manual for the vehicle was generic and not vehicle specific and did not always provide the information wanted. They would do well to have these specific to the vehicle and update them when necessary.
In spite of this we had a great trip through Utah, Wyoming,Idaho,Montana,Nevada,Colorado & Arisona some 5,000 miles, magnificient scenery & people. Would do it again in a heartbeat,planning another trip now for next year to New Mexico and more of Colorado.
When we returned the RV to ElMonte Las Vegas the staff were very apologetic and offered us compensation for the problems we encountered.
We believe this could have been avoided by them taking more care checking & servicing their vehicles.

Toni Graham - Australia, 21 june 2012
Picked up our camper from Paris East about 3km's from nearest rail station. Staff were very freindly but it seemed only one person in the depot could speak English (Nicola). He was very thorough on the workings of the camper but a bit light on information about the vehicle operation itself. Fortunately the Fiat Ducato is a very easy vehicle to operate & drive. We found the Ducato very economical with plenty of power. The vehicle we rented (Compact Plus) had 42 thousand km's on the clock, with a number of scratchs, dents & a damaged drivers mirror. This damage was duly noted down & my wife also took photos. After reading previous reviews we did not order the bedding package we brought over our own sleeping bags. The kitchen utensils supplied were adequate & even had a coffee maker. We travelled throughout France, Northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg & Belgium. My only gripe is the cost of everything in Switzerland we got stung 40 Euro for a yearly toll pass at the border with no other option, fuel prices seem the be approx 30% greater than the rest of Europe & food is twice as expensive as well. All in all motorhome travel in Europe is an extremely enjoyable experience notwithstanding that a lot of the streets are very narrow & a challenge. As mentioned in other reviews a GPS is a must & if you can, try to rent a narrow camper. Would we do it again? I'll have to think about it.

John ASHBY (Australia), 17 June 2012, 16 june 2012
We hired motorhome from McRent in Maslch (near Karlsruhe, Germany). On arrival after 24 hour flight from Australia and two short train trips from Frankfurt the staff at McRent were most helpful. All was ready to go after explanation of paperwork and motorhome operation which was organised and thorough. We stowed cases at the McRent depot for the duration of motorhome hire.

We travelled through Italy, Croatia and Germany. the Dethleffs T11 hired offered the perfect balance of size and performance with comfort and room including a garage under rear bed.

Bike hire would improve motorhome experience for small local rides from campsites. ACSI card membership offered great saving at campsites and Archies campsite directory both available with GPS interface allowed for very easy locating of campsites.

Overall a great experience that reinforces the flexibility and freedom offered by motorhome travel and especially outside the larger European cities.

Rudi and Cheryl Riksman, 10 june 2012
We hired a McRent Compact motorhome out of Hamburg for an 18 day tour through Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We were delighted with the whole exercise. Yes the bed sets could have been better as could the kitchen items but given that McRent only hire out their vans for one season it makes sense to keep costs down. We found prices in Germany very low to purchase the additional items we needed. I would have liked to see a manual specific to the model we were hiring but this was a minor irritation. The service was pleasant and we were on our way with a minimum of fuss. I can recommend the Globe Cub Scout as an ideal size to tour the narrow roads in Norway and the Scandinavian relaxed attitude to free camping made it a very economical holiday. The return was equally efficient with my deposit being returned within a week. Overall a very pleasant experience.

Barbar Falk and Ladd Burmaster, 08 june 2012
We recently rented a camper from Ideamerge and toured from Lyon
to the Alps region where we did some spring skiing for 3 weeks
then headed to the French Riviera for 10 days... we loved this mode
of travel and found campsites easily in most places we went. My
husband did all the driving and he was most impressed by the
European drivers as opposed to the drivers in the USA,,, he found
the camper fairly easy to operate even touring the mountains with
the tight hairpin turns.... we will most certainly do this again, it
truly was the way to go,,, loved that you could find a nice camping
place and then take public transportation around,,, We love the
European model for their roadways and roundabouts. The best
thing was finding Doug Bredesen who we could talk with over the
phone to help us arrange in the US before we left for Europe, he
was so helpful. The whole process went smoothly and was more
fun than I have had in a long time....Merci Beaucoup Barbara....

Megan and rob van Selm, 07 june 2012
We hired a campervan from Munich in April 2012 for 2 weeks.

The booking process was straightforward and clearly defined
what was and wasn't included.

The campervan itself was great. It was very new, we were the
second people to use it. It had low mileage and was spotless.
The handover was thorough.

The bed linen we hired was not great though. The pillows were
very lumpy and the pillow cases didn't match the size of the
pillows. It was clean, but old!

We hired a table and chairs but didn't use these at all as it was
cold and wet, so don't bother hiring these unless you are forecast
to have warm, dry conditions.

The pick up depot is quite difficult to get to using public transport,
so I would suggest using a taxi, even though this is quite

We would definitely recommend using idea merge for hiring a
campervan and we really had the holiday of a lifetime!

Brad Potter from Victoria Australia 7 June 2012, 06 june 2012
We hired a motorhome for 21 days from DRM Frankfurt. In the lead up to our holiday I found the customer service and website information from Ideamerge very helpful and informative.

The location of DRM, just 15 minutes from airport via taxi made it a lot more accesible than Mcrent. The taxi fare was only 16 euro.

We picked up the motorhome and were given a good orientation in english before heading out. The staff member at DRM was helpful. The motorhome was clean and well laid out. The kitchen supplies were a bit limited and so we purchased a fry pan. The bedding and towels that were supplied were a little worn but did the job.

We drove through a number of countries, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France and the motorohome didn't miss a beat. It handled well on the roads and once I got confident in driving on the other side of the road I was able to relax a little more. The good thing about motorhoming is the ability to pull over literally anywhere and have a cuppa or prepare a meal and the quick setup time once you arrive at your destination. This also makes it more affordable for a family.

We stayed in camping grounds close to the major cities which during the time we went, provided no problems in getting sites. We didn't book ahead.

We were able to return the motorhome without sustaining much damage except for a chip in the windscreen caused by a truck along the way. This became a little expensive as the windscreen needed replacing due to the chip being in the drivers eyesight. Would recommend travel insurance as these things are covered.

Overall we had a wonderful holiday which driectly related to our positive experience with both Ideamerge and DRM. I would recommend both of these operators to those seeking a motorhoming holiday picking up in Frankfurt.

David christie, 06 june 2012
Picked up 5 berth campervan from Friedberg germany in early april 2012,van had only travelled 1900klms,walked next door to a electrical store and purchased a garmin gps for $100 euros with all europe maps(absolute essential to travel with otherwise a divorce with your navigator wife is garanteed)!Idea merge were great,they offered a hire gps but it was the same $ to buy new,we went thru all crockery at the site and brought a few things at the camping shop next door that the van was lacking(then left in van for next customers,kettle etc)One thing you need is a larger non stick fry pan if travelling with 3-6 people!We did our trip down thru germany,austria,italy,french riviera,switzerland and back to friedberg!The only issue on our return was when we collected the van 1 of two gas bottles were nearly empty,that ran ouy on the 4th night due to use with the heater,so in st tropez(france) i swapped it for another,the guy at the servo gave me a french bottle that still works but the germans dont use,it was still full on our return but they wanted to charge me 75EURO on top of already paying 40 for it,we went halfs after a discussion,all in all no probs with the van,economical,powerfuletc, germany (bavaria) was the pick for us (rothenbergETC)and the cheapest by far for food,accom at van parks,fuel etc!!!!!!!!

Noel Playford, 03 june 2012
We hired our motorhome from McRent Frankfurt for the month of April 2012. We travelled 5,000 kilometres through Switzerland, northern Italy to Tuscany, and south east France. Organising the rental with Ideamerge was simple and efficient.
Pickup was no problem, but inexperienced renters should be supplied with instructions in a language they understand. Some hints that might help:
Do not go without a car GPS. We bought one online with Europe maps before we left Australia for $95.
Arrive early for pickup rather than late.
Take a list of promised kitchen gear, and check before leaving, and ask if anything is missing.
We took addresses of nearest Aldi and IKEA with us, bought food, pillows and bedding after pickup.
We were very pleased we rented a small vehicle, many narrow roads and villages can be a problem.
Only hire table and chairs in warm weather.

Ernie And Helen, 04 may 2012
We picked up our Road Bear 23 ft (a good size for 2 people) RV in LA in Sep last year and drove from there to Denver over a six week period.
The unit was faultless, clean and and only had 18000 miles on the clock. We pre booked 4000 miles but ended up doing 4500 which cost another $400.00.
The guys were great at pick up and drop off and though we managed to damage the RV door they were fair with the repair costs. The main bed was very hard but easily fixed by buying a eggshell type topper at Wall Mart. The unit was a bit thirsty but take it easy and you will have a great time. You can find cheap petrol stations on web site called Gas buddy.
Will use them again and would recomend them to all.
My wife and I had the best holiday, it is the best way to see the country and meat the people.
Cheers Road Bear

Eddie Jones UK , 01 february 2012
We picked up the RV in San Francisco and drove to Florida via Las Vegas and Los Angelis, over three weeks.
Pick up was fine everything covered and the staff took all the time we wanted to explain anything we were unsure about.
The vehicle, which was a 22ft six berth, was only six months old and had about 24,ooo miles.
The camper was absolutely fantastic, better than expected. Expect to get 10mpg when working out how much fuel you will use.
Drop off was really good, with the staff ensuring that we got off to the airport in time to meet our flight.
One of the best holidays we have ever had, hoping to drive from New York to Florida this year.

Paul swalwell , 30 january 2012
We chose ideamerge as they were by far the cheapest offering
moturis 4-5 sleeper RV. Although from Scotland ideamerge
replied to our e mails almost immediately even though there was
a large time difference.
We arrived to pick up our RV from San Fransisco at 08.30 for a 9
am pick up. The gate was locked and we could not get in until
09.20 (not a good start waiting on a highway for 50 minutes with
a 4 and 2 year old!! However the pick up was fine once we got in.
The RV only had 9000 miles on so fairly new and as described
Everything worked well in the unit apart from we found the
kitchen equipment very cheap and easily broken and the pans
were very hard to keep clean as they were not non stick. At the
weekend we could smell gas (propane) so we phoned the 24 hr
helpline for advice. The lady said she would get someone to
phone us back...... We are still waiting on that call! So next 3
days we had no gas.
On drop off we advised them off the leak and they apologised but
we had to ask for compensation for having no heating or hot
water. We were given $45 off our over mileage. We also were not
aware we ad to pay for any generator use. Luckily we only had 3
hours use.
All in all a very good rental but the leak was badly managed (well
not at all!!) would definitely RV again!

Lance Liza Cullinan, South Africa, 18 january 2012
Ideamerge, you were great! We were collected in a stretch limo which
impressed our two teenage daughters no end! The staff were great
and the RV in good condition. This was our 3rd holiday and more
enjoyable than the previous European ones. The RV was very well
equipped and well designed. We will definitely consider renting an
Ideamerge RV again. Thanks for a great experience.

Ana Romero De Avila Villacastin, 18 january 2012
We have repeated twice with IdeaMerge in the same year. In USA in July and in NZ in December and everything has been all right. We rented a two berth campervan with Britz in Auckland, the shuttle was free from the Airport. We dropped off the campervan in Christchurch and they gave our money back for the insurance quickly. All the equipment in the campervan worked perfectly so thank you for these fantastic holidays.

Chris Myung Gun Lee, 17 january 2012
We are really grateful to IdeaMerge for the rental arrangement. We enjoyed our trip to Europe so much with the rented camper van and everything was satisfactory. In particular, even though the relevant pick-up cost was raised by the local rental company, McRent, after our booking IdeaMerge did not charge the additional money by its takiing the cost.

We are going to contact your company again when we do our next trip to Europe to travel around another part of it.

Nick Adamson Australia, 11 december 2011
Highly recommended way to see Italy. We prefer quiet villages
and countryside to cities and the choice to drive up any road if
we like the look of it. This approach took us to some wonderful
locations not overrun with crowds. We took off with a map and
just a general idea of where we wanted to go. One highlight was
the decision to drive to the Abruzzo mountains after discovering
the Amalfi Coast was closed due to road damage. It highlights
the flexibility a camper van gives you.

Recommendations for travelers include
- take a GPS
- don't go after Oct 31 as too many parks shut down
- avoid going to close to Sorrento in the van
- Camping Michelangelo in Florence is worth the extra cost
- check petrol station nozzles are unlocked late at night before
putting money in

The people at Freedom are great and we would be very happy
to lease a van from them again in the future.

P Thames, 05 december 2011
This was my first RV trip, so when booking it was confusing trying to work out what each company offered, with each company presenting all their options in different ways. Ideamerge was brilliant for giving me a straightforward way of comparing different RV rental companies.

We ended up with Motoris, and the service at pick-up and drop-off was extremely friendly, and at pick-up they did a great job of explaining the RV to us newbies. The RV itself was great fun, we drove from Denver to Las Vegas via all the National Parks and had an amazing time.

Yazeed Altunisi, Saudi Arabia, 02 december 2011
It's A Life Time Experience
I Had always wanted to tour Europe in a motorhome with my wife and 2 daughters. Finally, I had the chance to do it.
I browsed the internet for the best motorhomes, and found Ideamerge.com to be one of the best websites offering a good motorhome. Italy was the closest to Saudi Arabia, so we went to Rome as the first destination.
In Rome, we visited most of the historical places, then rented a car to Pisa. It was a 3.5 hours drive, and after we visited the Pisa Tower, we went to pick up the Motorhome, It was a nice Fiat T 5841 McRent Comfort Standard that sleeps up to 4, almost brand new, fully equipped with W.C, Shower, Oven, Refrigerator ....

I hooked up my GPS, and away we went. The first destination was Venice. i had prepared for the trip before we left our country, all places to visit, roads, places to park the motorhome ....

We arrived at Venice in the evening, parked the motorhome in the special motorhome parking area just outside Venice, and took the People Mover train in a 5 minute trip to Venice (1 Euro per person) for a dinner at a nice restaurant, and went back to the motorhome.

It was a cold night, so I struggled to turn on the heater, the manual i had was in Italian, and the CD they gave me was in Italian too, but I managed.

Early next morning, we went to visit Venice, and stayed till the evening. 1 day is more than enough for venice, as my daughters (15 and 13Y) are young to be interested to visit art galleries and museums, but we enjoyed Venice, and we took a taxi boat back to the motorhome.

Our next trip was Gardaland park on Como lake, the biggest theme park in italy. a 3 hours drive, We stopped at a service area 10 minutes before Gardaland to spent the night, as motorhome parking is not allowed overnight in Gardaland as i knew when preparing for the trip. Early next morning, we arrived at Gardaland and spent a nice day there, they were celebrating Halloween.

We left in the evening, to Switzerland, our next destination was Interlaken, a nice city on a lake,
the girls did Paragliding and we parked the motorhome on the lake, and went for a nice quite walk, had dinner, and went back to sleep in the motorhome.

Next morning, we went to Geneva, spent the noo time there then went to Germany Europa-park, 1 of the largest theme parks in Europe. We parked the motorhome there, and connected to a power sources to recharge the Laptops, and Camera batteries.

The next day, we went to Disneyland Paris, arrived at 5 pm. We parked the motorhome at Disneyland, and joined the Halloween night, and spent the following day in Disneyland too.

our next destination was Annecy, we had a wonderful night and day there.

Then we went to Milan, my wife did some shopping, then went back to Pisa to drop the Motorhome, rented a car to Rome airport and took the flight back to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Time fly's !!!

Notes :
1. Time fly's, so enjoy the most of every minute.
2. Must prepare very well before the trip, use Google earth to find destinations (according to your interest), routes, and insert locations in the GPS. (as must do)
3- be prepared for many toil charge in Italy and France.
4- it is very convenient to use the W.C at the service stops.

Steve and cathy Ferndale from NSW Australia, 30 november 2011
In late October we completed a 21 day motorhome holiday in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and The Czech Republic. The Ideamerge booking system worked very well and everything was organised as agreed in the contract. We hired a McRent van thru the Munich office which is at Zoolmoos. The unexpected difficulty was that because it is so far from the airport the taxi drivers at Munich airport had much difficulty in working out how to get there. On arrival the van which we had ordered was unavailable and we were upgraded at no extra cost to a bigger van. The handover was conducted in excellent english, a friendly manner and was very detailed but like others we had difficulty retaining all the information provided and it would have been very handy to have simple insructions written in English. We were disappointed with the standard of bedding which we hired as the doonas and sheets were small, the pillows old and misshapen. The kitchen fit out was below expectations when compared with hire vans in New Zealand and Australia. The frying pan and saucepans were cheap and below standard and whilst we had a kettle it did not have a lid. The van performed extremely well and at a cruising speed of 100km/hr was very economical on fuel. As it was late in the season we found the guide for European Camping Grounds invaluable even if it was in German. When returning the vehicle the system was fast and very efficient with no issues. The deposit was recredited to my account within 5 days. We recommend to renters taht a GPS is essential, they consider buying or providng their own bedding particularly in the cold months and plan on supplementing the kitchen fitout with small purchases. Overall a great way to holiday and we would use the services of Dreammerge and McRent for a future holiday.

Assie Liefie De Klerk, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 30 november 2011
On January 27, 2011 we booked a VW California
through Ideamerge at McRent in Frankfurt
(Friedberg). Within 60 minutes the booking was
confirmed and paid. We arrived at Frankfurt Airport
on 20 Sep 2011 and took the S-Bahn to Friedberg
station(25 euro/4 persons). At Friedberg we took a
taxi to McRent(5.50 euro). The reception at McRent
was very friendly and proffesional although we were
about 3 hours early.The motor home was ready at
12:00 although it was booked for 14:00. Suzanne and
Klaus were superb as always as it was the second
time we rented from McRent.
The VW California was an excellent vehicle although
recommended for 2 adults and 2 children we were 4
adults of 60+ and we had no problem with space. I
must say that the 4 of us had been camping together
for the past 20 years. Fuel consumption was about
8.5l/100km at an average of 80km/hour. The primary
reason why we choose the California was for the
parking. It was no problem to park in a parking
garage with a height restriction of 2.05 meters.
When the motor home was returned to McRent there was
no problems and my deposit was paid back into my
credit card within 3 days.
We really had a joyful time in Europe for 42 days
and traveled a distance of 9800km.
I would also like to thank Ideamerge for their
assistance with our Schengen Visa applications.

Michael Shulman, 30 november 2011
We arrived at the depot near Madrid to pick up our Dethleffs T2 camper van which was ready for us to drive. The details were gone over with the English speaking Ingnacio who explained everything clearly. Just in case there was an English Manual in the cabin which came in handy a few times during the trip. The camper had loads of storage space & was very clean and comfortable. Unfortunately though quite early on in our trip through Portugal the key which was used for the entrance door, water, and wc cassette broke off in the lock of the entrance door. This should be checked out by Dethleffs as it seems that the key is much to thin to use for so many daily uses. The entrance door lock needs to be turned with quite a bit of leverage. We had to have a spare key mailed to us to be picked up. This did set back our travel for a few days and we missed out some important plans which we had made. We returned the camper to the Madrid depot and were charged 80 euros for the cylinder to be changed etc,even though we didn't really feel that this was our fault. Aside from this unpleasant business, we enjoyed our camper van and would consider another rental again. Just make sure the door locks are not a problem!!!

Five Aussie Blokes, 30 november 2011
We hired a FS 31 through ideamerge. This was my second hire
and was totally satisfied again. We picked up our RV from Dallas
and we were all pleased to each have our own beds without
having to pack up the dining table. This proved invaluable as
most nights some of us stayed up to sample the many various
forms of alcohol that America has.
We travelled from Texas to Louisiana then to Kentucky. Back to
Alabama for some NASCAR then up to Virginia for some more
NASCAR. The return trip was then back to Dallas. We got around
10mpg for the whole trip with a total of 3800 miles in 3 weeks.
We dry camped using the generator a few nights and couldn't of
asked for a better way to do the trip.
This is the third time I have hired an RV in the States and there
will definitely be another through Ideamerge.

Alexander, 29 november 2011
We rented Dethleffs T6401-4 based on Fiat Ducato in Manresa (Catalonia). It isn't closed to Barcelona, but we got train to Manresa station. And Mcrent pick us up from Manresa station to hire station by our motorhome for free. And then transfer us back after drop off for free too. It's great!
The motorhome was good, everything was work, except used water gage. From time to time it showed full tank regardless of it's real state. But it's not very important.
Mcrent gave us manual in English and camp site guide for use. Because it was our first motorhome experience, they show DVD movie about motorhomes and their using. And after that manager show everything one more time in the motorhome.
Mcrent charged deposit 750 euro from my credit card. And after motorhome return they made refund. Because my card's count isn't in euro, I lost about 40 euros on conversion in two directions. If mcrent can only block the deposit, and unblock it after return, I wouldn't lost anything.
Generally, we are very glad to deal with ideamerge and mcrent.

Pierre-Andr矡nd Marilena Breetz, Sept. 16th - Oct. 5th, 24 november 2011
We had a lovely time in N.S., the camper was just what we had asked for (thanks to Mark in Barcelona who helped us via telephone). I have a remark, however, we were very surprised that the gas stove had no safety shut off (compulsory everywhere in Europe) and we paid 2X 75 CAD for bedding and kitchen utensils which were insufficient and of not too good quality.
Nevertheless, we want to thank you for your support and wish you a happy winter.

Steve UK, 17 november 2011
We rented a 33 foot RV from Idea Merge at Las Vegas and took it via Yellowstone to New York over a 6 week period, covering about 4,200 miles. The vehicle was a low mileage current season model, which worked really well for us in every respect. We expected to get about 10 miles to the gallon, and achieved those sort of figures. Staff at both ends were very pleasant, although on pick up, we could have done with more information on how to check water and oil levels; we had to ask as the information wasn't provided in the brief.
We paid for additional mileage up front, so as to avoid any sort of surcharge. We came in about 800 miles less than required and paid for, but were unable to get any form of refund, so make sure you're as accurate as you can be, when estimating how many miles you want to pay for.
On the whole, happy to recommend this rental company, and will use them again, next time.
Wherever you intend to go, enjoy the trip, you can understand why RV'ing becomes a way of life.


The Edlins from UK, 17 november 2011
When picking up Rv found that it was lasrger than ordered and no alternative availiable. Vehicle was thus bigger and havier than needed and gas costs higher also less suitable for some wilderness areas. Cooker unit rattled on roads that were not billiard smooth and conveniece kit had no means of storage to prevent more rattles and shakes of cullery and crockery . Ended up folding it on blankets and half dismantling cooker on the move.
Otherwise vehicle reliable and all other functions worked well. Might consider a smaller range of vehicle for 2-3 person trips but not seeminly availiable in New Mexico

David Melissa Cunningham - Perth, Western Australia , 14 november 2011
We hired from DRM in Markt Schwaben, Munich from 6th
October to 27th October (21 days). the pickup procedure all
went well. The staff were very friendly, spoke good English and
most helpful. The Fiat karman Davis RV was nice and clean on
pickup and was trouble free for the duration of our trip.
However, we would like to point out a few suggestions to DRM
to improve the experience.
1. PILLOWS ... Very poor quality.. Small , flat and lumpy... The
pillow slips did not match the pillow size.

2. NO KETTLE supplied in the kitchen pack
3. NO FRYPAN supplied in the kitchen pack
4. SAUCEPANS... The pots supplied are of poor quality with
detachable handles which are a safety hazard. Very thin bases
means that food burns quickly and easily on the bottoms. Not
really suitable for camping.
In general, we found the Kitchen Pack which was supplied, to
be very basic at best. Check what cooking utensils are there
before you leave. Eg. Tongs, egglift, decent cutting knife.

5. INSTRUCTIONS... A detailed list of instructions on the
operation of the internals of the RV would be a great benefit,
Although the staff were very helpful in explaining how things
worked, there is so much to remember that it soon becomes an

6. VEHICLE MANUAL and other manuals ( fridge, gas stove,
grey water, heater) need to be available in ENGLISH.
We had red lights coming on the control panel and the manuals,
in every other language BUT English , were of no help. We
never did find out what they meant !

So, to DRM these are some fairly simple improvements which
could be made to make the customer's camping experience
safer and more comfortable.

suggestions, as we found their service was excellent and hassle
free. We had NO problems with the return of the E1200
deposit ,as others have had. It was credited in full within 4 days.

We would have no hesitation in using IdeaMerge / DRM Rentals

Andrea Kersten - Perth, Western Australia, 14 november 2011
This was our second experience with McRent and they were wonderful to deal with. We made a few changes to our booking before we picked up, and this was all organised without any problems.
They happily organised a shuttle from the airport for us, and another to take us into the city when we returned our van.
The campervan itself was clean and exactly as described, and the demonstration they provided was very informative and helpful. Both the pick up and return were quick and painless.
We were allowed to look at their 'stock room' and take any additional items we needed (kitchen utensils, kettle, toaster, leftover food items from other rentals (eg. cooking oil, canned items) and even a set of boules). This was great as the kitchen set we were given was not adequate for our needs. We still needed to purchase additional items though.
We also needed to buy new pillows (pillows provided were not comfortable), and blankets - we were only given thin doonas despite our booking being in October.
Overall though, we were really happy with our rental and I would certainly use McRent again.

The Wickett's Australia, 13 november 2011
We rented our RV through Ideamerge with Motorius/Camping
World, New Jersey, NY. Everything from the online booking to
confirmation from Ideamerge was great, despite changes we made
at the last moment . The pick up with Camping World was very
good even though a hurricane had passed through the day before,
our RV was spotless. Pick up was no problem. We travelled 8000
miles across Canada and the States without any issues with our RV.
If we were unsure about anything pertaining to the RV we rang
Camping World and were provided with the information promptly.
The book provided with camping sites was extremely useful as
were the maps provided. We also hired a GPS which was invaluable
especially going into cities and finding Camping Grounds.

AMIT H, 11 november 2011
We hired a 5 berths (A-68) family camper in Lisbon, returning it 3
weeks later to the same place. Not only all went smooths and easy,
we have found great team and service while checking out and in.
Service was always professional and friendly and the people down
there were helping out with big and small things. We even called
them on Sunday to consult on a small issue and felt the smile over
the phone. The car was almost new, in great condition. Make sure
to take care of the bedding and towels and small little things they
don't provide (wine glasses. Glass, not a plastic cup...). We would
advice not to buy any of the extras but rather to bring your own or
buy in the nearest supermarket. The renting process went flawless
and the price was attractive. Portugal is lovely simple country, with
warm people and great non-famous hidden treasures awaiting
exploration. Enjoy!

Christopher Hall, 09 november 2011
My Apollo USA motorhome booking from the UK with Ideamerge was very satisfactory and the company was a pleasure to deal with and was very quick to respond to my e-mail questions prior to our trip. We had an amazing holiday after picking up the Apollo motorhome home in Denver and covered over 4700 miles in just over a month visiting Mount Rushmore in South Dakota followed by Yellowstone & Teton National Parks and then most of the Canyon parks in Utah and Arizona before touring the Colorado mountains prior to returning to Denver. However, the Apollo motorhome did not quite achieve the high standard shown by Ideamerge. The Apollo staff in the office were very helpful and the handover was very comprehensive. The vehicle was in very good condition overall, but it soon became apparent that the vehicle quality control was not as good as one might have expected. The motorhome (a compact touring model) was supplied without the dining table and a camping table was supplied as an alternative. This was totally unsuitable and proved very difficult to use in the confined space. Other faults soon became apparent including a warped fridge door that was difficult to open, a light that was not working and defective drawer catches that allowed the drawers to open even on the slightest bend in the road!! The contents were then liable to fall on the floor at the next bump in the road!! More attention to detail is required here prior to handover. We also encountered a couple of other problems on our tour. The 12 volt system completely failed due to a loose auxilary battery terminal which had not been tightened up properly and one of the water hoses under the sink unit began to leak. These items were repaired en route and Apollo refunded the cost of the repairs. My complaint about the other defects resulted in a $50 refund. Mechanically the vehicle did perform faultlessly, but I am unsure about recommending Apollo in Denver. I think a liitle more attention to detail is required before the customer picks up the motorhome.
Christopher Hall, Cornwall UK.

Bernard Senecal, Quebec, Canada, 03 november 2011
When we pick the RV up in San Francisco, everything was clean and functional. The refrigerator was ON, ready for us to be filled, as well as the fuel tank. No delays, no excessive paper work. We went fron San Francisco to Las Vegas travelling through Yosemite Park and Death Valley (possible because we were late in the season...be carefull it may not be authorized for you if you travel during summer!!). We dropped off near San Diego, also whitout any significant delay. In our case the insurance was INCLUDED in the price which is very interesting as it may become a nightmare when we have to provide our own and deal with the according paperwork. Thank you for this awesome RV trip to the south western USA!!!

Gordon Bailey-McEwan, 02 november 2011
The IdeaMerge campervan experience was a positive one for my wife and I. The customer service was very good and the people were friendly. This was our first campervan experience so we were a bit nervous at first, but the vehicle was easy to drive. Also it was in very good condition & clean. We had a small problem with a cracking noise behind the fridge which we informed them about at dropoff but other than that everything worked fine. You will definitely need a GPS, and we had to buy a proper frying pan & bring our own pillows.

Winfried Ruebesam, 02 november 2011
We picked our RV up in San Francisco for a two week trip to Denver to visit on our way some of the great national parks. The take over was very easy and unbuerocratic and after 45 minutes of instruction and some necessary paperwork we were on the road. Returning the RV two weeks later in Denver was even easier. Staff was always very friendly and competent, RV was technically and optically great which helped to have an unforgettable RV trip through some of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever seen. THANK YOU

Phil Young, 01 november 2011
We collected our rv from the Newark Depot and had it for 6 weeks. The staff were efficient and our rv was very clean, the design/layout was excellent, by far the best of the four we have rented over the past 7 years or so.
The instructions given on vehicle operation were good, the process of signing out and returning the rv both went smoothly. The transfer to/from Newark Airport hotels was very important to us considering the location of the depot. All in all, we would recommend Road Bear/Idea Merge to our friends and acquaintances.

John Murray November 2011, 01 november 2011
We had a great few weeks travelling in a 30 footer camper around the north east of the USA. The camper was in good condition with no mishaps until we returned the camper and was advised we had broken something on the TV aerial. It was associated with winding down the aerial after use. On picking up the RV were were told just to wind it up for use and wind it down after use. We were not told that after winding it down you had to position the aerial in a particular position. Consequently a part broke and they made us pay about $60 for the part. They did not accept that we were not advised of this at the time we picked up the vehicle. I would have willing accepted responsibility for the broken part had I been given proper instruction on its use.

John Cox, 01 november 2011
We had 6 weeks. The vehicle was in excellent condition, and we had a great time.

Chris Dora Corpe Trip aug-15 to oct15, munich rental, 01 november 2011
Over all our rental experience went very well and we would use this company again. The drop off and pick up went smoothly and we didn't have any problems with paperwork. Tips for fellow travlers.
1) The pillows for the bed were really bad, small,mismatched and uncomfortable. 2)If you get a kitchen pack make sure it works for your situation. We were givin to many dishes and not enough cooking items. Just pay attention to what will work for your trip.3) We brought our own GPS,if you don't have one ,rent one ,you'll be gald you did.

Alan Grimes, Brisbane, Australia, 01 november 2011
My wife and I hired a Compact Cruiser campervan from DRM Frankfurt depot for 47 days during August & September in which time we completed a circuit of western Europe, travelling through Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg, covering 16,000km in all.
The booking process with Ideamerge was quick, simple and easy with no problems whatsoever.
The DRM depot at Kelsterbach is very easy to get to as it is the next stop from Frankfurt International Airport, outbound on the Wiesbaden line. It is an easy 15 minute walk from the station to the depot. We were given a thorough briefing by a knowledgeable young lady who spoke excellent english and who had a great sense of humour. There is an Aldi supermarket nearby and we were given clear instructions and a marked up local street map and found it easily.
We have had many unfortunate experiences during our travels with the bedding provided being far too warm for the prevailing conditions so had decided to buy our own bedding and had researched the availability and cost on the Ikea Frankfurt website where we found suitable lightweight bedding. We took our own sheets and pillowcases so only needed to buy a quilt cover with a lightweight quilt set and a couple of pillows. This worked out perfectly for us and was quite economical.
We hired a kitchen set and on the whole this was adequate but we didn't like the camping set of saucepans with the (not very positive) removable handle that we found to be potentially dangerous and so ended up buying some cheap saucepans and a frying pan. Also there was no kettle provided and we ended up buying a cheap one after a lot of searching.
The van had only 4500km on the clock when we picked it up and was beautifully fitted out. The layout with the permanent double bed across the back of the van was excellent. It was also a pleasure to drive and very economical with diesel.
A GPS is almost essential in Europe and after having problems with the one we took over from Australia, we ended up buying a Garmin in Copenhagen after a couple of days travel. It came with the whole of western Europe maps preloaded and performed brilliantly for the remainder of our trip and only cost us slightly more for the whole unit than it cost to download the Europe maps from Garmin back in Australia.
We delivered the van back to the depot with no damage whatsoever and after a thorough inspection, our entire security deposit was refunded on the spot and we were on our way to the train station within an hour.
All in all a great trip.
We certainly recommend booking through Ideamerge and hiring from DRM Frankfurt and would do so again ourselves without any hesitation.

Greg Deborah Wiseman, Brisbane Australia, 29 october 2011
This was our first RV rental with El Monte in the States and we were very happy. Idea Merge organised everything and we were impressed with their professionalism.
We booked to pick up in LA and spent our time driving around Califonia.
Only a couple of small things but we really loved our baby. Our RV broke down at the Hoover Dam of all places and it was very hot. Our generator also decided not to work on that day. Not very happy kids. However the RV was fixed the next day and on our return El Monte refunded us quite generously for our inconvenience. The vehicle was a little older than we though it was going to be but very spacious.
Would definitely rent with Idea Merge again, in fact will be booking very soon for the East Coast. A wonderful way to spend some close time with the family, the kids loved it. KOA campsites are great and one of the best was Chula Vista.
Thanks we will be back.

Derek and Lynne Parker, 29 october 2011
For our first RV holiday we have spent 4 super weeks in
California. RoadBear produced an excellent neArly new vehicle
that was totally problem free. We recommend them as renters.
A super holiday with first class arrangements.

Peter Eberhardt, South Africa, October 2011, 27 october 2011
We hired a camper in Munich, Germany in September this year. What a great holiday! The service at the Camper Hire place was great and the camper itself was really nice and comfortable. You could not have asked for better! We only had 2 gripes:- We hired linen - and this was a disappointment, as it was washed but not ironed, seemed quite old and not even the duvet covers were put on the duvet inners. It was also very thin and I think we would have died of the cold if Europe had not had a hot spell over that time! We expected better considering what we had to pay for it. Another concern was that they debited our Credit Card with the EUR1200 deposit when we arrived, and refunded us with the EUR1200 on our return - but we lost over R1100 due to the exchange rate - which made our hire quite a bit more expensive than we had expected. Surely this could be done another way so that the client is not out of pocket due to a deposit? Other than that - great service and a great holiday experience thanks!

[General note from IdeaMerge: As described on our relevant Payment & Policies pages, and during the online reservation process, and also in similar notes from IdeaMerge further down in these customer reviews, the Germany vendors do indeed charge the security deposit to the client's card upon the pick-up occasion and they do credit that amount back to the card in whole or part (i.e. minus the cost, if any, that happens to be due from the client for damages and such) after the return occasion.]

Alistair and Pat Still, 26 october 2011
October 2011
We have just completed a months rental from Road Bear. The
rv had completed only 14000 miles and looked as bright as a
new pin. The vehicle drove very well and importantly for two
people in their sixties we felt very safe.
At Los Angels the induction was very thorough as was the return
at Las Vegas.
We can only speak highly of Road Bear and of course
Ideamerge for first class arrangements.

Alexanders Oct. 2011, 26 october 2011
We read all the reviews and find it hard to add to them. We were very satisified with the camper and also the staff at IdeaMerge.We travel by RV in the USA and really didn't know what to expect in Sweden, but we would certainly do it again.We were really impressed by the fuel mileage and wish we could purchase the same vehicle here in America.

Gibson Family, 26 october 2011
We booked a 31S RV through ideamerge and Motorius from
Tappan, New Jersey, with a Churchville (Buffalo), New York drop off.
We were extremely happy with the service from both companies. No
problems with the booking or the payment. Everything was true to
word. Unfortunately Hurricane Irene had hit a couple of weeks
earlier and the destruction to the office in Tappan was obvious. The
RV was not brand new as we had hoped but comfortable. Well done
to those guys for being able to still operate and fill all their orders
after losing several RV's in the Hurricane. The staff at the
Churchville office were fabulous. They allowed us an early drop off
to accommodate our flight that day. I will definitely booked through
the same companies again.

Mr. Smith, 24 october 2011
We booked our El Monte C25 Slideout with IdeaMerge with no probems other than we had to upgrade slightly from the C25 I booked, as it wasn't available. This turned out to be to our advantage as the C25 Slideout made a HUGE difference to our living space! We picked up from All Stars RV rentals at Louviers, which is the Denver El Monte Depot. Once we did eventually manage to arrange transport to the depot the staff were brilliant. However, Louviers is quite a distance outside Denver (many people hadn't even heard of it!) so it would be brilliant for All Stars customers to be offered the option of a reasonable cost transfer to and from the depot - a taxi from downtown costs around $80 and to the airport $120! The vehicle was great and the only small problems were 1. (the same as Mr J C Inward's problem) the position of the dump connection and fresh water inlet, on opposite sides of the vehicle making their use difficult, and 2. the incredibly awkward position of the dump hose connection making it really difficult to hook up. However, this isn't All Stars fault and the service we got from them was faultless. All the personal and kitchen kits were brand new and there wasn't anything missing from them that we couldn't live without for a few weeks. All in all a great first experience of touring the National Parks in an RV. I would certainly recommend booking through IdeaMerge to others.

Mark Swinnerton - Singapore , 23 october 2011
We picked up the campervan from Ideamerge and only have positive feedback. Service was friendly, relaxed, and the van was top quality.

Graeme Phillips NSW Australia, 21 october 2011
Part of our vacation in Europe consisted of 21 day
Motorhome rental that was managed by Ideamerge and supplied by McRent Munich (Sulzemoos). Ideamerge is an excellent professional Company that manages rental vehicles Worldwide and this professionalism was evident in all our initial booking dealings. McRent Sulzemoos our pick up depot came with a measure of apprehension due to a certain amount of negative feedback from some recent post rental reviews.
Let me state categorically that all our dealings at PICK UP AND RETURN was first class This is our
second Motorhome rental from McRent Sulzemoos in 5 years and on both occasions the vehicles were near
brand new, well equipped and clean.

If I could offer one suggestion regarding rental pick up, that would be the introduction of a DVD
posted to the customer before the rental explaining
relevant Motorhome details e.g electrics, gas bottle change over, waste water disposal etc.
After a long International flight it is
hard to absorb all of the instruction offered at pick up.

Ren矇ervais, 18 october 2011
Nous avons fait un voyage formidable avec le camping car que nous avons pris a Sintra.Le personnel nous a bien inform矤es d賡ils pour utiliser le VR.Les rues dans les villes sont trop 賲oites pour se balader en VR au Portugal et en Espagne.

John Weel, September 2011, 15 october 2011
This was our second RV trip booked through Ideamerge/McRent. Our review is still online under All RV Customer Reviews, 07 September 2008.

We booked a larger unit at the South Paris (France) depot, a Dethleffs A68 Sunlight, for this trip as there would be three adults for our 25 day adventure in France and Spain. My wife and I both had an International Driver's Licence.

Ideamerge/McRent and South Paris were excellent to deal with. We were able to leave our cardboard bicycle boxes in their storage area. The office and RV staff were friendly. There were no delays when we arrived for pick-up nor when we returned for drop-off.

Unfortunately, we had approximately 600 euro damage due to the RV size. The Dethleffs A68 Sunlight was easy to drive on the freeways and there were no motor problems. We would travel over 7,000 kilometers.

Our rented dish package was adequate but we did purchase wine glasses and a drip coffee pot, and of course a bucket for the dish wash-up areas. We brought matches with us, duct tape and some cleaners; i.e. SOS, cut wax polish, dish soap, dish sponge and towels. We brought our own bedding. We brought with us a small carpet mat that was recommended in a review that kept sand and dirt to a minimum in the RV. We brought a small RV broom with us. Our rented table and chairs were adequate; however, we were glad we brought two folding chairs with us which we left behind in the recycle area of the last campsite along with the carpet mat.

We nicknamed our trip The Amazing Race with Speed Bumps. Four important notes to avoid "speed bumps":
(1) Check the RV over carefully inside and outside ... take your time ... and why not even open the awning,look at the RV's roof and bike rack too; check the bathroom area and make sure the tap will not start to run water while en route and fill up the shower area, start all the propane stove burners and see if they work, open and close all the cabinet doors;
(2) Understand how the bathroom cassette system works, and it is also very important to understand how the grey water system works to avoid foul smells;
(3) Check the gas gauge before you leave the depot;
(4) Know how to use reverse!!!

My wife and I researched campsites on the ACSI Eurocamping.eu website and made some reservations ahead of time. You could purchase a Camping Card but we chose not to do so. On this trip we did not require hotel accommodations as the pickup/drop-off times would fit into our itinerary. We brought three folding bicycles for the trip. Campsites were chosen so we could travel by train or bus to tour major cities and also tour some smaller towns.

Again our Tom-Tom GPS was invaluable though it was a bit of a learning curve to get to an exact address. My wife found that the nearer we got to a town she could finally enter the street name and/or address and we would find the campsite much quicker than at the start of the trip. Arriving in Toledo we had a taxi drive my wife and sister to Camping El Greco while I followed in the RV. Saved frayed nerves and we had plenty of time to enjoy our evening tour of Toledo. The GPS and the map we had printed up for this campsite with many roundabouts was confusing. Of course easy enough to find in hindsight so leaving town was easy.

The itinerary: Two nights in the Loire Valley at Parc du Val de Loire (self tour of Amboise and Chenonceau); two nights Camping Le Brasilia (relax at the pool and tour Collioure - Carcassonne also close by; three nights on the beach at Camping Bon Repos in Santa Susanna (1 hour train to Barcelona for self tour Ramblas, Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell) and took guided tour via Julia Travel of Montserrat; two nights Camping La Manga near Cartagena (tour with a motorhome through Valencia for a Harley-Davidson T-shirt not recommended especially during hours for siesta ... but we found a great grocery store and loved the scenery, just not the traffic); two nights Camping Maria Eugenia in Granada (self tour of Nerja on Costa Del Sol on the way to Granada and guided tour of The Alhambra, free tapas when you order a drink we found in downtown Granada much to our surprise, and we booked a guided night tour of Sacromonte from the campsite to see the lights of The Alhambra at night and enjoy Zambra (flamenco) Dance; two nights near Sevilla at Camping Villsom, Dos Hermanas (self tour of Cordoba on the way to Sevilla and Hop-On/Hop-Off bus tour in Sevilla); one night Camping El Greco, Toledo (5 minute bus trip to Plaza Zocodover for self guided evening and morning tour); three nights Camping Escorial (base to tour Avila, Madrid and Segovia); two nights Camping Igueldo, San Sebastian-Donostia (self tour of scenic town, La Concha Beach and Promenade and enjoy tapas); long drive north for two nights Camping St. Michel to tour Mont St. Michel Abbey and D-Day beaches; one night Campsite La Briquerie (rode bikes down the hill into Honfleur from the campsite); two nights Campsite Huttopia in Versailles (less than 10 minute walk to the Porchefontaine train station for a 20 minute trip to Eiffel Tower, and evening and day self-guided tour of Paris by Metro); time to pack, clean up the RV and head to Paris South depot by 11 a.m. in Paris rush hour. We made it!

As my sister says now in looking back, we had some trying times but a lot of good times too. Drove a long way. We saw a lot of beautiful and historic sites, enjoyed our share of Sangria, wine, Calvados ... and who can forget the great tapas bars!

My wife and I look forward to more travel in Europe. This time we might even consider a Volkswagen California style of camper. We enjoyed the Compact Standard Globescout Fiat Ducati on our first trip.

Hope this review is helpful in your travel plans to Europe via RV.

Mr C J Inward, 13 october 2011
This was our tenth RV holiday in the States and Canada. The booking through IdeaMerge worked well. We booked an Apollo 22' Happy Explorer for two people, picked up on Friday 9th September at the Las Vegas Office for a trip up into Utah. The Apollo staff were excellent, handover was good.

On leaving the compound I remarked that the engine did not seem as powerful as previous Class C RV's we had rented. Once clear of Las Vegas about 35 miles up I15 it became clear that the engine had a problem as it would not accelerate past about 65mph without protesting. We pulled off and contacted Peter at LAS Vegas Apollo, who pulled out all the stops and brought a replacement vehicle, just returned, about 4 hours later. On checking our vehicle he discovered that, despite its 41000 miles, a modification to remove a flap from the air intake had not been carried out, and this was causing air starvation to the engine. (I cannot believe nobody had suffered from this previously.) The new vehicle was fine throughout the trip, and Apollo made suitable adjustments to the charges. Thank you Peter for your help.

However, I would not rent this type of vehicle from Apollo again as it was not as good in various respects, some quite important, as previous rentals.

1. A very annoying design defect was that the dump and fresh water connections were on opposite sides of the vehicle. Any of you who have ever used dump stations will know how awkward this is, as it is often impossible, because of access, to present both sides of the vehicle to the appropriate connection. I cannot fathom why this design was chosen.
2. As a result of 1. and the limited lengths of the dump hose and fresh water hose
supplied, it was impossible, on the only occasion that we used a commercial campground, to use all the full hook-up facilities for which we still had to pay.
3. As with all RV's we have rented in the last few years, the vehicle is fitted with an information panel which purports to inform you as to the contents of all the domestic tanks, grey water, black water, Propane gas, and fresh water. On this vehicle the readouts were meaningless, forcing us to visit dump stations far more frequently than probably was necessary, and by so doing, determining and curtailing our itinerary unnecessarily. On previous rentals this information has been reasonably and necessarily accurate. This facility is particularly important to those of us who like to use National Park, State Park, BLM, and National Forest campgrounds.
4. The toilet and shower cubicles are extremely small, and at over 6' tall I had great difficulty using either. The shower was rendered even smaller as the door, presumably broken, had been replaced by a shower curtain on a rail inside the original door position, which made it very difficult to use.
5. The cupboard over the wash basin protrudes such that I was unable to bend forward to wash properly, and was obliged to sit on the corner of the bed and try to bend forward far enough to wash - not easy!
6. The gas oven and hob was a poor design, with no grill, (an electric toaster is supplied) and only one gas ring has a simmer facility. As we do 90% of our own catering, this was very inconvenient.
7. Vehicle Equipment: There were no kitchen sink plugs or brush and dustpan in the replacement vehicle, but this was missed by me, almost certainly due to the rushed handover.
8. We noted that other rental companies now supply wheel wedges to assist in leveling the vehicle on rough ground, and I suggested to Apollo Las Vegas that they should also offer this as a convenience to customers.
9. Most companies offer suitcase storage at the pick-up point, Apollo do not. For overseas visitors this is very inconvenient.

As usual, we enjoyed our trip to Utah and its fabulous scenery, but the design problems with the vehicle definitely curtailed our enjoyment, and for that reason would not rent from Apollo again.

The staff at Apollo Las Vegas could not have been more helpful in every respect, and I feel that they are let down by the design of vehicle that they are obliged to offer.

Hamilton and Marisa Sell – 11 october 2011 (Brasil), 11 october 2011
Me and my wife Marisa just got back from 22 days trip to Europe by motorhome. It was our first experience with motorhome and we liked it so much. We pick up the vehicle in Mc Rent Dusseldorf and traveled 3.063 km through Germany, Nederland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Czech Republic. The vehicle was very good and we didn’t have any problem with it. The pick up and drop off were easy and quick. There are well structured camping sites at any place in Europe, so you can find one of them without worries. The experience with Ideamerge was amazing. We intend repeat the experience in the future (Europe or EUA?) and certainly we will contact Ideamerge.
The only thing McRent could improve is the security deposit, because though McRent return the deposit in the drop off, there are some prejudice due the exchange and taxes. Maybe they can review this procedure, mainly when the customer get a vehicle insurance.

Kasra, 11 october 2011
We rented a 4-person motorhome for 10 days in the
beginning of September, and were upgraded to a 6-
person vehicle once we got to Euromotorhome. [Note: IdeaMerge no longer represents Euromotorhome.] That
was a nice, and unexpected, surprise. The vehicle
was new and clean, very low mileage and driving was

Mario, the depot manager, gave us a thorough
collection walk-through of almost a full hour.
There weren't any other customers collecting or
returning vehicles, so we had his undivided
attention. Same customer service upon returning the

Still can understand why the motorhome agency
actually charges the credit card (in our case 600
euros), rather than blocking off the amount. Be
that as it may, the deposit was fully refunded 2-3
days after returning the car.

Summary: I'd go back to these guys for my next

Banfield Family - Sept 28th, 2010, 11 october 2011
Doug, Ideamerge was excellent to work with. Booking thru Ideamerge saved us money & was very fast & highly efficient. You answered our questions quickly & were very helpful when we almost had to cancel. Good thing we didn't, b/c we had a blast. The RV unit, through Canadream, was great, well equiped, clean & in great repair. Shuttle was there upon arrival, but was tied up when we got back. Oh well! I Highly recommend using Ideamerge! Well done.

Peter Mills, 11 october 2011
We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Andalusia with a McRent motorhome. The motorhome met all our expectations. Minor criticisms are that there should have been a better selection of pots/pans. There was no toaster or kettle supplied and the outside table and chairs were of poor quality, torn and uncomfortable.

Laurent and V豯, 10 october 2011
We had a great holiday in Sweden this summer. The staff at Touring
Cars was very helpful and the vehicle just perfect for our needs. A
Touring Car representative met us at the airport and drove us to the
depot with our motorhome. It was actually very nice to see it right
away. The kids were already excited! The drop off and drive back to
the airport went very smoothly too. We will definitely recommend and
rent again from IdeaMerge/Touring Cars for our next trip in

Paul and Lyndall Baker - Australia, 07 october 2011
We have just returned from Europe after doing our
first ever motor home trip for 52 days through
Ideamerge, they were very helpful and professional,
they set us up with DRM out of Frankfurt, this is by
far the easiest depot to get to, we took a taxi from
the airport that only took 10 minutes. Our pick up
time was in the afternoon but as we arrived at 6am
in the morning we had breakfast at the airport and
then headed over to DRM to see if we could leave our
luggage there while we took a look around Frankfurt
and did some shopping for the motor home, when we
arrived at DRM Claudia greeted us and informed us
that our motor home was ready to go and that we
could have it right away, after she explained the
workings of the motor home to us and gave us
directions to a very new REAL outlet so we could buy
some groceries and two bicycles for our trip, we set
up the Navman (a must have) and we left on our big
We headed towards Heidelburg and made our way around
Germany into Holland, Belgium, France Italy and then
on the way home came back through Switzerland to
Frankfurt, we covered about 7,900 Klm and the motor
home performed beautifully, it was a bit hot in
Italy and France and an air conditioner would have
been nice, you don't need a TV take a good book or
two and relax. Getting back to Frankfurt a day early
and booking into a hotel for the night was a good
idea as it gave us time to empty and clean the motor
home ready to hand it back at 10am the next morning,
there are a few hotels close to DRM so you can walk
back to the hotel after leaving the motor home at
Claudia was very helpful and friendly to deal with
and we would highly recommend anyone to use DRM in
Frankfurt. We did bump into another car on our trip
and put a dent into the right side bumper, this was
fixed by DRM and we were pleasantly surprised that
it did not cost us an arm and a leg, hopefully our
insurance will cover this.
Thank you Ideamerge and DRM Frankfurt for all your
help we will be back.

Graeme, 06 october 2011
We rented our RV through Ideamerge with Motorius, Charlotte, NC. Everything from the online booking to confirmation from Ideamerge was great. And everything with Moturis was good as well. Pick up was no problem. The RV was clean and well presented and the drop off was good. This is the second time we have rented from Moturis and we would definitely rent from them again.

Jane M, 03 october 2011
We rented an RV from San Francisco, and dropped it off in Las Vegas afterwards. The El Monte team were pretty hard to get hold of beforehand, by phone - but when we did eventually speak to them, they were extremely helpful. Picking up and dropping off the vehicle was easy and quicker than expected. Staff were all helpful on what was a really busy day.

The RV itself worked well and I'd definitely use El Monte and Ideamerge again for a similar trip. Many thanks.

Roy and Maureen Hessey, 03 october 2011
We recently returned to Australia from 4 weeks in Europe, starting at McRent in Frankfurt and traveling 7000km through southern and eastern Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. The motorhome we hired was in excellent condition and very clean. The handover both at the start and finish was excellent. This is the third motorhome we have hired in Europe and so far was the best. I notice that some people have complained about no TV but they need to remember that they probably wouldn't be able to understand the language anyway. Just eat out every night and you won't miss a TV at all :-)

Our only complaint is that the rental company actually cashes in the credit card security deposit.

Cabe Franklin, 30 september 2011
We rented our RV via IdeaMerge from El Monte to go to a festival in
Nevada. I've rented an RV for the past five years for this and it has
always been tough to find an RV in that part of the country -
IdeaMerge made the process of checking and comparing availability
and pricing easier than I ever thought it could be; it was as easy as
renting a car via Kayak or carrentals.com.

The RV itself was gorgeous (bigger than we usually get; we could
afford more because IdeaMerge got us a good rate). The only other
thing to say about IdeaMerge is we had made a 2nd reservation
which ended up being surplus to requirements; IdeaMerge were
great about being clear on the cancellation policy and then making
it possible and easy to transfer the reservation to someone else.
Based on that, I had thought I was just happy with IdeaMerge for
the low rate and the searchability, but they did also add value in
managing that change with the RV vendor. So, all in all, hugely
satisfied customer, I will definitely use them again.

Roy zimmer, 28 september 2011
My wife and my wife Cindy just got back from a two week trip to
Germany with stops in Switzerland. We picked up our Drm
camper van at the Frankfurt depot which is just one train stop
from the airport and then less than a quarter mile nice walk from
the stop. We were very happy with the people st this depot and
the camper van was great, clean with everything working and in
good order. Turning it in also was a very good experience and
we will be going back next year for sure. The people at Idea
Merge in Oregon were very helpful in booking our trip and I
would highly recommend them for anyone looking to travel this
way. We are hooked and will not travel any other way in
Europe. Make sure you either rent or bring your own GPS. With
Europe maps installed. We had our own Tom Tom GPS and it
will make your trip a breeze in navigating. We also used the
provided Europe camping book and found that extremely helpful.

Eli Basson from Israel, Sepetmeber 3, 2011, 27 september 2011

The Oslo representative met us at the airport and took us to the parking of the motorhomes. We were given a thorough briefing on the motorhome and all related equipment. Excellent!
The motorhome was 1 year old. The motorhome was comfortable, reliable and we managed to drive over 2,500 km without any problem. All the equipment worked well.
When we returned the motorhome, the final check was smooth and the local team took us to the airport.

We would definitely rent from IdeaMerge again.

Best regards,
Eli Basson

Marco Mul - Dubai, UAE, 27 september 2011
We had a Moturis S-27S for 2 weeks in California. We took the free shuttle from our hotel to pick up the RV and were soon on the road thanks to the quick, efficient service. The RV was almost new (only 500 miles on the clock) and was very clean and comfortable.
We had a wonderful trip and would have no hesitation in using Ideamerge again.

Iain and Ros Macrae, 25 september 2011
We picked up our camper from DRM in D�orf for a 30 day
trip through Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Whilst the van was
quite new we were surprised to find that it had no TV and no
speakers for the radio in the main part of the van - minor
inconveniences though. What did annoy us was the poor quality
cooking utensils ... Handles on pots and pans were loose and
had to be tightened every day! The other problem we had was
on day 4 when the electric steps jammed in the open position.
We called the help number and were very pleased that on a
Sunday morning that the road service was out to us within 2
hours and managed to force the steps back in - but they were
unable to be used for the remainder of the trip. One last gripe
.... The horn didn't work either. We needed it in Italy to avoid
one of those damned Vespas that duck and weave out of traffic
with abandon but it didn't work so we had to head off road to
avoid what would have been death for the Vespa rider. That
little excursion we called the "scratch the side of the van with a
tree branch deviation". DRM's response was that I could get the
horn fixed and claim back the cost .... Not good enough! It
should have worked (and I should have checked that it worked
before taking delivery).

Apart from the gripes above the van went very well - it powered
up the Grimsel Pass in Switzerland without problem and gave reasonably good fuel economy overall - 11.8ltrs/100kms ... Not
bad for a big (8+meters) truck!

Bill Sylvi Delaney, Australia, 16 september 2011
We recently finished a 85 day trip around Europe,
starting in Frankfurt, and travelling along the
Romantic Road to Fussen, then via Munich, through
Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany
again (Berlin, Rostock), across to Sweden, up to
Norway, then back through Sweden, across to Denmark,
and through Netherlands, Belgium, into France,
before finishing back in Frankfurt... whew!

For more details on our EU trip (and ongoing UK
trip), check out our blog at

Travelling from Australia, and for such a lengthy
rental, we searched high and low, and Ideamerge
provided the best service and deal over the
competition in Australia, Europe, and the US.

I was very appreciate of how responsive and open
they were with us, which gave us a lot of confidence
in doing the transaction.

We hired a large vehicle through DRM, who moved a
vehicle to Frankfurt for us, with IdeaMerge's help.
It was brand new on pick up, and the DRM service was
very good. We flew into Frankfurt a few days before
to get over the long flight, and to look at that
city. Something I would highly recommend. Flying
in long haul, and taking possession of a rental
motorhome the same day is not advisable.

While the motorhome was in excellent condition being
new, my only negative comment is that rental firms
in Germany (not just DRM) don't fit out the vehicles
very well. No TV, no oven [just stovetop burners], etc compared to what we
have seen in New Zealand and now the United Kingdom.
We knew about this, but it is a pain.

Luckily we were travelling for a long time, so it
was cost effective to buy a few things to make our
travel more comfortable.

The vehicle performed very well throughout. On
return, all went well. We did crack a rear bumper,
and knew we were going to be hit with that cost, but
I was surprised that the cost seemed to be
reasonable (well within the damage deposit), rather
then the usual rip-off, and hopefully we will get
that back from our travel insurance.

I highly recommend IdeaMerge, and DRM. I would
definitely hire from both parties again.

I also highly recommend this form of travel to see

Ian Toy, 16 september 2011
We ( wife & self)rented a RV for 28 days Henk Booij at Almere-Buiten some 35 minutes by train from Amsterdam. Henk was very helpful and explained how the accommodation worked. The vehicle was nearly 2 years old and in good condition.We toured Germany and Austria and rarely spent our nights in a fee charging camping grounds.The camp guide book Henk provided gave us plenty of free camp sites to use.

Tim Muff, 15 september 2011
Thanks, we had a great holiday this summer in
Norway. The booking through Idea Merge went smoothly
– no frills, attention to detail, prompt and clear
replies to queries. The camper van we picked up was
in pristine condition and the reception staff at
Touring Cars were multilingual, friendly, efficient,
and informative. We have absolutely no complaints.
Quite the opposite – we enjoyed the whole
experience, felt that we received excellent service
and good value for money. The camp sites we stayed
on were all first class – clean (especially the
sanitation blocks) and spacious. We’re already
planning a similar holiday next year!

Best regards,
Tim Muff

Sylvain Martin, trip to Norway in August 2011 , 06 september 2011
The booking of the motorhome through Ideamerge worked very well. They were friendly and replied promptly to all the questions I had.
We picked up the motorhome(C3 class) from DRM in their Frankfurt location. The staff was quite friendly and we should not complain much about the pick up (nor the return) except for the 3 following points:
- the kitchen set was uncomplete and lacked some important / practical stuff
- there were no hangers in the wardrobe, which I find a pity as we had to stop during the trip to buy some,
- DRM gave us only 1 dose of chemical for the toilets for 16 days rental...again we had to stop to buy some.
Besides these 3 points, we had no mechanical problems with the vehicule, which was quite new and nice to drive.

Last point was a bit of a concern for us when travelling with 2 kids (1 year old and 4 years old). Indeed the 2 "high" beds and certain spots such as the seats structure were not very safe and had sharpe edges.

I highly recommend Ideamerge for those who want to get a good deal for their money.

I also recommend DRM, though a few points will need to be double checked at the time of the pick up in order to have a perfect holiday!


Paul Marjorie Willcox ( U.K.), 02 september 2011
Rental was for 3 months - Apollo Cheapa Campa Euro Tourer. Las Vegas - Las Vegas. Ideamerge sorted me out a good value all-inclusive deal which was cheaper than going direct with Apollo and with the minimum of hassle. We travelled 17,500 miles in the 3 months.The Apollo vehicle was an older model (which was expected), mechanically excellent, but a bit tired inside. The pre-hire briefing was very poor - rushed and incomplete. We spent the first night in Vegas, which was just as well as we found various things wrong or missing as well as having a fuse burn out and stinking out the van. We returned the following morning to have the faults corrected. We had a problem with a fill of dirty petrol which we cannot blame on Apollo and an air-con breakdown which we can (it turned out to only be a circuit breaker switch which we didn't know existed due to the poor briefing). After these early problems the trip went smoothly with no further problems. We would use Apollo again because they were cheap and the only company we could find that hired small 2 person campers - economical and easy to drive in towns and on restricted roads such as the terrific "going to the sun" road in Glacier N.P.
Advice -particularly for long hires. We found invaluable the book/directory "Trailer Life R.V.Parks and Campgrounds" This lists many thousands of campsites all over the U.S.A.. Together with a sat-nav (GPS)-also essential- this made finding a campsite, even in the most out of the way places, a doddle. It's an enormous, heavy, book. We bought it through Amazon U.S. and had it delivered to the hire office to pick up when we arrived.

Matt Grunke, 01 september 2011
The trip through Spain, Portugal, and France via RV
was amazing. Saw and experienced so many places that
we would have missed via train/plane/hotel. The RV
was a little out dated compared to what we saw out
there on the road. It got the job done though and
delivered us safely to all our destinations. Please
update the bedding supplied to sleep with. Being
6ft2 the bedding was too small and I would end
freezing most mornings.A little more info as far as
tolls go on the highways would help alot. That was
something we forgot we would have to pay in each
country. Booking, pickup, and drop off of the RV
was very simple. All went as planned.
Thank you


Simon Higgins - Australia, 01 september 2011
Ideamerge was a great way to source and secure our RV. Service was excellent. Our family of 6 travelled around the North West of the US for 8 weeks in an El Monte 32 ft Class C. Pick up and drop off in San Diego was hassle free and even when the roof top airconditioner went on the blink we had it fixed very quickly at the El Monte outlet in Las Vegas. RV was new in 2011 which was great. Everything worked well for us expect the indash CD player that wouldn't play CDs. GPS should also be standard on these hires, particularly in the newer models. Overall a wonderful experience for our family! Thank you!

rick herzog, 01 september 2011
Using idealrental was a great call. Hassel free, great
equipment and support. Easy pickup and drop off.
Friendly service. Would recommend to all .

James Sarah, 31 august 2011
Booking was very smooth and Doug+ others very helpful. later on we had to cancel our RV hire very late due to a relative loaning us an RV instead - IdeaMerge handled the refund and credited our account extremely fast - many thanks, great service.

John and Terry-Lynn Hemmerling, 30 august 2011
We have dropped off the vehicle and must compliment
your company. We have enjoyed the ease and
professionalism displayed at every interaction. We
enjoyed a lovely trip and the camper met our needs
perfectly. Your staff is excellent and we feel very
fairly treated over the window replacement. We will be
recommending you to a few families we know who are
planning a similar trip in the future. Thanks again!

Kellington family, 28 august 2011
We had a very good experience with our RV rental this summer. We were given the use of an almost new unit, which was well equipped with everything we needed for our trip. Check in and check out was very efficient and all the features were explained to us very clearly. The shuttle service to and from the hotel was a great convenience. Very courteous and helpful drivers. We would certainly consider another RV vacation.

tomas casado de diego 18 julio 2011, 28 august 2011
El alquiler de la autocaravana con IDEAMERGE ha sido del todo satisfactorio .En un principio contactamos con su sede en Barcelona lo que nos permiti񟤮tendernos en espa𮨠. A trav诠del correo electr򭨣o nos poniamos en contacto y contestaban con gran rapidez.
Viajar en autocaravana es una experiencia muy gratificante porque te permite parar en los lugares que desees sin estar sujetos a periodos de tiempo.Los camping estઠmuy bien preparados pero si no llegabamos aparcabamos en cualquier lugar del camino En Bergen Ales�.hay aparcamientos para autocaravanas. Las carreteras son estrechas por eso hay que ser buen conductor.

Elena Laura Flavio, 28 august 2011
We rented an El Monte RV from Phoenix to San Francisco for 9 nights and we drove for almost 1600 miles through National Parks and cities.
This was our first RV trip. The instruction how to use RV was good and they showed us also a short video in our native language. The pickup and drop off activities were good and precise.
The RV seemed in good conditions but during our experience we have had some problems (e.g. the microwave was not correctly fixed to the structure, loss of water from the tank when we was on the road and when we connected on the city water, etc). This is not acceptable considering the renting cost.
Moreover we have called the Roadside Assistance, because we had a technical problem, but their help was not so good.
In conclusion talking about the trip, our experience through the States was very good. The landscapes, the national parks, the cities, the people, everything have been delightful and our adventure to go around using a RV is been a great experience .

Jorge Fernandez, 23 august 2011
This has been our first experience in a motorhome. In our country, this kind of trips are not so common as in the north of Europe, so we had many doubts before making up our minds. IdeaMerge web page was really useful.

From the very beginning we have felt we have made the right decision. Choosing IdeaMerge and Touring Cards was a great idea. Both the booking and the pick up/drop off process have been really easy. The girl who went to pick us up in the airport (Nina) was really nice and she gave us all the instructions to use the MH. We had no trouble at all. Furthermore, all the questions we had during the booking process were answered very quickly by e-mail.

We would like to repeat this experience in the future. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive so we have to save some money until we can repeat!!!

Thank you so much for this great experience!!

̣aro Vilar, 22 august 2011
Everything was awesome! Really, really perfect! We took the RV in New Jersey and cross the USA until Vegas. It was a fantastic trip, and the RV was really really good.
Thank u guys!!!

Ferrers from your-rv-lifestyle.com, USA, 20 august 2011
We had a good experience with both IdeaMerge and McRent in Dusseldorf. In planning the trip, our questions were answered ahead of time, every detail of the costs and terms and conditions of the rental were clearly spelled out.

The vehicle we rented was brand new and we had no problems mechanical or otherwise. We traveled for 3 months in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria.

Just a note for others' information: We had been concerned that we might run out of propane since we had such a long rental. The vehicle came with 2 bottles, and we had bought adapters for use in other countries in case we happened to run out while we were outside of Germany. We found out that there really was no reason to buy the adapters since it seems that no countries actually refill bottles, they just swap them for a full bottle. McRent had advised us not to swap our German bottles in another country. Fortunately we never ran out of propane, and if we had run out toward the end of our trip, we were back in Germany by that time, and could have exchanged an empty German bottle for a full one. In case others wonder, thought we would share this.

In any case, we live in an RV fulltime back in the USA, so we love travel by RV. We naturally rented a much smaller unit in Europe (necessary to manage the roads and campgrounds), so knew we would have much smaller space to live in for 3 months. We were very satisfied with the quality and practicality of the unit - a Dethleffs Globebus T15. And the European campgrounds are excellent!

Klaus Isbruch, 17 august 2011
Rented Class C Motorhome from Road Bear Las Vegas for three weeks in July, 2011, through IdeaMerge.

- All IdeaMerge representatives I communicated with while finding the right vehicle for me and my family were always very polite, answered very quickly, and provided all necessary information in an understandable way. Perfect!

