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Cheap RV rentals in Europe. If you place a Europe motorhome rental or campervan hire booking request with IdeaMerge, our software will apply an IdeaMerge QUANTUM discount to your RV rental.

Book your 2015 Europe RV rental holiday early to secure availability. Many clients are booking their year-2015 RV rentals months or even a year in advance. And prices tend to be lower the earlier a motorhome hire or camper van hire booking is made.

Note our Europe Motorhome Rental Customer Review Forum page, where you can read and post RV rental reviews. Unparalleled.

Motorhome hire in Germany is considerably cheaper than elsewhere in Europe. Indeed, you should strongly consider starting and ending your RV tour of Europe in Germany — even if the bulk of your holiday lies elsewhere in Europe.

Germany lends its outstanding motorhomes and campervans, its central European location, and its leading international airport at Frankfurt to motorhome hire tours of the more extended parts of Europe, including Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Greece, as well as neighboring France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Regarding extra-country one-way RV rentals in Europe, these are possible — for a charge as accounted for by our online European RV rental reservation software — only within Scandinavia, with the BW motorhomes picked up in Holland, and with the Avis Car-Away motorhomes picked up in France.

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Motorhomes rented via IdeaMerge can be taken by ferry or the Channel Tunnel to/from the United Kingdom and Ireland from/to continental Europe. Of course the motorhome's steering wheel will be on the left side of continental-Europe-based RVs and on the right side of the UK-based RVs. Though it is perfectly legal to drive such European camper rentals on the other side of the road, as it were, the driver will typically not be able to see around immediately preceding vehicles well enough to overtake those vehicles and will therefore in this respect have to rely on the eyes of a trusted passenger.

If you do plan to take the RV on a ferry, you should contact the ferry company in advance to be sure you bring all the vehicle documents required to board. Upon the RV rental pick-up occasion, make sure you have those documents.

Similarly, the European motorhomes and campervans can be taken between continental Europe and Scandinavia (now much more accessible, via a bridge between Denmark and Sweden) and by sea or land to Greece. The RVs can be driven in most of the road tunnels through the Alps in Switzerland, Italy, and Austria, and in most of the road tunnels in Norway.

Our highly customized online motorhome hire Europe software will compute a total, all-inclusive price for any European motorhome rental parameters you select. Note that all the Germany RV rentals here represented include unlimited kilometers.

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Germany Motor Home Hire Locations: DRM

RVing is truly a big part of the European lifestyle. Nothing unlocks the continent of Europe like a motorhome sweet home. Unpack just once and waste no time exploring! We're here to make it happen for you. We are specialists in booking European motorhome and campervan rentals. We offer the best price and the best service.

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So many well-marked campgrounds dot the European landscape that finding them is usually a no-brainer. Look for the international camping sign: either a "C" with a tent superimposed or else a stylized trailer. Europeans view camping as being cheap, socially oriented accommodation rather than the rugged, back-to-nature experience that North Americans tend to picture. As such, organized campgrounds in Europe are good places to meet the middle class sector of European society, a somewhat different crowd than you'll find in hotels or hostels. Europeans RVers tend to spend more time outside their RV than do North American RVers, and as such you will tend to meet more people in a campground there than you will in a campground (RV park) in the USA or Canada.

The major European cities, too, harbor popular campgrounds. For instance, Thalkirchen campground on the Isar River just twenty minutes outside Munich is a wonderful spot, bordered by the river and within a forest and boasting cafes and bars and an international clientele. Most budget guidebooks describe the best campgrounds in and around the bigger cities or otherwise-popular spots. In fact, nearly every town in Europe is graced with a few RV friendly campgrounds. If you plan to do lots of camping, however, a special guide is worth its price. Many of the tourist offices will send you detailed information about campgrounds. Consider this snippet from Mike and Terri Church's Travelers Guide to European Camping:

Campgrounds are also used by Europeans as destinations for extended vacation visits. Many Europeans get a month off during the summer, usually in July or August, and they flock to the seacoast and to sunny southern locations. The vacation campgrounds that they use are a little more like what we Americans are accustomed to. They are located near beautiful natural areas or places with great weather. Places like the Alps, the Mediterranean coastline, or southern Portugal. Even in these places, though, the campgrounds tend to be privately owned and provide more in the way of facilities and entertainment than we are accustomed to. Best of all, campgrounds are never crowded except in July and August, the rest of the year most places aren't even half full.

