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Larry Morris, lmorri@msn.com, 19 october 2008
We rented the 5 seat Espace for a 75 day trip through Europe. We picked the car up in Paris and dropped it off 13,000 kilometers later in Barcelona.

The entire experience was totally seamless, from pickup to dropoff. The Espace was comfortable with plenty of room for my wife and I as well as our 13 and 16 year old children.

All our luggage fit in the covered cargo area, hidden from view. And the rear seat was roomy enough that we were able to leave the center seat occupied by an AC/DC portable cooler that we bought near Normandy and used to keep ourselves supplied with fruit, cheese and drinks throughout our travels.

We wouldn't hesitate to lease another Espace for extended travel in Europe.

For a glimpse into the regions we covered by car, check out our photo album at http://lmorri.spaces.live.com/photos

Sonal Miller, 17 october 2008
We were in Italy and France for 4 weeks and rented the 5 seater Espace. This car was very comfortable and easy to drive. We had small issue with our GPS rental but I have to say that Ideamerge was incredible in their handling of the situation. I would say that they went above and beyond any of our expectations on this matter. I would reccomend this company without hesitation to anyone traveling to Europe. This company believes that customer service is paramount. We also rented from this company for 6 weeks a couple of years ago and had a great experience there as well.

Charles Monroe, 19 september 2007
A group od us leased two five passnger Espaces with a a7 passenger Pathfinder for two weeks in Tuscany. We picked up and returned the vehicles at the Renault depot outside of Rome since we hd already been in Itlay (Rome) for a week befor the lease began... Pick up and drop off were effortless with great service assistance at the depot...

The Espace is a wonderful vehicle with good mileage and comfort for 5 passengers and decent luggae space for people who know how to pack sensibly...
This is teh second time I've arranged leases of Renault Espaces and will definitely do so again...

Andrew Kamin, 15 august 2007
Hard to believe I was able to rent a brand new Espace turbo diesel for two months in Marseille and just hand the keys over to someone in Amsterdam when we were done with no hassles or extra fees. The car was great and the paperwork and hassles were minimal once we set the whole deal up. The only thing I would caution people about is that with red license plates virtually everybody looks at the car thinking you are a tourist or/and an embassy official...which in the South of France leaves you to be careful not to leave anything valuable in the car. That said, the deal was great and we would recommend these guys to anyone.

Patrick Francois, francois@interchange.ubc.ca, 12 july 2007
We leased an Espace with ideamerge in early 07, and used it mainly in France. The lease was kind of arranged in great haste, due to our own rush. Even so, things went incredibly smoothly.
The drop off and pick up went well. The car was excellent, the insurance, which we didn't check very carefully and unfortunately had to use, was incredibly comprehensive. It was generous to a fault.
Renault were quick and helpful in their responses, and the same is true of ideamerge. I recommend this company, and this leasing arrangement without reservation.

Dave and Linda Moore, 12 july 2007

I just wanted to let you know that we have returned from our trip to Europe. I am also contacting you to thank you for the excellent experience we had leasing with Ideamerge. I canít think of one aspect of the process that did not go smoothly, starting with my first conversation with you when we learned details of the program and chose the vehicle to completing the paperwork to picking the car up in Paris to returning it at Charles de Gaulle.

Not only did the process work flawlessly, all the people with whom we interacted at Ideamerge were professional, thorough and pleasant.

If ever we get the chance to return to Europe, we will without hesitation lease another vehicle from Ideamerge.

Again, thank you.


Dave Moore

P.S. Would you kindly pass my compliments on to your colleagues in New York and Paris?

Kevin Green, 16 november 2006
Great trip! The van and the process were seamless. We couldnít
have asked for more. We will be in touch next time we are there for
an extended trip.
It would have been helpful to have a map indicating where TT
picks you up at Charles DeGaulle (rather than just a description).
Other than that, no suggestions. Nice people at pickup and drop


laurie rossi, 06 september 2006
we rented an espace this summer for a three week trip to france and england. the help we received in both lining-up and picking-up the vehicle were fabulous. jerry at idea merge was super helpful and responsive. the woman at the renault dealership in paris was amazing and so accomodating. our car was brand-new and in impeccable condition. when we dropped off our car in london, we were treated with the same courtesy and ease we'd experienced earlier. we would definitely do this again. thank you.

Paul Mullan, 12 april 2006
Guys you need to get the Grand Espace, it's about a foot longer and
this means up to 7 in total comfort plus luggage space. The extra
room goes at the rear and makes the car perfect. The standard model
is just that littel bit too small.

PS, we don't call them mini-vans, that's a crap name, they're People
Carriers or MPV's.