Road Bear Las Vegas: also perfect.
- Road Bear location easy to find
- Warm welcome (in German) upon arrival
- Very good explanation of the vehicle
- Vehicle in immaculate condition, exactly as described, spotlessly clean from outside and inside.
- Everything working, nothing broken or not usable.
- Short and uncomplicated procedure.
- Same upon return.
Also Perfect.

Only drawback, but this is not Road Bears or IdeaMerge's fault: these American Ford vehicles suspension is so weak, that sitting in the back is not possible for a longer time, because on the average paved road in Nevada, Utah or Wyoming you get seasick, even if you are usually not susceptible to that.
Unfortunately only two passengers can sit in the front, so that for two familiy members this meant to lie flat on the benches or the bed in the rear.

I wish that either the suspension were better suited for the typical road conditions, or that there were a bigger bench in the front, so that three or four people could sit there.

Van Nieuwenhuyse, 17 august 2011
In a period of 16 days we did the tour of iceland
a motorhome. This was our first motorhome experience
and it was very positive. We found the motorhome to
be the ideal way to do this kind of roundtrip with
our family (2 adults and 3 kids between 7 and 12y)
Our experience with booking and collecting/drop of
is also positive. The fact that, during our trip, we
were informed regularly on potential heavy wind
hazards gave us a comfortable feeling.

Jane and John UK, 16 august 2011
We hired the RV from Apollo in Las Vegas, for 11 nights, and dropped it off at LA. It took 3 hours for them to get the paperwork etc together at check in, even though there were only 2 couples hiring that morning, and we had pre-paid everything ahead and had telephoned them etc etc. I would not recommend them, and apart from the pick up and unfriendly and unco-operative 2 managers, there were quite a few things wrong with the RV, as we discovered on our journey. This is poor when you consider how much it cost. We left our feedback in LA and wander if it will improve. The folks in LA are completely different, it was so well organised, all staff were excellent, so think again about Las Vegas, and start your journey with Apollo at LA!

Tom Resman, 15 august 2011
Overall we had a great adventure in Europe while renting our RV from the depot outside of Munich. We purchased the recommended TomTom GPS in the United States and it worked well. We could punch in the GPS coordinates of the campsites and always found them. The depot gave us a camping book with campsites throughout Europe. It was invaluable for finding sites in the countries we visited. The RV we received was brand new and they gave us a walk-through when we arrived. The only challenge we had sometimes was trying to find a place to park the camper around tourist sites. There were plenty of parking places for cars but campers were restricted. I recommend that you park the camper in a campsite and then take the public transportation or shuttle service to the sites. My only negative comment is when I returned the vehicle at the end of the trip. We kept the vehicle in near perfect condition. On the side of the left rear bumper there was a minor surface scratch which you could barely see. The paint was still there but the surface probably was scratched by a bush when backing up. The depot charged us 70 Euro to buff it out. At first they were threatening to charge me to replace the entire bumper. I took some pictures of the scratch and you couldn't even see them with my digital camera. I think this was just another way for them to collect some money on the rental vehicle. Overall it was a great experience but the depot ended the trip on a sour note with the charge to buff out the surface scratch.

fank ND Carol, NH, USA, 15 august 2011
We had a great trip to Yosemite and Carmel, California. This is our fifth RV trip. We went out of Las Vegas, arrived at 9 am and left there at 2 pm. The Apollo van was not clean or ready so we had to wait- this threw us off schedule. There were a few things that did not work with the RV- the rear view camera display had to be fixed in the parking lot, the company (Apollo) had to fill the propane tank and clean the vehicle. We also did not get the vehicle we requested, we wanted a 22 foot and they gave us a 25 foot. When these were finished we were ready to go and Apollo gave us free use of the generator for our late start.
Since this was our second trip out of Las Vegas we noted that each time there was quite a wait before we were actually given the vehicle for our trip- I would suggest they look into getting the vehicles and paperwork ready in advance for the customers.
All and all it was a fantastic trip and the RV was excellent- we had a bump out and their was plenty of room. It is a geat way to travel. Enjoy your trip.

Gleasons from Alaska, June 2011, 15 august 2011
This was our first time renting an RV through IdeaMerge, but our second time renting from DRM in Frankfurt. We rented from DRM in 2004 and were happy with the RV and service. We were very happy with the service from IdeaMerge, as the staff always responded promptly to our email and phone calls with questions. The website is easy to use, and we always knew what the cost was without having to figure out the exchange rates. Our Condor flight directly from Anchorage to Frankfurt (about 10 hours) was a major improvement over the more than 24 hours with many plane changes we had in 2004. DRM checked us out in a nearly new RV which was just big enough for the 4 of us, including our adult daughter and 12-yr old grandson. We brought our own sleeping bags, towels and camp cook kit, but didn't bring dishes, so the staff put the kitchen kit in the motor home. In the future, we would also pay the rent for camp chairs. We brought our own Garmin GPS with European maps loaded. We enjoyed our visits in Germany and Italy, and our quick drive through Austria. We had no particular set schedule however we liked to stay away from the big cities as much as possible. The staff at all of the campgrounds were friendly and helpful. Although our RV had a shower, we found the showers in the campgrounds ranged from adequate to excellent. All of the campgrounds had wi-fi, so we were able to stay in communication with family and friends at home via the internet. There were only 2 very small problems with the RV. One was our fault: at the check out, the staff showed us how to check the oil, but we forgot that you had to use the key and turn the lock both ways to open the hood. We later found another family driving an identical RV, and they showed us how to open the hood to check the oil. Another was a very strong sewer smell coming from the bathroom. Cleaning the chemical toilet didn't stop the smell. We saw the drain plugs hanging in the bathroom, but didn't recall the staff saying anything about plugging the shower and sink drains. Putting the plugs into the shower and sink drains stopped the smell, which was coming from the gray water tank. The check in at DRM was fast and easy. We received our deposit refund within about a week. Our GPS worked well, except it wanted to take us on the toll roads, when we sometimes preferred some back roads. Once we were looking for a particular market in Heidelberg, and the GPS kept telling us to make a U-turn. After going in circles a few times, we abandoned that effort and headed straight to the campground. As we later learned, sometimes markets are located in other buildings and don't even have parking lots. The GPS was worth it's money on the return to DRM in Frankfurt, navigating us through the many highway changes and construction without a problem. Our grandson was able to play with some of the children in the campgrounds, even though he speaks no German and the children spoke little English. We never saw another American in any of the campgrounds, but we were able to meet many of the other campers from around Europe and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. We like to hike, so spent a total of about 6 days at Camping Tennsee near Garmisch. A really nice campground with very helpful people. And by camping and going to places out of the usual tourist route, we were able to see and experience many things most tourists don't even know about, such a a Roman wagon road on a hiking trail near Tennsee. Overall, the RV experience was very good. We will be sure to use IdeaMerge again on our next trip to Europe.

Michiel van der Nol - The Netherlands, 15 august 2011
We booked our RV way before our actual trip. Because of that we
made a very good deal with Ideamerge, which was confirmed by El
Monte later on.

My contact with Doug of Ideamerge was very good. He is fast in
replying, and during our trip easy to get in contact with.

Although we had some problems with our RV, this was solved in a
very professional way by Doug. Next time I call Doug again!

Have a wonderful trip!

Daryll Hemingway Perth Australia, 15 august 2011
We hired a El Monte 30'( Santa Fe Springs CA )a free upgrade from the 25' we paid for - which came with a slide out, As there were two adults 3x children 14,12,7 - Definately recommend getting a slide - out. We travelled 3900 Miles Vegas to Canada to San Francisco and looked at everything in between. Great way to see USA / Canada. My main gripe with travelling all that distance was the Cruise Control worked only Intermittently, and detouring to Larger Cities and allotting time to have it fixed didn't work in with our schedule.
Small issues with the RV was as it was getting a little old - The system display for Potable / Black water / Propane storage didn't work. Mainly inconvenience. As we needed new sleeping Bags for the kids who are in scouts and cubs anyway - Didn't buy the personal pack and saved.
FANTASTIC way to travel -USA /Canada set up for a great RV Road Trip- PS Don't go out the drive without a TOM TOM or similiar Navigation System.

The Benoit Family, 14 August, 2011
People tended to respond incredulously to the idea that our family was going to tour the Alps in a motor home. “You’re going to what? Really…?” seemed to be the most common response. And we had our own doubts too. Would the RV be a piece of junk? What would the campsites be like? How would I do driving a motor home in the Alps or on the Autobahn? According to the internet, the Europeans vacation this way all the time; could we Americans make it work? I’ll provide more details and resources below, but the short answer to all these questions is that we had a great time and experienced Europe in a way that few Americans do.

We’re a bit adventurous, but are a pretty typical family: middle age parents and two boys, 8 and 11, from Illinois, USA. We tent camp (North Shore of Lake Superior, the Black Hills, and Yellowstone over the past three summers) and enjoy traveling. However, we had never used an RV before and had never been on a trans-Atlantic flight as a family. I like to come up with big ideas (Lets go to Europe in an RV!). My wife is great with the details – little things like plane reservations or actually booking the motor home.

We started planning in the mid-winter time using the internet and tour books. There really is not a lot of information about Americans doing this type of travel. Rick Steves has a few articles, there was a long discussion thread we found that focused mainly on a couple’s anxiety and subsequent aborted trip, and what seemed like some latter day hippies with great color pictures and glowing reviews. After looking at a variety of RV rental agencies, we chose to go with Ideamerge. The web site had pictures of the various vehicles, the prices were competitive, and I actually spoke to a customer service rep who was very helpful and spoke great English. The vehicle rental was pricey and we took all the add ons we could – extra insurance, bedding, dishes, folding chairs, and towels. Our reasoning was that renting the bedding, etc was easier than bringing it with us (we traveled without checking baggage) and less expensive that trying to buy these essentials in Europe. The insurance was more to provide some additional piece of mind in potentially difficult driving circumstances. It turned out we didn’t use the insurance, but I’d probably get it again – just in case. To balance out the cost of the rental, we kept in mind that this cost included a large chunk of our lodging, rental car, and dining expenses. There was also a convenience factor as we would not have to keep packing and unpacking like you would each night at a new hotel. Fuel was an additional expense, especially at European prices; however, we would have been putting gas into a rental car anyway.

In the end, we rented “The Beast”, a 23 foot diesel motor home. It was small for an American RV, but was one of the largest caravans (that’s what the Europeans call an RV) we saw during our two week trip. A lesson learned for next time – book as early as possible. By mid to late spring, we had few options on which caravans were available. The Beast worked great, but something smaller would have been more maneuverable on the roads and in the campings (the European term for RV parks). We spent very little time inside beyond driving and sleeping. Even on rainy nights, the awning provided plenty of shelter to eat outside. The bathroom with a shower was an important feature for my wife when we booked the caravan. She worried that the campings would have dirty bathrooms and showers. As it turned out, we never used the caravan shower once. Even the camping with the dirtiest facilities (Munich) had acceptable restrooms (Cathleen chose not to shower there and used the bathroom reluctantly – the only place she was put off by the showers; the boys and I had no issues). The toilet was useful for late night bathroom trips when you didn’t want to walk with the kids to the restrooms, but other than that got almost no usage as well.

Upon our arrival in Munich, we took a cab to the rental depot. It was about a 40 minute cab ride away. We could have used the train to get there from the airport, but chose the more expensive, but convenient route. This turned out to be a good idea because everyone was tired and our full attention was demanded at the depot. The staff there were very helpful and went over the operation of the caravan in great detail. I didn’t need any type of special license to drive the Beast, in fact the staff at the caravan depot joked that with an American license, I could drive whatever I wanted. I did get and international drivers license from AAA, really just a translation of my Illinois license into a variety of different languages. We never needed it, but it seemed a reasonable precaution. A lesson for next time – everyone should pay close attention and ask questions when the depot staff are explaining things. Trying to remember a few days later how the awning set up or which plug adapter worked in which country presented a challenge that a little more care on our part would have prevented. Also, when the gentleman asks you if you’re familiar with the transmission and driving characteristics, don’t encourage him to gloss over the details.

For example, when he said, “Do you know how to drive a 6 speed manual transmission?” I replied, “Yes.” – thinking I had driven plenty of 5 speed gasoline powered manuals here in the U.S. I turns out reverse isn’t on the far right of the gear shifter and I didn’t realize this until we had started driving. Luckily, we arrived at the first camping and got settled in without having to go in reverse, because I needed to look at the pictures in the German language manual to figure out that you got into reverse by pulling up the plastic ring around the shaft of the shifter, then pushing it up and to the left. No problem once I figured it out, but more attention on my part would have spared us a few anxious moments.

A much bigger problem was the difference between driving a diesel and a gas engine. I had no problems using the clutch- in fact I never stalled the Beast. But initially I struggled with the amount of fuel I provided to the engine after I shifted. I tended to stomp on the gas pedal after a shift to compensate for the Beast’s lack of acceleration; after all, I was in Germany, getting ready to drive on the autobahn. In my ignorance, I was flooding the diesel engine and causing it to bog down and lose power. This caused a few panic stricken moments, as the Beast lost power on the highway and I had to pull off to the side of the road to start from first gear again. Luckily, no one rear ended us and my wife was quick with the emergency flashers! Once I figured this quirk out, I did not have any more problems with the Beast’s transmission.

Now after reading the previous paragraph, you might assume that driving on the autobahn in a rented caravan was a challenging experience, but I believe it was actually easier than driving the same size vehicle here in America. Although speed limits could be higher and cars came up very quickly from behind in the left lane, vehicles in the right lane seemed to move more slowly than we’re accustomed. And people did not tailgate (no matter how slowly you drove), did not pass on the right, and pulled back into the right lane as soon as they were done passing. To top it off, the traffic density also seemed much lower that we’re used to here in the northern suburbs of Chicago. As a result, I was able to drive slowly and carefully early in the trip without feeling uncomfortable and, after a few days’ practice, drive at the posted speed limits (as long as I allowed myself enough time and space to pass slower vehicles).

Driving in the towns and in the Alps were more harrowing at times.

Narrow and twisty country roads, mountain passes that looked barely wide enough for two cars – never mind our huge caravan and a tour bus, and urban routes that looked like they were designed for horse carts were all par for the course. There were plenty of white knuckle moments, a few truly panicy incidents (We’ve got to turn around here?!? I swear the street was only a few feet wider than the caravan was long.), but no accidents. Well, maybe one accident if hitting a portable plastic barrier with a side mirror counts like my wife says; however, it didn’t leave a mark on the caravan and it was there a warning not to hit something more serious, so I’m sticking to my original story that there were no accidents. I drove about 1,600 kilometers over a two week period in a large, rented vehicle on unfamiliar roads with signs in a language we didn’t really read across three countries. And to hear my wife tell it, I don’t even drive that well! The Beast had plenty of power, handled well, and had a small turning radius for a vehicle of its size. One problematic point, we did drive slowly, slowly enough that at times I felt badly for the people stuck behind me. So next time, we’ll need to multiply all expected travel times by 1.5 to have a more reasonable estimate of how long it would take us to get anywhere.

One thing that helped us navigate was that we brought a portable GPS with us. Prior to the trip, we bought and downloaded the European road maps into it from the Garmin website. The GPS performed admirably and we never were lost. But relying on GPS in Europe had the same issues that we’ve grown accustomed to in the United States – just more so because everything was unfamiliar. For example, one source of confusion was that the road names/highway numbers were not always the same on the signs and on the GPS. Another problem was that we couldn’t find a GPS setting for “Driving an Oversized Vehicle”. As a result, it often took us on roads that were the shortest in theory, but problematic in reality. An arch that was too short for our 3.3 meter tall vehicle was the least of the difficulties (Recalculating…). Addresses and roads in rural areas that were off just enough (Recalculating…) were not a big deal. Taking us with 1 kilometer of Marionplatz in the center of Munich during rush hour when all we wanted was to get on the highway that skirted the city was a much bigger issue (No chance at Recalculating… due to the traffic. We fought over that one.). We used a paper map and the map on Cathleen’s I Pad to cross-reference routes when we were worried about the directions from the GPS. Obviously, this didn’t give us perfect results, but I can’t imagine the difficulties we would have had without the GPS.

[General note from IdeaMerge regarding GPS navigation software designed for large vehicles. …

IdeaMerge recently received from one of our vendors the following very enlightening information:

Last year a company sent us a GPS with special software for trucks and motorhomes for a test. Unfortunately we found the software not really reliable as many bridges and tunnels were registered with a wrong height or maximum weight. In addition in many countries only the main routes are registered with heights and weights. On the other hand the GPS had a file with many camp grounds and motorhome parking lots all over Europe which was not too bad. As the system was pretty expensive we did not purchase one. Please check their website: www.carguard.de/index.php?ventura-uk.

The company NAVIGON offers special software for motorhomes only for their own devices (EUR 129.00 in Germany) for download. We did not test the software yet as we only have navigation systems from TomTom. TomTom does not offer software for download up to now but only one device for professional clients. Heights and weights are only available for about 7 countries.

In general you have to say that software with heights and weights is helpful. But it will need two or three more years until all roads in Europe are covered.>

Here’s a GPS unit called the “Ventura” from the UK providing large vehicle and European map software:


This UK based company offers large-vehicle oriented software upgrades for the TomTom GO X20/30 and TomTom Pro 7100 GPS units:


The TomTom GO 7000 GPS comes equipped with large-vehicle oriented software from the factory:


Magellan’s large-vehicle GPS -- the Roadmate 1700 with available “co-pilot truck & RV navigation” (select the 'maps & software’ tab in the following link to view the optional software and also the available European maps for this model):


Garmin offers the Streetpilot 7200 -- a large vehicle oriented GPS:


Now, on with the Benoit review. …]

Initially, we were using the internet to research the campings. There were problems with this approach, including discovering their exact location, reading the German web sites, and determining the quality of the services offered. We knew that the campings would not be like American National Parks campgrounds, but we didn’t want to stay in a dirty, cramped, shade-less RV park either. Floundering a little, we were relieved to discover Caravan Europe 2 published by The Caravan Club of the U.K. (www.caravanclub.co.uk). This book covers all of Western Europe except France, Spain, and Portugal; those countries are in Caravan Europe 1. In addition to short reviews of campings, the book has numerous articles about caravanning and orientation articles about each country. All of the campings described in the book have been recommended by people who stayed there and submitted a review. The descriptions, particularly the abbreviations that they use and directions, can be pretty cryptic, but the information they contained was very accurate. Each entry also contains contact information, address (including GPS coordinates), and services available at the camp site. My favorite part of each entry were the quotes from the reviewers inserted at the end – they gave me a good feel for what each site might be like. I’d highly recommend this book. Every place we stayed was as advertised in the guide. We also purchased the International Camping Card before we left (Internet address). This gave us another list of campings, but more importantly acted as our identification for check in at the sites (rather than presenting our passports). It also gave 10% discounts at some of the campings which more than paid for the cost of the card.

The campings varied widely in what they offered and where they were located. Two dimensions that seem to capture the variances are family owned/company owned and rural/urban. The second dynamic, rural/urban, was the most suprising to me. We stayed at Thalkirchen, a famous camping within the Munich city limits, Camping Nord-Sam in Saltzburg, and Camping Hirzberg in the medium sized city of Freiburg. The equivalent in the U.S. would be having an RV park on the North Side of Chicago walking distance from an El station or in Boston out by Bunker Hill. I expected these places to be small, paved over, noisy, and filthy. My expectations couldn’t be further from the truth. Each site had grass and trees everywhere. Thalkirchen actually backed up to a large river and abutted a park. Hirzberg had a playground across the street and a walking path along a river just beyond the park. Nord-Sam was the most urban, but the kids still found plenty of space to play badminton and to run around. City noises were much less than you’d expect in a downtown hotel and the convenience of public transportation, shopping, and restaurants more than made up for what little you heard. Using public transportation you could get from the camping to downtown Saltzburg or Munich in 20 to 45 minutes respectively. It was a 15 minute walk to the historic old town/downtown Freiburg from the camping. In all three situations, a real advantage was that we could easily get what we wanted to see and back once we figured out the public transportation. Safety was not an issue that we were concerned about in these urban campings. They were full of people, had on site staff 24 hours a day, and had gates that locked when quiet hours started (typically at 10 or 11 pm). Disadvantages to the urban campings were that the sites were somewhat smaller and that driving in and out tended to produce more than its share of white knuckle moments.

The rural campings had somewhat larger sites (realistically none of the sites were large) and tended to be in truly beautiful places. At Campingplatz Tauber-Romantik near Rothenburg ob de Tauber, Germany, we woke to the sound to cowbells from the herds on the hills above us. At Camping Manor Farm near Interlaken, Switzerland, we were surrounded by the Alps and less than 30 years from one of the glacial-fed lakes (Interlaken means between the lakes). Each camping had its own small store with basic groceries and supplies, but larger grocery runs were more difficult (longer walks or bags on the bus – and Europeans are into the Eco-green movement so either bring your own bags or expect to be charged for each plastic shopping sack you use). There was always at least one place to eat near the camping and some of the restaurants were quite good. Transportation to tourist sites was do-able, but tended to mean either longer bus rides (with a less frequent bus schedule) or longer walks. Next time, I think we would try to rent bikes to improve our mobility. What we ended up doing at some locations (castles and waterfalls names) to make up for transportation difficulties was leaving the camping early, driving to the nearby attraction, parking in the caravan/bus lot, and spending the morning/early afternoon site seeing before we moved on to another camping. The rural sites also tended to have larger play areas for the kids with soccer pitches, volleyball nets, or playground equipment. Some even had bikes and scooters for the them to ride.

The family owned/company owned dynamic was displayed most in the customer service you received. Every camping had English speaking staff who were polite, but the family owned campings tended to have staff who more passionate and helpful. Whether they were helping you with directions, restaurant recommendations, or how to use a Swiss electric outlet with a German plug, the staff of the family owned campings really demonstrated customer service above expectations. At Lech Camping near Augsberg where we stayed our first night, the staff helped Cathleen print emails that contained prescriptions for medications that she had lost going through airport security (This campsite also had a great restaurant). At Camping Hirzberg, the site was nearly filled, but the owner found a place for us. I had to back it down a very narrow 50 foot long path and into a tiny spot between two other caravans, but he found a space and gave excellent directions as I maneuvered the Beast into position. The company owned campings tended to be much larger and have more amenities such as larger stores or gift shops.

What all the campings had in common were that they were clean, quiet, and easy to use. We only had a reservation for the first night. Every other night, we showed up in the late afternoon (beware the after-lunch siesta when the offices are closed) or early evening and were always able to get a spot to stay. We traveled in June, which is just at or before the start of the high tourist season. I don’t know if we could have been as lucky later in July or August when all of Europe is on vacation. The cost of camping tends to be lower, but there were additional fees for everything – each additional person, electrical use, water hook up, wireless internet, at one place showers and hot water were coin operated. However, we never spent more than 45 euro a night for the four of us. Compared to the cost of a tiny European hotel room, that seems ok. I recommend ordering bread for breakfast each morning. The campings have it delivered fresh before 8:00 and it is delicious with some local honey or jam.

We never met another American at a camping, but most Europeans speak some English. There were plenty of people from the UK (I heard that 18% of the population owns a caravan) who were on vacation. We saw caravans from all over Europe, from Norway to Greece to Slovakia. Everyone was friendly, but people weren’t intrusive. We got some great recommendations on other campsites and activities in casual conversations with people. Our kids played with kids who spoke no English and had a blast. (Although I don’t know what people thought of our 8 year old who ran around playing tag and yelling, “No sprechinze Deutch!” for two nights.) And on top of this cultural and fun experience, they had new places to explore and playmates to keep them busy rather then spending time bugging us or fighting with each other.

The caravanning experience also allowed us to tailor activities for our kids. We did our share of Cathedrals and museums/cultural monuments, but we were able to vary our activities so it wasn’t “boring”. We spent time in cities and in the countryside, at museums and out hiking, experiencing an adrenelin rush (ziplining down the side of an Alp or being lost in the Munich subway) or relaxing in the shade. Food was rarely an issue as we were able to buy enough familiar food in the grocery that the kids were willing to try a variety of foods when we ate out. A beer or three with dinner was also not an issue; we weren’t driving anywhere after the Beast was set up for the night. Bed times and mornings could be a little cramped, but less so than spending time in our family tent. And the Beast offered electricity, refrigeration, and shelter from the elements.

So is a caravanning vacation for everyone? No, but, if you’ve got an interest in some adventure, a desire to set your own itinerary, and a motivation to see Europe in a way that few Americans will, caravanning can be an excellent choice. It was extremely enjoyable and memorable for us. Probst!

Ninik Stroud, Australia, 14 august 2011
Overall we had a beautiful memory with your services. Your car absolutely clean and a good conditions. We hired for 17 days in Germany, Swiss, Austria, Slovakia & Cekoslovakia on 29/6 to 16/7/2011. We drove for about 4,000 km. The GPS was great. Next time we like to go back to hire your car again.

Greg Newman, 12 august 2011
Boking through idea merge was easy and more convenient than
direct. The pick up in Friedberg also good, we where given all the info
needed to get on our way - even the nearest ikea for bedding.
The camper was almost new and didn't miss a beat the whole
trip through SWI, ITA, HUN and CZE.
Would have been good to have a table a chairs in the camper -
wouldn't mind paying a couple of EU extra for these (maybe you
can in the booking process and I just missed it).
For travelers; GPS is a must (make sure you know how to use
and check the route first) - also hardcopies from viamichelin.com
come in handy. Also understand the toll/vignette system of the
country you are going before you get there.
Thanks to Doug@ideamerge and Sussana@mcrent for a
seamless experience, we'd definitely do this again.

PJ Anderson, Florida, USA, 12 august 2011
We had a great trip thru western Europe in May and June of 2011. This was our first trip abroad and we traveled over 4,200 miles trying to see everything possible. IdeaMerge was great,easy to work with and had amazingly quick responses to the booking and any questions. Customer service at McRent near Dusseldorf was also excellent. They were nice enough to accomadate our early arrival and the young men who did both the check in and check out were very knowledgable and spoken wonderful English. All of the McRent RVs were very new and seemed well maintained.

G. Naismith, 12 august 2011
We were pleased with the service from IdeaMerge and
McRent’s agent in Madrid. We travelled nearly
17,000km throughout western Europe over 2.5 months.
We were impressed with the fuel economy of the
McRent Fiat 2 berth motorhome which achieved less
than 10 liters per 100km over the 17,000km.
We chose to not drive on the motorways/toll ways as
much as possible so that we could see more of the
country and the smaller towns.
Our only regret was not looking at hiring an even
smaller van-type vehicle which was narrower and
lower to allow better access into the center of the
older towns with narrow streets, and the potential
to park in these towns. We hired camping table and
chairs but did not use them because we were always
visiting the towns or places we stayed at, only
getting back in time for bed.
We had a great holiday.

Johann Badenhorst, 12 august 2011
My family (4 people) rented a campervan from Idaemerge/McRent near Dusseldorf in June 2011 and toured 4500 km's through Europe in 30 days. As a whole I found the experience and service very pleasant. Advice to future travellers would be: 1) Find out whether you need a "vignette" at the border post - some kind of sticker you buy that serves as a road tax. 2) Be prepared to drive on very narrow roads when you leave the freeway.

The only thing I would like McRent to improve on is the supply of basic utensils like a small broom + scoop, a bucket and maybe some basic cleaning liquid. Apart from that the company is effective, transparent and trustworthy.

Gail Gilbert, 11 august 2011
I found it hard to commit to a booking agency for a
Rental vehicle half a world away, but the person
working after hours was very helpful and Ideamerge
found me the perfect camper for our group of 2
couples. We arrived at McRent Frankfurt, the paper
work didn't take long and were soon on the road with
some extras from there storeroom, like pegs,
clothesline, bar-a-que, detergent etc (left over's
from other campers). Watching the DVD proved
helpful although we had hire a camper before and
were delighted with camper, our only problem would
be working out the fridge between gas & battery. We
drove through Germany, France, Belgium & Switzerland
over the amazing countryside, some of the roads were
very narrow but just took our time. We followed
some of Tour De France and drove up the Alp d Huez
and over the Col de Galiber - the camper handled
this narrow windy road just great. The staff at
McRent were very helpful and would use both Idea
Merge and McRent again in the near future (I hope).
Regards Gail

Jan M Nielsen, 11 august 2011
We rented a 29" Roadbear RV through Ideamerge. Picked it up in Denver and drove it almost 3,000 miles through all the national parcs to Las Vegas. Ideamerge provided great service all along - even when I had to alter the original package. When we arrived at Roadbear we got an almost brand new RV and a really thorough orientation by a guy who went above and beyond our expectations. The RV was very well equipped and very clean, and we couldn't be happier.
Returning it in Las Vegas did run as smoothly as we could have wished. For some odd reason they had booked pick-ups and drop-offs at the same time, so efter we scrambled to be there in due time for our drop-off we had to wait 45 minutes to actually get rid of the RV. That was not good enough, but I contribute that to poor service and planning skills on the Las Vegas depot side.
Ideamerge and Roadbear were awesome, and we would definitely book there again and recommned it to everyone.

Chester Juroska, 11 august 2011
My wife and I rented a McRent RV for two people in Munich (actually Sulzemoos)and toured through southern Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. It was the same trip my son and I went on in 2003 when we used DRM. Overall the trip was wonderful and the rental process was easy. However, the renter needs to be fully aware of how far out of Munich the depot is. The taxi ride out and back in to the airport is significantly more than stated, so be prepared and have an adequate amount of euros available. Some of the taxis allegedly take credit cards but the car we used with every credit card company displayed on it did not. Ask beforehand. The only other thing is that the rental companies should make clear that some countries like Slovakia and the Czech Republic require the driver to purchase a sticker to display on the wind shield which I suppose is like a road tax. The Slovakian police flagged me down and gave me a 20 euro fine for not having one and then directed me to where I should purchase it. Hungary also requires it. Other than that, the trip was great and I recommend anyone who is the slightest adventurer to do the same. Ideamerge is easy to work with and I will be renting from them again the summer of 2013 to tour The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Brett Gilbert, 11 august 2011
From start to finish the service with IdeaMerge is

Being from Australia it is always a long trip to get
over to Europe. After 24hrs on a plane you don’t
want any hassles hiring your camper. Well the guys
from DRM Dusseldorf were fantastic. In our group we
had 7 guys and hired 2 campervans. The service was
great and after the tuition we were on the road in
under 1 hr. We travelled in excess of 3,000km in 10
days throughout Germany on main roads and back roads
all without fuss.

On this holiday however both campers returned with
some damage. One of our campers suffered some side
damage (Australians not used to left hand drive) and
the other the awning got caught in the wind and
broke. When we arrived back at the DRM depot we
expected a major issue and confrontation. Not to be.
We were very embarrassed that we had damaged the
campers however the guys from DRM were very
professional and did not make us feel bad about the
incident. We filled out the necessary paperwork and
obviously had to pay for the damages from the bond,
however the price was reasonable and the way that
the guys treated us was exceptional. Thanks guys.

I would like to recommend IdeaMerge to anyone who
wants a trouble free holiday. The C3 Family Sport
campers that we hired were modern, spacious, easy to
drive and the options of bedding, crockery, table
and chairs just makes the holiday a fantastic
experience. This is my second year booking with
Ideamerge and all I can say is there definitely will
be a third booking next year.


Brett Gilbert
Sydney Australia

Jan Aarsen - Canada, 11 august 2011
We rented a motorhome from the Frankfurt depot this past June. The
pick up and drop off went very quickly and smoothly. The staff who
went over the motorhome with us were very friendly. The motorhome
was exactly what we were expecting and was brand new. It was easy
to drive and everything operated well. Thanks

G.Danos, 10 august 2011
the service was good,the camper was in good condition,the camping table was not very comfortable because is was not flat. friendly staff in Stockholm.

Wei from Taiwan, 10 August, 2011, 10 august 2011
Thanks IdeaMerge give me a nice experiences. From pickup to dropoff, we received good services. Norway and Sweden are both beautiful and wonderful countries. The persons are all friendly. We always can communicate with them in English. That's why we choose these countries as our honeymoon places. The campervan is new and comfortable. Thanks the agents of IdeaMerge and Touring Cars. They always try their best to deal with the problems or questions that I asked as soon as possible. In summary, we have nice experiences in Scandinavia. THANK YOU IdeaMerge and Touring Cars.

Daniel du Toit, June 2011, 10 august 2011
Booking: Booking through IdeaMerge was faultless, I had a couple of questions and they were all answered almost the same day. Good feedback on all questions and additional arrangements.
Pickup: pickup in Stockholm was reasonable, Touring Cars picked us up at train station and after going through all the paperwork and the elaborate pre-inspection we were eventually on our way. Tip: allow a couple of hours in your schedule for pickup and do a proper inspection of the vehicle. It felt a bit as if Touring Cars were trying to get me to pay for more insurance than I wanted to, almost a little intimidating about the excess that will have to be paid on return if there were damages and we were told the roads in Norway are narrow and almost all vehicles return with damages (well, we return without issue and did about 3,000 km in Norway).
Trip: No mechanical problems at all, nice ride, plenty of space (we had the biggest one). True that all the extras add up and some items I believe should be standard, like the levelling wedges and the table and chairs. Had a problem with the back bed support comming appart in the luggage compartment. Took it to Touring Cars in Oslo and they fixed it on the spot, no questions asked and we were off in 15 minutes. Thumbs up for Toruing Cars Oslo!
Return: Took a very long time, paperwork that should have been done after our pickup was only done on return, were told it was a system error. The inspection took for ever and scratches were found that I cannot explain how they got there. After that long of a wait I did not feel like battling another couple of hours to figure out if it was pre-existing. Tip to future users: Take pictures of the exterior at all locations and at at all angles before pickup and make sure that Touring Cars know that you did (date them as well). Also asked if we could return the full toilet chemicals, but was told there are no refund. Tip: don't bother getting the chemicals if you are going to be using campsites and buy some at the campsite if really needed.
Summary: Had a nice trip and the motorhome behaved well. Pick-up and return process could be improved. Booking service was great.

Villacastin, 10 august 2011
The trip in the States was perfect! We made around 2500 milles in the West Coast and we enjoyed a lot.
We rented a motorhome for 5 peoples and it was really confortable to stay, the problem was that the motorhome was a little old and it vibrated a lot when you drove in highway. We have to add that the brakes started to smell in the slope down long.
The pickup and drop off was correct.
Do you have any tips for fellow travelers? Yes, ask for a new motorhome.

Fatima Akhalwaya/ south Africa, 10 august 2011
We hired 2 x 6 sleeper campervan thru Ideamerge - Freedom Holiday. in Italy.
We had very good service from them from the beginning and good discounts.
We made our way to Freedom Holiday from Rome-it is very far and took us very long to get there as there was alot of traffic.The owners were very helpfull and friendly.
The campervan was great - we took our own sheets and pillows- in the summer u do not need a blanket so a sleeping bag is sufficient.
We also took our own dishes and kettle-mostly throw away stuff and plastic cutlery,plates.
We had a problem with the microwave as it did not work in the campsites- something to do with the power supply so we did not use it at all.Actually the gas stove was sufficient.
We were credited for it at the end.
The trip around Italy was great .We saw alot and went from: Rome,MtVesuvius,POmpei,Sorrento,Naples,Florence,Pisa,Cinque Terre,Milan,Verona,Venice,Modena, SanGimiano,Sienna and back to Rome
Yes we covered alot but managed to see the important areas in each place.We stuck with the motorways which charge toll fees but u save on time.The motorways were very good.
In the smaller towns the roads are narrow but with good driving skills we managed thru.Also tried to take the local transport into the city centres.
Most of the campsites had very good transport from there to the centre of town.
The campsites all had good facilities ie toilets and showers,laundry and electricity.Altho it was crowded in the peek period - as expected!!
You do save on the cost of the accommodationm however the petrol and toll fees are high in Italy.
You also gain with travelling at your own leisure between cities.
Do not take alot of clothes-in the summer take shorts and t-shirts and good walking shoes.All else is a waste.And use the washing machines at intervals
In all we had a great ,memmorable trip.
We would love to do it again

Roland Sommer, Taiwan F3K team at 1st. World Championships 2, 09 august 2011
Starting with the 1st. contact and booking procedure over the net, everything was smooth and comfortable till hand over and drop off back in Stockholm. Special praise to the IDEAMERGE personnel which made that happen due to their excellent service.

The motor home was rather new, of very good quality in driving as well as giving stay for 3 of our team mates for 12 days without missing home....

All supplied and standard and additional rented equipment was fully functional.

The total cost was very acceptable in comparison to stay in a hotel and renting a separate car. Also the IDEAMERGE Motor home was office, canteen and social center for our team during whole time of contest.

Many thanks to IDEAMERGE from the Taiwan F3K-Team...:-)

rosanne Stuart, 09 august 2011
I was pretty happy with my experience with our RV, the only concerne we had was the air conditioner kept cutting out and the RV was getting a bit old, I will add that we did get the cheapest one possible so this could have been the reason

Zdzislaw Majewski from Australia, 09 august 2011
We rented 25 feet RV from El Monte in San Francisco. We had it for 6 weeks. It was 4 years old. We traveled from San Francisco to Jasper NP in Canada, then to Las Vegas and back to San Francisco. We drove 12000 km and had no problem with our RV. It had very nice setup. The holiday was excellent. We got used to this RV and it was very difficult to return it. We already planing another holiday in a motorhome.

S. Cotini, Italy, 9 August 2011, 09 august 2011
We took a 25 feet El Monte RV from Denver for a 3
week holiday. The trip was fantastic, the RV was a
really new 2011 vehicle, very comfortable and clean.
The personal and kitchen kits given with the RV were
brand new and suited every necessity. The personal
at the RV deposit was very kind and friendly. At the
pick up they show you a 15 minutes video, in your
native language, that explains all the main features
of the RV, then you can pick up the RV and ask for
every further doubt. Excellent service and fantastic

N. Kippers, Zaandam, Holland, 09 august 2011
We rented our 2 persons RV Ford at Idea merge/Apollo. The information we got from Ideamerge on the internet was complete and clear. We picked up the Rv at Las Vegas. It’s a pity that we could not pick up and bring back the Rv at the airport. It took a rather long taxi drive to reach the Apollo pick up location.

The instruction how to use the RV was good. The RV was not new but in good shape.One point of criticism: the kitchen equipment was poor. We had to buy some glasses, pots and shelves ourselves.

The RV gave no problems during our 3 weeks holiday except one door of a cupboard: it could not be closed properly.

For us, this RV was an excellent way to travel through this beautiful country.

Rhoads Family, 08 august 2011
we had a GREAT time. The camper had everything we needed.
Sise OF the car wad perfect. When we got to pick up the RV,
staff explained everything very complete.

Maxine Rogers, 08 august 2011
We picked up our vehicle in Denver great customer service very friendly and helpful staff. We drove down to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and our trip ended in Los Angeles, the vehicle never missed a beat and the extra help from the Tom Tom was appreciated. There were only 2 issues the TV stopped working 2 nights into the trip much to our son's disgust and I would have liked one of the sheets in the sheet sets provided to be fitted.

Deb Whitewood, 08 august 2011
We rented our RV from Road Bear in Commerce City, CO. What a wonderful experience! Our unit was brand new, only had 5000 miles on it. It was spotless and everything was in working order thoughout the trip. We put a lot of miles on our unit. We travelled from Denver to the Badlands in SD, then to Yellowstone, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Walnut Canyon, Petrified Forest NP, Petroglyph National Monument, the pueblos in NM, and then back to Denver. There was NEVER problem with the RV!

My father and mother who have travelled around the country by motor home were impressed with our units set up and with Road Bear's rental program.

When my father in law broke his hip and we had to come home early, the guys at Road Bear were more than accommodating. Patrick was WONDERFULLY compassionate about our circumstance, and made the transition from vacation back to reality as quick and painless as possible.

I would definitely recommend Road Bear to anyone who was interested in renting a RV to travel around the country. We saw folks who had rented from other companies sitting at repair shops during our stay...but NEVER a Road Bear unit!!!

Mark Drury, 08 august 2011
The service at IdeaMerge was top class. We dealt with one person the whole time and they were keen to follow things up. The RV we hired was perfect. New, clean and functional. Fraserway provided a friendly efficient service at both the pick pickup and drop off and there were no hidden nasty suprises. This was our first Rv hire experience which makes us want to come back for more. Thanks guys

Eric Worden, Spokane, WA USA, 08 august 2011
We picked up our RV in Barcelona and a bit of a mix up at the airport for the shuttle, but no big deal. Mario was awesome at the station and we got a larger unit at no extra cost. Mario went through everything with us and even though we didn't speak much Spanish and he spoke ver little English we figured everything out. The RV was awesome perfect for 3 people. Clean and ready to roll. The only thing I would have liked to have known was that it didn't come with any dishes or cooking stuff, so we had to buy some stuff. Bike rack was awesome and the chairs and table we rented were pretty old, but worked fine. No issues with the RV and ran awesome. No shuttle back to the airport and we ended up spending like $50 on a cab which was unexpected. I would rent again!!

Kim Clarke, 08 august 2011
We had a wonderful time, the camper was almost brand new and very clean. Caravan parks very nice and every one very helpful. Great way to travel and save at the same time, found Italy very cheap. Camp sites only 30 eruo a night for 2 adults and we avarage 600 km per tank. Approx 100 eruo to fill the tank. The best caravan park book you can order is on line is called Camping Card ACSI a must as it has GPS in it very easy to follow. We are plaining to do more of Europe next year.

kelly, 07 august 2011
This is by far the best RV rental we have had. The check-in and check-out was efficient and hassle-free. The vehicle was spotless and new. We had a 31' RV which, with the pullouts, provided plenty of space for our family of 5 with 3 adults and two teenage boys. We will definitely recommend Ideamerge and Fraserway to our friends.

Guillermo Buitron USA AND MEXICO, 27 july 2011
We rented an RV through McRent. Everything was so professional. The paper work at McRent was easy. Thier staff was very nice explaining all the details to make it an easy travel. The RV had only 8000km aprox, so we could consider it new. We traveled throughout Spain, Italy and France. Everything fabulous, exept fot the toll rd costs. Regarding the overall experience, it's a must for everyone, at least once in your life time. Although never do it without a GPS. JUST DO IT!!

Martijn Brouns, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, 11 july 2011
We rented with IdeaMerge for a holiday in California
in May 2011. What really striked me in IdeaMerge's
service is its incredible transparency around pricing,
hidden cost factors and all sorts of things you
wouldn't know if you (like us) never rented an RV
before. The pricing was unmatched with ANY rv agency
we checked out. I trust me, we checked tons of them on
the internet.
Guys, keep up the great work! Will recommend you guys
any time.

Horacio Ocariz, 11 july 2011
We are very pleased with de caravan and with the people in Germany. We had no problems at all, neither with the vehicle nor with Frankfurt Mc Rent. It was the second time we rented a motor caravan. The first was in Spain, also good, but the treatment we received this time was better.
Kind Regards.
Horacio Ocariz

S Peder Olsen, 09 july 2011
We were quite satisfied with our rental as a whole. The staff in Germany was very kind and helpful, and the get the vehicle and handing it back again went very fast and smoothly.

The car itself was also very good. First, it was brand new, and the design etc. was also quite good. When we handed back the car, we saw another way the same kind of car had the bed made. We would have preferred that way, as we during the night would not have had to climb over each other to get into or out of the bed.

In short we were satisfied renting the vehicle, and would not hesitating recommending others to rent in the same way.

Kind regards
S Peder Olsen

Lim, 09 july 2011
The service from the beginning (online) to the end (caravan depot) was perfect: fast, efficient, error-free, and friendly. As inexperienced first-timers with caravans, there was no unpleasant surprises as the staff at both Ideamerge and caravan depot were very informative from the beginning. The caravan we had was really nice and almost brand new! It was a wonderful trip for us with great service from Ideamerge and McRent Stuttgart.

HyunHo Park, 06 july 2011
It was very exciting trip for me and DRM provided almost new car less than 2,000km mileage VW California Star..

Alessandra Cestari, 06 july 2011
My family and I had an incredible experience as rv first timers at the beginning of May. We rented a motorhome from El Monte via Idea Merge and everything worked out well. Pickup also worked out fine, mainly because we traveled from Brazil and our connecting flight in Newark had a two and a half hour delay. That put us behind our schedule. I called El Monte and they said they could wait some time. We did our best to pick up on the same day and fortunately we did.
The vehicle was 26 feet and was spacious for our party of four. Renters from other countries may wonder how difficult it is to find parking lots for an rv. We may say that we did not find it difficult at all. We visited parks, towns and even big cities like Denver and whenever we wanted to park the rv, it did not take too long to get it done.
All facilities in the vehicle were working, except for the tv and dvd player. Our vehicle also had a fuel leaking problem all the times we filled up the gas tank. While pumping, a little fuel kept leaking. We noticed road assistance, and it did not cause any further problems, except for spending some more money than we were supposed to. We were not reimbursed for the extra gas we spent, not even offered another type of solution for compensating the worries with the leaking problem.
Despite the inconveniences, we still think it was great traveling to the Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and so may other memorable places. It was more than fantastic, it was an experience, one a person should remember for all life.
When we have the chance we will travel by motorhome again.

Charanpal Singh, 05 july 2011
It was our first family holiday in Europe and we decided to tour Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria in a camper. I booked via Ideamerge online and received the confirmation in less than a few hours. Great work Ideamerge! On the day we arrived, we picked up our camper from McRent's depot in Friedberg on 30 May for an 8 day trip. Klaus was very helpful to allow us an early pickup ahead of our scheduled pickup time of 2pm. As it was our very first time traveling in a camper, we had to view a 20 min video describing all of it's features. Everything was provided as described with the only exception being the chemical for the toilet which I didn't check until the next day. I had to buy a bottle from a shop in Italy but it was pretty cheap and cost me 9 euros only. I was told the camper we got was about a year old but it was certainly in very good shape and was very clean. My wife and kids simply loved the convenience of traveling in our own camper and staying in campsites along the way. We visited Interlaken in Switzerland, Pisa, Florence and Venice in Italy, Innsbruck in Austria, Fussen, Meersburg and Stuttgart in Germany before returning our camper in Friedberg. We returned our camper slightly later that our scheduled time at 11am due to heavy rain when we travelled from Stuttgart to Friedberg and traffic was slow on that morning. But Klaus was kind enough not to charge us any extra for the late drop off (Thanks Klaus!). In my hurry, I forgot that my jacket was still on the driver's seat and I forgot to remove it, but oh well, it was my fault for not remembering. Overall, it was an extremely fun way to travel and my family and I have decided that we will surely travel by camper again on our next holiday in New Zealand.

Mike, 03 july 2011
Ideamerge was great. Good communication and quick reply time.Everything was as advertised, no surprises. Claudia at DRM was great, with a wicked sense of humour and Mike was very helpful.The vehicle was almost new (we were the second people to drive the unit). Similar comments to others. Gas adapter needed as we were in France and everything is exchange (if it's French!) Get a higher end Tom-Tom as our old Garmin wanted to put us on a course for the nearest toll road and would only accept about 30% of French addresses. We bought a spiral bound Michelin France map. Much cheaper than in Canada.Our camper was a Karmann-Davis and had much better fluids capacity than last year's Detleff Globecar and we even had a useable shower. Great unit. Averaged about 9.5l/100km over 4,800 km and 22 days. To cook a better variety of meals buy a toaster oven (20-30 euros). Go into Frankfurt if you want to rent as the people make the difference, both Claudia at DRM or Suzanne at McRent are fantastic. You can't lose either way. Germany last year, France this year (May-Jun). Look out Italy next year!

Mark Ehlers, 28 june 2011
Rented a camper from Madrid McRent and toured around Spain and Portugal for the whole of April 2011. As usual the IdeaMerge booking was flawless and professional. The pickup and drop-off were good. This is the third time we have rented a camper from McRent and it was by far the most comprehensive and informative process yet. The camper was in great condition and with new kitchen utensils and extras. The trip itself was also our best so far, Spain is an amazing country and very camper friendly. IMHO the only way to see Europe is with a campervan, a GPS, bicycles and booked with McRent through IdeaMerge.

Fatima Frensch, 28 june 2011
As I was the driver most of the ride, like to talk
about tourism. It was very good reception of Claudia
(DRM), who gave us the MH and received back. We had
a great trip through 8 countries and had no problems
with the car. It was very stable, comfortable and
economical. We have told friends about the trip and
all say they want to try but are unsure, seem
fearful, they do not know what they are missing. The
catalog with the addresses of the campsites also
helped much. So speak the Portuguese of Brazil, but
if anyone needs a testimonial for the ease of
renting and driving a MH IdeaMerge can give my
email. So hope that the translation is readable.
With good will, a catalog mail campsites and a GPS,
you're going anywhere in the EU. I am available for
any information. Thanks.

Cathy Ray Potstra, 26 june 2011
We arrived from our home in Canada to visit the land of our roots on May 16, 2011. Rene at BV Campers greeted us with a very good sense of humor and a thorough review of features of our camper home for the next 15 days in Europe. We enjoyed our well-outfitted camper very much during our tour of Belgium and the Netherlands. In fact, we have been missing the cosiness and comfort (gezelligheit) of the Ford Nugget and will definitely consider camping in Europe when we go there again in the future.

Ian Elleray, 24 june 2011
Wow! Just had a flick through some existing reviews - we aren't the
only ones who are impressed!

Both Ideamerge and Road Bear were great.

We had to rearrange our trip from last September to May/June this
year because of a family tragedy. Doug and Mark at Ideamerge
were really sympathetic and Roadbear agreed to refund us all the
money we had paid (barring a small admin fee). We were so
impressed with this.

Both organisations have done an excellent job, dealing with any
queries right away.

We have given Road Bear a note in their feedback form about a few
small matters that would we think improve the customer

1. The double duvet provided was a bit too small for two people -
also even with the extra thin duvet provided, we were a bit cold
sometimes. We managed to borrow some bedding from friends, so
we were ok for the trip.
2. Cooking utensils - it would be good to provide a wooden spoon
and/or a spatula. The corkscrew left the cork in the bottle - poor

These points really are a bit "nit-picking" though!

In summary, the whole experience was superb!!

Michele and David, 22 june 2011
We rented the RV for Easter holidays. We were headed to Denmark and Norway. Henk was very patient on the pick up as I got stuck in rush hour traffic in Amsterdam making a 1 hour trip into a 2.5 hour trip. If I had the option I would take the train to the pick up point next time.
The RV was very new and everything worked well and we had no problems with the use or driving of the RV.
The ferries ask RVs to be backed onto the front of the boat. That was a little scary.

The experience was quite straight forward on the paperwork and dealing with Ideamerge.


Graham Gill Muir - Perth Western Australia., 19 june 2011
Having read a number of reviews, we are in agreement with most points noted thus far.
Pick up great,.. but a little tedious and painstaking, service people fantastic, and the run down on the vehicle great.
It was a little daunting for me, however,being an automatic, left hand drive vehicle driver for 35 years, to have to alter to a manual, right hand side driver for this trip!!
A few trips around the block though soon sorted this problem out!!
The trip around Norway was brilliant, but remember to account for the numerous ferry tolls you will have to pay, as well as the road tolls!!
The basic inclusions were OK in the home, but as others have stated, tables & chairs, chocks, and a taoster would be a valuable addition to your vehicles, at no cost.
As the items are basically non destructible, (!!), you will be getting your dollars back for them 100 times over by making your clients pay for them, (hmmm).

Finally the hand over we had was not too bad, but others at the depot at the same time were being hit with fault notices on their vehicles, which in fairness seemed excessive, and expensive, so watch out!!

Overall a very pleasant experience, and rest assured that if the Norwegian ecomony ever crumbles, we'll be back in a flash!!! Happy driving!!

Carol Slade, 19 june 2011
My 2 adult family had a great time in our 25 foot RV from Roadbear. Their customer service was excellent at both pick up & return at the LA depot.
We travelled all over Caifornia for a month with no problems - practically new van (only 5000 miles on the clock), probably ony had done one trip before us. One tip - we found the cushions in bed mode too hard and bought cheap air mattresses for extra comfort. The entire process of booking through Ideamerge was straightforward and I liked knowing all costs upfront.

Jim Shelley Shepherd, 18 june 2011
What can I say about Idea Merge and Road Bear RV? Outstanding and outstanding.
We are from Canada and had never rented a motorhome before; Doug at IdeaMerge took all the time needed to answer my many questions.
From the pickup at the airport to the drop-off on our return, the staff at Road Bear RV in Las Vegas couldn’t have been more courteous or helpful. They made pick-up and return of the RV a pleasure. The unit was spotlessly clean on our arrival.
The true test came when the microwave didn’t work. I called the assistance number and the problem was resolved the next morning, to my complete satisfaction. It was a new motorhome and things like this will happen, but the fact that they corrected the issue so quickly and with a minimum of inconvenience to us impressed me. The microwave was the only glitch on our 2,000 mile trip around the Grand Canyon. The vehicle performed flawlessly otherwise. I would highly recommend anyone rent using these two companies because of the excellent service I received.
Thanks for making our trip a memory to cherish for a lifetime!

Rodrigo Abarca, 18 june 2011
The service was to our satisfaction, and getting more
than I expected. Camper equipment was requested, and
extras meet the requirements. This allowed us 21 days
touring Italy with great security and peace, reaching
places where we had not contemplated going.

Gail Gagn稠18 june 2011
Hi Doug

It's the second time that we rent with your company.
The first time was for Italy last year and the
second time was for British Columbia May 2011
The pickup and drop at the airport is fantastic.
The service at Fraserway and reception is very good.
Your service at IdeaMerge is very efficiency (very
very good!!!)
We are happy about are trip!!!Will be back to rent
a RV with you.
Kind regards,
Gail Gagn绢r>Joel Emond

Steve Fennell, 18 june 2011
Thanks once again to ideamerge and their hire partner Mcrent.We rented through the Frankfurt office,where Susanne once again was extremely helpful ( and jealous as she is a keen motorcyclist herself)and we proceeded to follow the motogp and superbikes through italy and france.The camper performed excellently and I will be using the same company again when I go back to europe.If anyone is travelling from the south of France towards Paris I highly recommend to travel via the Millau Viaduct,the highest bridge in the world,amazing experience.

Ken Scouten, 18 june 2011
Thanks for the follow up email. We were all very
pleased with both the service and the vehicle
supplied by Fraserway RV. It was a much superior
vehicle to the one we received (currently driving)
from A&M Motorhomes in Anchorage (A&M is not
represented by IdeaMerge). The current vehicle is
older and has very worn out seats and matress and we
had to ask them to clean the inside before we would
accept it.

I would happily recommend your company and
definitely not the current company (A&M Motorhomes).

Thanks again for providing a quality product


Thomas van den Berg, 18 june 2011
We would like to thank El Monte and Ideamerge for the excellent
service we experienced during our holidays!

As we went to pickup the RV, we got a warm welcome. Of course
there were all the regulations and safety instructions, but beside
that there was room for easy conversations and great customer
service. We (my fellow Dutch companions and I) didn't quite expect
such comfy and easy service, since renting an RV can mean a lot of
paperwork. But it all went supersmooth and we got an excellent
almost-new RV and went on our trip with a big smile on our faces.

By the way, little funfact, we even learned an american expression
at El Monte. As we heared 'Oh my God, I almost creamed your face
with my elbow', we must have used that expression a thousand
times during our stay in the US.

The RV really was in great shape and we managed to keep it that
way (phew! ;)). Upon returning the RV we met the same friendly
people again at El Monte Las Vegas. Always room for a laugh, even
during the busy hours.

When we will (and we will!) rent an RV again, we will certainly head
back to El Monte again, as their price and service absolutely beat
every single competitor in the market.

Take care guys and see you again!

- Bart, Maarten and Thomas, NL

Mark Partridge, 17 june 2011
We had 3 x Aussie blokes in an RV from San Fran to Vegas...awesome trip...heaps of room, wouldn't have done it any other way. Had never done it before, but would definitely do it again.

Thanks for all your help guys...very easy to deal with! Hopefully I'll use you again some day.

Caroline Schlieper, 17 june 2011
We had an absolutely fantastic time. My husband had been
trying to get me to try a campervan for a while and I was so
apprehensive about doing this part of our trip. We picked up the
van and the process was straightforward. The van we got was
nearly new and wow I was impressed by it. The only thing I
didn't feel entirely comfortable with was the child sear provided it
appeared to be more for a toddler and our son was only 5
months at the time. Other than that the services of the van met
my expectations and more. The drop off process was also
straightforward and as we were staying in new York city we just
caught a bus straight there after drop off. We had a ball and
thanks for the experience. We are from australia so we are keen
to do a longer trip the next time around.

Ben Smith, 17 june 2011
Hey, we were very happy with the whole experience.
The booking, pick up and drop off all went really
well. The RV itself was flawless, mind you it was a
brand new vehicle, but it was reliable throughout
the trip. On dropping off i was concerned that they
would find any excuse to charge us for any slight
scratch, but they were very reasonable and provided
us with free transfers to our hotel! I would
certainly recommend IdeaMerge and El Monte RV in the
future. My experience was so great in intend on
doing another trip in the near future.

Thanks all for your assistance

The Griffin Family, 17 june 2011
We had a great experience on our RV trip. We did a
one way hire and so it took a bit of organisation
but Ideamerge helped us enormously and we are very grateful as we had a fantastic time. I had read
horror stories about RV trips so was a little unsure
of what to expect. Most of the negative feed back
was about hidden extras so our advice is just book
everything up front and avoid the pain!The RV itself
wasn't shiny new nor was it old and tatty, we found
that as it was a few years old we weren't to worried
about the kids "taking advantage of the space"
All in all a great trip and looking forward to our
next adventure.

Doug, 17 june 2011
This was our first RV rental, and the process went very well. Ideamerge and Road Bear were both great to work with - quickly dealing with one minor issue we had pre-trip and being easy to contact when we had a concern during the trip. Pick up at Roadbear in Las Vegas was fine, our unit was a 2012 with 2000kms on it, and in like new condition. It worked flawlessly for us on our trip. Drop off at the end went perfectly as well. All in all, very enjoyable, and I would recommend both Roadbear and Ideamerge as honest vendors to deal with.

Bill and Lana, 25 may 2011
Hired a McRent Globescout last year (2010) thru
IdeaMerge and spent 12 weeks touring thru Germany
France Italy Spain and Belgium.We had a thoroughly
enjoyable time.High praise for staff at McRent
especially Susanne who was most helpful.This was our
second hire thru IdeaMerge in three years and we thank
them for their great service. Would certainly use them

Dennis Becky, May 21, 2011, 21 may 2011
We rented a caravan in Frnakfurt for 30 days to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, and it was an amazing "memory-maker". We were totally impressed with Susanne, who spoke very good English and went out of her way to be sure we had a good experience. Ideamerge was professional in dealing with us and we would definitely re-do the trip.

DAVID, 12 may 2011
It was a wonderful vacation for me and my family,we had a nice welcomming in the Airport in Roma and they picked up us to Freedom Holiday company and within half and hour we took our Camper with a good explanation about details of Camper and contract,this was first time for us to drive with a camper and we were surprised that within a small space in sideof Camper we had all needs facility in hand,also there was a very good services and facilities for Campers in Italy so we enjoyed a lot.
The only thing which was not so good was the way of packaging Kitchen instruments and also Pic Nik Table and Chairs which were made lots of noise at the time of movement,which I think it is possible to do it in a better way.
Any way it was a great expirience for us.
Kind Regards.David.

guy and micheline, 11 may 2011
We had such a terrific vacation driving around Europe in our rented camper van which became our "home away from home" - we would do it all over again in a heartbeat. THANKS!

Eduardo Hirsch, 08 may 2011
We are very very satisficed with Idea Merge and with
Road Bear. The RV, the pickup and droppof, your
asistance to us, everything was perfect,
comfortable, and warmly. Think that we were in a
strange country for us (we are Argentines), with
another language (spanish), another customs... But
you made us everything so easy that we are very
thankful and pleased with you. Certainly, I will
always recomend Idea Merge, because everything you
had promise, you gave us.
This was our first rental of an RV. It is more, it
was our first time in the United States. So I had to
drive with a great great vehicle in places that I
never see before, with rules and customs that was no
familiar to me. I drived by routes, highways,
mountain roads, small roads to an RV as in Rodeo
Drive in Bevery Hills. But I have no problem in any
case, I enjoy it so much. The vehicle Road Bear gave
us was alredy new, it had no problem at all,
everything function well. Only one little thing I
can tell you about the vehicle: When we start the
oven, of course we put on the extractor of gas, but
the alarm of gas began to sound and sound. It was
funny, but is something you have to arrange.

And about he trip, our experience through the States
was very good. The landscapes, the people
everywhere, the services, everything had been
delightfull. You have a great Country, you have done
things very good. You have living in your Country
people of all the planet, with different cultures
and histories, but all of them feels American people
and are proud of being Americans, and all of them
wants to respect the laws. I saw your fly
everywhere, in houses, gas stations, etc. etc. I
think this is very important. And I repeat you, you
have made a great Country.

In other order of things, I congratulate you for put
things in your place about the attempt to the
towers. I think that we must do what we must do,
without thinking about the consecuences. I hope we
could do the same in our Country about the attempts
to de AMIA and to the Israel Embassy.

Our regards to you and to Road Bear people.
Eduardo Hirsch

Sandie, 28 april 2011
Had a great time. Rental process was relatively easy, the whole
experience was a memory of a lifetime, we had a family holiday
that everyone was happy with. Would highly recommend
ideamerge and will definately use you guys again to book our
next holiday. Thank you.

John Povlsen, 28 april 2011
We had a Apollo Hiace Camper for the period 20.01.2011 to 20.02.2011. We went from Sidney to Alice Springs where we dropted the car. We drived 8000 km. The car was perfect for 2 persons and we had no problem with the car at all. We can recommend Apollo and Ideamerge. We have used Ideamerge twice with very good results.

Nick, 26 april 2011
Ideamerge definitely helped reduce costs. Booking
process was relatively easy, and El Monte RV was well
versed in the process. Would recommend Ideamerge to

Tsui February 2011, 24 april 2011
We rented a motorhome in Madrid from McRent. We took a taxi from the airport and it took at least 20 minutes for the taxi driver to find the company. The pick up process was fast with no problem. Although the car and the GPS were brand new, the GPS didn?t work for couple times. The power cable broke two days before our scheduled return time. We have no choice but to return the car one day earlier. The staff at the McRent fixed the power cable and suggested us to continue with the rental for the last day. It was not the issue of one day rental charge, but the issue of time. We did not want to go through all the cleaning and packing process just for another day because it was a waste of time during holidays. Anyway, we did not get the one day rental refund. Apart from these, it was a great experience.

Even Larsen April 2011, 17 april 2011
Thank you for a great rental deal. We have had two
great weeks driving in California. There were some
problems with correspondence betweek Ideamerge and
Apollo, but here Ideamerge was by far the most
cooperative company. You really were helpsome and
answered e-mails and phones calls streight away. I
will deffentrly use Ideamerge again.

Elisa Ortega, 25 january 2011
We went a motorhome at Berlin the last week of October 2010. The motorhome was really new (very few kilometers) and nice with all the things we needed. We stayed a week travelling from Berlin to the south of Germany, visiting Munich, Fussen, Constanz and the black forest. It is very comfortable in order to sleep and also for cooking. The only thing we did not like was the depot at Berlin is a bit far from the city center. You have to take the underground, then the train and finally a bus. So it takes an hour to reach the depot. But, once arrived there, they explained us all the things required when travelling with a motorhome. I recommend you to rent a GPS, because it is not easy to find the depot whern returning the motorhome!! It has been a really nice experience. Reting with IDEAMERGE is really easy and they help you a lot!! We hope we can rent another motorhome with them next year!

The Rook Family, 19 january 2011
What a fantastic experience with this company!
From the initial contact on the website, quick email
confirmation, through to the collection and return
of the motor-home, the service was excellent.
Our trip was our honeymoon, (even though we did take
our 2 year old daughter!) so we expected 5* service
and received it. We collected the motor-home (which
our daughter named - Ebe!) in Frankfurt and the lady
was extremely helpful and spoke superb English, then
drove and explored through Germany, Austria, Italy
and France, returning to Germany 3 weeks later. The
van was comfortable, warm (we travelled at the
beginning of winter) clean and spacious for the 3 of
us. Our daughter loved it and every morning we woke
up singing "On the Road again, just can't wait to
get on the road again".

Doug Correa Jr, 12 january 2011
We recently rented a 29 foot RV from motoris/camping world.We have previously rented from a company in Reno,this was our first time with this company.Every single person from the email reservation to check in/check out was amazing,the rv was top notch couldnt have asked for a better operation.will definitly rent from them again.10 stars plus ck them out you WONT be dissappointed.

Stephen Wray, 10 january 2011
We found the people at Freedom Holiday to be very helpful explaining thoroughly all aspects of the camper.
All our holiday was spent in Italy and we had a truly wonderful experience. Initially driving in Italy was daunting however we soon discovered that although traffic appears chaotic drivers were, in general, considerate to other road users. The same cannot be said of roadside buildings which as the road narrows can suddenly leap out to hit the wing mirror of an over-wide camper. First piece of advice always use a sat nav. Second piece of advice never trust your sat nav, it will always try to take you by the route involving the narrowest alley in the centre of the nearest town. Parking can be a problem with campers wherever you are but we knew that.
Minor gripes. Kitchen accessories were a bit light on and there was no proper storage facilities for same. Information on campsites from supplied books was not always reliable. Some campsites did not exist. Then others appeared from nowhere in the most beautiful locations.
Overall our experiences were positive and we had a great time.

Michal, 28 december 2010

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Denis Stringer, 26 december 2010
We used Idea Merge to rent a 25 foot Camping World RV for 12 weeks. We gave it a 7000 mile thrash over the US and Canada.
A couple of screws and nuts came loose but the only thing of concern was the drivers side wing mirror coming loose. We found a Ford dealer to fix it.

We were very pleased but I think the following additions to the rental package would help a lot.

1/ A basic tool kit. We had to buy them but Camping World did reimburse us.

2/ A decent manual for the specific RV rented.

A deposit could be held for each of these items.

Baden Monger, 24 december 2010
We rented an RV for 16 days to see the West Coast of the
USA. Our experience with IdeaMerge was great, it was a hassle
free booking process and the staff responded to our queries
timely and efficiently, we will definitely use IdeaMerge again in
the future.
However, on the other hand, we would not deal with Motoris
again. We showed up at their Seattle depot on the 1st Nov only
to be told that they did not have an RV for us.......even though
this was booked in July! So after waiting for over an hour, the
Motoris rep "found" one we could use but we found out soon
after that this was just the beginning of the poor service we
were about to exoerience.
An hour into our trip the SRS airbag light came on and stayed
on. We called Motoris to inform them and was advised that we
could either keep driving and risk it in case of an accident or
take it to a Service Centre and get it repaired. We chose to
have it repaired but little did we know that we were going to
have to wait over four hours to get this fix. We only had a day to
see Portland before we had to head to our next destination as
all our RV parks had been pre booked so obviously we did not
get to see much of Portland.
So we got back on the road and not long after that, the dining
table collapses.....luckily our little girl was sitting on he seat
behind the passenger seat otherwise her little legs could have
been hurt......
The other things we were not very impressed with was the Dvd
player and oven that did not work, the bathroom door that did
not shut, the fan that did not work and the stained sheets www
were given.
Upon returning the RV at the LA depot and after speaking to
another Motoris staff, we had a sinking feeling that we were
given an RV that was suppose to be retired. Of course we could
never prove this but after this experience we certainly would not
be renting let alone recommending Motoris again.

Kaye Bowles, 17 november 2010
Thanks for the experience, 3 weeks in northeastern US during fall,beautiful. All connections were made smoothly and on time. Information on the van was a little lacking however plenty of written explaination on board.The only dissappointment was the size of the van ( the smallest available on the east coast 25ft).At first difficult to park in the small coastal towns of Maine.Understand that Camping World is getting new vans next year hopefully some smaller ones for two people.Leaving Boston rather than New York City worked out well the train connections being excellent.Creditcard problems occurred because Camping World held the deposit however did not give any credit notice to show full billing amount ,however everything worked out in the long run. Thanks again for an amazing trip.

