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Considering a weekly or monthly car rental in Europe? A one-way car rental in Europe? A French tax-free short-term auto lease (alias weekly or monthly long-term car hire) may be a much cheaper deal for you than long term monthly car rental in Europe or a one-way car rental in Europe.

IdeaMerge expertly serves this niche. We book tax-free short-term car leases ranging in duration from 13 days to 360 days — in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and certain other European countries. These leases are considerably different than the long term car rentals offered by our competitors. For one thing, the leases tend to be cheaper than long term car renting, even month to month car rental — especially if the long term car rental is also a one way car rental.

French Tax-Free Short-Term Car Leases in Europe

In contrast to long term weekly or monthly car rentals in Europe, with a tax-free short-term European auto lease you get:

  • a brand-new, factory-fresh French car, minivan or SUV
  • precisely* the car, minivan or SUV you choose
  • pick-up/return in 9 European countries
  • inexpensive one-way costs (if any)
  • zero-deductible auto insurance good in some 40 European countries
  • Of course you also get unlimited miles (kilometers) as well as 24/7 road-side assistance, breakdown cover, and full warranty.

    All this for one, up-front price oftentimes far less than that of a typical weekly or monthly long term car hire and/or one way car hire.

    The tax-free short-term auto leasing program of France sounds too good to be true, we know. But keep digging and you'll find that it is true! That's why IdeaMerge is proud to represent this French "purchase repurchase" (alias "buy back" or "buy sell") program in contrast to long term car renting in Europe.

    * One of the prime benefits of French tax-free short-term car leases in contrast to weekly or monthly car rentals in Europe is that such a car lease contract virtually guarantees you will get a particular car, minivan or SUV, in terms of make, model and certain features (as presented on this website). Thus you can be confident said particular car will indeed be delivered to you. If an unexpected event causes such car to be actually unavailable for delivery to you on your contracted pick-up date, another brand new car reasonably considered equivalent to the contracted car will instead be delivered to you for your use (at the contracted price, which you would have already paid) until the contracted drop-off date. The very close temporal connection between the manufacture and delivery of these brand new lease cars is what makes the aforementioned, remarkable precision of selection possible, but it likewise makes the delivery of the cars sensitive to events such as labor strikes, vehicle recalls, and natural disasters.