Toodle Pip

Warren, wlder@gte.net, 21 august 2005
In 2003, 4 of us rented a Scenic, and then this year 7 of us, 4 adults and 3 children, rented an Espacie and did a 3 and 1/2 week trip. The Especie is not big on luggage room but with some "creative packing" as Doug Bredesen suggested, we got everything in, including a baby stroller. We had the diesel stick shift, and to have a brand new vehicle is nice. We did not have it long enough to really effect much savings, but it was a totally reliable service and that's important with 3 small children. We visited Lake Como, Venice, Bavaria, Rothenburg, the Rhine River, and the Black Forest. We flew in and out of Zurich. It was easy to arrange pickup and delivery, and to have complete insurance was a relief.

Jerry Taylor Doris Beck, jerry@becktaylor.com, 11 january 2005
We rented an Espace in April and May of 2004 through IDEAMERGE. I would highly recommend this service and this company.

The car fit our needs perfectly, but if you do not have a lot of people, go for a smaller car. Parking is difficult everywhere.

We were treated with the upmost courtesy by a very helpful agent at the Renault dealer in Paris when we picked up the car. When we returned it in Nice it had damage. The agent noted the damage and said thank you very much. No concern at all.

A month or so later I got a nice letter from Renault asking us how the rental was and if we were happy with the service and vehicle.

If you plan to be in Europe for more than 17 days, this is the way to go. We will be doing it again this year. None of the hassle, rudeness and hidden charges that show up your credit card months after the rental that we so often see from regular rental agencies.

Linda Brincks, Ohio, 14 october 2004
This was our first time leasing a vehicle in Europe. We toured Spain with my children and parents so we needed a larger vehicle, which can be hard to come by through the European car rental agencies. Our car was outfitted with great features like audible alarm when you were backing up and about to hit something, and 6 CD changer (which took us a long time to find in the trunk area :-). My kids loved the "credit card"-style key and the push starter button. I would highly recommend this program and this minivan to anyone who is taking an extended trip to Europe.

Bill Bachand, 04 october 2003
This transaction was too easy. Picked up my Espace in Nice and the whole transaction took less than 10 minutes. The drop off was two minutes. I had the vehicle four months and it was wonderful. I am a big guy and definitely enjoyed the room of the Espace. Kudos to Eric Bredesen at IdeaMerge for providing great followthrough and service.

Declan Killarney, 17 august 2001
I also loved the Espace.
Picked vehicle up in Paris, Drove through France, Italy, Spain & Portugal. Returned vehicle in Madrid. Total over 8,000 Km.

The 5 passenger V6 automatic turned out be a six passenger vehicle. That meant the luggage was a tight squeeze for 5 people as the extra seat was unnecessary. The vehicle was a beauty to drive but I wish I had headed the advice on this site and got a Diesel as it is difficult to truely comprehend how much fuel costs in Europe until you start filling & filling & filling the tank.

One piece of advice. Don't waste your money on AAA maps of european countries. They are useless and it is very easy to purchase maps there.

Karen Weir, 13 november 2000
It's easy! It's a good deal! They don't actually drive it for you or help you find parking places (sometimes unpleasant experiences when living in Paris), but they do practically everything else.

Michael McConnell, 10 november 2000
We picked up the Espace in Lisbon and returned it in Rome. The car itself was just fine, but what made the service unusual was how easy Ideamerge made the process. Their American representatives were extraordinarily clear and helpful; the process in Lisbon was fast and convenient; and the agent picked the car up curbside at the Rome airport and was away in minutes. I had never done an auto lease before and had been a little concerned about bureaucratic complication -- but it was easier, faster, clearer, and more convenient -- as well as cheaper -- than a standard car rental.

Mike Metelak, 29 november 1999
I am an American living in France. And when we learned our family was going to expand from 4 to 5 people with the birth of our third child, we decided we better get a minivan. Actually in France the American version of the minivan is a bit smaller than it's American counterparts, but huge compared to most everything else on the road. After test driving a few different makes and models, we settled on the Renault Espace.

Here's why:

1. It's French! No problem to find a dealer to fix it. No problem to get parts. No problem for re-sale.
2. The seats are totally modular. With the seven passenger version, the rear five seats are all identical, so they are interchageable. This allows us to change the vehicle configuration from five to seven passengers very easily. Or sometimes if I need to haul something I take them all out, and it's easy to do.
3. There is a rear cover behind the second row of seats. Since the middle row has three seats, if you remove the two rear you have a huge area for carrying things. But in Europe, you must never leave anything visible in your car when parking in public, so the sliding cover hides anything in the back. This is a must!
4. It has a comfortable driving position. Visibility is excellent.
5. The air conditioning and heater kick butt. Ever drive a vehicle with poor A/C? On a long trip, with sun shining in all those windows? Forget it!
6. It's powerful. I got the 2.2 liter turbo diesel. I can pass with no problem, and the van will cruise at 160-170 kph and not work too hard.
7. It's not TOO big. It's no problem to fit in any parking garage in France, and actually it's only about a foot longer than my little car, so parking on the street is normally not a problem.
8. It rides nice and quiet.

All things considered we are happy with our choice. Happy motoring!