Don and Toni Dooley, 14 november 2010
Yes, we just returned to the US after a wonderful travel experience using Idea Merge services to hire our camper. Went directly to Freedom Holiday from our arrival at the airport expecting to wait there, but were quickly set up with our camper, equipment and borrowed road maps and camp books for our trip through northern Italy and southern France - all the way to Lourdes, France and back.
We cooked great meals with the equipment and sampled great wines all along the way. We quickly got used to the road signs and driving and were off the next morning on this marvelous adventure - one we took for our 50th anniversary! I highly recommend this way to travel and see Europe. Our camper had some mileage on it, but was in excellent shape with not a problem. Returning it to Freedom Holiday was a snap as well because we returned it so clean!
We plan to tour through Germany, Sweden and Norway next year! Thanks Idea Merge for making this one dream come true. We had no problems and all our early questions were answered quickly and handled with our desires in mind. Toni Dooley

Caryl Bergeron, 13 november 2010
Everything went well. We arrived about 1/2 hour early. So the lady at DRM took us on the tour of another vehicle along with another couple. That way we could get going earlier than expected. The location of DRM at Frankfurt couldn't be better. It's within walking distance of both the IBIS and Mercure hotels. In addition there are several stores just around the block including a Rewe, Penny market and Textil discount. We were able to stock up and get on the road quickly.

Working with Ideamerge was easy and convenient. We were able to keep in contact all summer making sure everything was ready to go. No problems or issues at all.

Great job

mark brockenshire, 12 november 2010
we spent a month in germany an denmark and the van we hired from the berlin depot was excellent.this is the only way to see and get about europe.being from australia driving on the other side of the road takes a bit of getting used to but you sort it out soon enough.again this being our 3rd time dealing with ideamerge, the guys were great help and the service and comunication was excellent.
the berlin depot was helpful and very understanding.would have no problem dealing with all these guys once again.

David and Marilyn Webb, Albany, WesternAustralia, 03 november 2010
We hired a globus 1 from1st sept till 1st oct 2010 the pick up and drop off was quite drawn out but very well done both at Sintra.We Did 6000 kms in Portugal Spain and afew days in southern France.As we free camped all but 3 nights never had any problems with battery power or gas for the stove and water heater.The camper powdered by Fiat went very well and trouble Free ,fuell consumption for total trip was 9.7 litres per 100 kms. As we drive in Australia on the other side of the road to Europe I think we did very well returning the motorhome back to base without a scratch mind you we had a few moments in the first couple of days until we got used to driving on the wrong side ha ha ...cheers for now keep up the good work ...............

Paul Ireland, 03 november 2010
This year's trip to Europe was another excellent experience working with IdeaMerge. In preparation for the trip, we had to make a number of modifications and Doug Bredesen was always quick to accommodate our needs.

We had a great trip to Europe, and working with the folks at the Frankfurt DRM location was excellent. It was again a real pleasure working with Mike and Claudia. They are very helpful and truly friendly. So both the pick-up and return went exceedingly smooth. This was very much a repeat of the first time we rented from DRM at the Frankfurt location.

Our only real problem there has nothing to with DRM or Ideamerge. It is at the Airport. The DRM vehicle pick-up site is so close to the airport that the taxi drivers do not want to take us there after their long wait in the queue for a fare. It is illegal of course, but they come up with all sorts of excuses not to take us. But we are learning who to talk to (for lack of a better term - the Taxi Meister) and what actions to take to ensure we can get a lift.

So if folks run into this little glitch at the Airport, here is what you do. First, get the Registration number from the back of the cab of the cabbie who turned you down. Without this number it is difficult for the Taxi Operations to take corrective measures. Then seek out the "Taxi Meister." He is normally somewhere where he can oversee the Taxi Stand Operation, but you may need to ask someone who works at the Airport to point him out. Then go to him and explain the problem and give him the registration number. He will correct the problem.

This is not a problem when we return to Frankfurt. We come in the evening before, and stay at the Frankfurt Airport Ibis. We turn our vehicle in the next morning, walk the short walk back to the Ibis, and take advantage of their excellent shuttle service to the Airport.

Our deposit was refunded in total very shortly after our return.

Again, I want to express our appreciation working with Mike and Claudia, and hope this can be conveyed to them through DRM. They are a credit to the organization. We will be back.

Seong Oh Kim, 02 november 2010
My rental process went very smoothly from A to Z. It was my very first time renting a mobile home. I did my share of researching for better terms. I liked what I got thru IdeaMerge.

All the information on the web site and the e-mails I received from IdeaMerge regarding my reservation was easy to follow. I was promised there were no hidden fees and there was none.

Picking up was easy. Originally our pick up time was 3:00PM but when I made a phone call and they let me come in at 10:00AM. We started earlier than expected.

The pickup and return location was near the airport, a short train ride from the terminal. The representative spoke perfect English. Our mobile home was new and clean. We finished our pre-rental check up quickly. I was well informed of the terms of returning our vehicle. I drove out of their parking lot within 20 min.

The mobile home was not as hard as I expected in terms of driving and parking. Although the trip computer on the vehicle was in Germany only, they did provide an English manual in the car. The inside was spacious enough for our family of 6, three adults, one teenager, one six year old, and a 17 month old baby. All the equipment and the compartments worked as they were supposed to. For six nights and seven days our family did not have any complaints.

Returning the vehicle went without any problem. I was ten minutes late but they said it wasn¡¯t a problem. I returned the vehicle with less amount of fuel than I drove off with but they said it was not much of a difference. I was not charged for the gas. The same representative came out of the office right away and we checked the vehicle thoroughly. I was informed that I need to pay for a torn window screen. I agreed and signed the paper. I checked with my credit card company and found out they deducted $50 for the broken window screen and returned the rest of my deposit within three days of the return. The whole returning process took less than 15 min. It felt like every process was clear and straightforward.

I would definitely use IdeaMerge to make my next reservation.

Josef turgeman, 31 october 2010
We had a very good time with the camper van. Pickup and drop off was quick an eficiant.
The vichle was excelent and very comfortable.
A. we suggest to add speakers in the rare too so
everybody can hear the radio/music.
B. there is not enough space to put a baby chair
without taking out the table.
c. concider the option of pickup/dropup the vichle
from the airport.Not always the flights
scheduale are suitable to the opening hours of
your office

Once again thanks oue family enjoyed it very much


trevor temple, 30 october 2010
Our experiance with Idealmerge was very helpful right from the start as there was initially a problem with the credit card payment. Their understanding and co-operation over the matter was excellent and between us the issue was quickly resolved. We started our adventure by boarding the stuttlebus in Los Angeles, although we were told to be at the pick up point at 7 o'clock the shuttle did not arrive until 7-30, but this was not, I hasten to add, down to Caravan World but a misunderstanding of instruction given to us by Idealmerge.
On arrival at Caravan World's premisses the proffessionalism of all the staff was outstanding. We were treated very courteously from the start. Everything was explained to us in great detail and in a way that could be clearly followed, this really help to put us all at ease because this was a new experiance for us and up until that moment we were rather nervous. The care and treatment we received led to us being able to have a wonderful trip.
The RV itself was in an excellant condition, clean and tidy inside and out and was everything we hoped it would be, that includes comfortable and easy to handle.
The hand over on our return was handled as proffesionally by Brian as our first meeting with him.
A very pleasant, and totally unexpected event happened right at the end of our dealings with Brian and the rest of the staff at Caravan World, this was as we were about to get onto the shuttle bus to take us to the airport the staff came out of the office, shook our hands and wished us a good flight home before thanking us for our custom. This sort of thing goes a long way in our books and ensures that we will most certainly recomend all concerned in our trip to any of our friends here in UK.

Bo Nilsson, 26 october 2010
Thanks for your mail,

We had a very good time with the camper van. Pickup
and drop off was no problem at all. Fast and
friendly. All went very well and we did not have a

We did 6350 km all the way to Tromso in Norway and
then back via Finland to Sweden and then to Germany.

The only small problem we had was to get LP gas for
the van. Sweden did not have the German fitting
so we had to look around to get the bottles filled.
If there is a possibility there should be some kind
of a guide to mention were to find gas or the van
should have a universal adapter that you can fit
should you be in some countries that do not fit to
the German one.

Once again thanks and I have already given your
company name to three people who were
very interested to do the same as we done.

Bo Nilsson

Phil and Trudy Thumath, 25 october 2010
This was the second time we had hired a van from the Frankfurt
office. Once again we were very impressed by the service ( thanks
Susanne) and the condition of the van (very clean).
Just a suggestion for the future, another couple of power sockets
would be useful (for laptops, phones, i-pods etc) and the position of
the sockets just outside the bathroom door is a bit awkward!
Also a grill or microwave would be useful.
Thanks for a great holiday! We strongly recommend your company .

Darcy and Sue Victoria B.C. Canada, 25 october 2010
we picked up our motorhome in frankfurt which is very close to the airport as well as to a couple of hotels. claudia was very good to deal with.the pick up and drop off went smoothly and we found lots of supplies and books and maps that we were able to take with us on the trip.the motorhome was only 6 months old and perfect for the two of us.i strongly recomend taking a gps with you as the driving through europe can get a bit overwhelming without it. the only thing that we had a problem with was that the propane bottles ran out and nobody over there could help us or tell us where we could get them filled.we finally found someone in italy that could help us.the german bottles are not compatable with the italian bottles so we had to get a fitting and purchase a bottle in italy to get us through the rest of our trip. claudia and drm were great about it and reimbursed us for the bottle as well as a refund on our bill for our lost time chasing down propane.i would suggest to drm to take this into account and maybe supply fittings with the motorhomes for future travelers.all in all it was a great experience renting the motorhome from drm and traveling through europe.cant wait to do it again real soon

Edward Ann Scott, 25 october 2010
We originally arranged to hire an RV through IdeaMerge and El Monte RV in April 2010, but our flight to the US was delayed by the Iceland volcano eruption. IdeaMerge gave a first class service to us, and very prompt responses to our requests for changes to our schedule. We rearranged our 9 days RV hire for October, and everything went very smoothly.

Our "C25" RV was collected from El Monte in Las Vegas, where "Jack" gave us superb and friendly service during the collection and return of the RV.
Although we are experienced caravanners in Europe, all this was new to us, but it was a wonderful experience. Our stays were maily on basic campgrounds operated by the National Parks Service or the BLM, and we found no need for more sophisticated facilities.

Visits were made to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon, all in 9 days. We wished we had more time available.

We did a lot of forward planning for our trip, the campgrounds where we might stay, and about the operation of the RV, and all that was very helpful.

My wife adds one comment - she would have liked a chopping board in the habitation pack!

We have already recommended IdeaMerge and El Monte RV to our friends, and we will certainly do it again...

Neville Growden, 25 october 2010
First trip to America, my son (13yrs), my best mate of (40yrs),rented 35ft RV, which made our USA trip extra special. Service from pickup point to our personal assistant at depot, where we were shown every aspect of setting up RV was first class.
Only winge would be better mops and brooms to use, for easier cleaning.
Looking forward to renting when next in USA.

Paul, 24 october 2010
This is the second time we have used Ideamerge and McRent Frankfurt and would recommend them both. The service from Ideamerge is very good and hassle free, the van from McRent exactly what we wanted, well serviced, clean and ready to go on arrival. All staff are pleasant and helpful. We were picked up from Frankfurt airport and dropped back at the end of the trip. Would recommend this option as the depot is in the north. Travelled through Western Europe with no problems. Camping ground books were in short supply when we rented the van so an option would be to take your own and don't travel without a navigational device (Tomtom). So much easier than reading maps.

Graeme Arthur - Melbourne - Australia, 21 october 2010
Picked up our RV from Dacau (Munchen) on time and exactly what we ordered. Staff were very friendly and helpful with precise instructions which was terrific as this was our first experience in a van in Europe. The vehicle was clean adn relatively new. Had a great trip via the Romantic Road and throroughly recommend this trip. Munich was also fantastic and well worth a visit. Overall germany was an outstanding place to visit - the camper parks were first rate, roads sensational and very easy to navigate - we will defintely return one day. Although ytou probably book your van by yourself by going through Idea Merge it took a lot of the hassle out of it and the last thing you need is problems when you are all set to go and time is limited.

Alex Soloviev, 18 october 2010
We rented motorhome at the end of September in Barcelona in McRent. It was fourth time when we rented the auto in McRent. The motorhome is almost new, the big refrigerator, is a lot of lockers. With rent and return has not any problems , all was fast and precise. Unfortunately the company is located very far from city and the airport

Dave Robinson, 18 october 2010
The service from Ideamerge when we booked our Spanish motorhome experience was excellent. We have a few doubts however about some of the service provided by the vendor, Euromotorhome, even though the van itself was excellent. [Note: IdeaMerge no longer represents Euromotorhome.] Firstly the person showing us the van's features spoke very little English. Then we discovered that we had rented a "bare" van (apparently this is in the small print somewhere, but I still can't find it. This is very confusing for someone from Australia or New Zealand, where even the cheapest "backpacker" vans come fully equipped. You can rent the essential gear for an extra 100 Euros - whether you need it for a week or a month! What's worse, NO MAPS! It is even hard to buy maps in Spain. What's more, we couldn't rent a GPS from them as we hadn't booked it at the same time as the van!

Lee Bateman, 18 october 2010
Rental Company: Apollo
RV Type: 27ft with 2x slide outs
Duration: 3 weeks

This was the second time I had been to the states and rented a motorhome and we certainly were not diappointed. We had a little bit of a wait when we picked up the RV but this was most likely our fault as we arrived at the rental centre 20 minutes late but once going the service was great and we got away quickly in our 27ft RV.

We took the RV on a 3700 mile round trip taking us from LA to San Francisco, Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Las vegas... to name a few! During this time the RV never missed a beat apart from the air con being a bit overloaded when we were in hot areas such as vegas!

Retruning the RV was just as easy too! No hanging around while every inch of the RV was inspected for damages.

Overall we were all very happy with the service and the RV itself and would happily choose ideamerge and Apollo for our next trip to the US!

Yumi SIN, 17 october 2010
Great honeymoon with Camping car~
In September,we had wonderful wedding and great honeymoon.
We went Munich,interaken and austria with Camping car.
It was my 1st trip by camping car,But my husband has been about 10experiences with camping car travel thru Idea merge from 2003.
He said that he always choose the Idea merge.
I know the reason!!!
The staff was kind and nice~He provide us blaket by free for our wedding gift :)
The car was good. When i arrived several camping place i realized that our camping car is nicer than other cars.
I can say,we had wonderful honeymoon with Idea merge.I can't forget the fabulous memory~

A.Dagan, 17 october 2010
The service provided by the rental company was very good. Pick up and drop off was on time. We got a bit lost on the way back to Madrid, the map given to us was not so useful, and many locals didn't know how to read the map aswell. We ended up getting directions on the phone, which was helpful, but turned to be very expensive..
The camper was clean, comfortable and easy to drive. I would add an updated road map to the campers, to ease the process of driving (when GPS is not working...) Thank you.

Konstantinos family from Greece (Ptolemaida), 17 october 2010
We picked up the RV in Oslo. Everything was arranged
fine. The pick up procedure was done really good by
a very polite stuff member. We traveled to Trondheim
(to watch our favorite football team, ARIS, playing
againts Rosenborg) and drove back to Oslo via
Bergen. It took us a week. It was an excellent
experience. Norway is a beautyfull country and I
think the best way to travel is with a camper. There
are a lot, and most of them really nice places to
park either for a break or for nightstaying.
I have to express my conserns about the drop off
procedure. A big dent was found on the top of the RV
that I can not imagine what caused it but since I
had signed that everything was fine when we picked
up the RV I did not really argue about it since I
thought it is meaningless. But it will cost me a lot
(a still do not know the exact amount) the stuff at
drop off told me. I did not ready the review board
before. If I had i would have been more carefull at
pick up.

Richard Hanson, 17 october 2010
My wife and I picked up the van in Almere about 45
km north of central Amsterdam. We phoned Henk (the
owner of the depot) on arrival at the train station
and he picked us up in our van minutes later.
Henk was vey helpful and showed us around the van
and demonstrated how everything worked. The van was
a Fiat Ducato 3 berth 2.5 lt diesel with 48000 klms
on the clock and two years old. I was slightly
suprised at the high mileage but it made no
difference in the end as the van was great and ran
faultlessly for the two week 3000 klm vacation (we
ended up in Italy). On return Henk was just as
helpful and quicky ran through the checks signed the
van back in and ran us to the train station. We have
hired through McRent twice now and both times it has
been easy to order, pick up and drop off. I would

Janice Woodley, 12 october 2010
Rented an Apollo Eclipse Camper for 10 days in September and travelled from San Francisco to Las Vegas via Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion Canyon and Grand Canyon, over 1400 miles. Booked a 27ft but was upgraded to 31ft so had plenty of space as there was only 2 of us! Water heater did not work but Apollo got someone out to fix when we finally managed to find a pay phone that worked as we had no cell signal for a number of days in remote locations. Overall very happy with entire process from booking right through to refund of deposit.

christopher arsenault, 12 october 2010
Germany – Czech Republic – Germany

Recently some friends and I rented a mobile home to see the sites of Germany and the Czech Republic on our time and not that of a train schedule.

The pick & drop off teams was cordial and spoke English (important as none of us spoke German). The transition from office to road and back again were smooth and provided us the confidence that our decision to rent was the correct one.

Driving and maintaining our motel on wheels was fun and easy. I would not have wanted to experience Oktober Feast any other way!

Thanks for enhancing the memories!

Traci, 11 october 2010
We rented a camper with Ideamerge/DRM in Germany for a week. The camper was extremely nice and clean. Alex at DRM was VERY helpful upon pick up, and provided us with a Mapsco and Camp Ground book, which was very helpful when deciding where to go. The GPS was a life saver! Neither me nor my boyfriend know the language and the first couple of days trying to navigate were a bit sketchy, but with the GPS and the books Alex gave us, we finally got the hang of it and wish we would have had more time to travel. All and all...a great experience with Ideamerge and DRM! We will definitely do it agian!

John Povlsen, 11 october 2010
Dear IdeaMerge!
We hired a VW California mobilhome from you for the period 07-09-10 to 28-09-10. You were very effectiv in finding a firm having the wanted car. This firma happened to be DRM - actually the Hamburg section.
The car was ready and in perfect shape, as we arrived on the 07. sept. one hour earlier than expected. The instruction was perfect and the paperwork was easy. The car was nearly new (20.500 km) and clean.
Our travel Hamburg, Bremen, Paris, Bourdoux, Nodern Spain to the nordeast of Portugal, three crossings of Portugal with end in Algarve southwest in Sagres, the outest point of Portugal. Our homeway was by Sevilla, Valencia, Barcelona, Lyon, Trier, Bernkastel, Hanover and Hamburg.
We had no troubles with the car at all.
The only problem we had was, that my vifes very old mother was hospitalized for a serius operation, so we had to go home earlier. We had the information Friday evening and had to arrive to Denmark Sunday. It was impossibel for us to reach DRM by our telefone, so we could have permission to place the motohome earlier (Sunday afternoon instead of Tuesday morning). We came through at DRM's 'nottelefone' and had the answer, that we could ring Monday morning, which was absolut no help.
We solved the problem ourselves by going to the station, where we found our own car as expected. We chanced it with the motorcar and placed the key in there locked box for this. We spoke with DRM Monday morning. They had already found their VW and all where perfect. Our 1200 euro was perfectly send by VISA.
We have been very pleased with your firm and our nearly 8.500 km in DRM's VW California.
We would be interrested in having an auto of same standard and sice for a trip in Australia. We hope, we can be in Australia for a period of nealy to month from around 20-01-11.

The best regards
John Povlsen

Lyndon Benke, 11 october 2010
We picked up a Globe 4 from McRent in Dusseldorf. We had booked a smaller van which we would have preferred (the roads are small enough in a normal-width van), but it was very roomy inside. We would recommend a smaller van after the problems we had parking.
The quality of the van was incredible, it was less than a year old and fully-optioned so it was a big change from the vans we'd used in the past. Everything inside and out was top notch and we did not have a single problem from that point of view. Definitely raised the bar in terms of interior finishing and the overall performance.

Russell Simmons, 09 october 2010
We rented a spacious, comfortable, and stylish motorhome in Italy. All in all we had a great trip. However, the motorhome broke an axle and whereas we are still negotiating for lost days with the vendor McRent, during the breakdown Ideamerge was very helpful. Ideamerge responded promptly to our calls and emails to expedite the repairs. We would highly recommend Ideamerge and their services.

John Carolyn from Australia, 05 october 2010
We hired a Globus 4 RV from McRent through Ideamerge from mid August to mid Sept- travelling for 30 days around Europe. Ideamerge made it easy for our booking online and we picked up our van from Frankfurt. Klaus & his staff were extremely helpful & made it all so easy. We watched a video on aspects of the van, which is very necessary!! We borrowed some maps and books that other travellers had left, (which came in quite handy) put our gear in the RV & off we went.

We left around 3.30pm in the afternoon, pouring with rain & peak hour traffic all of which made it a scary ride with a huge van in narrow lanes on the wrong side of the road and wipers & blinkers reversed etc, Then we got onto the highway & the lanes were very narrow due to roadworks in some sections. Traffic was horrendous and we found it a very stressful & a scary beginning to our trip, especially when we hit a roadwork lane marker which was too close, and damaged the casing to the passenger side mirror. Yes, the lane marker was that high & large!!

We got out of the city & picked the first camping ground we could find - which happened to be in a field right next to a swollen river & it was still pouring with rain, hence a sleepless night worried about being flooded. Day 2 was not much better getting used to driving on narrow roads & Day 3 we found even worse when our GPS sent us down extremely narrow roads right into the city of Budapest, telling us we had arrived at our destination & we hadn't. We had a scary drive through the city with lots of traffic, narrow roads,traffic lights, trams, buses, trucks, pedestrians & bike riders & all on the wrong side of the road!! We had to find our own way out of the city & evenutally reset the GPS & then found our camp ground up in the Buda hills via laneways and through a small village. By that time, we were feeling that we wanted to quit this whole episode & post the keys back to McRent and just go home.

However, after 4 lovely days in Budapest we ventured on for the rest of our month in the Euroturtle (as we affectionately named the RV) and we learnt a few lessons along the way. We enjoyed the rest of our trip, sometimes ignoring the GPS & following our own maps & streetsigns. The standard of drivers in Europe is great & very courteous & traffic flowed very well. The Autobahns are terrific where we have never seen so many trucks, but they adhere to the roadrules very well & they all travel in the far right lane unless they are overtaking, and then they get back into their lane quickly, allowing traffic to keep flowing well.

Hint: yes you definitely need a good GPS as well as good, detailed, reliable paper maps as well. We had a Tom Tom 950 which we had purchased in Australia & used it often there, where it worked well. It came with European maps, but, it is great for a car however, there was NO option to avoid unsuitable roads for a motorhome. Hence we were often sent the quickest route - which took us through narrow roads in the middle of fields, little villages, down one way streets or dead end roads, where the GPS would promptly tell you to turn around where possible (yeah, we would if we had room to - trying to turn a 22foot van in a narrow street isn't easy) Another time we were sent to turn left and there we discovered a covered bridge too low for our van!!
There is a motorhome/truck option you can buy - but only from UK (not available in Australia) which we would recommend to anyone going to hire an RV for Europe. Tomtom website was not user friendly & tech support wasn't any help at all.

the van itself was extremely comfortable & the majority of camping grounds are well set up. We had not prebooked any camp grounds (which is recommended in peak summer), but in chosing a site - we always ensured they could take Motorhomes and had public transport close to the camp ground and were either 2 tent or 3 tent standard or above.
To find campsites - you need to have a couple of books as not all campsites are listed in one book. We took our laptop computer & had downloaded the ACSI camp site guide, latest version, which was a great help. You can get the books as well. Plus we had 2 other campsite books to check.
Not all campsites had internet access, but when they did, it was great with the laptop to plan our route, check google maps, Via Michelin road routes & campsites as well as keeping in touch with home. We didn't have all of our RV route preplanned or booked before leaving home, as we wanted to have flexibility as we travelled. We enjoyed being able to stay an extra day or 2 at our own discretion when we found a city or village that warranted more time.

Each camp ground was different - some supplied hot showers & toilet paper free & others did not! always check out the facilities when you arrive so you don't get caught in the loo with no paper!! Most have washing machines & dryers for a fee.

we used our shower in the RV only a few times for quick showers, as it was rather small but quite adequate. the Toilet onboard was very handy when travelling & in the middle of the night, however, we mainly used camp ground toilets & service centres. We only used the onboard loo for little jobs, as the toilet can get quite odorous & fills quickly (and you have to carry it to the chemical toilet outlet & empty it yourself).

Tolls - you need to buy vignettes at borders to some countries- you will see the signs & you must stop and purchase them & put them on your windscreen, otherwise you can incur fines. They are good for 10 days travel. France doesn't have vignettes, but you pay for road tolls at toll stations - quite often & VERY EXPENSIVE. One highway toll cost us 35 euros alone. So, make sure you have coins & money with you when you are travelling on the highways & we tried to drive into a toll with an operator - to help us pay. - otherwise you hold up traffic trying to sort out a machine all written in another language.

Groceries - Audi or Super U outlets are great, have big carparks & everything is available. You can get emergency supplies at most camp ground stores, but they are convenient stores at higher prices with limited stock. Oh, and you need to weigh your own Fruit & Veges in the store before going to the checkout.(there are scales & stickers available to do this).

Arrange for international driving licence before you leave Australia from your auto club (eg.NRMA) & while you are there, take your passport & arrange an international camping card. That was invaluable - you receive discounts from some camp grounds, but above all they often hold your card until you check out instead of your passport. If you accidentally leave it behind, better the card than your passport!!

Returning the van was quite quick & easy. McRent had moved premises while we were away & are now at Friedburg, which is quite a long way out of Frankfurt Main city. Cheapest way to get there and back is by suburban train from Frankfurt Hauptbanhoff (main train station). cost is only 7euros one way each. (don't hop on the country train by mistake - it is more expensive) Taxi to and from McRent is then only about 5euros. (Taxi from main airport up to McRent is about 55 euros)

You must clean out your van before return - empty toilet, fill diesel & gas tanks & ensure waste water is empty, but it wasn't too much of a hassle to do that. We put our left over groceries & maps, books etc into a shopping bag & left them at McRent for others to use.
Klaus was extremely helpful when we returned the van & we lost some money for excess for the mirror damage, but the paperwork was all completed very quickly & we were on our way.

Altogether, it was a great trip, covering 5,000kms & seeing a lot of different areas, even if stressful at times.

Doug Padla, 01 october 2010
We rented a Moturis from Ideamerge for a 2 week trip from San Francisco to Seattle. Overall we were very satisfied with the process except for a few things. When we picked up our RV in San Francisco it took us 3-1/2 hours to secure and 1 hr to return in Seattle. The pickup was very frustrating since the (first)vehicle had a broken sofa and several worn area (They were going to give us this vehicle and we might have been later responsible for the sofa damage). The carpet hadn't been cleaned and after 2 hours they final decided to give us a different one. That vehicle, which had 10,500 miles had a badly torn sofa (unacceptable) and the carpet were again filthy (what's that all about). The new RV served us well but our overall opinion would have been much better if they had a small hand held vacuum and spray carpet cleaner included. A quick note to all those who are not use to driving a truck or large vehicle- You are responsible for any damages, even a chip in the windshield, so beware; the back swings out and tree limbs on side streets can easily damage the RV. And that is your responsibility and you will pay. On the positive side Ideamerge was easy to deal with and the people were very nice and responsive. We had a great trip and no RV damages.

Bill Linnie Kamphuis, 01 october 2010
We picked up the Motor Home in East Amsterdam, and we were greeted by a very friednly staff. Henk (the owner) took us out to go over the motor home and was very pleasent. The camper had about 13,000 km on it and it was very clean. It go great fuel milage on it. It cost 300 euro for 21 days of travel over 3800 km. The only problem we had with the camper was that the engine light was on (however Henk told us about it at the start of our trip and not to worry about it being on)

This is a first time using Ideamerge and McRent, and I would surely used them again on our next visit to Europe. The only thing that I would suggest that they have in the Camper is a bigger rug for outside the camper. Otherwise it was great. Thank you for your great service and say heloo to Henk and staff.

The Pflocksch/Butterworth-Families-from Cape Town/RSA, 29 september 2010
This was the first time, we were holidaying in a
motorhome; what a great way to travel !! 24 days
sightseeing through Europe; what an experience !!
Although at times somewhat cramped with 4 adults and 2 kids the option to livbe indoors/outdoors made things really quite easy. The quality of the
vehicle was tops, so were pick-up & drof-off, friendly, quick and efficient. A big Thank You to McRent in Munich !!
We'll see you next year again !!
Just a littl'tip for those who hire for the first time: Pull in your right mirror, when you travel
narrow mountain-passes in Switzerland; it could
become costly otherwise.
Have fun !!
Regards from Cape Town

Daniel, 28 september 2010
Our trip was excellent. It was no problem to get to McRent, get the paperwork done and then we were off. The vehicle gave us no trouble, and was easy to drive even thought many European roads can get quite narrow. Dropping off the vehicle was also very simple, after a simple walk-through we got our deposit back. I would recommend this to anyone.


Le Mare's August 2010, 28 september 2010
Very nice holiday,everything in the motor home explained well and thoroughly, would rent the same again if we had another holiday in the Rockies

Paul Dobie, 28 september 2010
We booked an Apollo RV by internet for our 3 week holiday in California. We were a bit worried about paying such a large sum of money in advance to an overseas company, but all went well. The RV was ready for us on the day & was in immaculate condition. There are quite a number of things you need to know before setting off, but these were all well explained before we left. Align your mirrors well before setting off! I had to call the help desk a couple of times - once because the aircon had tripped & once for a flat tyre. I had difficulty with one of the women I spoke to because she had very poor English, but once that was sorted, the support I got was first class. Handing back of the vehicle went without incident and I received my deposit back without issue. Watch the credit card charges for this - I had to phone up the credit card company to complain - but they then refunded the charges. All in all, it went very well - & yes I would use IdeaMerge again & I would recommend them.

Suzanne Hofstee, 28 september 2010
We booked a Cheapa Camper via Idea Merge & Apollo in Las Vegas and are very content. Everything was like promised and the van was even newer dan promised: we had a van from 2010! Thank you very much for your help, we are sure we will once come back.

Cees Rinske Wouda, The Netherlands, 28 september 2010
We booked a Road Bear motorhome through IdeaMerge for a five week tour through eastern US and (mainly) Canada in June/July of this year. The booking process went very fluent. Road Bear delivered exactly the motorhome as expected, the engine-mechanics were in excellent shape (brandnew), we drove over 4000 miles and had no problem whatsoever. The kitchen-ware was ok, but not very clean, and one of the pans had a broken handle. Of course you find these things out when you are already on the road, so we lived with it after some extra cleaning by ourselves and there were enough pans, so we did not need to use the broken one.
The temperature was generally ok, so we did not use the airco very much, but when we did it sometimes mad a terrible noise. For these kitchen-ware and the airco I had expected better quality renting at Road Bear.
By experience renting motorhomes before, we take our own sleeping bags, and we can recommend this to anyone. Duvets supplied with motorhomes are often sub-standard and may not be warm enough at cold nights. Since we had our own, we did not test the stuff supplied by Road Bear, but again the seemed be very minimal.
Overall we had an excellent vacation, we will certainly rent again through IdeaMerge but still the essence is to get good quality from the motorhome company itself, and even renting through IdeaMerge is no guarantee that everything is 100 % perfect.

Helen Ross ,Manchester, England, 27 september 2010
We booked our campervan with ideamerge and from the booking process through to the dropping off the van after our holiday they were faultless. The staff at the depots were very helpfull and freindly and the van its self was fantastic. All of us ranging from 15-50 loved the holiday in the campervan. Will do it again as soon as we can.

Mordue family (Aug/ Sept 2010), 27 september 2010
We picked up our RV in Vancouver & dropped it off in Calgary. The staff were helpful & the vehicle was very clean. A small measuring jug would have been useful, but otherwise everything necessary was provided. The biggest problem we had was that the oven didn't work, because of a manufacturing fault with all the vehicles of that age. Although we managed without, it was rather a nuisance! We also had a problem with a warning light on the dashboard coming on, & the gauge for the holding tank didn't work properly- even after emptying it showed partly full.
We were very happy with the service received from IdeaMerge & particularly liked the all inclusive price which meant there were no extras to pay.

Haffey Family from Hampshire, England, 27 september 2010
The booking system through Ideamerge was simple and efficient and also cheaper than bookng with Touring cars directly? All communications with Ideamerge were again efficient although I initially missed the request within the e-mail to contact Touring cars directly for payment. (this could be perhaps more prominent in email) Both the pickup and drop-off at Arlanta airport, Stockholm were very good, however I agree with other reviewers that a vehicle "log-book" that included all scratchs, would significantly reduce the stress of painstakingly checking the vehicle at checkout and waiting for that decision at the end that the vehicle is returned undamaged. I also found that the design of X-large vehicle, although great for space is getting very dated. The rental price was expensive and the extra prices for everything was irksome, however the GPS was essential. Next time would consider renting in Germany and taking the ferry up to Sweden.
Wonderfull people and beautiful country to tour around and we throughly enjoyed the holiday, We will be back!

Nigel Griffiths, 27 september 2010
Our Motorhome was ready ahead of time despite arriving early and we found the staff both helpful in getting us 'processed' and on the road quickly. The levels of service and standards of the vehicle was second to none. This was our first time hiring a motorhome and although we jumped in at the deep end, changing sites every day for just over two weeks we were grateful we had hired such a new and complete package from Ideamerge. We will definitely be back and would again like to thank the Munich staff for their wonderful service and courtesy

Team tour the france, 27 september 2010
We rented the motorhome form Stuttgart. We got a totaly new motorhome and we had a perfect week with the tour the france and the high alps. Thanx again to the Stuttgart crew that did not over charge the small damages we got on the car.


Gjesdal, Norway, 26 september 2010
We was very pleased with the car, and the people in Frankfurt where we picked up the car.
When we found out, on our first night, that we missed a electrisity cable - we were told to go buy one and deliver the bill to McRent. We were refunded the money when we delivered the vehicle.
Also we forgot som clothes in the car, they were sent to us when we asked if they had found this... Very good.

However, what we think was not so good... When we delivered the car, they found a small bumt - problably from a stone that hit us while driving. We had to pay 150 € for this. Naturally we agree that we should pay, if we had been wreckless. But bumps made from stones while driving is not what I would call wreckless.

Other than that we had a very nice holiday, and are very sure that we would do this again. And next time we would problably choose McRent again :)

Family Gjesdal

Amy H, 26 september 2010
High praise for ideamerge/mcrent. We rented a VW California
Camper from the Munich office for about two weeks and travelled
in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic with two adults and
two children, ages 8 and 10.
The van was almost brand new (only about 16,000 miles) and
extremely clean. It was a pleasure to drive.
Our experiences working with the staff in Munich were wonderful.
We're Americans with travelers German, but the staff all spoke
perfect English, which made the intricacies of renting a vehicle
abroad very easy. They were pleasant, prompt and extremely
There were only two downsides with the whole trip. First, the
Munich depot is NOT easy to get to. It is very far from the center of
Munich and requires a train ride and bus ride to arrive at a bus stop
nowhere near the rental center. We didn't realize how far from the
city center it was and took a cab and paid a fortune.
After we returned the van, the staff drove us to the bus stop to get
public transportation back to Munich which helped, but it was not
Secondly, the staff knew we were traveling through Austria and the
Czech Republic. They did not mention that we were responsible for
getting the Autobahn permit in Austria. The borders were not open
the last time we traveled in Europe and we assumed that since the
rental company knew we were traveling outside of Germany. We
got pulled over and fined 120 euro by the Austrian autobahn
police. We felt we should have been made aware that we were
responsible for getting the Autobahn permit on a rental car.
Otherwise, it was an amazing trip.
I would give Ideamerge, mcrent my highest possible

Cheryl Rossiter, 26 september 2010
My husband and I rented a motorhome from Frankfurt for 5 weeks in June/July 2010. We were very happy with the service from IdeaMerge and McRent. The motorhome was very comfortable for two people, it was a fiat ducato with permanent bed at the rear. Most of the equipment was provided although we did have to purchase our own teatowels etc which we hadnt thought to take. We have rented through Kea Campers in New Zealand twice in the past and all equpment was provided including towels etc so we were taken a bit unawares in this regard. The only real problem we had was with the passenger door which would not lock and we didnt discover this until we were in Prague so was difficult not speaking the language to try to have it repaired. but with the help of the caravan park owner all was fixed. All in all we had a fantastic time and were very satisfied with IdeaMerge and McRent. We would hightly recommend either company to others.

Joe Birner, 26 september 2010
Four of us were a bit reluctant to rent a camper in Spain, but when I called the toll-free number, found to be talking to very helpful and experienced Americans! Late decision to take vacation, but they still arranged for a clean, larger camper, complete with kitchen utensils,chairs and table. (I suggest you bring your own sleeping bags).Everything on trip was good, didn't drive too far from Barcelona.-along the Costa Brava and stayed on the beaches for ten days. Excelente!

Upon arriving back home in Canada, realized we had left a favorite Jacket in the taxi shuttle.

Idea Merge found it and mailed it N/C!
Oh Yeah!~ we'll use them again. --thanx!

Alessandra Steve Fabrizio Barbara - Italy, 26 september 2010
We hired two Apollo motorhomes with Ideamerge and the service we received was excellent. Fast in replying any questions, precise, professional.
We toured round the southwest of USA (Las Vegas, Gran Canyon, Grand Circle) and up to San Francisco passing Sequoia and Yosemite N.P. We had no problems with the vehicles and the Apollo staff were very friendly and helpful both at pick-up and at return of the vehicles.
Two points need to be definitely improved by Apollo:
- cleanliness of the vehicle at pick-up
- administrative organization: the security deposits of 1,000 USD per vehicle were put back on our credit cards 37 days after return. This is unacceptable. The money at pick-up is debited after three days and so has to be for the return. WE were travelling from abroad and we were expecting to have our money back on the credit cards during the journey, but this did not happen and fortunately we had enouch cash with us to finish the holiday. If it is not possible to give the security deposits back in a short time (I don't understand why) it has to be specified in the contract.

I believe Ideamerge has nothing to do with this.
When I inquired about the problem, I received the usual professional assistance.

Kon family from Australia, 25 september 2010
We picked up the van from Frankfurt & travelled 7,000km through Europe. The van was fantastic & very comfortable for 4 adults. It was a wonderful experience - will use this company again.

Rob and Fiona, 25 september 2010
Highly recommend IDEAMERGE - very helpful with booking our rental. We rented VW California from McRent/Frankfurt. Van was almost new and very comfortable and the awning was a bonus (definitely need an awning to protect from rain and sun), but next time we will get a bigger van with bathroom and permanent bed. Things to be aware of: rented linen OK (better to BYO if possible); kitchen equipment very basic - no fry pan, no kettle, no wash-up basin; gas bottle was EMPTY and difficult to get refilled - this is a big problem with this vehicle if you are travelling outside of germany - we even had trouble and wasted a lot of time eventually trying to get a refil in berlin (although McRent refunded the cost 25euro, so keep your receipt); McRent charged us 150Euro for tiny marks on front bumper so make sure YOU check the vehicle thoroughly before you leave the yard; must pay 1000Euro deposit before you leave, so you will lose out on foreign exchange fees; pick-up and drop-off times are not convenient so we had to pay for 2 extra days so we could have early pick-up and late drop-off. These issues only relate to our experience with McRent. We were very satisfied with the booking through IdeaMerge - they were always very helpful and answered questions quickly.

Mike and Helena (UK), 17 september 2010
We wanted to have a one-way hire but struggled to get one through normal channels so IdeaMerge came to our rescue there. 26 foot RV was just right size for 5 with 'push out' big help. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to others but key point is to take time and enjoy surroundings. We hired for 10 days and tried to do a bit too much resulting in some long days in the van - should have made it 12 and stopped halfway on a couple of nights. Slight problem with RV caused half day delay but everybody should be aware that RVs often half slight problems.

SUEESS family from Switzerland, 17 september 2010
We picked our camper in Helsinki after having spent the first night in an airport hotel. The instructions were really veeeerrryyy long. However, we knew pretty much all about the camper thereafter.

Had absolutely no problem with the large vehicle. Within two weeks, we drove to the Nordkapp and back to Helsinki again. Easy to drive camper, and our two kids (aged 3 & 5) had a good time in the spacious camper, too.

Eventhough the process until you finally get on the road takes time, it is worth the hassle. Rather spend some time there and have no issues afterwards.

We will definitely come back!

Simon, 16 september 2010
We rented a Rv from DRM in Munich in August 2010 through
Ideamerge. This was our first time of hiring and travelling in a RV. The
booking process was easy and the collection of the vehicle ok. We
did arrive early due to an early flight so had to wait for sometime until
our vehicle was ready. There was a fault with the exterior lights which
we did not find out until we were in Italy. This should be checked
before we had left. The RV was nearly new and very clean and
comfortable. Easy to drive and we would defiantly do tis again and hire
from DRM. They were also very flexible about the return time and so
we had a full whole extra day as we had a late flight home.

klaus from austria, 16 september 2010
campercars are strong (model ford, mid size camper), interieur not quite so good. check the wooden base board in the rear seats (it ist quite a weak board to begin with and wears off fast) we had to improvise and support it, unused toilet chemicals are not taken back which was a bit weird, service was good, value for money ? Hey if you want and can afford to go to Norway, thats a good way to remain flexible!

jenni and paul varrone -australia, 16 september 2010
we returned our campervan through ideamerge and picked up in munich on 27/4/2010 and returned to munich on 31/7/2010, from DRM. they were fantastic, had the vehicle ready earlier in the day than anticipated, so efficient the vehicle was brand new and we had such a good time driving through germany, austria, slovenia and then up and down the italian coast on both sides from top to bottom and total of around 9000 kms, the van was extremely comfortable, well equipped and a joy to ride, we promptly got back our holding deposit we returned the van on friday and on monday we arrived back in australia and the money was already back in my account, it was a great way to travel around as we had all the facilities, hot shower, toilet, cooking, fridge it was so good, we would highly recommend this way to travel and would recommend DRM booking through IdeaMerge, we would do this again and again and again.

Maurice Verbakel, 16 september 2010
Rented the Motorhome from Barcelona with four friends. Had an extra upgrade without expenses and the best was that for an small extra fee we would be able to leave the Motorhome in Gijon (north spain) from which we would end our holiday. A friendly collector from ideamerge collected our motorhome and drove it back to Barcelona. Thanks to that we have saved ourselves a trip back to Barcelona or Madrid and could enjoy our trip longer. Ideamerge, thanks for the great work!!!

Bravo Family, 14 september 2010
Very good experience. The camper was brand new and very confortable. Too long the time spent for checking the camper at the drop off. The cost per week is quite expensive, but overall we received a good service.

Tony and Nicola (UK), 14 september 2010
Absolutely A1 faultless service from Ideamerge. Would definitely use again and will/have already recommended to friends and family. Far and away the cheapest and best value deal around!
Our trip was from San Frncisco to Yosemite and back, then down the amazing highway 1 to LA. A fantastic 10 days but would recommend more time or a shorter route. An amazing time but would have liked longer in each of our stops.
Ideamerge rock!!! At first I thought they were too good to be true... but trust me there is no catch!!
Looking forward to booking again soon!

Lopez family , 14 september 2010
August 2010: We absolutely loved our camping experience and would do it again in a flash. One suggestion: Better return directions to the Oslo site, as we did get lost.

Jenni and Chris, 14 september 2010
Rented an RV with Roadbear from Denver for 11 nights. No problems whatsoever, pick up and dropoff were very smooth, and customer service at roadbear was very good. Would highly recommend this company. The RV was in excellent condition, looked almost brand new (Roadbear only use Rvs up to two years old) and well worth paying a bit extra for. We got about 10mpg at best for a 25 foot RV. I accidentally broke a plastic hook in the bathroom that held the bathroom door open when driving; worried that they might charge for this on dropoff but when I informed them they didn't seem worried at all! Would also highly recommend booking through ideamerge as we recieved very good service. The only downfall was not having the option to pay for the RV in full at the time of booking, as by the time full payment was due the exchange rates had changed dramatically which meant we paid quite alot more in £GBP as we originally budgeted for!

D Cyr, 13 september 2010
First time Rv renter. My wife and I with our three children 10, 13, 14. Working with Ideamerge and specifically Mark and Doug made renting very smooth.In a very short frame of time they were able to find a one way rental from Chicago to San Francisco(RT66 plus)Pricing is like they say on the site truthful and market or below many others.
We received a New 2011(200miles) 31ft Moturis in Chicago. Service at Camperworld was "hurried" Friday July 3 and we were told understaffed. As a first time renter I expected a more intense "training" yet, we were advised to view the CD and refer to if we had concerns. We were able to leave within 2 hours.
Brand new does not mean "good", we lost a molding strip while traveling the second day, a board above the bed out back started to drop leaving particle board on the covers, and the fifth day the faucet seal broke leaving us without a usable sink. Fortunate for us,the Camperworld in Flagstaff,AZ was only 30 mnutes away and they took us in and repaired the "damages".
Overall very satisfied with IDEAMERGE yet, we are not impressed with the quality of the rental vehicles offered by Moturis. If the quality of a new vehicle is that of which we experienced I pity the renter who gets a used vehicle for hire.

Marek Ryfka (Poland), 13 september 2010
It was our first time renting a RV. Over 3 weeks we visited LA, Grand Canyon, Zion, LV, Yosemite, SF.
Our contact with Ideamerge was through the Internet and it was great. What I find important they were always fast to answer any of our questions.

The Camper (31ft from Moturis) was good. No issues on the road, comfortable inside. Really enjoyed the trip in this camper.

The only negative was during the return - during the check-out it turned out there are some small dents on the side of the car. The Moturis team in LA asked me to pay >800 USD for the cost of repair. I did refuse it and we agreed I will pay the cost as per invoice. To my delight I found a pictures I taken during check-it where the dents were visible.
As a results the charges were cancelled.

What I appreciated about the Ideamerge is that they did help me with the discussion with Moturis and followed up on the case. Highly appreciated.

In short I highly recommend Ideamerge to any one.
Myself I will not rent with Moturis in the future.

Jacinthe, 13 september 2010
It was our first time renting a RV. Our contacts with Ideamerge were through the Internet as well as on the phone. The service and support we got from Ideamerge was great.

Our RV was a 2011 28 feet group 4 from Road Bear. It was immaculate however; the air conditioning had difficulty keeping up in the extreme heat.

We also had difficulty with the doorsteps that would not always slide back in. This may seem like a detail, but it was something we always had to think about, especially in town where the space to manoeuvre was more limited.

Another detail was that the wipers were set up too low: we had to look through a “rain-covered” windshield. Since we had a few days of rain, it made the driving less comfortable.

The pick-up from the hotel in Las Vegas was on time but the RV had to be fixed before we could leave with it. To save us some time, they drove us to and from the shopping center while they were working on the RV.

There were three of us on this trip, two adults and an adolescent, and we were very comfortable in this RV.

We drove from Las Vegas to Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches (Moab), Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and back to Las Vegas drop off the RV.

Although we were in high season (July 20th to August 7th) we never had trouble finding a RV park. We planned the night before where we estimated we would be on the next day and as we were leaving in the morning, we called to make our reservation.

During our trip the windshield was chipped by a flying rock on the road. We were concerned about how it would be dealt with on our return so we had an estimation made of the work to be done. When we returned the RV, they inspected the vehicle and we told them about the chip: they told us we had to pay a fixed rate which, although a bit higher than our estimate, was reasonable.

Returning the RV was efficient and quick. They took us back to downtown Las Vegas where we spent our last day.

We would recommend Ideamerge to anyone who considers such a trip.

A.B, 12 september 2010
Great experience again with Idea Merge, the camper we got was excellent quality and the service provided by the depot people in Lyon was good as well. The only thing that was not brought to our attention in advance was that the depot is not working between 12.00 and 14.00 which put us under time pressure when returning the camper....

Robert Tromp - NL, Augus 2010, 12 september 2010
It was our first time renting a RV with Ideamerge. At first we where cautious, but there was nothing to worry about. Everything was handled perfect. The costs where specified clearly and the email response was outstanding. We rented a 29-feet RV at Moturis Las Vegas. 2 years ago we rented a RV at Cruise America and compared to that this was heaven. No hassle, pick-up from the hotel was on time and the RV was great. At 0700 we were picked up from the hotel and at 0915 we drove off to the wall-mart. We have booked our entire trip, mainly because of the high season in the national park campsites. All in all I would rent again with Ideamerge.

Best regard Robert

Julio, 12 september 2010
We had an amazing time in France following the Tour de France, and riding the epic climbs of the Alps & Pyreenes. IdeaMerge helped make everything simple and well supported. We were able to find numerous RV parks along our impromptu route, and the RV was perfect. I highly recommend this mode of travel especially when you want a more versatile itinerary.

JOSE M. OLIVER - BARCELONA/SPAIN, 12 september 2010
Our personal experience was very positive; everything was fine,
from rental service to travelling and camping.

Camper rental is very good idea for travelling around Iceland,
except if you are planning going deeply inland. Campsites are
correct and well placed. For Reykjavik, the boy scout's camp is the

We get no troubles when picking up or dropping off the car.
Information obtained with the car was correct. The car was 1 year
old, so no problems with hardware.

We're wondering about our next travel on a motorhome...

Paul - UK, 12 september 2010
My wife, two children and I hired a 27ft RV from Los Angeles through Ideamerge - The price and service obtained and provided by Ideamerge was second to none.

Our RV was provided by El Monte and all in all, they gave a pretty good service. We had the RV 35 days and dropped it off in New Jersey, having driven 5800 miles.

One problem we encountered was the generator, when we used it (mainly in wilderness campsites without hook ups) the carbon monoxide detector repeatedly went off - The helpline told me this was normal as the generator is situated right under the slide out and I should just take the battery out of the Carbon Monoxide detector and open the doors and windows! Not advice I considered very sensible, but in fairness, they refunded some of the unlimited use fee I had paid.

All in all, I'd hire an RV from El Monte again and it will be brockered through Ideamerge.

Mike, 11 september 2010
We had a great, no hassle experience with Ideamerge and our vehicle which was from Roadbear. Our friends who booked with another company had a more difficult experience. The RV was immaculate and I would only every use Roadbear if I did this again, a Swiss company with the expected high standards.The booking and change of booking experience with Ideamerge was outstanding.
Tips. Plan your trip just before or just after the summer peak. There are way too many people in the US now and we found we couldn't get into many campsites.
Book 500 more miles than you expect to do!
Dont bring your kids....

Dan F, 11 september 2010
Had a great trip! The camper was exactly what we expected and was nearly new. No problems during the whole trip (about 10 days) despite several thousand kilometers of driving. The welcome at the rental center was superb; pickup and dropoff both went off without a hitch!

Sonia Cyr, 10 september 2010
We tried the camper experience in New Zealand for the first time. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to rent one for our next vacation in Spain. Renting through IdeaMerge was a breeze and I found the service excellent. We had to arrange special pick up to accommodate our bike transportation and IdeaMerge helped us.

At the pick up location in Barcelona, we were upgraded w/o extra fees - again to accommodate our bikes. The camper was great and brand-new (only 9km)! One thing I'd suggest is to play a DVD for the camper instructions. Tourists could pick the language of their choice. When we picked the camper up, there was only one person and he was Spanish-speaking only. He was nice but we had hard time to understand. Besides that everything was fine. I'd use IdeaMerge services again in a next trip.

andres, 10 september 2010
We rented the car in Barcelona in August. The car we
received was very low level of finish in relation to
vehicles we rented in the past but brand new.
The seats behind the driver's seat are dangerous.
Company representative who received me was polite
and very nice.
The company's location is far from city and aeroport

IDEAMERGE service was excellent and I'd like to
continue using their service

clodisgege ginesta april 29 to june 29/2010, 12 august 2010
We rented a VW camper with ideamerge this was not the first time trveling in europe we wanted a small camper so we could travel on the small road off the intersate and driving into city and village to park just like a car the VW california diesel 6 speeds standard was just wonderful we traveled 9.000 miles going around Germany Bavaria austria switzerland Italy France Spain Portugal
one tip: Mc.rent should give at least an european map included with all the rented camper Rv's
we loved our camper the rental "kitchen set" was pretty good we did not use the range for any cooking because we did not want to stain the shade and seat cover
other than brewing coffee we ate cold cuts who were delicious and ready meals ,french bread
Ideamerge was helpful we were pleased with the entire process we brought our own sleeping back and other camping equipment that we left over there before leaving for the state
We recommend Ideamerge : Thanks Doug for your assistance in making that trip possible
clodis & gege

Colin from New Zealand, 05 august 2010
We picked up our Camper Van from McRent Frankfurt. Although it was just my partner and myself with our 4 year old son we a 6berth and it worked out really well as we could keep the table up and put our bags on the 2nd bunk. Ideamerge were great: we made 2 or 3 changes prior to pick up and they responded promptly and resolved all of our issues with ease. The pick-up was easy although it can be a little rushed as they walk you through so make sure you take all the time to get the answers you need. Unless you want to pay extra the pick-up and drop off times are fairly short so it can take a bit of managing. You also need to be aware that McRent charge your security deposit direct to your credit card i.e it is charged straight away rather than hold, so when you get it refunded you may possibly lose out on exchange rates and will definitely lose on the conversion rates and credit card bank fees - i was out about $100USD even though we were refunded the full deposit.

Greg and Maria Bryant, 03 august 2010
We rented a Dethleffs Globebus T1 through Ideamerge to be picked up and drop off in Mcrent Frankfurt, Germany. We able to get a reservation and confirmation from Ideamerge overnight when our travel agent said it is not available. The motorhome was excellent. Plenty of room for two of us although my husband is 181cm tall. Only downside was the bed. It is positioned 145cm off the floor so for big person it is quite a struggle to get in and off. But the actual bed was excellent(firm mattress)and everything else. Pick up and drop off was excellent. McRent staff was so friendly and informative. Before you go through with the paperworks, they will show you a video about the vehicle which includes instructions and information to go about your trip around Europe. Also given, if any left, was maps, camping sites book and other books that can be helpful to your trip. My husband and I never done camping before so it is a bit nerve racking but everything went so smoothly. We travelled from 5th May to 5th July 2010. I recommend to travel this time of the year or even a few weeks earlier as the weather was just perfect not cold not hot. Although we travelled for 2 months I don't think it is enough to see all Europe. We have done 7 countries but some places we wish we could stayed longer that 3 days maximum we set up. All campsites are excellent. We didn't even use our shower in the caravan (option that you may not need). We choose to stay closer to the city because of the transportation time table. Some sites will have 24 hrs transportation but others only up to 5 - 6pm. Public transportation in Europe was excellent and also cheap. Campsites normally have information about transport and some even sells the ticket. Important factor when travelling in Europe was never to go without GPS. If you have time in your hand, try to set your GPS to a road without toll as we experienced it can be costly (sometimes up to 80 euro a day - Italy and France). Overall, the trip was excellent. If we have a chance to do it again, we will and with Ideamerge again. Highly recommended.

Bill and Vogue - Australia, 02 august 2010
Picked up our camper in Dusseldorf. The guys there were great and
really helpful. We were a little anxious about booking and paying
for everything on line but the staff at McRent were wonderful
answering every email enquiry we had. Everything went like
clockwork. No hidden extras we got just what we expected.
We hired a Fiat Ducato and there was plenty of room for the two of
us. We did a lot of driving in our 6 weeks in Europe, approx.
8000km the van didn't miss a beat. We looked after "the caravan of
courage" and it looked after us.
Check out was great and the bond was in the bank before we got
home. Thanks McRent I hope we can do it again sometime.

Claudia Alan, 01 august 2010
We rented a Fiat Karmann (DRM Group G) through Ideamerge with
pick up and return in Hamburg.
The vehicle was in excellent/new condition. Linens were fine.
Kitchen gear worked fine - we did no cooking - there is lots of
good cold food available in the grocery stores. Fridge was great at
keeping cheeses and meats and beverages cool. We traveled July
12 -14th during northern Europe's heat wave and while we often
came home very hot and sweaty...we got in the habit of taking a
cool shower and laying in bed with all of the windows open and we
had a lovely sleep every night. We traveled in northern Germany,
Brussels and Holland. Driving in the big cities is a bit of challenge -
street names change often. Highway driving was OK although there
were lots of construction projects underway which made even
highways narrower than usual.

Our GPS died as we were returning the vehicle and it was very
difficult to find the DRM office...it was just off the map on the
Hamburg city map that we had with us. We tried repeatedly to
contact the office by phone - they had told us that they would be
there but apparently they don't answer the phone on Saturdays. We
paid a $75. surcharge for a drop off - I think answering the phone
should be part of that. We tried all of the DRM phone numbers -
no one answered any o f them. Our search for the DRM office was
stressful although once we found our way back, vehicle check in
went smoothly.
We ended up using official RV campgrounds in only 2 locations -
Amsterdam & Bremerhaven. Mostly we parked in the driveways at
friends houses, on the street or in parking lots (paying the 6 Euros
per day fee). While you can't set up grills, tables and chairs in these
public areas, they were often much better located for some of the
urban touring that we were doing. Only the Netherlands has a
clear prohibition on what they call "wild camping". It's just as well
to stay at the campground outside of Amsterdam since apparently
Amsterdam has the highest rate of camper van break-ins of any
country in Europe.
We loved touring Europe this way although next time we might
even choose a smaller vehicle to make city driving less of a strain.

M.Bouwman (The Netherlands), 01 august 2010
Last May we booked a Kea 4 berth RV. As this was our 4th trip to Australia we knew pretty much what to expect there, Kea is a well know company with good service. Good to know for all of you reading this, the price you will get here with Ideamerge is better than when book it yourself. We found that out earlier in 2007 when we booked here for our tour at the US westcoast. Everything was perfectly arranged and we had a wonderful vacation Down Under. This was our 2nd experience with Ideamerge and it went smoothly both times!

Thank you very much and we will probably come back for a 3th time!

M.Bouwman from Holland

Shane Fowler, 24 july 2010
Thanks to Idamerge for an easy booking and great
price($1200 cheaper than our travel agent)for our
The pickup in Paris is a little difficult to get to
from the Centre of Paris (2 trains and a cab) and
took us a little longer than expected meaning we
didin't get to the depot until 11am and they were a
little un-organised so we started our pick up but
had to wait for them to get back from there lunch
(12-1.30pm) to continue our collection.
We picked up a brand new Fiat Ducato which was very
well laid out and easy to use. The only thing with
the van was it had no stabilisers so it was a bit
rocky when stopped at night.
The utensils were very basic with only one very
small sharp knife and the lids did't match the
The sheets didn't fit the matresses properly and
the blankets were not very warm.
The van performed faultlessly for the 4000km we did
across Europe. A couple of close calls on some
narrow streets, but we returned the van without a
mark on it. I would highly recommend driving a
campervan across Europe. The tolls a fairly high in
France, but most other countries the prices were
reasonable. Finding parking in large cities is a bit
of an issue with the van, but with some planning you
can usually find somewhere near public transport not
too far from the city if you want to go sight
It is time to start saving so we do another
mtorohome trip and will be booking again with

Hatch, 23 july 2010
We picked up our RV from Tacoma (Fife) on June 13th and returned it on 28 June to the same depot. The rv was 6 months old and was in good condition.Everything worked well with the exception of the sewer hose which had a few leaks and one of the indictor lights which never showed 'full' but these were minor niggles which did not deter from the good condition of the van. Less immpressive were the 4 bikes we also hired - they were in need of servicing - on one the gears were not working properly. Checkng in and out was straight forward although checking out the van took nearly 3 hours due to the fact that there was only one person on duty.We should have checked the bed linen provided as we ended up with an odd assortment of sheets and pillowcases although it was all clean and in good condition. Over all it was a great holiday. the RV exceeded our expectations, and we would certainly use Moturis again. One thing that we should have done however was to book the campsite for the last night in advance - it was quite a scramble to find a site near enough to Seattle - a list of sites within an hours drive of the drop off point would have been useful!!

Sharon and Hans Schmid - June 2010, 23 july 2010
The booking via internet was easy and all the information necessary was supplied up front. Directions to the pick up were clear and various transport options were listed as well as the costs of these options. The staff at McRent Frankfurt were very helpful/professional and explained the procedures for disposing of waste water and refilling tanks in the van clearly. The van was spotless and in very good condition which we really appreciated. (In fact, we hired a motorhome from another company in Scotland directly after our German holiday, and the Scottish van was dirty, we had to have the rear brakes relined, the exhaust broke on the second day, the engine often did not turn off when the key was removed and the vehicle used an excessive amount of fuel. Other campers also had complaints about the maintenance and cleanliness of their Scottish hired vans.)
Friends had recommended the Bord Atlas camping ground guide and McRent lent us a copy although this is not the guide that they normally issue. We found it far better than the other guides as it lists motorhome camping spots as opposed to mixed camping grounds. Because this allowed us more options, we did not have to book ahead and stayed in some beautiful spots in tiny villages, stopping or moving on at whim. GPS co-ordinates for the camping grounds are listed in the guide.
We had a wonderful holiday and would definitely recommend McRent. We will hire from them in future even when traveling in other European countries.

Cottinghams, 22 july 2010
Ideamerge were very efficient in arrangements. Collection at Rouen was also very good. We hired a 4 berth camper which was brand new and we were very pleased with its performance and comfort. Only critism would be that the hired kitchen set was very basic with no lids for pans, no strainer, no wine bottle opener, no frying pan, no washing up bowl, no dust pan and a number of other little extras that we had to purchase.

Radek Maly, 20 july 2010
Very happy with our 1 week rental. Almost new vehicle, clean. No problems at all. The only thing was that for some reason there was no radio. But at least we spend more time talking that way.
The rental office near Bordeaux airport was very helpful and friendly, givings us a ride twice to the airport.

Norm, 19 july 2010
Got a truck camper through IdeaMerge which we picked up and returned at Fraserway in Vancouver. Had a great week driving and camping through Yoho, Glacier, Banff and Jasper National Parks. Camper was very clean. Though we did expect dishes etc. to be supplied we were pleased that camping chairs and a small axe were included. We were satisfied and would definitely do this again.

David Reverdito, 19 july 2010
We rented a campervan from DRM in Munich. The booking process through the Ideamerge website was painless, as was picking up the van. The van was was almost new and spotless. The guys there were very helpful and flexible in the return time which they had no problem in changing from 10am to 5pm!

When we handed the van back after 6 great weeks without a hitch they were very quick in checking it over, and no issues whatsoever. Overall a great experience and warmly recommend both Ideamerge and DRM.

Michael V, 19 july 2010
It was the first time and the experience was amazing. Everything was good from the beginning until the end. Ideamerge was an excellent support to prepare our trip and each time was reactive to solve our problems. Definitively I will recommand Ideamerge.

Euan Smith, 19 july 2010
We picked up our motorhome, having driven from England through France in our car, north of Barcelona and spent our first night in their car-park during a spectacular thunderstorm. It seemed a better idea to manouvere it's 21 foot length in the cold light of day being a couple of novices. Issac, who was our English speaking contact at McRent, was kind and gentle in his induction, but forgot to tell us of the stabilisers we should have lowered on the van when taking up residence in campsites. A very kind german gentleman pointed out the error of our ways later.
We had a splendid experience not without its challenges and travelled from Barcelona almost to Malaga and inland through the Sierra Nevada and Granada - the Alahambra is a must do. We travelled about 2,500km.

Manuel Slipek, 19 july 2010
Our trip through Skandinavia (June 5-26th 2010; mainly Norway) started in Rovaniemi/Finland. The pick up process was perfectly organized, as well as the administrative part of the trip with Ideamerge and Touringcars in advance.
The tour through Scandinavia was very impressive, when visiting Norway again, we would travel not before beginning of August, because weather in the northern part should be warmer and there should be less snow in the upper parts of the nationalparks.
The return process in Stockholm/Sweden was organized well again (although it was at 4 am.), people were again friendly and helpful.
Only negative situation was the discussion about some scratches on one surface in the RV, which were not noted on the pickup report.
We recommend everybody to really take time and look on everything and note down everything on the report when picking up the RV because Touringcars is in comparison with other rentalcompanies very picky on scratches and the amounts they want to charge are replacement costs not just loss in value.
Beside this situation we had a good time and can especially recommend Ideamerge.

Robyn Swanepoel, 19 july 2010
IdeaMerge were highly organised efficient company and would definitely use them again. The vehicle was amazing and brand new, and everything worked perfectly. Very comfortable for 4 of us (5 berth) and not cramped at all. The vehicle was fairly wide, so we kept to High-Ways where possible to avoid the stress of little streets. This was costly in tolls, but much quicker as more relaxing to drive on. The collection was much longer than we anticipated as the linen and petrol were not already prepared. Took 2 hours to get it together as they were low on staff, so did not manage to drive very far on the first day. The linen that we paid for was not great at all and mismatched with awful blankets and pillows. The crockery and cuttlery and mugs and glasses were old and not great, especially for a brand new van. Basics such as a little basin to wash up in was not provided, so we bought that and left it with the van. Other than that, it is the perfect way to travel through Europe with a 10 and 14 year old. Great experiences. 5 Countries in 19 days. 3900km. The little blue booklet that was provided was a life-saver. A fantastic holiday!!!

Ron Nicholl, 18 july 2010
Most enjoyable holiday. whilst we had one or two initial problems with the vehicle, these were not the fault of the rental company Roadbear.

Pick up breifing was lengthy but necessary for us a we were new to this kind of holiday. Being from overseas, we do feel that a little more flexibility in pick up time on the following day after arrival could be extended where the vehicle is available. Drop off was good as was the overall experience with Roadbear.

After enquiries with other companies which were a little offputting, we were encouraged from the start of our dialogue with Ideamerge which was straight forward and where everything was explained up front. Thank you. We have no hesitation in recommending both Ideamerge and Roadbear

Steve Nevett, 17 july 2010
Our group of four adults used Ideamerge to rent a 31ft motorhome from Apollo RV in June 2010. Many of the big name companies were unable to accommodate our one way rental, even though we rented well over half a year ahead of time. Ideamerge suggested we look at Apollo. I was reluctant at first to use Apollo, since they are relatively new in the US, but since their prices were very reasonable, and they offered units with awnings (which was very important to us), we went with them. We had the all inclusive package which included the one way fee, all mileage and all other charges. The price was SIGNIFICANTLY lower than what we would have paid with anyone else. We rented one way from San Fran to Las Vegas and when we arrived in San Fran, they had a brand new C class with two slide outs for us. The unit was WONDERFUL...although it did have a few brand new motorhome issues. For example, the closest door bracket was not on right, the shower door was missing a latch, and the most inconvenient was that the generator did not work at high altitudes (wrong jet in the carburator apparently). I don't fault Apollo for any of these things, as long as they fixed them for the next people. They were very apologetic and didn't charge us for the generator hours we were able to use.

The staff at Apollo was wonderful (especially in San Fran), as well as everyone we interacted with at Ideamerge. We would certainly use both of these companies again.

Phil Johnson, 16 july 2010
We rented a Globescout from Mcrent and were very pleased with the camper. It is a good size for 2 people, easy to drive (even on narrow streets), and comfortable to camp in. It gets the same mpg as our volvo wagon at home! Mcrent is easy to deal with but we should have purchased a campground guide before we travelled in Germany & France. A guide listing the Aires de Service in France would have been very helpful and would have saved us a lot of camping fees.

Arden Slotter, 16 july 2010
We had a very successful trip, with no accidents except one scratched bumper, traveling to ten countries as planned. There were no problems
with the van except that the shade-screen assembly on the side sliding door repeatedly fell off because the screw seats were stripped. We solved that with glue. We bought sheets for the bed because the ones provided were not adequate. Also we could have used a lightweight blanket in addition to the eider down comforter provided.