Remember too, just because you're traveling by RV you don't need to spend every night camping. You can indulge in a sprinkling of hotels. You can sample a hostel or two, many of which welcome RV's. You can incorporate train and bus and moped and especially bicycle travel into your trip. Hey, you can put the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles to shame — and we encourage you to do so.

Camping, of course, is a money saver. Discreet free-camping in an RV (alias dry camping, boondocking, wild camping), although we do necessarily warn against it and although explicitly prohibited in certain countries, is tolerated almost everywhere in Europe. Sweden officially sanctions free-camping, and Norway and Finland tolerate it in principle. The people of those countries consider free-camping a right: everyman's right (Allmansratten), they call it. To properly exercise that right, as it were, a person camps on unfenced and uncultivated land, at least 150 meters (just over 150 yards) away from any dwelling, stays no more than two nights, and cleans up after himself or herself. Please note, however, that Allmansratten does not apply to RV's.

When not in Scandinavia, you could take your chances and free-camp unannounced in some discreet spot or, if you are intent on free-camping, you could do the right thing by asking permission of the land owner. If you choose the second option, chances are your host will engage you in a fascinating conversation and, if you're lucky, invite you to dinner. Of course you can sleep in your vehicle if you like.

Again though, for the sake of safety, we recommend that you do not free-camp.

European RV campgrounds usually itemize fees — charging for each person, tent, vehicle and trailer. Campgrounds in Europe are rated on a four-star scale; and apart from the basics, four-star operations are likely to provide several of the following: laundromat, grocery store, restaurant, bar, disco, swimming pool, water slide, sauna, tennis courts, fitness facilities, miniature golf course, horseback riding, a library, and a playground. Absolutely great for kids! Many campgrounds also offer mobile homes or bungalows for rent. Unless you plan to rent one of these, don't worry about reservations: European campgrounds are never "full"; the operators will pack you in if need be. Individual campsites are typically not delineated. But beware that most campgrounds lock the gate for the night at about 22:00 (10:00 pm) and for lunch from noon to 14:00 (2:00 pm). Also, most campgrounds in Europe do not provide picnic tables, and, sad to say, they disallow campfires. Though the toilets can be perplexing, we'd rather let you discover their wonders for yourself than force you to suffer through a description here. As for the showers, expect all varieties; and if using one that's token operated, make sure you know how much time a token gives you.

Most European motorhomes have chemical toilets with detachable cassettes designed to be emptied in special receptacles — called "Chem WC" units — installed at most campgrounds, or into a regular toilet. Because large, heavy, irremovable holding tanks (i.e. blackwater tanks) are not so common on European motorhomes, many campgrounds in Europe don't have a North American-type dumping station. Campgrounds or other camping facilities in Europe that do have such a facility are denoted by the trailer pictogram and/or the words "Entsorgungskanal" (German), "scarigare" (Italian), or "vidoir" (French). The German auto club ADAC publishes and distributes — free of charge to members of affiliated clubs — a list and map of such dumping stations. For a charge, some campgrounds will allow you to dump without staying overnight. Don't dump these tanks by a highway or in a field — this is highly illegal. If you must, visit a municipal sewage treatment plant to do the job.

Most campgrounds provide central drinking-water taps with a hose connected so motorhomers can fill their tank.

Most European motorhomes are wired with 10 ampere circuits that, given the 230 Volt standard, might allow you to use up to 2300 Watts (that's 10 x 220) of power at any one time. Note, however, that at 230 V or so you need about half the amperage that you need at about 120 V to result in the same power (Watts). A 1000 Watt hair dryer requires only about 4.5 amps in Europe whereas in the USA it requries about 8 amps. Some campgrounds offer a meter at each site, charge you to hook up, and then charge per kilowatt-hour. Others impose an inclusive charge. Since you may have to park quite a distance from a socket, a 25 meter connecting cord (the longer the better) designed for outdoor use is helpful.

You should tell us in advance, and the rental depot on pick-up day, all the countries you plan to visit and if you plan to use the RV for a special purpose such as to carry supplies, on a movie set, etc.

If you plan to take the vehicle on a ferry, you should contact the ferry company in advance to be sure you bring all the vehicle documents required to board.

Happy RV travels!