The staff at DRM Frankfurt were most helpful and they were flexible about the exact pickup and return scheduled hours. We were completely satisfied with DRM. We are most grateful to you at IdeaMerge for all your help in booking the van and for answering our many questions about its use.
We will be glad to recommend IdeaMerge to anyone interested in Europe travel. It turned out that in the van (brand new) we rented, we could make a third bed for our son traveling with us the first two weeks, using the bench seat, the table which dropped to bench height and the rotated front seats.It was not perfect but better than setting up a tent in the rain. Again, thank you for all your help.

Arden Slotter

Michele Fanamanu, 16 july 2010
We are a family of 5. We hired a campervan with DRM Frankfurt. The process of uplifting the camper was made easy with clear directions to the site. The staff were friendly and helpful with clear instructions on the do's and don't in using the van and places to be careful while travelling.When we encountered an issue with the fridge in the camper a quick phonecall was all that was needed for the staff at DRM to point us in the right direction to have the problem sorted.

During our 3 months travel,we suffered some minor scrapes and lost a window, again DRM was helpful and had no problems with sorting the matter without inconvieniencing our travel.

For first time user of this mode of travel, the experience was made more enjoyable with the 'no fuss' attitude of DRM staff. Would recommend and use again

Neil Holdsworth and Maria Demkowicz, 16 july 2010
Ideamerge organised for us the rental of a motorhome from Touring Cars from 12-25 June 2010. Touring Cars collected us from Oslo airport and drove us to their depot where we had a full briefing on the use of the vehicle. The staff were very helpful and patient (this was our first experience of motorhome life) and gave us lots of useful information.
We drove from Oslo to Tromso in almost ceaseless rain. Nevertheless the vehicle was cosy and warm and we managed to eat well, despite the limited cooking facilities. We found that the vehicle was nimble enough to cope with city as well as highway driving and we explored several places en route.
The return journey was in slightly better weather and by now we were more confident about "wild" camping away from campsites. This made us completely free to choose the time and place of our overnight stops - very liberating!
We had a fantastic time in Norway and would certainly recommend what we did to friends. It is unlikely that we will rent again, however, as we are now sold on the idea of buying our own motorhome!
What we would suggest to others includes:
1 Don't go for the minimum size. Extra space is great, especially if it means you don't have to assemble the bed every night!
2 Don't feel tied to campsites. Try side roads and lake sides (being careful not to cause damage or leave litter, of course!)
3 Eating out in Norway is hugely expensive. However, supermarket shopping is reasonable and there are are some wonderful things that are new to UK palates. We loved the smoked salmon and are so glad we happened on the cloudberry jam by accident - now addicted! The whale meat got one yes and one no in our family!!
4 We thought that the motorhome kitchen equipment was a bit basic and would have benefited from simple things that we have told Touring Cars about.
5 The road toll system in Norway takes some getting used to. We were led to believe we could pay at Post Offices, which turned out to be incorrect and so we lost the chance to pay. It should have been possible to register and pay up to 14 days after the first charge but for some technical reason this proved difficult. We suggest that overseas visitors register at www.autopass.no - Visitors' Payment before travelling.

In summary, we had a great time and would recommend both Ideamerge and Touring Cars to anyone. Thanks to them both!

A.Noll, 07 july 2010
We picked up the Camper in The Netherlands. My Brother, Father and myself. It was a short walk from the train station, about 2-3 miles. Henk was very nice and accommodating to our travel times.

The camper had only 3,000km and was practically brand new for our 22 day vacation. Functional, economical, and reasonable. It got great fuel milage for its size(avg 12l/100km) good power, and very tight tuning radius. We had no issues the entire trip. Drop off was just as easy. We then trekked back to the train and back to Schiphol airport. Our journey was over 6500km in 22 days. We did a lot of driving, but the camper never complained.

This is the first time using Ideamerge, and McRent. I was originally skeptical about renting a camper over seas, and using internet only corrispondence. It was so simple and secure to make reservations, there is no doubt in my mind I will use them again for our next european trip- I know they will be there, and the camper we get will be in superb shape.

Mari, 05 july 2010
My husband and I had a wonderful 3 week trip in Germany with VW T5 Eurovan California camper. May to June is the best season in Germany with warm weather, beautiful flowers blooming and still avoiding summer vacation crowds. As we have VW T4 camper at home, we had no problem driving there. After failing to make reservation at Dusseldorf with other agencies, IdeaMerge found us the same model at DRM Hamburg depot, where we were able to manage to adjust our trip plan to pick up there.
Our camper was waiting at the Hamburg depot and the staff is fluent in English to explain the instruction. However, most amazing thing was booking efficiency; we contacted IdeaMerge at 9pm NY time and the booking was confirmed at 4am the next morning, which was smoothly executed by the teamwork of Oregon and Barcelona office.
As the number of vehicle is limited, we suggest to book as early as possible. DRM Hamburg office said they buy new campers every year in spring and sell most of them in autumn. So if you book in spring, you might be lucky to rent a brand new camper like us! Only negative comment is the rental kitchen set, which was old and not practical (heavy ceramic dinnerware).
We greatly appreciate IdeaMerge’s assistance and arrangement.

Joseph Szabo, 05 july 2010
The embedded routine of driving on the right side of the road for fifty years has presented me with the greatest challenge when I had to drive our hired campervan on the European roads with traffic moving on the wrong side. ( Well it’s just the way we see it from Australia!) Not just the wrong side, but a greatly wider vehicle than the ones I used to drive. Nevertheless, after a few close shaves in the forever narrowing lanes in Italy me and my daughter adjuster well to the challenge and our motoring experience in the campervan became one of the most cherished memory of our five week tour. Our comfort was well catered for by the well equipped, excellent campervan from Freedom Holiday, and we were driving with confidence, at times travelling at 120k on motorways, through Italy, the Alps, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. Returning the vehicle to the Freedom Holiday depot in Rome was the smoothest transaction we could expect, and handing back a clean campervan vas certainly in our favour.
Thanks to IdeaMerge for a worry free and courteous arrangement of the rental process and thanks to the people at Freedom Holiday –the visible human face of IdeaMerge as well – for their attention to detail, understanding our needs and for their assistance and guidance verbally and by loan of travel books. Hope to see you again!

B T, 03 july 2010
I surfed the internet and found numerous RV rental sites looking for a 15 day rental, 300+ miles per day trip in June 2010 (prime rental season).

IdeaMerge was one of amongst 8 brokers I found, in addition to every direct vendor servicing my area, such as Cruise America, Road Bear, etc… The Bottom line? If you want a great price, ease of booking and outstanding customer service, book your RV rental with IdeaMerge! They offered the most competitive pricing with a selection of vendors. Although they are a broker/middle man, we were surprised that the price they offered was lower than going through the vendors direct. Their online reservation will make it easy to determine the best inclusive rental cost by automatically calculating whether it’s more cost efficient to buy mileage or get the all-inclusive package which included unlimited miles, “no liability” insurance and a few other “perks”. In our case, the all inclusive package worked out best as we estimated driving at least 3000 miles. Yes, our private auto insurance would have covered the rental but just purchasing the mileage would have equated to the same amount. The cost quoted online is the cost you will pay. No more additional fees from them and we even qualified for additional discounts.
IdeaMerge is a top-notch company as evidenced by their unblemished registration with the BBB and I genuinely recommend them for next RV adventure. You will not be disappointed.

We selected Apollo RV out of Las Vegas, mainly for the price offered. We were booked for 22FT Happy Explorer Model but was “upgraded” upon check-in to a 2008 25 ft coach. If something goes wrong on your trip, they have excellent communication to help you resolve your issues, but keep in mind that YOU will have to get it repaired, purchased, installed, etc… We experienced numerous problems with the coach which I didn’t want to flood this particular website with but have posted in detail on other RV review sites. The Bottom line? I cannot recommend Apollo RV but if you do choose this company, I suggest a thorough walk through and a “working” inspection of the CD player and usb ports, TV and DVD player (have them go through the actual TV menu), heater and dining table bed.
Maybe these issues are petty to you, the potential renter, but, if you RV’d before or a newbie, these are all the comforts of home that you should expect. If you choose to rent with Apollo RV, be aware of these issues and check it thoroughly before loading up.

Wherever your next RV adventure leads you to, have fun on the road and book with IdeaMerge for your next rental. Competitive pricing, excellent service and they helped us resolve our issues. Thanks Doug and Mark! IdeaMerge rocks and I will definitely use you again.

Leen, Enna and Olivier, 02 july 2010
For the second time, we opted to rent a motorhome via a broker (Ideamerge this time), for the simple reason you get a much better price than with the original rental company.
Because of our 10 months old daugther joined us during our vacation to the US, we rented a bigger vehicle than the one we rented in NZ: a 25ft Sunrise Escape RV (Ford V10 petrol) from Apollo.
Why Ideamerge? Their website is not really fancy, but they offer you the necessary & clear information and a very good & detailed overview of all costs (no hided costs), which is highly appreciated.
The booking process went smoothly and correct. Good service.

We picked up the RV with Apollo in San-Francisco and left SF to see Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches (Moab), Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and droped off the RV in Las Vegas... a 2400 miles tour... wonderful!
The pick up process took about 2-3 hours (incl the waiting)... you receive a huge amount of information about the RV, which you all have to remember. TIP: take your time to inspect the vehicle very carefully on all kinds of damage inside&outside... or they will finally charge you for it. And take pictures before you drive the RV out.
We were very lucky we took pictures of the RV the first day. A hubcap was missing... nor the Apollo manager in SF, nor myself noticed this, but the manager in Las Vegas did... thanks to the pics we proved it was already missing when leaving Apollo SF.

The Sunrise Escape gives you all the comfort you need: plenty of room (thanks to the slide-out), good waterpump, big fresh/grey/black water tank, sufficient storage possibilities in and out, lots of lights inside, good heating on propane, a generator, microwave (110), freezer, big fridge, airco (although never used), etc...
Some other option where a little bit overkill, like flatscreen+dvd, external radio&speakers, external shower and patio awning (never used because of too windy).

Full consumption over the trip was approx 26L/100km or 10m/gal, which is a lot, but still moving 5200 kg/11500 lbs with 310hp up/down ...

Sadly the awning became loose due to heavy wind. In my opinion something was wrong with the awing (brand new, never used). But, damage is to be paid by ourselves... although we paid extra for the damage waiver. Apollo was not wiling to give us the benifit of the doubt...

Apart from this, Ideamerge is highly recommended.

Michael Davis, 02 july 2010
The service provided by Ideamerge was first class, also the deal they got me was great. Pick up from Vegas with a drop of in LA was just what we wanted. The El Monte shuttle service was good but the RV was old and not very clean. There were also items missing from the personal packs and broken items in the kitchen packs. The RV itself had a faulty electric step and eventually the voltage controller failed. We had to stay for over a week in the same resort until it was fixed. We decided to hire a car to see as much of California as we could. Our trip took us from Vegas to the Canyon and then into southern California. All in all we had a good holiday and will definately use Ideamerge again, I would recommend Ideamerge to any one contemplating hiring RV`s or Motorhomes.

Nic, 01 july 2010
Booking through IdeaMerge was very easy and we got a much better rate than going directly with the RV company. We rented from El Monte and there were no complaints - everything was clean and worked. The pickup and drop off from hotel/airport was very handy. I would definitely consider using IdeaMerge again.

David Champion, 01 july 2010
We rented a VW California campervan through Ideamerge/DRM in Frankfurt. Ideamerge was very helpful and professional. I had a number of quetions before and after we completed the rental agreement and our questions were always answered quickly and completely. I was very pleased with the entire process.

We arrived at DRM in Frankfurt and a brand new van was waiting for us. We had filled out the fast pass prior to arrival at DRM which minimized the time it took to check in. We were given a complete tour of the van and its many features. There were four adults in our group and while it was a snug fit, it worked out well. We spent 3 weeks in the van traveling approximately 5000 Km (Germany, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium and back to Frankfurt). The van averaged 8.5L / 100Km (approx 28 mpg). The van was very easy to drive. It had plenty of power and was very comfortable. We brought a gps, which made navigation a snap. The only thing I would caution you about, is not to trust the gps to navigate you down the most appropriate roads in western Ireland. It seems that all the roads have the same speed limit regardless of the condition (or width) of the road. Since the speed limits are all the same, the gps will find the shortest path to your destination. We travelled some pretty scenic roads on our way to Doolin (beautiful camping and great music). I'm not complaining mind you, we saw parts of Ireland you don't see on the tour buses.

I did cause some minor damage to the rear bumper of the van when I scraped a stone wall in Ireland (imagine that.... a stone wall in Ireland). When I returned the vehicle to DRM, they provided me with a good faith estimate of the cost to repair the damages and the issue was resolved in a timely manner and the remainder of my deposit was credited back to me. I was a little concerned that I was at their mercy when they determined what the cost of the damage was , but I felt I was dealt with in a very fair manner.

I feel van camping provides an economical means of touring Europe with many additional advantages. Having a vehicle provides the freedom and spontaneity to go where you please and not be limited to where the rail lines run or where the tour bus takes you. There's no need to lug your luggage with you where ever you go. It also means you don't have to be quite so stingy when packing. I enjoyed the diversity of the people we met while camping. We enjoyed getting the makings for our meals at a variety of shops and stores. It was more fun (and certainly cheaper) than eating out at restaurants all the time. The camping facilities ranged from acceptable to fantastic (a special nod to Camp Drusus (http://www.drusus.com/) in Prague. Beautiful facilities, great restaurant and very friendly people and also Nagles in Doolin, Ireland (what a view !!!)

We took 4 ferries while on our trip. The 18 hour trip From Cherbourg, France to Rosslare, Ireland was a welcome rest from our hectic schedule.

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and look forward to returning and I would recommend Ideamerge and DRM.

Tom Deb Ludwig, 01 july 2010
We rented a VW California for 4 weeks in May and June. Friends of ours had gotten a VW through McRent two years ago, so we put in a request for a VW from McRent-Frankfurt. Unfortunately, McRent had no vehicles available for the dates we needed, but Mark Carr at IdeaMerge arranged a VW for us through DRM-Frankfurt. Mark was very helpful and answered all our questions in the months leading up to our camping trip.

We were very pleased with our experience at DRM-Frankfurt. The vehicle was new -- we were the first renters. The DRM staff demonstrated most of the features of the camper and carefully explained the rental guidelines.

The VW camper worked very well for us. We drove 7000 km with no problems of any kind. We had four adults in the camper (two sleeping on each of the levels), so the living space was tight, but quite manageable. We rented the kitchen set (including plates, bowls, cups, glasses, and tableware), but on the advice of our friends we did not rent the sleep set. Instead, we brought our own sleeping bags in a duffel bag as our checked baggage.

Two suggestions for anyone renting from DRM Frankfurt: 1) bring a printed copy of a local map showing the exact location of the DRM office, because the directions are a bit complicated; 2) ask for instructions about how to purchase a cardboard parking clock ("stunde"), which is not supplied by DRM but is needed on the dashboard when parking in a time-restricted free parking space.

Overall, it was a great experience. Twice in earlier years we made extended camping trips in Europe with VW campers that we purchased on a defined-price repurchase agreement. But renting through IdeaMerge turned out to be a very good choice for a 4-week trip!

Margaret Martin B, 01 july 2010
This was our first experience of hiring a motorhome and we thoroughly enjoyed our 3 weeks travelling around southern Italy. Depot not easy to get to as we travelled by train then bus from central Rome. This would have been a challenge without the helpful member of staff from our hotel who contacted the depot for us and helped organise the arrangement and we were evenually picked up at the bus terminal by staff from the depot. Our only quibble would be the minimal kitchen equipment - we had to buy our own frying pan and believe it or not in Italy - expresso coffee pot! On hindsight we would have picked up the motorhome in the morning as it was quite late by the time we got on the road and we hadn't planned our first campsite. In May it gets dark fairly early and did not give us much time to get used to the whole experience of driving, finding a site and settling down. We hired bikes, which were useful to get from the campsites to the local towns to go shopping, but a scooter would be more useful so you could explore further afield. Not sure if this is possible - but worth looking into. After a few days we were much more confident and by the time we returned to Rome we felt like old hands. Drop off was quick and straight forward. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this type of holiday with IdeaMerge and would like to explore northern Italy by motorhome another year.

Mike and Suzanne, Peter and Eileen, 01 july 2010
We booked the RV through Ideamerge which we picked up at the Camping World depot in Mesa, Phoenix. We had chosen a 25 foot V10 petrol engine model for the four of us. However we were provided with a Mercedes Diesel automatic which was just great. It was priced about 1000$ more when we first looked and although we took in to account the better mileage, ࡯ut 15mpg, it was still cheaper to book the petrol model. So it was a real bonus to have the diesel PLUS it had a slide out !! which the petrol one didn´t. Great. Now all this went some way to make up for the downside of the trip. We had been caught up in the Volcanic Ash situation from Iceland and our flight out of the UK was delayed 9 days. Although we kept Camping World and Ideamerge advised thoughout we still lost the use of the RV for those nine days. In addition we had to pay nearly 700$ more to extend the rental period to make up some of our lost time. All in all though we had a super time touring around. We syayed at some private sites for our overnite stops but best of all were the state parks and the boondocking locations we came across along the way. Our route took us to: Tortilla Flats, then southwards via Florence, Tucson,Sonoran Desert, towards Nogales then Patagonia state park,Tombstone, then towards Bisbee and a ranch called Silverado. Do check it out if you want a diferent life experience. On then via Douglas, northwards along the Gila Valley to Lake Roosevelt, Payson, Winslow, Holbrook, Canyon de Chelly which is really fantastic, 4 Corners, Arizona meets New Mexico, Colorado and Utah ! , Bluff then southwards to The Goosenecks, Monument Valley then accross to the Grand Canyon. South to Flagstaff, Sedona not to be missed, circled round back to Williams, west to Kingman, south to Oatman on the old rte 66, Laughlin, Lake Havisu City to check on our London bridge then back to Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa to return the RV. Both Pick up and return were hassel free and the staff friendly and helpful. Would definately use Ideamerge and Camping World again. Not so sure about Brittish Airways who have not even answered calls, letters emails regarding any any compensation or help during the fiasco over the Icelandic Volcano incident or to Insureandgo who feel that a 9 day delay/cancellation of flights is not covered !!??
However, would I say it was all worth it ? YOU BET !

Janieke van Nugteren, 01 july 2010
We picked our camper up in Madrid- no problems- very efficient- note: take your international and local drivers license with- more apparently for the Gaurdia Civil - we were stopped but showed them the international one and the passport.No problems. Our van had 45 000km - very clean neat and modern.We has heard the rental of the cutlery and crockery was not worth it- so we just hired the table and chairs and bought stuff at Ikea- probably saved about 50 euro. Dropping off the van was also no problem- we cleaned it really well- so it all went swimmingly. Idea merge was excellent- would DEFINATELY use them again.

Paul Anne Freymond, 01 july 2010
We have just returned from a 3 1/2 week trip to Germany. It was our first time renting a camper van in Europe and we were apprehensive about how feasible it was and also making arrangements through the internet. However our experience was most pleasant- Doug answered our questions completely, responded in prompt time and we found nothing amiss in booking. The scenery, the history, the food were all outstanding and being able to enjoy the camper made the trip all that more pleasant. We were impressed with the efficiency and consideration of the staff at the Munich depot -our pick up and drop off went smoothly. They were very accomodating and we would not hesitate to rent from DRM /Ideamerge again. Paul & Anne Freymond

Simon, 01 july 2010
My wife, dog and I hired an RV for a one-way trip
from New York to Seattle. Ideamerge were able to
find an RV of the size we wanted and at a good
price. We were a bit disappointed when we collected
the RV from El Monte. It wasn't particularly clean
and was not in good condition overall. For example,
the table was broken (we had to wait while it was
fixed) and that left one of the beds unusable. The
water heater fuse blew and I couldn't get through to
the El Monte helpline to find out where the fuse box
was located. However, despite the problems we had we
really enjoyed our journey. We stayed at KOA
campgrounds, which were very good and we didn't have
any trouble driving the RV, even though it was on
the wrong side of the road and a much bigger vehicle
than I had driven before.

Sophie Kremer, 01 july 2010
We rented a 28ft RV from El Monte RV near San Francisco. The RV was a few years old but in very good condition. It was very clean (including the personal kits and the kitchen kit that we rented with the RV) and everything worked as it was supposed to. The staff at El Monte was very friendly and helpful. It was our first time renting an RV and they took all the time needed to explain to us clearly how to use it.
We drove about 1500 miles with the RV, and didn't have any problems with it. We went from San Francisco to San Diego and back. We were a little late dropping off the RV because of bad traffic, but the staff at El Monte didn't make a problem of it at all.
We had a great trip and a very good first experience with renting an RV!

Gail Gagn稠01 july 2010
What a wonderful trip in Italy with the van from vanitaly.The pick-up was great and the return was sad because after 30 days traveling across that beautiful country with are home we got use to live in it. It is a very good way to travel every where and discover the beauty and the kindness of Italy.We will return in that country and we will rent a van with you it is easy in secure.Thank you Denis Pasolini, for your kindness.
Gail Gagn瞦 Joel Emond (Qu补c Canada)

Mustafa Kureli, 01 july 2010
We had a wonderfull days in Italy. We had visited Napoli, Sorrento, Bari, Gargano and Pescara. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They answered us, for all questions. I want to thanks Mrs.Valentina. If you decide to user a camper van in Italy you MUST use this company.
Our Motorhome was very old. But we hadn’t any problem. Equipments was enough. We were very happy with the service and I recommend it to anyone renting an RV in Italy.
I am sure that ; few mounths later, we will rent Motorhome again, for to visit North of Italy by IDEAMERGE. Best regards and arm full Loves from Istanbul/Turkey.

a.govers, 01 july 2010
We rent a camper from Halifax. The Iceland Ash-cloud made delay our trip three days but everyone was sure our trip continued according our plan and was very helpfull. The camper was equiped very complete. better than we ever had seen during earlyer camper-rents. The service also from fraserway was very good and polite. If we have the possibility to rent again we make our choise to Fraserway

Emmy and Nico Visch, 01 july 2010
We hired our 31foot RV through IdeaMerge from RoadBear San Francisco depot voor 25 days (May/June 2010). We were very happy with the service and assistance provided by IdeaMerge (we knew Ideamerge before from 2 trips to New England in 2008 and 2009!)

Pickup and dropoff by RoadBear went smoothly with very friendly and helpful staff. The RV was not new (from 2008!) but was in good condition and was big, clean and comfortable. Only one slight irritation: the carpet in the RV was covered with plastic, also the carpet in de 'master bedroom'. I understand that the RV stays clean, but it is not very nice to see and is not giving a 'cosy feeling'. Technical everything was OK and working. It was very easy to drive this big RV and very comfortable.

We mostly used the KOA campgrounds and were very satisfied about them (a KOA coupon was included with the camper).KOA staff is always very helpfull and its always very easy to make a reservation for the next KOA-campground!

We travelled about 4000 miles in total and explored 4 states: California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona! The national parks and the Grand Canyon were awsome!

We are highly recommending IdeaMerge to everyone who likes to travel in the USA with a RV!
Thank you Doug and Mark for your outstanding service. Wishing the very best to IdeaMerge!

Lex Pierik, 01 july 2010
In may 2010 we cruised through the west part of the USA with our C25 RV. First we search for a great deal on RV’s in our home country The Netherlands, but soon we found that they where to expensive and they didn’t made us feel like a customer. Then we found Idea Merge on the web and send an email with our questions. Even though Idea Merge is on the other side of the ocean, they made us feel like a client again. We got an answer straight away and they made a much better deal for us dollar wise. When we had to change the booking, when our plans changed, Idea Merge helped us in a really good way and didn’t made a fuss out of it (wich, I’m sure, the Dutch guys would have).

When we arrived at the pickup in San Francisco everything was set and ready to go. Nice people and a really nice (big) RV. During the trip we never encountered any problems with our RV, except for its thirst (V10 what did I expect). After the trip we dropped the RV off in Las Vegas without any problems. We even got a trip to the airport. So all and all we are really content with the service of Idea Merge and the product they delivered.

steve fennell, 30 june 2010
Hi all,I have just landed back in Australia after a fantastic trip around europe.I hired a compact motorhome from Mcrent in Frankfurt,and must say that the staff there were very good in their service to me.The van was delivered as a new vehicle,I was the first hirer and it drove and performed excellently.Suzanne at Mcrent was fluent in english which made the delivery process a pleasant experience.I drove 6,500klms following the motogp bike racing and the motorhome made this a great way to camp.I was unfortunate enough to collide with some timber that had fallen off a truck on the autostrada,resulting in a loss of some of my deposit,my advice is to make sure that your travel insurance includes vehicle excess loss,mine did and I should not be out of pocket for long.I would recommend ideamerge and their partner mcrent as an excellent motorhome hire option.

sara, 30 june 2010
We drove 9 days through South Norway, visiting the most beautiful landscapes.
The Ideamerge´s staff were very kind and professional. They explained us everything about our RV, so we had no problem in our fisrt experience with this type of vehicles. The van was comfortable and almost new. We are sure we will repeat experience visiting Finland soon!

Dennis and Deb, 30 june 2010
We used IdeaMerge and the deal you guy's found us was awsesome, Just one word of warning to ALL people hiring motor homes. I specifically asked for a zero deductible insurance policy for any incident that ay occur. we had a small but very expensive problem that occurred. we got caught in a large rain storm outside el paso, and the wind screen cracked, we searchedhigh and low for any previously unseen cracks and could not find any, the crack simply came out from under the seal, when we approached El Monte abbout the problem, they agreed that they could not find any reason as to why the screen would just crack, too bad we will still just charge the $1000.00 deductible and the insurance will pay the rest. i explained that i took out a zero deductible policy and he laughed at me and, Impossible, we do not have such a policy. if that is what you want, you shhould have organised it in your home country. Moral of the story, completely ignore the online insurance and buy your own, it is much cheaper and is totally zero deductible and comprehensive. Thanks to IdeaMerge for all your efforts great job, but I will never use El Monte again.

Aaron Stasi, 26 may 2010
McRent in Duesseldorf were very helpful. I hired the van to drive down to, and then cycle all around, the French Alps and Pyrenees. The van was very suited to the task of highway driving and also in the high mountains. And importantly, it took very good care of my expensive push bike!

Dulip Leda 23 may 2010

Thanks Doug from IdeaMerge for all your assistance and prompt replies to e-mails. Thanks Klaus from McRent - Frankfurt who was very efficient and helpful.

We picked up a brand new the Compact Plus RV with 243kms from McRent Frankfurt and toured Europe for 37days. We travelled from Frankfurt to Berlin, Wroclaw, Prague, Wien, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam then to Copenhagen and then back to Frankfurt.

Klaus from McRent Frankfurt was very helpful. We arrived in Frankfurt Airport around 2.00pm and took a taxi to Mcrent, cost 30Eur. We had filled up all our details in the internet so there were no formalities except to pay the 1,000 Eur deposit, copies of the International Drivers Licence, passports & Australian drivers licence. Klaus asked us to see the video about the RV which in reality was not the model we were given. Klaus then showed us around the RV and we were out of McRent with a brand new the RV in less than an hour.
That night we went straight to a camp site not too far from McRent. Fortunately we did not feel any jetlag, probably because we slept to European time a couple of days before as well as in the plane. Also we did not take any alcohol or carbonated drinks the previous few days.

We really had a fantastic trip. It was our very first RV experience. Saw lots of European country side, small villages. Enjoyed the driving and the scenery very much. The Compact Plus was just like a car and did 120 with ease on the motorways. We will definitely do an RV trip again, may be the US next and we strongly recommend that to anybody who wants to do Europe on a shoe string but with some comfort and flexibility to go where ever you want without fixed time tables. It is far more cheaper than by Euro Rail with no hazels to pack / unpack, carry bags, taxis, hotels. We also bought and cooked what ever we wanted. Stopped at wayside places with beautiful scenery and had a rest. Met heaps of Aussies doing the same thing. We had 5 large Aussie Flag stickers on the back of our RV, to indicate to locals that we were strangers, but it attracted many Aussies to come and talk to us at camp sites, to compare notes etc.

It was very cost effective as we did some free camping as well. The weather was really fine with no heavy rain throughout the trip.

Things to remember, A GPS is a must. Don’t go without one. We picked up a Garmin Nuvi 1490T, duty free from Heathrow Terminal 4 – Dickeys before flying out to Frankfurt.

We had already planned the whole trip in Google Maps and worked out our itinerary as to where we were going to be each day. The 1490T was so good with it’s advance warning, that the few wrong turns we took were because we were not attentive and chatting away.

Take a roll of duct tape, a Swiss knife, Phillips & flat screw drivers, about 30 metres of 5mm thick chord for drying cloths, a few pegs, a few pens, post it pad, torch, fitted king size bed sheet, couple of pillow cases. Plenty of music CDs.

The crockery / cutlery / pots & pans provided were very basic but just enough.

We bought pillows, other necessities, grocery from Aldi & the camping shop close by to McRent in Frankfurt. We purchased from Bauhaus (similar to Bunning’s) some plastic boxes to arrange cloths / food items and a $10 fan heater which came in handy in cold nights when in camp sites. Be careful of the usage of battery power when free camping.
A doona is a must as it gets cold in the nights.

A Camping Card International together with an International Licence is a must before leaving Australia. All camp sites accept the CCI instead of the passports and most give discounts on charges on the CCI. We selected the camping sites from Camping Europe 2009 and used Google Maps to see exact location and the coordinates. We did not need reservations for any of the camp sites as it was the shoulder season but some camp sites do not open till mid April.

As it is not possible to get maps in English in Europe, it is recommended to take some maps from Australia. The Garmin shut down a couple of times, probably due to overheating but fortunately started again. So it is good to have a set of maps as a back up.

Almost all campsites have internet access for about $5 an hour and a laptop will assist to keep in touch with home. Also we copied all our videos & photos into DVD every few days with a back up DVD copy as well just in case one got spoiled.

Do not park the RV in public places anywhere in Europe to go sight seeing or shopping even for a few minutes as there are lots of thieves around who will break into the RV to grab whatever they can. Rome is very bad as there are lots of thieves who target RVs especially those parked in supermarket parking places.

It was a first time experience for us in driving an RV on the other side of the road, but we got used to it in about half an hour. Would have turned on to the wrong lane a couple of times but corrected myself pretty quickly. Driving in Europe was a fantastic experience. We sometimes used roads through smaller towns and villages just to enjoy the scenery. We thought that AutoBahns were very special, they are nothing more than the Gold Coast Motorway. The only difference is that there seemed to be no speed limit. The Garmin indicated the speed limit as 130. While we could only do about 120, most cars passed us at around 160 and the Ferraris, Masseratis, Porches, Benz’s, Audis & BMWs were doing 180 - 200 easily. The leftmost lane is kept solely for faster cars and they always get back to the middle lane after passing the slower vehicles. Most trucks were very disciplined and were doing only about 110 and keeping to the right most lane. We hardly ever saw the Police. However, the smaller roads were different and there are many hidden cameras. We probably got snapped a few times but were informed by our friends to ignore the fines when received.

Remember to pick up vingets from a petrol station just before entering Poland, Czech Republic and Austria as they check you out at the border and the fines are up to $150.

Also you must get your tickets from the toll gates in Italy & France or the fines are exorbitant when exiting the toll road. In Switzerland they sell the vinget for about $65 at the border.

Prior to leaving camp sites, we empted grey water & chemical cassette and filled up water. We also never used the toilet for longer jobs and used service stations / restaurant / campsite toilets. Empting the chemical cassette was a simple job and not as scary as we had thought previously.

We were advised to buy bottled water for dinking and cooking and never to use water from the campervan to cook or drink as it could be contaminated. Better be safe than sorry with health problems. The shower in the campervan was good and can be filled up in service stations. Also the grey water can be discharged at safe places along the way as it really was wash / shower water only, may be not legal.

Always make sure there is someone assisting when reversing as it is pretty difficult to judge. We only went into the cities in the night when there was not much traffic. During the day, when someone is not in the RV, make sure the RV is parked in a camp site or at a friends place. We chose the camp sites close to public transport, so it was easy to get to the cities and then we used hop on / hop off city tours during the day.

The Cruse control in the Fiat was tricky but easy to use once you know how. So ask McRent how to use it as it was very useful in the Autobahns.

We were worried about driving on the other side and only English, but the driving was simple and we were well understood in all the countries.

Before returning the RV, we used a place just around the corner to get the RV washed, cost 29Eur. Dumped all the grey water and cleaned the chemical cassette. Made sure the cook top was scrubbed thoroughly with steel wool from Bauhaus.

Thanks to a number of previous reviews, when contacted they assisted us with our planning. We will be pleased to assist anyone who wants similar information. We can be contacted on “dulip@hostlands.org”.

We had a fantastic tour. We definitely will do other RV trips with IderMerge.

We highly recommend IdeaMerge and Doug.

S Team, 19 may 2010
We hired an El Monte RV (30 foot)through IdeaMerge and got a great deal that was running at the time of booking. I was very impressed by the service and assistance provided by both El Monte and IdeaMerge. It was stress free.

El Monte provided a free pick up and drop off shuttle service in Los Angeles, which helped a lot as the depot is not in close proximity of the airport or downtown Los Angeles.

Nicolas Colliot, 18 may 2010
We had a fantastic trip in Portugal with the children
Very positive points : good vehicle, with 7 beds in total. Very clean inside and well equipped.
The country is gorgeous, especially during Spring season with all the flowers around. We picked-up the camper in the North and were able to visit Porto, drove all the way down to Lisbon (enjoyed very much Praia da Barra and Aveiro)and then came back to Porto in one week. Staid 3 times in campings to take showers(Orbitur campings are very clean, well equipped and safe) The autonomy of the water tank is not enough for 7 people to take a shower per day... You can almost stop anywhere to sleep (staid one night on the parking above Praia da Guincho - a beautiful surf spot).
We liked very much Lisbon and Sintra. Nobody should miss the "Palacio da Regaleira" in Sintra : a totally crazy garden !! The old monastries of Alcobaca, Bathalha and Tomar should really be part of the trip (close to Fatima where Virgin Mary appeared in 1917). Food in Portugal is generally very good and quite cheap(tip : you can easily share plates in the restaurants as the portions are huge... One mixed grill of fish is enough for 2 people)
Could have been better :Campilider agent welcome was ok but could have been warmer. We had one issue with the camper only 10 minutes before the drop-off : while I had stopped in a gasoline station to clean the camper, I hit a big truck while parking (the camper is very long and I did not see the truck in the mirror...) The rear bumper is made of plastic and was a bit damaged. I was so upset as I had no problem driving 1200 kms, sometimes taking small roads in Lisbon and parking in the streets with cars around... This happened just 5 minutes before returning the vehicle ! The Campilider agent charged us the amount for the repair which is normal but I should have looked more carefully at the vendor terms and conditions before taking the vehicle. I wish there were a better insurance to cover these kinds of small issues.
Finally I really recommend IdeaMerge, which was always very professional.

Cate Scanlon, 17 may 2010
I found IdeaMerge via a websearch after I was having some trouble booking a one-way cross country trip (Boston to San Diego) on my own. I hadn't heard of the company but after checking out these reviews and some other web-searched, I decided to use IdeaMerge to book my trip and they were great. I got a much better quote through IdeaMerge than I had been finding on my own and the costs were as they described.

I rented a smaller RV through El Monte and the trip went really well. Having never been in an RV or driven anything that large before, I wasn't sure what to expect. El Monte gave me a very thorough tour and instruction of the vehicle and systems along with an instruction manual.

I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed at first but it really is a just a big truck and the systems were easy to use after I spent some time with the instruction manual. And, when I had to "empty the tanks", the instructions were super-simple and it wasn't at all gross!

IdeaMerge provided very detailed info and I had no problems at all with my booking and/or the info that El Monte had received from them.

The only draw-back of the trip was that the vehicle didn't have cruise-control (and it was supposed to) and I didn't realize this until after I'd already packed up the vehicle and driven 100 miles. So, if you want cruise-control and/or any other systems in particular, just be sure to check before you leave the site!

Overall, highly recommend IdeaMerge and El Monte!

Christopher Matthews, 17 may 2010
5 of us from the UK rented an A24 diesel RV from March - April. We picked it up from the depot just outside of New York (Tappan). The person at the Moturis office was very helpful, gave us loads of information/advice and briefed us on safety and procedures. There were a few small issues with the RV upon pick-up and he was excellent in dealing with them. The vehicle its self was in pristine condition, inside and out - very clean (as if it were new!). From then on in we had no further contact with Moturis until the drop-off day as there were no problems whatsoever.

When we dropped the vehicle off the person at the depot was very efficient and helpful and even arranged a taxi for us. In fact the only problem was that we were sad to see the RV go! I would recommend IdeaMerge & Moturis highly.

David, 16 may 2010
After 2 trips 30 days each, I can say that:
1. For a couple, a Camper van is the best way to tour rural areas.
2. Germany is a wonderful country for driving around, get services, and walk it's routs.
3. France and Italy, although lagging behind Germany with technical infrastructure, more that compensate with their color, charm and beauty to make a perfect holiday.
4. Ideamerge services are GREAT ! (I had made a very thorough comparison on the web with other sites for similar services offered by Ideamerge).

John the Guys April 2010, 16 may 2010
We were 4 guys who hired a RV from Roadbear through IdeaMerge, we found IdeaMerge very helpful with all our pre trip planning, the vehicle was brand new, we travelled from LA to NY in 15 days, following Route 66, we travelled 4009 miles in total. The Route 66 signage or lack off, along the way was hard to follow. We all put money into a travel card, controlled by one individual, this covered fuel & RV park hire, it worked very well. All RV parks were very clean and well run. The pick up at LAX & the drop off in New Jersey worked well, we used their bus transport each time, which was great. Fuel costs in total was $1342.42USD & RV park costs in total was $955.20USD.

Thanks IdeaMerge.

elisa mendon杠rohny menezes, 16 may 2010
Ariving in Brazil only now - here is our coments about the time we were your clients:
It was a VERY GOOD way to travel,we were very well impressed by the treatment in Nantes,where we have to tank all the staff but specially to VIRGINIE with
all the profissionalism and simpaty and the young Sandrine taking care of details inside de motohome.
It was quite a trip I can tell you (with all the vulcan's demarches...But iniciating with your staff our 45 days trip had is magic granted!!!!)

Daphnie Tsui, 22 april 2010
This is the first time we rented a campervan and found Ideamerge online. The process was simple and easy. The photos reflected what the real campervan did look like so that was good. What was a bonus was we even got a brand new camper! The reservation was confirmed within days so very pleased with the service. Picking it up was also very straight forward. We called McRent to see if we could pick it up early and they were very friendly and helpful. Will definitely use Ideamerge to book our next camper trip.

John and Elly, 19 april 2010
We hired our 25foot RV through IdeaMerge from El Monte and were highly delighted with both the RV and the service received from El Monte it was so easy. Drove from San Francisco to Las Vegas via Yosemite - amazing trip!!! One slight word of warning though - we were unaware how far away the pick up point is in San Francisco and we declined El Monte's shuttle as they wanted to pick us up at 7am on the other side of the city. We decided to make our own way there in a taxi and it cost us $160.

IdeaMerge - you were great too finding us the best deal on the web - many thanks.

Pedro, 19 april 2010
We booked a 22feet motorhome, but due to availability problems, they gave us a 27 feet motorhome. In principle seemed to big to us for driving, but after one day, it was nice to have a bigger one. The trip was quite nice, and de APOLLO people was so kind.

Alejandro and Florencia from ARGENTINA, 18 april 2010

Mario Wolcoff, 05 april 2010
es nuestra 4 ves que rentamos motor home en ideamerger, rentamos en los Angeles, y viajamos hasta san diego, y por arizona hasta las vegas, todos los motor home son muy buenos, excelente calidad su equipamiento, la atencion de la gente
muy recomendable es una muy buena experiencia, gracias por todo
Mario Cordoba Argentina

Adam, 20 march 2010
My girl friend and i flew from Canada to Las Vegas, Picked up our 25 foot motor home and from there drove to LA, San Diego, Calexico, in to Mexico to Mexicali, down to San Felipe Baja Mexico, back to the US and then traveled to the Grand Canyon and back into vegas in our 9 day trip. We put on just over 1700 miles and didnt have one problem from start to finish in both our bookings, and our motor home travel experience. Our Fuel mileage was what we expected and when we mention mexico they pointed us the right direction to go with the proper company. We are already in the planning with Idea Merge for our next trip coming up renting a Funmover 31' motor home this time to travel with our ATV's!

Robert Allan, 14 march 2010
We picked up the large RV from LA in which we hired
it for ten days.
The pick up process was much easier than I expected
as the vehicle was 32 feet in length so I was a
little concerned as to how to handle it correctly.
The pre delivery process was extremely helpful and
the vehicle was clean and well presented.
We travelled over 1200 miles down to the mexican
border, Yuma, Phoenix and back to LA. We enjoyed its
use and saw many things, but above all we met so
many fellow RV people that made our trip ever so
Perhaps the only negative aspect was the very low
mileage consumption where we averaged about 8 mpg.
which impacted heavily on the economics of the trip.

Except for this, highly recommended.

Richard McManus, 06 march 2010
We rented an RV from Campers World in San Marcos(San Diego). The rental pickup and prepickup information was accurate and quickly answered. They even stored our pick up truck for the month cost free! The service representative was quick, knowledgeable and courteous. We drove to El Centro where we set up camp at Rio Bend Golf and RV park. This was our first experience with RVing and the spaciousness of the unit and the comfortableness of the dual inflatable bed was a pleasure. There were a couple of flaws in the sewer connection which were easily remedied and paid for by Camper's World . The return of thet RV was smooth as clockwork and we used our 60 day membership at Camper's World to make some purchases with the Discount.

Jo Reavis, 06 march 2010
I was surfing the web to arrange a motor home vacation with our children and grandsons to the Grand Canyon. The more I read, the more concerned I became about all the possible problems. But I found so many encouraging reviews about IdeaMerge's organization and service, that I gained confidence. Upon submitting an application, I was disappointed to learn that we had to reserve the motor home for at least 7 days, but we could only manage a 4 day trip Sadly, I phoned IdeaMerge to see if they had any recommendations. Doug more than lived up to the company's reputation of going the extra mile....with a smile. He offered to search for dealers who would allow a 4 day trip to suit our needs and quickly emailed me the results. Unfortunately, my husband – grandpa, who was already weak from other ailments, developed further complications to the point that we had to cancel our plans. But I am highly recommending IdeaMerge to all our children and friends for whenever they plan to do a motor home trip for its outstanding service. Wishing the very best to IdeaMerge.

Justin Cho, 03 march 2010
On January 29, we picked up Comfort Standard T 5841 from Mcrent at offebach near Frankfurt. The motorhome was right size and was clean. I drove 3,000 Km in two weeks and it was economical and convenient with cruse control. It was my first experience with motorhome and long drive in Europe but everything went well. Winter trip is cheap and less crowded. I recommend Idea merge to every one. Winter driving tip; Clean wind screen every time you visit gas station. Salt on the road make it difficult to keep good visibility with wiper only. Our motorhome did not have enough fluid so I had to buy one to fill up. It is very expensive in Europe. I paid 8 Euro for 1 liter at gas station.

Sean Merry, 12 february 2010
We recently rented a motor home to drive across the Southern states. We were coming from a trip through South America and our friends were coming from Australia and Carolina. Despite this, the rental was an absolute breeze to organize and all our questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. We picked up our van from the wonderful Barbara at Moturis in Dallas and were fully briefed as this was our first RV experience. The trip was amazing and the service from everyone involved was spot on. Thanks for making it all so easy.

John Booker, 11 february 2010
Using Idea Merge saved a lot of time researching other websites and provided assurance in terms of the additional costs. A really good service.

Through Idea merge I booked an RV with Moturis (part of camping world.) Unfortunately the experience with Moturis was not so good. The RV was great but the charge for the extra miles was extremely expensive and we were fined $75 for having some grey water in tank (it was on the lowest bar) which I thought was excessive. Also the staff at Motouris were less than helpful and gave the impression of going through some sort of exam oppose to wishing me well on my holiday.

Had a great time driving round Vegas, Arizona, and California saw awesome sights and met amazing people. A fantastic place in the world!


Note from IdeaMerge: Our software prompts the user to enter the expected driving distance; it then determines the optimal pre-purchase mileage package for the customer and indicates to the customer the cost that would upon the return occasion be paid by the customer for the expected miles beyond the pre-purchased number of miles.

By the way [this is still IdeaMerge speaking], don't miss Joshua Tree National Park in California. It's like a whole other life bearing planet in there, with its incredible variety of vegetation and rock formations! Otherworldly campgrounds as well! Who needs warp drive when you can jet to LA, rent a motorhome, and drive to Joshua Tree while listening to U2 and The Doors?!?

sandyg, 31 january 2010
We loved the RV we rented. It was our first
trip in RV. It was very easy to drive and very comfortable. The pick up and drop off in La vegas was a piece of cake. We would have liked an instruction book but we did tape the instructions we were given and we were able to easily figure out everything else. It was an extremely postive experience and I would recommend Ideamerge.

Jae Moon (on behalf of SungKwon Baek), 31 january 2010
Ideamerge was very helpful in assisting us
throughout the renting process and in answering
questions that we had. I met up with my family from
Korea in Frankfurt, Germany and due to the major
snow storm, my flight had been delayed for about 6
hrs. When I let Ideamerge about the situation, both
the branch in Barcelona and LA responded to me
immediately to give us assistance.

DRM-Germany was a great company as well. They were
understanding of our situation and agreed to give us
2 days of reduction. Our motorhome was very
comfortable and overall, we had a great winter trip

Thank you, Ideamerge, once again.

-Jae Moon

Pete Murray, 28 january 2010
My holiday was made special by the peace of mind provided by idea merge

Chris, 19 january 2010
Everything was great. Easy to rent and the RV was in perfect conditions.

Bin, 19 january 2010
The experience throughout was faultless, prompt email responses from Ideamerge and very nice email replies from rental provider. We got the vehicle from northern finland at Rovaniemi rental station with nice people, the temperature was -30 centigrade.. The vehicle was in a great condition and we drove on road covered with ice all the way to Norway and back without any big problems. Regardless of where we were, support was always available via phone from people at Rovaniemi rental station whenever needed... I'll give 10 out 10 to my experience with them..

Vilma Burneikiene, 19 january 2010
Many thanks for your excellent staff and a RV car. We had a 20 days trip with this car and we had no any technical or other problems on our 5000 miles trip. We explored ten states of the USA and enjoyed the trip very much. We love America, its people and nature. I will recommend this company for everybody. The company offered the best prices and excellent assistance plus various discounts for campgrounds. The RV was in excellent condition. Good luck for this company!

Best regards from Lithuania.

Massimiliano Tassistro, 23 december 2009
I had the most beautiful holiday in my honey moon with my wife Lucia. We landed in Auckland and spent a couple of days at the hilton. We were so confortable in our sea view suite and we had fantastic breakfast at the hotel and dinner at the Degree restaurant in the harbour.
Than we started our adventure with Kea motorhome. They came and piked us up at the hotel, they were so kind giving us usefull suggestions on how to organize our journey.
We visited the north island (Coromandel, Waitianga, Tauranga and Mt. Maunganui, Rotorua, White Island, Mt Tarawera, Tongariro (crossing the mountain), Wanganui, Wellington) and the south island (Picton, Abel Tasman and Farewell spit, long crossing to the west coast, Franz joseph Glacier, Wanaka, Oamaru, Timaru, Akaroa and Cristchurch). We only missed the fantastic mildford sound and Queenstown because of the bed weather but we will come back to complete our visit for the 10th anniversary for sure.
We are very satisfied of the ideamerge service and Kea, it was our first experience of mootorhome camping holiday and we will repeat again as soon as possible.
Thank you very much

George Castello, 20 december 2009
It was the greatest experience in my travels to Europe. This was the first time I've done it this way. My girlfriend and I picked up our RV in Frankfurt on April 27, '09 expecting a lot a "Red tape", we were pleasantly surprised when at our arrival, everything was ready for us and in less than one hour and out we were in our way to Italy. One word of advise DO-NOT forget your GPS with a european map "SD Card". The RV was extremely clean and everything worked fine, Shower, toilet, kitchen, reefer etc. (Except for the radio which had a bad speaker - thus, NO stereo sound). Camping is so great and efficient in Europe, you see them all along your way while traveling those marvellous highways in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Fuel efficiency was very good. I'll do it again next spring and I won't hesitate to go thru Ideamerge and McRent. If you have any questions please contact me, I'll be happy to answer whatever detail that I forgot to mention.
Me puede contactar en espa𮨠si lo desea.

Dave Carol, 17 december 2009
We rented a Cheapa Campa through Ideamerge in Los Angeles and never having driven an RV before it was a bit daunting but we soon got the hang of it. The RV was great just what we wanted not too large but comfortable for the two of us, it made the trip. We visted Joshau Tree National Park were the RV really came into its own with semi wild camping, however it was cold and we did have to buy an extra blanket as the supplied bedding was not sufficient at 3500ft in December. We drove around 2000 miles and the RV being an automatic with cruise control was a pleasure to drive, we became quite attached to it in the short time we had it.
The only problem we had was when the cover on the air conditioning on the roof blew off, on ringing the office they were helpful and seemed more concered about us getting wet than damaging the vehicle if it rained, fortunately it didn't rain.
The pick up and drop off went smoothly with very friendly and helpful staff, though I would allow a couple of hours for this.
It was very refreshing to see a price that was the actual price you pay without all the hidden extras that seem to be all so common these days. Ideamerge were also considerably cheaper than other companys we looked at.
All told it was an excellent trip, I will be using Ideamerge again and would definitely recommend them.

Many thanks

Holly Bolton, 14 december 2009
We were highly pleased with our experience renting through Idea Merge. They were responsive to our requests and promptly provided us with revised camper estimates as our plans changed. The pick-up and drop-off of the camper was seamless and the staff at Freedom Holiday were friendly and knowledgeable. They even provided us with detailed maps and literature on hiking in the Tuscany region -- very helpful! We couldn't have been happier with the experience.

Dan McNamara, 09 december 2009
Everything was great with the RV, it was new and very clean (I thought
it was the first time someone had rented it) and the staff was very
helpful. The water system did have some problems though, and after
the second day there was no water pressure. I tried to get it fixed but
due to the tight schedule of my trip I had to get by with what I could.
One word to the wise would be to make sure the grey water is fully
empty when you leave the station. It was 1/2 full when I rented it and
I was kind of disappointed that it was'nt empty, although it did'nt
create any problems. Overall it was a great experience, and I would
definitely rent again from them.

chris whiteside, Kendal, UK, 09 december 2009
Pick up went smoothly after a relatively easy $25 taxi ride from the airport in Las Vegas. Very friendly, efficient and much quicker than expected although it was mid-week and we were the only ones picking up at the time. Everything we were shown was relevant. Difficult to take it all in at first and the instruction books could have been more user friendly. Camper was in excellent condition and spotless. Went for Cheapa and was expecting it to be a few years old but it was almost new and had less than 20k on clock. Drove well and I had no problem getting used to it. Covered 1000 miles in 6 days with no problem whatsoever.
Dropping off was again friendly and efficient. We had managed to crack the rooflight which we reported and there was a reasonable charge of $22. I expected it to be much more as that clearly didn't include fitting time. Nice not to be ripped off. We also noticed a chip in the windscreen just after we'd set off and I was anticipating a bit of an argument as to whose responsibility that was but they accepted my word for it without question.
Only one slight irritation - the USD1000 deposit from your credit card. A bit naughty for Apollo to charge a $20 admin fee for the privelege of holding on to your money and it took almost 2 weeks for the balance to be credited to my account although this is perhaps more an issue with the card company.
Overall, though, friendly, helpful, efficient, reliable, great value for money. Would use them again without hesitation

Oleg Olshanechky, 29 november 2009
Our trip to Norway was an unforgettable journey! We took 13 days and travelled through south and central of Norway.
Our booking through Ideamerge went very smoothly. I found them very helpful. Touring cars was extremely professional. While pick-up in Oslo we was surprised that our vehicle of Family X-Large type are not equiped by rearview cameras. The staff were explained us, that all vehicles are not equiped by rearview cameras. While our trip our vehicle was required small fixes, which we did by ourselves. We have in the past rented a motorhome in the Germany from McRent and found vehicles provided by them more equiped and more qualitative than with Touring Cars. Now we know that all equpment list shall be checked before booking.

Allan de Kok, 25 november 2009
We were very happy with Mc Rent collection went off very well. When it came to returning there was quit a few people returning their campers so we had to wait for 1hour before we were attended to.
But that also went of well in the end.
It was a pleasant expereience getting at camper from them. I must say I was worried about al the bad plublicity with renting but we had no problems

Andreas and Sigrid, 25 november 2009
The booking with IdeaMerge was great! We booked a trip the year before also with them (to Norwegian, Sweden, Finland), and that was also very pleasant. Fast response and the price was good.

We went to Madrid. The people of euromotorhome picked us up, which was very nice, and at the end of the holiday also brought us back.
The check in was fast, we got a explanation in Spanish about how to use the camper. Too bad that we don't speak Spanish ;) But visualisation, using his hands, you'll understand a lot, and my husband have travelled a lot with a camper, so it wasn't a problem.
The interior was great, a lot of space because of the lifting roof. The kitchenary was minimal: no sharp knives, the plates were made of "stone" even like the cups. Plastic would have been better.
But..... we saw IKEA and there you can buy that stuff for only 3 euro each, so we bought it ourself.

Other than that, we think it was great!!! Like already said: Good service for a reasonable price and we had a great holiday!

Brent and Jeannine Munkres - Sisters, Oregon USA, 25 november 2009
Truly everything was a breeze with DRM. We arrived at the Frankfurt
depot and we were quickly and kindly given an overview of the vehicle
with plenty of laughter and fun. The rig was like new...very clean
inside and out and just the right size! Absolutely no problems on the
road and camping in Europe is a great way to go. I am sure we saved
a bunch of money in comparison to staying in hotels considering we
were touring Europe for 5 weeks. Returning the van was simple and
we received our entire deposit back. Thanks to everyone at DRM for
their kind service and great rigs!

Lynne and Pete Hansen New Zealand September 2009, 24 november 2009
A totally fantastic experience from the booking to completion of a 5 week journey through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland 7500 kms. We selected the bigger 2 berth van with shower and toilet. The van size was ideal, clean and economical. The pickup was efficient at DRM and we would advise if you arrive on an early flight to Frankfurt you may be as fortunate as we were, and be able to pick up your van at 11am no extra charge. Take the train as it is 1 stop from airport 3 minutes away. Definitely buy a GPS before leaving home as it was a godsend. (Thanks Ideamerge for the advice here). We would recommend to hire the camp chairs and table and also bikes. We were given a plastic table by some Kiwis we met in St Tropez and we picked up some chairs in an inorganic throw out day in Paris!! We left both at our last camp in Frankfurt and they were immediately siezed by permanent residents. If you are hiring at Frankfurt get your last diesel fill in Luxembourg. We saved 35 euros to fill the tank and it is just over the border to Frankfurt.
We will definitely be booking our next campervan trip through Ideamerge

Guido J. Baeckelandt, 23 november 2009
I had a very successful trip. The motor coach performed very nice, and sleeping was excellent. I may say no one should ever leave your depot without a GPS. Two hours after leaving I was still in the Frankfurt area, Lord only knows where. Thanks to some very friendly German citizens, I managed to get on the autobahn to Belgium. So I bought my own GPS.
Thank you very much and I hope to see you on our next trip in the spring.

Richard Angela Stober, 22 november 2009
We picked up our RV from Calgary August 25, spent 25 days going through British Columbia, Alaska and Yukon, we have a very wonderful time, seeing the beautiful country, and have a very special experience. This was our 2nd RV trip, also the 2nd time rental from IdeaMerge. The 1st time was last year, we had rented a larger RV(over 30 ft) which was more comfortable and luxury, but was a little difficult for a 1st time RV user to handle. So this time we rented a smaller RV, this 22 ft. Okanagan Ford was just right for the Alaska trip, little packed inside, but had everything we needed for 2 people, and the best of all, we drove it around everywhere without problem, winded around narrow roads on mountains, can even do parellal park on the street in city, but we won't recommand it for family over 2 people, or big people to use this vechicle, it will be too tight. The staffs at the Fraserway RV Rentals (Calgary) were very friendly and helpful, the RV was in excellent condition, we'll sure use IdeaMerge again in our future RV rentals.

Luann Shutley, 21 november 2009
We picked up our camper in Halifax from Fraserway. The unit was in good condition and we had no problems at all. The staff was friendly for the most part - but Ideamerge really shone. We will happily book our rentals thru Ideamerge next year.

Tim Taylor, 20 november 2009
My wife and I rented a Compact Plus campervan in Germany through IdeaMerge in September October 2009. We spent a month travelling around Europe visiting Germany, Holland, Austria, France, Italy, and Switzerland. We travelled over 5000 km’s and had a holiday of a lifetime. We are sure that the only way to see Europe is with a campervan. It is the only way to experience the people without the tourist trappings; It gives you complete freedom of choice and being able to see the places that tour group’s drive past or not to go to places that you don't wish to. By the end of the trip we were already talking about the next trip.
The campervan that we rented had less than 2000 km on it when we picked it up. It was spotless (almost, excepting two minor gliches, but it past my wife's examination so this is an event to be heralded). And it proved to be most reliable (except for the cruise control), with resonable fuel milage.

I would recomend this company to anyone based on my personal experience.

Tim Taylor

Jo Yeardley, 20 november 2009
IdeaMerge made our trip easy and hastle free. Being from the UK we had never had an 'RV experience', and when we picked it up we were very daunted about driving such a big vehicle. However, saying that we did manage to negotiate LA and Vegas relitavely trouble free. We would definately do it again given the chance and IdeaMerge would be the first port of call. Thanks for a fabulous memorable holiday

Dave Morgan, 19 november 2009
This was the first time booking thru Ideamerge and
everything went very smoothly. We've used other
companies before but will use Ideamerge in the future.

The Halls, Cyprus, 19 november 2009
We flew from Cyprus to Heathrow and then to Stockholm Arlanda which is where our adventure started. On arrival at the depot we were warmly greeted and given a fantastic brief and overview of the motorhome. Being a family of 5 with 3 small children we were having nightmares about the pickup etc however it was smooth and painless! The motorhome was immaculate, clean and well equipped. It truly was a holiday to remember and one that IdeaMerge helped us to achieve. Thanks to all for our painless experience I would totally recommend this sort of holiday ....

Josh Kaurich, 19 november 2009
We rented an RV for our travels through Germany and have good things to comment about the service and vehicle. First, the staff at agency were very friendly and helpful. The RV was clean and got decent gas mileage. We never had any issues with the RV that are noteworthy. However, I would argue that the RV we rented should only be occupied by two people though it claims four is possible. Also, the RV was cheap and was quite noisy when you drove down the road, which doesn't seem like an issue but after seven days it can be quite frustrating. Overall, I would recommend renting from IDEA MERGE!

Lawrence Johnson, 19 november 2009
We are from Ontario, Canada.

My wife and I rented a VW California camper van in Germany through IdeaMerge in September 2009. We spent a month traveling around Europe visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic. We traveled over 4000 km’s.

The camper was practically new with only 17,000 km when we picked it up. Everything was perfect except for one system failure: the camper battery would not charge from the engine. We were not independent as we had hoped. We needed connection to the grid whenever we stopped for the night. Apart from this minor annoyance the trip was everything we had hoped for.

This is our second camper van trip to Europe, some years ago we did one with an older Eurovan camper that was adequate but not nearly as comfortable or economical.

The pick up and drop off went without a hitch. The location in Frankfurt is very convenient to the airport.

Already we have recommended Ideamerge for an acquaintance.


the bredmears, 19 november 2009
We really liked our motor home rental. The pick up and drop off were
easy and efficient and the vehicle itself was just as we expected.
Thanks very much

DC Bursell, 19 november 2009
This was our first experience with an RV rental and IDEAMERGE made it a stress free experience. We planned a cross country trip with a pick up in the west and a drop in the east. I only had a coulple months advance notice to plan the trip. Out of all the renal companies I contacted (which was several), IDEAMERGE was the only one that was able to take care of us. I simply made the request for dates and vehicle type and IDEAMERGE did all the work. We look forward to future vacations and rentals with IDEAMERGE.

Paul Y, 19 november 2009
Had an excellent week with a camper booked through you guys with Apollo in the US - both pick-up and drop-off were hassle-free and the vehicle was in amazing condition, virtually brand new. Support was fab, when we called on the weekend we spoke to someone straight away who sorted our minor issue out immediately. Thanks for a great holiday.

Steff & James M, New Zealand, 12 november 2009
We couldn't be happier with our rental through McRent in Hamburg. Our camper was clean, study, and a pleasure to drive. She saw us through 8 weeks and 10 000 kilometres, three music festivals, a ride over the Swiss Alps, and some hairy back-country Norwegian roads.

We had two friends with us, and chose the four berth with shower as it was the cheapest model with shower/toilet facilities. And at the festivals, boy were we grateful!

A great experience and we would rent again. Thanks ideamerge!

Luke , 17 october 2009
Ideamerge were great to book threw. Quick responses to questions and bookings made the process and big decisions easy. We ended up with a 34ft Road Bear RV. Some advice to those who end up with a massive vichele like this. Avoid going into big cities, invest in good maps or better GPS, prepare to pay big dollars for gas and know that it is not easy to find a place to park it.

A.B., 02 october 2009
Indeed loosing the sunglasses was quite painful (it takes 5 weeks to get the new ones!) but other than that we really enjoyed the holiday in a camper and rental is a good option for us as we have a limited number of holidays per year.

Everything went smooth from our point of view, from reservation, payment, handing over, etc and the few things that we noted as not working properly were reported when we gave back the car. I would say that it was really important to me to have somebody to talk to when doing the reservation and payment as we had some issues with our bank and talking to you colleague settled the matters quicker and easier.

So in case we will plan another camper holiday (very likely to) you we'll be the first we turn to

Mark Ehlers, 28 september 2009
We are from Johannesburg, South Africa.

My wife and I rented a Compact Plus campervan in Germany through IdeaMerge in March 2009. We spent a month travelling around Europe visiting Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Switzerland. We travelled over 7000 km’s and had a holiday of a lifetime. We are convinced that the only way to see Europe is with a campervan. It is the most cost effective means to have the best adventure; with the most freedom of choice and being able to see the real country that tour group’s drive past. At the end of the trip we were already talking about the next trip.

This is our second campervan trip to Europe, we did one with our two daughters in 2005 which our daughters described as life changing.

Both times we did our booking through IdeaMerge and both times their service and attention to detail was great! I would recommend IdeaMerge as the best people to use and have promoted them exclusively to my family and friends.


ted cragg, 28 september 2009
In general our trip was a good one. We had a major disaster however, which might have been prevented by a few words from the staff at pick-up: a gust of wind blew the awning right off. In addition to having to pack and unpack the awning at every campsite, it cost us $1100, i.e.,a third of whole price tag. We were not advised to put away the awning when not present at the campsite, and not shown the spikes to affix support to the ground, which might have prevented the blowdown. Not everyone is a rookie but some of us are.The campers need a manual, not just a brief chat.

Kate, 27 september 2009
We rented our motor home in Annecy and spent a week in Italy.
Nothing bad to say except when we tried to pay the damage
deposit, neither our Amex or Visa credit cards worked. Thank
goodness my hubby had his Mastercard with him or I don't know
what we would have done.

Saul Keshen, 18 september 2009
This was our first time with an RV, and we'll definitely do it again. Except for a problem with the fridge, the vehicle performed very well and was a pleasure to drive. We had a long drive from Las Vegas to Reno and it was nice to have cruise control for those long stretches of highway.

Fahy family New Zealand, 17 september 2009
As a fammily of 5 adults we chose to hire a 5 berth camper from DRM but also had a 2 person tent which was used about 18 days of the 28 hired. We could have all slept in the camper but with 3 tall members of the family some of the beds were a little short and therefore not so comfortable.We chose the 5 berth because it did not require a special licence to drive, was smaller for travelling narrow roads and was less expensive. The temperature at its highest was 43degreesC so the tent option was useful Storage space was great and hiring of table and 5 chairs was a must.
We called at an Ikea store and purchased a wok, coffee plunger, teatowels, plastic bucket for dishes and a couple of plastic containers for storage all of which we left at our last campground, along with leftover food, with a sign saying "PLEASE TAKE" All but one opened jar of food was taken. Much better that these items were able to be used rather than be thrwon out.

As a severe asthmatic with numerous allergies, I checked before booking if they would be prepared to clean the vehicle with white vinegar and water rather than chemicals. I also said that we would not use the toilet as I would not be able to cope with the chemicals used. DRM were very accommodating about this and we were delighted on pick-up to find that they had done exactly as requested. Doug at IDEAMERGE was very helpful in ensuring that this was understood, so a big thanks to him.

We did not have a GPS but as the "oldies" did have the benefit of the company of 3 well travelled young adults. We did very little travelling on motorways because we wanted to see more of the countryside and have the ability to stop at many and varied places. We used the autobahn on our final journey fron Munich to Frankfurt for the drop off. The camper travelled well and could "turn on a sixpence" as my husband said often.

We spent 5 nights in Germany, 3 Switzerland, 5 France, 13 Italy, 1 Austria. The campgrounds varied greatly in amenities and price. We decided not to book as we wanted flexibility. This resulted in being turned away from only 1 camp although we did get the last site on a few occassions.

Great places to travel and a fine mode of travel in a camper. We would all recommend it and would definitely book through IDEAMERGE again.

Safe travels to all.
Bernie Fahy, New Zealand

The Spinellas, 11 september 2009
This is our second year renting from Ideamerge and we would definitely rent with them again. They were very responsive to our questions and always did their best to ensure we were completely satisfied.

We rented a California VW camper Van from McRent in Frankfurt, Germany. The van was clean, new and well equipped. Had a great time traveling throughout France, Switzerland and Germany.

The pop up broke a few days before our trip ended, both Ideamerge and McRent were very responsive and offered to pay to have it fixed. We opted to continue our trip, McRent refunded us two days for the inconvenience.

Thank you again!

Alicia, 08 september 2009
Nosotros alquilamos en Moturis una Chalet y nos fu矧enial, en el viaje de 25 dias y 3400millas no tubimos ninguna averia ni problema con la caravana. Por mi parte lo m௠dificil era controlar el pie izquierdo por la falta de costumbre de un cambio autom೩co, en cada cruce iba buscando el embrague y la palanca del cambio.
En el tramite tubimos alguna duda al tratarse de un importe tan elevado y alquilar por internet desde Espa🟮os daba un poco de miedo por lo que nos podiamos encentrar, pero la verdad 诠que ha sido una muy buena experiencia.
Asi que recomiendo viajar en una autocaravana por si lo que se desea es un viaje largo y sin un rumbo muy claro como el nuestro. El objetivo de nuestro viaje fu矣ruzar los EEUU desde San Francisco a Nueva York, siguiendo en parte la famosa Ruta 66 y pasando por Los Angeles, las Vegas,el Ca𮪠del Colorado y Monument Valley, pero con una ruta no muy clara por lo que muchas noches nos quedamos donde oscurecia en la misma calle sin m௠previsi򬟱ue por la ma� continuar conduciendo, as럱ue la opci򬟤e la autocaravana fu短௠que acertada

Ross Blumel, 08 september 2009
My brother, daughter, daughter's partner and I were very happy with our standard family size motor home that we picked up in Munich. I do not hesitate in recommending Ideamerge and McRent to anyone wanting to hire a motor home and travel around Europe. I spent a lot of time searching for the most economical motor home for the main purpose of following the Tour de France. I found Germany to be the cheapest for hiring at the time of the TDF. We travelled from Sulzemoos, Munich to Austria to Switzerland to Italy to Monaco to France to Spain to Andora to France to Switzerland to Austria to Munich. The roads were very narrow and you had to keep your wits about you all the time while driving. We did it without having any accidents. We took a GPS which is a must. Thank you Ideamerge and McRent.

Nathalie Honeysett, 07 september 2009
Really good trip. we loved Madrid but Seville even more. the weather was fantastic. This was the best campervan so far. Very compact but thanks to the extendable roof very spacious when stationary. economical in respect of petrol usage. Droping off the van was a little bit difficult because the company was hard to find. Very happy with the drop at the hotel/airport service. The introduction to the van was short and clear which was excellent because some companies waste so much time in lengthy training sessions which are boring and a waste of time. Please be considerate to the environment and always clear up after your stay.
Nathalie Honeysett

Philip Borrell, 05 september 2009
Jens and Alex at the Munich branch were friendly, helpful and efficient, for both pick up and drop off. I simply cannot recommend them more highly.

Laurie Schulz, 03 september 2009
We rented from the McRent Depot in Dortmund. Both pick-up and
drop-off was very smooth. The staff was friendly and efficient.
Pick-up was relatively fast although explanation of how to use the
vehicle was limited due to language barriers. The motorhome
manual was available in English so any additional questions we had
while on the road were addressed there! The motorhome was in
excellent condition and drove well. We also found that it got better
mileage than expected. Our trip took us on a loop through
Northern Germany, Western Coast of Denmark, Copenhagen, East
German, Berlin/Potsdam and back to Dortmund. It was a great trip
and a great way to see Europe with kids. I highly recommend and
IdeaMerge fulfilled all expectations in facilitating the rental.

Aude and Arnaud, 03 september 2009
We were looking for an RV rental for 10 days in the high season on the West coast of USA. But it was not available or too expensive. Finally we found a very good price with Ideamerge and they help us to find the best way for our round trip.
It was our first RV trip with no experience at all but Ideamerge was so helpful that it was great!

Aanon Clausen, 31 august 2009
We have no previous experience with camper rentals.

Pick- up/drop off was without pain. The vehicle was ready at pick-up time and no times was lost. Advice to fellow travellers is that pick-up may take longer than expected, depending on prevous experience with such equipment. It should be adviced that one "looses" a day for pick-up and drop-off (it is easy to get exited when planning the travels and forget this important aspect and the final day of travelling may also become stressful when one has a flight/noat/other to catch).
Drop off could be more smooth with the possibillity of disposal of chemical toilet contents at drop off point, vacuming, garbage disposal etc. This was supposed to have been done before drop off time, which we did. But it causes some problems, as the vehicle is full at the time off cleaning/preparations for drop off. That mentioned: the dealer let us vacum/dispose garbage and toilet content, helped us out with last preps and so forth and were VERY service minded.
We are satisfied with the services offered, the status of the vehicle and the outcome of the holidays.

Aanon Clausen

Andrew Wentzel, 31 august 2009
Hi doug, thanks so much for asking. It's little things (like asking how everything went after you got our money) that'll keep me coming back. We had a great time. Pick up and drop off went well, Mcrent is great to deal with and the vehicle was top notch. We did some damage to the passenger side rear view mirror and a little to the awning (damn those skinny italian roads). It cost a few bucks but Mcrent was very fair. Advise for fellow rv renters, PULL IN YOUR MIRRORS, AND LEAVE THE KIDS WITH THE INLAWS!

Thanks again, we'll talk to you next year.

Jorge Ferrari, 30 august 2009
My experience was an excellent one. The people of Freedom Holiday is remarkably kind. It was my first travel by motorhome in Europe, and I enjoyed it very much.
No tengo problema si cualquier persona de Hispanoam豩ca quiere escribirme para pedirme consejos acerca del uso de motorhomes en Europa.

colin elliott, 29 august 2009
We rented a Euramobil motorhome from DRM in Dusseldorf. The staff at DRM were very considerate. When we picked up the motorhome they stayed well past their closing time since our flight was delayed.

We had a great time touring Europe. Traveling by motorhome really fit our needs. The motorhome itself ran perfectly and actually got better miles per gallon than was quoted. The one problem we had was with our own GPS which had trouble with its European City Maps. Without the city map functions, it was often difficult to find our way to and from the campgrounds in the larger cities.

Driving between cities in most of Europe was very easy once you are on the motorways and autobahns. However, it can be a challenge to drive on the smaller roads in the rural areas since they are much narrower.

I would certainly recommend traveling in Europe by motorhome and our experiences with Ideamerge have been great.

Fam. Hoefnagels, 28 august 2009
We were very satisfied with the rented vehicle, all the services and the very friendly and helping people at the pick-up and returningpoint at McRent in Offenbach (Fr am M) The Camper (globevan) was clean, in very good state, powerfull and efficient for us (2p). We enjoied our holiday thanks to the camper and we had to answer loads off questions how and from where we rented it. The only tip we can give others is to purchase a retail card at ADAC or ANWB for instance. In the midseason it will save you a lot of money on your stay at the campings etc listed at those organisations. We love to do buisness with ideamerge again.

Antoinette du Plessis, 27 august 2009
Our trip to Scandinavia was wonderful! We took 14 days and travelled through Norway as well as parts of Sweden and Finland.
Our booking through Ideamerge went very smoothly. I found them very helpful. Touring cars was extremely professional. From pick-up in Oslo to drop-off in Rovaniemi, everything was perfect. The staff were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the vehicle. Our vehicle was almost brand new and very well equipped. We have in the past rented a motorhome in the USA and found our experience with all the companies involved much more user friendly than in the USA. The pick-up and drop-off service is great! The best way to see Scandinavia!

Mary and John, 27 august 2009
We booked our Apollo Cheapa Campa through IdeaMerge. It was easier and the same price or cheaper than booking directly through Apollo. I particularly liked the fact that I knew exactly what the total upfront cost was and how much I had to pay on pick up so there were no surprises. I also received prompt replies from IdeaMerge while it took a couple of weeks for Apollo to get back to me about booking. The guys at the San Francisco Apollo depot (which is actually in San Leandro) were great to deal with and both the pick up and drop off were easy. It took a couple of hours when we dropped it off because everything had to be checked and there were lots of other people picking up. Something to factor in if you have other plans the same day. I would be happy to use IdeaMerge and Apollo again.

Keith Watson, 27 august 2009
We collected the camper from the depo outside Amsterdam without any due hardship via train and bus. The camper was first class with all the bells and whistles we had ordered. We used it tour Holland looking for a boat to purchase and it was ideal. Camp sites in Holland are outstanding, well organised, clean and like all the citizens of Holland the personel at the camp sites were helpful and pleasant. We found that in Holland most of the younger folk spoke excellent English. We would use both Ideamerge and McRent again.

Dr Peter Swinyard, 26 august 2009
A reliable and professional service. The van was ready and sparkling clean for our pickup, including a (rather American) label on the loo that it was sanitized for our protection! Van was less than 2 years old and drove faultlessly and had facilities exactly as described. The English-speaking gentleman at the motorhome depot near Rome made sure that we knew exactly how to uise the facilities in the 'van and warned us of the new restriction on driving on the Amalfi coast and in certain town centres. A painless and easy experience all round. I can fully recommend this reliable company.

Josie Sinclair, 26 august 2009
This was the 4th time that we have followed the TOUR de France in a camper, and easily the best way of doing it. The vehicle was reliable and comfortable for 3 people but could not have accommodated a couple and 2 other adults.Altho the blurb stated that you may not get that in the picture this was significantly smaller.
Unfortunately had to purchase quite a few basics which should have come with van -fittings for hose so could get water, enough mugs for3 poeple to have a coffee, board so didn't cut on bench, all cleaning equiptment so could return van clean . However loved the trip.

Dan Hazzard, 26 august 2009
We rented in Lille, France for a two-week sojourn. The beginning
of this adventure was awkward, to say the least - the depot was
hard to find, there was no one who spoke english, some notes
about prepaid services were not accounted for - but once we got
going, things kind of worked out.
Everything seemed to work as it should, with one exception. We
discovered a few days into the trip that the refrigerator would only
work when we were connected to external electricity, but we
learned to adapt to this. And aside from needing to purchase a
broom and dustpan for the interior and a longer extension cord for
the exterior electrical hookups, the vehicle was well equipped.
I'm looking forward to another trip around Europe in a camper.

Julie and Dave Rogers - United States, 26 august 2009
We traveled to France for a month during the Tour de France in late June/all of July 2009. It was the first time we had ever rented a motor home or had driven in France and we were pleasantly surprised by the helpfulness of IdeaMerge, both in the States (Doug!) and out of Barcelona, as we needed English-speaking assistance. We picked up our vehicle in Nice and it was perfect. Laurent spoke English and was extremely helpful. We had a little difficulty getting the refrigerator to work, but figured it out after a few days.

We brought a Garmin GPS from home with a French chip and never would have survived without it. Laurent had maps that he loaned us for the trip, which were also extremely helpful. We also had appropriate dishes (though plastic would have made more sense - and made less noise!), utensils, broom & dustpan, etc. We would have liked to have had foldable chairs to sit outside (good addition?) as the weather was fabulous, but we couldn't enjoy sitting in it.

We did need assistance from IdeaMerge during our trip and they were fantastic in their quick response. We would recommend them in an instant to anyone traveling to Europe!

The Seitz Family's European Vacation, 26 august 2009
Had a great vacation traveling over 3500 miles in the 2 weeks that we toured Europe. (8 countries in all) The RV was as we selected and McRent was good in dealing with at the Offenbach Depot. We decided to take a taxi which I'm glad we did from the Frankfurt Airport. The only 2 items that I would recommend having prior to your trip would be a RV Campground book, we received one from the rental place but found out during the trip that it was in German! The other item that almost cost us dearly plus over an hour wait is that we required an International Driver Permit due to the size of the RV, no problem except that in New York State the relationship is not very clear for the classifications and AAA marked it incorrectly. McRent provided us the RV anyway, perhaps since it was Saturday but were concerned during the entire trip especially if we were stopped by the police and had to try to explain why we didn't have the correct permit class. Other than those items, we had a wonderful trip and would recommend and utilize Ideamerge again.

The Day Family from Ireland, 26 august 2009
Our family of four plus an 'honourary daughter' (the daughter of our friend) flew to Munich and then took public transport to the McRent depot in Suzlmoos as that was the alternative suggestion to getting there if you didn't want to take a taxi. This was a long and somewhat arduous undertaking- first train, then bus then a much too long a walk with all our bags to the not particularly easy to find depot! The taxi option had been deemed too expensive but I'd do that next time without any hesitation - whatever the cost! My husband found the 6 berth RV difficult to get used to due to it's width, and left hand driving. We were to share the driving but he wouldn't let me in the end! If you are going to lake Garda in Italy BEWARE of the western road. It's 80 odd km and at least 50% of that is tunnel- some quite high man-made but a lot of the very narrow, low, hewn-out-of-the-mountain-side type. We hit the high roof of the RV against this and although it didn't break the shell it cost us the Eu1000 deposit!! I'd avoid this road at all costs! Apart from that it was a brilliant holiday, our own 10 day road-trip and no other critisisms at all.

Juraj and Joanna Klepac, Farmington, NM, 26 august 2009
Rented sleeps six model for 28 days in Offenbach. After figuring out
a few things we had a great vacation. Traveled to Slovakia and Italy
being a first time renters we greatly enjoyed flexibility to stay
overnight whenever we needed it. Van was easy to drive, and had a
good gas mileage. Impressive turning radius. we broke insect screen
door what costs us 200 euro. In whole RV is the way to go places and
we will do it again.

Susan Ted Chemey (Indiana, USA), 26 august 2009
We had a wonderful trip in Germany, France, Belgium and Austria in our RV. We have 3 teenage children, and the unit we rented was JUST big enough (Dethleffs GlobeR A 588). However, we would not wanted to try to drive anything larger through some of the very narrow streets we found!
We did not spend as much as we expected to on fuel. Both the price was lower than we anticipated, and the fuel efficiency was a little better.
We had a couple of minor issues with the heat and electricity in the unit, but were able to work around them.
All in all, I'd recommend this method of travel for families who are willing to find their own way and who like to have some freedom to go anywhere they want.
We definitely saved money over taking trains and finding hotels for 5!

carol and jim, 26 august 2009
We rented C22 Jamboree from Los Angeles depot it was the first time we had driven an RV so it was a bit daunting especially as we are from UK and not used to driving on right,everything was explained to us and girls in depot were very helpful,however the actual rental process was very drawn out it took over 2hours to get us mobile we already had filled in the form on line but still had to do it again at the depot so it seems pointless doing it on line.I think on the whole it was great value for money and would not hesitate to use Idea Merge again our RV was immaculate but the radio did not work the TV only picked up spanish channels and the stat nav kept losing the signal very frustating in Los Angeles.We travelled 2200 miles in total through California to Arizona Nevada and back to LA.

Taekwon Kang, 25 august 2009
It was a great time in Europe with my family for 30 nights. I had a terrible thing at the O'hare airport just before leaving US, was stolen my all stuff including passport, money, laptops. But I could leave US at the next day, and get the motorhome at Offenbach. Even though that was a Saturday morning, they were very helpful. I appreciate to Ideamerge and Mcrent offenbach.
Be careful at Italy and south France because of the narrow and tortuous road. Thanks.

Ulli Kruse, 25 august 2009
I did a bit of research on motor homes prior to our departure from Australia. There seem to be 2 mayor companies in Germany so it was good to go through IdeaMerge and receive a good discount and still get the vehicle through McRent. We arrived in Frankfurt at 5:00am as most Aussies do. The vehicle was supposed to be picked up at 2:00pm so at 9:00am I rang McRent in Offenbach and carefully asked if the motor home would be available earlier. Susanne from the depot asked us to come across straight away, we might would have to wait as the mornings are reserved for vehicle returns. What a pleasant surprise we had, a near new Fiat Ducato (Globescout with 2 beds , shower and Toilet) was waiting for us. We left at 11:30 and went on our 46 day trip. Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy,Monaco, Nice, Switzerland and back into Germany. The vehicle was great to drive, had plenty of grunt through the Alps and while overtaking. Fuel consumption was good for a car like that with nearly 3.5t. We did altogether 7127km and everything was the way we expected it. There was plenty of storage room in the van. You were also able to pack your car and leave your bulky cases at the depot. The staff (we dealt with Susanne) was very friendly and helpful, they all talk fantastic English (although I'm a German who lives since 1984 in Down Under).
We can only report positives and on top the weather was great ,so the aircon in the car was

Can only recommend, once we've saved up again we might do a bit more of Europe and won't have any hesitation to contact IdeaMerge again for a good deal.

Best greetings from Australia

Jan & Ulli Kruse

Nicole Cook, 25 august 2009
We had been looking for an RV rental for months when we stumbled upon Idea Merge. We tried private parties, the yellow pages, and several online sites as well. No one was able to beat Idea Merge's prices, and their service was so much better than any other place we had dealt with that it was like winning the jackpot. Super nice people and a great company to do business with. They saved us over $1K and we've since referred them to friends who have saved even more. Thanks, Idea Merge!

Jordan Thomas, 25 august 2009
We needed to rent an RV for a week. When we looked around IDEAMERGE had absolutely the lowest prices. They were even lower than people on craiglist renting their personal rvs out. When we picked up our RV in Oakland the service staff was alittle scattered. Evidently they had only opened that branch a few weeks earlier and so things were a little chaotic. The RV we got was in fantastic condition which made up for the unorganized service. Overall, I would recommend IDEAMERGE.

Val Hywel Thomas, 25 august 2009
Rented a Motorhome for the whole of June 2009 from Roadbear having booked with Ideamerge. The booking arrangements and the rental were all very staright forward and efficient. We picked up the RV at Las Vegas and having visited Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Parks, returned it to Denver.

The only complaint was that only one comforter was included, even though we asked at the Roadbear depot on pick-up, so that there was no choice but to share the fixed bed and that comforter was the very minimum size and lightest one ever made. Given that the majority of the trip was at 8,000 ft or more and that morning temperatures were only just above freezing (Bryce - 33 degrees, Yellowstaon - 37 degrees) this was completely inadequate even given the efficient furnace on board.

Martin Leeuwis, 25 august 2009
We have rented a RV for 16 days out of San Francisco. Upon arrival we received an upgrade to a larger on (31 feet) and reception at Moturus was smooth. No problems during trip, only on last day a car hit the RV while it was parked. Total damage $700 and that means I had to pay it. The car that created the damage left no message....
Nevertheless a very enjoyable holiday.

xavier, Sophie and 3 children, 25 august 2009
We have rented a RV from NY to SF from june 27th till July 18th, 2009. Everyting was Ok except the overmiles to pay at arrival. too expensive. I believe as well that generator should be included in the price and no over-payment should be aske for that (even if it's low it's not normal...) Whay not to charge the use of shower or toilets ?
The rest was great and we had no pb with the RV. America is a beautifull country and we appreciate very much the kindness of all US guys we met, including the Ideamerge team. Pick-up and return of RV was quite and professionnal. Tanks to NY and SF ideamerge team

Samantha, Ioan and Mared, 25 august 2009
We rented a Ford 'Chateau' from Ideamerge back in June 2009. We picked it up in Churchville,NY and dropped it off in Tapan, NY 6night later. All in all we found the service great. Ioan found the vehicle easy to drive and it was very spacious for just the three of us.
The only down side was that the waste pipe was hidden...and we couldent find it, therefore where unable to empty the tank. Lucky for us, each campsite we stayed at had a toilet, shower etc so we did not have to use the facilities much. But it could have been a problem if we were staying in secluded areas. Otherwise everything went to plan,and we would definitley use ideamerge again. Unfortuanetly the weather wasnt very kind to us either but as a plus we did travel more than expected.
Thank you for a great trip, I would recommend you to friends.

Anne and Phil , Bristol, 06 july 2009
We rented a Chepacamper from Apollo through Ideamerge.A Chepacamper means that is over 5 years old so the cost is alot less and we would recommend it as we had no problems with it and it was perfectly clean inside.We got a taxi to the Las Vegas depot which didn't take long from our strip hotel and the hand over was very efficent.We visited Zion, Bryce, Capitol reef, Arches,Monument valley, Grand Canyon and Route 66 and it was fantastic.We did alot more miles than we first thought and they cost more if you pay after ,so our advise would be to over estimate the miles you think you will do and pre pay.Would recommend Ideamerge, great holiday.

Cornelia and Damien, 06 july 2009
The service at Oslo was exellent and the staff friendly. We could drop off the car in Bergen, where it was organised that somebody met us to take back the car to Oslo. The camper was in a good shape and everything was there which was needed to cook and sleep.
Thank you

Jac en Ans Willemen, 29 june 2009
We rented a camper in Spain and picked it up in Benalmadena (campingdelSur) near Malaga. A brand new camper. The pick up didn't work perfect, as the confirmation paper told us to pick it up after 16:00u in the afternoon. When we arrived no one was there. We had to make a phonecall and they told us that they had been waiting for us in the morning. They had been expecting us between 10 and 12 hours in the morning. So we lost precious hours,it was a pity.
But...it was a fantastic camper: a Fiat globebus with a comfortable bed, kitchen, turnable driverchairs, sofa and a table. Enough wardrobe- and other chests, good cooking garniture and refrigerator. We didn't use the toilet and the shower as we were staying on a campside. The only minus were the picknickchairs, they were demaged. The first one was broken within two days and we both are of a normal weight: 62 and 74 kilo's. Unfortunately we didn't check the chairs before driving away! But we got permission to buy a new one for € 15,=. Not a price to buy a chair of good quality. The other item that broke very soon, was the top of the dusthin: also not proof against use in a normal way. Because of that, and a little accident with one of the car-mirrors we didn't yet receive our deposit. So we'are still waiting, but it takes too long!!
Finally: we were very happy with the camper and if we are content with the deposit that we get back, we will recomend our friends,family and colleagues your compagny. Untill then.....we wait....
Greetings from Holland

Note from IdeaMerge: Indeed of the dozens of McRent depots in Europe represented by IdeaMerge, the McRent Malaga depot is the only one at which standard weekday pick-up occurs NOT in the afternoon but in the morning. This singular anomaly either escaped our attention or was not communicated to us. In light of this review above, we have modified our webpages and software accordingly and given our deep apologies to this client.

Eric Yeomans, 29 june 2009
I recently rented an RV through IDEAMERGE in Stockholm. The whole process was excellent, the staff at Touring Cars were superb. I had full knowledge of the KLM charges prior to booking the vehicle & I managed to stay within the limits. I will be returning to Sweden in 2011 & will book book the same company. The only improvement I would reccommend is to place the phone number for the Stockholm office in the advertisement, only the main office in Finalnd is there.

Thanks for a great experience!

Michael Robin, 29 june 2009
We found this service fantastic. The booking systems were easy to use, and the best rates around. We collected a great RV in Los Vegas, we were picked up by an efficient shuttle service that took us to the depot. The RV was ready for us and the hand over and instructions were thorough and extremely useful. The RV performed without fault during our 8 day tour ending in San Francisco. The staff at both ends were helpful and easy to get along with. A great holiday, thank you very much.

Peter Williams Geelong Australia, 28 june 2009
My wife and I were extremely pleased with the deal we were given by ideamerge. The service and camper truck we hired from Fraserway was fabulous and more roomy than we expected. We travelled from Vancouver to Vancouver Island then took the Ferry from Port Hardy up the inside passage to Prince Rupert. We then drove across toward Prince George, Jasper, Banff, Yoho and Revelstoke National Parks camping all the way. Then we haeded down into Okanagan Valley, Whistler then back to Vancouver. We both had a fabulous trip even though our truck broke down 15kms out of Jasper. The tire rod on the left wheel broke which nearly caused us to crash. However with alot of luck and driving skills I was able to hold the truck on the road. Fraserway were very helpful, they had a tow truck to us very quickly, put us up in a motel for the night in Jasper and had another truck to us by the following morning, which was driven all the way from Calgary. We would definetly recommend your service and Fraserway to others.
Thanks for help making our trip memorable.

Jill and Ivan Krolick, 24 june 2009
We rented a C-22 Jamboree rv from Apollo in Las Vegas, and returned it to San Francisco 3 weeks and 1,600 miles later, having visited Zion NP, Red, Bryce, Capitol Reef canyons, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon Route 66, and Yosemite NP. The van performed well, and was very comfortable. We're used to motor caravans, but driving an automatic, left handed, on the wrong side of the road, through some of the most impressive scenery in the world was an adventure we will long remember.

Gary Jonassen, 21 june 2009
We were a family of 4 from Australia. We hired a 6 berth motor home so we ddi not have to make up the beds each night as we were traveling in this for 36 nights. The staff at Offenbach were very helpful. The pots and pans were basic. Bought a plastic bowl for helping with the washing up and another place to leave wet things to drain.
It was hard to get used to driving on the other side of the road and in a much larger vehicle than I was used to. The roads off the autobahns tend to be narrower than we are used to and in constant anxiety not to scratch the vehicle. I ended up doing all the driving as it took 3 days to get used to it initially and my wife would again have to do this. It was helpful that my wife would mention the road signs and speed limits and staying on the right side of the road.
We went as far as Norway where the Roads are even narrower.
We has a GPS which we took a while to decide on but which made a great addition to the strees reduction of the trip, and not wasting too much time in wrong turns. I highly recommend one, however the one we had had non existant campites as POI, but we always knew where we were and could then look for the next closest POI.
I would recommend that people look up the road rules for the countries that they are going in. We went to Denmark where Bicycle riders have right of way even over pedestrians. They seem to have an invisible bike lane (sometimes marked)on every road so need to be very careful when turning as they just assumethay cars and pedestrians will not be in 'their' lane.
WE also visited relatives whilst on the trip and this mode of transport is great as they do not need to find beds, which seems to be the hardest part of a visit. We could just park outside and use it for sleeping.
We averaged about 14L/100KM in teh 6berth Motorhome, about what it had on the website, for the fuels which was about 1.1Euro/L in Germany to 11NKK/L in Norway.
We did a lot of travel on the autobahns which brought up our average. The van could do about 120Km/hr but it was very unstable and hard to control so stayed at about 110Km/hr. At times when the wind was up could only do 80Km/hr.
I would recommend this type of vehilcle for any family of 4 for a longer rental.

Gord Pope, 19 june 2009
Thought I’d give you a report of how our 5 week rental of an RV went.

It was excellent! The staff in Frankfurt were fun and helpful. The vehicle was excellent if a bit intimidating at first. Things went smoothly from start to stop and we had a terrific 5 weeks.

As a possible assist to future renters, I thought I’d put together some of the things we observed and experienced. Use it as you see fit.

First, the cab fare from Frankfurt airport to Mcrent is more like 30+ Euros rather than the 20 suggested on the web site. Also, the Mcrent facility is not obvious because it is actually in behind the building with the given address on. Look for it over in the corner. A bonus, right beside it is a large store that sells all kinds of RV stuff that you might need while traveling and is not normally provided (Be aware that it is not cheap). One thing to get is the special toilet paper that dissolves properly in the onboard toilet. Regular stuff apparently causes no end of cleaning problems.

The kitchen stuff provided is fine for basic plates and cutlery but the pots and frying pan leave something to be desired. See our list of things you might want to bring with you or acquire yourselves while travelling. We rented chairs and tables from Mcrent which were adequate but check them out before you leave as one chair was already broken. Cheapest folding chair we saw (and equivalent to what we rented) was 8 Euro. Cheapest table we saw was 20 Euro. So the 35 Euro rental amount is not a bad deal. Check out what they give you for kitchen stuff and look at what else they have. Anything that they have around the shop you seem to be welcome to take. The checking out process is straightforward but you need to stay focused, especially if you are not familiar with RV’s. (Our situation). Our unit was almost brand new and had almost no scratches on it. But check it! I kind of wish we had a more beat up unit so that anything I did would not show. However, We did no damage. The unit was intimidatingly clean and raised some concerns as to how we would get it looking as good when we brought it back. It took us several hours to clean ours but it was raining like crazy at the time so this created additional problems. And while we passed with flying colors, they do actually give it a thorough clean before it goes out again.

Unless you are a pro at driving RV’s in Europe, the advice to go to a nearby campsite for the first night is good. We went to the Mainkur campsite which was 15 min away and it was fine. BUT! For some reason, difficult for us North Americans to appreciate, many campsites in Europe close after lunch for a siesta. Mainkur is no exception. They are closed from 1 pm to 3pm. And you have to wait outside the gate. So time your arrival if you can. We also used Mainkur for the return trip and if you approach it from the Mcrent location as per their directions (Mainkur website) you pass by a convenient shell gas station where you can fill up. This station also had a vacuum unit where we were able to vacuum out much of the accumulated dirt etc. If Mainkur is your target, I recommend studying the access in some detail before you go. Their map is not a lot of help. We used Google Earth to get a photo of the turnoff and a mapping program to print out a more detailed map. If you just got off a jet plane and are jetlagged and somewhat nervous as we were, that preparation is really worth it. If you miss the campsite turnoff, getting back to it is non trivial.

There is a reasonable grocery store called Aldi just across the street from Mcrent where you can do your initial stock up.

Here is our list of things we either brought with us, bought while we traveled, or simply wish we had thought of:

Outside door mat, plastic flipper (if you can get hold of a Teflon fry pan), rubber spatula, SHARP paring knife, cheese grater, dish sponge, dish soap, dish towel, egg cups, wine glasses, coffee pot unless you want to use their filter system which makes a lot of coffee, rubber gloves, sink stopper, salt and pepper, other spices you like in containers, soap powder, sugar, small cutting board, oven mittlets, twist ties, paper towels, toilet paper, plastic wrap, small hand clamps, clothes pins, small kettle, better fry pan than they provide (small electric one could be ideal (220volts)), bungee cords,

Because we rented bicycles (no small feat for 5 weeks as it turned out and Mcrent does not assist with this), here is what we also took for that or wished we did:

Helmets(Not used everywhere but if you are concerned), lock, pump, gloves, bag that attaches to bike,

The RV is equipped with a very good bike rack. Our cost to rent for 34 days was 110 Euros per bike. Liability if bikes were lost or stolen was 250 Euros per bike. You can also buy a brand new bike for under 200 Euro at many stores in Europe. In act, the Aldi store sold what looked to be reasonable bikes for 179 Euro. You may find someone to sell them to on your return or advertise them in the campsites on your last few nights. The concept of selling you a bike with the understanding of buying it back at say half price at the end of your stay seemed very foreign to all of the bike shops near Frankfurt that I contacted via email. Also, I could find no Craig’s list or eBay equivalent to search for used bikes. The cost of shipping our own bikes from Vancouver to Europe was $200 each way per bike on Lufthansa according to their website.

The cost of diesel fuel we found to average about 1.1 Euro per litre and our mileage (literage) averaged 10.7 L/100 KM. Our trip was mostly in the lowlands of Belgium and Holland so a trip over the Alps would be more consumptive.

On a final note: USE A GPS! This was a big help to us and we did use the one mentioned on the Ideamerge website, the TOMTOM 920 and found it excellent! Practice with it at home before you leave.

Anybody with any questions is welcome to contact me.

Regards and thanks for your help Doug,

Gord Pope

Rob Futter, 15 june 2009
Well, there were six of us Brits riding Harley Davidsons across California and we used a Road Bear RV as our admin vehicle. It was perfect. At a very reasonable hire cost and reasonable fuel costs (compared to the UK anyway!!) we clocked up some 1900 miles and saw some amazing scenery on our adventure. The Roadbear gang in The Agoura Hills were great. Their service was impeccable with a shuttle from our hotel in LA to the Hire location and back again on completion some 18 days later. The RV was immaculate and handover was simple with a full explanation of how everything worked. The vehicle itself was easy to drive with full mod cons and coped with the roads (PCH and the route down through Yosemite particularly) admirably. I would heartily recommend Roadbear RV Company to anyone thinking of touring the States with a view to really seeing a few things of interest and not just staying in crumby hotels/motels. An RV is just different and put a completely unique spin on our trip. Well done Roadbear!!

Filips Lombaert, 13 june 2009
I found it very easy to make the reservations for the mobilhome. The local partner company was very friendly and we where on the road in no time and could start enjoying the nice country-side of South-Portugal. Around Easter, the campings in the Algarve are quite cheap, almost empty and of very high quality. Camping on parkingspots you can find on the internet was also possible, there are quite a few in beautifull spots . We went for a round of golf and arrived there with the camper, no problem, all is foreseen. Returning the camper was fun , all formalities done in less than 20 minutes. Will do this again.

Pim Revet, 11 june 2009

First time we rent a RV. We did it with internet. Exiting to do and after that we checked double if everything was alright.

When we arrived at L.A. we took a taxi to Apollo (rental company). I know in what knight of street the are located. Near the airport and not whit an entrance as like with big companys. So don't be afraid of that.

We get a good explanation of all de things in en out de RV. Our camper was perhapes 3 a 4 years old and drove about 90.000 miles. For us it was good enough. We used to new en luxery cars en things and with this RV where glad for the 2 weeks we have to stay with it.

Inside the RV it was nice, clean, not new to see (somthing was already damaeged before depart), but good enough. In stat of booking whit sleeping-bags etc., chairs and table for outside, the said to use that it was in the bookingprice we said it was'nt. But we get it for free.

On the way the 22 feet RV drove nice en comfortable. It used 1 liter on 4,6 kilometer (like 1 liter on 3 miles).

The staf by Appolo where very nice. And something what was important for us to make the dessision to book by Appolo (with Ideamerge) was the nice price/pakkage deal. We've done this this year for our sons and we want something to do (back) in time of creditcrisis for USA.

After all, where not dissapointed at all in Appolo, ideamerge and in the idea that we dit it in spring for just 14 days. We've seen a lot between L.A. San Francisco en Las Vegas.

Sory for my Enlish, I'm Dutch and have not much time to write this.

Dannie Cho, 10 june 2009
Booked a RV through Ideamerge from Moturist in Salt Lake City. Initially, we had problems finding where the depot was. We had the address, but were traveling without a GPS, so it was down to atlases and street maps to find our way. It would have been nice if the name was updated correctly as Camping World.

However, once we received found the place, everything else was a breeze. Ideamerge really lived up to its promise of letting us know all the costs upfront, which ws extremely useful for travelers on a budget like us.

I also have to add that with everything already added in and explained to us by Ideamerge, I really felt that the job that the Camping World staff was made so much easier, as compared to his earlier customer.

My wife and I have posted articles on our experience wit the RV on our blog. Feel free to check it out for additional comments and pictures.
Just use the search function and look for 'RV' --> http://danyilin.blogspot.com/

Michael Stockwell, 09 june 2009
I just thought I'd let you know that we had a wonderful family holiday in Italy. All the arrangements went according to plan and we were very happy with the camper rental and the services provided by the local agent. Pickups at the airport were on time, smooth and efficient and the camper was spotlessly clean and well equipped. We would certainly recommend using your company again to any friends thinking of having a similar holiday in the future.

Best regards,
Michael Stockwell

Mal Fox, 08 june 2009
Picked up the vehicle in Lyon, wrong address given
for Camping car 69. but the taxi driver got the
correct address from the 'phone No., which was
Arrived late due train delays just before closing
time, but apart from saying we should have been
there in the morning, everything was OK.
Adequate linen and duvets supplied (Mar/Apr), full
tanks, water and fuel, 2 gas bottles, full, useful
books on camping, incl. FREE areas on motorways.

On return, very efficient handling of vehicle return
Very satisfactory all round

Note from IdeaMerge: Indeed the McRent Lyon depot had recently moved a couple of blocks down the street, although we weren't informed about this change. Our deepest apologies and thanks go to this client. We've straightaway corrected our McRent France Locations page.

Kolinda Duer, 08 june 2009
My husband and I just took our 3 teenage daughters on a trip to Germany on May 8th - 17th. We arrived in Frankfurt around 10:30 in the morning. We were told in the customer agreement that we could not pick up the RV until after 2 in the afternoon, but after sitting in the Frankfurt airport waiting for an hour, I had my husband just call and see if it would be possible to pick it up by noon instead. We were happy to find out that we could pick it up and proceeded to get a taxi (large one for 5 Americans who like to pack alot!) and made it to McRent. The lady who waited on us was great. The only thing we wished was that she hadn't been in such a hospitable mood, wanting to talk so much because we were tired and just ready to get on the road! She was a great agent.
After getting our RV, we loaded it up and took off! It was a little scarey driving out of the parking lot there. It's a bit tight, but we made it okay. We traveled back to a former Air Force Base where we had lived in 1986, revisited our former landlord and drove to several major cities in the central and southern part of this most beautiful country.
One thing that would be of great help to English-speaking customers would be for McRent to make sure they give the drivers RV instructional manuals that are in ENGLISH and not just German! It was a little bit of work deciphering which hose went where at first! Also, it would be great to have a really good driving map that you don't have to purchase but that McRent could give to the customers. It is very disorienting being in a new country with language barriers and also being tired from a long flight. If McRent could make sure the customer had all materials in their language, that would be helpful.
One more helpful suggestion for weary travelers: Please give customers more than 1 key to the side compartments!!! Yep, you guessed it: my hubby locked the key for the dump in the side compartment. We had to drive back to Mannheim on Monday (he locked it in there on Saturday morning...)and we had to make sure we used public restrooms for those two days because the place wasn't open until Monday morning! Getting to Mannheim was not a problem, though, and we found where we needed to go, unlocked the side door, retrieved the lost key and were back on the road within an hour!
One last thing: On the agreement it says that you have to bring the vehicle back in CLEAN condition. When we got to the rental place, we had the RV really clean, but then the guy who checked us out upon return said he could do it for us for about 30 Euro - which I happily paid! I think it would be FANTASTIC to just include that service to the customer and NOT have them clean out their RV as we were very tired by the end of the 10 days.
Otherwise, we had a PHENOMENAL time in Germany, were very, very happy with the RV which drove beautifully and was very nice and hope to do it again!!
Thanks, IdeaMerge. We have already recommended your company to some friends of ours!

Family Els and Sauer South Africa, 08 june 2009
We just returned from a trip through Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, Switserland and back to Germany) with a Camper rented through IdeaMerge, what a wonderful experience. No nasty surprises or additional funds to be paid. What IdeaMerge promised was what we got. The staff in Offenbach - Micheal - was very helpful and professional. The only comment I can make is that if you plan to tour three to four countries, it will be wise to buy the campsites book by ADAC "Campsites for touring Europe". This book is available at all big bookstores in Europe. All campsites are rated per star grading with GPS co-ordinates and phone numbers. This helps a lot to ensure maximum time for sight seening and little time spend to look for a campsite. The start grading ensure that no dissapointments waits at the campsite.
The camper was great and we enjoyed every kilometer we travelled. Switserland....fantastic and very very clean. Once again thanks to IdeaMerge for your profesionalism and making the bookings smooth and easy, we look forward to make use of your company again.

Aussie family, 08 june 2009
Booking through Ideamerge was very easy. They responded very quickly to all our queries and the price was definitely the best we could get for the vehicle and itinerary we wanted.

We picked up from the Euromotorhome depot in Madrid (good pick up service) and the owner spoke some English which was very helpful. The person who oriented us to the van spoke no English so we weren't sure how to use some items (e.g., fridge!). We didn't get the 2 gas bottles we were supposed to (only got one) and as per other comments, the 'kitchen kit' left more than a bit to be desired. We froze with our thin sleeping bags until we relented and left the gas heating on all night every night. Kitchen utensils were surprising - no sharp knives or chopping boards etc and crockery plates (plastic would have been better and less breakable when driving around!) but then extras like Italian coffee percolators were included (they almost won me over with that one).

Definitely agree with others re: finding camp grounds in Spain/Portugal. The directory provided by Euromotorhome only listed sites who had paid to advertise in the directory and was spanish/portuguese only (I eventually learned to interpret!). No road maps and the depot didn't sell any so make sure you bring your own good one or you will find it VERY difficult to find anything (our record was 3 hours driving in circles to find a camp ground which it turned out had closed 2 years before).

Campervan was reasonably new though and no mechanical issues. Check inside and out THOROUGHLY before leaving the depot as the check-in inspection is far more thorough than the check-out inspection. We didn't notice scrapes up high on the side of the van (in the dark depot) or the fact that the top of the gas heater was cracked a little bit. Neither did the person who did a cursory inspection as we left. They did however notice it when we returned the camper and it almost cost us a lot of money (hard to negotiate what damage we did and didn't do with someone who doesn't speak English - we dropped off in another country and he met us there). Seriously - check every square inch inside and out as closely as you can!

That all sounds bad - it's not meant to. We had a fantastic time with our 2 and 3 year old and loved the camper. We'd definitely use Ideamerge again.

MS, 08 june 2009
Staff was friendly and helpful. The camper was
pristine and in excellent ordr. Would highly
recommend, and will use Ideamerge again. Best prices
out there, and the online rental was a breeze. Thanks.

Tom Krukow, 04 june 2009
My family and I returned from our trip to Europe where we used the McRent RV. I have to tell you the trip was great, because you booked us with a really fine company. Everything promised came to fruition and then some. Michael and Susanne at the McRent facility in Offenbach were terrific. There were no surprises, no hidden charges, and we can't thank you enough. We look forward to booking with your company again soon.

Hannes and Sonja Pienaar, 24 april 2009
We have just return from a wonderfull holiday in Europe. We picked up and returned our vechile in Frankfurt. We had wonderfull service and help from the staff and enjoyed the motorhome. This is by far the best way of traveling if you have kids. We were on a tour previously with a group, but in furure we will only go with a motorhome. Thank you for your part in our dream holiday.

Nicola Duncan, 22 april 2009
We rented an RV from Road Bear for 5 weeks, picking up in San Francisco and dropping off in Los Angeles. We had to return to San Francisco for repairs when the heating stopped working, but the San Francisco staff were very accommodating and helpful. We were very happy with the RV itself and with the service both from Road Bear and Ideamerge.

Roger and Kelly Anderson, 21 april 2009
We rented for 2 weeks from the Rome depot last November. It was a wonderful experience. It was wonderful way to travel and see the countryside and have a place to sleep every night. It was very convenient for us as we are a family of five and it is very hard to find a room that would accomodate all of us. We found rv supplies hard to find(maybe it was the time of year) we never did find camper gas(propane) luckily we had 2 full bottles to start with. It was problem free as far as pick-up and drop-off went.
the door handle was partially broke when we picked it up and broke about 3 days into the trip but we were not charged. we cleaned the camper upon returning it and were not charged any extra fees except for extra mileage and that we knew about. Thanks to the people at the depot for delivering as promised!

Kevin, Ethan John; April 20, 2009, 20 april 2009
We arrived on a flight from Charlotte NC at 10 AM and caught a the train from the airport to Offenbach where we caught an inexpensive cab ride to McRent. The staff was friendly and processed us quickly with an orientation and all the necessary documents and we were on the road that afternoon. We made our first stop for supplies at REAL just 5 minutes away. This is when I realized I should have studied the German road signs. After a 20 minute lesson on the internet of the road signs I realized the "no parking" sign was not a "do not enter" sign and our lives got much easier. I reccomend learning the raod signs for the countries you are traveling in if you are not familliar with them. First day to Wurzburg and then on to Prague. The Fiat chasis with tandem axles was probably around 25 feet long but easy to manage everywhere we went and could even handle u turns with no problems. The six speed manual transmission enabled us to get decent mileage and travel at respectable speeds. The autobahn rest areas were fine for overnight stays while traveling and had clean facilities and even showers for .50 euro. In Prague the campgrounds in Troja were close in and had bus stops within 100 feet and tram stops within a 7 minute walk and you could be downtown in 10 minutes. The facilites were very clean and we never really needed the shower and toilet in the camper. We returned through Nuremberg and enjoyed a brief visit there. After 10 days we returned the camper to McRent in Offenbach outside of Frankfurt and were processed very quickly. All in all the trip was a great success and we think we enjoyed our vacation more than we would have if taking trains and staying in a hotel. The comfort level we achieved by setting up the trip through Idea Merge was outstanding. It had a tremendous impact on reducing stress and worries. I highly recommend vacationing with a camper and booking through Idea Merge.

mauget, 16 april 2009
I've rented a RV Moturis 25 for 3 weeks in March 2009 and I'm really happy of this choice. We have travelled from San Francisco to LA with all the great national park (Sequoia, death Valley, Zion, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon and monument Valley)about 3600 miles. This RV is very confortable for 4 people and we had great time with it. The staff in LA is very helpfull and I higly recommend this rental.

Lorne and Sandra Logan, 05 april 2009
We rented a 25 ft. Winnebago from Moturis, Orlando. The pickup and drop-off were seamless. Andy, at the Camper World depot was very helpful and pleasant. However, the personal kit (bedding, kitchen supplies) was skimpy - one thin blanket for freezing temps; can opener also broke on first use, etc. Did not compare well to the Las Vegas personal kit.

Another problem: We found out the hard way that Florida law requires a screw-in sewer connection. Eventually bought one, but try doing that on a Sunday on Big Pine Key. If Moturis will not supply same, it should at least alert people at pick-up.

The Rv worked just fine and was quite comfortable.

Overall, we had a great trip at a very reasonable cost. We will not hesitate to rent from Moturis again.

Lorne and Sandra, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Paula, 31 march 2009
We just got back from a 2 week RV vacation in the Netherlands. We rented from the Amsterdam location and the people there were wonderful. Very helpful and friendly. We had a little problem with the engine light, we called them and they took care of it immediately. Otherwise it ran like new. We camped in Brugge, Belgium and took the bus and rail to other cities and sites in the area, we found this to be the easiest. This is the 3rd time we rented from McRent, once in France and once in Germany and every time we very extremely happy and pleased with the RV and people we dealt with. Thank you McRent for making it possible for us to see the world.

Damon Emma Amess, 08 march 2009
We travelled West coast usa in a 30ft rig,The guy giving us the walk around was good and informative and the rv itself was adequate for the 6 of us.It was surpisingly good on fuel too if we drove it at 55mph ..No real waiting time at pick up or drop off either -which was good.I would recommend this company to anyone and would definetely use them again

Fiona Grantham, 08 march 2009
my partner and I are RV novices so it was daunting to be stepping onto a 29 foot rig! The staff we encountered at the start and end of the trip were really lovely and helpful, no problems at all. the free shuttle to the airport was also a bonus as we're on a tight budget. The instructional video we watched was ok but didn't really prepare us as much as a personal walk around tour of the rig would have done. the video was pretty old and wasn't specific to our rental anyway so thats our only complaint. Once on the road the vehicle itself was extremely comfortable, reliable and fun to spend 2 weeks in. Good impression all round and we would certainly recommend to a friend.

Petr, 08 march 2009
Well I had borrowed an RV at the Moturis in the NYC and returned three weeks later in LA. Everything was fine with the car and the service, just one thing. An enormous consumption of fuel. On the moturis page they say that it does about 10-12 mpg but the best we could get out of it was 8.5 mpg at a very low pace. So the expences for the trip got much higher because of that.
Note from IdeaMerge: The prevailing winds in the USA blow from the West Coast to the East Coast. As such, a one-way intinerary in the opposite direction entails a lower than average fuel economy. Moreover, winter travel (as was the case with this rental) entails lower than average fuel economy. To learn precisely why, please see About.com.

Jorge Crudele, Argentina (January'09), 10 february 2009
We booked the Motorhome easily with Internet, and got fast and accurate response to our several questions. The vehicle was exactly as promised, the service very friendly, and the return of the Motorhome was done with no fuss at all. VERY recomendable vendor.

Inge de Beer and Rikus Botha, 25 january 2009
We picked up our motorhome in Frankfurt. We had a very pleasant experience at the depot. The service was prompt and they gave us detailed instructions on how to use the motorhome. We rented for 20days and travelled through Germany and Italy to Rome and back again to Frankfurt. I must say that this was by far the best holiday we've ever had. We really enjoyed using the motorhome as we could stop where ever we wanted and didn't need to follow a schedule. It was one of the few holidays where we came back completely relaxed and refreshed.Thanks also to Ideamerge for making our booking easy and hassle free! We got everything we expected and then some!

Stephen Hawkins, 24 january 2009
We rented a 25ft class C RV for almost 4 weeks to take us up and down the golden state. We found the RV to have ample space for the three of us(all over 6ft!). Driving the RV was a breeze, dealing well with the tricky roads of the north and comfortably cruising through the south. The service at both depots(san fran & las vegas) was excellent. The RV came with a bbq, enough toilet chemicals for the whole trip, flashlight, maps and a directory. All the facilities worked easily and there was plenty of storage space. I recommend this type of travel to everyone - a unique experience to travel quickly with oodles of comfort.

Shelley and Craig Christie, 13 december 2008
We hired our RV for 10days and drove around Arizona and New Mexico and it was great. The RV company Road Bear were very helpful and friendly. The RV itself was great for us. We had no mechanical issues and no other issues. It drove really well and it was clean. I would recommend using this company if you would like to hire a campervan. They also provided maps and books for us which we thought was a great help for us as it was our first time in the states. As we are Australians who love to travel we think this is a great way to travel.

Gary Christine Foreman, 13 december 2008
We rented a 31ft Moturis RV for 3 months for our family of 7. We booked through IDEAMERGE and they were absolutely excellent. Their effeciency and communication made us confident to book and pay upfront for 3 months.

We picked up the RV from Moturis in LA. They went over everything quite thoroughly but we were missing a couple of things (which we didn't realise until the first night), and the toilet door was a dodgy and our 9yr old son got 'locked' in the toilet, ie: toilet locked had jammed up. When we phoned Moturis,to try and arrange a locksmith, or some sort of help, the number they had printed on their documentation was incorrect. Needless to say after 1.5 hrs we just had to force the door open, and return the next day.

When we did return they were very good about replacing the lock, and providing us with some extra sheets, fixing blinds etc. So although we'd wasted half a day, on our first day, it wasn't too much of a problem. However, the lock they put in was a 'push-button' lock from the inside and it didn't take long for it to have been accidentally locked with no-one in it, and no key to unlock it! So, day 2 we're back again, except this time it was a Sunday, and they weren't open. To their credit, they did have their hours written down and I hadn't read it. So let's just say, they are a 9-5, 6 day a week company, and as fate would have it, you never have a problem during these hours. So, back again on day 3 to try and obtain a key - not an easy task. The employee their was off-handish on the brink of rude, firstly never even acknowledged my presence, argued with me, that a toilet door would not have a key etc etc. We just wanted to get on with our holiday! Of course, they had a key, and after waiting almost an hour from the time we arrived, we were finally on our way.

After that initial 3 day dilemma, our problems were very little. Certainly the motorhomes are made a bit on the 'cheap side', but mechanically there wasn't an issue at all, even in the cold weather. The only thing to watch for, is, that even though it was a v10, when you got a strong head wind it struggled to do 60miles an hr, and of course you use a lot more gas. Nothing you can do about it, but it's just info to take into account in your planning. On the positive side, when you don't have those winds, it can really motor along.

Just some thoughts:
*to save on the gas (and electricity is included in campsite fees), use an electric non-stick frypan, and electric heater in the winter months.
*unless your 'fee camping' don't travel with a tank full of water, it's heavy, and will cost you more in gas
*gps is a must! Don't rent it, cheap enough to buy
*we found buying necessities like crockery, cutlery, duvets (from Walmart) was cheaper than renting because there's 7 of us and the 'kits' are always rented on a per person basis
*check reviews on www.rvparkreviews.com, they are worth their weight in gold (KOA parks not what they make out to be)
*cheap $20 mobile phone to book ahead if you need to

In summary: we would absolutely recommend to anyone a holiday in a RV. It was value for money, a great experience, and generally the campsites were fully equipped and very pleasant.
IDEAMERGE were excellent, and always answered my questions, and certainly were the most competitive.
Although we had an inital hiccup with Moturis, I would use them again. The pick was great, the drop off was easy, and they even provided a free shuttle back to the hotel.
Don't regret it a bit!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Gary & Christine Foreman
Auckland, New Zealand

steve, 13 december 2008
Camper van great. Issues were with service - I had to pay for satnav twice once to ideamerge and once to the pick up location. No body has addressed this issue which is disappointing.

Vans are a great way to see the US and I would recommend.

Note from IdeaMerge: All IdeaMerge quotes include not only the costs to be paid upfront to IdeaMerge but also the portions, if any, which must per the vendor's policy be paid directly to the vendor upon the pick-up occasion. In other words, all IdeaMerge quotes communicate the true total cost. Hence the total quoted by IdeaMerge to this client included the cost of the GPS rental but noted clearly that the cost of that particular line item would not be charged by IdeaMerge (i.e. up front) but rather would be charged directly by the vendor upon the pick-up occasion.

Phil Houweling, 13 december 2008
We rented a 29 foot RV from L.A and spent 3 months driving through the US and Canada. It really was ideal for our family and it became our little home on wheels by the time we dropped it off in New York. We had clocked up a total of 7686 miles, just 14 miles short of our allowance before we needed to pay extra (we thought this was quite amazing because we didn’t calculate our miles beforehand). The trip was fantastic. We spent a good amount of time in the National parks (Grand Canyon, Zion and Yosemite). This was the only R.V parks that we booked before we left. We then drove up along the Oregon coastline, past all the giant redwoods. From there we made it up to Vancouver and then across the Rockies. We then drove across to Ontario (Niagara falls) before heading south to Washington D.C and New York. We really enjoyed the flexibility of the R.V. The service of Motouris was very good. We only had one problem – a flat tyre. The repairman was out within 30 minutes and while he fixed it, my wife fixed dinner. Motouris happily refunded the expenses incurred for replacing the tyre. We were very happy with Matt (manager from New York). Nothing was too much for him and he happily covered some of the extra costs that we would have incurred. The motorhome was very clean when we picked it up and apart from a few maintenance issues it was fantastic. Overall we were very happy with the company and will most certainly recommend them to other potential customers.

Steve, Debbie, Chris, Harry Ben, 11 december 2008
We picked up our campervan the end of September, a Family Plus (6 berth) from Frankfurt, for a 28 days, heading south through the Black Forest, heading to Italy. Rome was as far south as we travelled, before heading back around the coast, stopping in the beautiful Cinque Terre, before heading into South of France. Then up to Paris and north into the 'Somme', before heading east back into Germany along the Moselle and Rhine Rivers. We dropped the campervan back at Frankfurt. We had an absolutely brilliant time, and although it took a few days to get used to the small space for 5 people (3 boys, age 10/12/14)it was the best way for us, as a family, to travel. We could stop and see what we wanted, when we wanted, but keeping to a rough itinerary that we'd prepared. The campervan was a good size for driving and manouvering through traffic, would not have wanted it any bigger as in some villages roads are very narrow. Wouldn't leave home without our TomTom navigation, I'm sure it saved us from a lot of stress, it was an amazing little gadget. The people at McRent Frankfurt were great and we had no hold ups, they were very helpful and would difinately use them again if we were to do another trip. Thanks to Ideamerge. Travelling outside of summer season was good, it was not too busy anywhere, and the autumn colours were amazing. I definately recommend travelling in Autumn.

Felicity, caleb + james Moore, 25 november 2008
Excellent allround service + camper ( VW California manual )

I sent the pre booking form to organise a faster pick-up. This worked and we were away quickly.

The lady at the pick up point for DRM was excellent, explained car well and had a sense of humour.

She added extras for no cost- annex, and had the choice of a number of car seats for our son 3 years old. They also added a net to keep our son safe up the top, a map book and Camping guide

Car drove well, excellent vision and small enough to get to some of the smaller more attractive villages in Europe and also able to park in normal car spaces. Large enough for 2 adults and 1 small child. More than 2 adults and 1 small child not really recommended as room was limited. Diesel was a good option, probably the only one, car managed to keep up with the best of them on the autobahn. Not bad for a family Camper, then again it is a German car

Annex was handy when it rained and or was hot + sunny.

Car lasted well without plug in power if you didn't have the option or didn't want to pay. Lasted up to 3 days.

The Camper was modern and comfortable, diesel heater kept us warm even in colder conditions eg st moritz. The camper is not recommended for pure winter conditions and probably best to keep it this way, as the top sleeper could get very cold, pop up canvas with hard roof.

Our son slept in the small area at back of car and we slept up top. Couple of nights and all was good. A little difficult to get up top after a few drinks, but alot better than finding and paying for a hotel everynight and the camp grounds suited our small family and child for fun and convienience.

Cooking and eating fine, very basic foods and stopped of at supermarkets ect. Even purchased 2 bikes + childs seat and used most days. More expensive than home for dodgy supermarket mountain bikes approx $100 euro ( as apposed to $100 aussie) each and child seat $35 euro. This almost made Our holiday the access to towns from campgrounds was always a short ride and the exercise was a bonus.

6 speed easy to drive, a few issues originaly deciding on 2nd or 3rd due to power issues, once you adjusted from driving a car to a heaver camper I forgot all about this.

Would highly recommed DRM, and the California to a couple or small family for 3 max, or 4 very, very good friends.

Had a small scratch at back of car after reversing into something or another car bumping us. Original deposit of $1200 Euros ( still not sure why they deduct this from credit card before you leave and with flucuating exchange rates can loose or gain a little )looked goneski however lady at DRM charged us $150 euro for repair. Insurance covered this when we got home.

Will look at hiring in Germany again and the key if possible, to lower cost, is to hire and return to the same town, Frankfurt to Frankfurt ect.

Best tip: Save your marriage, invest in a Sat NAV for Europe, buy at home hiring is way to expensive at last look for 21 days

Great time, thanks to Doug as well for organising over the NET and the tips included ect.


Felicity, Caleb and James

Allyson Hatherill, 24 november 2008
I did loads of research before deciding on Idea Merge. We booked a 6 berth Britz RV for a two week trip around the north island with husband and 13 year old boy/girl twins. We rushed to get to the office in Auckland before they closed as our flight from Chile had been delayed for 12 hours. Got there in time and had the run through as to what to do. Didn't take everything in and would have liked a demonstration on how the tables collapsed and the beds were made. At the end of a very long and stressful day, trying to figue it all out caused a few cross words. I was disappointed in the RV itself. It was a 2003 5 speed manual with 108,000km. It was showing its age and was like driving a tank. The stick had a tendency to pop out of gear if we went over a bumpy surface. We had initially paid for both of us to be drivers, but after hearing the words coming out of my husbands mouth, I decided it was too scary! I'm glad we took out the full insurance, we got a damaged windscreen from a flying rock. Anyone coming to New Zealand for a driving holiday should seriously consider taking out the full insurance to cover the windshield at least. NZ roads are paved with volcanic rock as it is cheaper and longer lasting however it plays havoc with windshields. We were told our windshield would have cost us at least $700 to replace if we weren't covered. A tip for those coming to NZ and not used to driving on the left side of the road. Just remember that as the driver, the middle line is always beside you! The drop off was easy, I just told him where it was, left the keys in the ignition and off we went. We stayed at Top 10 Holiday Parks which often had huge differences between them not to mention prices. We paid anything from $40 to $65 a night. We thought this was expensive for less than 15 hours of use of the electicity and bathrooms. In the end, my husband and daughter would not RV again whereas my son and I would.

Petr Brezina, 21 november 2008
I have to admit that Portugal is gorgeous country and we were lucky that we used your company to discover all this beauty. The people who took care about us in Portugal were simply just the best from our experience. They were very nice and friendly.

The car was ok too we would just prefer maybe car with gas heating instead of electric ones. We were not always connected to electricity and the batteries couldn't be used for whole night. Also it could be smaller car but as I said everything was nice and perfect.

Thanks a lot,


Ed Middleton, 20 november 2008
We picked up a campervan for 2 persons in Frankfurt at the beginning of September. The pick up was smooth and easy with everything waiting for us. We travelled 8000km in 56 days and had a fantastic time. We would highly recommend Ideamerge for camper rentals and the staff at McRent Offenbach were brilliant! Thanks again.

Gwen Fairbrother, 18 november 2008
We were very pleased with the vehicle and had no problems with the pick up and drop off of the vehicle, in fact we hired it for an extra night without any problems. The staff at DRM were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend IdeaMerge, in fact we gave your name to some other Aussie travelers we met up with. We have never rented a Motorhome before as we have our own Caravan here in Australia, but if we are fortunate enough to travel overseas again I would certainly use IdeaMerge.

We had a great trip and visited Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland and the Czeck Republic.

Kind Regards,
Gwen Fairbrother.

Marco Mueller, 12 november 2008
We rented a Chalet 25 foot RV from Moturis in Los Angeles for 16 days and dropped it off there. Ew booked the deal through IdeaMerge which offered the best price/service ratio.
At Moturis L.A. the people were very nice and handling of the paperwork quick and easy. The Vehicle was in very good condition. Blankets, dishes Camping Chairs were in good condition too but cost additional.
Traveling through Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, San Diego, Ensenada-Mexico, San Felipe-Mexico and back to LA. No problems at all with the Vehicle and drop off in LA was easy and hassle free.
What bothered us were the prices that the RV Parks charged us. We expected not to pay more than $25 per day but ended up to pay between $36 and $55 per day. In Las Vegas we preferred to stay 3 days in a 4-Star Hotel, which was cheaper than the RV-Park. In San Felipe-Mexico an RV is definitely better than stay in a Hotel, just because of cleanlyness, however it's not cheap there either, we paid $80 bucks for 3 days. The gas consumption is remarkable with 30 Liters per 100km

Tue S�g, 12 november 2008
Friendly and helpful staff at the Malaga depot. The VW California is absolutely recommendable. It drives well, it fits in underground parking lots and it sleeps 4. We stayed in it for three weeks and had a great holiday. I would be nice though to have a copy of the manual in English.

Marc Kuhberg, 07 november 2008
We are back in Germany now and very happy about our time in Portugal! Especially our time with the caravan was the most exciting one! The pick up and drop off of the vehicle was very uncomplicated. The atmosphere of the Parracho Company is very familial and warm-hearted. In the first day of rental we had a big unexpected problem with the door of the fridge but Mr. Parracho himself came down over 150km to change the door immediately, this was a unbelievable service for us and helped us to make a save and awesome trip around this perfect country for caravaning:) We never did a caravan trip before but we gone do one again for sure!
Thanks a lot
Marc Kuhberg

Ron, Hermine, Mike, and Livia, 03 november 2008
We rented our camper in Munich, Germany in October knowing that we would not encounter the crush of the main tourist season, and that rental rates would be less. We were four adults sharing the camper. We toured four countries in eleven days and enjoyed good weather. After the first day we worked out an arrangement so we would not be in each others way inside the camper. Everything that was advertised about the camper was found to be accurate. The station personnel at DRM were very helpful and patient. We would highly reccommend Ideamerge and DRM.

Todd and Heather Robertson, 03 november 2008
We rented the motorhome in Dusseldorf from Oct.10-Oct.17 to visit our son in Germany who is stationed with the Canadian Air Force and to see the Alps with him. The motorhome was an incredible way of traveling through the marvelous countryside and was effortless to drive and maintain. The 4-cyl diesel engine had no problems with the hilly terrain and was surprisingly stingy on fuel.
Everything was in tip-top shape when we picked it up and dropped it off and the experience was a positive one. We will rent from McRent again in the future should the opportunity arise.
Thanks again to McRent for making our vacation to Germany a memorable one.

Woongmin Kim, 02 november 2008
It was a vacation like a dream, 40 days in Europe, in Fiat Tribute(standard compact) rented from DRM, arranged by Idea Merge. I recommend these companies highly. Their services were up to their promises, prompt and accommodating, and the price was very reasonable. I had never driven an RV, and had been away from stick shift cars for more than 20 years, but after first 10 minutes, I was on autoban. Easy to operate and simple to use. Camping in Europe was fun and I would recommend travel in camping-car whoever wants to see the beauty of Europe first hand.

Sally Edwards, 29 october 2008
We hired our camper truck for three weeks and travelled throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Both I and my now fiancee (we got engaged whilst in Banff!) had the most fabulous time. The camper truck was clean and practical, though when we return next year we shall hire a camper with a shower unit and a little more leg room. Good job we are a close couple as three weeks of having to visit the washroom with the door open could be uncomfortable for many couples/friends travelling together. We look forward to returning next year on our honeymoon. I wonder if there is a honeymoon special camper - shall have to ask the question!

Carl Egetter, 27 october 2008
When planning a European vacation for my son and me, I started researching trains and buses, as I'm sure many travelers do. There was a lot of territory to cover ... we wanted to visit several cities, roughly in a circle: Munich, Strasbourg, Bern, Milan, Venice and Salzburg.

When I began calculating the time it would take, traveling from city to city ... waiting for trains ... checking in and out of hotels ... I began to realize that we would never make it in the short time we had (just two weeks).

And the cost! ... The trains passes were so expensive, and the hotels even more so. I had rented motorhomes in the U.S. before, but they were very costly, and I thought they would be even moreso in Europe.

But I couldn't have been more wrong! The prices at McRent were quite reasonable ... and when you figure in the savings in hotel expense ... and preparing meals in the motorhome ... and most of all the CONVENIENCE of being able to go where you want, when you want, and not have to pack up your bags every night ... Well in short it was what we call a "no-brainer" ... an obvious choice.

In selecting a vehicle, we originally chose the Compact Standard model ... but with the help of Mr. Doug Bredesen, upgraded to the Compact Plus when no standard models were available ... and the fee was quite reasonable.

My fellow travelers, if you come to this same conclusion, and are fortunate enough to pick up your McRent motorhome in Sulzemoos (near Munich), you will be delighted with the attention and service provided by Mr. Peter Sch�. who made everything easy and simple.

The unit that we had rented was not up to Peter's standards, so he upgraded us to the positively HUGE Dethleffs 5881 ... at no extra cost. And it was a dream to drive. Well, not so much in city traffic ... but we rented bicycles and would park our motorhome in a convenient location, and travel about town on our bikes. Most cities were very bike-friendly.

The Dethleffs motorhome was also surprisingly stingy with diesel, which saved us even more money.

It was an unforgettable vacation ... We'll be talking about our experiences for years to come. And it just wouldn't have been as pleasant and practical had we not rented the motorhome.

If you're considering a trip to Europe, I recommend McRent highly. I know I can't wait for my next adventure.

Carl Egetter
Marietta, Georgia

Tina and Scotty Herbert, 23 october 2008
We've just got back from 2 weeks in a campervan from DRM in Frankfurt. Organised thru Ideamerge, this has got to have been the easiest holiday I've ever booked over the internet. Ideamerge were excellent, prompt and accurate. Everything they said, happened. So very very easy. They folk at DRM in Frankfurt were just as good. Friendly, English speakers and organised - van was exactly what we ordered (in fact it was almost brand new!) and the van and all the equipment was ready when we got there.
I've nothing but praise for both DRM (Frankfurt) and Ideamerge. Very professional and super easy to deal with. We will certainly use both companies next year when we discover Scandanavia - Can't wait!!! Thanks heaps to both group of folk.

Witold Babinski, 22 october 2008
The camper was perfect and very economic. It was nearly new-with only 1500 km. Is is pitty that we spent 3 hours douring picking up. The staff was very kind.I recomend

sophie from Paris, 22 october 2008
we rented a 28" RV El MOnte for 18 days last august to visit the west national parks in USA.
We are a family of 6 people and we recomend to rent an RV which is very usefull, but not an "El Monte RV".
The vehicule was dirty(we found used underwear...), the shower was broken,always gaz smelling inside, the kitchen set & sheets & blankets not included, no sun canopy...The worst thing was we had a breakdown on the highway on second day: the emergency center did not reply and we could not use the RV for 1 whole day!Drop off in San Francisco was better than pick up in Las Vegas.
We travelled with 2 other families so we could compare!I really recommend you to rent a "roadbear rv" from IdeaMerge, a very good value for money!

polly schonfeld and hermann platschka, 21 october 2008
This is our third consecutive september with idea merge. The first two times we rented the VW van and this year we "upgraded" to the fiat Decato. We are never going back to the VW. With the Decato the bed is already down so no shifting around. There is also a lot more room. The totally computerized controls for everything was a bit daunting at first but we had a brief run through and learned as we went along. By the time we returned in a month we were experts on the computer controls. My husband drove on small roads and small tight city streets. The fiat performed great. The check in time and check out time with Ideamerge could not be better. Total time in and out was tops ten minutes. The staff is friendly, knowledgable and professional. We are already planning for next year, of course, with the fiat ducato.

Tobias Ebert, 21 october 2008
Hi, overall we were very satisfied with the whole process. Staff was very friendly and the Camper was ok. (Battery was very weak and the toilet/sink was a bit smelly)
The rest was perfect, thx & all the best

Meia Bink, 20 october 2008
It was not easy to find caravanhirecompany but when we came there everything was allright! Beautiful new camper and it was a clean one. We got a good explenation and had a great holliday in Andalusia. When we had a flat tire they came quick to help us, perfect!!

Richard Harms, 14 october 2008
We're not long back from a lovely couple of weeks in Italy travelling with our two children. Very delighted with our experiences with Freedom Holidays. The kids esepcially loved the van. The team at FH are very helpful, our van was immaculate and well-equipped - and everything went without a hitch. The pick-up and drop-off at Rome was a smooth and uncomplicated process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them wholeheartedly. Thanks to both Doug and FH - great stuff! We hope to come back again soon.

C. Overdiek, 14 october 2008
Google helped me to find a company for camper rental in Portugal. Fortunately I met with IdeaMerge and McRent (Parracho Automoveis in Sintra). For three weeks we rented a Dethleff Globebus 1; almost new with only 20.000 kilometers. It was a pleasure to drive in this camper. The pick up at McRent and the drop off was very well organised. The staff was very friendly; we could start with our trip 4 hours in advance of the normal pick up time. We drove 2200 kilometers through the northern part of Portugal, only on local roads. We only spent 3 nights on official campings, three times on marked camperstands and the other times where ever we liked. We used the necessary guides to find the places to stay over night. This was the first time we spent our holidays with a camper. We certainly will do this again and, if possible through Ideamerge, with a preference for the Globebus, type II with a lower bed in the rear.

Patricia Lambert and Nick Scanlon-Hill, 07 october 2008
My son and I rented a camper for two weeks to tour Sweden and Norway. It was very good for us as we went to some very remote places, especially in Norway. It had plaenty of power to tackle those rugged moutain passes and winding roads. The beds were comfortable, and cooking on the little stove was fun and challenging. We found the camping grounds to be very clean, but some were also very rustic. The large windows and being higher than the cars made it great for seeing the spectacular scenery. We did not have trouble finding diesel anywhere, so that was good. We parked overnight in a friend's driveway in Sweden, and no one complained, so I guess that was OK. We had a wonderful trip.

I would like to suggest that you have a little kit that could be sold for a few kroner that had salt, pepper, some sugar, coffee filters and maybe some onion or garlic salt. We had to buy 50 filters, and used only 12, we bought a kilo of suger and used less than half a cup, the same was true of salt and pepper. There might be some other little items that you could include in the kit that I have not mentioned. If we lived in Sweden we could have taken the unused portions home, but as it was we just gave them away, and it was a couple of days where we had none, and the food was pretty bland. It was great fun shopping in the stores there, as we tried things we usually do not eat at home. We found it strange that everything was prepackaged. Here in the states we are used to buying six lemons or three bananas, in other words bulk foods, but did not find any there except in the farmers' markets. They were fun. too, because they have some berries and melons that we do not find here.

We found all of the roads well marked, so we only got lost once, and that was in a larger town. The roads are narrow, too, which could be a problem for some pwople, but we live out on the remote north coast of California, so were used to that kind of roads.

Thank you, and we will recommend you to our friends.

I want to thank IdeaMerge for being such a wonderful help to us when we were planning our trip. I got so carried away with telling about the trip that I forgot to mention this fact in my summary. All of the information you gave us helped us to feel good about the whole transaction. The person with the shuttle was there waiting for us, and when we brought it back they took us to the train in the shuttle as well, so we could get back to Stockholm without difficulty. We called my cousin from their office, and she was there in the station when we arrived. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friends who plan to travel by motorhome in the future.

K Cox, 06 october 2008
We rented an RV from McRent (Hamburg, Germany) through Idea
Merge. Idea Merge did a great job; I would rent through them again.
They were very helpful when McRent did not want to supply the
camping table/chairs that I had already paid for (when we returned
McRent did include the table and chairs). We had an excellent trip --
we travelled to Denmark also -- and I would recommend renting an
RV in Europe to anyone with a bit of an adventurous spirit. Thanks!

Andrew Henderson, 30 september 2008
We picked up a camper truck at Halifax for a tour of Nova Scotia for 3 weeks. This size of RV is ideal for 2 people and was in good order inside and out. Very good service from Fraserway Rentals and generally good campsites throughtout the Province. the Provincial parks are more spacious than the private ones and in our view better value all round.
Holiday spoiled by collapse of Zoom Airline!
Only complaint was the information on some of the tourist maps regarding projected times for journeys, which were often greatly underestimated.

Andrew (Scotland)

steve W, 28 september 2008
We rented a HUGE RV from "EL MONTE" through Ideamerge starting near Vancouver and heading south to San Francisco. Washington, Portland and California werew all quite magnificent, as was the RV itself and the people and places met along the way. We did it easily in one week but having 3 weeks would have been better!

We are Europeans and were happy paying a lost of cash for such the luxury of driving such a big RV and the resulting experience. Our only critisism (and a big opportunity for the owners) is we were willing to pay more for a fully kitted out RV - with the sort of gear I'd expect anyone would want to take on a camping trip and use - such as better utensil, a table, a lamp etc not to mention fishing rod, canoe, bike, inflatable etc. The lack of "toys" was not critical but could make a big difference to a longer trip. As it was we bought a whole lot of stuff in WALMART...

Other than that - just great!

David McDonnell, 23 september 2008
Me and my friends decided to do a tour from chicago to LA. A total of 3400miles. We rented our RV from motouris as they offered a combination of excellent service and excellent price. The RV itself was spot on, no problems at all. Very comfortable and it had no problems with demanding roads in colorado or high temperatures in vegas. An excellent machine. The pickup and drop off locations were placed well and each station boasted a team of extremely professional and friendly staff.
Motouris was an excellent company to deal with and I look forward to many more years of RV rental.

Michal Gabrialowicz, 17 september 2008
Thank You very much for an excellent vehicle. We spent perfect holidays. The car was just fine, fuel consumption was regular, the engine could have been stronger, but anyway we weren't rushing anywhere. All the equipment worked just fine. Camping sites all around Europe were very comfortable. I can't imagine next summer (or maybe even spring) holidays without camper. The person in Duesseldorf responsible for running the rental station was very competent, helpful, and nice. He spoke fluent English, which was very important. Thanks again. We will remember about IdeaMerge for sure.
With regards
Michal Gabrialowicz

David Davies, 17 september 2008
We recently rented a McRent Premium Plus, sleeps up to 6, (Dethleffs 7871-2), and had a great holiday in Austria and Italy (near Venice). The vehicle was excellent. On pick-up in Munich the Venice wasn't ready at the agreed time and we had to wait the best part of 2 hours however apart from that the pick-up of the vehicle was fine. We had communicated that we were dropping the vehicle back a day early but this weasn't communicated to the Sulzemoos dealer so agin some delay. As as said the vehilce was excellent, it drove and handled really well, and it's facilites were very good. We had an excellent holiday. The only thing we were surprised at was that given the excellent storage (which we were pleasantly surprised at) that a few more basic weren't provided or offered, eg. brush, mop, bucket, bikes for hire, more kitchen utensils, etc. Also the video had suggested that the toilet chemical was provided we had none so had to buy at extortionate cost! However these are minor complaints about an excellent vehicle.

Joanne Robb Des Gray , 13 september 2008
We hired a camper for 49 days around France & Italy (6000 kms) and overall had a fabulous trip and now that we are back home just realize how much we actually saw and did.

Idea Merge was an efficient way to book this over the net and we commend them on their prompt service with all required information in detail. That was great, thank you.
Only having motorhomed in US and no experience we Europe we chose Avis Caraway thinking they would be good with a name like Avis, however we have to say we were disappointed with quite a lot of things about the camper and reading other reviews seems we all have the same issues, seems Avis could do a lot better. The other thing that annoyed us when I commented about certain things in the camper, the guy at Avis kept shrugging and saying “This is France”.

1) Camper was old and shabby – 47,000km on the clock
2) Some of the seat’s upholstery was ripped
3) Kitchen kit shocking – china and glass are very impractical in a camper
4) Blankets – horrid – pleased we bought our own sheets and towels
5) Van was not very clean, in yet we paid a prep fee!
6) The blinds were old and hard to bring up and down
7) The fridge had a faulty lock
8) Maps and Campsite information was inadequate
9) Directions to depot – useless

For the money we spent, versus the service and camper we got from Avis did not represent value - we would not hire again from them. Despite all that we had no breakdowns and no mechanical trouble and very much enjoyed France and Italy.
In the USA we hire from Road Bear who are exceptional in every way – and our 10m camper there is like our own “private mobile hotel” brand new every year – we highly recommend them, and for the record it is not hard to park a 10m in the US – there is space everywhere!

Hints for others:

1) Take own linen
2) GPS a definite must for easy travelling
3) Keep off the freeways for better sightseeing
4) Get own maps and campground info

A great way to travel, will be back – and will be in contact with Idea Merge.

Kind Regards
Joanne Robb & Des Gray
Queenstown – New Zealand

Bill Sargent, 11 september 2008
We, my wife and I, recently returned from a 7 week drive in a McRent Citroen van. I was very happy with the vehicle which was near new, clean and very reliable. It was fuel efficient and really did suit our needs. The pick up and drop off were fine and McRent Munich explained well the ins and outs of the vehicle before we left. Bike racks were included on the vehicle. We planned to buy bikes on our trip but could never find where to get them. They would have been a welcome addition as the size of the vehicle meant we parked outside main centres. If they could be included as a part of future rentals or a scheme could be arranged with a bike hire company as a part of the rental, I would definitely hire them in future.

Thank you. Our trip was great and would be confident to rent again from you.

Bill Sargent

Lekah Frenkel families, Israel, 11 september 2008
Hello all!
In August we had a terrific two weeks' Europe trip with great help from IdeaMerge (special thanks to Mark Carr, Doug and Eric Bredesen - excellent job).
We rented Compact Luxury and Family Standard vehicles, both in practically new conditions.For family of four we would suggest Compact Luxury,wich have a big useful laggage container, easier to drive as it lower and narrower and no need to assemble/disassemble a double bed at the center of a saloon.
There were no problems at all recieving/returning vehicles at Mannheim's McRent station - very kind personell. The only difficulty was to get to the station itself from the railway station - althought its not a long distance, but to get there with 4 children and a lot of laggage is a real challenge.McRent people did not agree to pick us from and to the railway station.
At return it was possible to clean up the vehicle at the station itself, wich is very convinient.
Another advice for non-european travellers is to rent a vendor's GPS device. It includes all McRent stations around Europe,vehicle (Fiat) repair shops, tourist information points etc'.
Finally, we want to thank again IdeaMerge stuff for helping us to transform our dream into reality.

Marco Sciuto, 09 september 2008
the motorhome was really great and all well organized. we were a little bit disappointed about the total milage because the rental fares don't include unlimited milage fare and so, in most of the cases, you have to pay additional fare for every kilometer you drive.
byb the way, the sign to the rental office in stockholm are not clear ( we had a GPS navigator but it was hard the same).

Don Bobert, Vancouver Canada, 08 september 2008
We rented a Dethleffs GlobeR 5881 Family Plus unit from McRent in Hamburg for 2 weeks in August 2008.The unit was almost new, with 6500 km on the odometer, and we put 4300 km on it travelling in Northern Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

If you have three kids this unit is excellent as it has 2 rear bunk beds, an almost king size over-cab bed, and the kitchen table conversion-bed. Our smallest child, who is 5, slept with my wife and I in the over-cab bed, which meant we never had to take the kitchen table bed up and down.

We had rented the same vehicle from McRent in Frankfurt for 3 weeks in 2005. There have been some good updates, including a more sturdy fridge door closure mechanism, a deeper and wider sink, a back-up camera with sound, and an increase in horsepower from 110 to 130. We got about 21 mpg US (11.2 litres/100 km Canadian)which we think is excellent for a vehicle of this weight.

The McRent people in Hamburg were a little more relaxed about the cleamliness of the vehicle when we returned it than those in Frankfurt in 2005. It's hard to clean a vehicle like this before you return it when you are not given any equipment and therefore have to buy it all. We spent 5 hours cleaning it in 2005 and 3 hours this year. In 2005 we barely "passed" so that we could get all of our 1000 euro deposit back. This time we passed with flying colors.

One caution I would have for North Americans is that the roads in Norway north of Oslo can be very narrow, especially if you are not on a main road beginning with an "E" such as the E6 (the main north-south road). Roads such as the 55 which go east-west over the glaciers to the fjords are one lane total (not one lane each way) and a number of times this meant backing up for hundreds of feet when you met a semi coming the other way. This is not for everyone, especially on an incline.

All in all I would highly recommend this way of travelling in Europe. It is much cheaper than renting a car and staying in hotels, and way more fun!

John Weel, 07 september 2008
Found IdeaMerge/McRent [Frankfurt/Offenbach Am Main, Germany] on the internet in April 2008 and booked for my wife and I a two-week European camping adventure in August 2008 for travelling through Germany @ Campsite Wolfsground/1 night, Schluchsee; Camping Lago Maggiore @ Tenero Switzerland/1 night(bought the pass for driving in Switzerland); Italy we took a B&B 2 nights for safe parking and then train/boat from LaSpecia to Cinque Terra; Antibes, France, for lunch and Camping Bagatelle 2 nights @ Avignon, France [Pont du Gard ... magnificent); Camping Nautic Almata 2 nights @ Sant Pere Pescadoor, Spain; quick lunch vist to Carcassonne, France, and then 2 nights in Dordogne area, Camping Le Capeyrou @ Beynac, France; then drove long day Beaune for lunch and arrive at Campsite ClairVacancies 2 nights in Herrlisheim-pres-Colmar to tour Colmar and Equisheim. Last day visited Heidelberg, Germany, for lunch.
The Compact Standard Globecar Globescout Fiat Ducati suited our needs perfectly re size for 2 people and mileage/diesel . Pickup and dropoff experience was excellent. We read reviews and appreciated all comments as we had no past experience other than our own trailering RV trips from home in British Columbia, Canada. I had purchased maps but reviews said to buy a GPS and so glad I purchased the TomTom.
Tips: I rented bedding but bring your own duvet and pillows or buy en route as rental pillows not comfortable and extra duvet needed in mountain camping areas; towels adequate but be prepared to add a few items to kitchen supplies. My wife and I enjoyed grocery shopping and she made good meals on the 2-burner stove. We brought our own fold-up chairs/table but would rent them next trip instead of bedding.
I did a lot of internet searches before we left for camp sites(nothing provided) and reserved some; others not. I booked the Etap Hotel in Offenbach am Main first night and last night (walk to McRent easily). Grocery store just down the street was excellent.
I would definitely recommend IdeaMerge/McRent. My wife and I are already researching another European camping adventure.

Mikel Larrea, 05 september 2008
It was our first experience renting a motorhome. Everything was fine. In particular, the pick up was excellent. Many thanks to Andy for all his explanations!!! The information you provided as (maps, camping directory...) was very helpful.

I can for sure recommend IdeaMerge to anybody.

Best regards,
Mikel Larrea

The Holgate's, 05 september 2008
We have rented twice from Frankfurt, completing some 12,000km and on both occasions we have received nothing but first class service. The staff are extremely friendly and only too eager to please, nothing is too much trouble.

The vehicles are all in really good condition with the kit that is supplied with the vehicles being sufficient to allow us to enjoy our holidays. Accepting and returning the vehicles is painless and completed with a professional approach

We would not hesitate to rent another vehicle from Frankfurt. Thanks to all for making our holidays hassle free and memorable

Raffi Balmanoukian, 03 september 2008
I picked up the McRent in Dusseldorf (Mulheim); it was no problem being a bit early and, on return, was also able to camp overnight in the lot (there is a public dump site just down the road to fill/empty tanks for the final time). There was no language barrier and the review was thorough.

I had broken a glass range cover from a speed bump, and was treated very fairly on this damage.

All accessories were in good shape and clean.

The motor home itself was in good shape - with a few scratches that were noted on the inspection - but could have been better designed and laid out (I rented a similar sized one in Belgium the year before on the same chassis and it was much better thought out); no reflection on the rental company. It was very efficient on fuel and easy to handle. The tires were excellent, and the fact propane and exterior cleaning were included in the price helped defray the operating costs considerably.

I would have no difficulty renting from these folk again, and in fact hope to do so.

Pam Symons, 31 august 2008
We collected our van from Nantes, we had a bit of trouble at the depot, as they had prepared the wrong van for us but when mistake realised van was changed over, but the process was very long, took over 3 1/2 hours, even though we had sent all our information through previously. Van was in immaculate condition, beigh that it was almost new. Had no problems on our two weeks travelling in France, which was an amzing holiday, would recommend to anyone and will probable do again in the near future. When we returned van we were again kept for a long period again whilst they went over everything, we had cleaned the van inside and out, but they insisted that it wasn't clean enough as they found dust in a storage box, that we didn't even know existed, so we were charged for cleaning, which was disappointing as we had gone out of our way to keep van clean, and seeing as no cleaning equipment supplied, not even a broom, or a dust cloth, that wasn't easy. Staff were quite friendly and did help us with other issues. We would most probably hire through them again, but take a broom next time.

Avis Family, Ontario, Canada, 27 august 2008
Executive Summary - Had a great time. Camper was an ideal way to travel for our family. Would do it again.

Our family of 5 (parents and 3 teenage sons) had a fantastic 2 week camping excursion around northern France starting the last week of July 2008. We arrived in Paris on a Wednesday and spent two nights in a wonder hotel just one block away from Notre Dame Cathedral (Hotel Europe St. Severin). We returned to the same hotel of our last night before heading home. Our camper pick up was at the Rennes depot. We took the high speed TVG train to Rennes and luckily found a taxi van to carry our group plus a mountain of luggage. The depot is about 20 minutes from the train station.

Faxing in the rental information prior to leaving Canada really helped to streamline the process for signing out the camper. The staff at the rental shop were courteous and helpful. We had a reasonably detailed briefing of the ins and outs of the camper and were on the road in about 1.25 hours. We had the Family Luxury unit that has a huge storage bunker below the rear bed and we put that storage to use for the bulk of our luggage. The camper was brand new with only 200 km on the odometer.

When planning for the trip we purchased an SD card for our TomTom GPS with maps for all of Western Europe. We don’t know how we navigated around Europe on previous driving trips without this unit - we certainly wouldn’t attempt another trip without a GPS. It took most of the stress out of driving. Our preference - stay off of toll roads - they are typically built in never-ending ditches with no views. Go for the smaller 4-lane and 2-lane roads to see more of the country. (Set your GPS to avoid toll roads).

We brought $10 Canadian Tire summer sleeping bags with us to reduce housekeeping (as well, reviews were not very positive for the bedding package that was available). The sleeping bags worked great, and we would not have had guilty minds if we had to leave them behind to free up space in our luggage for our return flight. We also brought our own old pillows (some of those remain in France). Use the stabilizer legs under the rear carriage to reduce rocking of the vehicle when parked overnight.

The utensils, cooking equipment, dishes, etc. were adequate for our needs. Hint: pack towels or sheets around the dishes and cups when travelling to eliminate shifting of the load.

We purposely avoided using the on-board toilet. We did not realize that emptying of the dirty sink water should have been done at every possible opportunity. After about 5 days of warm summer weather an unpleasant odour was noticed and it intensified as days past. We finally figured out it was the fermenting dirty water vessel that was back gassing.

To our surprise, there was a strong-box (safe) under one of the seats for storing valuables.

We were amazed that there were essentially no bugs during our entire trip which included coastline and inland travel. The campground book provided was on little use. We had pre-purchased a Alan Rogers guide book which was of more use. Unfortunately, we were unable to purchase the interactive CD from ACSI - I think it would have been very helpful since we did bring along laptop computer to allow for email access and cataloguing of digital photographs.

We eventually discovered that campers are allowed to set up overnight at certain parking areas throughout France. One Dutch camper said there is a book that identified all of these free campsites. District information centres can point out the free campsites in their area. We utilized three of these free sites and also set up camp on residential streets on two occasions.

We wish that we would have had a few fold up chairs to use once we settled in for the night. We did not arrange for rental of the chair/table set due to comments from other reviews.

Our travels took us from Carnac, all along the D-Day Beaches, through Flanders Field (including parts of Belgium) and down the Lore Valley. A total of 2,700 km of travel was accumulated. A typical fill of diesel fuel was just of 100Euro. We had to fill up about 6 times in total.

We spent a few hours on a last night in the camper to do a thorough cleaning. No problems upon return, even though the upper corner panel had a couple of dings from encountering a tree limb. No additional charges or penalties, only the cost as per original booking arrangements.

Sharon Rumba, 27 august 2008
We had a very good experience with everyone at IdeaMerge as well as the pick up depot, McRent in Frankfurt. The pick-up and drop-off went well and the motorhome was clean and gave us no serious problems . The only problem was the fridge not locking when we were parked. It was roomy with a great layout for travelling, and still small enough for parking and doing quick U-Turns when needed. Thanks so much, I will definately recommend IdeaMerge.

Heidi, 26 august 2008
Thank you ideamerge, your service was excellent. We had a great time in the truck camper we rented from Fraserway. The staff at Fraserway was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, a pleasure to do business with. Banff and Jasper National parks are exquisite and the campgrounds beautifully maintained. We will definitely rent another RV!

Margaret Messner, 25 august 2008
We picked up our McRent Globus on July 14 in Frankfurt. The customer service was very efficient and checked everything thoroughly. We rented the table and chairs but took old linens, towels, pillows and a sleeping bag (duvet) which we didn't bring back with us. Then we immediately went shopping at Bauhaus and IKEA to get cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet brush, etc. IKEA definitely has the best prices, where we saw a folding table and chairs for less than the rental fee!
We loved driving the Globus. We traveled in southern Germany, the Dolomites, Venice, Switzerland and southwestern Germany for a month. In Cortina d'Ampezzo after dinner, the engine wouldn't start. Unfortunately it was Friday evening and no garages were open, plus no Fiat garage was listed in the book until Belluno (which wasn't open because it was Saturday by the time we got there). We were able to get the camper started again and made it to Venice without turning off the engine (once we got it started). We enjoyed our weekend in Venice, managed with some help to get the camper started again on Monday, got to a Fiat garage in Venice but they were too busy to fix it, got to Vicenza (the next Fiat garage) where they were out to lunch and finally almost made it to Verona when the engine died at the autostrada tollgate just four kilometers from the garage. We were towed to the garage where it was fixed within an hour (new battery had to be put in -- unusual for a new camper -- 2008!). We lost only a few hours from our trip, but had a lot of anguish trying to figure out what was wrong.
We had to fix the bathroom door handle and a button on the cupboard which was caused by a loose hinge, faults which were present at pickup but not noticed. But no big deal!
We took our Tom-Tom with us and it worked just great -- took us to the address every time. We also picked up an ADAC travel atlas, camping guides and roadside park places guides and maps and they were super useful (but one might need to know German). We left them with friends at the end of the trip along with cleaning supplies, etc.
The return of the camper went smoothly too. We unfortunately were hit with a hailstorm on the autobahn in the Allgau and had to pay the 300 Euro deductible for hail damage to the top of the camper. Our son, who had also rented a camper, was with us and he had to pay the deductible, also. But we were reimbursed for the towing at the tollgate in Italy. All in all, none of this put a damper on our trip and we had a wonderful time. We would do it again in a heartbeat!

Alon Eizenman, 25 august 2008
We picked up our truck camper from Fraserway in Halifax on August 2, 2008 and toured with it for a week.
The pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle was satisfactory, but a bit slow.
I found the camper to be very comfortable and almost new. However, there was a slow leak in one of the tires which was known about by Fraserway at the time of rental. Instad of replacing the tire, I was told that I would have to fill the tire with air every so often. That turned out to be every day, which was something of a pain. I would encourage future renters to, if such an event comes up, ensure that the rental company replaces the tire before embarking on the trip.

Lindsey and Keven Grogan, 25 august 2008
My husband and I have just returned to Queensland after renting 20ft Dethleffs Motorhome from Frankfurt,Germany Depot. Our collection was held up for a couple of hours as they awaited the delivery of a brand new vehicle.. This was great and we found it all to excellent. We choose to have the configuration East West which meant we had a small ladder to climb each night... next time we would choose the model with the bed down. but apart from that we loved the vehicle.. We found the Gas Cylinder refilling to be quite a drama as we hired on March 13 and struck snow in Geneva. We had been told that we could exchange the cylinder anywhere in Europe except France... We finally sorted the problem in Portugal but upon returning to Frankfurt we were then informed that they also realized the problem and equip the vehicles with universal fittings that enable the bottles to be filled. We would suggest that this is estential if renting long term and in the cooler months. Otherwise we loved the vehicle, we travelled. Germany, Spain,Portugal,France, Belguim,Netherlands,Luxemburg,Switzerland,Italy,Croatia,Slovenia,Czech Repulic,Austria and Bavarian Region and back into Germany. We travelled 18000klms over the 4 1/2 months hire... We found the staff wonderful in Frankfurt and Doug Bredesen just wonderful and always available to help with any questions. I would highly recommend dealing with Doug as we will again, and also the staff at Frankfurt. A great trip, with fantastic memories and experiences. Just sad that it is all over. Thanks Doug and Suzzane for all the wonderful service. We will recommend you to everyone. Lindsey and Keven Grogan Queensland Australia.

Norbert H㥬 24 august 2008
We picked up the motor home in Carlgary. The vehicle was is very good condition, aslmost new and the instruction we got was perfect, however I would wish that all insuranches are included.We had very good time in the Canada national parks everything worked very well.

John Watson, 23 august 2008
We had an excellent rental unit at a very good price from Ideamerge. They were very friendly and helpful with all of our questions and concerns. I would recommend them to anyone renting an R.V.

Simon Hooton, 21 august 2008
We booked to pick up our camping car from Loisirs 44 in Nantes. The company were great but we were supplied with the wrong address for the depot. We were given 315 Route de Vannes where as the address is 316 Route de Vannes, which is about 3km away. We found it having made many phone calls on expensive mobile roaming charges, thinking all the time that the company had gone bust and we'd lost our holiday, hey ho. Once we arrived, everyone was helpful and we had a great holiday-France is brilliant for campervans. So after a bad start we had a great time!

Neil McGill, 19 august 2008
We very much enjoyed our exploration of north western USA National Parks and western Canada.

A highlight was meeting up with many friendly and helpful Americans especially in RV Parks. We were in the thick wildfire smoke at Lewiston CA when the President and California Governor flew into Redding on July 17 to conduct a helicopter inspection of the fires, and next day we passed by a field full of huge helicopters and armed forces personnel and we assumed that this turn out had something to do with the Presidents visit.

Our thanks to you for the very friendly way you set out the terms and conditions of our agreement with Road Bear. The 27 ft motorhome was very comfortable and Road Bear good to deal with, especially at San Francisco drop off where they treated us very fairly and courteously. We appreciated the free shuttle back to SFO International.

We covered 6706 miles in 59 days and the big Ford V10 with the auto transmission was a dream to drive. We went from sea level to 12183 ft which is as high as one can drive on a main road in the USA and the engine fuel consumption averaged 8.53 miles per gallon which I thought was very good for such a heavy rig.

We had our share of fixit jobs in the RV and purhased a few low cost hand tools to do the work, which Road Bear had no hesitation in reimbursing. I suggested to them that there should be a small tool kit included with the RV. Only two things bugged us about the RV, one being the plastic sheeting stuck over the carpet, the second being the very sweaty driver/passenger seats of artificial leather. We suggested to Road Bear that they either replace the carpet with vinyl or include a small vacuum cleaner and get rid of the plastic sheeting which was forever getting tangled in sandals or socks, and looked awful untidy, especially toward the end of the journey. Early on we purchased two chamois leather car seat covers and this helped a lot to overcome the back and backside sweating problem.

Three tips for other travellers. First, don't leave home without a GPS navigator. Our unit saved so much stress and time. Our notebook PC had Google Maps and Google Earth loaded in and Road Bear supplied a good RV Park directory. In combination we were able to find RV Parks at our next stop, look down on them from Google Earth to make sure they were not close by a busy road or railroad, or if they were close by a river or lake, and key in the earth coordinates on our GPS and never get lost. We found that a lot of addresses provided by RV Parks were incorrect or not recognized by the GPS, but earth coordinates were always safe, providing the exact figures are entered which ensured that the rig did not wind up outside a private home in say residential Medford CA when we were supposed to be around 25 miles north.

Second if anyone in Aspen CO advises it is OK to take a 98 inch wide RV over Independence Pass to Twin Lakes ignore the advice. In our opinion that busy road is far too narrow for big rigs and the RHS drop offs are sheer for hundreds of feet in places. Maybe departing Aspen around 6am would have been OK with lower traffic volumes, but many sections of that road are one way, and we were lucky to meet several dump trucks, going too fast, in the few wide parts of the road. When we got to the top and saw the row of toilets my wife remarked "I know why they put those up here."

Third, the coast road from Fort Bragg to San Francisco has splendid scenery but is very narrow and therefore requires a lot of concentration and patience to drive. Fortunately traffic volumes are low and trucks few and far between. Don't choose a weekend to drive the last 50 miles into San Francisco because you are likely to meet hundreds of city dwellers out for a Sunday drive and generally going too fast for the conditions. I found it impossible in many parts of that road to drive without being over the centre line and just slowed to crawl pace in many places. I allowed heaps of time for the daily journey and was always prepared to stop overnight earlier than planned.

In summary a very good holiday.
Kind regards,
Neil McGill

Arno, 19 august 2008
The check-in and check out process was easy and quick. Deposit was promptly returned. The camper had a strong engine and was comfortable. The only minor I would say was the fact we could not leave our car on the premises when we picked up the camper. We had to park in a residential area on the street in front of somebody's house, which turned out to be no problem but still. I would also suggest to upgrade the kitchen utensils they were very basic and not adequate. All in all a good experience.

David, 19 august 2008
My wife Jocelyn posted below. I'll just add a few items from a “first timer’s” perspective:

The Fiat-Globus drives great and is remarkably easy to handle. You are up high and get great views out the front. It took a day or so to get comfortable with the width, especially in the mountains. Using the levelers (plastic wedges) is important to master – a level RV makes for a comfortable night’s sleep. Also, be aware that tolls on motorways and mountain tunnels are VERY high by US standards.

The dishes/kitchen supplies are just the basics - plan on buying or bringing a few things based on your camping style. One or two stops at a hypermarket, a few dozen euros, and you will be happily outfitted. For us, it was a coffee pot, cereal bowls and pillows. Bring good, detailed maps or a GPS and bring your own camping guides. I brought a good pocket knife and a cork screw. If you plan to go to mountains, even in summer, bring/buy a blanket. The bedding provided was not adequate. An outside doormat would have helped keep the interior clean.

We are gadget freaks. Know that the RVs electric outlets work only if you are externally plugged in. Charging things like cameras can be a problem if you are off the grid for a few days. The cigarette lighter on the dash (no smoking!) works when the engine is running for cell phone charging but next time I would bring a 12v cigarette to 110v plug inverter (cost ~$10).

Other than as noted by Jocelyn, McRent was great. We cleaned the night before and our full deposit was returned promptly. Two suggestions:

1. It would be REALLY nice if McR or a third party would rent bicycles. Most camp sites are on the edge of town or further and a bike would really add to the overall enjoyment of the trip.

2. Tell us the height and weight of the rented vehicle! You need this for underpasses and speed limits and it is not listed in the van’s instruction booklet which is generic for Dethleffs vehicles.

All in all – we loved our caravan trip and strongly recommend IdeaMerge/McRent.

joel and emma, 19 august 2008
We had a great experience in our motorhome driving for 4 weeks around France and Northern Italy during July 2008. The van was great, we drove 4,500km and had no hiccups at all. The pick up and drop off in Frankfurt was very smooth and easy. We did need to mention the complimentary dish set as it wasn’t in the van, but that was no problem and quickly supplied once we reminded them about it. A thorough check of everything before we set off ensured we had listed all the problems (eg. We noticed and documented that a pin was missing which secured the electricity cap, therefore when the cap came off completely in transit there were no questions asked upon our return). Our deposit was promptly refunded upon our return with a small deduction for a dint in one of the tables which we were responsible for.

Cleaning wasn’t an issue – we spent a couple of hours thoroughly cleaning the interior the night before we returned the van – If you’re not willing to buy some wet wipes or sponges and spray cleaner from a supermarket and spare a couple of hours I think you shouldn’t complain about the cleaning fee. We took along some non-slip matting (used with rugs/carpets and you can buy it from Ikea) and cut it up to fit the cupboards, and that was great to prevent the dishes & pots from sliding around. We took our own TomTom (cheaper for us to buy than rent) which was a life saver, we wouldn’t have done the trip without one. We took along our own linen & towels and bought a cheap blanket, but on reflection bringing a few less clothes and adding a goose down sleeping bag instead (to use as a duvet) would have been better.

We utilised the France Passions book to stay at vineyards along the way and found the Â'Aire De Services’ book excellent to find the nearest chemical toilet drop and drinking water fill-up places. We rented the camping table and chairs with the van and used them almost every day. We also took our bikes which was fantastic. We agree with a previous comment that the rental company MUST put a sticker somewhere prominent on the dashboard showing the height of the vehicle. We looked through all the booklets, and not remembering which Â'category’ of vehicle we were in meant we had no way of knowing the height. This meant one of us getting out of the van to judge while driving very slowly under some low bridges – quite inconvenient when it’s something that could easily be fixed with a sticker.

Overall we had a wonderful trip, so many great memories and would really recommend the rental companies (Idea Merge and McRent).

Jocelyn, 18 august 2008
We picked up our rental in Frankfurt on July 9; it was clean and ready even though we got there early. We watched the movie and then went out give it the once-over with the clerk from the rental place; she didn't know much AT ALL. For example, she couldn't tell us the height of the vehicle ("Just make sure the bridge says 3 metres and you'll probably be OK." Probably?????????????) and when I asked her how to make the front seats swivel around, she said that they didn't swivel (they did - we figured it out the next day). The bathroon door lock was broken, but they noted it at the time. It was functional but touchy for most of the trip, and when it wasn't touchy, the lock was actually non-functional. No matter - everything else in the Globebus worked just perfectly, and we drove that thing over, among other Alpine passes, the Col de la Bonnet, which is the highest paved pass in Europe. Gas mileage was pretty good; the bed was comfortable; the gas power worked fine when we were "off grid", the shower worked well - I was even able to wash my hair, and I have thick, long hair. We used our Globebus to follow the Tour de France, and had an absolute blast. We did not rent tables and chairs from the rental place, but we bought some at the first hypermarket we found; ditto with towels, decent coffee mugs, decent cereal bowls, decent pillows, a decent tea kettle and a decent coffee pot. I carried 2 pounds of ground coffee from Starbucks with me from the States, so we were in good shape.

Here is a helpful tip for first timers: Buy a large pack of paper towels and use the rolls as padding for the dishes when you store them in the cabinets for the drive. Day-old bread also works well as "packing material." I had a lot of handiwipes with me (what my mom used to call Wash-n-Dries). Every time we used one to clean off our hands, I would clean dust, dried mud, and crumbs out of the crevices in the vehicle. I also used them to clean the floor frequently. We had NO PROBLEMS upon our return - we passed the inspection with flying colors and got our entire deposit back (I think it helped that the couple who returned their vehicle just before we did had scraped the top off of theirs trying to go through a too-low tunnel. Ours looked pretty good in comparison!)

I'm ready to go again!

Iddo Riemersma, 18 august 2008
Dear Doug,

Thanks for your mail and your interest in our trip. Yes, we made a very nice trip, all the way up to the North Cape (most northern part of European mainland, next stop is the North Pole). We have driven for 3,5 weeks, every day, on average 300 km per day, 6800 km in total. The camper itself proved to be a very good travel mate, and made it possible to travel so far. You can see some of the pictures in a slideshow on my personal page http://iddo-r.hyves.nl/

The pick up and the drop off were just fine. The guy at the Hannover rental shop was very kind and friendly. Only strange thing was the 'speed pass for pick up' that we filled in and e-mailed never arrived at Hannover, while we got confirmation that it was received in Germany in good order. Concerning the trip, I must say that we had quite a number of incidents, some of them due to the fact that we are not experienced camper users. They were the following:

- a punctured tire, which we luckily discovered before it was flat. It was repaired at a tire shop with a plug
- the north of Sweden is known to have millions of mosquitos. They kept coming into the camper, while everything was closed. Thorough investigations learned that the roof window was not closing good enouth. The mosquitos managed to enter it, passing also a mosquito net(!) and a curtain. Once we found the problem, we bought some mosquito netting in the local hardware store, and taped it in front of the roof window. That solved the problem.
- the dishes that were delivered with the camper were stored in a cabinet up in the kitchen. At a very steep and bumpy downward slope, all of them fell out of the cabinet, despite the fact it was properly locked. The problem was that they were made of porcelein, which applied such a heavy weight on the cabinet door that it gave way. And as a result, all of the dishes were broken. We would recommend to put proper camping dishes in the camper, that are much lighter, and will not easily brake as well.
- Driving through a village, we missed a (not so good visible) speed hump. In an open compartment over the stove we had a coffee pot which was launched in the air and landed on the glasplate over the stove. This broke into thousand pieces and was obviously charged. We would recommend to warn people not to put heavy stuff in places where they can fall out of.
- The most serious incident was when we drove through a -not even so deep- ditch. There is still quite some distance between the rear wheels and the back of the camper, which we did not properly realised. When we drove through that ditch, the front wheels went up at the back of the ditch, the rear wheels were in the middle, while the back of the camper was not in there yet. As a result, the bumper dug into the ground and was badly damaged. We were never aware that this could happen, and the event seriously ruined our day. At the drop off, the damage was estimated at some 500 euro's, a serious amount of money. We would recommend that with this particular type of camper people will be made aware of this. By the way, after that event it happened another 2 times, one time even at the entrance of a gas station on a near flat road!

Despite these troubles we enjoyed staying in the camper very much. We are already considering to rent another one next year, or maybe even to buy one.

We hope you can use this feedback to better inform future customers on the do's and don'ts about camper handling.

Best regards,
Iddo Riemersma

Theo Berden, 18 august 2008
We picked up our van on the 8th of July and it was practically brand new. We were treated very courtiously by McRent in Dusseldorf and had no problems with the van. We drove 5500Km's in 3 weeks through Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We had no problems with the van and returned it after 3 weeks. The return proces was quickly completed and our Euro 1000.- deposit was returned to us within 2 days. We cannot fault the rental and will be using them again if we plan another holiday in that area.

Robert Koritnik, 18 august 2008
We had a great holiday travelling all over Andaluc쟮 We rented our vehicle in Lorca. The problem was, that taxi driver (from Lorca) didn't know where it was so we spent quite some time (and money) to get there. Our confirmation papers were stating wrong data, because instead of motorway exit number it said on what km the rental company was. Which was of course wrong. That's why we had problems finding it. So it's not 585km but exit 585.
Next problem was also that we were able to get the vehicle at 16:00 (as being standard hours) but they don't start working before 17:00 so we were roasting on very hot sun in the area that is quite remote with no shade anywhere.
Vehicle was very well maintained and also quite new. The owner of the rental company was very helpful, he even spoke some English (which is to my surprise VERY rare in Spain because I'm also not coming from an English speaking country) so we were able to get through all the procedures in about 3 hours. Yes. Very long and tiresome.
Once we hit the road all was forgotten and we really enjoyed the holiday. And just a tip for others: don't go to the centre of small towns or cities because in cities you won't find parking spaces with enough headroom and in small towns you'll get stuck into narrow one way streets.

Heinz Kraehenbuehl, 14 august 2008
We picked up a Family camper van in Berlin and went for 22 days on the 9th of July 2008 touring Danemark, Sweden and Norway. Great car with everything working well, we made almost 5'000 KM Pick and drop has been well handled with no delays and professionaly done. The only remark was that my credit card was deducted with a deposit of Euro 1'000 which is not right. I understand, that you block the money on the credit card as a deposit, but if the client is bringing back the car back and everything is fine the amount should not have been deducted. Please in the future pay more attention to the payments.
Note from IdeaMerge: As described on our relevant Payments & Policies pages, the Germany vendors do indeed charge the security deposit to the client's card upon the pick-up occasion and do credit that amount back to the card in whole or part (i.e. minus the cost, if any, that happens to be due from the client for damages and such) after the return occasion. IdeaMerge has suggested to these vendors that for such purpose they merely make an imprint and authorization upon the pick-up occasion and actually charge the card only if necessary and only on or after the return occasion. To that request those vendors responded that they would generally be at too great a risk if they didn't actually make that charge upon on the pick-up occasion.

michael frantum, 13 august 2008
What a great trip.

We picked up our GlobeR camper car in Frankfurt and the process was easy and efficient. Klaus was very helpful and the RV was in great condition with few miles.

In the next 3 weeks, we drove nearly 4,000 kilometers and explored 5 countries. We especially liked France, Austria and Germany. We were suprised and pleased to find that nearly every small town had a camping area. We ended up exploring many of the small communities and got to meet real people rather than the big city rat race atmosphere. We would use the McRent/Ideamerge approach again and are looking forward to our next vacation already.

Betsy Bingler and Family, 11 august 2008
What a great experience! The Ideamerge RV people were
wonderful, they answered back very quickly every silly question I
e-mailed mailed them.
We picked up our RV in Sulzmoos after flying into Munich. We tried
to take the public transportation to the rental place using the
directions provide. We got as far as the train station at Passing and
couldn't find the bus needed, we were told that bus no longer runs
the route we needed. We then took a taxi the remainder of the
way. The people at Sulzmoos were wonderful the instructions were
easy to follow. We are campers but never did the RV thing.
We rented for 3 weeks and went through 7 countries with no
problems. We loved having all out stuff in one place , not having to
pack up every night,and if it was raining we didn't have to pitch a
tent. We brought our own folding chairs which we used a lot. We
also sent over food, pancake mixes, tuna, chicken packages,
oatmeal etc. Next time I'd just pay the airlines for the extra
baggage and bring it with us. It was great to have until we got use
to the stores, it was also cheaper.
We also had a GPS which we couldn't of lived without it was
invaluable. The Church's Book Camping In Europe has coordinates
that were a big help in finding a campsite. The information in their
book was also helpful for the public transportation.
I was really pretty worried that every thing wouldn't go smoothly,
but it did.
We are already saving for our next big RV trip and we'll use
Ideamerge again.

Evald Nergaard, Norway, 11 august 2008
Booking the van was quit easy, and we got all the help from Ideamerge when we needed it. Picking up and deliver the van was a nice experience. Freedom Holiday in Rome showed us all little scratches on the van, and inspection before and after was a great experience. We borrowed a little book where we could find different parkings in Italy, but it did'nt help us much. It was to difficult to understand and find our way in. We also did some research before our trip, but it's not easy to find good enough information about campingsites in Italy. Maybe suggested tours would be an idea, and adresses to most campingsites in the area you plan to go to should be presented on either the Ideamerge site, or as a folder or something on the rental office.

But, both IdeaMerge and Freedom Holiday seems proffesional enough, and I'm certain I will use them next time we go to Italy.

Anthony Lambros, 10 august 2008
We had a fantastic holiday picking and dropping off from Barcelona. The RV was great to drive but we had some difficulty understanding how to operate the fridge as the Spanish guy who was very polite spoke not a word of english, i wasn't expecting him to be fluent but even a few words would have been very useful. Also the taxi to the airport was 40 euro which seemed very expensive so maybe ask the driver how much before getting in. Will definitely reccommend to friends and family, all in all very enjoyable.

Chris Jones, 10 august 2008
Booked a 32'RV through Ideamerge and Moturis in Sna Francisco. Absolutely flawless on all levels. This is the 3rd time I have rented an RV and this was the easiest - when I do again it will be through Idea Merge and Moturis.

Penny Shek, 10 august 2008
We loved our campervan holiday, but Avis Caraway, St Laurent Du Var, Nice, was disappointing.

1. We were promised maps, but all we got was one map of France. This was not helpful at all, because it was difficult to read the roads at such a small size, and some roads and suburbs were not even on it. When I asked for another map, there was only one other available (also of the whole of France), and I was not allowed to take it! We had to buy our own for 20 euros!
We did not get a list of camping grounds as promised either.

2. The bedding which we paid for, was inadequate. We booked for two, but only got one blanket. One blanket did not keep either of us warm enough at night (july, summer).

3. The cooking equipment was unsatisfactory and inadequate eg. the knife had black stuck on it, only three plates for four people, no mugs for tea, no cleaning products/sponge. The fridge was not very cold.

4. The pick up location was not easy to find especially when returning the vehicle. Again, a map of France did not suffice.

Some good points were:

1.The vehicle itself was quite new and in good condition. It had good storage, was spacious and comfortable.

2. The flyscreens on the windows.

Colin Ross Valarie McDonald, 07 august 2008
This was the 1rst time we ever rented an RV. Happily, it was a very good experience. Picking up the camper was relatively easy and we were pleased that it was very new and clean inside. The Fiat camper was very practical & made good use of every available inch of space. Likewise, the drop off went smoothly as well.
The staff at McRent in Frankfurt, Germany were very helpful & we were pleased that they spoke good English as we don't speak a word of German ourselves. I would recommend travelers take way fewer items of clothing than they think they will need as there isn't a lot of wardrobe/storage room in a camper. Also, having a GPS was invaluable & I would highly recommend the Tomtom.Having a copy a Rick Steeves Travel Guide is also very useful.
Although traveling by RV in Europe is not as easy as hoteling it, it certainly makes the trip more affordable and gives you the opportunity to customize your holiday. We're happy we chose the Camper Route!

Valarie McDonald

Sara and Ric Rosenkranz July 4th, 2008, 06 august 2008
We rented a 4 berth Kea camper. This ended up being the perfect size for 2 adults, a 6 year old and a 1 year old. What a great way to travel with kids! We saw so much beautiful scenery and met some of the nicest people at the camping spots all around the north island. We found the camper easy to use, easy to convert at bedtime, and overall easy to figure out. We would travel this way again in a heartbeat! The whole rental experience was just great! Thanks.

Beth Shapiro, 06 august 2008
We absolutely loved our camping experience and would do it again in a flash. One suggestion: Better return directions to the Stockholm site, as we did get lost.

Carmel, Australia, 05 august 2008
This was our second experience with IdeaMerge and Doug. Both times we have been very happy with the service provided through IdeaMerge. It was a bit of an effort to organise our rental this time due to us creating our own problem by booking so late and trying to get a camper during the busiest holiday period! But Doug was incredibly patient with all the questions and liasing between us and the renters and the end result was great for us. So we would use IdeaMerge again. Unfortunately, our first rental (2 years ago) did not go well with McRent in Dusseldorf being extremely unpleasant to deal with when returning the van (we still had a great holiday though). They accused us of causing all kinds of damage to the van when we returned it and kept most of our deposit. I've seen lots of other similar experiences here! We actually consider ourselves lucky that we did eventually get a small part of the deposit back, but were unable to ever make an insurance claim because they never provided us with any invoice. So if you want to use the German connection make absolutely sure that you go over that van with a fine tooth comb and take photos BEFORE you leave the yard. And watch out because they will however try to rush this part through (for example tell you not to worry about checking the roof and then when you return immediately commencing the inspection by climbing on the roof and finding all these things that you've supposedly done to it). I recall this being done to three people in the time we were there. So of course this time we were ready to take photos and climb all over the roof and note every scratch and dent when we arrived at Freedom in Rome. Well, what a totally different experience. They were sooooooo friendly, insisted on inspecting everything and made sure that they pointed out every dent and scratch and indicated that it was on their inspection report. Nothing was a problem for them. We did have a small problem when we first left and went back the next day and it was immediately fixed and they made sure we filled up with water again. They also supplied us with travel guides to the places we were travelling. Upon return we were greeted like old friends. The inspection was simple and relaxed and they congratulated us on how clean we returned the van! Deposit immediately returned. The whole experience with them was just so pleasant and so different to McRent. I wouldn't hesitate to book with them again. So if you have a choice avoid the German connection and head for Freedom in Rome. And although we had no choice with the van, my advice is book early and book the smallest camper you can possibly manage to live in because some of those places in Italy are pretty scary to drive around in a big van!

Angela Lynam, 05 august 2008
Booked Ideamerge on line from Ireland and rented 31ft RV from New york. All Tranactions both on arrival and return were very professionally carried out. The RV was almost new and spotless.There were no hidden extras on return and we were transported to the train station by ideamerge when we returned our rv. All in all a very enjoyable

John Lough, 31 july 2008
write now that I am back in the UK to congratulate you on your service and on your choice of motorhome hire company in Canada (new company Go-West Rentals, not yet represented on our site).
Go-West provided an excellent service with a nearly new vehicle that was the best equipped van that I have ever hired - and I have hired many times in Canada, New Zealand and Europe. Not only was the
equipment comprehensive, it included several extra items that added to the already good experience (for example the vacuum flask in travel case; four place settings of crockery and cutlery for a single person hire; kettle, teapot & coffee machine; two leisure batteries: etc).

I am greatly impressed and will certainly plan to use yourselves and Go-West on my next trip to Calgary.

Hannes, 28 july 2008
Picked up almost brand new camper in Paris. Well organized and friendly staff. Experienced NO PROBLEMS with van, utensils or amenities. Driving a 6 seater in Italy / France was challenging at times, but handed camper back with no scratches.

Will definitely do it again, with the same people.

John and Lisa Bauer, 24 july 2008
We rented a motorhome out of Frankfurt June 17th - July 5th. Doug at IdeaMerge was very helpful and quick to completely answer all our questions.

McRent in Frankfurt was absolutely terrific. The motorhome was immaculate and almost new. We were on our way in less than an hour. Once we reacquinted ourselves with a manual transmission everything went smooth. Two notes about the Dethleff - one don't fill the clean water tank all the way full or it will leak and two - ask them before you leave McRents how to put it in reverse!

We rented a Dethleff 5881. In addition to two adults we have two teenagers. The bunk beds in the back were well worth the little bit of extra money and added length.

We are a camping family and came prepared. Because of the weak US dollar we wanted to buy as little as possible in Europe. We brought an extra bag that had bedding, kitchen and bath towels, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry soap, clothsline and clips, shower supplies etc. Worked great and we were ready to camp as soon as we arrived. However, we should have rented the camping tables and chairs from McRents!

Turning the RV in was a snap. We spent a couple hours cleaning it and received our deposit back immediately. The turn in process at McRents took only about 20 minutes. Those folks are fabulous.

Another note - we brought a GPS and it was fantastic, I wouldn't go without it. Mike and Terry Church's book on camping in Europe was wonderful. GPS coordinates were included.

Can't wait to go again.

Kirk Lalwani, 24 july 2008
We rented a Dethleffs FamilyPlus campervan from McRent in Mulheim/Dusseldorf in June for 3 weeks. There are 4 in our family, including 2 children and our plan was to go through the Black Forest, Switzerland, Provence, Riviera into Italy, loop back up to Austria and then back into Bavaria en route back to Dusseldorf.
Everything worked out perfectly. Gregory at McRent was very thorough and very helpful, giving us an excellent checkout. The van was very new, only 6K kms and virtually spotless. We rented a 6 bedder despite us being only 4 so we would not have to re/de construct the table and bench into a bed twice a day, as we had to do in New Zealand, and this made things a lot easier.
The only instruction that I forgot was not to fill the water tank full; on day 2 after I did, we had a trickling leak on the floor. When I called McRent, they assured me it would go away if I filled the tank to 3/4 (a Dethleffs design fault), and it did. Everything worked perfectly during our 4200km trip and the engine was peppy despite the size of the vehicle; it also gave us approximately 20miles/gallon, which was very nice given that diesel was about $9.50/gallon. All in all we spent less on gas than expected.
We really enjoyed the camping experience in Europe. The sites (use Mike and Terry Church's book for the best sites close to public transport) were stunning and well equipped, and very easy to access the city center. You can drive through most European cities and towns with the vehicle, but just beware of the old parts of the city (Vieux Carre, Altstadt etc) which tend to have narrow streets and height restrictions. The only unanticipated adventure was trying to get to a campsite near Moneghlia/Cinque Terre; the tunnels to access it say 3m height limit, but in fact are OK up to 3.5m, as we found out the next day after staying in a hotel. What we also discovered was that the site we were trying to get to through the tunnels had its own 3.2m restriction when I called them. We decided to stay at a different campsite the next night when we discovered the railway tunnels would be OK to drive through despite the incorrect 3.0m restriction. As it turns out, we had a spectacular oceanfront site (Camping La Secca) with panoramic views and steps to the beach. So, all may not be what it seems in Italy, but do ask before driving through!
Return check-in was uneventful. We had cleaned the van thoroughly and had no problems. Gregory was quite happy with the vehicle's condition, which was more or less immaculate, and we got our full refund in a couple of days. I presented him with a little German flag we got in a Toblerone as part of the UEFA soccer championship celebrations and he promised to display it in his office !
All in all, I would highly recommend Ideamerge, McRent Mulheim/Dusseldorf, and campervan vacations in Europe. An ideal way to travel, and it will save you a lot of packing/unpacking hassle, and money both from hotel costs as well as being able to eat 1-2 meals/day in the van. Only caveat....when it gets really hot (as in Italy) and muggy, with mosquitoes, it does get quite stifling in the van despite all the windows being open with the bugscreens active. We had enough after 5 days in Italy, so we headed back into the mountains without going to Rome.
We are planning another trip to Northern Germany and Scandinavia in a couple of years, and Ideamerge it will be!
Thanks Doug and Gregory for making it all so easy!

Anne-Marie and Miles Greenway, Victoria, Australia, 21 july 2008
Well, we left it a bit late to book a motorhome, but Ideamerge were great. The RV was booked whilst I was in the Cook Islands and Miles was in Australia, and he did the booking whilst I did the paying! No problem for them though...!

When we picked it up it looked HUGE, but we soon got on with it very well. We took it all over the USA in a month - LA to Utah, South Dakota and down to Miami, then back up to Pennsylvania. I think we did about 17 states in total. It was very good to us. The staff were excellent, especially in New York where we returned it, and our only qualms would be the hard matress (same as previous messages on here!), and the fact that the electrical appliances didn't reach the sockets! A kettle would have been cool too, but apparently they don't use them in the US that much.

Thanks, Ideamerge, for a G R E A T T R I P.


Patrick Eustace friends, 21 july 2008
Me and 4 friends booked a 5 seater RV near the end of May after finishing college and we toured Europe for 6 weeks taking in 9 countries along the way. Everything worked out great. The RV was a great way to travel as it allowed us to dictate the pace of our travels. I'd highly recommend this form of a holiday to anyone. It was a great experience and if anybody asks I'll point them in the direction of IdeaMerge!!

Thanks again!

Terry and Janet Davis, 19 july 2008
For our recent trip to Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria, we rented a 19 ft. Davis motorhome from IdeaMerge. The process was easy to do, no problems or hassles. Everything went as stated on pick up and return. The directions to the pick up was good and we had no issues getting there. The personnel were curteous and went to great lengths to show us how everything worked. We felt completely comfortable when we pulled out of the lot.

It was a perfect choice for 2 people with a bathroom, small kitchen and bed. We really enjoyed the smaller size of it, as it was easier to get around the small streets of Europe. We did still have a few issues with the height and parking spots, but nothing that hindered us from doing everything we wanted to do.

Camping through Europe was one of the best experiences of our lives and we definitely plan to do it again. We will also definitely rent a motorhome again!

Tim and Carla Yaworski, 14 july 2008
We are a family of four, with 2 teenage girls, and just returned from a 3 week vacation of Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. We rented the McRent Family Standard (Dethleffs 5831) flying into Munich and picking it up at Sulzmoos. McRent was excellent having the vehicle ready early and the drop off went smooth. The vehicle was practically new with under 4000 km and worked perfectly. We averaged about 11.5 liters/100 km going 4000 km on our trip. A note about taxi fares, I think they have gone up considerably compared to the rates mentioned on the Ideamerge site, as has everything. Expect to pay 80-90 euro each way.
Our observations about driving the motorhome are with the model we had was the height as this is something to be aware of when driving along tree lined streets due to potential trees scratching. Also the width could be a concern on some of the smaller roads in Italy and some city streets. All of these were mentioned by McRent at pickup.
Camping in Europe exceeded our expectations immensely. Compared to Canada and USA the campgrounds were like small resorts – extremely clean with very good and reasonable restaurants.
A suggestion we would offer that helped us immensely in selecting campgrounds that were convenient to both the driving and using public transportation, to get into the major cities to see the sights, was Mike and Terri Church’s book Traveler’s Guide to European Camping – it is excellent.
Overall we had a great experience, always comfortable, campgrounds were great, no security concerns and Ideamerge delivered with no surprises or problems. We highly recommend Ideamerge and McRent and plan to use them on the next trip.

Erik Robin Wilensky, 14 july 2008
We came to Europe for a tour of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy. If it wasn't for renting a camper, the declining US dollar would have put Europe out of our budget.
The renting process:
I received ample information regarding the terms and conditions of the rental and found the customer service to efficient and understanding through the process of the deposit and wire transfer of the remaining balance. We were to pick op the van in Regensburg since Munich was all out.
Arriving in Munich we used a transport service from the airport on the way to pick up and after drop off we took the train back to Munich which was cheaper.
Picking up the Camper:
The branch manager was very friendly and did give us thorough instructions regarding the camper and its use. He offered us all sorts of rental equipment however we decided before travelling to carry our own equipment in our luggage. Once converting the rental costs to dollars it just wasn’t as cost effective.
The van was almost new and had no issues except the air conditioner did not function. This was not a big deal and I looked at it as saving extra fuel. We were very pleased with the quality of the rental.
Drop off was much easier than expected and just like that we were heading back home.
Everything was up front, no surprises.
Everything was easy, no catches or hidden charges.
We had a great trip, no mechanical problems.

If I could come up with any suggestions, I would ask that English language camping guides be available with the camper or for purchase. I would also reduce the prices of the equipment rentals. I would also have liked the piece of mind of a second or backup propane tank. As it turns out we did not finish the original one but I would have hated to run out in the middle of a cold night in the Alps.

Thanks for the wonderful service and rental!

Anne-Cri and Didier, 13 july 2008
We booked a RV with IdeaMerge for 12 days ( Las Vegas to Las Vegas )
we saw Bryce- Capitol Reef - Monument valley - Grand Canyon, we
had a 24 feets and were traveling with our 4 kids. It was PERFECT. It
is easy, convenient, the RV was nice ( Road Bear) I recommend to use
a RV to visit the big National Parks in the West, the campground are
fantastic ant the RV is adequate. We'll do it again ... with IdeaMerge
and we recommend your company to our friends. Thank you.

Curt Mathisen, 10 july 2008
We rented a Fiat Compact Cruiser Motorhome for our 30th Anniv.
trip to the Alps through DRM's Munich branch, The MH was brand
new and performed very nicely. Was good on fuel mileage, which
was good since fuel prices are way up there in Europe.

The unit was very comfortable for two. I would have preferred an
automatic transmission in the vehicle, but a manual was all that
was available. Handled the curvy roads in Austria and Switzerland

DRM's branch managers were friendly and efficient. Spoke
reasonably good English.l

Overall very satisfied with our experience and would rent with them

marty, 10 july 2008
nothing but praise for idea merge.... we had no italian vocab and yet is was never an issue at the depot when picking up the van.... we had a very large camper..... may have been an error considering the type of skill needed to drive in italy ... anyway... the guys showed us eveything needed to enjoy our driving holiday in italy.... we did break a small thing in the van and this wasnt even a issue...... we loved it and would use these guys again with no hesitations..... from aussies on tour ...thanks

William Pulles, 07 july 2008
We rented a camper from McRent and needed to collect it in Isny - a 2.5 - 3 hour train and bus ride from Munich. We arrived at around 17h00 on a Friday afternoon (late because of transport glitches) and our new 2008 model vehicle was there but with the following problems:

- empty gas cylinders
- no crockery or tables/chairs loaded despite confirming the need for this on booking
- cupboard door that would not stay closed and eventually broke during our trip

I was also dissappointed to discover that the Camping Guide was 3 years out of date and only available in German - nothing in English. The quality of crockery and cutlery provided is also very poor and even buttering a slice of bread runs the risk of bending the knife.

While the owner of the Isny depot does not speak any English at all, he was friendly and fortunately able to contact Lucas, a very helpful young man who took us through the vehicle, showed us how everything works and rectified the problems mentioned above. He also kindly arranged a free camping at a small site next to the enormous Dethleffs factory located in Isny and also offered a guided tour through the factory (which we declined for time reasons).

The van was great - handled very well and had great power on uphills. Diesel consumption was not too bad, provided there was limited open highway driving at 130 km/h when consumption climbs through the roof. It was definitely a challenge and test of nerves maneouvering the vehicle along the very narrow country roads of Croatia and its islands but we got through it without adding a single scrape to the vehicle.

We enjoyed the trip immensely, enjoyed the vehicle and would certainly recommend McRent, provided they can get hold of some English documentation for English customers.

Joanne McMillan, 07 july 2008
We booked our six berth motorhome with ideamerge as they were the most competitive on price for the Kea which we had choosen. We rang Kea from our hotel and they came and picked us up and took us to pick up the van. A very comprehensive van with everything that you would need and lots of room, also very economical on fuel. On our second night the bed broke but kea had someone there to fix it within an hour of getting the call. We dropped the van off and they took us to the airport. Excellent service throughout, from booking to collecting. Would certainly use again and have already priced up for Cananda next year.

Craig Palmer, 03 july 2008
We booked a 5-birth for a week, collected from Hamburg and travelled throughout Denmark. There was only two of us and our dog so we had plenty of room. Anyway, collection was no problem. Staff were friendly, helpful and spoke English which was a bonus. When we set off we didn't realise the radio aerial was missing at first, however when we informed them when we handed it back there wasn't an issue. Everything went smoothly. The van was surprisingly easy to drive and not too expensive to fuel. Denmark was expensive, but the idea of packing up every morning and going someplace new made the holiday great. One day we would stay on a site by the beach, then the following day stay on a site in the country. We soon got into our routine of emptying the waste and filling the water etc. Great week and we will definately do it again next year.

Patsie Otto Bletzer, 03 july 2008
Just returned from a very successful motorhome trip through Germany,Austria,Switzerland and Italy. We hired a 6 berth Dethleffs Motorhome from the Offenbach/Frankfurt McRent office. The chap at McRent was extremely helpful, explained all the ins and outs of the vehicle, inspected it with us thoroughly and within 45 minutes we were on our way.We had prebooked all our stops and of these can thoroughly recommend Camping Bella Italia on Lake Garda , Il Pogetto outside Florence, and La Riva on Lake Como. We had no problems at all with the motorhome despite doing 4000 kms in it. We would certainly go through Idea Merge again but the next time would go for a larger version. Although we were only 3 adults in a 6 berth van you do have to be "friendly". Also the next time we would consider towing a SmartCar behind to avoid squeezing through narrow town roads. McRent refunded our 1000 euro deposit within a matter of days. Our only small complaint is that we arrived back at McRent to hand the vehicle in during a "staff meeting" and a very bumped up executive type told us very rudely not to interrupt him ! Keep clear of German staff meetings !!!

christian doeringer, 02 july 2008
We rented an RV in Stockholm for 1 week. Everything was well organized. However, we were disappointed in the end because the total bill far exceeded out expectations, as we were not made aware of some of the additional charges (for example, there is a charge of 0.4 Euro per excess kilometer driven. However, if you do not tell them the exact excess kilomters in advance, there is a "penalty" of 0.6 Euro per excess kilometer.
Note from IdeaMerge: We present all the information about the Scandinavia kilometer inclusion and extra-kilomter costs by way of our Accessories page(s) and during the online reservation process — as well as on the rental confirmation voucher which we e-mail to the client upon making the booking.

Karlene Dawson, 02 july 2008
My husband, 6 month old and I decided it would be a great experience to travel around Europe, visit family and experience life on the road with a little one. We thought that having a camper van would allow for us to create a stable environment for the little one, have flexibility and avoid the hassel of packing and unpacking every few days. Having the van definitely allowed for this however it was a little too restricting in other ways. We had orinally requested a VW California; however at time of contact their were none available in the location we had wanted to start in (or so we were told). So we got something a little bigger but definitely not more convenient for our purposes. I did find this a little frustrating as when I spoke to the representative at the dealership where we picked up the van apparently there were plenty VWs to be had. Irregardless we still had a fantastic time touring around Europe and camping along the way. A lot of people ask if I would do it again and I say yes but differently. Having the van proved to be more expensive in the long run as the size of it prohibited us from going into cities (parking) which meant that we pretty much just used it to travel from one location to the next, park at the campsite and then take transit in the various areas that we were staying at.
Working with Ideamerge was very helpful and they were quite helpful with most things, I just wished I had investigated the options around getting the VW van a little more. Hind sight is always 20/20 I suppose.
Note from IdeaMerge: We never steer clients away from available, less expensive models which they prefer to larger, more expensive models. At the time of booking we exhaust all possible avenues to locate the vehicle which best suits the client's needs and wants.

Stephen Tangney, 02 july 2008
Steve, Darryl, Eoin & Gregg -Ireland
The original plan was for us to fly to austria to watch the European soccer championships - Euro 2008 - in Salzburg, Innsbruck and Klagenfurt. HOwever the lack of accommodation available and the price of flights proved too high an obstacle to overcome. a bit of lateral thought, and google searching and our new and improved plan rolled out with unexpected ease. We flew dublin-munich, spent 2nights in munich's beerhalls before making a short train ride from the hauptsbahnhof (central train station) to Markt-Schwaben, a 3euro 30min journey of german efficiency and engineering.
Within minutes of arriving, all the necessary paper work was signed and we loaded up for a trip of a lifetime. The ease at which this is done is a credit to IdeaMerge's thoroughness - especially the detailed e mails in simple english without the legal mumbo jumbo. The camper itself was again a hallmark of german efficiency. It was the VW "california" - a VW caravelle converted. less than 3,500kg's so we could drive it on our normal licences. We travelled 997km in week and it cost €140 in diesel, pretty good considering the fuel costs these days (and the fact that we were burning up the autobahns). An example of how cool this camper was would be that a table folded out and you could turn the front seats right around to face back into the camper, open the fridge and crack open a few cans and enjoy a wee game of cards before hitting the party mad Euro 2008 festival.
Our journey took us from Munich to Salzburg for the Greece Sweden game... nice swedish women abounding... then onto Germany Croatia in Klagenfurt... then thru the Alps (and i mean literally thru them, the longest tunnel we went thru was 6.8km... a long tunnel) to Innsbruck for Sweden Spain. The scenary was gorgeous everywhere and these small cities are hugely picturesque against the backdrop of the gargantuan mountains that surround you, always to the background of rushing icy waters that trundled through the hearts of these mainly pedestrianised cities.
We didn't have a hitch our entire holiday. we typically parked up our van in residential areas about ten minutes walk from the city centre, but i should add that everywhere we went there thousands of supporters so there were vans everywhere. I can't reccommend you to follow suit as these cities will never see their streets as vibrant ever again.
And we did it like true men, no map, didn't ask for directions and always landed on our feet.
Thank you IdeaMerge for making it possible, and with such ease of effort too.

"You are a product of your experiences".

Karin Fivaz, 29 june 2008
The service provided by Ideamerge was promt and good and I would use them again. I would however prefer to use a different Motorhome company and not Euromotorhome. The bedding provided was very bad and it consisted out of only one very old and worn sleeping bag per person with no extra blanket for colder nights. The crockery was also very sparse and did not include even basis items such as sharp knifes and coffee mugs. There was also not enough gas provided for our 2 week trip even though we were assured that the gas cylinder was full. The motorhome was in good condition and we had no mechanical problems and breakdowns. We also found it hard to find the campsites in spain and the guide provided does not give very good directions of the various campsites. But overall it was a good trip in Spain with minimal problems.

Lynne Griffiths, 27 june 2008
We picked up the RV in Vancouver and spent two weeks exploring Vancouver Island. The van was great, clean and with everything we needed, we especially loved going over the pass to Ucluelet.
We saw humpback whales and lots of bears and are looking forward to our next visit.

Noel and Mary Poe, 26 june 2008
We just returned from a 3 week vacation using a Compact Cruiser Fiat motorcaravan that was rented from Ideamerge and picked up at DRM Rental Office in Frankfurt. The van was perfect for the two of us as we traveled through southern Germany and most of Austria. The staff at the Frankfurt/Kelsterbach office was exceptional and gave us a good orientation taking the time that was necessary. The vehicle was ready when we arrived and within an hour we were out of the lot. Turning back in was also simple. We rented the kitchen set and it had everything that we needed. The van was basically new and we had no problems with the vehicle. We averaged a little over 26 miles per gallon, as advertised. One word of caution for the United States renters and maybe for people from other countries. In the United States the diesel pumps have green hoses and nozzles. In Europe the unleaded pumps have green hoses and nozzles. Be careful and get the right pumps for the vehicle. If the American government gets our act together and the value of the dollar increases aganist the Euro, I would not hesitate to rent from IdeaMerge and DRM again. Noel Poe, Utah.

Georgina Powell (UK), 25 june 2008
IdeaMerge were really helpful when we made the booking and were generally really efficient except that our flight details got mixed up with another family's so there was no-one to meet us at the airport when we arrived. It was resolved quickly though and we picked up the motorhome from the depot in Madrid with no problems although the whole pick up process does take a long time.

Never hired a motorhome before but the whole experience was great. Campsites in Spain are pretty hard to find (not very well signposted and the guide provided in the motorhome did not give very useful directions) so I would recommend doing a bit of research and printing out some maps before you leave home.

The motorhome itself was fine - pretty clean although I'm sure it was more than 6 months old (despite the rental details saying they were all younger than this!) The dashboard cigarette lighter didn't work - probably to stop people smoking in the motorhome - we don't smoke but it was a major problem because it meant we couldn't use our sat nav! Also, the household kit is more than basic and very expensive for what you are provided with - just sleeping bags and crockery. It didn't provide what I would call basics like a sharp knife and a chopping board etc...

We dropped the motorhome off in Malaga - it was impossible to find the depot and we were driving round for ages (although the manager assured us it was easy to find so maybe we were the only people who had that problem!)

Overall a good experience and I'd definitely recommend IdeaMerge if you're thinking of taking a motorhome round Spain.

Irene Schotman Jeroen and Tijmen Scheer, 25 june 2008
Half May we picked up our camper at Freedom in Rome, Italy. We
exchanged the generator for an extra bicycle. Since we travelled with
our son (2 1/2 yrs), Freedom came with the excellent idea of giving
us a child seat for one bike. That was really brilliant. Two bikes at the
back of the camper, we travelled around South Italy extensively,
enjoyed everything. The camper was excellent, although already more
than 90.000 kms on its counter. At return the people at Freedom
were very friendly again, as at pick up. We really enjoyed our trip.

Lucy and Alex, 23 june 2008
We booked a 25ft RV from Ideamerge Motoris and had the best time travelling from the west coast to the east coast of the USA. We are british and thought this was the perfect way to see as much of America as possible.
The service we had in picking up from the San Francisco office and dropping off at the New York office was fantastic with the staff being really friendly and helpful. We also had a great deal by booking in advance.
We would highly recommend booking with them.

Rikus Tiny Terveer, 22 june 2008
May 12 - 27 2008
You’re always a bit uncertain about the outcome when booking a holiday yourself by internet. In the case of IdeaMerge there’s no need for that. Everything from the first contact up to the final delivery of your camper works just fine. Clear conditions, fast and kind responses (Doug Bredesen; does that man ever sleep?) to questions, kindly treatment whether it is by email or at pickup and delivery points and a very good camper! All that for a very reasonable (if not the best) price. We picked up a Winnebago Chalet in Las Vegas (sleeping capacity 4-6 persons, so certainly enough for the both of us) an drove it to Chicago. This camper is quite easy and comfortable to drive. It’s V10 engine supplies enough (and to spare) power to tame the more steeper roads we drove at, considered its measures , a reasonable fuel consumption rate . It is more than well equipped; everything you need is available and in good working condition. The camper certainly was not older as promised. For us a camper proved again to be the ideal way to explore foreign countries and the US is prepared for it; it’s easy to find campgrounds with specific facilities for them. We mostly used the KOA campgrounds and were very satisfied about them (a KOA coupon was included with the camper; good choice) . IdeaMerge offers more or less worldwide rentals and in case of future trips we certainly will use them again!

Jason Scarborough, NSW, Australia, 21 june 2008
My family of 5 had an absolute ball travelling around Europe for 9 weeks in the McRent motorhome we organised through IdeaMerge.

Doug is the man! We had several questions to assist in our planning (which for two adults and three children is compariable to a military logistics exercise!) Doug could even tell us if the CD player in the model we reserved could play MP3 files or not! Try asking Avis, Budget, etc this question and getting anything other than a shrug of the shoulders.

He also helped us resolve a SNAFU that our local motoring organisation made in issuing our International Driving Permit. All this made the pickup process at Frankfurt, quick, easy and uncomplicated.

The vehicle itself was clean, in good condition, mechanically A1 and surprisingly fuel efficient. Probably a little on the large side for some of the narrow european roads we encountered, however, we needed the internal size to stay sane.

On minor bone of contention - don't bank on getting your deposit back, and don't think that the 1,000 EUR is all you will have to pay if there is damage to the vehicle. We had 2 incidents on our trip:

1. where I mistakenly trusted a grease monkey at an Itallian filling station to direct us to an appropriate fuel pump. Minor damage to the rear of the vehicle resulted.

2. a car on the worng side of the road clipped our wing mirror in the UK and then failed to stop to exchange details.

Because there was 2 occurances, we lost the 1,000 Eur on the first and got hit for 400 on the second. Thankfully, our travel insurance should cover the shortfall (minus an excess).

This is the ONLY way to see Europe. We plan on writing a book about our experiences and can't praise Doug and Ideamerge enough for their efficiency, assistance and professionalism.

"Don't be jealeous - do it!"

Marybeth Finn, 17 june 2008
First I want to preface this review with the fact that we had a wonderful time travelling in Australia. A camper is the only way to go with a family of 6 (2 parents and 4 young adult children). Staying at mostly Big 4 parks was quite pleasant. It was a great way to keep this trip affordable for us all and to see as much as we could in 10 days! Upon arriving at the Brisbane Maui office on 21 May 2008 we were served within 10 minutes. Guess we got lucky for by the time we left there were 2 families that had been waiting for at least 30 min. The staff were all very pleasant, helpful and efficient. The instructional dvd was helpful, but a manual to take on the road would have been most appreciated as you don't retain much after travelling for 23 hrs! I was somewhat disappointed with the condition of the camper interior (Maui Spirit 6): refrigerator wasn't clean, broken air conditioner cover, broken bathroom door latch. We also had a broken camping chair. Those were all minor inconveniences compared to the blowout we had driving up to Port Douglas! We also had to have another tire replaced as it was losing air and had a wire protruding from the side of it. The Maui customer service line was helpful in giving us the name of a tire dealer to go to, but unfortunately they didn't have the tire in stock. It took us a 30 min drive to another dealer for the replacement only to find out that they could only replace the one tire as there was only 1 tire that size on the entire East coast!!! We also experienced a crack in the windshield and were very glad we took out the No Worries coverage as it covers 2 tires and 1 windshield!!! Driving on the left was a bit of a challenge in the cities, but not on the highways. NavWoman, as we came to lovingly call the GPS system, was helpful for the most part except for the 2 times she took us on a couple shortcuts not on the maps through a sugarcane field and on a gravel road in the dark! But she did get us to our destination both times. Returning the camper was simple and we were complimented on how clean we left it. Renting through Ideamerge online was easy and we would do it again without hesitation. Our main complaint was with the tire quality on the camper and this we addressed with the Maui personnel only to receive a shrug and "4000km is alot of driving!". The country of "No worries!" It's good to be back in the USA!

Lorne Logan, Nova Scotia, Canada, 11 june 2008
My wife and I rented a 22-foot Winnebago Chalet from Motoris, Las Vegas depot. We toured southern California and Arizona for 2 weeks. The Motoris staff were great to deal with and the price was very reasonable. I did damage the step pulling out of a service station and was prepared to pay about $200 for a replacement. I was delighted to hear the staff person say that it could be repaired for a cost of $50. I highly recommend Motoris and the Las Vegas staff.

Doug Bredesen at Ideamerge was also very professional, patient and helpful. All arrangements were made on the website and we were absolutely delighted with how smoothly everything went.

Pat Freeman and Erin Fleming, MD USA, 10 june 2008
We flew to Frankfurt, rode the S-bahn to Offenbach and then took a cab from there to the McRent terminal. Cabs were plentiful at the train stop. McRent in Frankfurt is in a garage but it has plenty of room to drop your bags. Klaus greeted us and asked to sit and watch the video while our paperwork was completed. The video was in English and made perfect sense to me. While waiting for them to finish prep on the RV (we were a few hours early), we took a nap on the couch. Then, Klaus showed us to our Globecar (Compact Standard) rental. It was practically brand new with about 7000km on the odometer. He showed us how to work everything and I had no questions. He asked me to follow him as he looked over the entire vehicle, including the roof, including up and down the ladder, to show the condition of the exterior. I'm glad for this as car rental places never do that and it leaves room for dispute. We had a perfect vehicle!

The rentals are parked behind the McRent building, and there was a narrow road that we needed to use to get out. Other businesses use this as well so we had to share the road. It helps to have some knowledge on operating an oversize vehicle to get in and out of this spot, in my opinion. But, it was no problem. GPS worked great to get everywhere from NW France to SE Germany. I highly recommend the "AA Caravan and Camping Europe" book as this gives excellent information about rates, facilities, locations and dates of operation. I found that just driving until we were tired, then showing up after camping reception was closed, someone was always willing to help and we could pay in the morning. The International Camping Card makes checking-in easy and is a great alternative to leaving a passport with the campsite reception overnight.

The RV engine was peppy and the 6 speed transmission was perfect for downshifting and getting enough power for a quick (as possible) pass for the autobahn/autoroute. They have many grades of Diesel in Europe and this RV took the most inexpensive grade, which was nice. The small size of this RV attracted a lot of attention from locals because it was small, blue (instead of the default white RV color) and had McRent's stickers on it. I loved how this attracted a lot of attention because it gave us a chance to try the language and meet the locals.

We had no problems with the vehicle except that the water level didn't like to go over 75% and I think that was a design issue. The cap for the water fill was not perfectly sealed and you'd get some leakage there when driving or parking on a hill. We got used to that as I'm sure it happens with most RVs. However, one day we ran the tank dry. After filling it, I ran some water later that day, which primed the system and also enabled the drain valve for the heater. I was a little embarrassed as the locals probably thought I was dumping waste on the street but the panic of me trying to find out how to get this stopped must have entertained them as I thumbed through the German manual. Good thing I could make out some words. The picture also help as I got a revelation moment and climbed into the back in time to save 50% of our water. My advice to others is to never run the water tank dry. Oh, there was also an intermittent buzzer that would sound when a door wasn't shut if you attempted to start the RV. It took a few minutes to realize what that meant as there were no warning lights on the dash. I say that's just the fun of experiencing a new culture.

This was the first time for me to be out of the country and I was impressed by the helpfulness of everyone. But, everywhere we went it was a relaxed atmosphere. US renters should understand that this culture is different. Customer service is not "the customer is always right," stores operate at strange hours and drivers are considerate.

Before returning the RV, dumped and washed out the toilet cartridge at our last campground, then we stayed in a local hotel a block away from McRent. We used the vacuum right down the street at a local car wash and some all-purpose cleaner from a grocery store to clean the entire inside. By cleaning everything so it looked like new, the McRent staff was extremely surprised. I think an hour of work detailing the inside is easy and makes your departure quite quick. We received an immediate refund of our deposit. I recommend this RV and McRent. I hope that others enjoy their European experience as much as we did!

Rex 2008, 09 june 2008
Hi Doug: McRent in Frankfurt is just marginal, may be it is only me, but I have a few things that I want to point out from my personal experience.
1. On pick-up day, customer can opt out viewing the McRent video, boring, especially if you have rented before. Besides, McRent won't let you off the hook with or without the video knowledge anyway.
2. The staff would climb up a ladder to inspect the roof, while the sides, front and back, and the interior of the vehicle are all ignored. This opens room for dispute when the vehicle is returned.
3. When a leak from the fresh water tank was pointed out to the staff, the reply was 'just over-filling', but we had to put up with a leaky tank all our way. At the best, we could only use half tank and the other half wasted.
4. There has never been enough water pressure in the piping systems. We needed to start the pump for a few minutes before we get a trickle of water coming out from the taps.
5. The bed cannot be held in place because of broken hardware underneath the dinning table. We end up with a wobbling bed and faced the possibility of a broken back from the thrill to sleep on bed.
6. The fresh water outlet valve was stuck closed making flushing the fresh water tank an impossible task.
7. When the staff accompanied us inside the vehicle for verbal instructions, we were told just to listen and don't even ask.
8. No tools were provided to change the propane bottles. In the ideal world, I think that can be done by bare hands, but obviously our world was not ideal.
9. The instruction books (manuel) were not English friendly, and obvious not for us.
10. When finished, we returned the vehicle reasonably clean, but we were forced laboured to do a detailed clean-up. The reply was "we are too busy to do this kind of work". My question was "What do you expect if we don't even have a vacumn cleaner and cleaning equipment? Is it just another way to squeeze more money out of their customers.Besides, where is that 125 Euro prep fee, how it was spent?
11. What is basically happened was poor maintenance and maintenance was only performed on complaints. But this can only create unhappy customers and loss of expected service.

Dave and Aileen Peel, 06 june 2008
Just wanted to let you know our two weeks with the Hamburg rental (Peels May 15-selected vehicle: McRent Family Plus, sleeps 5, e.g.
Dethleffs 5881 HG, to May 29) went very well and the unit and the manager at the rental location were EXCELLENT. NO problems Thanks, worked out well and would certainly book with you again.

Thanks again Dave and Aileen Peel

Eric McClure, 06 june 2008
We went with IdeaMerge(IM) after quite a a bit of research into renting an RV in Brisbane, Australia. There were a number of companies over there to rent through, but IM seemed to have all of them. We were hooked on the Apollo Hitop camper based on it's size and features, but a number of companies offer similar vehicles. Having an IM customer rep in LA to talk to about our vehicle options and the insurance options in Australia was great, and really helped us feel confident in putting money down for a vehicle rental some 9000mi away. We ended up going with the Apollo Hitop (or so we thought), and got into Brisbane after a mere 24hrs of travel time. Needless to say, I was in no condition to get the runaround at the Apollo dealer, but it turned out to be simple and we were impressed in in their staff and service. Our only little snafu was that we had ordered the Hitop, but ended up with the Eurocamper. Not bad conisidering that it was a larger vehicle with a diesel engine instead of petro, but the interior layout was not as good as some similar campers out ther through other renters. The vehicle was nearly new, clean, full of fuel, and ready to go. We opted for the full coverage insurance after finding out that insurance is nom-compulsary in Australia, and we didn't feel like dealing with it if we wrecked the camper. $25 a day is totally worth it for the piece of mind. We were out on the open road in no time...but plan on some initial confusion with driving on the left, and I would definitely recommend an automatic transmission. The 6 spped manual (shift with your left hand) was a little too much to handle after a 24hr trip and learning the local traffic rules. The 10 day trip up the Sunshine Coast was amazing, and the caravan parks are clean and plentiful. We'd definitely go through IM again if we go back or head to Europe.

James & Celia Cliff, 29 may 2008
We hired a five berth campervan from the Frankfurt depot, for the period April 2nd to May 10th. This was a Detleffs vehicle on a Fiat chassis.
After getting used to six forward gears, it turned out to be easy to drive and performed faultlessly for 5500 km.
However I do not think that it was entirely suitable for an extended trip outside Germany / Austria so early in the season. The cabin heater would only run on gas, and we rapidly became very economical in its use. It had snowed in England and the nights and mornings were pretty chilly. We augmented the bedding with coats and anoraks, but the draught from the cab in the early morning was something to be treated with caution.
THe adaptors which we had bought in Germany, and which were claimed to make refilling the gas bottles easy in foreign parts,turned out to be of no use. The French just shrugged and pointed to their own, incompatible, brand of exchange bottles. In England they even offered to change the gas terminations on the vehicle so that we could use their bottles.

There is a version of this Truma heater that also runs on mains electicity 230vac, as well as gas.

Otherwise all went well.

colin and Julie Westgate UK, 29 may 2008
The collection and return of the Motorhome was seamless. Very quick, no fuss and no extra's to pay at all. The Motorhome itself was exactly how it was described, nearly new and performed perfectly throughout the 3000km trip. We would definately use Ideamerge again and would recommend them to anyone!

David and Doris Woolley, 29 may 2008
Picked our MotorHome up in Rome. Everythng worked well, and the staff were very helpful. I did not need any supplies(ie chairs, utensils etc) so I can not comment on that portion. Drove to Sorrento and back with no problems. Doug was very helpful at this end as well.

Rainer Menzel, 29 may 2008
We toured around Kalifornia about 2000 Miles in March/April 08 - Roundtrip S.F. - L.A. - San Diego - Las Vegas & back. Everything includig the bookingprocess via internet worked very fine. Airporthotel pickup, Car pickup at Mot�and so on. Absolutly no Problems with the car Ford E22 - big enough for two Adults - maybe up to two children should be no problem. The Car took about 22 Litres for 100km - fuel 70US/c per Litre. Spring is a great time for Kalifornia! Placing the car at the best spots at the beach / desert - wonderful sunsets - from 20 days of our journey we had only about 8 nights on campinggrounds! We can only recommend doing it with IdeaMERGE/Moturis.
For further Questions your Mail is welcome

R. Menzel

Jacob Pot, 28 may 2008
Pick up and drop off in Nice. Not the most organised; but friendly and effective.

Van not as new as last time. Some minor defects. Intermittent problems with water heater and fridge. Cooking gear very minimal.

Cannot understand why a van that will sleep 6 only has four seats with seatbelts.

Otherwise would do it all again, as it is an ideal way around the area.

jim morgan, 25 may 2008
we picked up a motorhome in rome italy from freedom holiday. the unit was new we were the first to use it. the hot water heater and furnace did not work. we took it back and the renter thought he got it working, but it never worked for more than a minute. the motorhome ran great and got good mileage. overall the trip was great.

Mark Grimes, 25 may 2008
Picked up our 6 berth motorhome from Apollo in Auckland, Apollo collected us from the Airport. Pick up was smooth, took about an hour to finalise paperwork from arrival to leaving the office.

Motorhome was 1 year old in excellent condition, clean and well presented. It made our touring holiday of New Zealand a pleasure.

Overall a positive experience from the initial booking with Ideamerge. Doug even returned a telephone call to me when I could not get through to his office in the states,and I live in the UK!

Drop off in Christchurch was also smooth, took approx 30 mins to complete paperwork upon drop off
Excellent from start to finish

I would definately recomend Ideamerge , Fantastic service and value for money.

Trish and Bob Gobeil, 22 may 2008
April 2008 Our family of 4 rented a motorhome and toured from Oslo through the telemark area and on to Bergen. We stopped when ever we choose and put on our skiis and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and of course the skiing. The motorhome handled the snowy and sometimes icey roads (and more often narrow) beautifully. We then traveled on to Lillehammer and returned to Oslo. We prepared all our meals in the vehicle and felt we had a lot of freedom pulling over when we choose. Our vehicle was very economical to operate and we made a comment that Canada should operate the same motorhomes.
Thank you very much.

Akira Hachiya, 22 may 2008
Dear Madam/Sir,

Our family actually enjoyed the trip from Las Vegas to Denver using a motorhome. We visited Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches etc. That was a second opportunity to visit there for us except for my younger daughter. We visited there again because we wanted to share the good memories with her before we go back to Japan. That was more than I had expected. I felt a little bit scared when I stated to drive a motorhome but I got accustomed to the width and the size within the first day.

Unfortunately I had not understood the way to supply the water to a motorhome at the park. In addition, nobody took a call when I called the Denver office to ask a question. Before I lent a motorhome, I actually got an instruction by watching a DVD. But I think it was not enough for customers to understand. So I recommend that you had better instruct directly so that consumer understand very well.


Denise Cordeiro-Bennett, 22 may 2008
What a great experience!!! We were motorhome first timers and still found it amazingly easy to book the motorhome online through IdeaMerge. We flew to Frankfurt and took the short taxi ride to McRent to pick up our motorhome. The staff was great; very helpful and they took the time to explain everything about the motorhome. It was in perfect condition, easy to operate, and was equipped with everything we expected. We brought our GPS with us, so after a quick stop at a nearby grocery store we were on our way. We scheduled the trip for 18 days in late April and availability of motorhomes and campsites was no problem. We did find that some of the attractions/campsites/parks were not yet open for the season, but this was a minor inconvenience since we still got to see so much while travelling around. We ended up driving 6,000 kilometers, visiting 8 countries and 23 cities in 18 days. About 50% of the time we stayed in formal campsites. The rest of the time we took advantage of roadside stops. Both options worked out perfectly. The motorhome was ideal for our trip...unpacking only once, eating in the most beautiful locations, lots of relaxed together time, no planes, trains, or tours to worry about. The only disadvantage was any kind of travel in or through the biggest cities. Definitely should be avoided if possible. We saw so and experienced so much more than we would ever have been able to without the motorhome. This was a once in a lifetime vacation that we now know we can repeat over and over again!

Matthew Grant, 22 may 2008
Lets start with the positive side. We loved the camper van. Travelling with our 7 month old daughter in a 6 berth camper van that had only done 1000 miles was fantastic and great fun. It gave us to be as flexiable as we needed to be. On the down side, when we arrived at the Maui office I was told that I had an additional 200 £ (NZ) to pay. Due to the time differences I could not contact ideamerge so instead of getting worked up I paid the money and decided to sort the issue out on my return as I knew how good ideamerge had been in the booking process. Sure enough, just a simple email to ideamerge on my return resolved the issue. Thank you ideamerge for a pain free booking system and resolving my problem quickly.

David Killey, 21 may 2008
Picked up our ideamerge motorhome in Sidney (Jan 2008) and embarked on a 72 day adventure. The unit was not ready when we got there, but the staff quickly supplied us with a car to go shopping and upon our return we received cash back for that days rental. We left about 3pm that day. Our unit was great and we did not have any issues to speak of. We used the co-pilot GPS system with our laptop and stayed in mostly the Big 4 parks which were excellent and had good power to run the A/C during the hot nights. I would have like more instructions when we picked up unit. Did not see the cruise control feature till we were almost done trip. The auto/manual tranny has some issues that cause it to roll back on a hill when you start out. This caused us great grief and almost an accident until we figured out to use E brake to hold position till tranny engages. Roof a/c has features we did not know of until well into the trip. Driving on opposite side of road did not present any problems at all for me. RVers are the friendliest people on earth and this is a great way to see any country.

didier from France -, 21 may 2008
We have token the 27" in Road Bear Los Angeles ( Malibu). All very good, the personal of Road Bear in very profesional and cool, it's a pleasure.
The RV was clean, just a little problem ( 35 liter gazoline in 100 km ).wahoo!!
L.A, Las Vegas, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, no problem with a recent RV.
For the organisation, all ok from France with you, all was ready on our arrival. For all the French, go there without problem, Ideamerge is pro.

Elvin Magri - MALTA, 21 may 2008
I would like to thank the staff for their co-operation in booking process. Very Well Done!..What was to our surprise was that cutlery, pillows, kitchen ware for cooking and few other items were so called extras..This waste us some time prior to start up to settle!!..No other kitchen consumables were included such as cloths and washing liquid etc!..It's no big deal but if travelling in night it is hard to purchase from anywhere!!..However, on our return we had a light scratch along the side and were to be charged a 1,000 Euros for damages. We believed that by using some polish it would be gone and the staff and management refused to let us do it ourselves. Being in the spray painting industry, I insisted on not affecting such payment and then they handed us some polish and let us do it...IT SAVED US 1.000 Euros!!!...Against all, we will consider renting again as we do such adventures yearly, with the difference of hoping that management will be more fair and flexible!!..

Thks & Rgds

Nick Little, 21 may 2008
Overall good experience. Campervan was over 2 years old despite a specific enquiry and reply that it would be less than 2 years. The towel sets had only one bathtowel and about a thousand hand towels for 6 people. As others mention the microwave is close to useless because it would constantly trip the circuit breakers in the camping areas. Staff helpful and arranged transfers with no problems- returned deposit card receipt immediately on return. Chairs and tables not matching-half chairs effectively cloth stools. Engine started every time. Slow leak in one tyre required putting air in at least every second day. Very prompt response from ideamerge/freedom to enquiries pre-rental.

Freeda, 20 may 2008
We booked through McRent, Sulzemoos (M�. Pick up and return was quick and easy. Plus, they spoke English. Everything was as promised. The result was a great vacation in Europe. GPS (now that we own one and know how useful they are) would have been handy. On the good side, the rv was extremely good on gas and compact enough to handle the city roads. Definitely recommend!

Robert Schwabenbauer, 24 february 2008
We picked up our RV just outside of Munich in a place called Sulzemoos. It was easy to get to and the place we rented from was called McREnt. The staff were very helpful and friendly and all the RV's are 1 year old or newer. We were given a brand new Fiat and were the first in this RV and it was awesome. It slept five and had a shower and toilett and the kitchen was great. We had a wonderful trip and managed to put on just shy of 3000 km's. I would recommend renting bikes and perhaps getting GPS for anyone doing this trip. Also make sure you budget for the Autobahn and Autostrasse. It was free in Germany, 8EU in Austria, and 32EU in Switzerland. Italy and France have tolls and we paid about 50EU for France and about 100EU for Italy and the roads in Italy are in bad condition!!! All the campsites were fantastic and I would recommend this trip to anyone. A real great way to see Europe!
"No one's interested in something you didn't do"

Happy travells.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Derval O'Neill, 28 january 2008
Hi there, found dealing with IdeaMerge was a pleasure - no issues at all. We expected the same when we arrived at Roadbear, Agoura Hills, but we did not find the staff particularly friendly either at the pick up stage or the drop off. At drop off, we just knew they would deduct some of our deposit eventhough the RV was in top condition when we returned it. Like one of your other customers, we too were charged for damage to the awning ($175), which to be honest you would have needed a magnifying glass to see. During the trip, the RV was basic but functional and we had no technical issues, bar a leaking kitchen sink. It could have been cleaned better before we picked it up. The driving area had not been cleaned and the blinds in the bed room were stained. Next time, we would go for a slightly higher grade RV and a bit more friendly and welcoming customer service, even if it meant paying more.

Rob and Annie, 21 january 2008
Pick up and return from McRent in Frankfurt (Nov 07 - Compact Luxury) went smoothly and staff were very helpful. We suffered two breakdowns in the five week hire - one an injector problem (in a heavy snowstorm) and the other when we discovered we had no rear brakes. We had to pay for the brake repair ourselves and it was then reimbursed on return. The fuel economy in the van was around 11.6l/100km which I was told was high for the van, although it drove very well. The crockery/cutlery/pans were adequate however we did miss a kettle.

The van itself was clean and tidy and a good size for our family (2 adults and 2 kids under 4). We chose this van for its size (it was our first hire) although next time we will go a bit bigger. As first timers we were only concerned once and that was the drive between Pompeii and Sorrento (I would recommend staying in Pompeii and getting the train!). All in all a great trip and we cant wait to do it again!

Jon Lee, 08 january 2008
We picked up a 26ft Motorhome from the New Jersey office and drove 4200 miles over 3 weeks across the LA office. We were a little daunted by the size as it was only two of us, and we had been upgraded to the bigger size. However we quickly got used to it and once we did had a brilliant time. The insides were well furnished and very comfortable and I would definately recommend Roadbear and Ideamerge. The transactions were all very smooth. We had a few minor gripes however. We (accidentally) weren't given the key needed to get in the side door. This was the biggest problem as it meant we had to go in and out of the front cab when we first came back, we could then open it from the inside and use it until we next left the van. Our water/waste tank metres were both broken which meant they showed full all the time. Wasn't a huge issue but a bit annoying. Other than that everything was excellent and we had a great time! Staff were very friendly and we had no extras to pay!

Dale and Gerda Edmonton, Canada, 25 november 2007
This was our second rental through IdeaMerge and was also a positive experience. The people at Freedom Holiday did a good job and the campervan was in great shape (if a tad under clean). Everything worked very well and the performance from the two liter diesel was impressive. Unfortunately our holiday was cut short near the last minute and we were unable to get even a partial rebate. Our only complaints with campervan itself was that the kitchen supplies were extremely modest (with several essentials missing such as a dishpan, kettle, basic cooking utensils, cooking knives etc. all of which we purchased and left with the unit) and that the camping chairs and table were not usable at all. In fact the chairs were dangerous to use as they were unstable and subject to collapse. We did point this out to the folks at Freedom Holiday and they were somewhat sheepish about the chairs and advised they were going to replace them. On the bright side the people at Freedom Holiday were extremely friendly and helpful, they provided sleeping sets for no additional charge (we forgot to order them when we placed our reservation) and gave as a free lift to the train station when we returned the campervan. All in all a good experience which could have been made better if the small trifles had been looked after.

Linda - Bristol UK, 25 november 2007
We picked up the camper in Denver and dropped it off in San Francisco having covered 2500 miles in 4 weeks. RoadBear staff were extremely helpful at both locations and in particular their pick up and drop off service from local hotels contributed greatly to making the whole process easy and relaxed.
The camper was very clean and well appointed. We were particularly impressed with the quality of the appliances: shower, microwave, fridge/freezer. Staff at the San Francisco drop off location were very professional and efficient in checking the van back in and appreciative of our efforts in cleaning the van thoroughly. This contrasts with an experience in Germany where they were extremely aggressive and unpleasant.
If I had to find any complaints it would be that the bedding was inadequate for the time of the year that we had rented the camper - October. We had to buy a thicker duvet. Also the brakes were a bit unnerving on downward mountain roads. After a long period of downhill they overheated and started shuddering alarmingly. We learnt to stop every few miles and let them cool down - but would have appreciated a short instruction on how to deal with this as mountains are fairly common in Colarado and California.

We also agree with other travellers that the option of a CDW would have been much appreciated.

However, these were small points. We wouldn't hesitate to use RoadBear again and extend our thanks to their very professional staff for their contribution in making our holiday so enjoyable.

Geoffrey, 24 november 2007
The staff at the pickup (agoura hills) were very efficient and thorough, and the vehicle was in good shape, tho one folding chair was not functional. Check these carefully if you get them.

Also, I apparently crunched the rolled up awning into a tree and had a $175 ouch payment at the end for a new roller. Be careful. Or get the extra insurance.

Sean - London, 15 november 2007
When we first picked up the RV we were all in shock at the size of it!
We had an 8 birth between the 4 of us (no kids) and had plenty of
room to splash around in! The comfort of the RV exceeded our
expectations and were all like kids on a new camping holliday! It
didn't take long to get used to the size when driving and found that it
could pretty much handle everything we had to offer it! The pick-up
and drop-off sites were easy to find and the staff at both centres were
more than helpful. As for the Californian countryside... wow... I think
we'll be seeing more of that in the coming years.

Ariel Lejtman, 31 october 2007
We had a great time all together in the camper. Your handling of our request was fast, polite and to the point. Freedom Holiday were excellent, very friendly and servicial to us. Everything they promised was done, and they also went the "extra mile".
We got the camper in the morning at no extra cost, the camper was in excellent conditions and everything worked as planned.

We hope to have a 2nd chance to rent a camper again and have a joyful experience as was our first one.

Best regards,

Jiri SMRHA, 24 october 2007
Ji�rha, Czech republic, 14 september 2007

We picked up the vehicle in Vancouver on 14.09.2007 and returned it again in Vancouver on 29.09.2007. The staff in Vancouver was kind and helpful.
The only problem at pick up was that we were not able to persuade the staff that the motoroil level was at the minimum level. We were told that it is at the maximum level and our opinion about the minim level should have been the result of our „bad meassuring“. After 500 km there was an indication the level is at the minimum which could not have been without doubt possible if there would had been enough of oil.
After seven days the cooler in the top part of the fridge served only as fridge, i.e. without producing temperature below zero.
Equipment of the vehicle was sufficient and in good quality.
I visited British Columbia for the second time an I surely will visit it again because of its fantastic nature, fish and friendly people.

Tom, 22 october 2007
Picked up the vehicle in Paris. Nice, clean and comfortable, however missing were the pots/pans, cutlery, dishes and information about campsites. (Double check for those.) Other than that, great holiday, nice way to see the country.

ronnie and seija middleton, 21 october 2007
we had a great trip we also had my wife sister with us the road star was great also no problems at all it took the large hill with ease the slideout was the best and so simple to do we hope to do it again some day, seija and me plan to do the camper thing for one year after i retire in2010, can you send info on your camper for sale,new and used thanks happy campers from finland

William Capshaw, 20 october 2007
Picked up the van in Amsterdam and recieved a very nice van along with complete operating instructions. Enjoyed my 15 days touring in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. Only one small problem with the lights which I had repaired. The cost was promptly refunded upon my return.

anne goodman, 20 october 2007

After a long gruelling journey we had to wait over an hour to get served in the Britz Brisbane office. The guy behind the counter said that people had to wait 3 hours sometimes. When I complained I was sort of ignored. After a long journey you just don't need that. They need more staff in the Brisbane office.

Ken Ackley and Karen Pope, 18 october 2007
We picked up our RV just outside Paris.
It was in very clean good condition.
We were not too happy with the maps and directions given us - ended up stopping to buy an atlas after hours on the wrong highway !!
No coffee pot was a surprise seems it would be an easy thing to provide. Yes the dishes rattle around.
Sheets were just barely OK - would make a big impression to have good ones.
These complaints aside -- we loved our time in the vehicle ---camped near Samois for 6 days for a Music Festival. Great to be able to fix our meals.
Our return was seamless ...the place is NOT easy to find or get to but -the folks there are great.

Humberto Costa, 18 october 2007
Hilda & Humberto, May 16,2007
We rented your new motor-home in Frankfurt and travelled 10.000 km around 9 European countries without any problems.Fiat and McRent were very helpful would like the motor-homes to be equipped with GPS, TV, propane oven and air condition inside the motorhome.Also we think the deposit of 1.000 euros is too high and CDW insurance should be available.
Thank you, our best regards
Hilda and Humberto

David Bland, 14 october 2007
Picked up the van in Oslo for a two week tour of southern Norway. Everything great except for the seats in the rear of the van which, being foam, did not support the passengers whilst driving.

Wood Family, 08 october 2007
We picked up at Paris, France, and returned to Lyon, France. Great space in van and we had a good time but a few suggestions for improvement.
1. decent maps included, the camping books were no good for actually locating the camp sites.
2. specially moulded or cut out shelves to hold the crockery to save it crashing around in the
3. depots miles away from anywhere, closer to airports much better. Taxi driver in Paris had no idea hence a very expensive fare!!!
4. our linen was very threadbare and very stained and smelly pillows.we had cold weather in July and one blanket wasn't enough.

pat richter, 03 october 2007
We're a couple of months late with this but, better late than never! Picked up our motorhome in Paris for a 2 week trip through parts of France, the Swiss Alps & Italy in June.It was our first time in a motorhome. Loved it. Would do it again at the drop of a hat. We recommend getting a GPS---worth it's weight in gold!The staff at the Paris depot were excellent, very friendly and all spoke English. However, we feel it should be made very clear that the actual depot isn't in Paris but in a suburb. We had been picked up at the airport and taken to the depot but it was a nightmare trying to return it because we programmed the GPS for the road in Paris(rue du Colonel de Rochebrune) and ended up all over Paris---including going up the Champs Elysees and circling the Arc de Triomphe 3 times!!! We laugh about it now but didn't at the time!The depot is actually in the suburb of Rueil and both it and Paris have a road of the same name but we were unaware of this. We should have programmed Rueil into the GPS. We weren't impressed with the table & chairs that we rented--they were basically falling apart.Other than those 2 minor things, it was a fantastic experience.So easy to just pull off somewhere and eat etc. Doug at Ideamerge answered all our questions very promptly & we'd definitely rent through Ideamerge again. We agree with a previous review--------just doit!(but get a GPS!)We're already thinking about our next trip.

Pat Richter

Marc Family (Texas), 26 september 2007
We picked up our RV in Frankfurt in July. The only plans we had were the pick up and drop off dates. WE were scheduled to have the RV for 2 weeks. We purchased a map in Paris before arriving and started reading up on all the places to visit in Germany. The location was easy to find with a hotel just on the other side of the street which was convenient for our arrival the day before picking up the RV. The staff was very nice and all spoke good english. This was great because I didn't speak any German at all. The RV was great, less than 2 years old and hardly any miles on it. It was very easy to drive, I just wiush it would have had cruise control.

With our maps in hand and no plans at all we set out for our vacation and had the best two weeks of vacation we've ever had. Germany was a wonderful to see and tour. We wish we could have stayed longer and will definitely come back again, this time with bicycles as well.

Drop off was just as easy as pick up and we would strongly recommend IdeaMerge to anyone (and we already have).

Cheers, Marc

The Gypsy Sues , 24 september 2007
We are two ladies who hired a 5-6 berth motorhome from the Hamburg depot in May 2007. Most of our travel (3 weeks) was through Scandanavia -which was just wonderful to explore in the motorhome.

We had prior experience with a motorhome (5 months) which helped us get through the introduction session. The staff member did not speak English and one of us had limited German, however, we did take a german speaker with us and this helped immensely with the technical side of things. Suggest that if you do not speak German, make sure that there is someone who speaks your language when you go to collect/drop off the vehicle. They also have videos there which show you the main functions of the motorhome etc. I agree with some other comments re the deduction of the 1000 euro at the time of collection - it should be adequate enough to hold your details should a deduction be required at the time of return. This is usual practice for most vehicle hire arrangements that we have used in the past.

The service was great, the vehicle less than 2 years old and just as we ordered. We needed to complete all our transactions via the internet and there was no problems at all - we were expected and all deposit payments were OK. I would have no hesitation in using the service again.

Chris, 18 september 2007
We did this having no experience at all and found the booking system via Doug in the states was seamless. Everything stated in the paperwork was spot on.
We flew to Frankfurt from Heathrow and collected our motorhome from McRent in Offenbach, Frankfurt and found the process fairly straightforward thanks to Suzanne and staff who were all most helpful. The handover was a bit rushed with a lot of info to take in, especially as first timers, but in the end you just have to put your head down and go.
The only initial problem we faced was that I didn't precisely check the electrical connections and on our first night discovered that we were missing one particular connection that we needed. This did lead to us having to drive around the following day trying to find a place to buy the missing item. We had informed McRent and they were fine about it promising to repay on return but imagine the hassle in a foreign country trying to find a particular item that is fairly specialist. So be warned and make sure you understand and try everything before you leave !
We were lucky that the van was very new and had no issues but I did see others that were well marked so a thorough inspection is well worth taking your time over as you will be liable for any damage. I felt that the insurance should offer a CDW option as driving in a different country and a vehicle that I wasn't used to was a recipe for at least one minor incident, especially as we intended to travel through a number of foreign countries. Even if you came back from a visit and found damage done to your parked vehicle you would still be liable. In the end I accepted that the 1000.00 euro deposit for excess should be part of your budget when first costing the whole holiday, then at least if you get it back it's a bonus !
The vehicle proved to be exactly what we'd hoped for, very comfortable and reliable and a dream to drive. We decided to do this as my eldest daughter was off to University and it really was the last time we would be a family of 4 together on holiday. Seeing parts of Europe, in this case, was far more enticing than lying on a beach for 2 weeks. That has it's place of course but I would recommend this as a way to see a lot of things at your own pace and spend some quality time together. We ended up going through Germany to Switzerland, Italy, France, back through Italy to Austria and back to Germany.
On our return we were again dealt with very quickly and 'luckily' had had no incidents to report or damage to show and we did get our full refund so personally I have no complaints. I've read some people had a bad deal when the vehicle was checked for cleanliness on return. True, there wasn't much in the way of cleaning stuff but we kept it fairly clean and tidy during the trip and on the last night gave it a good going over. All I can say is that the staff were very pleased with it and even gave us a voucher for discount on any future hire because it was so clean !!!
My only other beef is having to pay extra for things like the table and chairs - I feel things like that should be included. I understand for bedding as there is laundry required but not for items that you are obviously going to need.
Final advice - get a book on motorhome sites where you can park overnight as this saves a lot of money rather than payng for campsites and they have all the services you need. Some sites are basic but others are really lovely and well sited.
Sat Nav is a must !!
Last word - JUST DO IT !!!

Sara Stevens, 14 september 2007
We picked up the vechicle in july 07 the depo was easy to find and then very accessable for our onward journey. The service was friendly and effective and we were on the road in no time. The vechicle was great, very well maintained and cleaned throughout. We had a lovely adventure in our RV and would reccommend them to any one.


Marc (Australia), 13 september 2007
We rented our campervan from McRent in Frankfurt (via Ideamerge) in July -August 07. The booking process and pick up proved to be very easy and painless. Both comanies were easy to deal with. Our van provided us with no problems at all and I recomend dealing with Ideamerge and McRent.Additional recommendations : 1) On arrival take as much time as you need to list every possible fault or scratch (internal or external)do not assume anything, as the same will happen on return. 2)Make sure you buy or rent a GPS for your journey, 3) have fun and expect some minor hiccups along the way it's all part of the experience.

ESTHER BOWNESS, 13 september 2007
We picked up the 32 foot RV in Oakland a day later than we had planned. This was due to the previous person leaving the RV in LA as apposed to San Francisco. But the guys at Ideal Merge were very appologetic and helpful and sorted out accommodation for us back in SF for the night. When we finally got the RV the following day it was immaculate. Many thanks to all the people who worked hard to get the vehicle ready on time that following day.
We covered about 1000 miles in nine days and were very impressed woth the Californian area. The kids thought Yosemite National Park was fantastic and if we had had longer we could have stayed there for the week.
This was the first time we have done an RV holiday, but were very happy with the whole experience and will probably be doing it again in the future.
Doug Bredesen was the person who helped us book and enjoy my husbands 40th birthday in style, a great big thank you to you Doug!!!!! we have made a lot of memories.

P Ireland, 12 september 2007
We picked up a VW Californian in the middle of July in Frankfurt, Germany from DRM, and took it on a 3000 mile jaunt through England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and back to Frankfurt. We were impressed from the moment Claudia introduced us to the vehicle and its capabilities, and equally impressed with her attitude and helpfullness. One drawback, minor at best, we added an awning at the last minute and it just did not want to stay in its track.

The mileage was excellant, and at those prices we were gratefull. The vehicle ran beautifully, and was excellant for maneuvering in the city and on those narrow roads.

Doug Bredesen, from IdeaMerge, was great to work with and had helpful suggestions and answers from the very beginning.

The 1000 EU deposit and paying the exchange rate on it coming and going is something that needs to be fixed. It seems pretty simple - run the card and hold the slip until the vehicle is returned and cleared.

We will be back, probably next year.



D Appleford, 11 september 2007
Despite a slight hiccup when we went to collect the RV (gas leak at the depot so teh road was closed)the service was good. The RV served our purpose and we travelled with no problems at all. The RV was comfortable and spacious.
Thank you

Al Puskaric, 10 september 2007
We rented a 2-person motor home in Mannheim, Germany. It was beautiful. We named it Snoopy for its cool look and off we went on a trip through most of Western Europe. The machine performed flawlessly and was a pleasure to drive. The 6 speeds really came in handy in the small mountain roads of Italy. We own a motor home here in America and really appreciated the forward thinking German design. It got great gas mileage and the vehicle required no maintenance during our 5,000 Km trip. I found Simone to be an outstanding, friendly, and understanding person that truly worked hard to insure that we were comfortable with the operation of the vehicle. When we returned it in perfect condition, we were immediately given our deposit back. This is unlike our last experience with a different rental company. They did not return our deposit for several months even though it passed their inspection. I would rent from them again!

Michael Flanagan, 10 september 2007
Picked up a 6 berth camper van at Stuggart, drove down to Bordeaux picked up the family and drove around spain over 14 days. The van was fine and pickup formalities fairly painless. The van was broken into in Seville and on return I lost some of my deposit. However they were fair about the whole process and I knew what I was letting myself in for, being my second year hiring. I would agree with some of the previous comments that super CDW insurnace should be available. Certainly the definition of an incident is not that clear in the T&C's. On balance an enjoyable holiday that I would repeat as you can get right into city centres. However its not cheap if you consider petrol etc and sensible people should assume that the deposit will be lost.

m brockenshire, 10 september 2007
picked up van at berlin very easily.was a bit different driving on the other side of the car and the road.spent 2 weeks in berlin and around hamburg.i would not do it any other way.i would recommend to anybody to spend time in germany in an rv.The only problem i have is the cleaning of the van should be included in the price.we had 4 people in the van an spend quite a bit of time cleaning floors,bathroom,kitchen etc....down on our hands an knees with a cloth and hot soapy water washing the floor and still they charged us the cleaning cost.i was not happy with that. all in all though van ran very well and it was very easy to drive place to place and set up. An A++ to doug at ideamerge for doing things very quickly and making it so easy. I just think the cleaning part of it is stupid. mcrent berlin expect such high quality cleaning with only a small brush and pan suplied.No vaccumn cleaner....no dishwashing liquid....no cleanig equiptment at all.makes it impossible. But an awsome time had....

Alan Stafford, 10 september 2007
Picked up the Camper in Frankfurt, directions on Ideamegre paper work were great.After pick up when we stopped for the first night and got a good look at the camper we were un happy with the level of cleaning. We cleaned the camper fully, (bathroom, kitchen area, seats musty and dusty). Only a small brush and pan provided no other cleaning products supplied.

The trip itself was magnificent, the freedom it offers is excellent you can be in the Alps one day and at the Med the next, my two children 7 & 6 had a ball. In all we were on holiday for a month and I would recommend the experience.

The part IdeaMerge played was excellent, however I was un happy with McRent the actual rental company.

Unfortunately we scrapped the side of the camper van, I was told the repair would cost more than the 1000Euro deposit and it was all lost. Like another contributor on the review forum I questioned this, their explanation was their years of experience told them the cost, no break down of the actual cost would be provided. Again why such a high deposit, I can rent a brand new hire car of any value and have maybe 100 - 200 Euro deposit, why is full insurance not supplied.

The camper we rented had a number of scrapes and the awing body was damaged but worked fine. Again McRent stated they collect all the deposits for damage over the season and use that towards repair at the end of the season before sale, this van would be rented out again the next week.
This particular Van had 50K + on the closck and performed ok

After receiving the camper in a poor state we cleaned the camper before return, no portable hoover supplied, on return a different rep pulled the fridge apart opened every press and pulled up all the seats and said she didn't think the camper was cleaned to a high enough standard.

I complained and disagreed, I find it hard to understand how you clean a camper van to such a high level in a camp site, All cleaning products, have to be provided by the renter, If we rented and apartment or Hotel room no cleaning is expected at the end. Just a level of tidyness to live in for your stay.

In summary excellent holiday and Ideamerge were excellent to deal with but I would not rent again based on the Deposit and would not use McRent in Germany.

Anthony Cranny, 09 september 2007
We, as a family, were very impressed with the simplicity of pick-up and return of the Motor Home. July and August traffic can be horrendous but it was easy to drive, even around the streets of Paris. It was fun and we were able to see more of France than we normally do. The vehicle was in good condition, and very clean and comfortable. We shall be doing this again in the future. thankyou for a great holiday.

John Brackenridge, 09 september 2007
Pick up at Falkensee - booking great and staff very helpful - Motohome was very good and we had a totally fabulous holiday. I had read the reviews prior to holiday and so requsted that my deposit was returned when we did the drop off ( less one breakage @7.50 euros!). This was done on the spot. Would book a bigger motohome next time. Sorting the '1000 euro ' issue would seriouly help build customer confidence.

ALEJANDRO DE LA VEGA, 09 september 2007

Peter Watts, 09 september 2007
My wife, two young children (4 and 7) and I flew into Munich early in July and collected a Dethleffs 5881 conversion (6-berth) from the depot there.

Pick-up - this was easy - the camper was ready early and well-presented (although some niggles we had - a bathroom door that wouldn't shut for example - were brushed aside).

Driving - the power unit of the vehicle was excellent coping well with a range of speeds and gradients including some of the higher passes in the Alps. Visibility was good as was fuel economy

Interior - the seats for driving were very comfortable but those for passengers had a habit of slipping forward (the cushions) when adults sat on them but this is a minor detail. Very comfortable accomodation for four for the three weeks that we were on the road.

Route - Southern Germany - Austria - North Italy - South of France - Provence - Bernese Oberland -Southern Germany - all on four fill-ups
Highlights - Venice for the fireworks at the end of the Biennale (sp?) - the Schilthorn in Switzerland - Gorges de Verdon in Provence.

Drop-off - after a fantastic holiday only two things marred the trip. Poor signs and bad planning on our part meant we did not have a carnet for driving on Austrian motorways - we were fined 120Euros for this. On return a small scratch was detected on the side of the camper - probably caused by running along a tree at a campsite - I felt that I had no means of questioning the 300Euros we were charged for its repair. I would have more confidence in the company if I had subsequently received the repair invoice and any funds owing to me. Why do the company not offer CDW?

Still - a great adventure - a great holiday and we will certainly be exploring by camper again.

J.Rudolf, 09 september 2007
Rented VW California camper from DRM in Frankfurt in August for three weeks. Excellent service by Lars who had the vehicle readied ahead of schedule and sent me on my way early, including a thorough demonstration of the vehicle and its features. The van was immaculate (17k) and the TDI engine drove beautifully, taking 8 liters of diesel per 100 km (30 miles to a gallon), 1000 km on a tank. Speeds of 170 km/hr on the Autobahn felt comfortable. Did 2000 km through Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and took gas once on the road. The camper conversion is not as good as the older Westfalias as it is now built more like a car than a boat, but it has many more features. Returning from the trip, I had a scratch on the front bumper, which DRM assessed at 50 euro, very reasonable. Overall, the experience was first class and I would highly recommend the IdeaMerge-DRM route for renting a camper in Germany.

Nancy Sullivan, 06 september 2007
Thanks for your help, Eric at IdeaMerge. You are one of the most AWESOME customer service people I have ever dealt with. THANKS and I look forward to talking again even though we ended up not booking an RV rental this time! – Nancy

Peter Wilson, 03 september 2007
We hired a campervan for 3 weeks from Frankfurt, and had a great holiday, covering about 4000 km and 5 countries with comfort and 100% reliability. Doug and the Ideamerge booking went very smoothly, with excellent communication and attention to detail.

The pickup from McRent in Frankfurt was not so smooth however. We arrived with all of our luggage at about 3:30 (the allocated pickup time is from 3:00 onwards). After a long wait, there was a very slow check-in procedure where we just reiterated all of the info that had already been provided twice (including in the "fast pickup form" which didn't seem to make any difference).

After all of that, the camper was not ready and did not have the crockery and bedding that we had requested. The water tank wasn't even full...

We eventually got going at 7:00pm after a very frustrating three and a half hours.

The vehicle itself (a Fiat Ducato with Dethleffs fit-out) was very good. It was good to drive, comfortable for a family of 4 and gave good economy. It was about 2 years old and many of the small fittings were broken or showing their age, so hopefully it was about to be retired from service.

One suggestion for McRent is that they should put a big sign on the dashboard warning drivers of the height of the vehicle. This was nowhere to be found (not even in the manuals), and we ended up measuring it ourselves to avoid an incident with the many low bridges and tunnels in Europe.

Despite this, we did put a dent in the top of the van due to an overhanging tree branch. This was dealt with very pleasantly by the McRent people on return, and we forfeited our EU1000 deposit. Unfortunately, they have not been so helpful with providing an invoice for the repairs, which is required by our insurance company in Australia.

Overall, it was a fantastic holiday, and the campervan was an ideal way to tour Europe with great flexibility and independence.

Kerri Ackland, 18 august 2007
Ideamerge were the perfect answer for us, as we were looking to hire a vehicle from one location and drop at another, but further to that we were hiring at very short notice. Ideamerge were extremely helpful and prompt with getting us set up with exactly what we needed and when.

We found the people at the pick up location in Marseille freindly albeit a little disorganised and the people at the drop off depot in paris exceptionally helpful and totally well organised.

The camper was in prestine condition, dishes and pots etc below average, but completely functional.

We did have an accident, which is a very complicated proceedure to work through, especially if your French is only average as mine is. And we did have a mechanical problem, which used a whole day of normal touring time, but the help desk free phone was absolutely as helpful as they could be.

I would definitely hire through Ideamerge again and we have told friends to do the same.

Adrian Prince, 18 august 2007
We hired a Fiat campervan from McRent in Berlin. Ideamerge were excellent and the service from McRent was good but we did have a few issues.

The Berlin depot is actually in the Havel See area, far enough outside Berlin that it's not on the extensive suburban rail system. It's in an industrial area half way between two regional rail stations. With our luggage, we had to get a taxi from the station. Also, while it's in the same area as Tegel airport, it's difficult to get there from the airport by public transport. Some advice on getting there and, possibly, a shuttle to/from the local town would be useful. Actual pickup of the van was efficient.

A road map of the greater Berlin area would have been helpful, especially showing the location of camp sites.

The European camp site book that was included was just one American couple's description of the camp sites they had used. There were just two campsites included in the four countries we went to - neither anywhere near our route. There are good camp site directories available and one of these should be provided.

Like another reviewer, our credit card company hit us with considerable credit card charges for the deposit. Hotels put a claim on a deposit without actually charging it - why can't McRent do that?

George Ulicny, 16 august 2007
We rented an RV in Dusseldorf, May 15 to June 15. The vehicle was new, with many extras: bike rack, roof racks, awning, door deadbolts, & safe. Excellent fuel mileage w/ diesel engine at 2000 rpm. I hated to give it back, and wanted to keep it. If you are to rent an RV in Germany, I'd suggest Dusseldorf, even if it's a bit out of your way. The countryside just north of the vendor is pretty, also. Doug is wonderful, and hopefully is available for adoption.

Ruffolo Family, 14 august 2007
We had an excellent experience with both IdeaMerge Reservations and DRM Rental in Munich. Doug was very helpful at IdeaMerge and answered all our major and trivial questions as this was the first time we rented a campervan and wanted to be sure this would work well in Europe. His recommendations were right on and helpful.

DRM in Markt Schwaben just outside Munich worked very well. We took the train and walked to the rental place. They were waiting for us and were very laid back, yet thorough and helpful. The van itself was in great shape, clean and everything worked well including the raised roof, fridge, stove, etc. Although the 6 speed diesel took a little getting used to, the mileage was much better than a standard engine. The DRM staff was pretty clear on the expectations of the van upon the return, so we were prepared to do some cleaning in and out of the vehicle.

We had no issues during our 2 week travels, so I cannot comment on roadside assistance or any help during the trip.

Upon our return, the DRM center was very busy - however we were taken care of with very little delay and passed our inspection with little delay. I think all renters should consider the old adage - leave in better shape than you got it and you avoid alot of close scrutiny and hassle. We had brought some old beach towels for use during the trip and I was happy to rip up a couple and toss them after cleaning!

We have returned home and told many of our friends about the great experience and highly recommended this option for extended trips, particularly to Europe. We will definitely consider for future trips and other parts of the world.

One more tip, we used Mike & Terry Church's book European Camping as a guide and enjoyed every one of the places they recommended.

Ben, 14 august 2007
We booked our rental through Doug who was very thorough. I’d highly recommend IdeaMerge.

Unfortunately, McRent in Frankfurt were not so good - they were disorganized and many customers were exceedingly frustrated. Having faxed the paperwork to McRent a few days before arrival, we arrived at our scheduled slot (3pm) but had to wait an hour to be served. When we were finally shown our van, it didn’t have a bike rack – we’d booked one, and had mentioned the importance of the bike rack several times, even emailing a week before arrival to reemphasize its importance. It took McRent four hours to source then fit a bike rack and we didn’t leave until 7:45pm! What was more frustrating was that even if the van did have a bike rack, the van would not have been ready, as it didn’t have a radio / CD player fitted. We then had to redo the paperwork – not sure what happened to our fax. Having booked four months in advance and arrived after a 32 hours in transit, this was all very frustrating. Other points: the kitchen set was old and missing many important utensils and the table we were provided with had a broken leg. The cupboards didn’t have any no-slip matting – we had to buy some cheap rags to Â'wrap’ the plates and glasses in whenever we were in transit.

The van itself, however, was excellent. Almost new, and very clean it went well – a Possl Transit ~5.50m long. It was a bit tight inside, but really pinged along the autobahn at 140kph+ and was very easy to drive - Highly recommended for couples who don’t need much space – we’ve used a 6.5m in Europe before, but the for 3-4 weeks, having a smaller van gave us much more freedom and confidence in the small villages and alpine roads. The 5.5m doesn’t come with an awning, which is a shame.

I’d highly recommend IdeaMerge and Doug. But if you pick up from McRent in Frankfurt, be prepared for a long wait and check all the things they provide (tables / chairs / kitchen gear) as most of their stuff is old and broken. There’s a Lidl supermarket over the road which is great for picking up supplies and extra household items.

One other minor concern – the €1000 deposit. I understand the reason for it, but as we were from Australia, our bank charged us a foreign currency transfer fee for the deposit and again for the refund. We then lost more money on the exchange rate moving (just bad luck). So even though McRent gave us the full €1000 back, we lost ~A$150 on the transaction. It’s a problem for customers and their card companies / banks, rather than the rental company, but perhaps something for IdeaMerge (and renters) to keep in mind.

It would also be great if McRent were to provide simple A4 maps of the 2-3 main ways to get to and from the depot. This would be a great to help get you on the road and then to help find your way back to the depot at the end of the trip.

Conan Doyle, 14 august 2007
We picked up our 23-foot motor home in LA in early June, and kept it for six weeks. During that time we clocked up 7,600 miles before handing back the vehicle in new Jersey in late July.

Overall I would rate the experience very highly. Our holiday was marvellous, and we would not hesitate to use Road Bear again. I have a few minor complaints that I'll list here: 1) The shower really was not viable, the pressure was so low as to be non-existent, whether using mains or tank. We didn't mind and used the campsite facilities, but it's worth pointing out. 2) The side door of the vehicle didn't have a good seal, with the result that travelling was extremely noisy (those in the driver's cab had to raise their voices significantly to converse with those in the seating area). At the beginning we kept thinking the door couldn't be closed properly, but it was. 3)Though the introductory session when we picked up the RV was useful with regard to knowledge of the vehicle itself, it would be even more helpful if it included tips on what to look out for when driving such a large and tall vehicle - overhanging trees, use of the wing mirrors, backing up, etc. This is especially true given that many of the customers are from overseas, used to driving small cars, and not familiar with the US highway and roads system. 4) there was a problem with the service lights - they went on for no reason - and we had to make phone calls to RoadBear to ascertain what was going on. Apparently this was a known problem with the fleet of vehicles, so it would have been good to be told about it in advance.

All that being said, we found the van well equipped, very clean, comfortable to travel in, pleasant to drive, and quite spacious enough for our family of four. [Note: thought it theoretically sleeps six, I would not recommend having six people in that van!]

It was a great holiday and I wish it was still ahead of me instead of in the past. We have nothing but praise for our dealings with the people in IdeaMerge.

Kind regards, Conan Doyle and Mary Kate Halpin

Dirk, 12 august 2007
We rented a RV for 3 weeks via Ideamerge at Fraserway in Vancouver. The handling of the booking by Ideamerge was exelent. The only thing that went wrong was the additional ensurance. I think I have missed it in the long list of questions when booking online. Fortunately we could arrange this when we picked up the RV.
We rented a 10-foot truck camper and the sleeping cabin was new. We found this type of RV a perfect solution when traveling with only 2 persons. The service by Fraserway in Vancoucer was very good. We were helped by a dutch speaking lady. On request we got extra bed linnen and a toaster and afterwards we were not charged for the few glases we broke.
The only problem we had during our trip was that after changeing the gas bottle we could not get things working again. With the help of some very friendly people on the campsite we finally (after 2,5 hours) found the way how to regain gas supply. Afterwards we understood that this was a known problem and that it has to do with a leak protection. Opening the new bottle very, very slowly solved the problem.
I would recommend the use of a GPS navigation system. That makes traveling so much more relaxed.

Thanks to Ideamerge and Fraserway for the exelent service they provided.


Razia H., 10 august 2007
After posting the review the other day, I realized I could mention a few things to prepare the 'first timers' a bit more.
1) Take a GPS system ..life is much better with GPS if you are driving off the beaten path.
2) Do your research, look for campsites in advance the campsite book given at the depot is ok but not comprehensive. It does list star rating and 4 star is recommended for families.
3) Always purchase 'unlimited day tickets' for any city transportation. This takes the hassle of finding fares and purchasing them and gives you freedom to choose your destinations within the city more often.
4) Listen to "Rush-Hour" series of Berlitz for the language of the country you are visiting. It is very rude to not even know how to say hello, thanks and sorry to a person on the street. If you expect others to know enough English to explain the way to you, they probably expect you to know how to say 'thanks' in their language.
5) Do not bother taking travellers check or cash with you. Most credit cards will work and my VISA cash card charges only 1% fees overseas. Also ATM machines are available. However remember to call your credit card and cash card and cell phone companies to expect your transactions from the countries you are visiting.
6) Most economical way to keep in touch with your family back home is to take your current GPS enable cell phone (unlocked) and text message back home. You can also take a phone card from your local service company (MCI for example) and use the plenty of available phone booths to call home.
7) Do not throw away any subway, or local transportation ticket until you are back to your RV. We had thrown our one way subway tickets after using it on the turnstile, and were 'caught' at the exit station and were fined for not having the ticket to travel on the subway!!

We had a very ENJOYABLE trip in Europe and hope to make another one in near future.

The Wheating family, 09 august 2007
This was our second RV rental in Europe and the first time that we used Ideamerge. We chose them because of good reviews, an informative website(motoeuropa)and because their cancellation fees were most favourable. We also appreciated that they did not charge extra for a kitchen set, though this proved to be less valuable than we anticipated (see comments below.)

Our month-long trip in June 2007 was outstanding, though certain aspects of our moterhome disappointed. We arrived at the depot in Frankfurt after a very long (delayed) flight from Vancouver but fortunately still in our agreed pick-up slot. The depot was busy. We were ignored for an hour. Once they turned their attention to us, there were still repeated delays and interruptions. The vehicle they had prepared for us had been gored by tree branches both fore and aft, with large dark putty patches crudely applied to plug the holes. There were also numerous small dings and scratches. An identical unit in much better condition was stored near by, but as my kids, aged 10 and 12, were exhausted, I felt I hesitated to delay further hours by insisting McRent prepare a better condition vehicle for us.

The vehicle also showed wear inside: veneer was peeling from some of the cabinets, chunks of double backed tape remained on the walls where hooks had been removed. Over time we discovered a glove, a gameboy and game, dvds and pencil drawings in our vehicle, leading me to question the quality of McRents cleaning. Clearly the previous renter lost all of his deposit and didn't much care how he left it. The grey water tank was not fully drained and was noxious when we did it a few days later.

My other complaint is that the kitchen set was next to useless: No colander, no spatula; bowls were flat glass soup plates. The frying pan was not non-stick and the pots shared one handle which let go if you tried to tip the pot to drain it. We ended up buying all of these items and more. The table and two of the four chairs we rented collapsed frequently. Just go buy some when you arrive.

So thats all the bad stuff. On the good side, the RV was mechanically reliable and a very economical way for a family of four to have a great month in Europe. The diesel engine got great mileage.We always had a fridge full of good food and cold drinks and a familiar place to sleep. We free-camped a few times with no problems.

The campground book supplied by McRent was very limited, profiling one campground in each of a few dozen major centres. No maps were available at McRent for the countries we planned to visit (Germany, Switz. Italy, France) We did a lot of internet research in advance and it really paid off. We didn't pre-book anything and were never turned away. Our kids liked the 4 star campgrounds with pools, slides and pizzerias, and we generally indulged their preferences, to the tune of 30 or 40 Euros/night. If it was just the two of us, we would have free camped and used municipal campsites more often.

My husband found the driving and parking quite manageable, with the exception of one hairy section between Lugano and Mennagio on Lake Como. We didn't get the GPS system but probably would another time though we managed with only minor navigational errors over 4000km. Another time I would also buy bikes for everyone on the first day. Once you get your vehicle parked in a campsite -- leveled and awning out, laundry flapping - you are loath to move it for local trips. We rented bikes often and for the money spent on rental, could have bought bikes for both kids, and probably sold them quite easily in the end - or found a way to donate them where they could do some good.

Return of the vehicle at Frankfurt was much smoother. My husband and I spent a few hours the night prior cleaning the RV from top to bottom and had no difficulty getting our full deposit back without cleaning charges. Just opposite the McRent depot in Offenbach (Frankfurt) there is a McDonalds, two budget hotels, a gas station, and car detailing center with coin-op vaccums that you can access round the clock. We got a room for the kids, then cleaned the RV in the parking lot. We all profited from showers at the hotel in the morning before driving the clean RV across the road and heading for the airport. Doing it this way was well worth the 60E hotel fee, as it alleviated the complexities of sleeping in the RV while simultaneously packing and cleaning.

Doug gave us prompt and courteous assistance and for that reason I wouldn't hesitate to use Ideamerge again. I am disappointed that we ended up with a vehicle in need of significant cosmetic repair -m our reservation was made 8 months ahead - not last minute. We always felt like people were looking at our patched vehicle in wonder at our poor driving skills. Another time, I would insist that McRent prep a better vehicle and very quickly too.

If you are thinking of taking your family on an RV tour of Europe, just do it. We had a wonderful time and only hope we can do it once more before our kids are too old.

Tomas Petersen, 09 august 2007
We decided with relatively short notice to go on a two week campervan holiday. After a search of the internet, it quickly became clear that IDEAMERGE was offering what was amongst the best prices. So we booked a compact. Within 8 hours, Doug from IDEAMERGE wrote back that there was no vans of this category available for our dates, but offered us the next best option. We picked that and ideamerge arranged all the booking and payment swiftly and efficiently.

The van was ready when we got to Hamburg. It was in excellent condition, and we had two wonderful weeks touring in it.

The German company had problems with their IT systems so offered to email us the final paperwork instead of us having to wait around. We gladly accepted. The email didn't arrive. A quick note to IDEAMERGE got this resolved within 8 hours as well. It is particularly this after-the-event service, long after the money has changed hand that impressed us. Doug could have ignored our note, but he got right onto the case and got it resolved.

I have been very impressed by the service received and have no hesitation in recommending IDEAMERGE to anyone looking for a trouble free campervan holiday.

George Psaroudakis Anna Oikonomou, 08 august 2007
We picked our camper from Barcelona. It was clean and not too old. We traveled around Spain and France for 3200 Km and we had no problems at all. The staff at Barcelona depot was very nice and helpful. The same is true for IdeaMerge as well. It was a great experience. In the future we are thinking of traveling in Spain and Portugal and IdeaMerge is our first choice.

Duncan Quigley, 08 august 2007
Malaga to Barcelona and back again.
Motorhome was fit for purpose, clean and not too old. Pleasant and helpful depot staff.
Would I book through IdealMerge againÂ…in an instant.

Ian and Kate Britt, 08 august 2007
We're two older West Coast (Vancouver) people who rented a camper-van to see some of the East Coast of Canada. We flew to Halifax and picked up the camper from Fraserway there. Found it as clean as if it had never been used. The rental company staff was very helpful and courteous. Free pickup shuttle to their site and they stored our luggage for us after we unpacked into the van. Our tour was 14 days and 2300 km around the coastal roads of Nova Scotia. The province is beautiful. Holidaying next to the ocean for the whole trip was a unique pleasure, and having a camper guaranteed we could make the most of the experience -- not having to close up in some hotel each night, instead enjoying the oceanside landscapes full time. The people of Nova Scotia are open and friendly, and they had much history and artistry for us to explore and learn about. If you do go to the maritimes, this camper idea is THE way to go. The communities are small. Unlike rural BC, where every town has a few motels situated on the highway route through them, Nova Scotia towns have fewer of such places to stay, other than B&B's. However, nice campgrounds are available everywhere, most of them very clean and with full facilities. We highly recommend what we did -- booked all our campsites in advance, finding them using the provincial 'Doers & Dreamers Guide' plus the internet. The result was that we had a lovely spot almost every night, never had to spend touring and travel time searching for a campsite, could instead just enjoy the driving from one place to the next, making sidetrips and stops along the way without worrying about each night's accommodation. We have never rented or used an RV for a trip before, and we REALLY loved it. The best part was the complete independence, being able to stop for bathroom breaks whenever and wherever, and being able to have our meals at any roadside viewpoint or picnic site or beach along the way. Even though the camper cost more per day than motels, we felt that being able to make our own meals rather than using restaurants easily made up the difference. We are thinking we'll do the same kind of tour of PEI, maybe even next year.

Lynley Ellis, 08 august 2007
We picked up our RV Motorhome in Barcelona and dropped it off in Malaga travelling for 10 nights along the southern Costa del Sol. We struck a really busy day in Barcelona. Camper was to be ready at 10am, we arrived at 4pm to collect and were told we would have to wait until 5pm for the English speaking staff member to return from lunch. It was very hot and the building had no air conditioning. The vehicle was not ready and they started cleaning and preparing it at 4pm when we arrived. Subsequently it was a pretty hurried job of cleaning! It took 2 hours to complete all paperwork and get on the road. RV performed well. The fridge did not work 100% and we informed them of this on returning the vehicle. Was a nice change to have an automatic RV as we have had manual ones in the past. Only way to travel around. Campgrounds are quite hard to find in Spain - especially when the only Camping Ground Guide they give you with the motorhome is in SPANISH! Quite a few of the campgrounds did not exist any longer that we tried to find. Malaga drop off depot is quite hard to find, so make sure you get exact directions on how to get to it if you are dropping off the RV to that depot. We have pretty much RV'd the whole of Europe, and we found Spain although pretty, it was not as nice or easy camping as the rest of Europe. Was lovely to see and Marbella was our favourite part that we visited. Alot of the southern coast of spain is really built up with alot of high rise buildings, which sort of spoils the landscape. Never the less we really enjoyed our whole r.v. experience and found Doug and the team at Ideal Merge great to deal with.

Ronald Tania Jackson, 07 august 2007
We picked up the Camper in Amsterdam and found Idea merges camper to be well equipped and in good order. We drove all of 7200km in the two weeks that we rented the camper and found no problems. There were a few small things inside of the vehicle that needed some attention, but as with any rented vehicle some wear and tear is to be expected. Thank you for enhancing our experience with great service and good prices.

Kees en Leoniek Roks, Guus en Marga van Gool, 07 august 2007
We picked up the camper in Oslo. Everything went very smooth from the beginning, from booking untill deliver the camper back. It is an very well organized company. We had one "bad" issue, the camper was not clean...and we payed for the cleaning at the end. So that was a waist of our money.

Razia H., 07 august 2007
Our European vacation started with airline reservation and IdeaMerge. we really appreciated the details on the website and after careful thought went with ideamerge as opposed to other options. Our rental was in Frankfurt. Everything was exactly as the website had prepared us for. No surprises except that we expected to get a VW but the six sleepers were all FIAT. Since our van had EXCELLENT fuel economy and did not give us any problems it was alright in the end.
The construction of the bed and tables inside the vehicle was a bit flimsy but bearable for two weeks! The plumbing and heating system worked great and all the guages for water and fuel for the living area worked as they should. The space was tight but we were expecting that. Bed sizes were not bad but walk around space was minimum. The stove and refrigerator were efficient and adequate for normal use.
We relied heavily on our Tom-Tom and had a great time. Without the Tom-Tom, it would have been impossible to find the depot in Frankfurt, as it is well hidden.
We did not purchase any extras because I didn't think they were worth the cost.
The checkout process was smooth, there were no "hidden" costs, no unreasonable penalties (we had minor fender benders and were charged around Eruo 500 more).
Overall it was an extremely painless process to rent and return and we will definitely do it again in the near future. Specially now that we know there is a train from Frankfurt airport to the depot and to the Frankfut Hauptbahnhof etc.

Kathi Ralph Battles, 07 august 2007
Thoroughly enjoyed our rental experience with Ideamerge/DRM in Frankfurt, Germany. This was our 5th European vacation and we've always either purchased or rented a VW camper van. This was our van's only second trip out, so it was like brand new and worked great, was very comfortable and easy to maneuver on those skinny European city streets. We visited 7 countries in five weeks and camped every night and met all kinds of friedly people. We really appreciated having the huge German map and camping book--they came in very handy. Also, having the bike rack included was a plus--we formed an international partnership with our German friends and purchased mountain bikes which we rode in three different alps and then left with our friends when we departed Germany. Too much fun!

Our recommendation is to have at least a sheet of van operation instructions in English which would have helped with blood pressure when trying to figure out the electronics. Also, there shouldn't be an extra charge for the table and chairs which were already part of the van.

What we want to know is how Mike (in Frankfurt) did with his extreme mountain bike race? We were rooting for him and his partner!

Laaksonen Family, 07 august 2007
We booked our vehicle from Mr. Doug Bredesen and picked it up at Sulzemoos (Munich). The service was excellent, vehicle was practically brand new and we had fantastic three weeks in Germany, Switzerland and France.

We recommend!

Laaksonen Family (Finland)

Ole Jepsen, 06 august 2007
We had a wonderful trip in Italy - going on the west coast from Rome to Napoli/ Amalfi and Capri. Ideamerge did all well - Doug Bredesen answered all our questions fast and nothing failed. Only "bad" thing was, that the wquipment in the motorhome was no luxury - 5 person/ 5 spoons, bad chairs, nothing for opening a bottle of wine (in Italy!!!!) - take 50 euro more and make this much better!!. The motorhome itself was just fine and the firm in Rome very kind and helpfull - and we hope to make another trip to Greece next year - and will contact IdeaMerge again!

marie brice, 03 august 2007
Ideamerge was a great company to work with - I emailed several as we live in India so hiring a campervan in Spain was no easy task! Ideamerge was the only one who consistently maintained contact and answered all my queries. It was so nice to be met and helped at the airport too.
My only suggestion is that the campervan hirers themselves put a basic household kit in the van like they do ein sveral other countries - 100Euro is too much to pay for a few sheets and crockery for 1 week!
Thanks Ideamerge and Doug

Brian Templeton, 28 july 2007
We collected our Fiat Dethtleffs RV from McRent in Mannheim. Our 7 week holiday was trouble free and highly enjoyable in part due to the excellent quality of the vehicle which was both economical and very well presented.
I would recommend this kind of holiday to anyone.
The only matter which did bother us was that they did not supply a spare wheel in case of punctures - fortunately it was not needed!
My wife are looking towards doing this again in a few years time so we will no doubt be in touch with you again.

Lon Abbott, 27 july 2007
Overall, we had a good experience with renting a VW California camper van this summer, and we certainly would do it again. The original interface with IdeaMerge was seamless, though they had a software glitch so our price went up the next day because we were originally not charged for the one-way drop off fee.

We picked up the van in Barcelona, where the people were friendly, but did not speak sufficient English for us to fully understand the 'training'. The vehicle was in good condition, but the 'kit' was not -- the table was unusable (warped and peeling), and the chairs were barely. When we requested a different table, they said they didn't have one -- hard to believe, as it was a large camper-supply store. We had to purchase our own elsewhere. The water tank and gas tanks were not full as promised. In addition, we doubt the RV operator inspected the van when it was previously returned, as in the middle of the first night we awoke to an extremely strong gas smell. We drove back to the RV the next morning, and after some hassle, they inspected it and discovered that the valve on the propane hadn't been properly closed.

After this rough start, however, things worked out well, and we had a great 3 weeks. Dropping it off in Malaga was a breeze, super efficient and helpful. I would recommend picking up here instead of in Barcelona if possible.

Jay Crystal Merz, 25 july 2007
We picked up our motorhome at Paris South. Drove it through France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.
Ideamerge personnel were helpful and responsive.
The RV was clean, new, easy to drive and quite spacious for a family of four. We saved a lot of money preparing most of our own meals. Our teenage son loved the flexibility of eating when he wanted to. The bed even fit our 6'4" son. We would do this again in a heart beat. Finding campgrounds in Europe is relatively easy, easier than finding a room every night. There were no hidden fees. The dishes were nice.
Checkout was quick and easy.
Getting to Avis for pickup was a nightmare. More assistance than "take a cab" would have made it so much easier. We took the train from Gare du Nord. We thought we were walking distance from the Bretigny train station but that was a different station. We walked for 45 minutes. Upon arriving we quickly got our orientation and left.
The promised camping book and map didn't match so they were worthless.
The pans were in poor condition with no lids.
Even though the instructions emphasized keeping the RV level, ramps or jacks were not included.
The instruction manual was incomplete. We were surprised as was everyone else in the campground to find out we had an alarm system.
Again more assistance on getting to the Paris south location would have made the beginning of our trip so much more enjoyable. A taxi from central Paris would definitely have been more than Euro70. The train to Bretigny then a taxi was very affordable.
If you can drive a manual transmission this is a great way to go.

Bruce, 25 july 2007
Ideamerge and McRent in Hamburg provided excellent service. Check in and checkout were very quick and trouble free. We were surprise at the very good fuel economy with the Fiat van. We enjoyed our five week trip through Scandinavia driving almost 5000 miles.
We are ready to do it again.

Tommie Kenny, 25 july 2007
Having settled back after completing a wonderful holiday in Europe I would like to complement Doug Bredesen for his help and courtsey at all times during our communications to each other while I tried to organise our holiday to suit our family situation .Thankfully everything worked out perfectly.I would like to extend my thanks also to McRent in Mannheim who provided the vehicle in excellent condition and it's facilities were demonstrated by Simeone in a corteous and knowledgeble manner and in perfect English,the pick up and return were without problems..many thanks to all concerned .We were very happy with the vehicle choice, well equipped,comfortable,economical,safe and with low mileage .Also the A/C was appreciated when the weather got very warm. Just one little minor quibble, it would help if the manuals provided with vehicle could be in English covering basic information on warning lights in vehicle/eqpt operation etc. Verdict overall...very satisfied...would use IDEAMerge/McRent again and would also recommend to others

Anthony Willis, 24 july 2007
Ideamerge were efficient and wonderful.
We collected our motorhome from Nice, unfortunately arriving from the airport to find the place closed for siesta and nowhere for us to even sit while they ignored us outside the gate. The depot was a filthy shambles and obviously a very distant cousin of Avis. We explained that the main door of the van didn't seem to work properly, for which they gave little attention, but failed to understand that it wouldn't open from the inside. In the end after days of frustration I 'fixed' it with a bit of wire. The back seats were torn and shabby. They provided us with one empty LPG gas bottle and a quarter full one. The fuel tank was provided on a quarter full, which eventually meant we had to turn back from our intended route because we couldn't find any open gas stations. There are only seat belts in forward facing seats. They were unable to provide a camping table and seats as booked, so we brought our own.
However Avis at the Paris end, reimbursed us and COULDN'T have been more helpful, courteous and professional.
Having glass and china crockery is a constant annoyance (on every corner). Surely melamine is a cheaper, quieter and better option. Otherwise the vehicle was pleasant to drive, economical and comfortable. It would have been helpful to have electrical converters provided for each country, as we had trouble in Switzerland. It took some getting used to the width of the vehicle, especially when our GPS took us into ever narrowing streets. In all a wonderful way to see Europe.

Nancy Nemeth, 24 july 2007
Big Thank You to all at IdeaMerge. We had a WONDERFUL holiday in the Southwestern US visiting 9 National Park and Monuments. We logged in 2000 miles and were pleasantly surprised at our gas mileage. The motorhome was in PRISTINE condition when we picked it up and we feel we got an excellent value. Family members rented a similar RV and paid more for one week than we paid for 15 days! We will use Road Bear again in the future. Thank you to everyone for a vacation to remember.

ronnie lucas, 24 july 2007
rv was as ordered clean tidy and ready to roll, and roll we did 1800 mile in 14 days what a fantastic place, a slight problem with a leak in the roof but was quickly sorted and back on the road. the price we were told was what we paid no add ons when we got their apart from the extra miles but that was our choice. thanks. nice doing business, regards ronnie

Paul Rousseau, 24 july 2007
I was very happy with reservation process, detail of website and information, no surprises. As a whole we had a great time and the campervan was high quality and as advertised. My only minor negative was regarding airport pick up. Grant it, we had a particular situation with midnight pick up but I explicitely checked on this beforehand and was assured everything was okay. RV company was not expecting us till next day (because midnight pickup) but quickly recovered and we did not lose more than 30 minutes.

Christopher Young, 24 july 2007
We picked up a 23' motor home at Road Bear in Las Vegas. Everything was ready for us when we arrived and we were on the road in under an hour. The unit had only about 6000 miles on it and was clean inside and out.

During the next week we travelled 1000 miles, mainly in Arizona and Utah where the temperatures were in the 105F to 120F degree range (sort of mid '40s celcius). Everything worked well apart from a couple of minor equipment glitches which had no bearing on our enjoyment of the vehicle.

We returned the vehicle in late afternoon and found the check-in procedure quick and efficient. Had we returned it the following morning, as we had originally planned to do, the process would have probably taken considerably longer since most RVs are returned at that time. The afternoon return meant that we paid for a night that we didn't use but our schedule was such that we were content to do that.

All in all we were very pleased with our rental experience and would not hesitate to make a similar trip in the future.

I would recommend Idea Merge and Road Bear to anyone.

Ross McClelland, 24 july 2007
Good quality, new [07] RV, good service from Road Bear. Great holiday.

Jon Yusko, 24 july 2007
We picked up the RV in Oakland CA. The RV was nearly new (2007, 12k miles) and well prepared when we got there. The service attendants were very friendly, prompt and the vehicle was clean and ready to go. We arrived at the agent (they picked us up at the BART station) and in about a 1/2 hour we were on the road. We had a great vacation and would definitely rent from Ideamerge/Road Bear RV again, and plan on it. A great experience.

Giles Middleton, 24 july 2007
The campervan was great and it was a very easy process from booking to returning the van. I highly recommend using this company!

Duncan MacLachlan, 24 july 2007
Excellant service and attention to detail from all concerned in the Canadian section. Special thanks to Doug Bredesen who worked hard to get us on the road, when we'd booked late and fixed us up with another RV provider.

A great experience all round and no hesitation in recommending it to others considering this type of recreational adventure.

We found everyone in Canada went out their way to make our experience a very pleasant vacation.

Whilst our RV experience was with another hire company, it was a highly commendable and reputable organisation who were very proferssional in all their dealings with us. Their van and services were exemplary, which presumably was understood by Doug in contracting us with them.

Cheers all - we'll be back.

Daniel Curley, 20 july 2007
Thoroughly professional service and totally delighted with our "brand new" camper van vehicle. If you decide to user a camper van in Italy you MUST use this company. Felt totaly at ease knowing this companybwas behind me if I had any isses whilst driving through Italy (thankfully no issues did arise). 10/10 for service.

brian furio, 10 july 2007
I found the entire process of renting an RV through IdeaMerge to be painless, straightforward, and relatively easy. I rented an RV from the Las Vegas location but live in Pa. I did all the payment and reservations online with ease. The cost of the RV was considerably less than "name" RV rental agencies, which attracted me initially. Upon arriving in LV, the only snag was a slow process of checking out the RV (too many others at the same time). Otherwise, the RV was a great family vacation through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. All the comforts of home, particularly the full-sized refrigerator, made this trip memorable and relaxing. They even provided a free shuttle service to local hotels upon our return and dropoff. All in all, a pleasant and relatively simple process throughout.

Ricky Hammock/June Tuttle, 09 july 2007
We rented a 31' RV. The pickup locationb was 10 miles from our home. We drove 4,700 in 14 days. The rental unit was an '07 with 4,000 miles on it. It was imacculately clean and very easy to drive. We had no mechanical problems at all during entire trip. RV was easy to setup and teardown. Gas mileage was better than expected. The RV handled well and we even had to outrun a tornado at 95 MPH! We drove through high winds and flash flooding, but the rental vehicle took it all in stride. IdeaMerge was very easy to deal with and very accommodating to our needs. Thanks to IM for a wonderful trip and an experience that myself nor my family will ever forget. We are already planning our next years adventure and will be contacting your company again.

Lisa Letarte, 09 july 2007
My story is a little different. We had air reservations that created a conflict. The airlines had assured us that we would be able to change our reservations at no cost. When push came to shove, we were going to be required to pay cancellation fees and rebook out tickets at the current price! Yikes! Ideamerge worked with us to explore our options but we were ultimately not able to coordinate our flight and motor home rentals. Ideamerge took care of the cancellation immediately to make sure we avoided any additional fees. The responsiveness was amazing as was their help in looking for alternatives. My thought is that customer service is always helpful when you are making the reservation. Ideamerge was just as helpful when we needed to cancel our rental and acted immediately so we would avoid an additional fee from the motor home provider. I would highly recommend them.

David Stafki, 08 july 2007
Picked up the RV in Dusseldorf in early April. Met or exceeded all expectations. Staff was friendly and knowledgable and we were on the road quickly. We had a great time touring several countries and had no real problems with the RV. Euorpeans are great campers and the campgrounds were wonderful. We loved our experiences there. We originally reserved the unit for almost 3 months but had to cut it short by about 3 weeks. It would have been nice if they would have even some small measure of refund for unused days. Also, when renting for that long it would also have been good to have a couple of chairs thrown in for nothing.
Overall though, no regrets and would do it again.

sam Robbins, 07 july 2007
We picked up our RV at the Paris Avis location and apart from a
brief downpour as we did our outside inspection of the vehicle
everything went well. We had some logistical issues both picking
up and dropping off the RV at the Avis Paris location. It couldn't be
more distant from CDG airport if they tried! Our real problem was
that we had too much luggage (we are musicians and along with
our regular bags we were carrying three musical instruments). It
really is our only quibble with the Avis situation - the staff were
very competent and helpful but the location for most international
travellers is not great - a location at Roissy en France would be
much better.
We had booked one of the smaller RVs but I could see that look of
fear and apprehension in the eyes of others who were waiting to
take possession of larger units knowing that they would have to
navigate the 'beast' out of a very cramped yard and down some
fairly narrow streets.
Anyay back to us. The RV was fine and just as described. We drove
south through the Loire, Dordogne, Provence and down to the Med
and then crossed into Italy and eventually Slovakia and Croatia
(which is very beautiful). The gas (diesel) mileage was fine and the
vehicle (Citroen) performed flawlessly for the whole trip.
I am used to driving in Europe and so didn't have too much trouble
adapting to the road conditions and despite what others may say, if
you know what to look for, campsites are very easy to find -
especially in France.
I would highly recommend the experience to anyone - but I would
also suggest that they get themslves a GPS (or rent one rom AVIS)
Bon voyge

Laura from Florida , 07 july 2007
Our family had camped before in the States, but the campgrounds in Germany & Italy were better in some respects. Most had small markets, bars, and the restrooms were clean, and we never had to wait for a shower like you do in the States in the mornings. Great locations...but finding some of them! Yuk. The campground book given to us by McRent had terrible directions in it. I'd get the GPS next time.

Driving an RV on the autobahn was not a problem (of course I drive in South Fla), and the gas mileage was great.

We did not get the motorhome we had reserved in November. We were supposed to get a Group D6B vehicle, like the Dethleffs 7871-2. When we got to the pick-up they would not rent it to us because our US licenses (all 3 said something different) gave our weight class as less than sufficient to drive the motorhome. This was news to us because our reservation had said "though standard US domestic licenses suffice with respect to the Group D6 and Group D7 motorhomes, which have a gross weight greater than 3500 kg, standard European licenses limit their holders to vehicles less than this weight." We figured we had no problem. But someone at the AAA office where we got our Int'l driver licenses had incorrectly market we couldn't drive more than 5,000 lb vehicle. We had already rented and driven a larger motorhome in Alaska years earlier. Also my 15-yr old son's driver's permit said his license was sufficient to drive the motorhome. Too bad he was too young. We went to a website to show we had the correct licenses, they wouldn't budge. It's not like we were going to have obtained CDL licenses in the states just for driving a vacation vehicle! The Frankfurt staff had a smaller motorhome that they quickly cleaned and outfitted for us (over 3 hr check=in), but it was not as new or large and we were a party of six. I was dissappointed that we did not get the vehicle we had reserved so many months earlier.

But if you get the GPS, people from the US should not be hesitant at all about camping in Europe or using McRent. It was much more of an experience than staying in hotel rooms.

Godleman family, 06 july 2007
We have just recently returned from a 4 week holiday in Europe. This was to (most likely) be our last family holiday with our 17yo son before he heads off to Uni & holidays with friends rather than parents. It was particularly important to me that it be a memorable holiday for all the right reasons rather than because it was the holiday from hell! It was all I had hoped for & more!!!! This was in no small part due to the excellent motorhome (Fiat Globebus from McRent in Munich) we had for our 3 week stint on the continent. We picked up from Sulzemoos (about 45 mins out of Munich)& did a loop through Austria (Salzburg), Slovenia (Bled,Ljubljiana & Potorosa), briefly into Croatia (Umag), Italy (Venice & Cinque Terre)across the Mediterranean coast to Nice, up through Frances Provence region (Orange) to Lyon, to Switzerland (Geneva, Rolle, Visp,Lauterbrunnen), Austria (Bregenz, Germany (Fussen, St.Alban on Amersee, and returning to Munich. I had travelled Europe as a single back in the 80's using Eurail which was great but this trip was absolutely awesome. My husband adapted really quickly to the left-hand drive & we did some 4500 Kms without feeling pushed or rushed.
The Munich McRent depot staff (Peter & Michael - who both spoke English thankfully as our German was non-existant) were extremely helpful & the vehicle check-in was both quick & thorough. Our motorhome only had about 1500Kms on the clock so was virtually brand new! Its economy was great fuel-wise. It came map-less though & we hadn't been expecting that so I'd advise that you organise a GPS before you go & take away the need for chasing up maps. I'd also agree with others that some of the Tolls are highway robbery - literally!! We found it to be worst across the Cote D'Azure region so would in hindsight suggest more minor roads if time permits. We could have spent much more time exploring & we would highly recommend both Ideamerge & McRent as very professional teams to deal with. I have read that some folks were not sure what standard of cleanliness was needed to receive their deposit - we had absolutely no problem in this regard. I suggest that as a guide, you return the vehicle in the same clean state in which it was when you picked it up - no hassles!!
If like us you are hesitating about going....DON'T hesitate....JUST GO!!!! Thanks McRent & Ideamerge, we have made incredible memories we will all carry with us forever!

Daniel Fraser, 03 july 2007
I found the IdeaMerge site very helpful and had all the information we needed. Factoring in the discounts the prices it was better than going to McRent direct. One negative point is that we thought we were geting A/C in the cab for our model - but in reality it didn't come with that.

We had a great holiday and traveled 4500km. Some advice is not to be too complacent with your valubles we had our cameras and bags stolen from within the main campervan (out of sight behind curtain, behind passenger seat) during the night while we were in the campervan sleeping! We were parked in a small Motorest just inside the eastern Czech boarder. The lock was forced and we heard nothing. We would now keep our valubles in a cupboard or up on the bed... Don't be put off though, we had a great time, just be careful with passports, cash and cameras, it will save you a lot of trouble.

Eve Meyer, 25 june 2007
From the start, the service we recieved from Doug Bredesen booking the motorhome, was amazing. Very quick to respond to any question, regardless of how trivial. We, a party of 4 women, rented a 21 1/2' Fiat motorhome to tour Norway for 21 days. This was the best idea I've ever had. None of us had ever driven a motorhome and I was a little apprehensive considering the roads in Norway, but it couldn't have been easier. Timo, in the Oslo rental center, was very helpful and accomodating. I would highly recommend them. The motorhome was a very economical way to tour a very expensive country. Just being able to have our luggage in one place, makes this the way to go...The convenience of being able to go anywhere, anytime, stopping whenever we wanted, was fantastic. We picked up in Oslo, drove over the Hardanager mountain range to Bergen, where we stayed 3 nights. Then through the fjords, over mountains again, seeing wild herds of rain-deer, lots of sheep, beautiful waterfalls, fjords, and headed up to Trondhiem, where we had family. They all wanted us to stay with them, but we were all more comfortable going back to "our home" each night. I highly recommend this way of travel, and would do it again, and plan on it in the future. The only recommendation I would make is for a percolator coffee pot,a bristle broom and for better side mirrors or beepers when backing up. Other than that, It was a great experience in a beautiful country. Will book with Ideamerge again with no hesitation. A very pleasant experience.

Jeff Kauk, 25 june 2007
WOW...what can we say. Before I go any further if you are planning on renting book the motorhome first then find a flight.
We are from Canada and rented a motorhome for the month of May out of Stuttgart, Germany. Since we had booked our flight into Frankfurt already and couldn't get a motorhome rental in Frankfurt we had to take the train to Stuttgart...not a big deal. The rental place was great, our motorhome (Jerry..we gave it a nickname) was perfect for us. A bed, a kitchen, a toilet...what else do you need. If you are thinking of renting a motorhome....DO IT! We loved it...way better then a tent and much better then a hostel...for us atleast. To see pictures go here http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog/canadianmade/awayin07/tpod.html
We can't wait to do it again. Some tips to make the trip easier.
1. Don't worry about getting lost...you will...just keep driving in one direction and you will find your way out of the city!
2. Get the ACSI guide on DVD and take a laptop..the book in the motorhome isn't very good. The ACSI guide it much more detailed. They have a online map here. http://www.eurocampings.co.uk/en/europe/
3. Our motorhome had a safe so we were not worried about valuables..anyways all the parks were VERY safe. It's all older people except Amsterdam!
4. If you are from Canada then trust me when I say everything is MUCH closer to each other than it is in Canada or the States for that matter.
5. If you like to drive you will LOVE to drive in Europe. Some of the roads in Italy I thought were one lane were actually 2! It was great!
6. Campgrounds are amazing...bars, restaurants, no toilet paper or seats in France...it's a learning experience.
If you are on the fence about going.......just please go! It will be the experience of a life time!

Bob McLaren, 25 june 2007

My wife and I recently returned from 5 weeks in Europe. This was the 2nd time we have used Ideamerge to rent a VW California from DRM in Germany. Using Ideamerge is a no brainer; their website, the booking process and customer service is seamless. (Even easier than 2003) We picked up our VW in Frankfurt. Our plane arrived at 11am, by 1:30pm we were driving away in a brand new (1600km) camper. We drove 5200km to southern Italy and returned to Germany via Paris. The current VW camper is very refined and easy to drive and setup. It's perfect for 2 people, gets about 9l/100km fuel economy and is very comfortable. This time we slept upstairs in the "penthouse". which was very comfy and the views out the little windows were great. We brought our own lightweight cooking gear and sleeping bags etc. which simplified things for us. We particularly like the freedom the VW provides, in terms of size and convenience, to go anywhere we like. For instance, we drove the Amalfi coast road on a busy Sunday without any problems. Also, the switchbacks in and out of the Gargano peninsula (Vieste, Italy) are not to be missed. Also, this time we brought along a Garmin NUVI GPS unit which was very helpful.

The return of the vehicle was easy and we our deposit was returned promptly.

Some suggestions: Bring a tire gauge and check your pressure regularly. One of our tires was quite underinflated upon pick-up and it can affect your handling. Also, the VW manuals are all written in German, so any problems you might have can be hard to decipher.

Another great experience and highly recommended. Happy travelling.

Steve, 20 june 2007
We rented a Motorhome for a 4 week trip around Europe in April/May 2007. We picked up our motorhome from McRent in Frankfurt and had a bit of a slow start as there were some delays in getting our motorhome ready. Once on the road we had an excellent family adventure (5 of us). We traveled almost 7000 Km and toured 7 countries. I was very impressed with the motorhome and the fuel consumption was a pleasant surprise compared to the big North American units. We found the camping guide book, provided with the motorhome, to be an excellent resource (But bring a GPS or really good maps !). Never once had a problem finding a nice camp site (pays to go in the off season !) Ideamerge, especially Doug was excellent for answering our questions and getting our booking established. If you are reading these reviews trying to decide if a motorhome is the way to visit Europe, I can certainly recommend it as a fantastic way to travel!(and I would not hesitate to recommend you book through Ideamerge). Our family had a wonderful time. Thanks

Tim, 20 june 2007
We had the trip of a lifetime thanks to Ideamerge. After living in Africa the past 3 years we decided to tour Europe on our way back to the U.S. I had never rented a RV camper before so had no idea how to get started. So, I just "googled" "RV Camper Rentals in Europe" and fortunately came across Ideamerge. It had the best information and the best rates.

The camper was awesome and we traveled throughout Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France. The only surprise we had were the toll road costs in Europe. More information on the website would have been helpful for budgeting.

Also, understanding the insurance would have been better. Unbeknownst to us, a tree limb made a small dent on top. When we turned in our camper after our trip, the guys at McRent went crazy with everything. Not only did they keep our deposit, they charged us 150 Euros for not "cleaning" the inside (we had washed all dishes, swept the floors, and wiped down the counters, but apparently forgot to wipe out the burners). Not knowing what was expected on cleaning cost a lot.

All in all, we would do it all over again. We will soon forget the dent, the loss of deposit, and the cleaning fee, and remember all the great things that happened during our trip!

Peter Schulte, 19 june 2007
Dear Mr. Bredesen,

First of all i like to thank you for the handling of my questions.
Second, i want to make a compliment for your company and its workers for how we've been treated and helped all along the way. This have helped us getting to a jumpstart for a good and relaxing vacation as we needed, and i'm pretty sure we'll come back soon to enjoy the lovely people and counties of Nova Scotia.

With warm greetings,

Peter Schulte

Alan Morris, 18 june 2007
We have just returned from Europe and a 7 week hire from DRM. Whilst we were in Germany (Berlin) a large branch fell off a tree (we were in a camp site) and wrecked the camper, it happened around 10am, before the end of the day we were "back on the road" with a new vehicle.
Fortunately no one was hurt but I think DRM should be commended for the excellent way they handled the situation, unlike the campsite who had insisted we park where we had and then charged us for our overnight stay and the tea and coffee (offered to calm us down, two people were in the van at the time but escaped unhurt). We were unable to shower as most of our towels were wet due to the large hole in the roof.
We were also delighted to be told that due to the circumstances we would receive our deposit back, so all in all DRM were delightful and the campers were on the whole "first class"


Alan Morris

Thor Larsen and Jeanne Rucker, 13 june 2007
During the October planning of a May 2007 trip for 5 adults to visit family in Norway, I reserved a motorhome through Doug Bredesen / IdeaMerge. Doug's service, from the initial booking through to the followup after the trip, has been little short of amazing.

The Oslo representative met us at the airport and took us to the motorhome lot where we were given a thorough briefing on the motorhome and all related equipment.

The motorhome was spotless. It was far above what I had envisioned waiting for us. Timo's service was also impeccable and did his very best to ensure a positive experience for us.

The moho was comfortable although we in Canada are used to a little more room inside. All the equipment worked well and it saved us a huge amount of money, if you're familiar with Norwegian prices.

I would not hesitate to rent from IdeaMerge again.

Jennifer Brian from Oregon, U.S., 10 june 2007
We booked a VW van for two for just over one month. We found the
service and information provided from the time of our initial inquiry,
to reservation, to actually picking up and returning the vehicle to be
superb. The van had very few miles on it, lots of great features and
they even lent us several detailed map books and a europe-wide
campground directory. When we picked up the vehicle we had a great
lesson on how to work everything, where the grocery store was, the
nearest fuel station and a small map of the area which was of great
use for the return.
We plan to travel in europe again next year and will definitely rent a
VW again from this company. We had a great experience.

David Steele, 04 june 2007
We picked up and dropped off an MC Rent motorhome in Dusseldorf, Germany, with an 11 day rental. We had selected the "Standard" sized motorhome with carseats for our 4yo and 9mo old children. When we arrived we found things all ready for us, with the exception that they had two forward facing childs seats instead of a rear facing infant seat for the baby. We showed them the IdeaMerge paperwork clearly showing the ages and weights of our children. After a few minutes of consultation, they sent a technician out and purchased a new seat for our use. It was a little difficult getting the seats installed but they obviously were interested in doing what it took to keep us happy. The motorhome was 6 months old with 24,000km and in excellent condition. It even came with a backup camera to help us parallel park in the crowded German cities, which we very much appreciated. We'd definitely do it again, although I'm not sure whether we'd bring the kids...

Lindsey and Keven Grogan, 28 may 2007
We would like to post a complimentary review of booking our motorhome to travel Europe... although this will not take place until March 2008 - we have booked early for various reasons and we have found that Doug Bredesen has been unbelievable with his help... seems that nothing was too much trouble and here we are downunder in Australia and he has made the booking of our Motorhome so easy... I wondered if he ever slept - as I would email with a request and would awake to find his reply... nothing was to hard and he made it all so simple for us and so generous... We can highly recommend him to make your bookings so simple... I cant wait to be able to post yet another review after we come back.. We will be making this motor home - "our Home " for 134 days and we just cant wait... thanks again Doug... your the best..Lindsey and Keven Grogan -Beerwah - Australia.

Gardu𭟆am, 24 may 2007
thks to IDEAMERGE specially to Mr. Doug Bredesen because he always show special interst to solve the little problems that we have.

William Anderson, 22 may 2007
We were met at the Malaga airport and taken to the motor home. It was a great unit with plenty of pep and good fuel economy. It worked out very well. We dropped it in Madrid. At the drop point, we arrived ahead of time but were treated very well. The entire experience was great. This is the third time we have rented in Europe.

Debbie Longman, 22 may 2007
We rented a Roadbear RV for 30 days with pickup from Los Angeles. During this time we drove 3,000 miles. Doug from IdeaMerge provided a great service, particularly as we only organized the rental a few days before we left Australia. Nothing was too much trouble even extending our rental for us. The staff at Roadbear (Tracey in particular) were very helpful giving us the option of an early pickup and making sure we had sufficient warm bedding for the cold areas we were heading to. The RV was very new and well equipped – the only thing missing was a kettle. We noticed that some other reviewers have mentioned that the mattress was not comfortable – we had a very comfortable bed. We have rented RVs previously from other companies and have found their vehicles to be shabby, poorly equipped and the staff nowhere near as helpful. Overall a 10 out of 10 for both Roadbear and Doug from IdeaMerge.



Paula Rich Beckwith, 31 march 2007
We picked up and dropped off the RV in Paris in March 2007. Picking up and dropping off was considerably easy and very pleasant. We booked the first and last night at the Camping du Bois de Boulogne, which is only about 15 minutes from the RV place, I would recommend it. Great location to catch the bus to the metro. The RV was like new with no problems. We ordered the pickup and drop off at the airport option, the drop off went wonderful, the pick up was very confusing especially considering it was 6 AM, we had to call 2 times and then had to walk to an outside car rental area. Overall the whole trip went off without a hitch. This is our second RV rental from this company, last year we picked up in Frankfurt, Germany. We would surely rent from them again in a different part of the country. They were very helpful and informative. Thanks again

Linda Lawrence, 26 march 2007
Planned on doing the California Coast - weather was not so good...but we went anyway. Had spectacular views and an awesome adventure.
The Road Bear staff in Los Angels were friendly and efficient. We were given an upgrade because the rental unit we wanted was not available, and the 31ft RV was well equipped, spacious, easy to drive and loads of fun. We traveled approx. 450 miles from L.A. to drop off in Hayward, Ca.
A few suggestions;
The mattress in the 31 foot Freelanders needs to be replaced with a regular sleeping mattress for a better sleep. Also, if you are planing any side trips a car rental is helpful. It was a little hard maneuvering a 31ft motor home through city streets, such as down town L.A. and the Bay area to go sight seeing.
We will definitely be renting RV's from Road Bear in the future - what a fabulous way to see the country.

Paul and Patti, 20 february 2007
Planned on doing the California Coast - weather was not so good...so we headed in a different direction - you can't do that if you stay at a hotel.....

The Road Bear staff at the Las Vegas depot (pick up and drop off) were friendly and efficient, the pick up service from the airport was a tremendous assistance to us as we were not familiar to the Las Vegas area. The 31ft RV was well equiped, spacious, easy to drive and loads of fun. We travelled approx. 1100 miles at a fuel cost of just under $300.00 for a house on wheels. Suggest if you are planning to RV in the USA you purchase a membership to "Passport America" 50% off discounts and/or "Good Sam Club" - 10-20% off per night max 3 night stay.

A few suggestions;
The mattress in the 31 foot Freelanders needs to be replaced with a regular sleeping mattress for a better sleep. Also providing a nicer comforter in the convenience package would be helpful. Less usage on the generator for cooler evenings in January/February.

We will definitely be renting RV's from Road Bear in the future - what a fabulous way to see the country.

LEE, OKKYOUNG, 22 january 2007
I had enjoyed a wonderful journey with a wonderful motorhome of Avis-Caraway(Paris Depot of Ideamerge). I can't forget their kindness and hospitality. We had no trouble during our journey as long as 40 days. It gave us a lot of interesting and beautiful memories. Also, I strongly recommend the motorhome if you have a baby. My 18-month baby can manage 40 days journey with motorhome, otherwise she couldn't do it.

Sherry, 14 december 2006
We picked up our RV in Rome. The vehical was in great shape and easy to drive. The staff was very friendly and helpful, when we dropped off our RV they drove us to the train station and also gave us directions so we would safely arrive at our next destination. How nice is that! Very happy with the service and would recommend it to anyone renting an RV in Italy.

Brad Brioux, 25 october 2006
The unit we got was brand new a Citroen Pilote model D2, their were three guys and it was perfect. Very easy to drive with an excellent turning radius, and super fuel efficiency, excellent interior layout very efficient use of space and comfortable sleeping arrangements. We went from Paris to the 24 hours of LeMans and stayed at the camping area they provide. After that we went to the Loire valley and camped in various areas near the river. On the way home prior to having to return the RV we stayed at the Boise de Bolgne camping area and it was super. In fact after we returned the RV we went back their and stayed in one of their mobile homes they have for rent which was very reasonable. All in all the trip was fantastic and thanks for helping us out with the superb RV rental.

Regards Brad Brioux

David Rosalyn Hampson, Surrey, UK, 20 october 2006
The Road Bear crew at both San Francisco (pick up) and Los Angeles (drop off)were friendly, efficient, and quick. The 28ft RV was well equiped, spacious, easy to drive and fun. We were impressed with the slide out section, the air conditioning, generator and warm air heating; we used all these in our trip. RV's in the US seem so much bigger and better than those in Europe, however the fuel cost was significant, at about 7 mpg.

A few suggestions;
1.the main double bed was incredibly hard and uncomfortable. Can you get the supplier to fit thick sprung mattresses, not thin sponge. It makes a huge difference to have a good nights sleep.
2.The comfort pack gave only one pillow per person. Be more generous and supply two per person.

We had a great vacation and would definitely use Road Bear again. Thanks

Danny Julie Giesbrecht, 18 october 2006
Thanks very much for the follow up! We picked up our motorhome in Frankfurt on Sept 18th. The staff (Claudia) was extremely helpful and kind. They offered us maps and useful hints which made our vacation trouble free. Speaking of trouble free, the motorhome ran like a clock and was easy to drive, especially in the busy cities. We travelled through Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and back through Germany to Frankfurt. With 4600 km of driving, I can say that i did not feel tired once. The vehicle was very comfortable to drive, eat in, and sleep in. Even when i got stuck going in circles in the roundabout at the "arc de triumph", i felt comfortable driving.
Ideamerge made our honeymoon a trip of a lifetime. Thankyou very much, and thanks again to Claudia in Frankfurt for her assistance and her big smile.
We are already planning for our next trip, 2 years from now. Ideamerge will be our first reservation.

Danny & Julie

Park, Insung, 16 october 2006
The motorhome added to our Europe travel usefully. I was very happy and reduce the travel cost. But I appeal you to change two conditions.

1) The insurance system need to be changed. The consumer's resposiblity is 1,000 Euros. Under 500 Euros, customer will feel safe.

2) The time of picking up and replacing should be changed. I wasted my time for travel to wait the motorhome. Without any extra charge customer can hire it, it would be very comfortable and useful.

Thank you for your kindness and help.

Ian Andrina, 16 october 2006
Great way to see Europe with kids (as long as you stop for a few days in one spot to give them some space)...van pick in Frankfurt was friendly and easy with all paper work in order (except take time to watch the video...we didn't realise you could extend the beds even further!)...drop off was also very easy with a no fuss check of the van and the deposit was put credited back into our account there and then at the office!!!...including cost of some minor repairs to the table that we had to undertake enroute...certainly recommend the ideamerge/mcrent frankfurt team

polly schonfeld hermann platschka, 09 october 2006
We picked up our van after a long flight from new york city. The staff was helpful, personable and friendly and even offered additional brochures for the trip. The van was a great car and performed beyond our expectations. We drove over 7500 kil. and gas milage was unbelievable. We fell in love with the westphalia and the camping experience. We are already planning our trip next summer and plan to rent another vw from Ideal. Polly & Hermann

FRANK SHERI KOENIG, 09 october 2006
WE JUST RECEIVED YOUR EMAIL. THANK YOU FOR WELCOMING US BACK TO THE USA. OUR WHOLE EXPERIENCE WAS "FIRST RATE". WE PUT OVER 2000Km on our RV and we didn't have one bit of trouble. Everything was fantastic with the camper. We got to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary in style! Everyone we know thinks we were crazy to go in a RV, but we put them STRAIGHT! As far as we are concerned this was the only way to see the country's. Our camper was small but compact for us. We loved the bed. You couldn't go to bed mad that was for sure. It was especially nice to have a bathroom. As one gets older we seem to have to make late evening visits and its nice to have that convenience. Driving on the Autobahn was a blast. We never got a ticket, (or got caught). The people at McRent in Munich were very knowledgable and helpful. The RV came fully equipped. We so enjoyed being able to eat outside with our awning and table and chairs. We felt very secure in the RV with all the safety equipment. The only criticism we would like to convey is that they need to make a bigger refrigerator to accommodate all the beer and wurst! Thank you again. We had a WONDERFUL TIME.


Frank & Sheri Koenig
40+ years

Nigel Dick, 09 october 2006
With 30,000km on the clock the RV was still in very good condition with a external few bumps and grazes we had to agree on before I left the yard. Though the truck (based on a Renault chassis) was the smallest on offer it was still the biggest vehicle I've ever driven but quite sprightly and I soon got used to driving down tiny lanes and narrow streets. It also sported much more storage than I expected.

On returning the vehicle I got a heavy reprimand for parking outside the gates while waiting for the operators to get back from lunch (there was no place else to go!) and that leisurely 2 hour lunch-break effectively added another day's rental onto my bill.

Apart from that it was a great experience and my only other advice is: The campsites in Florence and San Gimignano are wonderful but the one in Siena was closed and, with the closest alternative 40 km away, there was a long line of RV's outside cursing the owner of the place. I expect his karma balloon will be badly deflated when he returns next summer!

Royce Moncur, 08 october 2006
A great experience! Driving on the right hand side was a challenge at first [us Aussies drive on the correct side!].
We toured for two weeks through six countries.... that much driving would just about get you across Ausralia. Magnificent.
Great service from a company found 'pot luck' in a web search. Also pretty good service from the rental company... BUT!! Surely Europe can catch up with our part of the world. You basically have to wait for 'business hours' to pick up and drop off these motorhomes. Why aren't they set up like hire cars? We had to hire a car for a couple of days before we could get our motor home. The other problem is that they are set up in an industrial estate well away from anything. In Australia I fly into an airport and the van meets me at the airport. Small gripe in the scheme of things though. On the first day I reversed into a small post. Crack through the lightweight rear bumper. $460au cost. Blast! To finish.. great service from Ideamerge and pretty good from Duetsh Riesmobile

Steven Horne, 08 october 2006
Ideamerge were great and the vacation excellent - shame about McRent RV rental of Dusseldorf. Pick-up was shambolic, no guide in english to wagon, no english speaking staff at that time and the chaop we did get didn't really know basics like what the battery indicators meant. very swift look around van - huge mistake!! Took nearly 3 hours to get out of there. Taking back similar pain - this time they really wanted to look at wagon and found a 2-3cm scratch on side - scrape of paint proabably caused by car door or shopping cart. might have even been there when we picked up. Huge fuss and later a 200 euro reduction in deposit supposedly for re-spray. never seen the invoice for this and it took them a month to put rest of deposit back onto card.
Great organisation by ideamerge, great way to see germany, Denmark etc but lousy local rental company.

Damien Byrne, 06 september 2006
just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service through your website. My friends and I used ideamerge last year for our trip around Germany and were so impressed with how smooth everything went there was only one vendor we were going to use when we arranged this year's trip to the USA. - Many Thanks.

Margo Furbert, 06 september 2006
My husband and I returned from our vacation last week and I must tell you that we truly had an enjoyable time driving around the Yukon and Alaska. We had an Okanagan van camper and it was the perfect size for the two of us and we had no problems handling it at all. Thanks for all you did to assist us in the rental arrangements.

Philippe BIZOT, 01 september 2006
We got fantastic vacation with our RV.
We were renting an RV for the first time in our life and the vehicle was 32 feet long...meaning enormous.
Everything went extremelly well, the value chain is well organized and very professional. The team with Doug for administrative topics, the local team for showing all the informations on the vehicle and finally the RV itself. This is going to be vacations that we will not forget.
Thanks for all your support

Shane and Fiona, 28 august 2006
What can i say except our Motorhome experience in Germany was well.....interesting...
Let me start by saying the company in Germany (Deutsch Riesemobile)were not the most organised lot which is unusual for German people.(This was no fault of Ideamerge) Our pick up time for the MH was 3pm, we did not leave the place till 7pm. They had no capming guides in English, which made finding a place to camp very hard at times.(We hired the MH for 21 nights taking in 9 countries) They had no english speaking staff to show us the motorhome functions on the day of arrival. Once again, made things a bit hard to figure out.
On the day of return to Deutsch Riesemobile things seemed a lot more functional and we had no trouble with the language barrier as there was an English speaking staff member there.
But all that said, the staff at Ideamerge were fantastic in organising our MH given the high demand during the World Cup.
Doug Bredesen in particular was very professional and punctual in all his dealings with us and should be commended for his good work.

Karen le Roux, 24 august 2006
This was my e-mail to the motor home company we used in Italy. We will highly recommend them and it is worth it to tour Italy in a motor home if you have young children.

Dear Valentina,

At the middle of July we rented a motor home for 9 days from Freedom Holiday. I just want to take this opportunity to really thank you for a very pleasant experience. You and Ugo were very helpful and friendly, you even helped us called the airline that lost our luggage. Good quality bedding that was clean and smelled so fresh. It was a pleasure to sleep on them at night. Thank you for all the camping information and the use of your roads maps/books. It was all the little details that made us really enjoy renting a motor home from Freedom Holiday. The motor home was also in a good condition and very clean when we got it from you. Your English was very good so it was easy to communicate with you. Overall we had a very good and pleasant experience and we will definitely recommend your company to anyone who wants to see Italy via motor home. According to us, of course, it’s the very best way to see an amazing beautiful country.

Thank you again.

Dirk and Dixie Havlak, 24 august 2006
We rented in France. The motor home was easy to drive for a big vehicle and was a fun way to travel. Considering that we had 6-7 adults in it, it was well designed and although crowded, fun. There was enough storage space. Although almost new, it was in need of better repair and maintanance. One of the bench seats collapsed when two people sat on it at once, a problem since we needed it for our big group. One of the big drawers had a latch that didn't work and flew open on turns. The refrigerator latch didn't always work, and we couldn't get the refrig to run for the first two days until we met some Germans with a similar rig. It never did work on one of the electrical options. The dishes and glasses provided were glass, a terribly impractical option as they rattled around the entire time. The blankets were wool, also a terrible option as it was very hot and they were hot and scratchy. There was AC in the cab but not in the back of the vehicle and it was very hot inside, so we slept with mostly no covers.

The training video in English was good, but did not show us where the electrical outlets were and we could not find them so were unable to charge batteries, cameras, etc., which was aggravating.

Driving near Paris is scarey and difficult, especially if you are inexperienced, and better instructions and maps for driving and for taking public transportation would have been useful.

In summary, I would recommend motor home travel and the arrangements made through IdeaMerge worked well, but I would seek a better rental agency (than Avis Car-Away) if there were other options in the Paris area.

Markus and Family, 24 august 2006
I was very happy how smoothly our Germany RV rental went. The vehicle was clean, new and the staff at the pickup depot were very helpful. I would be delighted to recommend using IdeaMerge for renting an RV to anybody travelling in Europe.

Diane, 24 august 2006
We had a great holiday in our motorhome. We were picked up from our Paris hotel and taken to the depo to collect our vehicle which whilst daunting at first sight proved a doddle to drive. We headed south west to Bordeaux and to the coast. It provided a comfortable wasp free retreat after long days of surfing and sunbathing. The down side: the state of pre booked picnic table and chairs was shoddy to say the least, broken and rusty. I would recommend checking that sort of thing over carefully before taking posession. Sadly finding the depo on the way back into Paris was a nightmare and took an hour and a half longer than expected leaving us without our pre-booked taxi! He'd left without us. So there you are. I would definitely do it again though. Thanks.

Michele Kettle, 24 august 2006
We rented a van conversion in Canada. In general the vehicle was fine, although in hindsight a little cramped. However, it served its purpose and we found it very convenient, including the impressive shower, although small, the power to the shower was better than any of the campsite facilities. Only one moan though, we ordered a TV so that my husband could watch some of the World Cup whilst we were away. Unfortunately the enormous TV, unsuitable for a camper, and the fact that no reception could be obtained, as there was no aerial (we had asked for one from the agent), we were told by the agent that the TV would not work! Well that was a waste of money and totally unsuitable, as it was so big and had to be jammed up with bedding evertime we moved the van. So although the RV was great, the TV was lousy, also the fridge kept opening itself as we went round corners, bad news for the beer!!

Arturo , 23 august 2006
My life time dream was to go to a World Cup in Germany; Ideamerge helped me to make it true. Since I put my application Ideamerge immediately started looking for a motor home for me, They even stay late at night, continuously email me with the latest news related to my reservation, even call me to give me the good news that I had my motorhome reserved. The motorhome was a class D. Small but very comfortable. It looks brand new. I was able to drive and park very close to the city centers (downtown). My wife even cook two blocks from the train's main station at D�orf, because I was very hungry and couldn’t wait to get to the RV parking. I did not see a reason to wait we had beer in the refrigerator (and vegetables) and food on the shelves of the motorhome. Those three and half weeks of traveling, eating, sleeping,.........etc in the motorhome in Germany and during a World Cup, was better than our Honeymoon!!! Thank You Ideamerge. By January I will start planning my next summer vacations. I do not know where I am going, but I know that Ideamerge is going to help me. Thank you again.
Arturo and Nazira

Simon Cox (Hong Kong), 21 august 2006
We hired a 6 berth van (for a family of 5) out of Paris, and headed west to the Loire Valley, up to Brittany and Normandy and back to Paris. Probably the best family holiday we have had. Will certainly do again. IdeaMerge were efficient. The van was new'ish and very comfortable. Avis staff in Paris were helpful. No vehicle problems. Although if our kids were a bit bigger we would take a bigger van next time, to avoid having to convert the dining table into a bed. I also recommend buying your own bedding on arrival rather than renting. We took an iPod travel kit with us to plug into the vehicle, so the kids could listen to their music - recommend that. Out of all the campsites we visited, the only one we didn't like was the most expensive, being the crammed Bois de Boloigne in Paris, just near the Avis van depot - avoid it.

Bruce and Raewyn Bartley, New Zealand, 19 august 2006
We collected our campervan in Rome. We mistakenly arrived during the siesta, but only had to wait a short while before a staff member arrived and made us welcome. We were able to sit in the airconditioned van until all the paperwork was complete. The van was newish and in good condition. We had a fabulous time camping in central and northern Italy for 17 days. Wouldn't recommend hiring the microwave as the camping grounds electricity supply wasn't up to it. The campervan suppliers were very friendly and helpful and organised a private taxi for us when there was a taxi strike. Would certainly recommend them.

Christina Peak, 02 august 2006
I was very impressed with the service from this company when I was trying to find a campervan for our time in Germany during the World Cup. I felt like a valued customer and all of my queries and problems were sorted out promptly and efficiently via email. The vendor company were also very helpful and our van was top quality and in top condition. I would use this company again without a second thought.

Kalie and Miranda Kirsten (South Africa), 26 july 2006
Our family toured for three weeks through Norway and Finland and drove 5000 km in a Fiat Camper. What a pleasure. We found the service we recieved from Idea Merge fantastic - before, during and afterwards. I think it is the only way to tour expensive Norway with a family. The camper was really good and the campingsites too. We had two mechanical problems with the camper but sorted that out with the vendor. Our next holiday will be organised through Idea Merge - thanks Doug!!

Peter Brun Madsen, 26 july 2006
Amazing what you can get on the internet theese days. Anyway sitting in front of the computer in Denmark, we found Ideamerge - and good for that - since we had the best vacation ever on wheels in God's own country. We rented the 31ft motorhome with plenty of space for 2 kids and their parents, only problem: the DVD didn't like our own discs from abroad. Anyway the kids enjoyed their new home for almost 2 weeks, and we will definately come back - sooner or later.

YH Lee, 26 july 2006
I had a good time with camping car. I rented it in France. Staffs were kind. Thank you.

Ruth Haggerty, 16 july 2006
We picked up our Campervan for two at Karlsruhe in Germany and have to say that it was immaculate, almost new. The staff gave us a video to watch initially to help us manage the various aspects of running the vehicle, which was valuable as we had never rented one before. We found it to be very good on fuel and totally reliable, as we followed our team in the World Cup 2006 to Frankfurt, Nuremburg and then Cologne. We found it to be a very convenient and comfortable way of seeing the beautiful country of Germany and thank you for your good service and the service of the staff at Karlsruhe. I would recommend your company to my friends with confidence.

Francisco Iv`¬ Herrera Gonz`«¥z, 14 july 2006
Just one word: perfect. We collected two caravans (5 people vehicles) in Berlin and Hamburg. They were almost brand new and ready to use. We move all over Germany during the Football World Cup, including Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Kaisserlautten, Koln and Hannover. We can't say anything but good things about all the stuff related with the caravans. Super recommendable!!!

Jim Betker, 10 july 2006
Great experience in renting and driving through Germany, Switzerland & Italy. The Fiat was a tough and frugal vehicle that was comfortable and convenient. I expected the size of even a small motorhome would be a problem to drive and maneuvre in Europe, but it wasn't. The small diesel engine was slow on pick-up but cruised easily on the Autobahn and the gas mileage was great. The staff in Frankfurt were also great; very helpful with detailing the vehicle's features and even with some trip planning hints and directions.
The only problem we had was a flat tire. The spare tire release mechanism was unfamiliar to us and, because it had not be used in a year, it was stuck to the bottom of the vehicle and required us to get underneath and pry it from the frame (stuck there by corrosion). Suggest rotating these full size spares every few months to avoid that problem. Otherwise everything went well.
Traveling by motorhome was a delight. With jet lag and tourist overload it was great, early in our trip, just to be able to pull over and have a light lunch and a snooze whenever we felt weary. The facililites and people we encountered everywhere were first class. Highly recommend this method of touring expecially if unfamiliar accomodation in areas you visiting. Cost was not more than if we'd traveled by rail and stayed in modest pensions without the hassle of spending hours looking for accomodation etc. If travelling with a party of 3 to 5, especially with children this would be particularly ideal. (bring a portable dvd player and a power convertor cord for European plug ins - the cigarette/12V plugins do not fit North American power cords)
Would definitely do this again.

Chris and Elize Dreyer, 07 july 2006
We collected our camper (an 8-berth Fiat) at your Frankfurt depot in Nov 2006 and drove 2800 kilometres through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Switzerland in 8 days. What a pleasure! We were 5 adults and there was ample room for all of us and the bedding was wonderfully warm and comfortable. Being from South Africa we thought we would be cold, but the heating system kept us warm all the way. We will definitely make use of your services again, thank you!!

Alessandro Blasi, Sydney, Australia, 07 july 2006
We had a great trip, travelling through Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The campervan (a Fiat Trigano) was almost new, in very good condition and was just the right size for two of us. Overall, we were very happy with our choice and would recommend it to others.

The only points for improvement were:
* At the pick-up point, there was a rush of people trying to get their campers at the start of the afternoon pick-up window. This overwhelmed the staff and as a result it took us about 90 min to get away.
* Due to flight times, we made the decision to return the camper the afternoon before the last day of our rental. We found the depot had closed early and that noone was able to deal with us till the next day.
* The deposit took almost 2 weeks to get refunded which was a bit slack. Also, the currency conversion charges and interest on the deposit probably added up to an additional A$100 even though the 1000 Euros were eventually refunded.

Otherwise, it was great fun and I would do it again if I had any holidays left. Thanks!

Neil Wilkinson, 28 june 2006
Just a quick notre to say that we had a fantastic time with the Motorhome which was our first time. The Motorhome was almost brand new which was a great start and the staff were friendly on arrival. The only negative is that the pick up point in Paris was very very hard to find!!

Daryl Blank, 22 june 2006
We knew the success of our trip "out West" rest largely in our motorhome experience with the rental company. The trip was fantastic! The motorhome as nearly brand new with only a few thousand miles on it. We had never driven a motorhome that big and were a little intimidated but the staff put us at ease and we had no issue with it at all. We will use you again! Thank you!

kang namil, 11 june 2006
It has really been a unforgettable journey in our lives, driving thru 8 countries such as France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Czeko, Austria in Europe for 29 days. The campervan had been in good condition and the joys and funs were always with us. We miss the beautiful sceneries thru the windows of campervan and we are already looking forward to next journey with the campervan as soon as possible. Many thanks for kind hospitalities rendered to us by
your staff in Paris.

Delle, Mal and Takoda Ritchie, 07 june 2006
We had a fantastic time touring around Italy in one of your motorhomes. The Italian agents were very helpful, even though we made a mistake and turned up a day early they got the motorhome ready for us.

The motorhome was brand new and had everything we needed for a great holiday.

We will definatly do this again - we are looking at booking one for Australia in a few weeks.

Matthew Hunt, 05 june 2006
We had a great 12 days in Alsaka and the Yukon in our van. The range to choose from was really helpful and the presentation on the website helped us to make what we felt as the right choice - a balance between comfort and manouvrability over some 'interesting' Yukon roads. The staff at the vehicle pick-up were friendly and helpful and the vehicle was very clean and comfortable. We only has one issue which they attended to and they listene to feedback. We'd use I-M for our next hire.

Josh Ours and Beth Schuster, Washington, D.C., 04 june 2006
A wonderful experience from start to finish. Excellent customer service from both Ideamerge and the vendor. The brand new VW California was a great way to travel (flexible, fun, fast, and good gas mileage) and camping was convenient, inexpensive, peaceful, and a good way to meet fellow travelers. For added fun and convenience – use those bike racks to bring along the bicycles! We would do this again and recommend it to anyone who enjoys camping.

Matthew and Melissa Johnson, 31 may 2006
We found the German rental company extremely professional and the camper was like new. We appreciated the flexibility of being able to move on whenever we wanted, saved a lot of money not eating in restaurants, and were very comfortable. The pick up and drop off process was efficient and the staff made a real effort to resolve an issue we had. We loved traveling via camper, the camping guidebook was a godsend, and we enjoyed the state of the art sound system for our language CDs. Idea Merge communicated with us and with the vendor and we knew all the information we needed. Top notch, would definitely use Idea Merge again and do a camper trip again- great fun!

patrick moriarty, 19 may 2006
Collected the motorhome near Rome. It was in perfect condition. Good backup from the office and very helpful.

Judy Julian, 18 may 2006
Fun, exciting adventure. Our brand new camper van with our TomTom navigation took us through winding narrow alleys and picturesque countrysides in Germany and Switzerland for over two weeks. We had a great time. The camper has good gas mileage, very easy to maneuver, ample storage space, and cozy at night. Bike racks are easy to use (We will rent bikes/scooters all the way for our next trip.)

One advice-don't even think of driving into the cities.

Adolf Annemarie Joubert, South Africa, 15 may 2006
Wow. wonderfull and exiting! We enjoyed a week of wonderfull travelling through the German and Austrian countryside.

The only suggestion I would have, is that the camping site reference books and maps offered be more up to date (camp sites) and in detail (maps).

We will be doing it again.

Ms. Helen Cocks, 10 may 2006
An out of this world journey experienced to the max due to the fact that we hired a camper van from IdeaMerge. The rental company hooked us up with a brand new, fully furnished, and just like home, camper in which we travelled from Stockholm across Sweden to Oslo and across Norway to Bergen, in the Fjord region. The scenery was breathtaking and in places reminded me of the Land of Narnia. Although the roads were often a little scary compared to the flat, straight motorways of the UK, the camper was our knight in shining armour and we never had any problems. I would recommend this road trip to anyone out there looking for a taste of the wilderness, as Scandinavia is a beautiful part of the World and not to be missed by any traveller seeking the tranquillity of the mountains and lakes (although please don't attempt to drive for too long over there in mid-winter!!). We would love to go back during the summer to see all the sights in green rather than in white!

Line Lafantaisie, 01 may 2006
Hi! We rented a 23.5' Lexington motorhome (B+) in Las Vegas and headed right away to Moab, Utah just stopping on the way for the groceries. The motorhome was a surprise: almost brand new with VCR, DVD and cable TV! In 8 days, we drove 1100 miles effortlessly. In the area we visited (Arches, Canyonland, Dead Horse Point, Bryce and Zyon), the motorhome was greatly appreciated as there are little services in those parks. We came back home with great memories and at least a 1000 pictures! Everything was just perfect except for one small detail: the powercords of the coffee maker and the toaster would not reach the outlets (a 1.50$ extention cord solved the problem!) We would recommend Ideamerge to anybody who would want renting a motorhome.

Line and Claude

WOJCIAK Christelle, 28 april 2006
We rented a 30' motorhome in SF in april and we had a wonderful trip in California. We were 7 in the motorhome and never felt a lack of space. The motorhome was brand new (we were the firt customers to use it) and very well equiped. The team in SF was wonderful and take their time to give us advises. We will do it again. thanks for having participated in the success of these holidays !

Cormac McGrane, 26 april 2006
Hi Guys, many thanks for a great holiday. We flew into Munich and arrived at the rental agency about 4 hours early. I suppose it was low season and they weren't too busy, they got us on the road well before lunch. It was snowing, so we flew south and 36 hours later were in sunny Lake Garda, Italy. The wonders of a mobile holiday home. The van was great, heated for our overnight in the snow and roomy enough for the two of us and two young children. The roads were great and the other users were polite and patient, we had no problems. Venice was the downside of the trip, old crumbling buildings with lots of water in the streets, couldn't get the van under the bridges ;o) waste of time when its crowded, might fly in some winter for a look. Slovenia was the discovery. A beautiful country still unspoiled by commercialism, hopefully they will manage to keep it so, at least 'till we get back there a few more times. Many thanks and best wishes to Ulle in Munich, we'll see you again next year.

Val R Paraiso, 14 april 2006
I can't say enough how grateful I am to you and your company. We rented a Dethleffs RV in Frankfurt in the DEAD of winter. The RV was roomy for the four of us and not once did we complain about the cold. The RV was winterized and the propane tanks lasted us the entire two week trip. The only time we encountered traffic was during our return to Frankfurt from Prague. We got stuck in a snow storm, along with thousands of other drivers. Since we were in a complete stop for several hours as the cleared the road, we simply turned off the engine, prepared some supper, and played some music....alot more comfortable than other motorist trapped in a sedan. I will do another vacation in an RV. It was economical, adventurous, flexible, and allowed for us to spend quality time with one another. The staff in Frankfurt, especially Herr Lehmann, were both entertaining, as well as helpful. I need to also thank Eric and Doug in the USA for all their help. I can't say how many dozens of calls I made to them, freaking out about one thing or another...they built my confidence, helping me to garner enough courage to drive this HUGE RV through foreign lands....I Survived guys!!!!!and I'm ready for another round!

Paula, 25 march 2006
We rented from the Frankfurt Depot. The staff there were very friendly and helpful. They spoke good English also. We had a slight problem with a water leak from the bathroom, but they were extremely helpful in correcting it. The RV was clean and just as described on the website. We traveled all of the southern part of Germany ending up in Munich to drop off. The Munich depot is easy to get to and extremely large. We had a bad fuse in Kongisee which with a phone call to the Frankfurt depot was handled was lighting speed. We were refered to a Fiat dealer in town who sent a tow truck to bring us to the Fiat garage. It took about an hour total to repair before we were back on the road. The drop off was just as easy as the pickup. We would definately rent from them again and plan on traveling all over Europe with their RV's.

Strath Brown, 01 march 2005
Dawn and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to France in your Campervan last year. The service that we received was excellent and, although not this year, probably next year we will make a booking for another van. Next time we will go for the slightly smaller one which has the bed at standard height and the large separate shower.

What a pleasure it was dealing with you. How very helpful your staff were in Frankfurt. The campervan was in immaculate condition and gave us no trouble. It was much better than most that we came across during our tour. The price was competitive. And IdealMerge will be our first choice next time.

Because we were following the Tour de France, it was important that we should have a TV. This was the only area that we had a spot of bother with as neither of us can speak German. It took us a day to find a 12volt/220volt TV, a decoder, a satellite dish, a transformer and the correct cable. Some we hired, some we bought. The other problem was to find a cell phone card and put money on it. Communications in Europe seem to be far behind those in Zimbabwe!.

As I mentioned, next time we will request Group E4 EM612 where the bed is a better height and there is more room in the shower. As this was our first time and I am very tall, we were worried about length of bed. We also felt that the compartment at the bach would be useful for the bicycles and for security. As it was, security was no problem and it is just as easy to put the bikes on a rack.

Bob McLaren, 27 february 2005
Booked VW California camper (Sept-Oct). It was ready for PU early on day of arrival in Frankfurt. We toured 4000K over 3 weeks thru Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany. Just loved the trouble free experience and the flexibility this camper provided. Diesel milage was amazing 8L/100K. Driving in any situation was never a problem. We would certainly do it again. One small criticism: the vehicle's manual was in German only (which made it a challenge to decipher some of the operating instructions. eg fridge, gas heater digital symbols.)

Lea Medhurst, 27 february 2005
We had a great time in our motorhome, Drove it form Barcelona to Venice and back again via Switzerland in 3 days. The vehicle was excellent and never gave a hint of trouble. A truely memorable trip.

We had a slight problem getting our deposit back but as soon as ideamerge heard about the issue it was sorted out within 24hrs. I would highly recommend this as an excellent way to book your rental vehicle.

Denton Pearson, 27 february 2005
Overall the experience my family had with the Pilote motorhome rented through Ideamerge was excellent. The vehicle had about 35,000 KM on the clock when we picked it up. We toured the entire country, from Paris to Normandy to Nice and back. We did encounter one problem with our motorhome, however. The clutch pedal stuck in the halfway down position and the transmission could not be put into first gear without stopping the engine. The symptom was much like what would be experienced when a clutch master cylinder fails. I took the vehicle to a Fiat dealer in Carrcassone (the chassis was Fiat) and they, apparently concluding that the clutch master cylinder was the problem, said it would be two weeks before they could get the parts and schedule the work. It was Good Friday afternoon at that point. I phoned the Paris area rental agency and was informed that I needed to call back the next day to talk with an English speaker, but thank goodness they were open on the Saturday before Easter. When I did call back I was informed that the vehicle should be taken to the agency affiliate in Nice. I nursed the thing the 200 miles or so to Nice where (the following Tuesday) the local motorhome rental agent merely reached into the cab and pulled the clutch pedal back up to full height with his hand. Everything worked perfectly after that. Other than that one problem, everything on the motorhome worked as expectd. All in all, however, our use of the motorhome was a wonderful experience. Would we do it again? You bet.

Drew Ratcliffe, 26 february 2005
The Dusseldorf depot has brand spanking new machines. From the suede seat covers to the ice cold beer from the fridge, those boys supply a quality product. My wife and i rented a Fiat chassis six berth machine in June 2004 and enjoyed every minute of the experience.

CHAPOUTOT Elisabeth, 26 february 2005
Bonjour Eric !
As you know we are french. But I'll continue my e-mail in english, despite I can make some mistakes...
It was at Spring 2003 and we've rent a motorhome for 6 people in Amsterdam via...Oregon !
But we weren't disappointed at all ! You were very very very helpful and for that we are still grateful to you. The associated in Amsterdam, Rene, was, as we say in french "un sacré personnage" ; he looked like a mediterranean native, very helpful too and always smiling and making jokes !
The motorhome was perfect, clean and not ...old.
Ren矴ook the time to explain a lot of important things to us for driving, making manoeuvres (I guess you use that word in english..) and so on.

We were very pleased to meet him and our regret is not having met you in Portland last year when we came, my husband and me.

We have been given here the opportunity to thank you once more for your kindness.
Please tell a great HELLO from us to Rene


David Helder, 25 february 2005
We had a wonderful experience. The van was in great condition, clean and comfortable. It gave us no trouble what so ever. The people were very helpful and our deposit was returned promptly upon our return. This is great way to go.


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